Ravyn: Scene: An alleyway in Brooklyn. The Red Hook district is one of the rougher areas of the borough, named for the red clay soil and the point of land projecting into the East River. In the 1970s and 1980s, Red Hook earned a reputation as a crime-ridden, desolate place. Abandoned warehouses and empty lots abounded. It is nearby one of these alleys that we begin.

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia is sitting in her rented room and watching out the window*

Ravyn: ((It is in an alley nearby on of these warehouses that we begin, rather.))

Cynthia Conners: ((Cool))

Ravyn: ((Per+Alert))

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia streches her arms* "If only I had been more exact I wouldnt have to wait here so damn long" *she says with a sigh*

Cynthia Conners: 9,4,2,5,9,

Ravyn: As befitting the places reputation, the area is low-income, with many homeless. The alleyway is crowded with them. Another one staggers her way into the alley. She reeks of the degradation of the street, and looks like it, too. As for her age, you couldn’t begin to esitamte it other then “old.” Her face is heavily lined from an exceptionally hard life, framed by stringy grey hair, and her dull green eyes seem nearly devoid of life, but for a burning resentment for life and everything involved with it. Dressed in little more then a few layers of rags and her feet bare and covered with dirt and old cuts and scrapes, she shuffles along, muttering to herself in Russian. Those who look closer may detect a seething anger burning underneath the outer shell of near-catatonia.

Cynthia Conners: "mmm" *she says as she watches the new commer* "this could be what im waiting for"

Ravyn: She mutters something under her breath, illegible to Cynthia from where she is, and attracts some of the homeless people's attention. She gestures to one of them, a teen of perhaps 14, 15 years old, holding out something shiny. The kid, smiling a little, reaches out to take it.

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia just watches hoping for a bloody end to her waiting*

Ravyn: 3,8,2,4,5,5,

Ravyn: As the kid reaches out, the homeless woman's body seems to ripple, and suddenly, it's a homeless woman no more. It's about eight feet tall, panther-like, covered in mangy fur, emaciated and with rows of sharp fangs and claws. A prehensile tail hangs down, and rabid foam drops from her large, fang-filled maw. Glowing yellow, cat-like eyes stare at the boy. With a gleful snarl, it swipes downward, tearing the boy's chest open.

Ravyn: 8,5,3,1,

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia sqeuals with excitment as she sees the Devorerer emerge and watches as the blood rains. Before running into the alley to confront it*

Ravyn: The other vagrants in the alleyway are so terror-stricken that they're unable to do more then scramble away. Unfortunately, the alley is a dead-end, and they're all trapped in it, as the montrous thing roars, stalking slowly toward them, savoring the fear coming from them.

Cynthia Conners: ((Can I make a int+legacy roll?))

Ravyn: By the time Cynthia gets there, the beast has begun the slaughter. Two more vagrants are on the ground, one diembowled and trying to struggle away, the onther one's head ripped off it's shoulders.

Ravyn: ((Sure.))

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia actually feels herself becoming excited as she watches it tear into the vagrants and assumes her own form*

Cynthia Conners: 1,9,5,

Cynthia Conners: ((okay she will spend a point of faith to assume her form))

Cynthia Conners: 2,6,7,2,3,8,

Cynthia Conners: *As she watches the slaughter Cynthia fades from being. Her hair turns jet black as shifting silver patterns cover her body. The worst part about her though is her eyes which show the darkness of the abyss.*

Ravyn: Cynthia recalls the creature's form...it's name is Onsetsu, the Stalker in Shadows. The Devourer who created the big cats and gave them the ability to hunt.

Onsetsu: 3,2,9,7,3,

Zagzagel: "Onsetu" *she says her voice a shrill screech as she moves closer, the smell of blood bringing back fond memories*

Onsetsu: It wheels, ignoring the screams of it's victims, as it feels another Apocalyptic Form revealed. Yellowed eyes glare banefully at ZagZagel, and it gives a warning growl.

