Troy Lawrence

Nature:      Competitor        Demeanor:      Autocrat   Rank:


Tribe:   Silver Fangs   Auspice:   Galliard   Breed:   Homid







Glory:   4   Honor:




Temp Glory:   0   Temp Honor:


  Temp. Wisdom:



Strength:   3    Charisma:   3    Perception:   2
Dexterity:   3    Manipulation:   4    Intelligence:   3
Stamina:   3    Appearance   4    Wits:   2


Alertness:   3 Animal Ken:   0 Computer:   1
Athletics:   1 Crafts:   0 Enigmas:   2
Brawl:   2 Drive:   0   Investigation:   3
Dodge:   1 Etiquette:   2 Law:   4
Empathy:   3 Firearms:   0 Linguistics:   0
Expression:   3 Leadership:   3 Medicine:   0
Intimidation:   1 Melee:   2 Occult:   1
Primal-Urge:   1 Performance:   0 Politics:   0
Streetwise:   0 Stealth:   1 Rituals:   1
Subterfuge:   3 Survival:   0 Science:   0


Persuasion   Sense Wyrm   Mindspeak
Spirit Speech:    Harrier's View   


Pure Breed:   4   Influence:   2   Resources:   4
Numen: 2        


Garou Lore:   3   Wyrm Lore:   1         


Merits Flaws
                                         Deranged (Cruelty-Prone)
    Mistaken Identity (Troy Harris)

Camp: Royalists
Influence: Legal
Permanent Glory 4, Temporary Glory 0
Permanent Honor 1, Temporary Honor 1
Permanent Wisdom 3, Temporary Wisdom 1
Law Specialty: Criminal
Manipulation Specialty: Charming
Appearance Specialty: Regal
Speaks English, Romani and Japanese
Original Name: Jeremy "Dream" Thomas

Breed Forms
Glabro: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5, Appearance 3, Manipulation 3
Crinos: Strength 7, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6, Appearance 0, Manipulation 1
Hispo: Strength 6, Dexterity 5, Stamina 6, Appearance 4, Manipulation 1
Lupus: Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5, Appearance 4, Manipulation 1

Numen: Troy's Numen is Sokol, a falcon spirit of Honor. He grants +2 to a social roll at a cost of 1 Gnosis.

Rites Known:
Rite of Contrition
Rite of Talisman Dedication

Money and power...that’s what the man projects. He’s quite attractive, in the high-born, aristocratic way, somewhere in his mid-20’s, with well- formed cheekbones, a slightly hawkish nose, immaculate skin, and perfectly coiffed blonde hair, going down to his collar. His eyes, a dark green, hold a cynical, dismissive look in them, behind a pair of small glasses. His body is toned, the body of a man who has worked for his muscle-mass, rather then being blessed with it, and is contained within an tailored suit, sport coat open. An attaché case is ever present nearby, as well as a cell phone at his hip. Everything about the man’s appearance is tailored to perfection, to present no weakness to an enemy, whether that be on the job or on the battlefield. ((PB 4))

A pair of Brass Knuckles (Diff 6, Damage Str+1)

Mobile phone
Laptop computer; top of the line with wireless 802.11 HotSpot connection
2006 Infiniti M, black with a graphite/rosewood interior, and the premium package: Mobile entertainment system, XM Satellite, OnStar, Intelligent Cruise Control, et cetera. It really is a stacked out car.
A very nice collection of expensive pens; the Montblanc style
Full wardrobe of suits
Attaché case
Apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan

Troy Lawrence was destined for greatness. His parents knew it. His father, Richard Lawrence, was born under the Galliard moon, and was a proud and well-respected member of the Silver Fang kinfolk of Chicago. He was a lawyer, specializing in environmental law, going after large corporations like Pentex and its subsidiaries as his part in helping the trueborn fight their war against the Garou. When he was in his early 30’s, Richard attracted the eye of Sonja Chamberlain, or Sonja Crimson-Daughter, as she was better known among the Silver Fangs, an accomplished Ahroun within the tribe who had reached the rank of Athro. When they met, everyone knew it could only lead to good things, as Richard was able to stir the Ahroun’s passion while at the same time soothing her anger. The two quickly fell deeply in love, and within a year, they were married.

Married life began well for Richard and Sonja. Richard was doing very well in his work for the tribe, winning case after case, while Sonja was one of the more well-respected members of the Chicago Sept. Within six months, the couple announced that their first child was on the way. That child would end becoming Troy Lawrence.

