Sabbat Ravyn: Scene: The stripclub in New Jersey that serves as the usual Sabbat hangout.

Tomi Nakamura: **The asian girl was young and hard looking. She stands just 5', spindly in her usual plaid skirt and white blouse, wearing her small black backpack.. and clunky white sneakers.. you'd never guess she was a day over 17 or 18, her real age showing through only in the bitter glint of her small dark brown almond eyes, which scour her surroundings critically. Shiney black hair cut severely at the girl's chin does little to improve harsh ethnic features in a too round face. Her voice grated unpleasantly, too high and too hateful to listen to for very long. Even her body language was tense and abrupt, like the tiny asian girl was goading for a fight, before one even began.**

Tiffany Van Laurer: DD: Her tiny little nose sits between two large blue eyes and a very small mouth, all placed on a pale, round face. Her pretty hair is shiny, pale, and straight blond that runs halfway down her back. She is wearing a black and dirty muscle shirt, revealing taut and sure arms and hands. Her painter cut jeans flow around her feet like a samurai, held up by a thick black studded belt. Her feet are covered by worn out sneakers. Black leather gloves cover her fists, and written on them respectfully are, "I forgive you," and "Life goes on," in dark red stains.

Tomi Nakamura: *she was prowling around the bar, shoving past bikers, waiting for Andrej to show up. dumb bastard had fucked off 2 days ago.. likely entertaining a guest somewhere without her. Lanky asshole was due for an ass kicking*

Nestor Montenegro: He enters the club, looking quickly around for the person who summoned him.

Sabbat Ravyn: The place is fairly empty tonight, having been cleared out early. Bishop Aljandro Delgado, who has been seen again recently around the club after a week where he wasn't around, cleared out all the kine, and waits at the bar, smoking a cigarette. He is Latino, fairly attractive, dressed in a black button-down shirt with a leather jacket over it. His age could be estimated to be in his early 30ís. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail that brushes the nape of his neck, and his goatee is very well-trimmed. With his excellent posture, thin smile, and urbane manner of speaking, he carries an air of civility, barely hiding a predatory look, deep within his eyes.

Tiffany Van Laurer: She walks up to the club and through the doors, pushing the doors a little too hard such that they slam against their stops, making a small noise.

Nestor Montenegro: He keeps his head bowed, his mannerisms extremely polite and formal. There is no doubt when looking at him, that he's deferring to the more powerful in the room. And right now, everybody is more powerful than he.

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks up as Nestor comes in, and smiles. "Nestor...good evening. Please, come have a drink with me."

Nestor Montenegro: He goes up to Delgado and says, in Spanish "How can I serve you, your eminence?" As if Delgado were a real Church style Bishop.

Tomi Nakamura: *the tiny asian "allows" a drunk to fall off his bar stool, and hops up, sneakers hitting the bar with a rubbery thuk, she looks around from her vantage point*

Tiffany Van Laurer: She also walks up to the bar, sliding onto a bar stool. She searchs the room as well.

Nestor Montenegro: He sits, nodding to Delgado, careful to ensure he makes no move that could give offense or displeasure.

Sabbat Ravyn: He smiles to Nestor. "You can serve me, Nestor, by having a drink with me." He nods to Tiffany as she comes in.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany sees the Bishop nod at her, so she slips off her bar stool and strides up to the table, taking a seat there.

Tomi Nakamura: *Tomi looks to her neighbor and gives a derisive snort. Her eyes taking in the bishop, she cracks a hard smile, jerking her chin his way...where the hell was the tzim when you needed him?*

Nestor Montenegro: He smiles just enough to indicate he appreciates this attention from his betters, but not enough to indicate he actually deserves such an honor. "Thank you, your eminence."

Sabbat Ravyn: "Good evening, Van Laurer." He gets up and walks behind the bar. "What are you having, Nestor?"

Nestor Montenegro: "Agua, if it pleases you, senor."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany returns the greeting, "Good evening."

Tomi Nakamura: *glares at Tif, who was this bitch now? Tomi hauls a knee up, resting her arm on it and ignoring her slayed skirt. she keeps her eyes on Tif a long uncomortable moment before slipping her eyes sideways to watch the bishop*

Sabbat Ravyn: "Well, aren't you the hard drinker." He smiles and gets a water, sliding it across the table to him. He retrives his own drink and holds it up in a toast pose, looking at him. "To the Sabbat, and the undying loyalty of all to swear fealty to it."

