Cassie Raines [Night]: elllloo

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((oops))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((And just so i'm clear...the initial snatch occured on the 11th, so this would be the night of the 12th? Or 13th?))

Ravyn: He shows up early at the dock given to him by Shiva, pulling up in a rented Chevy Metro, and gets out, waiting patiently as he lights a cigarette with his electric heater-coil lighter.

Ravyn: ((Probably the 13th, so Shiva and Ravyn could arrange things properly.))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((and how much earlier?))

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((Would fausto have cleaned me up))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((He would have unchained her and let her clean herself up, if she promises to behave. *G*))

Ravyn: ((DD: A man of no more then 24. He's incredibly unassuming...almost harmless looking, really. His facial structure suggests a Celtic origin of some sort within his family lines. Black hair falls to his shoulders, clean and unbound. He's wearing a leather trenchcoats, and underneath that, a red button-down shirt and black slacks.))

Ravyn: ((About ten minutes))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((And if she gave her word not to try to escape during the hand over, he'd leave her uncuffed and unshackled.))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 5,2,4,3,3,4,1,

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((She would agree))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((LMAO. That was to hide the boat when it was docked. So when Rav shows up, he sees it just sitting there. Not hidden at all, with even the #'s exposed))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: 4,3,2,7,6,5,6,

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((DD Cassies jet-black hair appears to fade into the night around her and contrast with her pale skin, which makes her seem angelic. She looks about 24-25, 5'8 and is slim yet curvy. Her features are vaguely European of Italian decent, and although the word beautiful is often overused, in her case its inadequate. Her hair is usually perfectly straight but its a little frayed at the moment, as is most often, she has it tied into a long ponytail. Her skin is milky white and her eyes seem large with long dark lashes, her eye colour is dark chocolaty brown but they appear to sparkle when she smiles. Her features are small and her hair frames her face, making it seem slimmer and perfectly symmetrical. Her mouth is small and her lips always seem to be playing on a smile with perfectly straight pearly white teeth. Her voice betrays her British upbringing and Cass has a knack of sounding coy or naive, but when she wants to she can sound as smooth as silk and twice as classy, in this mood she often gets what she wants without asking twice. Normally she is clear and confident. When she moves it always seems so graceful, with a precision that, if it were noticed.. would leave people uneasy. Shes currently wearing a thin and lacey black sleevless top and a long black leather skirt which hides thigh high black leather boots))

Ravyn: He raises an eyebrow, then shrugs, walking to where he is in visual range, but not so close as to overstep his bounds. He takes a deep drag off the cigarette and exhales the smoke high into the air.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He spots Ravyn's vehicle and checks to make sure there are no observers and/or potential ambushers ((that last was per+alert, -2 to diff due to ability apt))

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He studies the situation for a few minutes then nods to Cassie. "Your ride's here." He tilts his head in Rav's direction.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((and this would be from the wheelhouse, I'd imagine, or from the bank of seats on the stern side of the wheelhouse.))

Ravyn: He waits patiently outside, looking around casually, taking care not to examine the boat overlong.

Cassie Raines [Night]: "so this is where I get off?" she follows his gaze to the lone figure, then looks back to Fausto for confirmation.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He snickers. "As much as you people can get off on anything."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She looked into fausto's eyes one last time her head to one side. she thought for a moment "Thank you" she spoke softly but with no hint of emotion. She turned and stalked down towards the figure in graceful silence.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He nods to her, watching her walk away. "I know you don't believe me. But so long as you fight the good're never alone."

Cassie Raines [Night]: she turned her head back to him as she continued on her, she considered him thoughtfully and a hint of a smile crossed her lips as she turned back on her way.

Ravyn: He looks at Cassie as she steps off the boat, looking her over appraisingly. He nods a little bit, perhaps to himself, and smiles a little to her. "You must be Cassie."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: Once her back is to him, he gives Rav a little nod of greeting and acknowledgement.

Ravyn: 1,1,5,1,8,1,

Ravyn: ((*DIES*))

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cassie's expression remains the same cold demure look as she simply regards his eyes for now. She came to a stop a metre or so from the figure, she took him in critically, "Yes I am."

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((uh oh))

Ravyn: ((S'all good. Was just a Per+Alert. Now, if that had been, oh, a roll to properly use a flamethrower...))

