Jim Franklin: *Of course he is. He takes a puff off of his inhaler, and holds his computer bag closely.*

Jocelyn Pasqual: Not really. *Sighing, leaning into him a little*

Keiko Moroboshi: *and so she continues in the direction of the scream, watching for anyone who could have been the source*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan wraps a arm around her as she leans into him.* All right, why not we just walk. Sounds good?

Jim Franklin: *He seems to be moving carefully behind her, observing the area.*

Jim Franklin: d10: per+alert: 7,2,2,6,7,8,3,

Keiko Moroboshi: d10: Per+Alert: 1,7,7,9,9,2,

Jocelyn Pasqual: Yeah... *Sniffling*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan is Caucasian with Brown eyes. He is n ormally clad in a black bomber jacket with metal band patches all over the back, a metal band t-shirt, black jenko pants, and combatboots with polished chrome buckles that go to the top of the boots. But his state of hair is even more over the top as it is spiked up black with deep red tips. On his back is a gutiar, and there is something off about him. (pb 3, Rage one higher then will.))*

Jim Franklin: *His eyes widen slightly, and he looks over to Ewan, eyes darting away again. Back to Jocelyn.* Are y...you okay?

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan looks to be in his mid-teens. He nods to her in silents and starts a slow pace the way she was going.*

Jocelyn Pasqual: *Looking over at Jim, cheeks flaring just a bit* Um. Yeah. Sorry. He just scared me.

Keiko Moroboshi: *she stays a bit back, letting Jim deal with things*

Keiko Moroboshi: DD>Keiko stands an even five feet tall, and looks to weigh at most one hundred pounds. She’s a small, Japanese woman, and rather looks the part. She has short cut brown hair, and dark eyes, and is fairly flat chested as well. She’s nothing terribly special to look at, though she’s also not ugly…just average. She walks around wearing a skirt that goes down just below her knees, and a matching shirt, though what colors they are varies from day to day. She also wears a locket on a necklace, it is shaped like a heart, and always kept closed, often tucked into her shirt.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((Test))

Jim Franklin: *He nods, and lowers his head again.* I'm ... s...sorry, for whatever I s...said.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She makes her way into Battery Park, clove burning in her hand. A glance around as she walks along the main mall, backpack slung over a shoulder.

The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes is a black corset, bonelace with a jackets, and a long matching skirt. A pair of reading glasses, subtle and inobtrusive, rest on her delicate nose.

Ewan O'Mailly: *He eye's the two that come up to them, and looks back to Joc to see her reaction. *

Jocelyn Pasqual: *She takes a deep breath, blinking rapidly to keep herself from crying again* It's okay. I'm sorry I freaked out. *Leaning into Ewan just a little more, looking up at him* This is Jim. He's friends with Dante. *Then, back to Jim* This is Ewan.

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan gives a smile showing his teeth.* Hey, Jim. *He puts out his hand.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: d10: Per+Alert: 7,8,7,8,5,1,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The willowy little thing is fairly attentive, and she notes the little group, regarding them with some amount of vague interest. The clove is plced between unadorned lips, and she takes a drag, exhaling the smoke into the air as she moves toward a nearby bench.

Jocelyn Pasqual: ((we lost Jim i think))

Jim Franklin: *He looks down to the hand, and he swallows, taking it.* H...hello, *he says nervously.*

Ewan O'Mailly: *He takes his hand back as Jim leaves, and then settles his gaze to Keiko. Ewan gives a upward nod to her.* Hey.

Ewan O'Mailly: ((Opps sorry DLP))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Her hand comes out to smooth the skirt under her as she sits down and sets the backpack down next to her.

Jocelyn Pasqual: ((or not. *hides*))

Ewan O'Mailly: *He gives a ferm grip and shakes Jim. Once Ewan takes back his hand, he looks at Keiko. Giving her a upwards nod.* Hey.

Jocelyn Pasqual: That's some chick who was makin' faces when I was having a cigarette. *Half a shrug, looking at Keiko too*

Keiko Moroboshi: "Hello." *politely, but fairly softly*

Jim Franklin: *His own handshake is weak, and he keeps his head turned from Ewan.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A glance over at the introductions, not to far away, before she goes into her backpack. A book is pulled out, and she looks up to the lamp right above her...yeah, the light is fine. She flips it open, going stright to a page, and sets to reading.

