Ravyn: ((Okay, so for reference's sake, this is taking place last night, if I understand correctly?))

Tansy: d10: Dex+Preformance: 7,4,5,2,4,3,1,9,

Tansy: ((All those dice*Shakes head*))

Tansy: d10: Dream walking: 3,9,

Tansy: d10: Dream walking: 4,1,

Angel Hope: Angel curls closer to Nathanael, nestling her cheek against his shoulder with a soft sigh. One long leg curls over his, snuggling her body tightly against his side.

Ravyn: Tansy feels her mind expand slowly outward, filtering through the Tellurian, and creeping inexorably toward Angel's mind as she sleeps. Gently, it makes contact.

Tansy: As she feels her mind connect she makes her way to aly down amongst the pillows on the floor. Letting her mind go with a grin, she did it!

Angel Hope: Laughing, Angel sits at the base of a tall, brightly decorated Christmas tree, her legs curled to oneside beneath a very old fashioned white nightgown and loose lavender shawl. She's fussing idly with the packages beneath the sparkling tree, adjusting ribbons. Her pale face is glowing and the thick coil of her braid rests over one shoulder, curling in her lap, barely hiding the soft, full swell of her abdomen. "Nathanael! There's packages missing," she calls, laughing.

Tansy: Tansy Gapes at Angel, the voice is the same, but....a shake of her head this was after all Angel's dream, she must look different too, people perceptions are always different. She stays where she is for now. taking note of Angel's dream and......and the name. Another blink.

Angel Hope: Slowly, she pulls herself to her feet. Her attention is on the tree as she adjusts a string of lights, the fall of a strand of silvery tinsel.

Ravyn: "I know, my love...I was just on my way to get them." Nathanael comes into the room, in an white button-down shirt, rolled up to the sleeves, collar open, and a pair of black slacks. He's maybe 30, 35 years of age, tall and well-proportioned, with short black hair and a matching goatee. His eyes are a deep, dark green, skin a bronzed tan.

Ravyn: He stops short as he sees Tansy and smiles. "Hello, Tansy. How are you?"

Angel Hope: She smiles beautifully over at him, one hand smoothing over the curve of her womb. "And of course the one's Santa is going to bring aren't here yet. Nor are the ones for Tetra...I left those upstairs until Christmas morning."

Tansy: She takes a step back, from where she was placed in this dream, a slow lick of her lips. She let's her eyes wander over the place, she was looking for a location after all, and who this guy was. one down one to go.

Angel Hope: "T-tansy?" she blinks and turns slowly, her smile wide and lovely.

Tansy: Another blink towards Nathanael, her voice uncertain and unsure. "I am fine." trying to wrap her mind around the fact that Angele, yes.....Angel looks pregnant, remember this is a dream. A Smile to Angel. And well now more names.

Tansy: A glance to Nathanael before looking at Angel once more. "Hiya Angel my love." a nod to the tree. "It looks wonderful." that lop sidded grin.

Ravyn: He smiles and moves over to give Tansy a hug, wrapping warm arms around her. "It's good to see you, my dear. How have things been for you? Angel's missed you horribly...we both have."

Angel Hope: She draws the shawl around herself and brushes the heavy red braid behind her shoulder. "Thank you! Its a real Tree. Nathanael helped me pick it out...This way we can have a Yule log next year," she says, moving towards Tansy and Nathanael to insinuate herself in both of their arms.

Tansy: A repressed shudder and her face pales beyond what she can manage. "Things have been going. We have missed Angel oh so much as well." another look to Angel. Yes, her eyes show how much she has missed Angel despite, her wanting to vomit being near this man. A unsteady hug back to him, convincing herself to keep up appearances.

Tansy: She hugs Angel tightly to herself.

Angel Hope: She kisses Tansy's cheek softly and then tips her face up for Nathanael, her expression shining nad adoring.

Tansy: A smile to the cheek that Angel gives her and she flaters oh so slightly as she gives Angel's cheek a kiss in return, eyes glancing to Nathanael, before returning to Angel.