Onsetsu: 8,9,1,7,3,9,

Onsetsu: "Zagzagel," the beast growls in it's deep, rumbling voice. "The Lord of Chains's minion is out to play?" A bit of a vicious smile appears on it's face as it moves forward, a hint of challenge in it's eyes.

Zagzagel: *A smile creeps across her face* "Im not here to stop your slaughter" *she says as she stops heading the warning* "Actually quite the opposite, I want to feel the blood and watch them squirm"

Zagzagel: *She smiles as she kneels down and picks up a scrap of flesh and bites into it* "And what would you know of my dear old masters wishes"

Onsetsu: It looks down as the disemboweled woman tries to crawl past Zagzagel, then back up to her, head tilted in a vaguely curious way. "I understand he is here, in this festering city. How...appropriate." It's lips peel back into a hideous grin. "And then, suddenly, here you are. How...interesting. I see you still enjoy the taste of flesh..."

Zagzagel: *Zagzagel stomps the crawling womans neck and smiles* "He left me in the abyss to rot Onsetsu, I am his puppet no more. I do not seek to conquer, I only wish to put an end to this pathetic mistake called creation"

Onsetsu: It gives a sound almost like a purr as she finishes the woman off. "Mmmmm. So you serve him no longer. Good for you. I do not respect those who would be slaves to others." It chuckles. "Welcome to New York, my dear. Care to join me?" It jerks it's head toward the shrieking homeless people, crushing each other in an attempt to get away.

Zagzagel: "Id love to" *She says as she walks forward towards the cowering mortals*

Onsetsu: A welcoming snarl, and it turns around, starting into the slaughter with reckless abandon.

Zagzagel: "Im am happy to have finally met a fallen who welcomes me with a feast" *She says as she strikes out to grab one of the homless people by the throat*

Zagzagel: *She grips the mans neck tightly watching as his breath shortens* "here I return the gift that your kind showed us so long ago" *she shrieks as she watches the mans life fade*

Onsetsu: It's utterly vicious, sometimes seeking to cause maximum pain while letting the person die slowly. Others, she is too bloodlusted to control herself, and they die almost instantly.

Zagzagel: *Zagzagel shrieks as the smell of blood fills her body and bites at the man gripping his ear in her teeth*

Zagzagel: *She jerks her head back trying to rip the mans ear from her head, licking the blood from her lips*

Onsetsu: Eventually, they do run out of victims, Onsetsu the ravaging animal to Zagzagel's more delibrate, feasting self. Onsetsu stares down at the carnage, covered in gore, and looks back at the Fiend.

Zagzagel: *Zagzagel walks over to Onsetsu and runs her hand through the matted fur* "You are beautiful" *she says as she licks the blood from her fingers*

Zagzagel: ((that is if Onsetsu will let her))

Onsetsu: It rumbles a little bit as Zagzagel touches it, neck muscles flexing as it keeps it's baleful eyes on the Fiend.

Zagzagel: "So are you interested in the destruction of this pitiful mistake, the end of our pain given to us unjustly by the creator" *she says as she continues to pet the deasised pather thing as if it were a persian kitten*
Onsetsu: It nods, snarling. "Everything is ruined. The beasts of the wild are dying out. If my creation cannot live, none of it shall."

Zagzagel: "I have found the information that may lead to the recovery of the soultaker" *she says with a vicious grin* "and with that this pathetic world will end"

Zagzagel: *bends down and reaches into one of the body littering the ground and pulls out the heart and bites it, letting the blood pour down her face* "much like the lives of these pathetic mortals"

Onsetsu: 3,7,8,9,5,9,

Onsetsu: "The Soultaker." It chuckles a little. "What do you know?"

Zagzagel: "Through the research ive done, I belevie that it may be in this area" *she says her voice a savage hiss* "With its destruction, after it is properly fueld by my dear old master, it will rain down destruction upon this world"

Onsetsu: It looks at the Fiend, considering as it gives a low purr. "How close are you to uncovering it's exact location?"