The Theurges of the Sept came to Sonja, telling her that her son would indeed be Garou, and instrumental in the fight against the Wyrm. The Theurge suggested a Numen, a spirit who would be Tory’s protector and who would in turn be protected by him. Sonja agreed to it; Richard did not. Richard greatly distrusted spirits, and didn’t want to have anything to do with the idea of binding one of the damned things to his son. However, successful as he was for the tribe, he was just kinfolk after all, and the decision was the mother’s. At the Theurge's urging, Sonja called a Falcon spirit named Sokol and offered the deal. Sokol agreed, and while Richard drank himself to sleep at his office, Sonja Crimson-Daughter gave birth to a son.

These things happen, some doctors say. And they happened on July 16, 1980. When Richard woke up later that night, it was to a phone call from his father-in-law Stefan, telling him to get his ass down to the Sept now. Stefan and Richard had always gotten on well...a Philodox and a Galliard. But the angry snap in the older man’s voice brooked no dissention, and Richard found himself driving in an alcohol-induced haze to the Sept. Amazingly, he survived without so much as an accident, as if something was looking out for him, whispering in his ear, telling him where to turn to get to his son safely.

When Richard showed up, young Troy was already cleaned, dressed in a swaddling blanket. His wife was already dead. Had an autopsy been done, it would have determined the cause of death to be an aneurysm from the strain of trying to deliver a 3-day-later child. Stefan approached Richard in Glabro form and backhanded him, shattering his jaw. And then, he placed Troy in his arms. Stefan gave his son-in-law a hard look before speaking.

“Your dead, Kin.” He snarled at Richard, then quieted. “It is up to you to raise your child. Unless you would like the Tribe to do it for you?” Reluctantly, Richard agreed, and took the child for himself. With a nod to that, Stefan looked at Richard, his eyes softening just slightly as he turned. Richard waited until he was alone, then took him away, his heart drawing to ice. His son was Garou, doomed to the same fate as Sonja. No...worse. He had the spirit, the THING, forever bound to him. Richard’s dream had become a nightmare.

Troy grew up one of the first latchkey children, as his father always worked late. He no longer worked as the visible lawyer...the scar left on his face by Stefan ensured that. He’d never get the money, the fame, and the glory of the tribe, because of Troy. Just another thought that the kinfolk shoved out of his mind. Or tried to. Unfortunately, much of his bitterness manifested in a subconscious need to ignore his son, and beyond making sure that his was fed, clothed, and off to school, Troy and his father never really talked. No matter. He had Sokol, his best friend.

Troy was a precocious child growing up. With the falcon Numen’s help, he excelled in school, and was popular at school among his friends, and even older kids. Home was...not so fun. Richard was sinking further and further into a downward spiral, a heavy alcoholic, and his work started to suffer. He never beat Troy, but he often heaped emotional abuse on the boy, blaming him for all the problems. He killed his mother. He made Grandfather Stefan disfigure Dad. He always talked to himself, or to that damn spirit. He loved the spirit more then Dad. It was all his fault, and it continued for a good many years.

By the time Troy hit high school, he was already full aware of the ways of the Silver Fangs. Stefan came by often to visit, and taught him the ways of the Garou. He never spoke much to Richard when he visited, but when it happened, the tension in the room was almost unbearable. Stefan tried to be polite, but many times, he had to stare Richard into submission, a move that ensured that later that night, Troy would be receiving the brunt of the blame.

As Troy entered high school, he saw his whole world change. High school was an entirely different world Troy found himself in a new level of independence, as most people entering high school do. Choice of classes...his own locker was incredible. He very quickly made friends, sometimes with the help of his oldest friend. Enough friends, as a matter of fact, that he was Student Body President as a freshman. Most importantly, he had also gone through his First Change. It wasn’t as traumatic as many cubs' are...after all, he knew all about it, already. To him, it was an honor, the culmination of his life, even better, it meant that his grandfather came to take him away from his father. Richard didn’t even look at Troy as he left the house, and Troy has not seen his father since.

Troy participated in his Rite of Passage that weekend, and his grandfather didn’t make it easy on him. Stefan took him out, deep into the woods, and used a Gift to summon a Wyrm creature. He left Troy there, alone, forcing the young Galliard to remain steadfast and keep his wits about him, in order to take the creature down. He handled himself well enough, and despite not having the skills to destroy the creature, he managed to verbally bait it, drawing it into a trap and pinning it down. Stefan reappeared, quickly destroyed the thing, and told Troy to recount the story in a manner befitting a Galliard. Once this was done, he congratulated and given the Rite of Passage, becoming a Troy Lives-to-Tell-the-Tale, Cliath of the Silver Fangs.