Ravyn: He smiles a little bit, and enfolds Angel into the hug easily. He holds it for a couple moments, and then steps away. "I will go get the other packages...you two ladies have your girl's talk. I will be right back." He turns and presses a gentle kiss to Angel's forehead, and moves to head elsewhere. "Can I get either of you ladies anything?"

Angel Hope: "Water please and a cookie," she asks, smiling, watching Nathanael as he slips away. Her fingers find Tansy's hand, curl with it.

Tansy: She relaxes at he moves off. "No....no thank you." She looks to Angel. "Come let us sit." She squeezes Angel's hand with her own.

Angel Hope: Smiling, she leads Tansy to one of the deep, soft couches and settles carefully, one hand managing her braid, pulling it over her shoulder as the other settles the nightgown. "i have missed you. I've missed you so much."

Ravyn: He heads off into another part of the house, disappearing.

Tansy: Her hand comes to where the swell of her own stomach usualy has been lately, and she smooths her shirt down with a hand and smiles to Angel as she sits down herself. "Eli and I have missed you so much as well." a loving gaze settles on Angels face. Despite her looking different. "It has been too long, for us all."

Angel Hope: "Eli..." She sighs. "You belong here. I don't know if he does. If he belongs in my life at all..." She shakes her head and then smiles again, shifting to settle against Tansy. "He treated me like a pet...Nathanael loves me."

Tansy: She wraps an arm around Angel settling Angel close to her. She runs her free hand down Angels cheek. A frown marring her brow. "I do not belong here sweetie, the twins, Eli that is where my life is, where yours should be." a sigh. "Why do you feel like you are a pet, you are not, Eli loves you." she glances to Angels stomach oh goddess Eli will NOT be happy if that is really true.

Angel Hope: "He doesn't respect me...Nathanael told me...Eli could have done this for me," she says, touching her cheek. "He could have done it without the pact...Just to make me smile. To make me happy but he didn't...And he could have made me prettier then he did. Nathanael did it just to make me smile."

Tansy: She looks at Angel, truely looks at her her hairs her beauty, everything. A slight shake of her head. "At the time, he didn;t have the power to do that for you, I know." a small smile. "Tried to get him to lengthen my hair, and he couldn't." a shrug of her shoulder. "But that is okay for me." she licks her lips, this was such a mess, she shoudl have made it.....not now. "You don;t love Eli anymore? Despite him doing the best he could for you?"

Angel Hope: "Did I say that," she asks softly, curling closer to Tansy, guiding the other's hands to the swell of her womb. "I love him and you. I miss you both so much but...I would miss Nathanael too...I think I'd break without him."

Tansy: Almost reluctant to touch Angel's stomach but she does. "No you didn't" her eyes are downcast. "Do you know where this home is located?"

Angel Hope: "No." she shakes her head and looks around happily. "Its beautiful though, isn't it? He lets me do what I like...Changes and what not." Her fingers curl over Tansy's.

Tansy: She looks up to Angel. "You have never left the house? in all of this time?" She runs her other hand not on Angels somach over her hair. "We mioss you too, we have been so worried for you, searching. Wanting you back in our lives. I love you, and I know you are a very strong woman."

Angel Hope: "I've been outside, Tansy." She laughs, leaning into the other's hand. "I'm not a prisoner. I just have no real want to go anywhere. There's always something to do around here. And Nathanael..."

Tansy: "And him what love?" she continuyes to run her hand over Angel's hair.

Angel Hope: She smiles, sighing happily. "We have picnics in the yard sometimes. When its not, you know, snowing. He's so gentle with me...So kind."

Tansy: A thought somes to her. Her eyes gentle as she looks at Angel, into her eyes. "I love you Angel, and soon we shall be all together once more." she drops a kiss on her cheek.

Angel Hope: "I love you too, baby," she says, blinking, turning to kiss Tansy softly on the lips.

Tansy: She returns the kiss to Angel, tears sting the back of her eyes. she pulls back, resting her head against Angels. "I should get back to the twins."

Angel Hope: "Already?" She blinks and bites her bottom lip to keep it from trembling. "But...You just got here Tansy. Stay? Please? I'll...I'll make us some hot cocoa and we can watch the snow..."

