Lydia Malandra: ((appears))

Elijah Phillips: (is green)

Lydia Malandra: (is blood - Muahahahaha!)

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Has claims on Red Crimson, and...))

Jarod Freeman: ((Has claims on Purple Rosy. *G*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli struts up to the designated meeting place with Victor, grinning like a schoolboy.

Cameron Gerard: ((In that case I'll be blue unless there are any objections?))

Jarod Freeman: ((Which just changed to pure purple, since Purple Rosy is a lot like blood. :P))

Elijah Phillips: (for the record, vic-p is sicker than hell. He says to assume that vic is here and silent. he'll hop on if need be.)

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The place that has been set up for the meeting is actually an exceptionally non-descript house in Melrose, and area in the South Bronx. Not the nicest of neighborhoods, by any stretch of the imagination. The house is a little run-down, like most on the block, but the street is mostly deserted, making for easily unnoticed arrivals. Baby Death is already in the sparse living room, which pretty much just has lawn chairs, several ashtrays around, and a few bottles of alcohol. She's sitting in a chair when the first people arrive. ((DD coming, for those unfamiliar))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: What’s this...a Neil Gaiman character come to life? Might as well be...if they were casting the part of Death in a Sandman movie, she would certainly be it. She stands at about 5’9”, maybe 110-115 pounds. Black hair and white-face certainly give the slightly tacky illusion of a corpse...the hallmark of the gothic lifestyle, of course. She’s really got the look down, right to the curly-Q drawn in eyeliner coming from the outside corner of the right eye. She’s dressed in a black tank-top, matching jeans, hip-huggers, and Doc Martins. A black girl’s formal jacket and a parasol completes the look, along with black lipstick. Her eyes, a soft brown, carry a keen intelligence and a biting wit, as well as a deep, deep sadness at something unsaid. Goth girls of the world, unite! Here is your Queen!

Elijah Phillips: Eli struts up and knocks on the door

Lydia Malandra: Arrives in a 'nondescript' limousine. ((*G*))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She gets up and moves to the door, opening it for Eli and Victor. "Hey, you two. C'mon in. The rest should be here real soon." She looks up as the limo approaches, smirking and shaking her head a little.

Lydia Malandra: The woman is breathtaking. At once tall and proud, but with a delicate air that makes her seem willowy. Her clothes are the absolute finest, suggesting affluence. Her skin is a creamy mocha, mahogany hair trails in intricate braids to the small of her back, and amber eyes settle over you with a compelling interest in your story. Most people find her easy to talk to (Good Listener Merit) and often open their souls to her. Those who watch late night television may recognize her as the host of the unreality show, Beyond (Fame 3).

Cameron Gerard: Looks at his watch and sighs, this is the place. he turns into the street running a hand through his hair he walks down the street looking at the numbers to find the right house.

Elijah Phillips: Eli’s frame is tall and slender, very appropriate for the fashion industry. Towering at 6’3” the boy appears as a collage of glitz and glamour. His brightly colored platinum hair is generally sculpted in a faux grunge look, far too calculated to compete with Cobain. His skin is well tanned and overly pampered, gracing him with a spectacular complexion. Although he’s in his early twenties, he still holds a baby faced pout to his lips that is somehow more seductive than innocent, aiding him with a smile that could make a nun blush. Bright emerald eyes ogle curiously from behind his elaborate eye makeup, done usually in black and silver. Both arms are covered in tattoo sleeves that extend all the way to his elbow, most of it being flame work or trendy tribal symbols, all done in black or grayscale. It’s obvious that the boy craves attention, and he usually gets it. (appearance 4, seductive)

Lydia Malandra: The driver gets her door and takes her hand, helping her out of the vehicle. She has a brief word with him and he gets back in the limo and drives off. She looks slowly around. Wonderful part of town they selected for this little get together.