Jim Franklin: ((Did he really just shake Jim? Because that sounds... really dirty.))

Misty Greymoore: She appears slender, graceful, always watching and curious, with fastidiously clean habits and always clothing of deep blacks and purples and greens; usually laces and silks, very much a goth. Lace goth at that. Eyeliner. A pentacle on a tight necklace always there, as well. About 16, in a thick black coat, scarf and gloves, and a wide-brimmed hat. A lace parasol tucked under her arm. (And the long awaited, PM if Fae!)

Ewan O'Mailly: *He looks over to the chick reading then back to the rest of them. He gives a smile to Keiko.* Really, you wont mind me smoking then. *He reaches into one of many pocket on his jenckos.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Misty Greymoore: ((YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!)) Fae Mein:

Tall and thin, darkly attractive, the woman is a sight to behold. Long, dark black hair falls down to her waist, resting over her shoulders and the corset she’s wearing. Her eyes, dark and sunken in her pale face, hold a keen intelligence to them, and they peer out over the world around her, taking in every little secret, every dirty little detail they can and storing them away for future knowledge. Long fingers are capped with sparkling black nail polish, reaching much of the way down past her waist and over the black gossamyr skirt thanks to long, almost spindly arms. There is a vague odor around her, of things long dead and soon to die.

Misty Greymoore -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: For the Fae, they see the hair thickening to a sheen, the pupils a bright yellow, the swishing tail usually hidden under skirts, and her pointed, mildly furred ears. Definately a Pooka, and a definate Feline tint to her.

Keiko Moroboshi: "I just find the habit disgusting, and don't understand why anyone would do that to themselves."

Misty Greymoore: She glances around as she walks into the park, utter self confidence and poise. Switching the parasol, furled, from underarm to her shoulder, heels clacking on the ground

Jim Franklin: And I c...can't, *he mutters.* Asthma.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She glances over at Misty, an eyebrow raising. Iiinteresting...she smiles a little bit as she watches.

Ewan O'Mailly: *He looks back to Jim.* Oh. *He pulls his hand back out of his pocket with out any cigerettes. Ewan turns his head to Joc.* Who's Dante?

Jocelyn Pasqual: Can we go? Please?

Misty Greymoore: Her eye, likewise caught by Adele. Goths, the pair, most likely. She offers a lipglossed smile, and turns in the path - a militery turn - ticktocking her head as she approaches. One thin gloved hand producing a pack of cards, and then, the parasol is planted on the ground, a little away. Both hands resting on the handle. And watching with a bright smile, and a toss of her head

Jocelyn Pasqual: He's... *She shakes her head* It's a long story. I'll tell you later. When we get home.

Ewan O'Mailly: *He nods to her.* All right, lets go. Hey nice meeting ya two. *He lead them past the two goths.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She smiles quietly as Misty comes over, rising to her feet. "Well, hello," she says to the woman, voice soft.

Jim Franklin: *He looks up at Dante's name, and he looks rather unhappy himself, as things start to go together.*

Keiko Moroboshi: *she's quiet, and a bit back from the group, looking around*

Misty Greymoore: "And good evening to you!" Brightly, again shouldering the parasol. Stepping in, to stand closer, skirts swirling around her legs as she walks "Isn't it just lovely?" A breath out, lips making an 'o', and a slight face "Well, not quite cold enough yet. Later, no doubt"

Jocelyn Pasqual: *She trails along, backpack slung over one shoulder finally*

Jim Franklin: *He lowers his head, and he turns slightly, back to Keiko. He looks confused, again.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A little chuckle, and she nods. "It is lovely, yes." Her head tilts to the right a little, watching Misty for a moment. "How are you?"