Under Stefan, Troy learned much of the ways of the Silver Fangs. Stefan was a Royalist, wanting to maintain the Silver Fang’s position at the head of the Garou Nation, and this was a mindset he indoctrinated Steven into almost immediately. Of course the Silver Fangs were the rightful rulers of the Nation; who else? The slimy Shadow Lords? The brutish, uncivilized Get of Fenris? The Weaver-possessed Glass Walkers or, even more laughably, Bone Gnawers? The Amazonian Black Furies? Of course not! The Tribe of Kings would rule the Nation as they were meant to. Troy, hungering for acceptance after all this time, took to this ideal with a fervor. He wasn’t useless and a ruiner of all he touched; he was a King. And a King he would remain.

Meanwhile, in school, he once again excelled in his classes, graduating with a 4.0 GPA and valedictorian status. He had retained his Student Body President position throughout his stay in the school, become head of the debate team, and founded a Young Republicans club. It was no surprise that he had his pick of schools and scholarships; nor was it a surprise to Stefan when Troy told his grandfather of his desire to go into law. Although somewhat hesitant, having seen what the profession had done to his son-in-law, but he also knew it was Troy’s calling, and that the young man could do great things. He gave his approval, and Troy was off to Yale for their pre-law, then eventually their law school.

College flew by, as Troy threw himself into his studies. While he had many friends, of course, he remained closest to Sokol, still watching on and helping him, as well as his grandfather, with whom he maintained constant contact by phone. He never dated, though, not once. One day, one of his classmates, with whom Troy shared a mutual dislike, suggested within the Fang’s earshot that he might be gay. It’s the one time (so far) Troy was on the wrong side of a jail cell, where he remained for a night until Stefan bailed him out and got him off the hook with the school after a couple pulled strings. The classmate woke up a week later, and his jaw never did set quite right.

That event opened something in Troy, something that had remained long dormant in the boy who suffered day after day of accusations from his father, a father he desperately needed to love him. Had Richard ever actually hit his son, it would have come out, and Richard would not have survived. Several years of emotional and mental abuse, added in with the mental instability common to the tribe that flowed through his blood from both parents, had created a deep well of cruelty within Troy, one that he reveled in when it came out. He came to terms with it as best as he could: keep it down as much as possible. It simply would not do to slam his opponents head through the paneling of the judge’s bench whenever he got frustrated. He recognized it as his obstacle to overcome, and he has. Most of the time.

After graduating from law school in 1998 with an impressive GPA, Troy had several law firms interested in him. He took a job as a junior member of Arlen, James, and Freshwaters, a small but up-and-coming firm in Chicago, quickly working his way up through the food chain. The firm was headed by Silver Fang kinfolk, and defended friends and members of the Garou Nation, as well as their interests. Troy found himself a natural in courtrooms, wowing judged and juries alike with his lines of questioning. He has a natural charisma that he put to great use, and Sokol provided even more help. He became the firm’s secret weapon, used in their bigger cases, and people in need of a good lawyer started looking the firm’s way.

It was shocking, then, that Troy left in 2001, before becoming a partner. He didn’t want to be defending people anymore, he told the partners. He wanted to be putting them away. The criminals. Those who sought to violate the laws, both man’s, the Nation’s, and Gaia’s. He began working in the district attorney’s offices as a prosecutor, and once again, found much success as an A.D.A. He even went up against his old colleagues a couple times, in non-Garou-related manners. Arlen, James, and Freshwaters have yet to beat him.

Unfortunately, this did cause tensions between Troy and Stefan. The young Galliard’s grandfather and mentor was furious with Troy’s decision to leave the firm, where the Fangs could direct him, in favor of a place where he would do what he told, whether he was prosecuting a Gaian or not. Tensions between them began to grow, until in February of 2005, Stefan came to see Troy, to demand that he return to Arlen, James, and Freshwaters.

It was the one argument they’ve ever had, and the shortest one Troy ever made. As he stood there, being told what to do, when to do it, and no tolerance for discussion, Troy felt his control start to slip. He began to grow scared...he hadn’t told his grandfather, after all. Silver Fangs do NOT discuss their weaknesses. He tried to hold on. Finally, it slipped, and Troy lunged.

A week later, Troy was able to walk again. His grandfather would be spending the next five years in prison for attempted manslaughter.

It was all too much...he couldn’t stay in Chicago anymore. He started fielding offers for work elsewhere, and quickly settled on an open A.D.A. position in New York City. Three interviews and a month later, he had the job. He visited his grandfather in prison, informing him of his decision to leave. Stefan called him a coward. The guards had to hold Troy back from trying to break through the Plexiglas to get at his grandfather.

He arrived in New York City at the mid- March, 2005. He has been working for the ADA office in Manhattan for a little over a month, and has decided he very much likes this city. He is colder then he was before his grandfather beat him near-to-death. But he is the stronger for it. He hears Bone Gnawers rule this city...pathetic. We’ll just see about that.