Cameron Gerard: Cameron is 5 foot 9 with hair that reaches down to his shoulders and is deep blue with green & paler blue highlights running through. His eyes seem to change varying anywhere from pail blue to deep green. His voice is American but it’s beautifully soft and calming, you just want to listen to him while he’s talking, the words just seem to matter less. He’s fairly muscular though not so much so as to make him unattractive, actually it suits him quite well. He has broad shoulders and a strong but friendly face that might even be called handsome, he’s not bad looking but it’s more the way he moves he seems to flow through his movements. He wears a black trench coat that stretches all the way down and almost brushes the ground, he has a wrist band on his right arm and a black short sleeved shirt with barbs depicted running up and down it, that’s open showing a deep blue water T-shirt. He has on a pair of black jeans that are held up by a belt, clipped onto the belt is a stainless steal thermos flask.

Lydia Malandra: She strolls up to the house. ((per + alert))

Lydia Malandra: 4,6,8,5,6,

Cameron Gerard: 7,7,9,5,

Jarod Freeman: He makes his way out from the backyard of one of the empty homes across the street from the house, heading over to the house. His eyes scan the area, noting the limo, and then look to the house as he approaches. ((Walking into view is a young man, blessed by God with natural great looks. He has a very "pretty-boy" face, vaguely remniscent of Jared Leto with his well-defined facial structure and big blue eyes. He is just a little bit lanky, though he tries to stay physically fit, and it shows underneath his black turtleneck, leather trenchcoat, and blue jeans. His hair, a shoulder-length platinum blonde, hangs free and unfettered. He walks the confidance of a man who knows who he is and what he wants.))

Cherry Matthews: She tried to be inobvious on her arrival there, being dropped off by cab a couple of blocks down from the designated location and walking the rest of the way. Her cane making a stark contrast in the night as any light reflectys off the cane for 100 feet. She is dressed in jean hip hugges that look like they might just fall off what there is of her hips and a tank top in black. Sandals grace her feet, and are more of an aftertought than anything else. ((If you need a DD PM me.))

Elijah Phillips: 8,5,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She holds the door open for Lydia to walk in. "Love your show." A little wink to the woman, and she waits for Cameron, Jarod, and Cherry to make their way in, as well.

Cameron Gerard: He picks out the right house, and ah, Vic, well if the number didn't give it away that certainly did, a slight grin, a nod to vic. so many other people about aswell, hmm, oh well. He walks towards the door.

Elijah Phillips: Though he's not entirely oblivious of his surroundings, Eli takes a moment to admirs his shiny shoes.. rather than notice the envoy of people coming toward the house.

Elijah Phillips: He struts through the entrance with a girlish giggle looking around the place "Love.. always knew you had class.."

Lydia Malandra: "Thank you," she says with a grin, stepping inside.

Lydia Malandra: Nods to the few there she recognizes.

Jarod Freeman: He moves up to the door, just behind Cameron, and steps inside after him with a quick look around. The expression on the man's face is calm, maybe a hint of a smirk, as he nods to Baby, then grins to Eli. "Hey, you."

Elijah Phillips: He flitters a flirty wave to Jarod "Hey there, sexy."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She giggles a little to Eli. "Don't I, though? The meeting room's just off to the right, everyone, make yourselves comfy."

Lydia Malandra: She heads to the meeting room, looking over the 'chairs'. "Love what you've done with such a modest budget."

Elijah Phillips: He gives an excited squeal and makes his way to the meeting room.. giggling at the lawn chairs "Well.. guess that's one way to do it.." He leans up against a far wall, close to the guitar case toting Victor.

Cherry Matthews: She takes a deep breath up[on approach of the house, aaah that malicious looking grin comes to her face. She nods to Baby as she heads up, and to Jarod as well. She waits to be the last one entering the house unless Jarod offers his arm to her. Once inside she moves along the walls and squats down folding up her cane. Once might think of someone waiting and watching their prey but she is comfortable.

Jarod Freeman: A grin to Eli and a nod to Lydia, then Cherry. He looks Cameron over a moment, then nods to him before moving to take a seat in one of the plastic chairs.