Keiko Moroboshi: *she shrugs, she certainly doesn't have any better idea than Jim as to what's going on*

Misty Greymoore: "Just fine, just fine" Almost idly, setting the parasol underarm again, and shuffling the cards in her hands "Asides, of course, from knowing the name of this lovely girl" She winks "Now, shall we do the polite thing? We can be all courtly about it, if we absolutely have to"

Ewan O'Mailly: *He walks with her in silents for a while. Ewan shifts his eye's to her for a moment.* Whats wrong Jocelyn?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "If you wish," she murmurs, inclining her head to the other politely. "I don't know if being courtly is absolutely necessary. That would be up to you."

Jocelyn Pasqual: *Her head shakes again* Nothing. I'm fine.

Misty Greymoore: She glances from side to side, the cards flicking in her hands neatly, spritely. She glances down to them, then up "My, my. Seems we have to" She sighs, and one hand grips her skirts, dipping in a deep curtsy, then rising smartly "Now, my names, m'lady, are many and varied. I admit Malifee was tempting - did you ever see that Disney? - but frankly, Misty, while boring, has connotations with the -original- conjuring cat"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I see." She smiles demurely, and lowers down into a curtsy as well...not as deep, or as dramatic. "Adele Elizabeth Hamilton. A pleasure to meet you, Misty."

Misty Greymoore: "Of course it is!" Linking her arm firmly with the other, and smiling across. "Now, you simply must tell me about yourself. Preferably over coffee. It's like November out here!"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A slight frown, and she looks over to the bench and her pack. "One moment, if you please...my things." She slips her arm free and moves to collect the backpack.

Misty Greymoore: "Things will only slow you down, my dear" Tapping the parasol on the ground, and then nodding "But of course, of course" Humming - Frolo's song from Hunchback of Notre Dame - and offering her arm again

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Things are required, for certain...taks." She takes the offered arm and begins to move off, with a glance back to the group once more.

Jim Franklin: *His breath shivers, and he walks out of the park.*

Ewan O'Mailly: *He gives a frown and then slowly nods as they walk.* Besides freaking out you had a ok day?

Keiko Moroboshi: *and everyone who was remotely near her walks off, leaving Keiko alone and confused...she heads back over to the bench she was sitting at before*

Misty Greymoore: She spocks a brow, but follows along, continueing her humming. She sways her hips as she walks, maybe more than needed

Jocelyn Pasqual: Yeah... *Other than wanting to die? Great day. Thanks for asking*

Ewan O'Mailly: *He holds her a little tighter.* Ok. *Again they continue to walk in silents.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She glances over at Misty, then head, to where they're headed. A hand comes up to curl ebony hair behind her ear as they walk along.

Jocelyn Pasqual: You wanna go get ice cream?

Misty Greymoore: Coffee. Coffee is good, because her breath is starting to steam in the air. She pauses, and extracts a small piece of paper, which she rolls up and rests between her lips, breathing steam out. Then follows Adele at a quicker pace

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks at the faked cigarette and shakes her head a little, heading off to the coffee shop across from Battery Park. ((Off to DT Rest?))

Ewan O'Mailly: *He looks over to her and slowly nods.* Sure, ice cream sounds good.I think the closest place is this way. *He moves her off the path cuting through the park.*

Keiko Moroboshi: *Keiko eventually gets either bored or cold or who knows what, and gets up to leave the park*

Misty Greymoore: (Sure!)

Jocelyn Pasqual: *Moved, wandering off with him*



Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She heads into the coffee shop, sliding a head and breaking arm contact as the door opens so they can fit inside. She moves ahead and up to the counter.

Misty Greymoore: She 'stubs out' the cigarette on her glove as she enters, and tucks it behind her ear absently. shaking the parasol, as well, her heels clicking as she moves to take a seat, leaning back and crossing her legs at the ankle

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A glance to Misty and she sighs...it appears that she will be buying the drinks. She orders in a low voice, getting a mocha for the other woman...light on the sugar, please...and an Americano for herself.

Misty Greymoore: She smiles brightly, and digs in a pocket. And then in a small wallet. Only Adele likely sees her flicking ears. She withdraws a few notes, and then pockets the wallet again

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Coffees paid for, she takes them with a polite smile to the barista and brings them over, setting the mocha down in front of Misty. "I hope you like it," she murmurs softly, before taking a seat opposite her.

