Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Claims Blue Goth))

Kurt Samson: [*claims spruce..because it is manly*]

Kurt Samson: [*or because it brings wood to mind...mrowr*]

Kurt Samson: It's just one of those days when Kurt just wants to be around his own kind. No, he doesn't mean that he wants to go into one of those bars. He just follows the Glamour here and wanders on in.

Fern Hayley: [*Lurks for the moment*]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She has come to the place seeking solitude from the travails of the city...too much there that's just...bothering her. Sure, there was that pleasant fencing match she attended a couple of weeks ago, but...she's sitting at a table in the corner, watching the room with her wine in front of her.

Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamer skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Kurt Samson: Kurt Samson is a pretty big guy. Easily over six feet tall with muscles earned through hard hours fighting fires, his co-workers, and other long hours in gym. He is, to sum it up in one word, impressive. His hair is dark and stubbornly curly. To keep it somewhat tamed, he wears it long enough to pull back in a ponytail so it’ll stay out of his way while he’s at work. Instead of being fair-skinned like his father’s forebears, his skin is naturally tanned and, in many places, decorated with tattoos, most notably the elaborate Celtic knotwork on his right bicep and a design of his friend’s making on his left. His face is kindly despite his imposing figure and he smiles frequently. Often, he’s got a few smudges of ash on him and smells a bit like smoke. It’s an occupational hazard. His clothing is utilitarian without being boring and he tries to wear color amidst the never-ending black and gray of the New York fashion scene.

Kurt Samson: [*tosses an attached App. 4: Impressive up there*]

Kurt Samson: He takes over a table, sinking into the chair gratefully as he chafes his gloved hands together, trying to get some warmth back into his fingers.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her eyes pass over the large man as he enters, a brow quirking. She raises her wine glass to her lips, sipping at it, before a slight inclination of her head goes Kurt's way.

Kurt Samson: He takes note of the woman nodding her head to him and he flashes her a warm smile. "Howdy." He'd wave, but he's trying to warm his hands up at present.

Misty Greymoore: slender, graceful, always watching and curious, with fastidiously clean habits and always clothing of deep blacks and purples and greens; usually laces and silks, very much a goth. Lace goth at that. Eyeliner. A pentacle on a tight necklace always there, as well.Fo r the Fae, they see the hair thickening to a sheen, the pupils a br ight yellow, the swishing tail usually hidden under skirts, and her po inted, mildly furred ears. And, of course, the black parasol over a shoulder

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A polite smile from the woman, dark eyes watching the large man...she says nothing, merely nods a little and leans back in her chair, legs crossed demurely under the skirt.

Kurt Samson: When he sees Misty enter, he gives her a broad smile and a wave. They've met before, apparently.

Dorian Hobbs: *She's a veritable microbe of a female, standing as tall as she can at a slender four feet, five inches. Her skin and long, straight hair are both a funny shade of brown, as if they should be fur. Across her dark eyes--sometimes sparkling, sometimes looking somewhen else--is a nearly black ferretlike mask. It goes nicely with the stubby whiskers and the long, furry tail with its smart black tip. If one were to see her without the tailed tux jacket she loves so well, they'd notice a nearly black strip down her back as well. Small round ears are slightly crumpled by the old top hat, and the glasses match the shape of her facial mask almost perfectly.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: (also lurks)

Mel Dawson: *The satyress has been serving drinks all along, you just didn't know that. But she HAS, all crazy like, and enjoying herself with it too.*

Misty Greymoore: The Parasol is raised in idle salute to them both, and she dips in a curtsy. There's a -lot- of rustling - every petticoat she has, because it's FREEZING. Even so, her skin is almost white and her nose red. Teeth chattering some as she seeks a radiator "I'm susure that, for all his fafaults, Bush legislated against cocold terrorists"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her eyes pass over to Misty as she enters, recognition in her eyes. A hand raises slightly in her direction.

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Please forgive - about to bust out the super long DD. ))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Eh. I'll just stick with Navy for now.)) *enters, description(s) forthwith*

Kurt Samson: [*tosses up the Fae DD, PM for the other one*]To Fae and Enchanted eyes, his legs are covered in dense black fur that make it difficult to tell where they end and his hooves begin. His thick horns sprout from his forehead, but in no way detract from his over-all appearance. His clothing in his Fae mien is comprised of a loose shirt and dark vest, open at his throat. He looks very much like a courtly warrior, dashing and charming.

Helah Bloodtooth: Helah at this point was just another fae filing in to the gathering. The only real difference might be the heaviness of her booted steps and the gauntlets on her forearms, spiked, hooked, studded, and currently bound into place.

Dorian Hobbs: *pokes her nose in curiously. eases in a bit farther. and then scampers her way inside, heading for a table NOT set too close to the door. a large softsided briefcase tucked firmly under one arm*

Lyssa Cloutier: *once she has entered, she takes the moment to look around & remove her jacket. since she's indoors she doesn't need to be protected from the elements of the great outdoors*

Misty Greymoore: Misty has, instead of loose hair, a tinsel alice band in place. The tinsel is, of course, shiny black. Hunkering down by the radiator, she murrs in the back of her throat and smooths her skirts, then perks up to Mel "Hey, saucer over here? Warm?"

Samantha Stomps {PT}: The door bangs open and Sam stomps in, tracking mud and snow. Likely the cold won't be a problem for long, things usually heat up when the redcaps arrive.

Helah Bloodtooth: Calm down there, Shakespeare, you're not writing a book, just a post. Limit yourself to 2000 letters.

Helah Bloodtooth: She cuts an intimidating figure - toned but not built for weights or trolls, Hel stands at a solid 5'8" of mean, bad, vicious, and scar tissue. Of all of her dozens of piercings, none of them dangle or stick out far enough to easily rip out. Her clothing style stands on a thin line between pinup tattoo chic and military utility. It's not uncommon to find a vivid red halter top under a camo jacket. Her hair is a shock of stop light, pain-through-the-blackness red, shaved on both sides and long, wavy and usually swept over one side from where it grows thickly in what used to be a mohawk, years ago. She's somewhere around her mid- twenties, and the hard look in her says she's not taking any shit from you. Her features are rounded, with a wide forehead and some mixed blood somewhere back down the line. Dark eyes seem nearly black from even short distances, though her skin is light where it hasn’t been tattooed – and there is no ink on her face currently, though one can see where her nose has been broken at least twice before.

Helah Bloodtooth: That's all well and good. Fine. But the fae, they know better. The shock of red hair is just as vibrant, just as violent to fae eyes. Only now, it also usually has a vivid red cap along with it, rather like an officer's cap, though the black star stitched to its front gleams. Dozens and piercings and several tattoos decorate her human flesh - and when she turns grey to enchanted eyes, with bruise purple lips and skin drawn tight over her wiry frame, the real mods come out to play. She's studded in screws up her ears, and black spiral designs coil around the shaved sides of her head. Thin, silvery pins have been shoved through her often bare arms in swirling, hypnotic designs, and every so often, surgical pins are fitted along her shoulder blades to hold and support long, black feathers in the guise of mock- wings. Her eyes are solidly black, cold and dark, hungry as the waiting, flat teeth. Even closed her mouth is of course disproportionately large, nose flattened against her face and obviously broken at least a few times before. There's no shortage of twisting, ugly scars on her in sight.

Mel Dawson: *Her horns curl from the front of the hat. She grins cheerily, and of course prepares a mug of warm milk.* With chocolate or without?

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She's growling under her breath about something as the door rebounds and slams closed behind her, vile green eyes taking in the locals as she bares her teeth in something that doesn't really look like a smile.

Misty Greymoore: "Whichever. Mother of Mary and all her little brats, it's freezing out there." She hasn't removed gloves, but rests her hands on the radiator, hugging to it

Lyssa Cloutier: *she claims an available seat at the bar itself*

Mel Dawson: Coldest day o't'e year! *she says cheerily, and brings it over, with chocolate. I daresay, she DOES make a good cup of non-alcohol as well. Samantha gets a cheery grin despite the mess made, of course.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: The girl is a head turner, make no doubt about it. Not because she's beautiful, but because she's radical. An amazon of a woman she has the build of a weight lifter. Her mohawk is puple with flaming tips and she's pierced in places most people couldn't imagine. Her tongue is split like a serpents, rows of barbells replace her eyebrows above mud brown eyes with no lashes to speak of. Her teeth are big, her jaw square and her clothing sports almost as much chrome as her beloved motorcycle, Baby.

Morgan Beaumaris : ((Ashton got home late, then realized he didn't get cat food, so is heading out again. Will be back in a bit.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The prim little quiet one remains at her corner table, watching all the entrants as they come in. It appears Dawson's is going to be busy this cold December night...

Misty Greymoore: The milk is taken, and sipped, and a 'Thanks' murmered. Then a grin over, to Adele "Hey! You been recruiting people? This was meant to be an exclusive club"

Aethilian Marcona: *There is a door. A door marked "Travel." The door itself is well known to open up into the trod room. The door does not open often save for timing. The door opens now. A blizzard, it seems, pours in after the traveler, the wind and snow following him in. He looks pale, but as usual, for a sidhe, dazzlingly beautiful. Long, elegant ears on either side of stark red/gold hair, braided. Green and silver eyes stare at the busy bar. His eyes wide.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *lazily her eyes drift about the place once more as she draps her coat over her lap, azure eyes studying each for but a moment, lingering longer upon the fae types. Until at least she looks to Mel*

Kurt Samson: He's finally just about warmed up and is sliding from his chair to head for the bar, blinking a few times at the radical woman. This is one of the days that he's glad he doesn't go for that whole..female thing.

