Reyna Varinia Reiruno

"So I walk upon high, and I step to the edge
To see the world below...
And I laugh at myself, as the tears roll down
'Cause it's the world I know..."


Nature:      Conniver        Demeanor:      Bon Vivant   Rank:


Tribe:   Nuwisha   Auspice:   Ragabash   Breed:   Homid







Glory:   2   Humor:




Temp Glory:   0   Temp Humor:


  Temp. Wisdom:



Strength:   3    Charisma:   3    Perception:   3
Dexterity:   4    Manipulation:   3    Intelligence:   4
Stamina:   3    Appearance   4    Wits:   2


Alertness:   3 Animal Ken:   1 Computer:   0
Athletics:   1 Crafts:   3 Enigmas:   2
Brawl:   2 Drive:   2   Investigation:   1
Dodge:   1 Etiquette:   0 Law:   1
Empathy:   3 Firearms:   3 Linguistics:   1
Expression:   2 Leadership:   0 Medicine:   0
Intimidation:   0 Melee:   1 Occult:   1
Primal-Urge:   2 Performance:   1 Politics:   0
Streetwise:   3 Stealth:   2 Rituals:   1
Subterfuge:   3 Survival:   3 Science:   0


Persuasion   Blur of the Milky Eye   Spirit Speech
Twisting Tongues    New Face   Song of Kokopelli  


Contacts:   1   Influence:   2   Resources:   3
License To...: 3 Allies: 1 Fetish: 4


Garou Lore:   3   Wyrm Lore:   1         


Merits Flaws
                                         Overly Curious

Intolerance: Hard Drugs


Contacts: Her contact consists of a pot supplier in the Bronx Allies: Her ally is a beat cop she pays off to tip her off to raids. She also 'works' for him as an employee in his Private Security (bodyguard) business he moonlights with, which leads to...

License To: Carry a concealed weapon in NY State. While not a precaution Reyna has used before, New York is a different breed of city. Thus, she set the situation up the her cop on the take.

Influence: Her influence is in Street Influence, reflecting her reputation for being a credible and reliable pot dealer.

Resources: She gains all of her money from her drug sales.

Fetish: A brand that connects her to Lady Whitesnake, transferred to her from Trevor Dunne/Adam Smith/One Who Watches by him. It's Level 4, Gnosis 9. Gained through RP.

Intolerance: Hard Drugs. Due to her mother's death at the hands of a meth addict, Reyna has an intense, irrational dislike of any non-" natural" drugs. She will not do business with dealers who deal in hard drugs, nor will she tolerate their presence.

Permanent Glory 2, Temporary Glory 0
Permanent Humor 3, Temporary Humor 0
Permanent Wisdom 2, Temporary Wisdom 0
Law Specialty: Criminal
Dexterity Specialty: Lithe
Appearance Specialty: Sexy
Intelligence Specialty: Bright
Speaks English and Spanish

Breed Forms
Tsitsu: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5, Manipulation 1 (Diff 7)
Manabozho: Strength 6, Dexterity 7, Stamina 6, Appearance 0, Manipulation 0 (Diff 6)
Sendeh: Strength 5, Dexterity 7, Stamina 6, Manipulation 0 (Diff 7)
Latrani: Strength 3, Dexterity 7, Stamina 6, Manipulation 0 (Diff 6) 

Rites Known:
Rite of Cleansing
Rite of Talisman Dedication

A woman walks by, drawing the attention of many of the nearby men, and some of the women. Standing at 5’9” and a touch under her ideal weight at 125 pounds, her dusky skin and ebony hair, which falls freely to her mid-back, indicates Hispanic blood, possibly mixed with Native American. Her body is lithe, the kind many women would kill for, and well-proportioned underneath her black leather pants and matching tank-top. A brown duster and knee-high steel-toed Doc Martins complete the ensemble. Her eyes are a smoky brown, filled with a mischievous humor. She walks along, seemingly oblivious of others around her, excepting a casual appraising glance at the men around. She gives off an aura akin to a playful predator, on the hunt for something to bat around.

Colt .44 Anaconda, "Harry" (Difficulty 6, Damage 6, Range 35, Rate 2, Clip 6, Conceal J)
Glock 17, "Brock" (Difficulty 6, Damage 4, Range 20, Rate 3, Clip 17+1, Conceal P)

Her 1961 Volkswagen Bus, the Bitchmobile, which often serves as her home.
An apartment, shared with Joshua Coil and Ashlyn Reale
Cell Phone

Los Alamos is a town of approximately 11,000 people, located in northern-central New Mexico. Most well-known for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, part of the infamous Manhattan Project, it is also located next to the San Ildefonso Indian Reservation, home of the Black Mesa. It was in this city, on the sixth new moon of 1973, that Reyna Varinia Reíruno was born.

Reyna grew up without a father, a fact that didn’t ever seem to bother her particularly much. The one time her mother, who worked as a waitress in a bar in Los Alamos, asked her why she seemed so okay with it, Reyna was five. She just smiled at her mom and said, matter-of-factly, that she knew her dad had other things to do, and she’d see him one day. The answer surprised her mother to know end, but oddly enough, she simply accepted the answer, shrugging it off and telling herself she was just letting Reyna keep her thoughts of her father happy.