Misty Greymoore: "Oh, how could I not? I'm sure it'll be - here" Leaning in, and tucking the notes into one of Adele's pockets "I believe firmly in splitting the cost on a first date, unless they're really cute and insist." Leaning back, and picking up her coffee, blowing on it and grinnign mischeiviously over it

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Misty Greymoore: ((I'm assuming we're talking like, notes of paper, and not notes as in dollar bills?))

Misty Greymoore -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: Nope. Cash.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Misty Greymoore: ((I'll be damned. *S*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes the offered money from Misty after a moment's consideration...she certainly wasn't going to try and get the other to admit she was cute. A glance at the cash before it's tucked away. "Thank you." She raises the Americano, plowing ripples over the surface before she sips at it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((blowing. Not plowing. That brings up strange imagery. :P))

Misty Greymoore: "And you're most welcome" She sips hr own, winces, blows on it and then sips again "Now, now, please. Tell me aall about yourself"

Mel Dawson: *Her hair is long and auburn, braided thickly. Small bits of frizz poke from it, an annoyance she seems to tolerate with her naturally friendly smile. Freckles show across the bridge of her nose, announcing her heritage to the world. At about five foot four, she doesn't seem to be an imposing figure until she crosses her arms. With little effort, she pushes the door open, and inspects this place. She is gnawing on a piece of gum noisily.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods slightly. "I am attending Columbia University...I grew up just north of here, in Sleepy Hollow. My parents are deceased."

Misty Greymoore: "Sleepy - you're actually FROM Sleepy Hollow?" Ears flick, and she sips her coffee "Now, you see, you have just volunteered to host several thousand girly sleepovers there this christmas"

Mel Dawson: *She lets the door swing shut, and takes an idle look around, pausing on her gum. And she snorts, unimpressed. She clops, boots noisy on the floor. No worries about interruptions. A piece of wrinkled paper is pulled out of her pocket, and she slams it down on the table, between Adele and Misty. A flyer, it seems.* MUCH better place, *she says with a grin. And then walks out.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A glance over at Mel as she slips in, eyebrow raises and she slams the paper down on the table. She looks over at Misty, then reaches out to take the paper.

Misty Greymoore: She peers at the paper as well, letting the other take it "Well, that was rude" Sniffing

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A raised brow, and she hands it over. "Interesting..."

Misty Greymoore: "It looks pleasent" She nods, and muses, then grins brightly "What do you say? A walking, a questing, once we've filled our stomachs and warmed our mouths?" Then a wink, gulping at the coffee

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I think it may be a good idea," she agrees quietly, taking another sip of the coffee.

Misty Greymoore: "Wonderful" She grins, and takes a series of deep breaths. Blows on the coffee. Another series, and she lifts it, and starts gulping - eyes widening as she attempts to down it.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Are you quite all right?" She watches the other's behavior, not overly put off by it, just a tad concerned, perhaps.

Misty Greymoore: She hold sup a finger, and finally puts the cup down, gasping. After a few moments, nodding "Ah - yes - ah - fine!" Panting, but grinning, and standing "Your turn"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I...don't gulp my coffee." She smiles, an attempt to compromise. "But I will drink quickly." She raises the Americano to her lips, drinking rather then sipping. Thank God it's smaller then Misty's mocha.

Misty Greymoore: She nods, watching her drink, and stands, twirling the parasol and pocketing her cards

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She has to stop a couple times for air, but finally she finishes the drink and rises, nodding to her. "There...all done."

Misty Greymoore: "And you never even paused" Brightly, offering an arm "Come. Let us talk of many things; of she and his and silver-blacks, and whether satyrs sing" Randomness from the pretty goth

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods, accepting of the other girl's wierdness with aplomb. She takes Misty's arm again and heads out. A quick trip to this coffee shop.

Misty Greymoore: Indeed it is. Eying the leaflet "So, which way?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "It appears..." She frowns a little. "Peekskill. That's about fifty miles away."

Misty Greymoore: "Only fifty miles?" A faint smile "Long way to deliver a leaflet" She twirls her parasol "Do you have a bus pass?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I do," she says with a nod. "I only hope the bus will travel that far. If not...perhaps a taxi..."