Elijah Phillips: Eli extends a dainty hand to cameron "Oooo, fresh meat. Vic's told me about you, love.. you must be cameron."

Cameron Gerard: He walks in an looks around, a half smile across his face, and he looks around taking off his trench coat he hangs it over the back of a chair and then sits down in it.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Well, when you don't have the bucks, you do whatcha can," she grins to both Eli and Lydia, and smiles to Cameron, Jarod and Cherry, the last few in. "C'mon, ladies and gentlemen. Off to the parlor...said the spider to the flies, or some such shit." Once everyone's inside, she closes the door and moves over to the living room, taking a seat.

Lydia Malandra: She remains on her feet, staying away from the windows, but close to the door.

Lydia Malandra: "Ah, Cherry. Glad to see you survived the purging of the courts."

Lydia Malandra: She returns Jarod's nod with a sort of dreamy smile.

Cameron Gerard: He returns the nod, a slight grin to jarod before turning to eli. "Uh, yeah." slightly taken a back, he takes the hand and shakes it lightly "Pleased to meet you."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Once everyone's in, she sighs, and looks up at Eli, then over to Jarod. She stands up, and looks around. "Before I start this meeting...for security's sake. Does anyone here mind me sealing the house, so there's no scrying in or out?"

Elijah Phillips: He gives a grin to cameron, then jarod "Oooo.. a shy one. This is gonna be FUN." A girlish giggle.

Cherry Matthews: Her head moves to look at Lydia. "I wouldn;t have had it any other way sweetie." there is that malicious grin on her face. "Just one of those lucky things I was with y'all in LA."

Lydia Malandra: "A reasonable precaution," she agrees with BD.

Lydia Malandra: Cherry> "Nor would I."

Cherry Matthews: She looks over to Baby. "Go for it hun."

Cameron Gerard: "Sounds like a good plan." he nods.

Jarod Freeman: "Works for me." He nods to Baby Death.

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods to baby. "Knock yourself out, love. I don't mind."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: A little nod, and she closes her eyes for a moment, focusing her efforts as she wards off the house. ((Lore of Portals 2))

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives an elaborate stretch, stepping out from the wall. He arches his back in a playful preen and lets his beautiful eyes drift over cameron's features. Shamelessly.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 6,2,7,8,8,8,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((If y'all want to, you can roll Awareness, though you do all of course know she's doing it))

Cherry Matthews: While Baby does her thing she listens to the silence that ensues. Head moving about listening to everything around.

Cameron Gerard: Cameron cocks his head to eli as if to say 'yes? what is it?'

Elijah Phillips: Eli flitters a bat of his glittery lashes to Cameron "Nothing, love.." A tiny giggle, and he makes a slow strut about the room, unable to sit still.

Lydia Malandra: Glances at Baby as she invokes her powers, then smirks a bit at Eli and Cameron.

Cameron Gerard: He shrugs "Suit yourself." sitting back in the chair looking around the group.

Elijah Phillips: He gives a playful skip to his step on that note "I always do.."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The windows cloud over with a fog-like wisp. She opens her eyes and smiles a little, nodding. "All safe and secure." She looks at all assembled. "Hey, survivors. Glad we all made it through. We are what's left of the Infernal Court and demon presence in New York City. What I'd like to do, to get everyone on the same page, and know who everyone is...even I don't know that..." She grins a little. " to introduce. Name...Host at least, Celestial would be nice as well if you're willing. Your House, and anything else. I'll start. Call me Baby Death...for those who don't know otherwise, I'm Jerech-Kor, A Fiend of the Cryptics. Minister of Eagles in the old Court...means I kept my eyes out for what was going on in the city."

Elijah Phillips: In passing, Eli leans down to kiss the top of baby death's head.. continues strutting in a circle around the room "Elijah Phillips. You may or may not have seen my pretty face before.. working the Varvatos line. Otherwise known as Ouestucati, a Defiler and Luciferian.." He blinks up playfully "For the time being. I was the Miniser of Dust before the courts were.." Trails off with a sad look down to the flor "Yeah."