Ravyn: He comes back into the room, bringing some packages along under one arm, the water and cookie on a tray in the other hand. "You're leaving so soon, Tansy?" He's smiling warmly, under his raised eyebrow. There's definite warmth there, toward the mage. He hands Angel the tray, and moves to set the gifts under the tree.

Angel Hope: She takes the tray with shaking hands, looking away from Tansy as she sets it down on the table, brown eyes open wide.

Tansy: She nods her head. "I know I just got here." she tilts her head to the side running a hand down Angels cheek." and as much as I would love to stay and do those things with you, with the twins in tow. To laugh and play and enjoy ourselves I..." she licks her lips, conflict, longing to stay for just a bit longer, it has been so long since she had seen her.

Angel Hope: "I miss you," she says softly,not looking back at Tansy, her lips quivering.

Tansy: She looks to Nathanael, and back to Angel. a smile to Angel. "I shall be back soon, maybe bring the twins for you to see them."

Ravyn: "You have time, Tansy," he says with a smile. "The twins are fine. Please, if you would stay, I would much appreciate it..."

Ravyn: ((I=we))

Tansy: She wraps her arms around Angel. "I miss you so much as well."

Angel Hope: She clutches at Tansy's hands, leaning into her. "Just stay with us please...Just for a while. Please, Tansy."

Ravyn: ((Spending 2 Faith on upcoming roll))

Ravyn: d10: Empathic Response: 8,7,7,10,2,3,7,

Tansy: d10: Awareness: 3,2,1,9,6,

Tansy: She shakes her head. "No I do not have much time. I would like to stay with ~You~ Angel. be with ~you~ for a while longer. Something.....She looks around. "I need to go, I will return Angel, I swear to it." she moves to stand up.

Tansy: ((After longer there should be a "))

Angel Hope: "Tansy..." Its almost a wail and Angel claps her hands over her mouth, staring at the other, tears in her eyes.

Ravyn: "Tansy, please." He looks to her, smiling warmly. "Believe me when I say...everything is fine. Your children are fine at home...there's nothing you need to be worried about. Stay with us for a while...I think we have much to discuss."

Tansy: Her eyes looks sad to Angel as she looks to her. "I love you Angel."She heads for the door, she needs to not let her see her just vanish from the dream. She looks back to Nathanael. A hand goes to her forhead rubbing it the other absently goes to her abdomen, struggling with something.

Angel Hope: "Tansy..." She bites her lips and blinks, tears rolling down her slim, pale cheeks as she struggles to her feet, hands held out for the other woman. "Please stay...I need you."

Tansy: She nods her head slowely, dropping both of her hand so now they are wrapped around her stomach. "Your right, everything should be okay." what was she doing leaving now when she has this great opertunity to be with Angel?

Angel Hope: "Thank you!" She smiles suddenly, brightly, the remnants of tears on her cheeks as she hurries to Tansy's side, one and holding the bottom of her abdomen, craddling the weight of it, the other outstretched.

Ravyn: His expression brightens when Tansy says she'll stay, and he nods. "Wonderful. Shall we all take a seat and get comfortable?" He puts an arm around Angel, comforting and soothing.

Tansy: She leans against Angel, a pang of saddess as she looks down to Angel's stomach. post-pardum depression? wait a moment. "Yes get Angel off her feet, she needs to rest."

Angel Hope: She smiles beautifully, drawing Tansy with her as she leans back into her beautiful Nathanael. "I love you tansy...And you Nathanael."

Tansy: "I love you to Angel." she says always confident on that issue. A look to Nathanael, common let's go and sit down, get you off your feet."

Ravyn: "That was my hope," he says with a chuckle, steering Angel to the couch, so they can sit. A beatific smile, truly adoring, goes to Angel. "I love you too, dear Beauty." He helps her to take a seat.

Angel Hope: She sits with a sigh and a slow exhale, pulling Nathanael down behind her so she can curl against him though her eyes are all for Tansy. "I don't know how you did it with two...One is hard."

Tansy: Once Angel is sitting she will sit on one side so that Nathanael can sit on Angel's other side. A hand resting on Angel's thigh as she sits to that she can see both of them. A leg tucked up on the couch. A smile "I sometimes thought I wouldn't but I remembered everything my mother did for me, and I knew I could do it."