Misty Greymoore: "I have every faith in the Grey Hounds" Quite seriously, wandering out and leading her new friend, swinging the parasol "Why, I've heard they wander unmolested across the whole country ..." And letting the door swing shut behind

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: ((And on to Upstate-->Husdon Valley-->Peekskill-->O'Reilly's!!))



Mel Dawson: *She bustles, around the bar, cleaning up with almost a wary air. Her head tilts back to observe her place. There is a smile across her face, as she settles back behind the bar.*

Mel Dawson: *It is casual, the way that she cleans up. Serves drinks. Deals with the ogling. Another night, another dollar.*

Misty Greymoore: They travelled on the buses, and still the felinesque girl is looking fresh and bright. This may be to do with the fact she brushed her hair most of the way, and insisted on fixing her makeup after the ride. The thick coat is firmly buttoned, and parasol, furled, over one shoulder

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She...was less conerned about her make-up on the right then keeping track of where they were going. Her backpack is settled on a shoulder, watching quietly, until they're let off...then, she moves to head in with Misty.

Mel Dawson: *She looks up at the little bell, and offers a pleasant grin. Of course she beat them there.* Have a seat, an' a drink, *she says, a slight lilting irish brogue to her voice.*

Misty Greymoore: "And that, you see, is why Satyrs sing" The explenation took most of the journey. A grin on her dark red lips, and she presses the door open with her parasol, and steps inside, holding it with the same "Or, as it may be, serve drinks"

Mel Dawson: Just so happens, my fine feline friend, I do bot', *she says cheerily.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A glance to Misty, then to Mel. "I see...how fascinating," she murmurs, before moving inside. A brief inclination of her head to Mel, before she moves to the bar. "Good evening."

Mel Dawson: Evenin'. What'll it be, ladies?

Misty Greymoore: "It is a rather nice evening" She nods, and then beams across, tapping the parasol on the floor as she stands with both hands on it "My, my, something of everything. Or everyone" Eyes scanning the bottles "I don't suppose a Southern Irish - you know, the thing with the liquor and cream, or however said - is possible?" A wide, wide smile. She's -about- to get the cream

Mel Dawson: ((Fae Seeming> *Her hair is long and auburn, usually braided, her horns a dark, rich mahogany coiling out of the thick mess. Freckles show across the bridge of her nose, announcing her heritage to the world.*))

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Something in a red wine, perhaps." She settles in a seat at the bar.

Mel Dawson: T'ink I could manage it, *she says, and swivels, moving about the bar smoothly. She seems to enjoy this, really. Passion.*

Misty Greymoore: Moving to sit beside her new friend, perching on the barstool and crossing her legs beneath the long skirts "It's an absolutely fascinating place you run here. Tell me, does Talulah pass by often?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Thank you." She sits there, letting Misty do the initial talking. She enjoys it more, obviously.

Mel Dawson: *She grins, as she gathers the drinks, and slides them down. Very old school, really, with the twirl of bottles. The wine, of course, is opened, without a pop. She pours it gently.* Y'want that with or without the cockroach, darlin'?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She considers a moment, with a faint smile. "No, thank you." She leans forward, so as to be better heard.

Mel Dawson: *She slides across the glass, and then the mixed drink. A bit more effort put into it. It is clear by the expression on her face that she loves it.* Was beginnin' t'doubt there were any more of us around, eh?

Misty Greymoore: "Absolutely hospitable" She nods her approval, picking up the drink and gesturing with it - it contrasts nicely with her wine-dark gloves "Now, while my absolutely impeccable memory seems to be failing - possibly the alcohol" The gesture takes in the bottles, no sip taken "I don't recall, madam, ever quite seeing you before ...?"

Mel Dawson: *She stands straight up.* Amelia Dawson. T'is here's me family's place. Call me Mel.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes her glass and swirls it while looking through, sniffs at it a moment, and finally sips, before nodding to Mel. "Adele Elizabth Hamilton. A pleasure."

