Samantha Jacobs: "I'm very proficient." Calmly, glancing back at him. "And I'm sure you just want to protect me." Her words lightly laced with sarcasm.

Ammon Black: *the handsome black cringes like he's been shot, clutching his chest, before smiling at her* A dangerous woman.. I can't help but be intrigued.

Samantha Jacobs: She gives a quiet snort, continuing to walk.

Ammon Black: *he smiles, looks around, then with a sigh resorts to old tricks.. lets hope the ugly italian wasn't arriving right away*

Samantha Jacobs: Hands jammed into her pockets as she moved away, eyes always moving around.

Ammon Black: 2,3,2,10,2,2,5,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *the young lady was going out a corner, just as she poekced her recent shop.. damm this materials and the places she had to go to buy then, she looked around with somewhat of a frownd and kept on, making sure her umbrella was fastened across her chest, more practiced then to have it at her hand*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : The woman looks to be in her late teens or early twenties, and she could probably have passed by someone beautiful but wariness and God’ knows what has let a trail in her features. Her green eyes are lighten with fire, though there is a trail of distraction in there, constantly changing from full awareness to what surrounds her to a vague dozing of into unknown thoughts. Though of lately it has too an estrange calm, so unlike her. Her dark red hair could fall freely in long curls until reach her hips if not were for the pins and stuff on it that keeps it high over her head. Wearing cargo pants, a tight shirt that embraces her frame, dark colors, traveler’s boots and a long brownish/red trench coat. Her height hardly going over the 5’ but despite the shortness, she posses a tough built, of someone used to keep in form. A medallion hangs at her chest, representing a curling dragon and a plain, silver brand of ring adorns her left hand. She enters, carrying herself with the confidence of someone who knows the grown she steps on.

Samantha Jacobs: She hesitates, and glances back to Ammon. Almost confusdly.

Ammon Black: Too bad you aren't more social hun. *he gives a cocky grin* I like a challenge.

Mayati: The sound of heels clicking on pavement echo through the warehouse area, and then, she comes into view, a dark-skinned woman of fairly short stature and exotic beauty. Dressed in a tight, black turtleneck and matching pants, with a leather jacket over it all, she appears to be dressed to attract attention, not that her striking facial features wouldn't do it anyway. Her hair, shoulder-length when loose and raven in color, is pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and scan the area as she walks, though they have an unconcerned air to them that almost seems foolish.

Samantha Jacobs: "I... can be more social." A light blush, a hand running through her hair confusdly. What about Issac...?

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : 5,5,7,7,2,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and she halted a momnet seeing a familiar face, she nearly grinned, and kept on walking, though as her steps got her where the black was with the plain lady, she merely said in her perfect British English* good evening Mister Black

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and then a lete, as her green eyes regard Sammantha* and you too madam

Ammon Black: I don't want to keep you, sweetlips. You're obviously uncomfortable... ? *ammon gives that dazzling smile again and gives a little wave to Elaine* Elaine... hello again.. *he rumbles*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and the green eyes move to Ammon, nodding so slightly*

Mayati: She stops within view of the trio, reaching into the purse resting on her shoulder and withdrawing a pack of cigarettes. She puts on inbetween plum-colored lips and fishes out a custom-made Zippo, lighting it and taking a deep drag. Kohl-lined eyes narrow in on the three, and she grins softly.

Samantha Jacobs: She looks, maybe a bit confused to Dragana, a nod, and then back to Ammon. Mouth opening as if to say something before it closes. She shakes her head, frowning again as she glances at Ammon before she turns and hurries away.

Samantha Jacobs: Barely a second glance spared to Mayati, more to just make sure she doesn't run into her.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *she then frowns, watching the lady depart, then lifting an eye brow at Ammon, like if asking and explanation, she does not speaks it though*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((ok, now glad I didn't brin gin Arlett.. I think she might have had enough.... eh.. nhe! *G* but still))

Ammon Black: *he cocks his head to Sam's figure hurrying off, then turns his attention back to much more interesting prey, murmering* Skittish girl, how odd. *he gives Dragana that dazzling white smile and lets his eyes travel over her body like a starving man watching a cooking show* To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? Out for a stroll?

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((JOOC are we still placing this scene in Far Rockaway?))

Samantha Jacobs: Once far enough away she slows a little, shaking her head to clear it. Oh yeah. Time to go home.

Mayati: She nods a little to herself, and cigarette in hand, she starts walking toward Dragana and Ammon, heels clicking against the ground.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and up the eye brow more fixedly as his look, really the lady seeming to become somewhat cold as she starts to stride at normal pace* I would think it twice before I called it a pleasure Mister Black... and my bussiness ...*she grins* now there, you are asking information...

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *the green eyes distractedly seeming to glance at Mayati as the heels start coming their way*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((ask them *points MAyati and Ammon =P))

Mayati: ((I'm working with wherever it was, Adam.))

Ammon Black: *breaks into an easy sheepish grin* Now now Ouch.. I forgot you had such a wickeed tongue *he teases, keeping up* Now If I didn't know better I'd think you didn't like me. (yeah..rockway.. its still good)

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((Well, Ammon-p and I had discussed Far Rockaway being the place where Adam would have arranged to pick up his first cut from Ammon))

Samantha Jacobs: And gone.