Angel Hope: "This is all me. I won't be anything like my mother." She shakes her head and smiles softly, leaning into Nathanael's chest. "And Nathanael will help..."

Ravyn: He rests next to Angel, an arm resting around Angel's shoulders and the other hand on Angel's abdomen, listening quietly as they talk.

Tansy: She nods her head. "But you remember the story of the roses, and what I told you about mine." her smile one of complete adoration for her mother. "I would do the same for my children. As I know you would for yours as well."

Angel Hope: She nods. "Yeah...I do 'member." She plays her fingers along the back of Nathanael's hand where it rests on her abdomen. "I'd do the same for the twins to." She shrugs and shifts a bit, pulling her braid out from behind her.

Ravyn: "So, Tansy..." He tilts his head, looking to her with a smile. "How are you doing? Really, honestly."

Tansy: A smile. "I know you would just I I would do what I could for your child, or any child. As I know you would do the same." she runs Angel's thigh comforting her as well as Tansy herself. "Tired, frazzled, worried, scared, my patience has worn thin." a shrug of her shoulder, looking up to Nathanael. "All of the every day things, that I seem tohave come to the conclusion are normal."

Angel Hope: "It doesn't have to be normal, Tansy. You can be happy and healthy and loved without all the strings..."

Ravyn: "I'm sorry that you feel this is the case, Tansy," he says, quite sincerely, it seems. A small wrinkle forms on his forehead, one of concern. "Why do you feel this way?"

Tansy: She shakes her head. "No it will always be a normal thing." that lop sided grin. "No strings there, my choices have made it so. And I have come to see that my decisions although my own, have made my life difficult, I am not complaining mind you, it has taught me lots of caution."

Angel Hope: She nods slowly, sighing, reaching down to trace the back of Tansy's hand as well.

Tansy: "There is many things that make me feel this way. A lot of it is entwined with the Twins, but also Angel and wanting to know that she is okay."

Angel Hope: "I'm fine! Honest. I'm right here, Tansy," she says, laughing softly, blinking at the other.

Ravyn: "Well, I don't mean to presume to speak for her...but Angel is doing well, I'd like to think." He smiles, though it's brief. "My concern, Tansy, is that I think you see your relationship with Elijah to be much more equitable then it actually is."

Tansy: She nods her head. "But we didn't know. Nothing. You have changed a lot, and we have had no clue if you were okay or not.You knew you were, but we didn't."

Angel Hope: "I'm sorry about that Tansy. Its just been busy. Trying to turn this big old cold house into a home..."

Tansy: She smiles to Nathanael, a slight laugh. "Then you donot know me, we have our moments, but that is it."

Tansy: She pats Angels thigh once more. "Home isn;t a place, it is wherever your heart, your love truly is. It could be a cold street corner, a park bensh, as long as the person, or person;s you love are with you, that is what makes it home."

Angel Hope: "Its not that Tansy...Its..." She shrugs and glances up at Nathanael, smiling adoringly. "Its not just about the house its about..." She shrugs. "It is about love."

Ravyn: "No, no, Tansy...it's more then that." He looks to her. "It's far more then moments, Tansy. Eli, like most who still follow Lucifer, views mortals as lower then them. Like people who are less then they are. People to be used, guided. People who's opinions do not matter. I know that at best, he tolerates your opinions...when they are inconveniant to him, he ignores them or puts you in your place. I think you'll remember certain instances where this has occured...a certain bathroom visit, for one?" He sighs. "I'm not saying that he does not love you, in his way...but what he feels is not true love. Not the way I intended love to be."

Tansy: "He loves all mortals equally. There were times when he did do some of what you say, but we ended up working things out." she grins. "That bathroom incident, got worked out, that same day, later on albit, we both have strong wills, but we both know what is best for the children and for our home. And his love for me is different than thatof how he fee;s towards others, I have talked with him about this before." could be be right doubts linger in the back of her head, her words not sounding as strong as they normally would. "Angel that is exactally what I said. It is about the love, it is about all of the people you love being together, with you, no matter what the situation."

Angel Hope: "This is my home Tansy...If you were here, and Eli it would be even more my home." She shrugs and turns her head to kiss Nathanael's chin softly.