Zagzagel: "Not close enough" *she says the anger evident in her* "I need time and help to find its exact location"

Zagzagel: "Would you like to accompany me home Onsetsu, where we could dicuss this more, away from any possible prying eyes for if I saw you here its only a matter of time before that cunt baby death locates you as well" *she says as she pets the cat*

Onsetsu: It starts pacing a little bit, lightly growling as it considers. In it's True Form, it seems unable to remain still for long. "I will help as I can, of course. Releasing as many of our kind as we can will only further Creation's end. What do you need?"

Zagzagel: "Right now, allies" *she says with a hiss* "Besides you and all of your beauty the rest of the fallen I have met seem weak, still seeking to protect these vermin that abandoned us"

Zagzagel: *Cnythia takes another bite of the heart before tossing it against the wall* "so are there any others that you have met that share our feelings towards creation?"

Onsetsu: A hiss at the mention of Baby Death. "Agreed. The Minister of Eagles is a bit of a thorn in my side, though there is little she can do. I am the Minister of Lions, after all. Still, it is annoying to have her constantly trying to stop me." It wheels, staring at Zagzagel. "Allies we already are. Raveners stick together, after all." It grins in that viciously tooth way again.

Zagzagel: "Could you help to bring me into the court?" *she says her attention gained from the mention of the court* "Maybe help place me into a position of my own?"

Onsetsu: "There is one other. A Scourge. He will surely be willing to help."

Onsetsu: "The positions are all filled, but for the Minister of Dragons." He frowns. "The tyrant has kept that one open. It appears he is waiting for one in specific to fill that position. A Defiler who has yet to join the Courts."

Zagzagel: "mmmm. It will be delightful to meet him" *she says with a grin as she looks along the carnage still seeking to fill her hunger*

Zagzagel: "Maybe we should remove this defiler, from the playing field" *she says with a cackle*

Zagzagel: "So does the Tyrant know of your affiliation with the Raveners?"

Onsetsu: "If you wish to try, you may." It chuckles a little. "He is hardly a fighter, like most of his House. He hates the Courts, even, and is isolated from them, but for the Minister of Dusts and her pathetic Malefactor friend. Why the Tyrant wishes him to be our Minister of Dragons, I can't understand."

Onsetsu: "He is aware of my...opinions." A nod, as droplets of blood fall away. "He cares not, for he believes me to be controllable. Better I sate my hunger on the homeless then any that matter."

Zagzagel: "I have run into one other of our kind. He prances around in the body of a fashion model, the bastard dared to lay hands upon me" *she says with a growl*

Onsetsu: "That would be the Minister of Dusts." A snarl comes from his throat. "She and I have...met. Once, at least."

Zagzagel: "I am to meet this Minister of Dust soon to work out a truce, between us. I cant have a distraction pulling me away from my true intentions. So would you like to move this conversation to a more hospitable environment?" *she says with a smile*

Onsetsu: A nod. "Yes. Before someone else arrives would be good."

Zagzagel: *She smiles and allows her form to fade*

Onsetsu: He also fades, going back to the old homeless woman.

Cynthia Conners: *She leads her away from the carnage before flipping open her phone and calling her limo to pick her up* "Love when we get back to my home ill fix you up with some new clothes if you would like"

Iliana Potrekiev: She moves along, muttering both to herself and Cynthia. "No, thank you. I prefer the authenticity of my Host. Makes the humans easier to get close to."

Cynthia Conners: "Suit yourself love" *She says with a laugh* "Cynthia's wealth makes it easy to move through situations"

Cynthia Conners: *The limo comes about an hour after the call*

Iliana Potrekiev: She mutters in her heavily Russian-accented voice. "Iliana just wouldn't look right any other way. It's what she was born to be. A victim."

Cynthia Conners: ((off to ICQ))

Iliana Potrekiev: And they drive away from the scene, leaving the carnage there. ((GONE))