Jarod Freeman: He nods to Baby Death, then Eli, and looks around. "Jarod Freeman, or Melioth, of the Defilers. I was the Minster of Dragons...invesigator of internal problems and the guy who dealt with such problems."

Jarod Freeman: ((And for the record, so we don't get bogged down the Legacy rolls, guys, I'll run them with everyone at the end of the scene.))

Elijah Phillips: Eli passes by Jarod, trailing his fingers playfully across the back of the man's shoulders with a schoolboy grin.

Cherry Matthews: Another grin to what Baby says. "As a side note there are others of us out there, but they couldn;t make it to the party. I am Cherry, Or otherwise known as Sotiterael. A Slayer. I was in the Minestry of Dragons, working along side Jarod."

Lydia Malandra: "I'm Lydia Malandra Schlemmer also known as Scath’borok’nor. Halaku of the Seventh House, once known as the Eyes of Azriel. (emminence 2, famous leige). A slayer of the cryptics."

Cameron Gerard: "Cameron Gerard, Or Attarib if you preffer, of the Defilers, a cryptic. A pleasure to meet you all."

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a smirk when Cherry mentions that there are some absent. He doesn't look too very torn up about it at all.

Cherry Matthews: She nods her head toCameron the only person she hasn;t met in thsi rag tag group.

Jarod Freeman: He nods to what Cherry says. "I spoke with Thomas earlier today. He stated that he didn't plan on attending the meaning or joining our organization, but will instead be trying to start his own group." A little shrug. "But he wants there to be open communication between his group and what comes out of here, as we're all working toward the same goal."

Elijah Phillips: "Fuck Tom." Eli says with a bittersweet undertone. He continues strutting around the room.

Lydia Malandra: "Two courts?" she inquires, arching a brow at Jarod's comment.

Cherry Matthews: She lkooks over to Jarod, and nods to what he says. "That's about the jist of what I got as well."

Jarod Freeman: "That is his plan," he nods to Lydia. "I don't like it, but he seemed pretty adamant against joining up with us."

Lydia Malandra: "Has he said why?"

Elijah Phillips: He gives a wry grin "Why would we want to communicate with someone who can't keep his mouth closed about things that are NONE of his business." He flicks a platinum lock over his shoulder.

Lydia Malandra: A knowing glance at Eli. She's heard things about this Thomas Judge.

Cherry Matthews: "Multiple reasons, if you wish to know what they are, you mi9ght wish to speak with him about them." She says in part to Lydia and anyone else who might want to know. She raises an eyebrow to Eli but remains silent on the issue.

Elijah Phillips: "I mean.." He continues ranting, with a hurt undertone. Tom got to him. And it shows "He gave the celestial name of an evil fucking earthbound.. to MORTALS! He's an idiot!"

Jarod Freeman: "He has...issues with some of us, Lydia." He sighs a little. "That's about all I've gotten off of him. He's an overdramatic Fallen who can't seem to not drop information all around. But he means well, as much of an ass as he can be. I think that communications with his group may be a good idea, but that's just my opinion."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She's quiet for the moment, looking around and listening to the Thomas discussion.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a girlish huff, folding his arms across his chest and continueing his strut.

Cameron Gerard: "Humanity is what give us our power, maybe they have more power than we give them credit for. If we're trying to achieve there is no reason to not comunicate, just keep information privvey if he can't keep his mouth shut."

Lydia Malandra: "If he's not joining us, and from what I've heard, he's not the most trustworthy, it might be best if what is known of him, is shared. Personally, I prefer not to address him directly. I'd rather he not know who I am." She looks around at the others.

Cameron Gerard: (trying to achieve the same goals*)

Cherry Matthews: "That one she hadn;t heard about, as she listens to Eli rant away. "I agree with Jarod, keeping an open communication would be useful for not only the case of working on the same problem in the city, but gaining the knowledge that they might have that we do not." she says

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods "You're better off.. he keeps revealing my nature to the mortal populus without my concent"

Lydia Malandra: "I recommend limiting direct contact with him to people he already knows, so as not to reveal our numbers or other information that might be useful to our enemies."