Lyssa Cloutier: *and then her gaze turns to the newest entrant. Damn. And she hasn't ordered a drink yet*

Dorian Hobbs: *peers around with bright eyes, pushing her glasses up her nose absently. chuckles to herself and pulls out a very large book fromher bag. begins to read. at least it looks like she's reading*

Misty Greymoore: The Pooka notes, between sips of milk, the gust of glamour-scented air. Ears twitch, skirts rustle as her tail follows suit, and she jerks to stand. Staring a moment, then a hurried curtsy, formal, unlike her mocking one earlier

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She snears at the venison and demands loudly, "Warm milk." Oh, please let someone snicker. The coat she's wearing looks like it once belonged to a wolf, her boots were no doubt wrested from a dead Klingon and something resembling a batlith hangs on her back. Enchanted eyes see shark-like teeth from something that swam the seas aeons past. Her skin has the green shimmer of spoiled meat, and she smells just as pleasant.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Gwah! I lost me! *reclaims*))

Kurt Samson: "Um..can I get somethin' hot an' alcoholic?" He drawls at Mel when she's got a minute.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She flicks her gaze over to the entrant from the trod room, watching him quietly for a moment. Oh, dear.

Aethilian Marcona: *It is clear, he wasn't expecting so many people. Peppered with snow, his face pale with cold. He wears a green and black tunic, short sleeved, and his pants, a dark green as well. His boots look well worn. He shivers. Even in this near wounded image, as a sidhe, it is perfection. Awe and beauty. He shakes off. At his side, there is an empty sheath, an imprint of a long, silvered dragon, a noble beast.*

Fern Hayley: *The young Satyr enters, shedding her coat almost immediately as she makes it into the warm pub*

*She stands at 5'5", or 5'7" if one counts the arch of the splayed, gold-painted horns above her thick head of hair. “Voluptuous” is a good word that comes to mind, round of chest and hip, which along with her heart-shaped face, gives the illusion of her being less trim than she really is. Her thick curls of hair are a coppery auburn color, with lighter and darker locks twined in, casually tucked behind her ears, to keep out of her large light green eyes. Her skin is fair and freckled, exposed on her cheeks, neck and upper chest. Her clothing consists solely of a white woven tunic, embroidered with ivy vines made from silk threads, tied around the waist, hanging down to about three inches above her cream and black-spotted goat’s legs, with a slit cut in the back for her tail* (App. 4)

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Lost me again! *claimeths*))

Morgan Beaumaris : Calm down there, Shakespeare, you're not writing a book, just a post. Limit yourself to 2000 letters.

Helah Bloodtooth: "Jesus on a spit," she curses under her breath, "there's enough for a 'Nam necklace here." Now there's a growling voice. She stalks toward the bar - damned well going to need a hard drink (or a dozen) with this crowd.

Kurt Samson: It is in that moment when the gust of air turns his focus and his eyes widen at the sight of the..shiny one. He inclines his head respectfully, of course. He got taught manners..somewhere.

Mel Dawson: *She nods, almost blankly, seeing the traveler entering. She prepares a hot spiced rum for Kurt, and slides it over, as if it takes little effort.*

Kurt Samson: He takes the hot buttered rum with a grateful smile and murmured gratitude, sipping thoughtfully.

Morgan Beaumaris : She enters the establishment, head bobbing to something she is listening too, as a pair of earbuds can be seen with the cord disappearing somewhere inside her jacket. The young lithe woman moves with grace and refinement. Dark green eyes speak of something more, however, that she has seen and experienced much more than her apparent youthful look. Most times she seems to prefer to wear cropped black leather tops and low-rider type simple black pants and Victorian style black ankle boots which lace up the front, to complete her tall, sleek look. Black seems to be her color, even her straight black shoulder-length hair which is almost always pulled into a tight ponytail. Her complexion is fair and she looks like should could easily sunburn, but belies her Welsh heritage. Despite her feminine physique, at closer look, its obvious that she is quite fit and likely works out every day. ((just will post it in small parts then))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Oh joy, the elves are arriving. Fucking twinkle toes think they're all that a bag of chips. She grunts at the kithmate and settles on a couch, tossing her coat down beside her, precluding anyone sitting there, as if they were lining up for her company.

Aethilian Marcona: *He clears his throat, and raises his head to take a look around. His fingers reach down for the hilt that... isn't there. His head lowers.* Oh no, *he whispers. It still is... audible, he simply sounds horrified.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *once Mel isn't so busy she decides she should order something* What's in for the holiday? *she only asks simply because she's seen some odd things ordered*

Morgan Beaumaris : In her Fae Seeming she is even more stunning as befits her Sidhe heritage. Her pointy ears come to sharp point with an elegant upward sweep. Her black hair is more luxurious and long but remains in a tight ponytail. In her fae seeming though it is held back in what looks like a small silver dragon claw. Her green eyes are flecked silver and radiate strength and confidence. Next to her right eye is a chimerical musical note tattoo of a dark blue color. She is wearing a tight leather vest with some very subtle dark blue runes that seem to blend almost completely with the black leather. It is midriff and leaves her navel exposed, showing off her chimerical emerald piercing with another blue tattoo on either side. Her black leather pants show off her strong legs and her boots come halfway up her calf and have the same dark blue arcane symbols on it. Her black leather jacket is only half buttoned.((app 5)) Following at her heels is her chimerical reddish tan Welsh hound companion.

The cold doesn't seem to really bother her either, maybe she is used to it, or she is just that engrossed in whatever she is listening to.

Misty Greymoore: Her fingers twitch and ears perk up, but she sinks back down. Curling to the radiator, and sipping her milk. Eyes, though, stay on the Sidhe. Were it not for the cat ears, she might be a remarkbly curved sluaghess

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Hey, he's wearing a dragon. NO. Don't like at the beguiling bastard.

Mel Dawson: For t'e Solstice? I've got a drink I make special, called a Spiced Moon Bay. Y'might like it. Mostly rum,. but what good drink isn't? *she says cheerily.*

Dorian Hobbs: *blinks from her book. shiiiiny person.....a deep and heavy sigh. far too big to tuck in a pocket, and he'd probably be vocally displeased--loudly. and simply watching from her tucked-in corner*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: (and the typos begin.. look not like)

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Mel, keeping the Long Ears in her peripheral vision* I'll give it a try then.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Lips purse as he reaches for a blade...well, that can't be good. At least it isn't there...her wine finished, she rises slowly from her seat, making a slow walk across the room, toward the bar, eyes on the sidhe.

Aethilian Marcona: *He swallows, miserably, and makes his way over to the bar itself.* I'm going to be murdered. *The youthful sidhe seems truly horrified.*

Kurt Samson: He recognizes the other shining one with the dog and gives her a brief smile before inclining his head once again. He doesn't bow...usually.

Dorian Hobbs: *another shiny person. not fair. and this one has a dog. ponders and tucks her tail up around herself*

Fern Hayley: Oof! It's REALLy damn cold out there ... Oh... *Pauses, peering at the dashing fellow who entered before her. A slight little smile*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She runs a warty pronged tongue over her teeth as she looks over the crowd.

Morgan Beaumaris : She smiles to him (Kurt) remembering from the restaurant, and pulls one of the buds out of her ear, the other one remaining, as she looks around.

Mel Dawson: *She mixes like a pro. and she enjoys it too, and she slides over the drink. Yes. MUCH rum indeed. The girl likes her rum way too much. No ID asked for.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She grins at the distressed sidhe. "Selling tickets?"

Lyssa Cloutier: *which is good, because she's only a year shy of legal. Though she probably wouldn't care one way or the other. She thanks Mel & takes a sip. Very much rummy indeed*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Miss Dawson...perhaps another glass?" she asks as she reaches the bar. Aethilian is given a deferential inclination of her head, a polite smile.

Helah Bloodtooth: Belated thanks to the crowd, the very pierced, pinned, scarred and tattooed 'cap nods her strong hin upward at her kithmate. Lips the color of bruises draw back from a row of flat, yellowish teeth in a feral grin that disappears as she makes her way roughly to the bar counter. There's a low growl, though if it's from her throat or stomach, it's not entirely clear...

Fern Hayley: *Shakes out of it, heading towards the bar, peering to see what Mel has on tap.*

Aethilian Marcona: *He looks up at the redcap, his face pale.* You don't understand. My liege, the Lord Jacen Garrell ap Gwydion, sent me with this sword as proof of his defeat of the Lord Forrest Almyr ap Ailil. Without it... the 'hold cannot be claimed.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She leans back, legs sprawled wide and drapes her burly arms across the back of the sofa, which groans slightly in protest. Everyone can be grateful she's not wearing a dress.

Fern Hayley: *A sideways glance at Aethilian, listening*

Misty Greymoore: She grins up, ever so faintly. And murmers "That mean the Satyr keeps the bar, right?"

