Cassie Raines [Night]: *she looks from arlett to the newcomer expectantly a grin crossing over her face as she waited for one to start,* Yes, Cassie Raines and im very pleased to meet you..

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((lol hi))

Ammon Black: *ammon extends a massive mit to Cassie, waiting for her to place her hand in it* Ammon Black, the pleasure is ALL mine, I assure you.

Arlett: ((*^snickerS* yea... then again... could she be in MORE trouble then she already is? ))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Open scene?))

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((erm sure))

The Fuzzy Ravyn: ((I can ALWAYS find new trouble for you to get into, Arlett...))

Arlett: ((LOL come in Jano... is vamp free *nodnod*))

Arlett: ((NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *hides behind the.. ehr... uhg.... ehrg... HELP!))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Location?))

Ammon Black: (inside a cafe.. you going to remove charming? *laughs*)

Viktor Blackburn: ((Oh, they'll flee before me!))

Viktor Blackburn: DD>Viktor has dark, slavic features, perhaps Russian in origin. He has black hair and dark brown eyes which are half hidden by his glasses, along with slightly darkened skin. He always wears black as well, and tries to keep with fairly current trends, though he's often six-eight months behind fashion. He stands a mere five feet five inches tall, and weighs a bit less than he should, though not quite looking emaciated. He does, however, walk with a confidence that one cannot merely learn, but must have earned through life. Most people shy away from his mere presence, it's so commanding and...well, there's no better word. Creepy. ((Eerie Presence))

Viktor Blackburn: *wanders by, the few people walking the streets this late avoiding him like the plague*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass places one elegant blacklace gloved hand into Ammon's* why thank you.. *she gives him a quick but obvious look over and seems pleased enough with the conclusion,* Arlett you have to leave so soon?

Arlett: ((she didnt' say outloud, she thought it *G*))

Arlett: *she blin,s maybe she siad that outloud and loosk to Cassie^* uh.. erg... well .. got.. a freind waiting.. kind of

Viktor Blackburn: ((MOST of us aren't mind readers, stop posting your thoughts dammit!))

Viktor Blackburn: *chooses randomly to enter the cafe*

Arlett: ((is is is .. is fun...=( okok!))

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((me?))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Nope, Arlett. She's the one posting her thoughts all over the place.))

Ammon Black: *ammon presses his lips to the womans knuckles before letting go of her hand and looking to arlett* You're heading out dollface? *he settles into a chair, glancing back to cassie, admireing her like a perfect peice of art*

Arlett: *she blinks then looks to wach other, and finaly grins somewhat* well you two seem about to get bussy...*well she atemtped a joke... she was somewhat nervious though*

Viktor Blackburn: 2,3,7,9,4,9,

Viktor Blackburn: *glances over at Cassie, and he takes a seat at another table, and orders a coffee*

Arlett: *oi and she peered at the creepy feeling at the back of her neck, hr eyes falling on Viktor a second, oi... ok.... he was... polite... the other time, swallows and looks back to the Ammon and Cassie*

Cassie Raines [Night]: oh well will you be sure to call in on me some time? *she looks disappointed*

Ammon Black: oh of course Dollface.... *ammon puts on a british accent and stands up* Cassie, You delicious little vixen, you've stolen my heart ...darling. I must have you. now.. why..*he makes as if to clear off the table with an well muscled arm* this very moment!

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: The door jingles right behind Viktor, and in walks a young woman of about 18 or 19 years of age. She's a Barbie Girl-type, the kind of girl you'd expect to worship Britney Spears, what with her bright blonde hair, clear blue eyes, pink T-Shirt (featuring America's Pop Princess herself, natch), and fashionably torn blue jeans. She looks around the cafe a liitle, twirling her hair with one finger.

Ammon Black: *then he laughs and brings the coffee up to his lips, shaking his head, looking at arlett with a grin*

Arlett: *she blinks at Cassie.. and kinda nodded NOT pointing out she doens't has her number* uh... sure...*blinking at Ammon* ooooooooook.. seeya *and turning to head off*

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((shiva? Arleet knows Shiva))

Viktor Blackburn: *keeps an eye on Cassie's table, but also watches the newcomer*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Yes, but this is NOT Shiva's typical appearance. It doesn't look like her at all.))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ahhh.. ok then =)

Singha -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((You want Fausto involved or no? He's no longer comatose))

Ammon Black: One day, You'll loosen up dollfacec, and I'll be there. *Ammon slides his specs down to wink at arlett as she heads off, surveying the "britney", his eyes pausing as a woman scuttles out of her way to avoid Vik, and noting him too, before letting his brown eyes lock back on Cass*

Singha -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: (Or you want my vamp or Johnny?))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She hmms and haws, then starts walking down the aisle, almost a little bouncily. She looks at Cassie and Ammons dismissively, then, with a sudden motion, slides into the booth across from Viktor. "Well, hi there." The voice is girly, even peppy in it's tone.