Misty Greymoore: "Not Talulah?" A sparkle of light on her more prominant teeth, here, and she grins "That's such a shame, it would have gone so nicely with the decor you have here. Well, with all that in mind, and being your visitors and barflys, at least a name so you know whom you're throwing out ... let me see, I had it here" patting pockets, for ID perhaps, then a shrug "Hmm. Can you take my word for it? If not, then it'll have to be just plain Misty"

Mel Dawson: Yer tall enough t'reach the bar. Of course, can't do that with the normal folks, now can I?

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Probably not wise, Miss Mel." A faint smile. "The authorities tend to frown on that."

Mel Dawson: T'e aut'orities wil see what I want t'em to see, *she says, with a cross of her arms.*

Misty Greymoore: "Now if it's that criteria you go by, it's the boggans I feel sorry for" She withdraws the rolled paper - no tobacco, just a scrap of paper - from behind her ear, sips her drink, and then sticks the fake smoke between her lips.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She nods, perfectly agreeable.

Mel Dawson: *She smiles idly, and bustles back to work.*

Misty Greymoore: An indrawn breath through the paper, and the parasol is rested on the bar. Smoke nipped aside to let her sit, then bringing out her cards again; fast, neat shuffling, as she eyes the Sluagh and Satyr speculatively

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks from Mel to Misty, a wary look coming over dark, sunken eyes. "You look...thoughtful."

Misty Greymoore: Another firm grin, sneaking, and lips holding the cigarette in place "Of course. If I wasn't thinking, then I'd be plotting, and I'm the darker feline, not the white one. That aside, our most kind propriatress has raised something; have you seen any others as us about?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Me?" She shakes her head, sipping at her wine. "No...as a matter of fact, I haven't."

Misty Greymoore: "Now, Halloween can't've scared them all away" Cards being shuffled, quickly, and she frowns "So that does leave me rather at edge. Perhaps we've not seen them because we've not looked?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I haven't been in the city until very recently...and Sleepy Hollow is only so big of a village. Perhaps opprtunity has passed me by."

Mel Dawson: T'eyve been around. Had some travelin' noble stop in. But if y'do see 'em, lemme know?

Misty Greymoore: "Ah yes, Sleepy Hollow" She leans in some, all interest "Are the legends true? I suppose you'd have to ask a local, and especially a shadower to really know. How true are they?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She shivers a little to Mindy's question, and looks to Mel with a nod. "I most certainly will do so."

Misty Greymoore: "We should look for people" Agreeing, and she looks down at her cards, thinking "Hmm. I wonder." Then a shrug, and a smile "If a cat and her friend canot find you more patrons, ma'am, you might go out of business. And you make too good a drink to allow that" Picking it up, and sipping, after a small salute with it

Mel Dawson: Dawson's'll ne'er go out of business, *she says with a smile.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I would agree," she says in response to Misty's comment. "I'm sure they are out there. We need merely find them."

Misty Greymoore: "And with you mixing drinks like this, I can see why!" Cheerfully, leaning in to the other, to catch comments "Now, hmm. How can we find people who don't want to be found" She drums her fingers on the cards fitfully

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I have my ways," she answers, leaning back. "As do, I'm sure, you."

Mel Dawson: I've been passin' out flyers. Seein' where we can be found, *she says cheerily.*

Misty Greymoore: "Of course I do! Cats and kings, and we have better whiskers than either." A wink "But I was thinking of cheating, perhaps. It's a long way to the city, though, and I don't plan on going back tonight. I'll go home instead"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Mmm." She nods to Misty. "And where is home?"

Misty Greymoore: "Wherever I hang my hat" Apparently quite serious "I would have thought you'd know that" She isn't, actually, wearing a hat, so ...

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Well, yes." She smiles, head inclining demurely. "I meant, tonight? Where did you plan for home to be?"

Misty Greymoore: "Tonight? Ah, the tricky ones" She sips her drink, and smiles at the creme taste "Tonight, I think I'll visit the hunting lodge. Marvellous place, and if I'm very lucky my father will have left his gun cabinet unlocked"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A gentle raising of her brow. "His...gun cabinet?" Yes, that's high on her list of good ideas. She just smiles, though, faintly, and nods. "Where is the hunting lodge?"