Dorian Hobbs: *rounded ears twitch as she observes and listens, the book open on the table in front of her*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Well ain't you just up shit creek."

Morgan Beaumaris : Her face grimaces ever so slight at something the male sidhe says, as she leans down to pat the dog on the head.

Lyssa Cloutier: *interested, she looks to Aethilian. Though she certainly feigns like she's not interested*

Kurt Samson: At that story, he gives the shiny boy an appraising look and then a sympathetic smile. "Where'd y'last see it?"

Mel Dawson: *Her head swivels, and she crosses her arms. Of course, after preparing Adele's drink.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "How unfortunate for Lord Jacen and for you, Sir," she remarks in her quiet whisper, standing next to the bar with a hand rested lightly on the surface.

Fern Hayley: Oh, hey, Misty. *She smiles at the cat with hte umbrella, then looks to Mel* Guinnesss, please.

Helah Bloodtooth: Slowly, sloooowly. The curling lip baring her teeth may or may not be a too-wide grin, looking toward the voice in the din that came from... ah. The trod walking nance. She watches the apparent failure unfold with a sadistic glee shining bright in her solidly dark eyes.

Aethilian Marcona: Not this 'hold, *he says wearily.* Another, south of here. It was... the only open Trod I could find. I was pursued. It is somewhere between here and a trod within the Kingdom of Apples.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "So just what is the penalty for losing an entire hold?" she inquires maliciously.

Mel Dawson: *Guinness passed over, she listens. She loves a good story.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *listens. Eyes flicker to where Aethilian entered then back to Aethilian himself*

Fern Hayley: *She smiles her thanks to Mel, turning to look at the taletelling eye candy*

Aethilian Marcona: I'd rather not find out, *he says softly.* I must go back out, I ... *He stands. He looks as if he is fighting off a wince.*

Helah Bloodtooth: "-Pity-," she decides, with none at all.

Dorian Hobbs: *ears twitch a bit more. casually extracts a pen and underlines something in her book. and begins to idly doodle in the margins as she pretends to read*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes her wine with a smile to Mel, and looks back to the forlorn sidhe, listening quietly. Samantha gets a quick look.

Fern Hayley: You alright, there? *A lift of her brow*

Kurt Samson: "Lemme guess..y'ain't exactly in fightin' form?"

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She snorts in amusement. Where's that hairball with her drink?

Misty Greymoore: The parasol is waved at Fern, and she stands. A cat's smile, as she approaches Aeth. Another curtsy, and a deferential-for-her murmer "Well, sir, why don't you go back to where you lost it?"

Aethilian Marcona: I don't know, *he says, trying to remain calm.* There is a soreness in my leg. I have walked far, but I believe I might have been stabbed or bitten there. Bandits.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Yer enemies probably have it by now," she says with a dark glee. "You can bet they're masturbating with it."

Fern Hayley: Lemme see. *She offers, taking a heaklthy gulp of her drink, setting it down and walking towards the noble*

Morgan Beaumaris : Morgan still listens quietly...or mostly listens to him, the music still playing in one ear.

Aethilian Marcona: My Lord also sent me with a pouch. It isn't much, near ... thirty dross. I believe they were after it.

Lyssa Cloutier: *raises an eyebrow. He doesn't know if he was stabbed or bitten? Oi*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A wince at Samantha's comment...that's one demonstration the sluagh would rather not see in action.

Aethilian Marcona: *He puts his leg up on the bar stool next to him. Perhaps the cold had made him unaware, but there is some red seeping right below the pant leg, and right above the boot.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Pus green eyes play over Fern. "Lemme know if he need anything amputated. Always willing to help the high and mighty."

Fern Hayley: *A glance at Samantha* Oh, now there's a delightful image.

Mel Dawson: *She simply stands there, arms crossed, unless someone needs a drink.*

Kurt Samson: "Mebbe I could go an' check t'see where it is fer ya?" He's always one to do a good deed.

Aethilian Marcona: I'd be willing to pay for it, *he says quietly.* I can give you... half the pouch. And I have a significant bank account if you prefer mortal compensation.

Aethilian Marcona: *The redcap's offensive words make his jaw tighten. Though with the innocence of just a squire.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Hel> "Maybe he could trade 'em his ears for a look at it."

Misty Greymoore: "Tempting as it is ... sir" She glances outside, her cat's smile "I might be able to find it. Or follow it to the source. Might. Cats can find all sorts" A flick of an ear "But isn't a flag more traditional than a sword?"

Dorian Hobbs: *scribblejotdoodles*

Helah Bloodtooth: She thuds one fish on the bar quickly, suddenly much more pleased and energetic. "Scotch - straight, two glasses, fifteen years or better."

Kurt Samson: "Wouldja donate some money t'a charity instead? I don't need nothin' fer myself.."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Just what do you suppose those bandits were trying to bite when they went for his leg?"

Aethilian Marcona: The sword was of the Lord Forrest Almyr himself, Lady, *he says seriously to the cat.* That sword holds far more belief of his defeat than a flag.

Lyssa Cloutier: *sips her very rummy drink whilest watching the drama unfold* Well... *she explains lazily* If there are bandits about... It's probably not a good idea to go alone...

Fern Hayley: *Decides that there's no need to examine more than his leg, looking for the wound*

Helah Bloodtooth: Sam> "His handlebars? What?" she perks up, canting her head and cupping a hand by her own screw-pierced ear. Mock innocence. Mmm.

Aethilian Marcona: As you would, sir, *he says patiently to Kurt.* If you wish it so. But I am in no shape to go back out on so cold a night. But I must get it. For the good of Concordia.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Snorts Kurt's way, a booger flying across the room. "I don't need nuffin fer meself," she mocks, rolling her eyes. "I'm a philanthropist."

Kurt Samson: "Well, I'll try an' find it real quicklike." He downs the hot spiced rum in a couple of swallows. He needs liquid protection before venturing into the cold.

Aethilian Marcona: *His eyes widen.* Surely you would not go out alone, good sir!

Misty Greymoore: A small shrug, a gloved hand brushing the air over the scabbard. And slinking back to her radiator. The ... fuss, getting to her. Stroking her hair

Kurt Samson: "How many of 'em were they an' what were their arms?"

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Then she spits on the floor for good measure.

Dorian Hobbs: *ears practically vibrating. eyes bright and wiskers -twitch*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A look to Kurt and Aethilian, and a pursing of the lips. As much as she would prefer to simply would not do to let one go out alone. "Should you require aid, good sir, I will accompany you." She nods her head toward Kurt.

Lyssa Cloutier: *she too finishes the concoction Mel made for her* I'll go. It's not like I've got anything better to do *she exclaims as if bored. Then she turns to Mel* When I get back, can you make me a Devil's Candy Cane?

Fern Hayley: *A shrug, looking back to Mel* Dy'a happen to have, like, a first aid kit around? *A glance at the Redcaps, then to the Sidhe, then finally back to Mel* Otherwise, it's amputation... *She gives a broad smile*U

Aethilian Marcona: Five strong. A redcap led them, I believe. It was dark, though. I saw the teeth. Eshu, among them, two, a female and a male. And two of my own kith. One with a patch over one eye. Rebellious bunch, and armed to the teeth. My sword skills are not as apt as they should be, I am afraid. I am still learning.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Lyssa> "Ears over there has a candy cane for ya."

Mel Dawson: *She nods.* Needle and thread, if we need t'stitch. Or bandages. Always keep 'em around. My place mush have a "bleed on m'floor" sign. *She leans down below the bar, and pulls out the small white box, and opens it up.* Now, you two, behave, *she says seriously.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Grins at Fern. "Ya needin' some help there, slinky?"

Kurt Samson: He scratches behind his ear thoughtfully. "Well, mebbe I'll need some assistance.." He admits with a slight smile. "M'good with m'fists, y'' five on one works with mortals, but not with fae.."

Morgan Beaumaris : Her brows raise slightly, a small smirk crossing her lips, but remaining very quietly where she is, petting her dog.

Mel Dawson: *She gives the satyress a smile.* Of course.

Lyssa Cloutier: *the Redcap's comment doesn't get a rise, as she's busy looking to Aethilian & Fern & then to Mel*

Misty Greymoore: Looking to Adele, she speaks up, quite clearly "I hope, it's not being suggested that we attack -Sidhe-, sir."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she whispers with a nod. She finishes up her wine, and moves to Kurt's side. Dark eyes regard Lyssa, the other volunteer, curiously.

Aethilian Marcona: *He looks over to Misty.* In all fairness, they attacked me first.

Helah Bloodtooth: Okay, so there's a bruise colored smirk for Mel anew. "-I'll- behave with those two glasses of decent scotch I ordered minutes ago."

Fern Hayley: Sam: Newp, looks like we're good. *She takes the first aid kit over to the Sidhe* Okay, word of warning, i'm no professional, but I've had to stitch myself up a few times.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She grins darkly at Hel when killing sidhe's is mentioned. White meat!