Viktor Blackburn: *raises an eyebrow, surprised that she's sitting here...can't be a normal person* "Hello."

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass giggles girlishly but her eyes catch sight of the girl for a second* Well Ammon you have to be the most straight talking man i've met since i got here, *she lays her head to one side and gave him a girlish grin*

Arlett: *she actualy peers at Ammon, with somewhat of a frown* and you want me to trust you? *keeping going to the door then oi, and double taking to take her chips with chocolate*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass reaches down to her bag and brings out a small square piece of cardboard* Arlett Catch.. * she waited for the girls attention*

Ammon Black: *laughs at arlett, then gives Cassie that movie star grin* So you think. *he lowers his specs and winks*

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((Ravyn are u on icq))

Arlett: *she was taking the chips and aobut to head to pay for them cause she hadn't done that either when she hared Cassei and turned* uh?

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: The girl's expression is ultra-I'm-on-lots-of-pixie-sticks-happy, with just a touch of mischeviousness thrown in. "Whatcha havin'?"

Viktor Blackburn: "Coffee. Who are you?"

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((Yeah, Cass))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: "Coffee? Awesome. Mocha, Latte, Cappucino, Coffee Shake, Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans, Iced, House Blend, Caff, Decaf, or Half-Caff?" The expression doesn't change.

Ammon Black: *ammon's pants start to vibrate, and he whips out a small cellphone, pressing it to his ear with a polite "i'm sorry" grimace to cassie. he stands up and begins to talk* Yes?

Cassie Raines [Night]: *cassie through a card to Arlett with near perfect accuracy.* Im always here.

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((I hate it when my pants vibrate. Usually, I then have to beat them into submission.))

Viktor Blackburn: "Who. Are. You?"

Viktor Blackburn: ((*refrains from commenting...too easy*))

Angelia Caponelli: A newish silver jetta rolls down the street with Angelia driving and Fausto in the passanger seat.

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She sighs, picking up a swizzle stick and sticking it in her mouth. "So I get to guess, huh? Well, let's see...I would assume with you...let's see. You're stodgy, you're uptight, and you've got the charisma of a headless goat, so I'm gonna guess standard Type-A Caffeinated. Am I right?"

Arlett: *blinks, catching it, nearly dropping, and biting her lips, she had to notice, nearly smiled* ok...* and kinda finished paying for the chocolate with chips*

Ammon Black: (yeah.. damn those trouser squirrels! they only go for you if you've got nuts)

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He looks a bit thinner, his hair a bit longer, and slicked back with a bit of pomade. He wears a nice italian suit, his face freshly shaven around the goatee and iron jaw beard that gives him a cultured, devlish look.

Viktor Blackburn: "Either tell me who you are, or leave."

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She shakes her head. "Nuh-uh, fancy-pants. I'll answer your question after you answer mine. Not before." Oh, dear God...she just GIGGLED.

Arlett: *so she peered again at those in... and once paid started towards the door... starting to get curious.. no you should go...*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He's got some fatigue to his face, the kind of jet-lagged demeanor of someone who's been trapped in airport after airport for days on end. In the back seat are various pieces of luggage tagged with his name and an address in Far Rockaway.

Ammon Black: *ammon takes out a card and tosses it to cass with a wink, putting his hand over the phone and rumbling* A pleasure.. i've got to run. *he smiles and gives a little pout, then heads for the door..still talking on the phone*

Angelia Caponelli: She pulls up infront of one of the coffee shops and sighs looking to Fausto, "Espresso?"

Viktor Blackburn: *sneers, he so clearly wants to hurt this person, but he restrains himself...besides, he can always hurt her later* "Yes."

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass's attention turns to the bimbo and the strange gent next to her, but she strays back every so often to glimse at Ammon and give him a smile*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 5,5,2,5,9,9,5,

Arlett: *opening the door and turning agian to watch Ammon, Cassei and the creepy with the giggling*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *cass gives Ammon a little wave and a pout of a kiss blown to him as he leaves*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He sees Ammon cafe, along with Arlett and some other people he recognizes if not knows. He stares at Ammon with an evil, predatory grin.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((Ammon in the cafe'. Doh))

Ammon Black: *with a grin at cass, ammon slips out of the coffee shop, slamming his phone shut with a curt* Just DO it. I know you can baby.. don't dissapoint me. *he heads down the street, finally focussing on his surroundings*

Angelia Caponelli: She glances at the cafe then Fausto, waiting on his answer.