Tansy: She tries to hard to keep the smile on her face. "So Our home, the other house, isn;t your home anymore?"

Ravyn: "That's just one incident, Tansy." He shakes his head, sadly. "Eli has gotten you to accept what he wants you to accept. Believe me, my dear...I know how good he is at doing so. Do you notice how many people he has angered, who always seem to forgive him? It's not always because he is just misunderstood. He is very skilled at making people believe what he wants them to believe. Even you." He pauses, looking torn at even bringing the next topic up, but he evidently feels he must. "He leaves you alone in the house, for long periods of time, without protection. He is, I'm afraid, far more concerned with himself then he is with those around him. Love is not selfish. Love is giving yourself to others."

Angel Hope: "I..."She blinks and frowns softly, drawing Nathanael's arm more tightly around her. "It is but...This is home to...I..."

Ravyn: He squeezes his arm around Angel, gently and lovingly, in a show of support. Of course this is her home.

Tansy: The smiles falters and is gone. Shaking her head. "You have been watching the house, you only know from what you are interpreting to be the truth." she tries to hard to make her words sound true, strong. A look to Angel. "Your love for him, is not the same then as it is for Eli and myself?" she looks from Angel to Nathanael.

Angel Hope: "Tansy I love you and Eli, you know that..."

Tansy: "I love my mother, but not in the same way that I am in love with you, there are different types of love."

Angel Hope: "Its all mixed up...I want to be with all of you," she whispers, pressing her lips together, eyes pained.

Tansy: This is somethgi9ng she is confident in. "Deep down you do know. There are people who attract you sexually, who might have something in common with you, so you do things together. But that is not love, it is longing, lust, liking. But not that deep seeded no matter what happens you will always love that person, always be with that person, Love."

Angel Hope: "Tansy I...I want to make a home for him!"

Ravyn: "Tansy, I'm not speaking about this as a mere observer, interpreting what I see. I speak as a fellow among Eli's people...among the former Host. I speak as someone who, as much as he loves Eli, worries about how he treats the mortals around him. And will express such concerns honestly, before thinking of Eli first. My first thought is for Angel, and for you. And your children." He pauses. "And I speak as someone who understands love, perhaps better then anyone else, to be arrogant."

Tansy: "Why?" she watches her a sad look in her own eyes, confusion still written on her face. "Because he has given you a child? Because he does little things for you? Do you feel this deeper, non-physical, non-emotional otherworldly bond with him?"

Angel Hope: "Nathanael," she asks, voice plaintive as she turns her head to stare at him, confusion writ across her pale face.

Tansy: ((Hold on phone call))

Ravyn: "Because I do not own her, Tansy." His voice is calm, and he looks down to Angel, an adoring, supportive smile on his face, before he looks back up. "I love her unconditionally. I make her feel safe...I make her feel strong. I love her in ways that most people cannot comprehend. She is a beautiful, wondrous creature, both inside and, now, out. She is not a pet to me. I would never form a pact so that I could siphon off her Faith like so much currency, in return for gifts. My gifts come without condition, without expectation of payment. And I give them only because they are the things that she deserves to have, not in return for her love or admiration."

Angel Hope: ((Pauses whilst Snow is on phone)

Tansy: ((Okay done))

Angel Hope: "He just loves me Tansy," she murmurs softly, lps quivering. "Like you do."

Tansy: Even more addness on her face in her eyes when Angel looks to Nathanael. "Can you not speak your own mind? You look to him for confirmation, if what he says is true then you do know your own mind and know how you feel." tears start gathering in her eyes. "I made the Pact to be safe, it is for protection. Eli, if he doesn;t that I do not know he does, it is something that I do not need. I didn't ask to look pretty, I didn;t ask for anything, he offered his protection, and he has been protecting me and the babies."

Ravyn: "And does he protect you, Tansy? Or does he go out at night, every night, and leave you alone?"

Tansy: "This isn;t about me sweetie, it is about what you feel, like I sad back at the Hotel, you need to know your own heart before you can give it to others."

Angel Hope: "Tansy, I don't know what to say. I feel like you're asking me to make a choice. And I won't. I love you. Deeply. I love Eli too...but I also love Nathanael and I promised him that I wouldn't leave him...That I'd keep him rooted..."