Mel Dawson: *The needle actually winks at her.* It's okay, hot stuff, *it says in a little almost chipmunk-style voice.* I'll play doctor for yeh.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Mel, then sets the empty glass onto the bar. she slides off the chair to her hooves & puts her coat on as she saunters over to Adele, Fern & Aethilian*

Kurt Samson: "We're jus' gonna get th'sword back, but if there's t'be fightin'.." He shrugs as he explains to Misty.

Fern Hayley: *She blinks at the needle.* Well, right now how about "surgeon"...

Misty Greymoore: "Hardly the point!" She curls in further, and shakes her head "I'll wish those with luck and favour, but I'm afraid, sir, a fight is no place for a cat"

Aethilian Marcona: I do not think they would give it back without resistance. Else I believe I could get it... *wince* Myself.

Dorian Hobbs: *tilts her head curiously. going places. and yet, cold outside. more people perhaps staying in than going out,though.....choices. too bad there's only one of her*

Helah Bloodtooth: She perks nose first, leaning up. The long, spindly needles piercing her upper arms in swirling, hypnotic patterns catch the light and gleam, shining when she twists to see her kithmate. That grin. Her head cants to the right side, nostrils flaring as she sniffs, lips parting away from her teeth. It's a considerably less human look, but the grin is mirrored.

Fern Hayley: *She pokes at Aethilian's wound, before getting to work on it...*

Mel Dawson: Bitch, *it snaps.* I'm not into guys here. *It doesn't MOVE, really. No resistance, it's simply talking to her. And potentially hitting on her.*

Mel Dawson: *It mutters profanities through the entire process of sewing up the Sidhe's wound.*

Fern Hayley: Oh hush, needledick.

Aethilian Marcona: *He tries so hard to appear brave. But it does indeed hurt, especially without the numbing agent of the cold.*

Mel Dawson: Oi! Did your mom with this needle dick! *It laughs at that.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A smile goes to Lyssa, appropriate and demure, as she waits to see what information they can get as to where to start.

Mel Dawson: I told 'im t'be nice, *Mel apologizes.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Does it HURT?" she inquires in a mock polite tone, of the sidhe.

Kurt Samson: He gives the Sidhe male a soft smile. "We'll get th'sword back fer ya." He even gives him a bit of a boy. "M'name's Kurt, by th'way.." Trying to distract him.

Aethilian Marcona: The trip took a full week. Four days into it, I was attacked, *he says quietly.* It could be miles from here. You've not an Eshu among you?

Fern Hayley: Sawright. *Looking to Mel* If he doesn't hush i'll give him to that Jägermonster over there. *Points the needle at Helah* Wonder where she might stick it.

Lyssa Cloutier: *returns with a nod of her own to Adele & looks to the needle & Fern argue*

Dorian Hobbs: *wrinkles her nose a bit and watches, eyes locking on the talkative needle*

Aethilian Marcona: *He turns his head away from the mocking Redcap.* I am Aethilian Marcona ap Gwydion, Squire of the Duchy of the Enchanted Nightengale in the Kingdom of Apples.

Mel Dawson: *It pauses, hushes.* I'll be good. One of my cousins is a piercing gun.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "If the needle won't work, Slinky, I got an ice pick and some twine you can have."

Helah Bloodtooth: "Fuck off," she replies eloquently to Fern, pointing to her. "I am -not- plastered enough to take shit from you." She turns back to the bar, jaw setting. "Fucking Christ, you think if they didn't serve a bitch here, they'd post it on the god damned door."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She gives Aethilian a respectful nod. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton."

Fern Hayley: *Finds the work much easier with a quiet utensil. Applies alcohol liberally to the closed wound, then binds it up* There you go. Good-as-slightly-used.

Morgan Beaumaris : Her eyes narrow slightly about something said and smirks. "Good luck...." and she starts to head out, putting the earbud back in her ear.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Hel> "Careful sister, I hear they can leave fur between your teeth."

Mel Dawson: *She growls at that, and her head swivels. Her eyes narrow.* It's ME bar, nae hers, lass. I serve EVERYONE here. I'll thank you t'offer the proper respect to the proper person.

Kurt Samson: "Um..don't look like we've got any Eshus.." He shrugs and looks over at him. "We'll do our best.."

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods in agreement to Kurt* Looks like we're fresh out of Eshus. *since Kurt & Adele introduced themselves, she figures she might as well. Might make the whole thing easier* I'm Lyssa Cloutier.

Helah Bloodtooth: "Yeah?" She looks back to Mel, eyes cold, dark, and small. "I've asked for the god damned Scotch twice. Oop, third time's a bloody charm, is it?"

Mel Dawson: *Her eyes widen. And she swallows.* Oh Gods, I'm SORRY, lass! *she seems sincere in that. ((As the player missed it. Please excuse me, I'm running two characters and was expecting help.))

Helah Bloodtooth: Sam> "At least I'd have -something- by now," she replies, and bobs a shiny shrug.

Aethilian Marcona: *He nods wearily.* A pleasure.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Come to think of it, didn't she order something when she walked in?

Fern Hayley: *Dusts her hands off, looking to everyone else introducing themselves* Fern Hayley. Now about these bandits. What'd they yoink your sword for?

Aethilian Marcona: *She slides over the scotch effortlessly. However she requested it.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A brief smile to the wounded squire.

Helah Bloodtooth: (( OoC, I -totally- understand. IC, she thumped the bar all happier like, ordered. Waited a few minutes, ordered. And -then- grumbled, so... 'least she -grumbled- before taking a gnaw on the bar! ^_^ *pats the ST type* ))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*G*))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Mel> "Hey Fuzzy Butt. Didn't I order something too?"

Aethilian Marcona: ((*passes post over to Mel's nick. Please pause for a moment while I get my bearings?))

Kurt Samson: This won't be the first time Kurt's done something vaguely nutty for a hot guy. He just listens, trying to figure out things in his mind. He wishes they had an Eshu around right about now.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Sure.))

Helah Bloodtooth: Two glasses of Scotch, straight, and fifteen years or so. Never touch underaged Scotch. With the glasses safely in hand, she...well, it's either a smile, or she's just bared her teeth. No easy way to tell with a Redcap, except that Mel -does- still have a face. On towards Sam then.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Y'know, I was *this* close to making an Eshu too *G*))

Fern Hayley: [Damn it, Fang, I'm the one who's upposed to be dizzy here!]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Pauses))

Dorian Hobbs: *listens, dark eyes darting between the various people here tonight*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Shoves her coat over, about as polite an invitation as one could hope for.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*goes to get something to drink*))

Mel Dawson: Y'moighta. What d'you need? *She gets in control again.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((oops, forgot we're paused))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((or not paused)) "Eh, forget it."

Mel Dawson: ((*L* Unpause. Think I've got things straight now.))

Misty Greymoore: She curls further in, hunched up over her drink. Letting them sort it out

Mel Dawson: *She frowns.* But... I can make any drink atall!

Lyssa Cloutier: *glances lazily over to Mel*

Aethilian Marcona: *He looks up.* Third trod from the left inside. It will... be a while. Unless you bring something of wealth with you.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Oh, goodie. How can I resist that? Toss yourself in the blender, and then serve up yer slurry with an onion on top."

Kurt Samson: "Somethin' o'wealth? Why?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's silent, instead of her usual quiet. Looking between Aethilian, Kurt, and Lyssa, with occasional attention paid to the redcaps. It's hard not to.

Mel Dawson: *She smirks.* I said I CAN make any drink. Not that I WOULD. Though mebbe it's disbelief, honey. you're tough, an' strong, right? So why warm milk? Want a little whipped cream with yer cocoa?

Aethilian Marcona: Bandits, *he says softly, as if prodding.* They will... come, if there is something worth stealing. Perhaps... No, *he says softly.* I couldn't... the sheath is all I HAVE...

Lyssa Cloutier: *purses her lips at Aethilian's mention about the toll* Well I make it a habit not to carry valuables on me...

Fern Hayley: *Glances to Mel* D'ya knowwhat warm milk does to your breath if you don't brush? *She offers a grin, looking to Kurt and Aethilalawhatever*

Lyssa Cloutier: *perks at hearing Aethilian* It may be just the thing...

Helah Bloodtooth: She snorts amusement to Sam, offering her the second glass and plopping down beside her. Just, you know, not close enough to stick her with the piercings or her Gauntlets. Capital G. Used for gutting, among other things. Wicked, nasty things. "Let's not fuck with the 'tender, sis. She's the drink bearer. She makes good things happen. Fuck with anybody that fucks with -her-, see."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "The dross, perhaps," she suggests quietly, eyes calmly settling on Aethilian.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "I don't want no fuckin' coco, moo-brains," she says rising to her feet, violence restrained in every hard-lined muscle.

Aethilian Marcona: *He pulls himself off of the stool, and winces as the stitches pull. He reaches to his belt, and undoes said sheath.*

Aethilian Marcona: *He nods, and pulls the pouch form his side as well.* Both... to sweeten the deal, *he says softly.* The dross... you can keep, along with anything else you find at the Bandit's place. It is... what I can pay.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele* Though we'll probably need the sheath anyways.

Fern Hayley: Careful there, Aethilian, I don't want to have to bring the limericking needle into this again...

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She takes the scotch and tosses it back, then cracks her neck... right... left... the loud crackle of cartelage strained. "Fuck with anybody... period," she says, flexing her shoulders and settling back down beside her kithmate, holding the shot glass out for a refill.