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head "He's too much of a bafoon to be an enemy. When his little plan doesn't work out.. he'll come crawling back. And I hope.. that day.. I'm wearing my stelleto heels."

Jarod Freeman: "I have no argument with that, Lydia." He nods. "I can maintain contact with him, though after the conversation we had today, things might be a little...brusque between us."

Cameron Gerard: "I agree with Lydia and Jarod aswell, keeping him as a source for information is invaluable, we are already to few to cut ties entirly, but we should restrict the outflow of information to them whilst gaining as much as we can."

Cherry Matthews: "Jarod, then why do I not keep up communications between his group and ours, as we..." she tilts her head to the side. "Had a fairly good chat earlier on in the day."

Lydia Malandra: "Someone should probably monitor his activities. If he is capable of collecting a gathering..."

Elijah Phillips: He mutters under his breath "I'd be surprised if he's capable of tying his own shoes.."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "I can keep an eye on him...that's what I do, afteer all. Hello, Fiend, and all." She grins. "Powerful mojo of foresight."

Lydia Malandra: Her dark eyes fall on Eli. "We should not underestimate him. He is fallen," she says simply.

Lydia Malandra: A nod to Baby.

Cameron Gerard: "If we're going to monitor them perhaps having someone in their ranks? presuiming his 'group' gains ranks."

Lydia Malandra: Smiles at Cameron. "Are you volunteering?"

Elijah Phillips: He blinks over to Lydia, strutting past "That bafoon of a devil.. had the audacity.. to tell me I wasn't ~leading~ properly. He has no motivation.. he's too busy begging for booty to be a threat. But yes.. we should keep an eye on him."

Cameron Gerard: He shrugs "I can give it a go, though I'll have to brush up on my deception skills."

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head to cameron "That would weaken us. We can handle looking after their little group. I mean.. give me one hour alone with whoever he has gathered.. I'll let him know some of the outlandishly stupid things he's done."

Cherry Matthews: She listens to the goings on. "Eli Jarod, I could mod what i had been doing before with the Tyrant so that I will be part of his 'ranks', as people are putting it, if you would all like."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "He'll never buy me as a member there. I'm too strongly associated with the old Court, though I can spy on him from afar," she remarks. "Cameron could do it, or Cherry."

Elijah Phillips: He struts past Cherry.. and she likely catches a whiff of his lush lavender body mist "If we are going to do it.. I think Cherryd be the best one for the job."

Cherry Matthews: "Thank you Eli." she says as he wanders past. "Are you now using lavender soap to wash yer clothes in?" faint teasing him over his smell as she grins.

Elijah Phillips: He giggles and leans down to kiss the top of cherry's nose "I'd have to ask tansy about that, love.. You know I don't do my own laundry."

Cherry Matthews: She pfts. "Like i do my own?" she laughs.

Elijah Phillips: (head, not nose! what were my fingers THINKING)

Jarod Freeman: "Whoever wants to do it, if we do, is fine by me." He leans back in his chair, looking to Cameron, then Cherry. "Whichever of you guys want to do it, we'll all help however we can, I'm sure."

Lydia Malandra: "It should be someone he doesn't know. Someone he wouldn't suspect is affiliated with the courts. Perhaps someone he could 'discover'? I have some talents in this arena if you don't feel your skills of deception are strong, Cameron. People do find it easy to... confide in me."

Lydia Malandra: "My only objection to Cherry, is that it's known she's a member of the court. He may not be all that forth coming with her."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Lydia's got a point." She nods. "Someone new to him might be a good idea."

Lydia Malandra: "As a member of the lowest house, I could easily fashion myself... something of an outcast. Too lowly to be taken seriously by the courts."