Tansy: Her tears falling soundlessly down her cheeks as she looks to Nathanael, she shakes her head not trusting her voice right now. Although the shake of her head isn;t as adament as it usually would be, more of a jerky shake, like she really doesn;t want to shake her head in denial.

Tansy: She sounds like she just might sob, as she speak swallowing several times to keep it down as she says. "But you cannot keep him here without giving him your faith, but you have already made a pact, with Eli, they can only remain here with faith from others."

Angel Hope: She looks up at Nathanael at that, fear sliding into her eyes. "No...That's...Nathanael?"

Ravyn: "Tansy..." He sighs, his expression truly sad at making the girl feel this pain. "It is not my intention to hurt you. But Eli made the pact in such a way that he can be very vague about how he enforces it...at the same time, he can say he is taking steps to protect you. However, do you really think that you are safe, when you are alone at home, and Eli is out doing what we all know he is doing?" He bites his lip for a moment. "And...I hesitate to mention it...but there are more...nefarious ends of the pact. Ones he surely has yet to mention."

Tansy: She nods her head to Angel." unless he is taking the faith from them without their concent, he would have to make a pact with someone to get faith to stay here." teary bleary eyes looks to Nathanael. This time the shake of her head is stronger, she has been told she knows.

Angel Hope: "But..." She blinks and turns as best she can to stare up at Nathanael, fingers curling in his shirt.

Ravyn: "That is not...entirely true," he says with a shake of his head. "I can remain here without a pact. I have never had one, and I would never enforce a pact on someone. That creates a Master-Slave relationship, and I do not like to see such a thing in others, much less abide it in myself. I have remained, and will remain, without such a pact. Instead, I gain Faith from helping others, letting them see my Divinity, experience hope."

Angel Hope: She relaxes at Nathanael's words and sags against him, one hand curling over her womb. "See, Tansy...See...He wouldn't hurt anyone," she mumbles.

Tansy: "Reaping it from them, you mean, that is what it is called. Some pay people, some give them jobs, in exchange for their faith to stay here, but it is all the same, you take it."

Ravyn: "Tansy..." He smiles to the mage, shaking his head. "I do not think Eli has explained things to you as well as you believe. Has he told you, for example, about Ravaging?"

Tansy: She swallows, hard. Staring at him, her silence more than an answer.

Angel Hope: "I..." She makes a soft sound and pushes herself up...Away from them both, her body swaying, hand pressing against her abdomen briefly before she moves back to the tree to fiddle with the ornaments.

Ravyn: He nods, sadly. He doesn't seem to want to bring it up, but he feels he has to. "Ravaging is one of the...darker aspects of a pact. The Master of a pact can take more Faith then you normally give to him. It is there in case of emergencies...or sometimes, as a way to enforce loyalty and dominance. To...show Thralls their place, as some Fallen may refer to it as. It is...not a pleasant experience, for the Thrall."

Tansy: Something clicks into place something he said, Eli's words washing over her the pain of his hands gripping her shoulders. "He.....wouldn't....he....no." a shake of her head words sounding so conflicting, unsure, worried.

Angel Hope: Tinsle is moved from branch to branch, adjusted as she also moves ornaments, shuffling slowly around the tree, singing Silent Night softly under her breath.

Ravyn: "I've heard that from many a Thrall, my dear. And it always ends up happening. Elijah would not do it to one who was carrying his children...but to one who is no longer, it is always possible." He looks at her, sadly. "This is why I would never create a pact with someone. And do not even take my word for it. Ask another Fallen. Not Elijah...not Victor. Ask Thomas. He would tell you the truth about Ravaging, I think."

Tansy: New tears spring to her eyes, she is going to breask down in sobs she sits there lightly trembling, more words to her things siad washing over her mind. She nods her head. Agreeing to what part of what he said, who knows.

Angel Hope: Angel continues moving about the tree, still singing softly.

Tansy: "He....he doesn;t want you to have Angel.....why hasn;t he done this to her then?" it is shakily said, she swallows hard.

Angel Hope: "Because he didn't want to make me prettier then him...Because he wanted me to look like something that could belong to him but not like I could be his equal," she murmurs softly.