Arlett: *and then blinks as Ammon is coming her way and she is standing by the door and just scurries out*

Ammon Black: 4,6,3,3,9,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((And for those who don't know, that was per+alert, with abilit apt. Alertness so that's 6 sux at diff 7, 2 at diff 10+))

Arlett: 9,2,

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She grins. "Thought so. Well, for now, you can call me X-tina. You know, like Christina Aguilera calls herself. And you're Viktor. I know you. You even know me."

Ammon Black: *ammon walks past ang, past arlett, past the mobster.. wait oh FUCK.. MOBSTER?.. *

Arlett: ((oioioi.. will she see Fasto and Ang in the car?))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "Yeah. Something black." He laughs, reaching under his suit coat for the gun holstered there, and stepping out of the car, holding the gun at his side, hidden by the open door and his body.

Angelia Caponelli: (they're still in the char out front I believe)

Arlett: ((yea.. but would she see them in the window? like are the windows blackede or something?))

Viktor Blackburn: 3,6,1,6,2,

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: 7,2,9,3,5,

Viktor Blackburn: ((godfucking dammit...I can't roll for shit today.))

Ammon Black: *ammon keeps his path.. heading for the nearest alley. step a little quicker*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass was watching Ammon leave*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Viktor Blackburn: Try as you might, you can't place this person. If this is an act, it's a good one.

Angelia Caponelli: (naw they're see throughable.)

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "Stay out of downtown, if you know what's good for you," he calls after Ammon.

Viktor Blackburn: "So, then......X-tina" *distaste for the name* "What do you want?"

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: "Trust me, Vikki, you know me. I got a thing for Hindu goddesses."

Arlett: ((though he is now out...)) *she was about to keep heading out, when the door of a car in front of the cafe opened* Fausto?! *both sounding releved and worried and happy as she hurried to him, remembing is a bad idea to surprice him*

Arlett: ((so I jsut wanted to see if I saw ya.. *hugz*))

Viktor Blackburn: "What do you want? I'm staying away from your...'club'." *disdain! much of it!*

Ammon Black: Done and Done peaches! *calls ammon as he dissappears into an alley...chicken shit he is.. *

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He doesn't look away from Ammon, jaw pulsing, lip curling in a pleased snarl as the big black scurries away.

Angelia Caponelli: She gets out of the car pulling her purse up over her shoulder and looks after Ammon then back to Adam with a bit of a shake of her head. "Arlett, leave Fausto alone, he's jet lagged."

Cassie Raines [Night]: 8,10,2,7,

: (ok..chumble and black man are GONE! see ya'll in about an hour or so! if you're still up to a ruckus!)

Arlett: *and then halts as fAsuto yells at Ammon and he back lookign the guys way and bacl to FAusto, stopping righ tin front of him, holding just barely form just hugging to him*

Cassie Raines [Night]: 4,

Arlett: ((seey aChumble!))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He glances over at Arlett only after Ammon disappears, and tilts his head to her. "Yeah, my flight just got in. How you doin'?"

Arlett: *and then eyes Angelia, with a somewhat of a frown, just looking up to Fausto again*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She smiles and leans over the table, lowering her voice so that she's audible only to the tables immediately around her. "Well, you see, Vikki--and I call you that because you have spinless bastard without balls, and therefore either a woman or a eunuch--you made yourself a mistake. You fucked over a friend of mine, and fucked her over hard."

Arlett: ((while they tell her what happens on the thingy)) *she looks gain to Fausto and lightly, hugs him, and quikly too* fine.. worried... how are you? *looking up*

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((can ARlett resist to be summoned?))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: Okie, Arlett, so you are compelled to go back to Cassie with reasonable speed...not running or anything, just heading back there. You aren't glazed or anything, you just fell like you want to get back there.

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ahhh ok

Angelia Caponelli: She just looks over Arlett with some modicom of distain at this display of affection and moves on into the cafe to get a seat at a table for them.

Arlett: *and then she peered back at the cafe, hummm....*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "I'm good. Glad to be back. Hate living out of suitcases." He smiles down at Arlett, and puts his gun back in the holster, using her body to shield the movement from prying eyes.

Arlett: *loosing Angelia face as she peered at the cafe*

Viktor Blackburn: "She tried to fuck me over." *shrugs* "I'm just better at it than her."

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Spending a WP point & making a WP roll at 8 allows you to resist for a turn. The effect lasts until dawn, so eventually, you will run out of WP and have to submit, but you can do it to keep talking to Ang and Fausto for a turn))

Arlett: *and when Fausto speaks, looks back up to him, blinking at the gun, then just smiling and saying* I am glad you are 'back'

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass smiled out of the window looking up at the sky but listening to the conversation at the table next to her*

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((oi.... ok.. so spending a will and rolling willpower?))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She shakes her head, smiling a little. "Oh, let's not play this "who fucked who first" game. She fucked you because you were trying to fuck us. Come to think of it, that kinda makes you a slut, too, doesn't it? Trying to fuck everyone you can."

