Corinne Braddock

"She'll let you in her house
If you come knockin' late at night
She'll let you in her mouth
If the words you say are right
If you pay the price
She'll let you deep inside
But there's a secret garden she hides"


Nature:      Confidant     Demeanor:      Bon Vivant   Willpower:


Court:   Seelie   Legacies:   Courtier/Beast   House:   Fiona    
Seeming:   Grump   Kith:   Sidhe   Glamour:






Strength:   2    Charisma:   4    Perception:   2
Dexterity:   2    Manipulation:   3    Intelligence:   3
Stamina:   2    Appearance   4    Wits:   3


Alertness:   2 Crafts:   0 Computer:   1
Athletics:   1 Drive:   1 Enigmas:   1
Brawl:   0 Etiquette:   3   Investigation:   0
Dodge:   0 Firearms:   0 Law:   1
Empathy:   3 Leadership:   2 Linguistics:   2
Expression:   2 Melee:   2 Medicine:   0
Intimidation:   1   Performance:   2 Mythlore:   0
Kenning:   2 Security:   0 Occult:   0
Streetwise:   1 Stealth:   0 Politics:   2
Subterfuge:   2 Survival:   0 Science:   0


Primal:   1     Wayfare:   2    


Fae:   2   Prop:   2   Scene:   1


Contacts:   1   Dreamers:   1   Chimera:   2
Resources: 4 Title: 2   Fame:  1




Merits Flaws
Mansion     Magical Prohibition

Mansion: A high-rise in Downtown Manhattan, out of which she operates her escort business.

Magical Prohibition: Corinne is incapable of refusing hospitality.  It's just part of her nature.  Should she do so, she loses a Permanent Willpower Point.

Fame: Corinne has a name on the modeling scene as a former fashion model; retired for almost ten years now, it's not much of a name anymore. She's also known within the high-class escort business, for her poise and business sense, as well as the quality of her establishment.

Chimera: Corinne has a chimerical rapier that she keeps at her side, in case it's needed.

Mentor: Warren, her mentor during her Fosterage, remains close to her. Despite the fact that they're in opposite Courts, there's a close bond, and Warren's always trying to get her to come to the other side. She's always "just about there," but hasn't made the permanent leap yet.

Dreamers: Corinne has two of her employees, promising girls, who she is encouraging in their pursuits.  One of them is studying to become an actress...the other, Corinne is grooming to take over her business some day.  She keeps both of them 

Contacts: Her contact is a member of the police force, who she pays off to keep her in the know as to when attention might be directed her way, or when there's something that may threaten her girls.

Mortal Seeming:
When she was younger, she must have been absolutely exquisite.  Now, in her mid 30's, she's "merely" stunning.  Statuesque and refined, she has an grace to her bearing that seems entirely natural, effortless even.  Standing somewhere on the tall side of the five and a half feet range, she's trim, her lithe body draped in elegance, whether an evening dress or an expensive, tailored business suit.  She tends to prefer the former over the latter.  Her hair, a dark auburn, stretches down to her shoulder blades when worn down; hypnotic green eyes take in the world around her with a shrewdness that shows this lovely lady has a quick mind as well.  ((Fame 1 among the Fashion or Escort Industry; PM if Fae/Enchanted))

Fae Mien:
What is statuesque and refined to mortal eyes becomes exquisitely so.  The lines of age fade away, bringing an incredible beauty to her form, a smoothness to her.  The point to her ears just peeks out of her curled hair, and the gown she wears is gossamer, deceptively strong as it reveals enough of the curves that fit the delicate arc of her body perfectly.  At her side, a rapier, the guard silver and damascened, hangs comfortably...a reminder that this woman isn't just another beautiful face.

Chimerical Rapier (Difficulty 6, Damage Strength+2)

Her home/business
Several sets of clothes of various ranges and styles, all expensive and elegant
Cell Phone
Mid-Range Computer
Limousine that's used for social engagements
Navy 2006 BMW 7 Series
A Little Black Book to die for

To be inputted.