Tomi Nakamura: (slayed = splayed.. she didn't kill the skirt)

Nestor Montenegro: He smiles and holds his glass up, nodding in agreement to the toast.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany obviously agrees with that toast. "I'll drink to that as well."

Sabbat Ravyn: He clinks the glass against Nestor's, and drinks his own, downing the viscous liquid inside his glass.

Nestor Montenegro: He takes a sip of water, not drinking a helluva lot, since his body can't keep it down.

Tomi Nakamura: *well that gets her attenion, she narrows her eyes, lip curling slightly..wait.. that was nestor! she hopped of the barstool with a clunk and headed over*

Sabbat Ravyn: Delgado looks at Nestor, putting his glass down as he does so. "How long have you been with us, Nestor?"

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany watches the interaction between the Bishop and this Nestor fellow with interest.

Nestor Montenegro: He considers this, eyes narrowing. "For about three years, senor."

Tomi Nakamura: Nestor...*she stalks closer, accidently on purpose shouldering Tif and stopping to give her a sneer of apology*

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks surprised. "Three years. And, in all that time, no one has given you the opportunity you deserve." He shakes his head, sadly.

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks over at Tomi, eyebrow raised, and nods in greeting to her.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany looks up at Tomi, not angry, but amused.

Nestor Montenegro: He lowers his head, taking this to mean he's failed at proving himself. Which, of course, he has.

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks at Nestor, his eyes glowing in amusement. "Do you believe in the spirit of Christmas, Nestor?"

Tomi Nakamura: *a curt nod in return, as close to pleasant as she gets it seems.. when she looks at Tifany however..* what the fuck you smiling at? *she's derailed...confrontation pending as she cocks an ear to nestor and the bishop*

Nestor Montenegro: The strain on the poor guy is evident. If he wasn't already dead, he'd blanch. "I do my best, senor. I breeng more money een. Make more deals. Por favor, please no keel me."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany doesn't respond to Tomi's little spit, turning to listen to what the Bishop and Nestor were up to.

Sabbat Ravyn: He shakes his head. "You miss my point. I'm not here to punish you, Nestor. I'm here to give you a chance to become True Sabbat at long last. It's my Christmas gift to you. What do you think about that?"

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi snorts, going hipshod*

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks over at Tomi, eyebrow raised, almost daring her to continue acting along those lines.

Nestor Montenegro: His eyes shoot to one side, then the other, and he's clearly doing his best to figure out if this is for real, or yet another cruel joke at his expense. He smiles, very geuninely, looking very honored. "Thank you, senor."

Tomi Nakamura: *Tomi's eyes are on Nestor, a half smirk on her face, she watches him like a particularly hungry hawk eyeing a mouse*

Sabbat Ravyn: He nods to Nestor. "Of course, Nestor. It's about time you got an opportunity to prove yourself. I'm sure you don't appreciate being the whipping boy around here." He smiles. "Would you like to know what you need to do?"

Nestor Montenegro: "Please, senor. Very much." He nods earnestly, bracing himself for the impossible task he knows that's going to be put before him.

Sabbat Ravyn: He smirks a little, lighting himself a cigarette. "There is an individual who was a mole on the Camarilla's side. A mole who has outlived his usefulness, and needs to be removed." He takes a drag of his cigarette, and looks at Nestor, his expression serious. "This will not be easy, Nestor. Your chances of suceeding will be low unless you use tact, subtlety, and every digit of your I.Q. to accomplish it and keep your unlife."

Nestor Montenegro: His eyes go wide and his shoulders hunch a bit, already cringing. He should have known better than to get his hopes up. He, more than anyone, knows what a bootlicking coward he is.

Tomi Nakamura: *gets an unpleasant smile on her face* Whats wrong Nestor? *she mocks shrilly. thats twice she's remembered his name now!* You going to manage a titty bar for lifes? Don't be such a pussy.

Nestor Montenegro: He blinks and smiles pleasantly to Tomi, as if she's just given him a compliment.