Elijah Phillips: Eli passes by Lydia with a curious downward gaze "And.. how do we know we can trust you with this, love? No offense.. but the person sent to get the information should be someone we all know and trust." A tiny giggle "You know.. as much as any of us can be trusted"

Cherry Matthews: ((*Snickers*))"So I will go ahead and move forward with that. My bigest question is this. Are we going to be working the same way as before? a Tyrant and then thedifferent ministers? Because as is we are not that numerous." She looks to Lydia. "He trusts me is that enough for you? He wishes me to consider becomming part of his group. Is that going to be enough for you? And if I can decieve the old Tyrant I believe I can decieve Tom." she is straight faced and totally serious.

Lydia Malandra: She lowers her eyes, demonstrating her skills at simply looking subservient. (manip + acting, -2 dif for emminence)

Lydia Malandra: 4,2,8,3,9,1,5,

Elijah Phillips: "I do think we should do away with the Tyrant position. It worked in the past.. but now it just makes us vulnerable for attack. I do however think we should maintain the ministries.. and have a head for each. So that when our numbers grow, we have structure."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Well, before we get ourselves organized, guys, let's get right to the nitty gritty of WHY we're here. Starting with, what happened to the old Court, and why it happened, as well as who is likely responsible."

Elijah Phillips: He nods to baby "Did you dig anything up for us, Baby?"

Jarod Freeman: "I'm with Eli on that." And he leaves it at that for now, looking to Baby Death with a solemn expression.

Lydia Malandra: ((Damn, good thing I got the social bonus. *L*)) Her eyes flicker to Cherry. "You don't strike me as the best choice." She just smiles at Eli.

Cherry Matthews: Since she cannot see Lydia making a fool of herself, she nods her head she is going to move with her pllan as is. She listens to Baby.

Elijah Phillips: He flashes an innocent smile to Lydia "She does strike ME as the best choice. I know that Tom trusts her. YOU don't know tom, love. He'd be more apt to give her delicate information.. than someone he doesn't know."

Cameron Gerard: "If you're gonna fight over it why don't you both go? it can't hurt to have more than one person on the inside can it?"

Lydia Malandra: Turns her attention to Baby.

Cherry Matthews: "I do not feel that you would be the best choice either." straight faced as she says that to Lydia.

Lydia Malandra: A slight nod at Cameron. "Not a bad idea."

Lydia Malandra: Cherry> "Whom would you select outside of yourself?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "I have, a little. Some of this is all based on my guesses, based on what I've seen, so bear with me for a moment." She pulls out a clove, lighting it, and takes a deep drag. It's exhaled out, as she prepares to unload. "So, to bring everyone up to speed. About a month ago, while the majority of us were in Los Angeles, the Infernal Court was wiped out. I'm sure everyone here had the nightmares on the 29th of August?" She looks around the room. "I believe that was the death of the Court. It fits with the time frame, and it's the only thing that makes sense, though I still haven't figured out why we all felt it in our dreams."

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head "We don't want to give the other court MORE people.. We don't NEED two courst structues.. We NEED unity. We need to talk to the other people that he has lined up.. Get them to join us.. And bitchslap Tom for being such a baffoon."

Cherry Matthews: "Because that Cameron would divide us even further and our attentions even further. It is amazing for someone who didn't wish Tom to know who they were at all, to want to jump in and work on the inside of his group."

Elijah Phillips: He gives a sad nod to baby. "It.. was aweful."

Lydia Malandra: Looks thoughtful when Baby mentions the nightmares.

Jarod Freeman: "Guys. Let's let it drop for now, get back to it after Jerech-Kor's done."

Lydia Malandra: Cherry> "If I'm going to be a member of the courts, then I must set aside personal interests for the greater good. I don't think anyone should be exposed to him, without reason. With reason, is a different matter entirely."

Cherry Matthews: She quites her speaches to Lydia, as she was done with this talk. She looks to Baby and nods her head to the nighmares.