Arlett: 10,2,7,9,1,

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Yep. Roll is vs. 8))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He nods, moving toward the cafe. "So, tell me what's been going on while I was gone?"

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: one turns is . I speak, he speaks , she speaks I wanna go back in, right?))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((So Arlett has resisted for 1 turn))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Yep))

Arlett: *oh! and he is moving bakc in, neat, moves happily along, though then sighs* uh.... ergs... not much...*suuuuuuuuuure*

Viktor Blackburn: "Actually, I wasn't, I was just trying to get some info I needed to stop from being fucked over. But yes, this game is pointless. Tell me, do you enjoy pissing off people who are quite willing to hurt you, and won't feel any remorse? People who are capable of it as well? It's a dangerous pastime."

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((ok, once inside the cafe will I want to go to Cassei or going in is enough?))


Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: and more important... will she know she is beeing called in some mistical way?

Angelia Caponelli: She looks around and sets her purse down at the table, "Arlett would you like espresso too?"

Arlett: uh...*shakes head, signals her chip and chocolate with soda to take* alreayd boutgh something.. thanks...*peering somewhat around*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He straightens the line of his coat, glancing around as he holds the door for Arlett, double checking that Ammon hasn't doubled back, and making sure he's aware of who is where.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 9,6,7,5,8,1,7,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((4 sux diff 9, 5 sux diff 7))

Cassie Raines [Night]: *cass continues to sit in silence, she closes her eyes and lols back into the soft chair.*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She smirks, her voice remaining quite low. "Don't think I'm scared of you, Vikki, you slutty girl you. You may be safe while you're the Archon's bitch-girl...but eventually, they're going to leave town. I'm sure you haven't put this through your pea-sized brain yet, but you've probably got some Licks in your sect jealous of you, not to mention the shovelheads possibly knowing you as the Archon's boy. And you've acted against us. When the Dementors leave town--I'm sure you'll miss that reference, but oh, well--when they go 'hasta la bye bye,' you're going to be swinging in the wind. What do you think about that?"

Arlett: *nodding a thanks to Fausto as he hold the door for her... is just so GOOD to have him back*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((You'll want to go to Cassie))

Viktor Blackburn: *he smirks, he's amused by her* "Believe what you like. Though if you keep this up, you won't be around to see it come to pass."

Arlett: ((ok)) *she then blinks and then sais softly* be back *to Fausto, starting to head towards Cassie*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 6,8,8,6,2,9,6,

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ((and the other? if she rolls Awareness will she know?))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He raises a brow at the woman talking to Viktor, who he recognizes but has never met, then moves to sit across from Ang, watching Arlett approach Cassie.

Cassie Raines [Night]: 1,3,

Angelia Caponelli: Glances over Arlett's friends with subdued intrest before she orders three doubles of espresso.

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Discussing with Jano now))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: oki

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((No, Awareness only picks up on Thaumaturgy & Necromancy. You'd need Mind active to detect Presence or Dominate.))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: *nods* alright I treid tomake a mind shield a while ago, but I failed and jsut got one suxx, so I guess it already wore off))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He sits down and pulls out the menu from the sidebar, looking it over, and smiling to Ang, but his attention is on Viktor and the the woman speakign to him, as well as Arlett and the woman she's going to. ~italian~ "Parasite central. Good choice."

Arlett: *so yea, gets near Cassey, though as she gets closer hesitates, yet keeps up to her side, and then treis to find what say* uh...

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She smiles and shakes her head to Viktor. ~Low~ "Wrong, Vikki. I'll see this through. You won't, especially if your boss, and I don't mean the trifecta of ass-kicking, is behind His Royal Prissiness's death."

Angelia Caponelli: She nods slightly not really paying much attention to the people that Arlett's speaking to now, she browses the menu for a snack instead while she waits for her drink. "Of course it is. And it must be nice to get to sit down for a nice meal after such a long flight." She notes absently with out looking up. "Did you get everything taken care of?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass opens her eyes as Arlett speaks * why hello baby !* she smiles looking honestly pleased to see arlett.*

Viktor Blackburn: *he almost laughs at that...too bad that all humor has been drained away from him by being well, evil* "It's so cute that you think I have a boss. Now why don't you and the other children run along and play, there's grown up matters to be dealt with."

Arlett: ergs.. hi *not sure why, and kinda again trying to think what to say, but really she doens't have a logic reasong.. or anything to say, so kinda just stays there* hum....

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He tilts his head, shrugging and looking quite jovial despite his fatigue. ~italian~ "It's business. It's like life. Never over until it's over."