Ravyn: He looks at Adam, returning the nod, his brow furrowed a little in concern, before looking back at Cassie. Sympathy shows in his eyes as gestures to the car. "Perhaps we should get to the car. My name is Ravyn, by the way. I'm here to help bring you up to speed on things in New York."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She nods though not yet giving in to a smile "Cass Raines," she answered wandering round to the front passanger door, on the way she runs her fingers across the bonnet.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He watches, to ensure Cassie doesn't try anything on Rav.

Ravyn: He heads to the car, giving one last look behind himself at the boat, then opens the driver's side door and gets in, opening the other door for Cassie from the inside.

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass slides into the passanger seat tossing her hair back as she closes the door, She adjusts her position a little and looks toward Fausto and the ship.

Ravyn: He starts the car and heads off, toward the Nevermore.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: He's standing there near the wheelhouse, a dark silhouette against the gloomy outline decrepit, disintegrating abandoned warehouse behind him.

Adam "Fausto" Smith: ((outline of the))

Cassie Raines [Night]: "I'm to understand that I'm your guest for an indefinite period" she said finally loosening up a little. She looked at the car interior idly.

Ravyn: (( to Vehicle?))

Ravyn: He shrugs. "That depends on you, Cassie...entirely on you."

Adam "Fausto" Smith: As soon as they're out of sight he starts the motor up and throws off the lines, heading out and dissappearing into the night.


Vehicle Dynamic

Cassie Raines: "I'm to understand that I'm your guest for an indefinite period" she said finally loosening up a little. She looked at the car interior idly.

Ravyn: (Gaah...sorry, comp restarted.))

Ravyn: He shrugs. "That depends on you, Cassie...entirely on you."

Cassie Raines: She looked at him quizzically, but said nothing. she reached slowly for her purse and brought out her lipstick, she pulled down the mirror and made herself pretty.

Ravyn: He watches the road as he drives. "So, Cassie, where are you from?"

Cassie Raines: "London" She looked at him again, happy with herself now, "And yourself?"

Ravyn: He smiles a little. "Actually, to share a bit of a secret with you, I'm from the same. Just a long time ago. Most recently, I'm from the West Coast of the United States."

Cassie Raines: "So where are you taking me?" she bit her lip.

Ravyn: "A place we can talk." He steers the car left, onto another street, and heads toward SoHo, taking as many smaller roads as he can.

Cassie Raines: Cass turned from him to watch the world pass by her passenger window. She watched the people with interest, looking for nothing in particular.

Ravyn: He lets a couple minutes pass before speaking again. "How long have you been in New York, Cassie?"

Cassie Raines: "One week" she answered without looking back at Ravyn

Ravyn: He nods. "Made much contact with any of our kind yet?"

Cassie Raines: "Only one of which that I can be sure of," She seemed troubled by this.

Ravyn: He smiles a little at her. "Well, now you've got two. There's an improvement, right?"

Cassie Raines: She turns and smiles to him laughing a little to herself, "that remain to be seem... so in the interests of clarity you are of???"

Ravyn: He smiles a little. "Clan Ravnos. And before you start looking for your watch and purse, don't worry, I haven't stolen anything of yours. Yet." He winks.

Cassie Raines: She smiled a little more but it began before he had made his joke "Nice to make your aquaintance". She patted herself down as if checking everything was in place.

Ravyn: He chuckles a little, and turned back to look at the road. "Trust me, you're fine. So, you mind me asking you where you stand on the political spectrum of things?"

Cassie Raines: "At the current time yes." she seemed uncomfortable to speak of this, or maybe unsure. "I assure you I do not try to decieve you, in fact to that end I will tell you that up until very lately I must be considered a member of the Camarilla." she was careful to answer no more than she needed on the subject.

Ravyn: He nods. "Fair enough. Well, I'll be perfectly honest with you, particularly since I understand you may have issue with mine. I'm the local Anarch baron." He waits, gauging her reaction.

Cassie Raines: She seemed to take this well enough, "I have my own issues with the anarch... ideals... or more the fact that many seem to dictate there own versions of these ideals from place to place." she looked round at Ravyn "In short I find that I must treat each Anarch as it comes."

Ravyn: He nods. "Understood. I like to think I've been pretty good about selecting those who truly believe in the more noble ideals...we try to keep the "tear it all down without a backup plan" crowd in the Midwest, and out of our hair."

Cassie Raines: She looked him in the eyes as much as possible. " How do you treat the herds ?" she asked trying to be as clear as possible.

Ravyn: "As humanely as possible. If we did otherwise, we might as well be Sabbat, and, if you'll excuse my language and my harsh stance, I'll happily toe the Camarila line long before I let the fucking Sabbat have their way with mankind."