Fern Hayley: Anything else we might be needing? *Looking between the three with a lifted eyebrow*

Kurt Samson: He takes the sheath and secures it around his own waist before taking the dross. "All right.."

Mel Dawson: *She seems pleased with Helah's declaration. she who has the alcohol has the power.*

Helah Bloodtooth: She smirks pointedly at that, and before she can even drink her own, pours it into Sam's glass with a sigh. "Served and served. Fuckin' luck."

Mel Dawson: *She looks over to Fern.* Take First Aid with you.

Aethilian Marcona: Point duly taken, *he says sincerely, and pulls himself back up onto the stool gently.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Laughs and tosses back Helah's drink too. "Sam," she announces.

Fern Hayley: Mel: I don';t have a flask... Oh! Oh... Right. *A sniff. Takes the box in her hands, half-expecting the ointment to start cranking about "whippersnappers back hin his day" or something*

Dorian Hobbs: *ponders, then pipes up fromnear the back* bring surprises! like perhaps a bottle or two of the lady's best. *chuckles softly* and fire. fire's your friend. always.

Mel Dawson: *Nope. The needle goes back into its place, and doesn't speak. Maybe it's only when it's in use. Band-aids. A little vial of ointment. And that damned needle and a spool of thread.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She seems perfectly content with Kurt taking hold of the valuables. A look to Mel and a nod. "Certainly a wise idea."

Lyssa Cloutier: *watches cooly*

Fern Hayley: Right. *She tucks the kit in her hemp-woven bag, and reaches to drain the last of ger guinness

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She tosses the shot glass from hand to hand and speaks what may be the most chilling thing one can hear when confined in a room with a red cap. Her tone is almost casual. "I'm bored."

Helah Bloodtooth: "Hel," she replies with a toothy grin. Idly, she licks into the empty glass.

Aethilian Marcona: ((Okay, so, who's going, and who's staying?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Everybody run! *G*))

Lyssa Cloutier: *going*

Dorian Hobbs: ((staying))

Helah Bloodtooth: That gets a pause... and the grin widens until it might seem to split her face. Her smile is like bone piercing through a wound, thanks to her bruise colored lips.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Her gaze moves from face to face in the room as if any one of them might suddenly be subject to providing... entertainment.

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Staying. ))

Fern Hayley: [Going]

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Going, but haven't made it clear icly yet. *g*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Going))

Kurt Samson: [Going!]

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She flashes her teeth at Hell. "Whaddaya say we go find the boy's toothpick, and let them see if they can take it from us?"

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Looks like most will be going. *G*))

Mel Dawson: (( ((For thoase of you that are going, we'll be using this room. for those of you that are staying, I'll try to keep up both personae.))

Helah Bloodtooth: She snorts at that, initially laughing at the idea, if only in the typical manner. She can't just up and agree immediately, right? "What, go on his errand? The best we could do is beat the snot out of the two elves with our good upstanding boys out in the snow - and you know these little cupcakes -never- run outta snot."

Mel Dawson: *She looks ot the door.* And dress warm, will yeh? Colder'n a witch's teat in t'er.

Fern Hayley: Mel: "Warm" is sorta relative. *Says she of the 50% body hair coverage*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Might be fun to watch 'em get slaughtered. Better than sitting around this dump. Not like the service is any good."

Alexander : The large blue skinned troll wanders in from the storage room with a box of bottles to restock the bar with. He's actually got on large white apron and just looks at everyone inside with a little bit of a grin.

Kurt Samson: He buttons his coat and smoothes a hand over his hair. "All right, we oughta get goin'.." So says the unofficial leader of the group.

Mel Dawson: *She scowls at that comment from Sam, and she looks up at Alex.* Take over, would yeh? Gotta rest m'hooves. And m'ears from these harpies. Get the boy a hot mulled wine?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A nod to Mel...she has no other clothes, so she will go as is. No matter.

Lyssa Cloutier: *buttons up her coat & what-not* I'm ready to go.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Trolls, they're such a pretty color," she comments in a twittery tone. "Just like someone who's held their breath too long, doncha think?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Shall we?" murmurs the woman, nodding to the door. She's at Kurt's side, ready to go.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods*

Fern Hayley: *She looks to Aethilian* You planning on coming along, or are you going to keep Statler and Waldorf company? *Tilting a gold horn towards Sam and Hel*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Surprise surprise, the redcap seems immune to goat scowls. She gets to her feet and drags the dead wolf she calls a coat, over her shoulders. One has to wonder if that was a wolf-wolf or a pooka at one time.

Helah Bloodtooth: "You know," she suggests, lips curling up wickedly. Her gauntlets creak when her fingers curl. "That boy over there, he's -awful- far from home. I reckon..maybe we oughta bring him home. His old man's gotta be -awful- worried. Hell, even good news that he's alive..." here, sadistic amusement, "even if he is a damn shame and failure."

Alexander : Alexander nods to Mel. "Sure thing." he says to her before he starts to get the glass for them. He's just looking them all over some after setting the prepared glass down. "Don't have too much fun out there kids." he says to them.

Dorian Hobbs: *eyes what might be a sort of relative with a faint shiver*

Aethilian Marcona: I shall rest, *he says softly.* I cannot... walk far. Not with this injury. I would only slow you down, I'm afraid.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Can you see him telling his lord... the 'caps will give it to you, but only if you say please?"

Fern Hayley: *Nods* Hawright. *She shifts the bag on her shoulder, looking to Kurt* Tallyho, wot wot.

Kurt Samson: He slides his hands into his pockets and starts for the trod, pausing at the door to take stock of who's coming so he can keep a constant head count.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course, Aethilian." The faintest of smiles.

Aethilian Marcona: ((One more time...

Fern Hayley: [*Charges off the face of the room*]

Helah Bloodtooth: "Pretty please," she mocks in a small and ugly voice, standing. "On your elfy knees, yes yes, like that chamber maid under the table."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She follows along directly behind the troll, hands folded in front of her.

Fangwulf: *Ahh, winter in the Dreaming. The snow goes near sideways, blocking out the sun. The world's heartbeat is nearly felt through this place. Not dead, merely covering itself to survive. The Silver Path glows amidst the world.*

Fangwulf: *A beautiful night, almost dream-like. Of course it is. It's the freaking DREAMING. The world coalesces as the Trod opens, the snow pouring through the small rip in the fabric of the Dream and Reality. It is beautiful, really. Despite the Unseelie nature of the Dream, it is stunning.*

Fern Hayley: *That first hoof into the snow is what gets you. A whole-body shiver runs over her as the tender pats between the clefts get cold... then she's all good*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shivers as she hits the snow, a slight frown marring the sallow face. Uncomfortable bothersome.

Lyssa Cloutier: *steps through the entrance. She gazes about, boredly of course, & shoves her hands in her coat pockets*

Kurt Samson: Hoof hits the snow and he shivers. "All's wait an' see if this is everyone.."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Glory be, look who followed! How lucky can these wayfarers get?

Fangwulf: *There are trees in the far distance, the waving against the wind, as if they are trying ot keep it back. the constant battle between life and death, personified in this true place.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She leaves size twelve prints in the snow and casts a black shadow on the white snow.

Lyssa Cloutier: *takes a few steps to make room for others passing in*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course," she agrees quietly with Kurt, pulling her shawl up tighter around her shoulders.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Shoves anyone who's in her way, out of her way. "Move it hairballs! Are you fuckin' frozen?"

Fern Hayley: Ease up there, Smiles. *Looking to Sam with a smirk* We're just trying to make sure you realized this isn't the bathroom door.

Helah Bloodtooth: "SAM!" She ducks through the trod last, immediately bellowing for her kithmate. "Get your fool ass back here before that slimy, cock licking sidhe gets you skinned!"

Lyssa Cloutier: We shouldn't wait too long for anyone else to tag along... *looks back to the entrance*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "You'll know it when I lift a leg, cheesemaker."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Heh, I'll show him some skin all right."

Fangwulf: *The rip showing the door to the bar is clear, but .. does it blur for a moment? Maybe it's the snow...*

Kurt Samson: He nods in agreement before taking a step forward. "Well, lessee if we might be able t'find some tracks or somethin'.." He's peering intently at the ground.

Fern Hayley: *"Cheesemaker"? Does that apply to all dairy workers, or... Oh nevermind*

Helah Bloodtooth: "Yeah, well, if you're all ready to go'n get yourselves killed over some piss-ass, two faced, lying sidhe cabin boy bastard, we're better off without ya," she calls to them all, and tries to return through to the pub again.

Lyssa Cloutier: *blinks & shakes her head at the entrance then looks to Kurt*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A glance to the rip with a frown, then she looks to Kurt...the leader, thus far.

Fangwulf: *For Helah, it's like pressing against saran wrap trying to get out.*

Kurt Samson: d10: per+investigation: 8,6,9,8,5,8,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Yeah? You're the one in the hurry to return to his company, ya piss ant ear licker. I'm just along for the snacks." And she eyes the snacks as they search the snow for tracks.

Fern Hayley: *A roll of her eyes as she helps Kurt seek out tracks* Y'know, maybe you shoulda asked him whereh e ran into the guys...