Viktor Blackburn: ((And even once it's over... *G*))

Angelia Caponelli: She smiles faintly, ~it~ "Of course not. You feeling up to going straight back to work here or do you need a day to deal with the jet lag?"

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: *G* to know.. once she went to Cassie, for how long will she want to stay? or it was just a matter of just going? ))

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She smiles. "Don't tell me you don't have a boss, considering your lineage, Vikki. You know who I mean...Madame I'm-a-big-wussy-Lisa-killing-skank Kensington."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((*G*)) ~italian~ "Thanks for looking after my intrests here." he smiles at her, but his attention is still over on what's going on with arlett and the others.

Cassie Raines [Night]: 7,

Viktor Blackburn: "It's entertaining how naive you are, assuming that you know so much when you really know so little. You're too young to understand all the levels here. But it's cute that you try, little girl."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Well do take a seat dear,*she looked at the girls worried and confused face * dont worry * she laughed lightly * I dont bite.. what did you want to talk about

Angelia Caponelli: She nods slightly and finally glances over to the others, ~it~ "You're welcome. I hope I've kept everything in order for you."

Arlett: *she bites her lips, doubting and even peering in Fausto and Angelia's way before sitting with Cassie* ergs...dunno

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((You want to be around Cassie until dawn, or until she releases you.))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ok, thanks!

Cassie Raines [Night]: Are you still worried like last time we met? *she reached out and held her hand. * if you still need someone to talk to?

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Ack, correction, misread. You just wanted to get to her.))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: aahhhhh! ok.. so I can just leave now?

Arlett: *she blinks, staring at Cassie holding her hand* erg.... no... I'm fine *softly pulling her hand towards herself and away from Cassie*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She shakes her head, her expression getting almost like Uma's in Kill Bill. ~low~ "Bitch, I'm pretty fucking sure I'm older then you. And you're the naive one, little girl. We're this close to ID'ing the killer, and it's someone on the Ivory Tower's council."

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Arlett: ((Yeah, if you want to. *S*))

Arlett -> Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: thanks =)

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass lowers her voice to a whisper* Telling others can help you know... *she smiled inviting Arlett to loosen up*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He nods and sips his drink when it comes, smiling over it at Ang. "I'm sure you did your best."

Arlett: *she looked to Cassie, then she just said* can't *and really she wasn't sure she could trust her... then why the heck she jsut wanted to come, frowns to herself* I... gotta go *standing again*

Angelia Caponelli: She picks up her demitask and sips lightly at her espresso. "I always do. Do you have anything in particular you would like me to focus on now that you're back?"

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "Well, there's the family business..." He smiles. "Any word there? Be a shame to have to tear down what we're so close to building"

Viktor Blackburn: "If you're attempting to goad me into a fight, it won't work. I'm neither stupid nor naive. Now, the reason your friend was fucked over is because she fucked me over. I on the other hand, was not intending to fuck anyone over. What anger you have directed at me is misplaced, and frankly your behavior has done no favors for your...faction...and how the Tower regards them. In general, we have better things to spend our time working on, and we are also close to the identity of the culprit. As I see it, even if you kill me, your group is going to be fucked over once all this settles down. Of course, there are other possibilities, but you'd clearly rather have some misguided vengeance than have things work out so that the fewest possible are destroyed in a foolish war." *shrugs*

Angelia Caponelli: "I think either we scared my uncles off or they're laying low. I haven't heard from them at all. My cousins are all on board though."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He smiles at that. "Well, then...what about the investments? I hear the drug companies are doing big business now."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Arlett * she spoke as arlett rose *Rememer im always here, are you sure u dont need to tell anyone *Cassie looked dissappointed and worried.*

Cassie Raines [Night]: 4,2,2,2,

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She gives an aggravated frown, her voice staying low only with effort. "If you're so god damn close, then you should know to look at the Council, shit-for-brains. I'm not attempting to goad you, you" ~voice raises~ "FUCKING MORON..." She sighs, and looks around, then lowers her voice again. "I'm trying to get you to see more then what's put in front of your face without evidence. If you want the evidence that one of the council members is behind it, I'll give it to you. If you don't, then I know you're really the puppet, with the Ass-Kicking Trio's hand all up in your ass, like I think. Choice is yours, asshole."

Angelia Caponelli: She nods slightly, "Mmm yeah, some new place opened up a lab up town. Last I checked the kid was on that though I thought it was a wierd assignment."

Arlett: *she peered at Cassie, nearly smilling, realy uneasy* uh.. thanks...*not really sounding like she trusts Cassie... odd, cause she is so trustabel towards others, and starts to head off*

Arlett: *and then stops, looking over at the lady and creepy guy*

Viktor Blackburn: "If you weren't attempting to goad me, then you'd have been a little bit more polite than 'raging whore'." *he shrugs, dismissing it* "But you say you have evidence, that would be good, especially if it might implicate a specific one, though there's no doubt in my mind that it was one of them."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "This the kid who's about as useful as a bucket of sand in the desert?"