Misty Greymoore: "Why, it's only a little out of town. Three rights, two lefts, not in that order, and I'll be there. You can stay as well, if you like" Graciously "Since it's a long way back, and you shouldn't drive after a glass of wine"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I'm not driving anyway," she gently reminds misty. "We took the bus."

Misty Greymoore: "Details, details. It has wheels, and we came on it. And we shouldn't go back the same way if we've had a drink"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A consideration, and she nods. "As you say. Still, I believe perhaps we should take a taxi, this time? It can drop you off at your cabin, and I can head to my home." Something about the thought of being in the same building as the pooka with an unlocked gun cabinet putting her off the idea of sleeping there.

Misty Greymoore: "Cabin? Who said anything about a cabin? It has a hot tub" Mildly indignant "And I suppose we can call a cab. It's a shame, though. Do you know anywhere fun in the Apple?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Fair enough...my apologies." She shakes her head. "I am...too new in the city to know of any of the major points of interest."

Misty Greymoore: "Tch, it's a horrible shame. Now, since we're getting a taxi, let me see .." She produces a mobile from one of her pockets, and works through the memory. A glance up, and a faintly ironic grin "Perhaps we should move somewhere else to be picked up?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Most definitely." She nods a little.

Misty Greymoore: "Excellent" She draisn the glass, stuffs a note into the tips jar, and reclaims her parasol. Passing the mobile over "There's a rather nice little walmart just down the street. Be a dear and say we'll be there?" Twirling the parasol, now

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Of course." She dials up the cab company from memory, putting the phone to her ear and calling the cab as directed. She has to repeat herself several times, of course, as her whisper doesn't seem to be going over well with the dispatch agent.

Misty Greymoore: It's better than the Pooka telling them they'll be somewhere else completely. Still twirling her parasol, she makes a vague exit, and along

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She follows along, hanging up and passing the phone over with a slight frown. "I believe they got the general gist of the location."

Misty Greymoore: "Good, good" Utterly absent, pocketing the phone and using the parasol to point out "Now this is a rather sweet little ice cream store; very nice in summer. I think there's a toy store somewhere down that street. And this is a little slice of hell" Cheerfully, stopping outside said walmart

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She takes note of the places pointed out, nodding slightly, before she looks up to the Wal-Mart. A brief curl of her lips...they agree on that much, at least. "Quite the understatement."

Misty Greymoore: "Oh, indeed. I've a friend who went to work there. Quite what they put in the employee coffee is quite no one's business" Humming, and again, resting both hands on her parasol handle, the goth posing as she waits

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Ahh." She nods a little bit. "So what is in it?" She's sure the other is dying to say.

Misty Greymoore: She doesn't break the pose, but winks, murmering "Glass, ink to darken it, and fake milk. Can you believe that?"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "I cannot," she answers, perfectly truthful. "Wholly unbelievable of them."

Misty Greymoore: "Completely. It's a travesty. It's one thing to kill your employees, quite another to feed them soya without provocation"

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Absolutely. That's...quite inappropriate of them. Something should be done."

Misty Greymoore: "Indeed. I've considered asking for a dozen fellows to lead a raid, but people just look at you oddly. Ah!" Waving the parasol at the cab, and grinning

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Perhaps sometime later." She waits demurely in her spot fro the cab to come. Misty is doing more then enough to get them attention.

Misty Greymoore: Indeed she is. A bright grin at the cabbie as he pulls up "Back to the big city. Where? Er. Hmm. Good question. Battery Park, I think!" She opens the rear door, and dips a curtsy, holding it for the other

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: "Battery Park would be an excellent choice," she nods, slipping into the cab and seating herself. A little smile and nod of greeting to a spider crawling across the ceiling.

Misty Greymoore: Following suit, and closing the door, parasol across her knees. And off they go.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Misty Greymoore: ((And FTB there?))

Misty Greymoore -> Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: (Sure! *Grins* And sorry. I'm -trying- not to overeffuse ...)

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton -> Misty Greymoore: ((It's cool...I like her. *S*))