Cameron Gerard: He nods and a slight shiver, yeah he remembers that, closing his eyes for a moment.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods to Eli, and sighs, rising to her feet as she talks, moving to the dining room, out of view. "No argument. Anyway, when I got back to the city, I started looking around. Tried to find Tal-Kerioth, the former Tyrant. Nothing. I finally went to the old house he had set up to hold Court at. And this is what I found." There's a grunt sound from her as she picks something heavy up, and drags it out into the main room. What she carries was human, once, but is twisted beyond all recognition. The flesh is sagging in lumps of meat all over the body, skin ruptured in parts, shreds of clothes that still hang off of it. Teeth and hair are in odd, unreal spots of the body, and no joints are recognizable. She dumps it on the floor in the middle of the room, moving away with a shiver, wiping at her arms impulsively, as if she's trying to get the feel off.

Elijah Phillips: Eli scurries behind Jarod, burying his face in the mans' back with long arms squeezing his waste. He wasn't expcting her to actully drag it out.. Eww..

Elijah Phillips: ((lol. waist. not waste. that's just nasty)

Jarod Freeman: He looks at the thing with a muted disgust, squeezing Eli's arms supportively.

Lydia Malandra: Blinks slowly at the pile of... She looks like she's going to be ill. Baby> "Has the... identity been verified?" Averting her eyes from the twisted corpse.

Cherry Matthews: "Well Baby hopw often do any of us or did any of us speak with the Tyrant or anyone else for that matter? Not quite that often, I believe it was ment as a warning of what is out there, and what happened, although it did take a while for us to find out what had happened tothe bodies." she has no tact. "If I was to sugest something, I would say that the Earthbound had sent some of his more loyal followers to wipe the courts out after us taking out some of his followers, although that could also not be the case. There could be another thrat looming in New York, that did this for it's own play of dominance in the city."

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods from behind Jarod, reaching a hand under the other man's arm to point at the corpse "This was not done by any mortal.."

Cameron Gerard: He looks like he feels ill, none the less he continues to look at the once human corpse.

Lydia Malandra: Cherry> "There were others found in this... condition, as well?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods to Lydia. "I can tell you, that this was Collin Anderson, who was Tal-Kerioth's mortal host. There were others within the court, private individuals, who were also there and looked...similar." She sighs a little, hands waving like she's trying to shake goo off her fingers. "Anyway. Who wants to guess why this isn't the worst part about the whole thing?"

Cherry Matthews: Since she cannot see she sets the cane on the floor near the wall and moves over to 'inspect' the body running her hands over it tilting her head from side to side a curious look on her face.

Elijah Phillips: A look of fear flashes across her face "It gets worse?"

Cherry Matthews: And yes her fingers slide along and inside of some of the tears of flesh, Her hands taking a mental picture of what the body looks like, she is unafraid of the gore off the body, as she does this. "What else?" she asks Baby

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Watch this, guys." She pauses, and looks around. "Tal-Kerioth, Tal-Kerioth, Tal-Keeeeeriooooth...oh, where AAAAARE yooooou..." She waits a moment, then looks back to them. "Guess what I'm not hearing?"

Lydia Malandra: Opens her purse and digs out a couple sachets containing moist towlettes. She offers one to Baby, and when Cherry is done 'inspecting' the corpse, presses one into her hand as well. "You might want to clean your hands," she says quietly to Cherry.

Elijah Phillips: He gives a sad nod, rolling back from around jarod but staying close.. as if afraid the corpse would jump up and bite him. "I couldn't get an answer either."

Jarod Freeman: He frowns at Baby Death's words, though he doesn't look surprised at the point she's making, which he seems to get.

Lydia Malandra: Baby> "The wards?" Sounding maybe a little hopeful.

Cameron Gerard: He nods solemlyand then looks at the corpse again.

Cherry Matthews: Her head swiftly turns to regard Baby when she starts to say Tal's name frowning to her. She wipes off her hands a quiet. "Yeah thanks." to Lydia. She nods at the point that Baby was making.