From a young age, Reyna showed an amazing amount of aptitude for getting people to do what she wanted them to. When this was combined with her class clown behavior, it meant many trips to the principal’s office. Reyna loved pulling pranks on people, and she was incredibly good at it. She also physically grew up early, making her very popular among her male classmates. She very quickly learned the value of a woman’s charms, and these only helped her in her exploits. After ninth grade, she never took the fall for anything she did.

Unfortunately, life is never happiness and roses, and for Reyna, her day came during her sophomore year of high school. Reyna was sixteen, “dating” several guys, and committed to none of them. She was doing well-enough in school…she was very bright, even if she did show a tendency to slack off in her schoolwork. One night, she came home from one of her dates to find the house dark and empty. She frowned at this…her mother was supposed to be home from work by now, and she, unlike Reyna, was a stickler about getting home. Just the tiny bit unnerved, she drove the beat-up station wagon she had been driving (legally, at least) for the last few months to her mom’s work. About a block away, she saw the flashing red-and-blue lights, and she froze. Two police cars were out front, and an ambulance. She stopped her car and started running up…until she saw two gurneys rolled out. One of them had a hand draped over the edge…a hand wearing a silver ring she remembered very well.

She was frozen in place, unable to move. An officer came up and asked her who she was, and she answered in a dead voice. The police took her to the station, and explained to her that a man under the influence of crystal meth had come in, attempting to rob the bar. The bartender did exactly what he wanted, and took a bullet in the face for his trouble. The criminal went to run, but Reyna’s mother was somewhat in his way. She took a gunshot wound to the chest, dying minutes later. Reyna listened to all of this, when she suddenly felt a pain shoot through her chest. She got up and stumbled her way outside. The police let her get some air.

Reyna’s remaining memories of that night are still hazy at best. She has memories of running on all fours, tracking someone by scent. When she awoke to the phone ringing, she was at home, naked and covered in blood that wasn’t hers. She cleaned herself up, dazed and shocked, while the answering machine recorded a message from the Los Alamos PD to please call them. She did, and learned that the body of her mother’s killer was found in an alleyway, the victim of a wild animal attack. She numbly thanked them for the information, and hung up…then jumped as there was a knock on the door. She answered it to find a Mexican man standing there…one with her eyes.

“Hello, Reyna. May I come in?”

She nodded and let Esteban Reíruno, her father, into the house. Esteban made himself a drink from the kitchen as he explained to her that she came from very a special lineage. The Nuwisha, he told her, had been masters of the spirit world since time began. They were the children of Coyote, the Great Trickster, and one of the Changing Breeds. They first taught the other breeds how to travel between worlds, and they were now the Umbra’s protectors. That is where he had been for the last sixteen years of her life, he said…protecting the Umbra from foolish invaders and serving as a defense against the Wyrm. And now he had been called by Coyote to come to her and help her in her transition into the Nuwisha herself.

Reyna listened, not wanting to believe him. It was ridiculous…it was insane. However, it all rang true, deep inside her. The pranking, the previous night…her entire life seemed to have led up to this point. She found herself believing him, and for the rest of the day, they talked of things most people were not supposed to know.

With Esteban in town to claim her as his own, Reyna had little difficulty with social services. He went through the few legal proceedings to take her on legally as his responsibility…and promptly released her to the world, allowing her to emancipate herself. He told her that her responsibility now was to find her own destiny. Coyote would guide her steps, and she should trust in him. With that done, he faded back into the Umbra, to continue his ways as an Umbral Dancer.

Free from her previous life, with all of her ties cut, was a liberating experience for Reyna. She found herself experiencing life at its fullest, taking in everything it had to offer. This included recreational drug use, though she never took it any further then marijuana and other “natural” drugs. Her popularity in high school carried over to her post-school life, thanks to her natural charm and looks. Eventually, when her money ran out, she found herself well-connected among the street culture, and she started dealing pot on a small-time basis. She utterly refused to deal anything harder, or even have anything to do with anyone who dealt anything else. Her mother had died because of a tweaker, and she wouldn’t be responsible for anyone else going that route.

Eventually, she found herself feeling the wanderlust that all Nuwisha go through. She couldn’t stay in Los Alamos forever…besides, she had already had one bad encounter with a Garou from the reservation about her dealing to the kids there. It was time to pick up and move on, and at twenty-one, she bought a 1961 Volkswagen Bus and started driving.

The next nine years of her life found her traveling around the United States. She would stay in a city for a couple months at a time, maybe six at the most. She also gained a reputation as a credible pot dealer. She made good money, which she used to funnel into operations against the Wyrm…donating to lawsuit funds against Pentex subsidiaries, Earth-friendly organizations, the like. She also donated to several marijuana-legalization campaigns. She met with Garou, usually escaping without too many repercussions for her pranks…just to remind them to be humble before the Earth Mother, of course. She spoke with spirits, learning where to best direct her efforts.

Finally. October, 2004. She found her VW Bus, now fully restored, driving across Pennsylvania and New Jersey on Highway 80, headed toward New York City. She arrived and immediately set to setting up contacts among the New York street culture. She’s comfortable here, she can make good money…and there’s so much Wyrm to fight. So many Garou to teach. She grinned as she considered this. Things would definitely be interesting here.

A head shot of the Coyote Girl Reyna in Latrani form