Ita McNairee: *jingle jingle jingle jingle. the pikey was happy as hell, dogs were SO much better then rats.. she slid out of an alley looking contented, trying to keep a low profile*

Angelia Caponelli: She glances towards the yelling with a faint, disapproaving frown and then back to her table mate. "That would be the kid. Maybe his handler's trying to teach him something about finances."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He frowns, and keeps his gaze on Arlett and Cassie. ~it~ "You alright with being here? Or you want to leave?"

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: ~Regular voice~ "Whoa, whoa, whoa...." She looks at him incredulously. ~Low voice~ "Wait a minute. You're saying that you already believe that one of them is behind it? And then, you're working to help hunt down me and mine, because the Trio says so, and they're taking the counsel's word?"

Ita McNairee: *she was headed for an alley 3 streets over.. easier access to things that way, she sidestepped a well dressed lady, ignoring the sniff she got about the smell as she padded barefoot past the window of a cafe, looking around. trying to stealth*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cassie sat back and listened to the hubbub of the cafe again. She looks disappointed and keeps looking towards where Arlett is sitting.*

Ita McNairee: 8,6,1,6,

Arlett: *so she headed back over to Fausto and Angelia, somewhat doubtufully*

Angelia Caponelli: ~it~ "I'm fine. But let me know if that jet lag starrs to catch up with you. I'll take you home."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 4,10,3,8,10,5,2,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ~it~ "It's either Christmas, or the gypo's come to town."

Angelia Caponelli: She smiles a little to Arlett, slipping back into english, "Everything alright with your friends?"

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: 5,6,4,9,5,4,

Arlett: *she sat, fidgeting with her to take chis, peering to Angelia* uh.. not really my friend *quick glancing to Cassie, then to them*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She doesn't notice Ita, her attention focused on Viktor.

Viktor Blackburn: "There's layers here. If they see you investigating them, they'll put a stop to it. Not following orders would also cause problems. See, in the Tower, we have to be subtle, else we're fucked. If you have a choice between yourself being fucked and someone you don't know much, and who just minorly fucked you over being fucked, what do you choose?"

Ita McNairee: *Ita passes by the window. there's a breif pause before she backs up past it again.. not entirely certain of herself*

Viktor Blackburn: 10,5,1,5,5,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He glances out the window to see Ita wandering past, then glances toward Viktor and the woman, then glances toward Cassie, nodding toward Arlet as she sits down. "What was that all about?"

Angelia Caponelli: She glances around slowly, ~it~ "Mmmm she was asking about you."

Ita McNairee: 9,5,3,5,

Arlett: hum.. dunno *glancing at Fausto, munching on a chocolate diped chip, sounding unsure*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She looks at him skeptically. "Are you saying that we're on the same side, then? In terms of who we're fingering?"

Arlett: *peering then around as they both seem to be doing so*

Arlett: 5,6,

Arlett: ((not seeing Ita))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "Well, why'd you go over there?" He asks Arlett.

Viktor Blackburn: "As far as that, yes. Finding the person who's actually guilty is in both of our self-interests."

Ita McNairee: 5,7,4,4,

Angelia Caponelli: She eyes Arlett a little sceptically, "Are you alright?"

Arlett: hmmmm.. dunno *seeming to be pondering the same*

Arlett: *nods to Angelia* just thinking

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass stood up and with an almost catwalk worthy display stalked her way to the bathroom,*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: "I think I'll have a burger. Hard to get a good burger in Europe."

Arlett: *glances Cass way, then says* though I have to get going... we.... I have to kinda present and infrom *looking to Fausto and Angelia, moving to give each a tiny hug*

Angelia Caponelli: She nods to Fausto and closes her own menu, slipping it to the side, "You went to talk to people you don't know for no reason?"

Ita McNairee: OCH!! *ita's eyes get huge.. and she jumps on the balls of her feet.. FAUSTO! He was there! she gave a wave, releif etched all over her dirty little face.. then smiles to ang and arlett and cocks her head..looking past them..she stiffens staring at the back of viktors head..was that that fucker? or ..was it?. her eyes narrow*

Arlett: *shaking her head to Angelia* I know her.. saw her once... hum.... she...*peers around, decides is a bad idea* I'm not sure if she is ok... and I just... am not sure why I wanted to go there... *shrugs* must be I am tired

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He squints at Arlett. "You didn't take my warning about the black, did you?"

Angelia Caponelli: She looks over Arlett a little concerned, "You want me to call you a cab or something?"