Mayati: ((Works for me))

Ammon Black: (bye spaz!)

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *she doesn't seem disturbed in the least, rather calm, confident* on contrary I remember quite clearly you have a very sleack tongue Mister Black, and a dangerous for your help sense of humor

Ammon Black: *ammon glances towards the click of heels*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((seeya Spaz!!*))

: ((Bye bye! *hugs and slinks off*))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: A motor sounds in the distance, coming in off the water toward the decaying pier/beach where Ammon and the others have congregated.

Ammon Black: You are dangerous for my health now? *gives a deep rumbling laugh* You are somewhat like cancer.. dangerous and yet still growing on me.

Mayati: She slows her pace as she gets closer, eyes locked on Ammon like a black widow on a prospective mate.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *lifts an eye brow, merely stating* I have not stated neither Black. As if I was dangerous to your right now I am sure you would be.... smelling it

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and the green eyes regard Mayati for a moment, really not seeming to care if she wants the man or if the man goes with her*

Ammon Black: Smelling it? *gives dragana a cockeyed grin, reflexively glancing towards the sound of the motor then back to Mayati. He adjusts his shades and raises an eyebrow..* Hello?

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *nods* most likely, they say it smells quite strongly, though they too said it doesn't really pains untill the worst has passed *smirks*

Mayati: She smiles at Ammon, nodding to him. "Good evening, Mr. Black." She doesn't pay much attention to Dragana, focused on the large black man instead...though her eyes do briefly flick toward the motor sound.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *the lady merely regards the other woman, really not caring. though en eye brow goes up, she keeps at her space, walking*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: It draws steadily closer, tho no running lights are visible on the vehicle.

Ammon Black: *ammon narrows his eyes behind the dark glasses, but gives her that dazzling smile anyway* Its a shame That I don't have the name of such a gorgeous lady.. you are?

Mayati: She grins mischieviously, speaking with a very slight accent...British, perhaps, or maybe something else? "Oh, my deepest apologies. I forget myself. I'm Mayati." She holds her hand out to him, palm down.

Ammon Black: Mayati.. *he glances around quickly, dragana all but forgotten, and extends a massive hand, taking hers in his and moving to brush his lips across her finger tips* And how is it you know me, Mayati?

Ammon Black: 9,9,6,4,9,

Mayati: She smiles to Ammon. "We run in the same circles. Both fans of...shall we say, Egyptology?"

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *which doesn't seem to even bother her, she kept walking, like if running across Ammon had never happened*

Ammon Black: I see. *he glances around, breifcase held in the other hand as he surveys the waterfront* An unusual pleasure.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: A smaller,lighter motor sounds as the heavier one falls to an idle. An outboard heads towards them.

Mayati: She glances at Dragana as she walks off, and looks back at Ammon, chuckling. "An unusual pleasure indeed."

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *thought she DO looks towards the outboard, not stopping agian, yet her pace still the same, not rushing, not slow*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Mayati: ((mayato got close to her?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *the air seeming to get colder near Ammon as she is no longer there... or was it the warmth trailing behind her?...*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: The boat comes into view out of the darkness with a tall, broad shouldered man at the rudder. Those who know Fausto would recognize him, tho he's wearing a peacoat, watchcap, and black cargo pants over some docksiders

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((oi... laugs, blushes* sorry Ravyn, MAyati *tries not to laugh like maniac^*))

Mayati -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((Not too particularly close. Within arms reach of Ammon while Dragana & Ammon were talking would have been the closest, unless Dragana walks by her.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : *and an eyebrow goes out again, as she even pauses a moment, seeing who is driving the boat, she saw him once... probably, she then just keeps on*

Ammon Black: You may want to disappear Mayatti, *he gives her a grin* I'm meeting someone and It would likely be unwise to appear associated with me. *he runs a hand along the back of his neck, glancing over to fausto*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Mayati: ((ah.. no =) *snugz* she isn't intersting in ya two )= it's more on Ammon being interested in her ;) ))

Mayati: She nods to Ammon, lips pursed as she slips a hand into her purse and slides a small metal disk on a leather string into his hand. She whispers to him.

Mayati -> Ammon Black: "Contact me when you get a chance, hon. My cell number's on the paper attached to this amulet, and if you put the amulet on and concentrate, you can contact me mentally. Praise to Sutekh."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 3,10,4,7,1,5,3,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((per+alert, that's 3 sux diff 6, 2 diff7 Enought to spot Mayati with Ammon?))

Mayati: ((Yeah.))

Ammon Black: Thanks.. *he grins and slips the amulet around his wrist, looping it like an informal bracelet*

Mayati: She smiles to Ammon, her hand lingering in his for a second longer then natural, and she turns, walking away, her heels echoing off warehouse walls as she does.

Mayati: ((And I'm out. I accomplished what I wanted to. Later! *S*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar : ((oh.. again withough a thing to do :P)) *she just kept walking*

Ammon Black: *he gives a self satisfied smirk and without further discussion he strides easily towards the dock, and fausto*