Cassie Raines: "My sire... was less caring in his stance"

Ravyn: He nods, sympathetically. "I've met Anarchs who are that way. They think that they have to rebel in every way possible...including by making unnecessarily extreme statements against the mortal population. They and I..." He shrugs. "Well, we don't stay in the same company for long."

Cassie Raines: "Im glad" she seemed it too "For though I do enjoy the sensation of the hunt, the feed, I shall not take the life."

Ravyn: He nods. "I tend to agree. Others...not so much. I won't hold it too much against some one who makes an accident...but as they say, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and third time, it's a pattern, right?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: She nodded in silence, then sighed "but accidents happen"

Ravyn: He nods, turning the car into the an alleyway next to a converted warehouse. This night, like every night for the past few months, the warehouse is a point of interest, as it now bares a sign over the door that reads "Nevermore" in stylized red neon. A fairly large, heavily-scarred bouncer at the door lets few people in, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who he is letting in. "Yes, they do happen."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "Nevermore..." She smiled at the irony that she saw to this.

Ravyn: He grins at her as the car pulls up next to a garage at the back. "Yeah, I thought it was catchy." He kills the engine and opens the door. "Come on, Cassie...let's get somewhere a little more comfortable then a rented Metro."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass steps out of the car and tossed her head back straightening her hair, she smoothed down her top and turned to look across the car roof at Ravyn. "So how do I look?" she smiled.

Ravyn: He smiles at her. "I'm fairly positive you know the answer to that one already."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She frowned in mock sadness "Can't a girl ask for a little praise once and a while?" She spun on her heel. "Would I have to queue?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: ((Signalling to the doormen))

Ravyn: He grins. "You look excpetional, of course. And we're not going in the front door. C'mon." He heads a lttle further down the alley, to a back door, and pulls out a swipe card. He passes it through and waits patiently, looking up at the camera some fifteen feet above the ground. Eventually, the door buzzes, and he pulls it open, looking at Cassie. "After you, madamoiselle."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass looked back at the queue for a second and then followed Ravyn to the other door. She smiled to him as she passed, she reveled in these little moments. "I do so enjoy the front door though."

Ravyn: He shrugs. "Don't worry, you'll have ample opportunity to pass right by the line in the future. For this time, I thought perhaps a little discretion would be good. I'll explain clearer when we get up to my office."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass followed him intrigued "So if I ever leave I'm welcome back, thats nice to know"

Ravyn: He nods. "And if you decide you don't want to come back, no one need ever know you were here, unless you decide otherwise." He leads Cassie down a hallway, through a door and into a square black room. From there, it's through a door on the right, up a flight of stairs, and through one more door into a very tastefully-done office. One wall is nothing but television screens, most of them showing normal color, the few remaining washed in red, with blobs of green, blue, and black. All show the club from various angles. The centerpiece of the room is a large black desk. Another door, probably the main entrance, lies opposite the desk on the other side of the room. The sounds of techno music, specifically Orbital, can be heard pounding from below.

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass walked into the room and took a second to take in all that she could of the room turning on the spot to look around. She then looked for the most prominant place to sit other than behind the desk and sat down smiling at Ravyn.

Ravyn: He smiles at Cassie as he moves to the phone on the desk. "Give me just a moment...gotta check on a couple of things really quick." He picks it up and hits a button, then waits as he scans the monitors. "Yeah, Romano. Who's the lick with Allisa? ....yeah? And she's got it under control? ...all right, remind her at some point that her Clan business and our business are separate, is all. I'm sure she'll be okay...she's normally pretty good. Anything else?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass taps a foot to the beat she can feel, she looks up at the monitors to see if she spots anything interesting.

Cassie Raines [Night]: 5,

Ravyn: ((Roll me an Intelligence+Computer at 7))

Cassie Raines [Night]: 6,6,2,7,

Ravyn: The regular monitors reveal the layout of the club, which is as follows: Inside the dance club, one can find all different types of people co-mingling in here...mostly the fetish or the rough-and-tumble crowd, but there are a couple of people who look way too "normal" to be there. The bar is mostly the dance floor, which dominates the center of the room. The dance floor is lined by black tables, each with a default four seats around it. A full bar lines the back left corner. On the right side of the main room, a metal staircase rises from the back corner to what was probably originally the warehouse office. At the bottom of the stairs in an intercom button.

Cassie Raines [Night]: "So is this place... an open house..."