Arlett: *and sighs* did so... *looking to Fausto* I take precaustions... have your friends close and your enemy closer?... I am not sure about him.. I need to make sure

Arlett: *shakes her head to Angelia* is not to far away...

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She leans back a little, and nods skeptically. "All right, I tell you what. I'll get you enough of the evidence to prove to you that we're on the right track, and that you should lay off. If you can help clear us, I'll be willing to forgive and forget. Deal?"

Adam "Fausto" Smith: As he always seems to do in public places, he ignores Ita, tho it's hard to believe with his alertness factor that he doesn't notice her.

Angelia Caponelli: She shakes her head a bit at Arlett, "That's not good advice. You wouldn't go to bed with an Asp would you?"

Ita McNairee: *the pikey wavers outside a long moment... starts for the door to the cafe.. then gives another wary look at the back of viktors head.. and keeps on into an alley, pulling out her phone*

Arlett: Asp? *looking odly at Angelia* and I woulndt' go to bed with anoyone *non Blaze... and even...*

Arlett: *and blinks as her cel phone goes on, she moves to pick and answer* ya

Cassie Raines [Night]: * Cass returned and headed back to her seat. *

Ita McNairee: *ita's leaning in the alley, talking on her phone excitedly* OCH! LOVE!! Arlet!!!! Fausto's back!!!!

Angelia Caponelli: "An asp, a poisonius snake... one of the most deadly in the world. I was pointing out the flaw in your logic. Some times when you keep your enemies close it just makes you an easier target."

Viktor Blackburn: "I'll agree, if you're seen to be involved in finding the real criminal, that should clear up a lot of the charges against you...both personally and as a group. Now, I have some information you might want to know about, but here isn't a place where it can be passed along."

Cassie Raines [Night]: * she gives a look to Arlett on her phone as she passes back to her table *

Ita McNairee: ee's aul recht! aul fexed!!!! *sounds SOOO releived.. its almost pathetic* granted looks like shite..but ee's better!

Arlett: *and her eyes brighten some, smiling* oh I know! wher are you at.. wait... *lowering her voice* shit Ita you realise you mustn't be out?!* urgenly wishpered really, and even turning a bit towards Fausto to muffle it*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: His bored gaze follows Cass's movements, checking to see if she might have anything concealed or noticeable. ((Rolling per+security, then per_+sub))

Arlett: *looking to Agn, half blocking her phone* well i just want to make sure about Ammon, sides I just seem to keep finding him...

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 8,7,7,10,4,5,5,

Arlett: *peering at Cassie again, staring to feel stalked,, realy jsut biting her lips some*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 10,8,8,6,2,8,7,

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She nods. "All right, then. When I exchange the evidence, I'll get your information. Deal?"

Ita McNairee: Aye, ah kain loves.. ah jes couldnae stand tae et another fooken rat,, ah had tae gie a dag en me stummy.. but och! Ye need tae GIE OOT tha cafe.. tha viktor fok tha blew me knee tae bristol es siten RIGHT ahind ye..ah figure...

Viktor Blackburn: "Deal." *nods*

Arlett: *and then she frowns, looking around the cafe and then muttering^* creepy guy?

Angelia Caponelli: "That's not a good sign Arlett." She drums her fingers on the table absently. "Where's the waitress?"

Arlett: *half blokcing the phone again, looking to Angelia* I know...

Arlett: *she then reaches for a napkin and scribles something, listening to the phone, and passes it to Fasuto*

Ita McNairee: aye! a right baddie! ee'll string ye oop! Ah'd come in tae see ye an fausto effen tha spook wasnae there!

Arlett: (Angelia. cause Fausto is all wore out!))

Arlett: I doubt he knows who I am Ita *said in a very low voice*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: HE watches Cass for a moment, then looks over to watch Arlett push the napkin to Ang.

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass sat down and looked out into the night*

Angelia Caponelli: She glances down at the napkin and looks back to Fausto with a faint smile, ~it~ "The service is pretty bad here. Maybe we should get going?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: *her normal smile was mostly gone, she seemed thoughtful, melancholic maybe.*

Ita McNairee: ooooo... *doesn't sound so sure,, hopping from one foot to the other in the alley.. she peeks her head out with a cringe* ooo.. be carefy loves.. a worry.. are ye sure ee's nae ...waiten tae gie ye an.. ah dinnae kain.. blow oop yer parts?

Arlett: *had kinda forgotee Cassie, though seh was agian biting her lips, probalby making the poor things all soared by now*

Arlett: *frowns* calm down... I'm heading out anyway *sighing softly* YOU do need to get off though... as he WILL know who you are *said very low still*

Cassie Raines [Night]: 8,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He sips his expresso down, shrugging. "Let's go some where else."

Angelia Caponelli: She tosses a few dollars on the table to cover the cost of the drinks and rises, "Can we give you a ride Arlett?"