Lyssa Cloutier: *a smile faintly appears on her lips as Helah tries to head back then returns her gaze to Kurt*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Snorts at Hel's attempt to go back the same way she came.

Helah Bloodtooth: Then press she will, with a swipe of her gauntlets, worming her way out of this doomy trap. Grunt, struggle. "I'm going back to introduce him intimiately to the curb," she growls.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods to Kurt and begins scanning the area for any kind of tracks ((Per+Survival or Per+Invest?))

Fangwulf: ((Per+Investigation.))

Helah Bloodtooth: "Come -on,-" she demands of it, growing quickly violent and of course, as usual short tempered.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Oh yeah... you gonna lay him face up or face down?"

Fangwulf: ((And from ALL, a Per+Kenning.))

Lyssa Cloutier: *since the two Redcaps are busy laughing at each other... Hell she'd laugh at Helah too... And Adele & Kurt are looking for traps, she looks around at the surroundings in general*

Fangwulf: *It is malleable, which makes it doubly frustrating, and makes an awful squeak noise every time she tries. But it doesn't seem to be cutting.*

Fern Hayley: d10: Per+Kenning: 6,8,4,

Fangwulf: ((Lyssa, Per+Survival.))

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Kenning: 4,5,6,7,7,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Invest: 1,5,10,5,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per (No Kenning): 7,7,7,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: Per (no kenning): 2,4,2,

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Survival: 2,6,9,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((It seems the snow has covered up all traces of potential tracks; only the drift remains.))

Kurt Samson: d10: per+kenning: 6,5,3,

Kurt Samson: [That would be with no kenning..]

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Knew I forgot something when I statted her. *c*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Hmm. And that's just a pool based on Perception alone. I never said she'd be good at spotting stuff *cackle*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((It's the squeak of the plastic wrap I tells ya!))

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: percepion + kenning: 2,9,3,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Hey Hel, check it out. The goat is imitating a coon dog."

Lyssa Cloutier: *sniffs a bunch of times. For the first time the bored expression chances to a furrowed brow & a frown* I swear I smell fire...

Helah Bloodtooth: "I could give a fuck - I didn't come here to stay, god damn it!" She growls in a fit of anger, standing back and causing an -ugly- squealing with the punch at the plastic wrapped doorway that would have easily taken half a face if she had something -real- to hit.

Kurt Samson: "I showered after work, though.." He grumbles a little as he starts heading for the noise, one step at a time.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A look of faint annoyance on her face at the distracting redcap, as she fruitlessly scans the area for tracks. "A fire, you say?" She looks to Lyssa.

Fangwulf: ((If you have no kenning, as a Changeling, you can still feel a hint of the magic being worked. One success, you can feel a tingling in your skin that is unrelated to the cold. Two successes, It's a deep shiver that you know is related to your being. Three or more, you know that someone's casting something. If you HAVE kenning, two sux, someone's casting a Cantrip. three or more, there's a powerful Wayfare cantrip going on to the south. this means you, Lyssa.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*cackles* Oh god... That's... funny))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Kurt> "Not by the look of sniffy here," she says hiking a thumb at Lyssa.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele* Yeah. A hint of it... But the blatant Wayfare being used over yonder *indicates* is more of an attention getter...

Fern Hayley: *She perks from helping scan the snow, looking around. Goaty sense... tingling*

Kurt Samson: "That looks promising." So says the unofficial leader.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her head perks up, and she frowns, looking around. "On guard," she whispers. "Something's happening." Try as she might, she's likely drowned out by the insufferable Samantha and Helah. Maybe she's not the best person to stand watch, for future reference...calling the alarm may be difficult.

Fangwulf: *To the south, Lyssa points. Not far off the silvered path, really. The smell of smoke. And the focus on the direction of cantripping.*

Kurt Samson: "Would y'all keep th'noise down? We need t'try an' get th'element o'surprise.." He says in a softer version of his most commanding voice.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Let's away." She looks to the group, and begins to make her way in that direction.

Fern Hayley: South? *She grins, tucking some hair back* Well then, what're we here listening to two potatoheads bitching at each other for? *She starts trotting that way swiftly*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Waits patiently in the hopes something will show up and chop her food for her.

Fangwulf: *The odd peep noise that sounds from down the road is strange, really. Like a little bird. In the Dreaming? Anything is possible.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And she's trying to be sneaky, of course. No reason to come running up yelling and screaming, like...well, a redcap.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele, Fern & Kurt & soon follows*

Fangwulf: *Chirp. Chirrrrrp...*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Must be a to go order. "Come on, Hel. Let's yonder." She seems almost amused to be in the company of so much venison.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Stealth (WP): 2,7,3,4,5,

Lyssa Cloutier: *pauses to look/listen about for the source of the chirping*

Fangwulf: ((Per+alertness to anyone curious.))

Fern Hayley: *Pauses, looking around for the giant cricket, or whatever is causing that,,,*

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Alertness: 3,8,9,2,1,

Fern Hayley: d10: per + alert: 6,7,5,5,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert: 5,6,4,4,9,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((All praise -2 diff to Per! WHOO HOO!))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Huzzah!))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: per + alert: 4,8,2,8,9,5,

Helah Bloodtooth: She groans, glares hard enough to peel paint at the doorway, and follows Sam after all, put into a wretched mood and damned near about the bite the head off of anything within arm's reach.

Fangwulf: *Through the blowing snow, the small shape of what appears to be a bird comes through. It waddles, like a penguin. Stubby little wings that look almost cut off. It's beak is near perfectly triangular. It cheeps at them.*

Kurt Samson: d10: per+alert: 6,3,3,4,

Fangwulf -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((There is red on its beak.))

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Perception : 6,1,9,

Kurt Samson: He blinks at the bird, head cocked to the side a bit.

Helah Bloodtooth: (( The hell? Why do I not have Alertness? ))

Fern Hayley: I hope nobody's a Windows user... this guy might get dangerous.

Lyssa Cloutier: *blinks at the bird* The fuck?

Fangwulf: *It cocks its head too at the satyr. And lets out another cheep. There is another in the distance, getting closer. And another.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She sings. Yes, the redcap sings. Unlike her bretheren, she's in a splendid mood. Out to kill things, what could be better? "Little bird, little biiiiird, in the Cinnamon tree...." Her gravelly singing voice is about as pleasant as nails on slate, when she hits a high note.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She frowns at the bird. "I believe we have found Aethilian's vicious attacker."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: And then she pauses suddenly, and slowly reaches back for her batlith, giving Hel a knowing look.

Helah Bloodtooth: "And next up, momma bird," she rumbles, pissed off and eager to strip the fowl meat from bones. It's been a while since she's had good, live marrow.

Lyssa Cloutier: *nods to Adele* It's... possibly likely... The height makes sense...

Fangwulf: *The bird opens its beak, a triangular cylinder split in half. Vicious curved teeth show from it, and it snarls, leaping.* ((Init time.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Yeah, let's avenge the great sidhe," she smirks, eyes scanning the area, and flicking back to the bird. Her left hand draws a throwing knife.

Fern Hayley: Adele: If so, we all get to laugh at him and poke hte hole in his leg... *Still looking at the... birds* What do you make of 'em, Kurt?

Fern Hayley: *Her eyes widen. Oh great*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: init: 5,

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Initiative: 3,

Fern Hayley: d10: init: 7,

Kurt Samson: d10: initiative: 3,

Fern Hayley: [12 init]

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((11))

Lyssa Cloutier: *blinks. Oh shit!*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Initiative: 4,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((10))

Kurt Samson: [7]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((10))

Fangwulf: d10: Bird init: 2,1,9,

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: init: 6,

Helah Bloodtooth: (( 13 ))

Fangwulf: ((All right, here's how it works. Roll first, then post your actions. at the end, I'll do a sum up, and we'll move on to round two. Bird 2 & Kurt, Bird 1, Lyssa & Adele, Sam, Fern, Helah, Bird 3. If you fall on the same round, go ahead and roll it.))

Fangwulf: d10: bite: 10,9,9,8,10,4,8,4,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((HOLY JEBUS CHRIST ON A TOTEM POLE!))

Fangwulf: d10: dam: 9,2,1,3,9,2,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((O_O))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( .... ))

Fangwulf: ((*blink* Now why can't I get that sort of roll when I'm playing with my HEROES?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Heh heh heh))

Fern Hayley: d10: kick: 4,1,5,1,1,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Same reason the HIT Marks always get successes, and Aerin can't Per+Emp Ita to save his LIFE.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((HOLY JEBUS PART TWO!!))

Fangwulf: ((And of course keep in mind we're going with 3rd edition combat rules.))

Fern Hayley: [*Weeps piteously*]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((O_O))

Fangwulf: ((Fern, roll soak.))

Fern Hayley: *Running kick + Ice + Hooves = bad*

Fern Hayley: d10: soak: 10,7,2,10,

Fangwulf: ((But next time, roll in the order you're listed or I'll curse the dice roller again. Kurt, roll.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She whisks the knife at the nearest little bird with a quick flick of the wrist.

Fangwulf: ((OKAY. CLARIFY. Roll in the order that you're listed please.))

