Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *she strides from the mat, hauling off her helm and moving towards one of the servers bringing water around.*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She's sitting in the stands, front row seat, of course. Another social event...a way for her to meet...interesting people. She observes the exhibition quietly from her spot right near the participant's corner, watching the woman as she moves from the mat.

The best thing to describe Adele would be “quiet academic.” The girl is tall and thin, almost to the point of being willowy, with long limbs and elegant curves. Dark haired, pale, she is a shocking sort of quiet, like something that prefers to hide in the dark corners of the library, reading Edgar Allen Poe or Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her hair is shoulder length, left to flow free over her shoulders in an ebony wave, complementing dark eyes in a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always strangely calm and confident, if bookish, expression. Her choice of clothes tends toward a toned-down Romantic style; a dark crimson brocade corset with a black organza skirt, a jacket adding an air of propriety to the outfit. A pair of reading glasses, subtle and unobtrusive, rest on her delicate nose.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *she fetches her water and moves to fold herself into a seated position in the stands, a polite smile to Adele as Abbey sets her water down and begins the process of removing her fencing equipment. foolish they insisted she wear it. slender white fingers slip over leather ties*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: The smile is returned, with a slight inclination of the head, eyes lowering...a respectful acknowledgment of the woman's skill. The other's appearance is rather striking...she holds Adele's attention for a moment, slim dark creature watching the slim white one.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *the equipment is piled on the bench neatly, before she folds one long leg over the other, and sets her hands in her lap. blade at her side as she watches the others spar. a chunk of wispy white hair falls over her eye, and she moves it out of the way with a deft flick of her wrist. a purse of her lips as a doctor is called over to the boy on the mat. she murmers* oh dear.

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A blink as the boy goes down and doctors come out. A brow arches, and she rises up, looking over the scene to make sure the young man is all right...a detached sort of interest. Concern is present in her dark eyes, but there's as much intrigue in her look as there is the other.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *She sits and watches as the boy is pronounced with a sprain and the groaning youth is helped off the mat by the official. Grey eyes pass over Adele a moment before she uncaps her bottle and takes a dainty sip*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She looks back over at Abbey, nearby, and lowers back to her seat with another smile. "I do hope he's all right." She has a soft sort of voice, clear but quiet.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: It appears only to be a sprain *she murmers, capping her bottle. a moments consideration before she murmers* Abbey Randelle. A pleasure to meet you,

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A nod of acknowledgement. "Adele Hamilton, Miss Randelle. A pleasure to meet you as well."

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *and with an inclination of her head, she goes back to silently watching the others set up their match. hands folding in her lap. her water rolls off the bleacher. a slight purse of lips before she leans backwards and reaches for it. should her arm.. bend that way? or her back for that matter?*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: A slight cocking of her head, watching that arm. Again, interesting. She's not...but still, something...odd, perhaps? Her attention alternates between the exhibition and the wisp of pale white in front of her, with some detached interest toward the former, more personal interest in the latter.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *water bottle retreived and dusted off with a pale satin hankercheif. her hands are disinfected, and she folds them again on her knee. a glance at her watch. mm. 10 minutes before Carl would arrive to pick her up*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She finds herself paying less attention to the proceedings and more attention to the woman, a brow arched. Just...something interesting about her...perhaps how she is her stylistic opposite in coloring, or her incredible grace...she spends the remainder of the time subtlely observing her, quick glances spared.

Abbey Randelle {Fencing Exhibition}: *a thin white eyebrow raises. the ennouncer barks out the final points of the match and Abbey rises, murmering good evening as she gathers her blade and equipment, and excuses herself to outside, Carl waiting in the parking-lot to driver her home*

Adele Elizabeth Hamilton: She nods her farewell to the woman, and heads off to her own transportation, a cab. She slips inside, and off she goes.