Annika Brandt

Nature:      Conformist   Demeanor:      Follower   Willpower:


Tribe:   Get of Fenris   Auspice:   n/a   Breed: Homid


Strength:   2    Charisma:   2    Perception:   3
Dexterity:   2    Manipulation:   2    Intelligence:   3
Stamina:   2    Appearance   4    Wits:   4


Alertness:   2 Animal Ken:   2 Computer:   0
Athletics:   2 Crafts:   1 Enigmas:   1
Brawl:   0 Drive:   2   Investigation:   0
Dodge:   0 Etiquette:   1 Law:   0
Empathy:   1 Firearms:   2 Linguistics:   1
Expression:   2 Leadership:   1 Medicine:   0
Intimidation:   2 Melee:   2 Occult:   1
Primal-Urge:   0 Performance:   1 Politics:   0
Streetwise:   0 Stealth:   1 Rituals:   0
Subterfuge:   2 Survival:   2 Science:   0


Allies:   2   Contacts:   1   Pure Breed:   5
Resources: 1         :   


Academics:   2   Garou Lore:   3     Wyrm Lore:    1   


Merits Flaws
  Alcohol Tolerance      Intolerance (Non-Aryans)
  Eidactic Memory      
Natural Linguist     

Wits: Quick-Thinking
Appearance: Aryan

Languages Known:

Father: Friedrich (Deceased)
Mother: Ilse

Kinfolk Brother: 30 (Johann)
Garou Brother: 28 (Victor)
Them (Girls): 25 (Annika, Tatiana)
Kinfolk Sister: 23 (Silvia)
Kinfolk Brother: 21 (Christian)
Garou Brother: 18 (Reinhold)
Kinfolk Sister: 16 (Ulrike)
Kinfolk Brother: 13 (Sigmund)
Kinfolk Brother: 10 (Rupert)
Garou Sister: 9 (Wilhemina)
Kinfolk Sister: 6 (Evelyn)
Kinfolk Brother: 3 (Stefan)

Two older: Dieter, Felix
Four Younger: Corinna, Fritz, Erika, Dietrich

Somewhere in her mid-twenties, Annika stands at 5’7” before any heels or lifts come into play. She cuts an attractive frame if you’re in to the Aryan look – and how. Her hair is fine and straight, a pale blonde with several shades vying for attention. The highlights, entirely natural, are nearly white. Full lips, high cheekbones, strong bones, arched eyebrows laying serious and light over blue eyes that gleam with intelligence and clarity. Her skin is fair, all of its summer tan quick to fade under the slightest hint of approaching winter. Her hands are slim, nails a maintained oval. She walks like a woman that knows how to take care of herself, and her bright blue eyes, pale with the promise of a fresh autumn dawn, are almost always attentive. She’s dressed well but not richly in her usual, pants, and shirt, all in black Practical clothes fitted to her form. [Pure Breed 5]

Glock 17 (Diff 6, Damage 4, Range 20, Rate 4, Clip 17+1, Conceal P)
Colt Anaconda .44M (Diff 6, Damage 6, Range 35, Rate 2, Clip 6, Conceal J)
One box of ammunition for each, spare clip for the Glock is always filled.
Dagger (Diff 6, Damage Strength+1L)

Hiking backpack and boots, Zippo, journal, utility knife, heavy flashlight, pepper spray, rubbing alcohol, black arm band, black electrical tape, shared personal CD player, college text books, vast collection of pens, mechanical pencils, loose paper, notebooks, half a dozen erasers, calling card, hippy makeup, full length mirrors in living space.

Annika Brandt came into the world as part of a matched pair, following her sister, Tatiana, by an hour. The twins, identical, were born in the Sept of the Sentinel in 1980, eight months after their family had fled from Berlin. Annika and Tatiana’s father, a high-ranking and exceptionally well-bred Philodox by the name of Friedrich, had decided that Germany was no longer the place for them, especially with more children on the way, and so they left, taking what they could. They made it out of Berlin and across the Atlantic to the America’s. There, they found themselves in the Sept of the Sentinel, in upstate New York. It was here that Tatiana and Annika were born.