Angel Hope: ((DLP! I read that wrong!))

Ravyn: He moves over next to Tansy on the couch, putting a warm, soothing hand on her shoulder. "Do not worry so. I tell you this only to help you understand. This is not the end of the world. Believe me...I've seen what was close to that, before. I can try to make it all right for you, and your children. And Angel." He looks over to Angel, smiling adoringly her way.

Angel Hope: Hearing her name she glances back towards the couch, meeting Nathanael's smile with one of her own, still singing.

Tansy: "There is no way to break the pact.....and if what you say is true, then he.." he was going to say something. "Then he can and will do that if, it somes down to it later on." she feels so used, all that time of being told she was the one decieving and manipulating him, and he was doing it to her.

Ravyn: "Because, Tansy. Once you Ravage someone for the first time, it changes the relationship. Right now, Eli can control you both through his words and his emotions. Ravaging introduces fear into a relationship. And then, things become more complex." He looks to Tansy. "And a pact, Tansy, need not last forever."

Angel Hope: She quiets and drifts back towards the couch, frowning. This was news to her.

Tansy: She curses in Romani. Berating herself as well in that other language. As the tears fall, she puts her hands to her face covering her eyes as her shoulders shake. "Oh Goddess." the one thing siad in english.

Angel Hope: Her fingers touch Nathanael's cheek and then she moves to Tansy, wrapping her arms around her, holding her tightly.

Ravyn: He's quiet, watching them both. Letting them be each other's support.

Tansy: She wraps her arms around Angel, softly crying, she takes this opertunity to wisper something to Angel before looking to Nathanael. "I will find a way, I know that I do not have the skills to do ...." she looks down then back to him. "There has to be a way."

Angel Hope: "You need to stay with us, Tansy," she murmurs softly.

Ravyn: He sighs, sadly. "Unfortunately, I don't see this as an option." He looks to Tansy. "Elijah is looking for me, isn't he? For Angel, rather, more specifically."

Tansy: She shakes her head to Angel. "Eli has told me that he doesn't know whathe would do if I was taken from him. we cannot risk anything for the twins sakes, for our sakes." it is said fearfully a huccup as she has cried so much.

Tansy: She nods her head. "Yes he is, several people are, searching for her."

Angel Hope: "I...But its almost Christmas and...If you were looking for me so hard why didn't you find me before?"

Tansy: She looks up at Angel, she nibbles on her lower lip hopw not to tell her how long it really has been and keep this a dream. She doesn;t know how to deal with anything anymore.

Ravyn: "Angel...Tansy has contacted us via a dream," he says, gently. "A dream I hope is reality by the time Christmas comes, to be sure...but this is a dream." He presses a kiss to Angel's forehead, soft and gentle. "It has not been as long as the dream makes it think. All is well, my love."

Angel Hope: She blinks slowly and looks down, hands craddling her abdomen, saddness filling her face. A loss that's so deep it aches. "oh.."

Tansy: She looks to Nathanael. Saddness washes over her. "I would think you would need to reconsider that. Your child will be hunted down, if you concieved." she shakes her head. "Just like mine are." She wraps her arms once more around Angel. "This is the only way I knew of to speak to you, to see you."

Angel Hope: "Its okay, Tansy," she whispers, leaning into the other woman. "I miss you so much."

Ravyn: "There is quite the difference, Tansy. Angel does not have other friends who are so knowledgable about the Fallen and so...prejudicial."

Tansy: "I miss you as well." she says to Angel. She had the thought, of knowing that he knew in the back of her head. "But still be very careful. Learn from my inexperiance."

Angel Hope: "I've never been able to get pregnant Tansy...So really..."She pauses, lips quivering. "Its just a dream..."

Ravyn: "What is past, is not necessarily the future." He says it to Angel, but it carries to both of the mortals.

Tansy: "When the timming is right, you will." she sounds so certain of this. "It only took once for me."

Angel Hope: "It.." she trails off and shakes her head slowly. "Its okay. I...Be careful Tansy."