Kurt Samson: d10: punch: 6,5,3,2,8,6,

Fangwulf: ((Bird 2 & Kurt, Bird 1, Lyssa & Adele, Sam, Fern, Helah, Bird 3.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Points at Fern. She made me think I was behind.))

Kurt Samson: d10: damage: 8,7,10,7,3,2,

Fern Hayley: [Right, blame me. Like it's my fault that the room is spiining in two different directions]

Kurt Samson: d10: specialty: 8,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Vertigo?))

Fangwulf: d10: Bird One bite: 9,6,4,6,1,2,3,3,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*eyes AIM. then Fang. then AIM again & back*))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Naaa, she's just drunk. *g*))

Fangwulf: d10: Bird One damage: 3,2,4,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Figures *chuckle*))

Fangwulf: ((My connection fluttered.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Dodge: 10,3,5,6,8,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((GWAH! I bit my frackin' tongue! Ow!))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's otherwise useless in a fight, so she's attempting to preserve herself with the evasive maneuvers, skeletally lithe body fluttering to the side in the snow.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She throws the knife.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: dam: 8,5,4,5,9,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((wrong roll, sorry))

Lyssa Cloutier: *like Adele she too can't fight very well & focuses on not getting hit*

Fangwulf: ((dex+Melee first, Sam))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((That should say dex + melee, same number of dice))

Fangwulf: ((Dex+dodge, Lyssa))

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Dex+Dodge: 4,6,2,6,5,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: ((now dam Str+)): 4,3,3,6,3,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*claimeths in the name of California*))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( *snuggles tag back*))

Fangwulf: ((YEr turn, Helah.))

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Dex + Brawl: 7,5,7,7,6,6,

Helah Bloodtooth: (( She's just -hitting- the damned bird nearest to her. Gauntlets are on as specified earlier - so with Strength + 2 + her bonus dice, that's...forgive me if I'm wrong, it's been FOREVER since I've done for-real combat... how many dice for pwn the bird with? ))

Fangwulf: ((Str+ 2 + 4))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Cool, I had it right in my head! Thanks! ))

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Damage: 9,8,3,4,4,6,2,7,

Fangwulf: d10: Bird three bite: 6,4,1,5,5,10,7,3,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Rock on Helah. Rock on.))

Fangwulf: d10: Bird three dam: 6,6,

Fangwulf: ((Kurt, roll soak.))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( *bows* Thank you, thank you. ))

Kurt Samson: d10: soak: 8,2,4,3,

Fangwulf: *The bird's teeth spread wide, the first leaps at KURT, sinking in to his shoulder (take one chimerical). His fist slams down, into the second of the birds, squashing it flat in an almost comical manner, as it continues to waddle. The third screeches at it swoops down at LYSSA and ADELE, sliding underfoot of FERN. FERN kicks at it, and slips on the snow, falling on the bird momentarily, but causing more damage to herself on that sharp beak (2 Chimerical). It is knocked off balance by SAM'S knife flying from the air, which scratches it, and distracts while HELAH'S fist slams into it, forcing it back with an awkward crunch.*

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*laughs*))

Fangwulf: ((Next round, diff 3 to hit the two injured birds. Keep in mind wound penalties. Kurt, Bird 1, Lyssa & Adele, Sam, Fern, Helah.))

Fern Hayley: [are we fighting Linus, or Goombahs? *Snicker*]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I vote goombas))

Fern Hayley: [Spending the round getting off of her ass]

Kurt Samson: d10: squeeze biting bird: 6,4,3,8,7,8,6,7,

Kurt Samson: d10: damage: 9,6,4,3,1,7,5,8,2,

Fangwulf: d10: bite: 1,9,8,7,5,10,7,1,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Wark! Goes the chocobo.))

Fangwulf: d10: dam: 3,7,5,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((I say they're Red Koopas))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Dex+Dodge: 6,7,6,3,7,

Lyssa Cloutier: *since Fern is rendered prone due to bad luck & has landed on the bird, she goes & assissts Fern to her feet*

Fern Hayley: [Lyssa, you just made milk shoot out my nose. And I'm drinking pepsi]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*giggle*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Actually I don't whether to think that funny or disturbing *G*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: More dodging from the wisp of black gossamyr known as Adele. Those bites look like they hurt.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((I'm confused, is someone actually holding the bird? Or on it?))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I though Fern landed on it... sorta))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( It's funny! *hides animal crackers from the snot-milk waterfall* ))

Fangwulf: ((No. It swooped Fern.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((If Fern is on the bird and Kurt is squeezing it, methinks he's gettinf fresh with Fern. *G*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Ah. Okay. Still helping Fern to stand))

Kurt Samson: [He doesn't swing that way, though..]

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((If I'm correct, there's three birds; two are stunned from injuries, Kurt's squeezing the third 'till it pops like a tuxedo'ed zit?))

Fangwulf: ((Yes.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: If the bird is still swooping she'll take a swipe at it with her batlith. Hope no one's flailing their arms around her.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((*flail flail*))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: CHOP Slice!: 2,5,8,9,2,

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: Dam:: 2,5,7,3,6,1,7,4,

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Fern next? ))

Fangwulf: ((Fern's getting up this round.))

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Dex + Brawl: 4,8,2,2,9,6,

Fern Hayley: *Is helped up by Lyssa*

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Damage: 7,7,5,3,9,3,6,

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Again punching the same bird with a gauntlet-clad, big angry fist. ))

Fangwulf: *The bird goes still, as SAM slices through it, and falls to the ground. It's blood looks redder on the snow. Little Xes show over its eyes. The bird on KURT'S shoulder bites down, harder, in akin to the crunch of bones that the fist does to it. Breaking bones seem louder here. ADELE stays the hell out of the way. FERN is helped up by her kith-sib LYSSA. The flat bird waddles a bit more, until Helah's fist slams down into it, mashing it into a puddle of bird goo. A little bit of the sticky concoction remains on her fist.* ((Go ahead and finish the last one theatrically.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((That's one stomped Koopa.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Strolls over and idly plucks up the last birdie, popping it into her mouth. "Tastes like penguin."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: *CRUNCH*

Fangwulf: ((Per+Alert))

Lyssa Cloutier: *raises an eyebrow* You know what penguin tastes like? *shakes* Forget I asked... *she looks southwardly* If we still have the element of surprise I'll be thankful...

Kurt Samson: Just because it makes sense, he squeezes the bird hard enough to make its head pop off and blood spurt up in one tiny jet before it just sort of trickles and gurgles. "Don't they make some kinda toy like this." He tosses the bird carcass aside.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Welcome to crunch theatre))

Kurt Samson: d10: per+alert: 2,9,6,3,

Helah Bloodtooth: d10: Perception : 5,10,9,

Fern Hayley: Lyssa: Thanks... That was a fist. *Brushing snow from unladylike places*

Lyssa Cloutier: d10: Per+Alertness: 7,10,5,2,6,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((I want the shell! Make great bowling balls!)) She watches Samantha eat the last one with a hint of a smile on the sunken face. "Well, that's dealt with," she murmurs. "Onto the fire?"

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Nudges a birdie corpse with her boot. "They just don't make 'em like they used to."

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+alert: 3,7,5,2,9,

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Mmm. K-9 Crunchies.))

Fern Hayley: d10: per + alert: 8,9,6,10,

Helah Bloodtooth: "Mine," she calls over, ducking to scoop up the bird before it can turn into a puddle. Snack time, and an easy source of glamour, neh?

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Wow. I rolled a 10.))

Kurt Samson: "Yup." He nods and rubs his bitten shoulder as starts to lead the way.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: *Retrieves her throwing knife from the snow and slides it into her belt, the batlith goes over her shoulder to hang at her back.*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: d10: pa: 10,7,4,2,4,6,

Fangwulf: *And everyone notes the click. A few of them. A gun being cocked.*

Fangwulf: *More than three successes, and you're pretty sure you're surrounded.*

Helah Bloodtooth: "Fuckin'," she curses under her breath, ducking to a crouch.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: She moves into step beside Kurt and gives him a sidelong look. "Sooo," she says casually. "Think they're venemous?"

Lyssa Cloutier: *curses like a sailor... because Knockers are better at the swearing*

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Uh oh."

Kurt Samson: "Shit." He just says that one word and sighs.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Those big floppy bovine ears you guys have, really are useless, aren't they?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Oh, dear." She looks around, turning her back to her allies in general, making no offensive moves.

Fangwulf: Don't move. *A snapped voice, of command, as the figure shuffles forward. A woman. Patch over her left eye. Sidhe.*

Fern Hayley: *Calls out* Look out guys! There's swarms of man-eating penguin-monsters!

Helah Bloodtooth: See that? The gauntlets creak, dramatic and dangerous as an undercurrent at her ugly redcap snarl.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Ya know, they always say that. You'd think a sidhe could be more creative."

Lyssa Cloutier: *swearing done... for now*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: And these would be their targets. She regards the one-eyes Sidhe woman calmly, still as a corpse in the ground.

Helah Bloodtooth: "Of course not. Their creative potential is replaced with a scepter up the ass at birth," she retorts spitefully to Sam.

Fangwulf: *The gun is held out, steady, in her left hand. She does not look over to the redcap.* Who sent you?