Ravyn: Meanwhile, the stranger monitors, Cassie recognizes as some kind of heat-recognition system. Some of the people in the regular cameras are visible on the heat-recognition cameras as red, yellow, and green person-shaped blobs. A few, however, don't show up, beyond as general black forms, almost melding in with the rest of the bacl around.

Ravyn: He gives Cassie an apologetic look and puts up a finger, indicating that he needs a moment longer. "Right... okay, well, unless there's an emergency, I'm not here. Good deal. Okay, I'll be down later." He hangs up the phone and looks at Cassie. "Sorry about that...anyway. Are we an open house? It depends on what you mean by that."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "Do we eat here?" she was blunt but still smiling.

Ravyn: He shakes his head. "No. We maintan Masquerade here, so as to keep hunters and the Lupines off our backs. We try to keep our own place clean."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She nods, "so.. tell me how this goes.."

Ravyn: He nods. "All right. So, first off, I need to ask, how much do you know about the situation here in New York

Cassie Raines [Night]: "I know that New York, like most of the USA, is still very deep in the ~italian~ Camarilla ~english~ Sabbat problems. but very little else." She played with her hair as she spoke.

Ravyn: He nods. "Very true on that...we are big on the Camarilla-Sabbat war. In fact, the Sabbat are stationed right across the river in New Jersey. There's other events that you need to be aware of, however." He looks at her, his expression even but serious. "A few months ago, the Prince and the Sheriff of New York, two Toreador named Eliot and Lance Golden, were killed when a bomb was planted in Sheriff Golden's home."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "I was told of this in london, before I came here i believe" She seemed unphased by the news he had given her. "I never did see the use in toreador a sheriff, they excel in other things,"

Ravyn: He shrugs. "I wouldn't argue you on that point, but regardless, it's brought some obviously serious repercussions. First, the Venture Justicar sent three of her Archons into town. They are ruling the city."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "so the Blue blood thinks she owns the shop now.." She smiled an angry looking smile "go on please.."

Ravyn: He lits a cigarette off his electric "flameless" lighter and takes a drag, echaling it. "She pretty much does, at lest until the situation is over. They're cracking down hard, and she seems to have the support of the rest of the Justicars. And for the time being, their attention is focused, predictably, on us, the Anarchs. Through an unfortunate twist of fate, my lieutenant, Shiva, found herself near the scene of the crime, along with an Assamite and two Gangrel, plus a mortal. One of the Gangrel is dead, and I haven't heard from the Assamite in weeks. We actually believe that one of the primogen may have been behind it, and we're working to prove that."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "well the question playing on my lips should be clear to us both." she looked at him critically, she seemed to be measuring him up, "Where do I fall into this."

Ravyn: He shakes his head. "You don't yet." His expression is decidedly neutral as he takes another drag from his cigarette and looks at her. "I'm teling you this before I explain why you are here, so that you understand the political situation."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "Go ahead" she pulls her cigarettes from her bag and selects one at random.

Ravyn: He nods. "Okay. So, did Fausto explain the treaty to you?"

Cassie Raines [Night]: "very very little" She smiled " He was having to much fun, As far as I can understand this treaty is between the Lupines, the anarchs, who ever he is with and certain unnamed parties... its nice and vague there," she looked in her bag for her lighter, but continued " We may not feed south of liberty or from those people from south of liberty... oh and I may not "Fuck with his head""

Ravyn: The corner of his mouth curls up a little. "Yeah, that's Fausto for you. Okay, so that's about right. I brokered this treaty with the Lupinesearlier this year. Essentially, we have a non-aggression pact with the Lupines. In return, as you said we don't feed south of Liberty Street, and we don't use our abilities on people in that area as well. Central Park, we stay out of as well. As far as whether they're from that area...well, we don't have to see their ID's to make sure, but we are not to coerce people out of the area just to feed on them. Ghouling is prohibited in that area. We have this treaty, and so does the Sabbat, from what I understand. The Camarilla has no such agreement, so essentially, they are vulnerable to attacks from Lupines at any time. The Lupines have also agreed to stay out of our conflicts, and will aid no other group against us."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "Are there set feeding areas, other restrictions?" she seemed to want this part out of the way

Ravyn: He shakes his head. "No. As long as you don't feed in the restricted areas I just listed, you're fine. You don't kill your targets, so you shouldn't have much difficulty. Also, of course, no feeding from Lupines or their kin. They usually stay away from us, so that's typically not a problem. If you have any difficulty due to a problem you didn't cause, all you need do is identify yourself as one of mine and mention the treaty, and you should be fine." He pauses. "This doesn't mean you have to join me, mind you. I like you and you're stance on things, so I'm willing to offer you my protection, whether you join me or not. If you are interested, I do have a job proposition for you, though."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cassie looked at him for signs of malice, or of humour. She considered him for a moment longer, "Consider me not as a ~italian accent - ~Camarilla~ I need time to decide where I stand." she smiled now, " but it can never hurt to listen to a proposition."