Ravyn: He looks to Tansy. "I will look out for you, Tansy...attempt to ensure your safety. As you now know, my name is Nathanael. Do not be afraid to call upon me, if you require. Although, for obvious reasons, I would appreciate it if you did not make mention of me to Elijah. His jealousy knows little bounds, and I do not doubt he would bring all of his associates down upon me."

Tansy: She nods her head. "I will work and do my best to be, I have to be, for the greater good." She nods to him. "Okay."

Angel Hope: Angel bites her lips and steps back to Nathanael's side. "Please don't tell Eli. For my sake?"

Tansy: "No one knows that I have done this.....I was alone, so no one will know what I have done." she says.

Ravyn: He nods. "Thank you, Tansy. You are a wonderful person, and your help is much appreciated. I will see you safe, I promise this."

Angel Hope: "You have a home here Tansy...If you ever want it."

Tansy: She swallows. "Eli knows that I was going to try something." she looks to Nathanael. "You need to ward yourselves, so that when I.....I might be asked to do what I can, and if so then I will not be able to. that way I can truly say that I couldn;t reach her." A soft smile, still feeling horrible, queasy in her stomach.

Tansy: "Thank you Angel, but if something happenes...I should go somewhere else, somepleace only I know about."

Angel Hope: "But..."She blinks at Tansy, lips quivering. "You'd be safe with us."

Ravyn: He nods. "Tetra can do this for me. It will not be a difficulty. Some advance warning, though, would be appreciated."

Tansy: She looks sadly at Angel. "In a way I would, but there are extenuating circumstances, I am different." she looks to Nathanael and nods her head. "I can try, although invoking someone still will give them a heads up if I tried to warn you before hand and they were around, but I will do my best. I will."

Angel Hope: she blinks away tears and turns, burrowing her face against Nathanael's chest.

Ravyn: He nods. "Of course. We will figure out a way." He pets Angel's hair, soothingly. "Everything will be all right."

Tansy: Fresh tears spring to her eyes, so much that could be said to explain things, but she can't, she knows the rules.

Tansy: She nods her head to what Nathanael says, swallowing hard. "Yes."

Angel Hope: She cries softly, sounding like her heart was shattering, clinging to Nathanael, her face pressed to the solid wall of his chest.

Tansy: She bows her head closing her eyes. "I love you Angel. Be safe, as I will work to be safe as well."

Angel Hope: Angel curls her fingers tight in nathanael's shirt and muffles a scream of anger and pain against the man's chest, unable and utterly unwilling to look at Tansy.

Ravyn: "She is not leaving forever, my love. Just going away, for now. At least now, you know you can speak to her, when you need. Through dreams...yes?"

Angel Hope: She nods, shoulders jerking.

Tansy: She shoulders shake as she holds back fresh sobs, her eyes closing once again. She nods her head. "I can try and come back, if she would like."

Angel Hope: "Please," she whispers, finaly peeling away from the other's chest, her voice thick, raw.

Ravyn: He lets her go without reservation, watching the two of them with a gentle smile.

Tansy: "I will see you both, again, soon." she says her voice choking she needed to say the words. "I will come back to see you." she looks at Angel and then moving with an agility she hasn;t known in months she wraps her arms around Angel kissing her face and in between in Romani saying. "As the drteam began so let it end."

Angel Hope: Angel clings to Tansy, staring into her eyes. Loving, sad...terrified of loosing the other.

Ravyn: He nods, watching Tansy as she goes.

Tansy: And Tansy fades from the dream, like she was never there.

Angel Hope: A sob breaks her throat as Tansy fades from her arms.

Ravyn: He moves to Angel, wrapping arms around her from behind, kissing her scalp. "She's not gone. She will be back. It will be all right, I promise."

Angel Hope: "I do love her," she says brokenly, curling her arms over Nathanael's as he holds her. "And this....I want this," she murmurs, stroking her hands over her abdomen, her body pressing back into his.

Ravyn: "I know. And I want you to have everything. It will all be figured out, dear Beauty."

Angel Hope: She nods slowly. "I love you."

Tansy: ((Okay I am out of here, *S* thank for the awesome scene))

Angel Hope: ((thank you hon!*HUG*))

Ravyn: "I love you, too, Angel." A smile, and he squeezes her, gently.

Ravyn: ((*Hugs to all*))