Sabbat Ravyn: He nods to Nestor. "Because this person is protected by our treaty and...some other deals, we cannot destroy this person ourselves. You need to deliver this information to the Camarilla in some way, and let them do the job. Not to the rank-and-file, mind you...this needs to get in the hands of a Primogen, one of the Archons, or their gossip-mongers. From you, personally."

Nestor Montenegro: He nods, blinking a few more times before timidly inquiring "Please, senor...what ees Primogen? Archon?"

Tomi Nakamura: *she regards Nestor, hands going to her hips, chin stuck out, eyes narrowed. was the little shit really going to do it? she smirks dubuiously*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany examines Nestor. That was a really dangerous job. If the mole was captured and tortured instead of just killed, he or she could spill information on how the Sabbat worked. Was that important?

Sabbat Ravyn: "A Primogen is the Camarilla equivalent of me, Nestor. The Archon is their Templars."

Nestor Montenegro: He makes a little frightened sqeak in the back of his throat.

Nestor Montenegro: "Templar ees...more powerfool than you, senor?"

Sabbat Ravyn: He looks at Nestor, his expression even. "Do this, Nestor, and you will be a True Sabbat. But time is of the essence. Fail to do it by the beginning of the year, and you will be dealt with...harshly." His eyes flash at that, and he smiles faintly.

Tomi Nakamura: oh for the love of fuck... *gives a disgusted hiss, shaking her head at nestor, lips curled up* Pissing yourself isn't going to work here.. perhaps a new fucking strategy, you dickless taco unit?

Sabbat Ravyn: He smiles at that. "Some of them, I suppose, yes."

Nestor Montenegro: His eyes get ~really~ big and he looks like someone's ready to stake him then and there. "Si, senor. Who...ees thees mole you wish for to die at Camarilla hands?"

Tomi Nakamura: *a self satisfied smirk, like she was the one responsable for him growing a tiny backbone*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany took little notes in her head about the people in the room, amused by the play and clash of personalities.

Sabbat Ravyn: He takes a drag of his cigarette and looks at Nestor, exhaling the smoke through his nose. "There are two, actually. One is a Malkavian by the alternate names of Paris Bennet and Zodiac. The other is a Tremere named Viktor Blackburn. You will provide documentation and locations to one of the Primogen or Archons."

Nestor Montenegro: "Do these...Primogen have names, senor?"

Sabbat Ravyn -> Nestor Montenegro: 10,8,2,

Sabbat Ravyn: He nods. "I know of a couple of them. Mercy is the Malkavian...Claudius is the Nosferatu. Gabriel Killian is the Vantrue."

Nestor Montenegro: He's trembling, slightly. Doing his absolute best to keep from showing how scared all of this is making him. He's kind of like that nebbishy accountant kind of guy you see in movies being pressured by super scarey gangster types.

Nestor Montenegro -> Sabbat Ravyn: 10,3,4,

Sabbat Ravyn: He raises an eyebrow, casting a severe look Nestor's way. "Do you believe you are up to the challenge?" He looks over at Tomi briefly.

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi's looking at Nestor with a smirk* come on Jackass.. are you a pussy or not? *she shakes her head* You shake like a fucking leaf and get nothing done, or you can do what your fucking asked..or are you toooo frightened?

Nestor Montenegro: "If I say no, senor, what happeens?"

Sabbat Ravyn: "Then you fail. And I shall be very displeased that my Christmas gift was not appreciated." He levels his gaze at Nestor.

Tomi Nakamura: *and her cackle turns into a snort, she's enjoying watching nestor squirm, even if his wimpiness offends her somehow*

Nestor Montenegro: He slants a look to Tomi, and musters a very sincere, if frightened smile for Delgado. "I accept your gift, senor. Nestor will do what he can to get thees words to the primogen."

Sabbat Ravyn -> Nestor Montenegro: 8,9,3,4,9,

Nestor Montenegro: "But...what eef," He stumbles a bit, nervous at the attention turned on him. "What eef the Camarilla do no keel these ones? What eef Nestor do what you say, but the primogen no keel them?"

Tomi Nakamura: *suprised, she smirks and finally stops spitting Nestor with a mocking glare, and trains her hard little eyes on the Bishop* Well fuck me.. *she gives a snort and a curt nod, eyes glittering back to Nestor*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Yes, that IS an issue, isn't it? Tiffany thinks as she watchs this conversation.