Arlett: *blinks up to Angelia, then nods, better save then sorry* thanks...

Ita McNairee: Och.. *nods.. though what point that has on the PHONE.. * Och.. aye.. ah suppose... *damnit..she wanted t see fausto. er..oh wait..or did she..??* Och.. well..come entae tha alley effen ye step oot..ah'm jes right eer.

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She nods. ~whisper~ "Okay, then. I gotta tell you, fuck me on this, and I will bust down every wall of your precious Tower, just to get to you. And don't think I can't do it. There's a reason that I'm still comfortable walking around with Nicholas, Basler, and Dufresne after my ass. And if I can stay alive around them, you're nothing to me." She smiles, and raises her voice to an audible level. "No, sir, I'm sorry...I'm a virgin, and I'd like to stay that way, no matter how much you pay me. Why would you want to pee on my face, anyway?" She gives a shocked look and stands up, walking out of the cafe in apparent disgust.

Arlett: *shakes her head* I need to get somewhere else Ita I promised to keep poeple posted on things... go home, and keep LOW

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He sniffs, straightening his coat as he glances around again, and heads to the door, passing a glower off toward the kitchen.

Viktor Blackburn: *rolls his eyes, making a mental note to arrange for something bad to happen to her once this is over*

Arlett: ((je.. I have to go max in five mins...*G* work in the morning, exams week))

Angelia Caponelli: She nods to Adam and heads out with him and Arlette. (that's cool Arlett, we can just say Ang dropped you off where ever you wanna go.)

Ita McNairee: Aye love.. ah jes.. please.. ye kain wha.. ah'm nae leaven till ah see yer safe..aul recht loves.. entil ah'm certain tha spooks nae followen ye.. cuasen effen ee breaks apart YER bones.. ye willnae fex.... *that stubborn edge is in her voice again.. cue "big sister ita"*

Arlett: ((that would be an alley *Giggles* thansk!! and sorry guys*)) *follows them out in the phone*

Arlett: Ita...I'm not leaving alone... go home. now

Ita McNairee: (yeah. ita just has to see you get in a car with those two..and she'll be happy as a pig in pie)

Ita McNairee: 6,1,10,10,2,

Arlett: ((okok *G* snugz about, really thanks for th rpg.. even if I don't got Arlet in more trouble *is joking for real!!! ))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He's the last to leave lettign Ang herd Arlett toward the car, hanging back to light a clove up and glance up and down the street, enjoying the night air and stretching his legs.

Viktor Blackburn: *drops some cash on the table and then heads out, back uptown, but making sure to catch Cassie's face so he can find her some other night*

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: 4,8,10,8,9,10,

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 8,2,6,3,4,8,3,

Arlett: ((when they get her down and once in the car shey'll hust hug Fasuto again, then Agnelia and tell them she is glad they are both fine, then leave off to Haven *snugz*))

Ita McNairee: *ita nods and watches arlett go with fausto and ang, sighing in releif* Aye.. ye be carefy..right...ah'm scatteren. *makes a yip and hangs up the phone*

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((That's to see if he can tell where Ita's hiding))

Arlett: *nods and hangs, leaving on with Ang and Fausto*

Viktor Blackburn: ~gone~

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She walks out, waves to Fausto with a wink, then heads down the street past Ita's alleyway. She glances down the alleyway, locking eyes with Ita, and winks at her.

Arlett: ((needa go to bed now ^*hugz about* night and thanks a lot for the rp!))

Angelia Caponelli: (see you Arlett)

Ita McNairee: *ita starts..then double takes.. * (night arlett)

Arlett: ((seeya! *hugs one last time and puffles*))

Angelia Caponelli: She waits in the car with Arlett for Fausto, eying the woman who waves to him before she starts the car.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He gets in the car with Ang and Arlett and they drive off.

Angelia Caponelli: (And I supose we're out of here)

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0 -> Ita McNairee: In the alleyway, the wall lights up with a quick neon message that reads "Hey, sexy thing. Stay tough, love Shiva" before vanishing into nothingness.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ~gone~

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass put Ammons card into her jackets inside pocket and stood up straightning herself and making herself ready to leave. She walked towards the door casually taking her time and stepped into the street. i need to taste it again she thought,. Cass reached for her pocket and brought out her lighter and pack of cigarettes. She lit up and headed down the round slowly*

Ita McNairee: *ita starts to walk away.. then double takes again... looking at a neon sign...and bursts into raccous laughter before scurrying away down the alley*

Cassie Raines [Night]: *Cass searches for the source of the laughter for a second and then gave up and continued her slow prowl.

Evil Fuzzy Ravyn v. 1.0: She smirks at the laughter as she walks away, then heads off into the night. ((~GONE~))