Kurt Samson: "We're here fer th'sword, please. If y'jus' hand this over, no harm'll come t'ya." Like they aren't the ones surrounded.

Fangwulf: I've no patience, redcap, *she says, rather coldly.*

Lyssa Cloutier: *smacks her forehead & groans*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Eyes flick to Kurt. His optimism is impressive, all things considered.

Fangwulf: *she regards the satyr with a slightly disbelieving look.* I am asking the questions here. Who sent you?

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Snorts at Kurt's demand. "Good one, testicle brain."

Helah Bloodtooth: "They're here because Squire Pansy McCabinboy pulled the wool over 'em. -We're- here to laugh at 'em for it, more'r less." The smirk is ugly, only an excuse to bare teeth and sarcasm.

Fangwulf: *Her eye focuses on Helah for the moment. She looks angry, really.* The blood-haired one.

Kurt Samson: "I weren't lookin' at his hair.."

Kurt Samson: He moves a little to show her the scabbard. "We're here fer th'sword what goes with this.."

Samantha Stomps {PT}: "Oh fer cryin' out loud. No one SENT us. We're on a penguin hunt. Sorry, there weren't any leftovers, otherwise we'd share. It's better if you call ahead before showing up at dinner time."

Helah Bloodtooth: "The weaponless twat? Sure," she replies, rocking back to her heels with that same, caustic look.

Lyssa Cloutier: We weren't sent perse... More like volunteered... *bored expression returns*

Fangwulf: You're going to hand over the sheath, *she says calmly.*

Fern Hayley: *Her arms cross, looking at Helah*

Kurt Samson: "No, I'm not. Yer gonna hand over the sword." He straightens his spine and does his best to look intimidating, eyes narrowed and all. He's a tall guy. It could work.

Kurt Samson: d10: manip+intim.: 2,1,10,10,6,

Helah Bloodtooth: She perks a red brow to the elf bitch. "The hell I am. Get it yer fuckin' self." With that, she jerks a thumb back to the door they'd come from. "He ran like the snivveling little bastard he is before I came through. You might find him if you're quicker about that than your kind was about coming back from your little Arcadian vacation."

Lyssa Cloutier: What's so special that you have to have both sword & sheatch anyways?

Lyssa Cloutier: ((These are not the typos you seek))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Looks at Hel. "Ya know, I think I was being too generous when I called him testicle brain. A sperm has more brains than him."

Helah Bloodtooth: "Blame it on the broken chromosone," she suggests to Sam, face frozen to that ugly, spiteful -look-.

Fangwulf: *Her gun swivels to Helah. but her eye remains focused on Kurt. She narrows it, absolutely furious that he would try to frighten her with mere tactics. But Lyssa's question seems more important.* You don't seem to know who he is. The sword is activated when inside the sheath.

Fern Hayley: You two are about as helpful as an anyurism.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her lips purse, scanning the vicinity, then looking back to the bepatched woman. "Milady...I am sure there are two sides to this story," she whispers. "Perhaps you might explain your side?"

Lyssa Cloutier: Well duh... It's why I asked why it was so damned important... It's just some stupid sword anyway... *gestures non-chalantly with that same expression of ennui*

Kurt Samson: "Look, alls I know is that the shiny guy wanted t'have th'sword an sheath so that the claim t'a hold could be made an' some such stuff..y'got somethin' else t'tell us?"

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Smirks at Fern. "Do show us how it's done."

Fangwulf: *She scowls, and looks then to the corpse. Perhaps she didn't notice her before. It is clear discomfort over seeing said creature that makes her wary.* If you come with me.

Fangwulf: Claim to a 'hold? Is that the story he told you? He told us far different.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks up to the unofficial leader, then to the sidhe. A brief nod. "Of course." She waits to step forward until asked to. No need to get shot.

Fern Hayley: Samantha: I'm not helpful, that's why I'm not sayin' anything. Listen and learn.

Kurt Samson: "Y'were threatenin' us with a gun an' y'want us t'trust ya?" He looks skeptical, of course.

Fangwulf: The longer we linger in the Dreaming the harder it will be for you to get back, *she growls in command.*

Fangwulf: I was not threatening you, Satyr, *she says calmly.* I was preparing to kill you should you attack.

Lyssa Cloutier: It won't hurt to hear their side of the tale... *nudges Kurt*

Kurt Samson: "Th'name's Kurt. An', well.." He shrugs. "Le's hear yer piece.."

Fangwulf: *She nods, and turns.* Oh. Don't get any ideas about backstabbing.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I am ready to depart," she says with a nod to the woman.

Lyssa Cloutier: Yes... I could go for being warmed by a fire...

Fangwulf: ((Now, here's where we decide - are we okay to go on, or do you want to pause to go over the long talky part?))

Fern Hayley: We'll try not to. *She smiles surprisngly sweetly*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((I'm good to go on...depends on everyone else. *Looks around*))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( I know Hel just wants to get out of here, and I'd love to have at least half an hour of tonight to be in the same room with my husband. ))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I could go on for a bit more.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Fern> "Yeah, we noticed you had problems in the 'helpful' arena, or did you think you were here to toboggan?" She steps close to the fawn, bile green eyes passing over her, as if deciding whether she wanted ketchup with it.

Kurt Samson: [I've got to leave work in a half hour or whenever my relief gets here, and then there'll be transport time until I get home..]

Fern Hayley: [I could go for a pause.]

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((votes to pause and continue next meet. Need some sleep tonight.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((But I don't mind pausing either. Because I would have to take more aspirin, especially before going to bed.))

Fern Hayley: Samantha" Shaddap, or i'll fall on you.

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Is there any way I can get Hel to just leave down the trod, or something to come out in another place, anywhere to let you guys continue at will while I run off to not hold you all back? ))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( I can only very rarely do an evening scene after all, so. ))

Fangwulf: ((She will be escorted back to the bar, yes. As will anyone else who doesn't want in on the SL. Afraid I'm a little headachey.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Maybe we should pause anyways. Because I'm feeling a little the same as Fang.))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((We pausing here then?))

Fangwulf: ((Yeap, pause in the walk back to the camp, whcih will be remarkably uneventful, save for the cannibalistic puffins eating corpses in the distance.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Weeee!))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((So tomorrow? Same bat time? Same bat channel?))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: ((Mmmm, dessert!))

Fangwulf: ((I could go for a "Tell me what to do" session, though... as in... how was it? What's good, what's bad?))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Oooh, tomorrow and Friday are bad for me.))

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Have fun, all! ))

Fangwulf: ((Whoever can make it tomorrow night around 8 EST))

Fangwulf: (*wince* Okay, then weekend, or next week.))

Fern Hayley: [Off to find ice cream, then probably coming back in CP or somewhere as a wolf-type]

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I liked it. I found it enjoyable, even with the commentary from the peanut gallery))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((I won't be available for the weekend or during the next couple of weeks))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Till like January))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Might be able to do the weekend. Can usually do evenings.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((I really liked it, Fang. The set-up and the description was quite good. I think, and this is remarkable to me, that this group of players had an incredible camaraderie from the get-go. I hope the OOC comments weren't too much, but it was a great sign to me of how well we're getting along.))

Kurt Samson: [I had a lot of fun and I'm, more or less, available. Except late tomorrow night and Saturday and Sunday nights..]

Helah Bloodtooth: (( Was spiffy! I loved my first real day being a redcap! *snugs all, flees* ))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Indeed. Night Helah-p))

Samantha Stomps {PT}: Had a great time. Loved the penguins!

Kurt Samson: Kurt smash!

Samantha Stomps {PT}: *Hugs Hel.* Redcaps unite!

Fangwulf: Heh... blame my nightmares.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Rawr))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((The one thing I would say as a critique would be a request for, in combat situations, to declare, THEN roll. It gives those with higher initiative an advantage, because as they're reacting faster, they can react to what's going on. I didn't have any clue who the birds were attacking, so I couldn't justify Adele risking her measly combat pool for an attack or anything but dodges that were really not that necessary, best as I can tell.))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Ditto))

Fangwulf: You guys play REALLY well together... if worse comes to worse, I'll say the characters aren't on pause, that this happens when we can all get together again.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((But it was something I could live with.))

Fangwulf: Okay! sorry 'bout that. You know, I usually do too. Head feels wonky.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: I always liked the streamlined combat rules Singha used.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Yeah. You are ST in two rooms.))

Fangwulf: ((Naw, Ashton's running the Tavern for me right now.))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: It's okay, Fang, I understand. Everyone knows I love the StreamLined Combat Rules, as I use 'em. I didn't mind it much in general, to be honest...just something that would have been nice.

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Anyways, I'll possibly see folks tomorrow on & off in the OOC room while I work on my Garou *needs to come up with a deed name & that's it*))

Lyssa Cloutier: ((Ah))

Fangwulf: A'ight... I'm gonna go lay down.

Samantha Stomps {PT}: I will be around. You were all good fun. Don't take my obnoxious character personally. *G*

Fangwulf: Thanks peoples...

Kurt Samson: Okies.*hugs*Feel better soon!

Lyssa Cloutier: Good night everyone

Fangwulf: Hey, I never did! *L* LOVED Sam.