Sabbat Ravyn: He shrugs. "Then we'll find another way to get rid of them. Regardless, I'll know when you've delivered the information. Do not try to decieve me on this."

Nestor Montenegro: He nods, bowing his head. "Si, senor."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany looks over to the Bishop, "It can wait for some other time. I'll talk to you later, Nestor, don't worry."

Tomi Nakamura: *nods and barks in nestor's general direction* just stop fucking kowtowing! *she hops into the booth herself, darting cruel eyes up at the bishop* yeah. what?

Nestor Montenegro: HE nods to Tiffany and stands off to the side, as if waiting for her to finish her business.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany gets up, "Nestor, I'll find you later. You can go, if that's what you want to do." She strides easily over to the booth and takes a seat.

Sabbat Ravyn: He leans over the bar, looking at the both of them. "All right, so listen up. With JJ's death and Zodiac's capture, it's about time we picked ourselves up and starting kicking ass, instead of being on the receiving end."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany smiles dangerously. Fighting back sounded good to her.

Nestor Montenegro: He hovers for a moment, a bit confused by the competeing instructions. And then he turns and leaves, deciding a dismissal from the Bishop outweighs Tomi's instructions not to kowtow.

Tomi Nakamura: *perks up and comes to attention, that hard grin spreading across her face unpleasantly* fuck yeah. Christmas spirit, better to give then recieve... merry fuckin hoho. * the little asian nods, eyes glimmering to life*

Nestor Montenegro: he heads into the night and is ~gone~

Sabbat Ravyn: He grins. "All right. So, here's where it starts. Pack reorganization time, boys and girls. You two are probably going to end up packmates, so get used to the idea." He takes a drag. "Also, we need to get our numbers up. Go find some good candidates for the Sabbat. Don't break treaty, mind you, and don't mass embrace. Just find some a few good men and women. Got me?"

Sabbat Ravyn: ((find us. Not find some))

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany nods, and her eyes are dancing! Organization will make or break this plan.

Tomi Nakamura: mm. *a violent jerk of her head to the affirmative, before she shoots Tif thats same black widow look and a hard grin..more packies to play with*

Sabbat Ravyn: He nods. "Good. Spread the word to the rest." He looks to Tomi. "And you keep your eye on Montenegro. Make sure he does the job."

Tomi Nakamura: I'll be on his ass like rice on rice. No worry. *she narrows her eyes, looking around the bar..damnit..he escaped.. she turns back and nods*

Tomi Nakamura: *a snicker as Tomi looks to Tif..she got ignored*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany laughs at that, then she turns to stand up from her seat.

Sabbat Ravyn: ((*GONE* Good scene, guys!))

Tomi Nakamura: (night rav! it was fun!)

Tiffany Van Laurer: ((Thanks, later))

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi too gets up, brushing bast Tif on her way to the door, sneakers echoing loudly in the near empty strip joint*

Tiffany Van Laurer: "Careful, bitch." Tiffany murmurs as Tomi walks away.

Tomi Nakamura: *the tiny brujah stops and bristles, head cocking to one side* Say that again? *her voice full of outright rancor*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany twirls a glass cigarette tray with her finger on the tabletop. "I just said to be more careful, cause you keep stumbling over me like a drunk, bitch."

Tomi Nakamura: *she turns around, squinted eyes glinting balefully* I'll walk where i fucking want, ghetto barbie... or do You want to come outside back that cummy mouth of yours up? *she sneers, slipping into a heavy engrish lisp and jerking her chin towards the blonde girl*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany laughs at Tomi right in her face, a giggly mocking laugh. "You want to... fight... me?"

Tomi Nakamura: won't be much of fight. *her body's tensed and ready for a scuffle* but if you keep asking fo' one... I'll beat you ass?

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany rolls her eyes, "Lordy! And here I thought you were the one asking to fight. I've never been in one of those things before," she wrings her hands, "But I'll give it a shot."

Tomi Nakamura: Good, I teach you good to listen.*she sneers and stalks outside, knowing full well if the girl fucks off she'll just get it 2 times worse when tomi finally finds her, and waits outside the door, lips curled into a snarl*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany follows Tomi outside, fully intending on learning this new and valuable skill that will be important to her continued survival in this new world.