Ravyn: He nods. "Fair enough." He leans back in his chair, glancing at the monitors, then back. "I have a need for someone to act as a liason between me and the Camarilla. An emissary, basically. Someone who understands both sides, can appeal to both sides, and can make both sides see eye-to-eye in those times that we have to."

Cassie Raines [Night]: Cass's eyes seemed to light up at the idea, then disappeared a second later, "They wouldn't trust me, I'd be judged an catagorised by both sides."

Ravyn: He smiles. "That's the usual first impression of the job, yeah. But this has been done before, in many cities. Are you entirely trusted by the Camarilla? No, of course not, especially not at first. You're representing the Anarchs, and they'll consider you one. However, they almost always listen anyway. And as the head of the Anarchs, I think I can promise trust from our side." He leans forward a little. "It's not an easy job, but it's an important one. In the case of misunderstandings, it can prevent all-out war. And again, you don't have to accept to gain my protection, nor do you have to make a decision now. Think about for a while. Decide what's best for you. That's all I ask."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "I will warn you, I have a temper,"

Ravyn: He nods at that, taking another drag from the cigarette. "I know...Fausto told us your clan. I've known some fairly volitile Brujah during my time, and I consider myself a good judge of character. I don't think I forsee a problem...there is a Brujah primogen, and he does just fine. I think you can do the job, otherwise, I wouldn't offer it."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "I'll take it under my consideration for now" she sounded positive and gave a weak smile to back it up, "So if you dont mind, What did this fausto tell you of me?" she gave a strange confused look as she spoke his name.

Ravyn: "That he picked you up in Downtown, using what I will assume is either Presence or Dominate--he called it 'mind control'--on a mortal, and that you gave him attitude when he warned you about the neutral zone. He told us your name and clan, that you feel that Camarilla is corrupt but dislike the Anarchs due to your sire." He shrugs. "My lieutenant, the person who primarily deals with Fausto, agreed to take you in, he told us where to pick you up, and that was it."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She laughed properly for the first time since she was captured "I gave him attitude" more laughter, " I asked him to take his gun from the back of my head... and then he blew it open.. " She seems much happier now, relieved maybe, but happier in general.

Ravyn: He nods, chuckling a little. "Unfortunately, Fausto is one of those fairly volitile individuals. He does represent the Lupines, by the way, and he truly, truly hates our kind. Believe it or not, you got off pretty easily. You should talk to Ita...maybe get a Fausto-survivor support group going."

Cassie Raines [Night]: She took the card and put it into her purse. she opened a small steel cardholder and handed her own back to Ravyn. Cass stood up and took another look over the room. "Are there any other places like this in NY?"

Ravyn: "Like the Nevermore?" He grins. "Nothing like it. Seriously, there's Elysiums, but you may want to ask others about them, I don't typically visit them. This is the only Anarch hangout."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "And are there any places where its... safe... to feed." She smiled as she said safe, then pointed from one door to the other.

Ravyn: He frowns. "I...don't think I'm following you."

Ravyn: Light dawns, and he smiles, looking just a bit chagrined. "Ahh...feed where you want. It depends entirely on how open you want to be."

Cassie Raines [Night]: "So what are your plans?" she regarded the wall of monitors as she spoke.

Ravyn: He grinned. "I have many plans, Cassie. Many of which I would be happy to discuss with you at some time...unfortunately, I'm afraid I must be going. I have a couple of things I need to handle. Feel free to stay here as long as you like, and take off whichever way you want. I do hope to hear from you soon, though." ((Sorry, but de Ravyn has to fly away.))

Cassie Raines [Night]: "well if you will lead me down to there *she points to a monitor of the main dance floor*, Im sure I will see you some time soon." She headed towards the door that they did not enter through.

Ravyn: He smiles and nods, leading her down to the dance floor and bowing his head to her in farewell before slipping away through the crowd

Ravyn: ((And the ST flaps his wings ~AWAY AND GONE!~))