This was not destined to be a small family. Well-bred father, well-bred mother…yes, the twins were pretty much guaranteed to have many siblings, and they did indeed have such. Nineteen children would be born to Friedrich and Ilsa, and to this day, thirteen survive. Three died honorably, though none as honorably as their father. The other three died after him. Losses, every one…but it was to be expected, after all. The Sept of the Sentinel was hardly a forgiving, safe place. In a family that would bear almost twenty children, losing six was just…odds coming into play.

Annika grew up inseparable from her sister. The two were raised within the difficult life that comes intrinsic with the Sept of Strength…inter-tribal strife, the Wyrm lurking below in the tunnels and caverns deep in the mountain. As such, they learned how to fight, something that they may not have been quite as prepared for in other places. No hand-to-hand…let’s be honest, if you’re facing down threats from Garou, a kinfolk going hand-to-hand is doomed. They learned weapons training and firearms, rather, and took to it well enough. They also learned, as another matter of survival (and common sense, their stations. The eldest girls, they were often responsible for caring for their younger siblings…something Annika took to well enough. She truly loved her siblings, and each loss they suffered hit her deeply, to be expected or not. Her family was the quintessence of Fenrir breeding, and to see them fall to other, genetically inferior stock, was abhorrent to her. She kept it silent as well as she could outside of her family, though…it wasn’t wise, in such a divided Caern, to voice such opinions outside of the house, something Ilsa, Friedrich, and Viktor impressed strongly upon them.

Johann, the oldest brother, Annika often felt closest to. The oldest kinfolk among them, there were high hopes set, but when Viktor proved to be the trueborn, Johann was pretty well pushed aside and ignored. Annika noted that, and while she loved all of her siblings, Viktor included, she found herself closest to Johann, besides of course Tanja. The brother and younger twin sister developed a close bond, and one that exists to this day.

Their passage into adulthood was marked by gifts of weapons. They were gifts that both siblings accepted with pride and full knowledge of the gravity of the gift. It was a harsh world, something their Sept taught them well. They took them, fully-well knowing that the time would come into play when they would need to use them.

When Friedrich finally passed on in 2002, falling honorably in battle against a skirmish with the Wendigo, it was a great blow to the family. Annika took it in stride, visibly, but it truly cemented her supremacist beliefs. Father died because of the genetically inferior mongrels…it was nothing more then numbers that overwhelmed him. Ilsa has remained in mourning since, and the family has enough renown and respect among them that no one has pushed the issue for now. Besides that, she’s in her mid-forties, and has a three-year old, Stefan, who just missed knowing his father…there aren’t many breeding years left to the woman.

Viktor has taken up his father’s position as the head of the family. Johann has accepted this in stride…it’s something he’s been prepared for for the nearly fifteen years. Annika despaired to see her favorite brother shoved aside, but knew it was for the best. Viktor was the stronger brother…Viktor was the Fullblood. It was his right and duty, and she would not hate him for it.

The twins are now twenty-five. Viktor has his hands full with family, Sept, and pack, and Ilsa is free from the responsibility of further children, for now. Without their father to deny them, Annika and Tanja have finally, successfully begged Ilsa to allow them to go to the city, and attend school at Columbia University. There is an unspoken understanding that they'll send back home any money they can afford to, in silence for the sake of pride.

They live in the dorms at Columbia, and have a very little amount of money coming in. Everything is about bettering themselves and their family; of course, there is that undercurrent of racial supremacy in both of them. It is perhaps slightly stronger in Annika, though no more obvious then it is in Tanja. Her lesson has been learned well, and she intends to honor what her parents have instilled in her regarding it…keep your opinions quiet. Do not shout to the world how superior you are…simply know it. It will certainly make her experience in multi-cultural New York City, and around the multi-tribal Sept of the Green, and interesting one.