Lydia Malandra: "Could the Earthbound be that powerful?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a sad nod to Lydia "He.. could." He continues walking around with his hands cupped girlishly behind his back.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: A little shake of her head, sad. "Wards don't stop invocations, Lydia. Hell, being in the fuckin' PIT doesn't stop invocations. If Tal-Kerioth ALL...then he'd have heard me, one of these times." He sighs. "Or Ish'Balor. Or any of the others."

Cherry Matthews: Cherry continues to sit, undaunted by the corpse, right next to it.

Lydia Malandra: "Or the Morning Star," she says with a frown, considering the corpse.

Elijah Phillips: "Could they be trapped in objects?" A worried look to Baby "Or.. do you suspect they've been consumed?"

Jarod Freeman: "I think, personally, that Cernnunos either devoured the Court, or his minions did. In a way, I almost wish that it was Cernnunos himself, because I don't want to imagine that his minions can do things like that." Gesturing toward the twisted corpse.

Lydia Malandra: Her eyes dart to Jarod. "Surly no mortals could..."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "They could be trapped in objects, yeah." She sighs. "Which means that either they're soul-trapped completely, or worse, Cernnunos has managed to get them all turned into fledgling Earthbound." She shivers. "I don't think that's likely, because I didn't sense anything like that around the Court house. But it's always possible, I suppose."

Elijah Phillips: His bright eyes widen at Jarod's omment and he finally takes a seat in one of the cheapo chairs. Feeling lightheaded "I think I need a drink."

Cherry Matthews: "I hate to say it but why would the morning star want to wipe out other demons? Or to that matter concern himself with with the demons of New York, or even wipping out other fallen for that matter." she nods. "I am in agreement with Jarod. and Lydia there are mortals who are quite interesting to behild with gifts of their own, so anything is possible."

Jarod Freeman: "Christ, I hope not, Lydia."

Lydia Malandra: "If any mortals died when this occurred... we might be able to call upon their ghosts for an accounting."

Cherry Matthews: "The house was warderd from Spirits....I already tried."

Lydia Malandra: Cherry> "I meant.. the Morning Star does not answer either. I was not suggesting he did this, rather that he may have fallen prey to a similar power."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She looks to Lydia and blinks, then smacks her own forehead. "Wow, am I stupid. Yes, there were always a couple Thralls there for security...Tal-Kerioth's. They might be able to give some answers."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Unless Cherry's already tried," she adds with a sigh.

Elijah Phillips: Eli simply watches, not having much to contribute.

Lydia Malandra: "Perhaps a summoning outside of the warded areas might turn up something?"

Jarod Freeman: "That could work," he nods to Lydia.

Cherry Matthews: She shrugs to Lydia. "Anythings possible." another look to Baby. "Sorry hun, I did try, I went by later on and nothing I couldn;t even get through the viel there."

Lydia Malandra: "The wards would not extend beyond the veil. Did you try stepping beyond and performing the summons, Cherry?"

Lydia Malandra: (dlp, as she just answered *c*)

Elijah Phillips: Eli looks to the corpse with a blank expression about him. Remembering the man fondly.

Cherry Matthews: "I couldn;t step into the house through the viel is what I am saying. I had to go someplace else and come out then walk back there to check." she tells Lydia.

Lydia Malandra: "Did you make a summoning from there?"

Cherry Matthews: ((*S* woopsie I am a bitslow. *wry grin*))

Cherry Matthews: She nods her head. " answer, nothing, it was, odd to say the least."

Lydia Malandra: "That is... worrisome."

Elijah Phillips: He fidgets in his chair listening to the slayers talk.. Ehh.. seventh house.. creepy.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Tal picked the house for a reason...he wanted the place to be unspyable. Maybe it was warded by others besides us at some point...I don't know." She sighs.

Jarod Freeman: He reaches over from his seat and puts a hand on Eli's arm, brief but supportive. He looks back to the group. ""All right. So, now we know what happened, and we think we know who. What we should do now, I think, is organize ourselves so we can get to the bottom of things."

Cherry Matthews: "So we are no closer to the answer now than we were before. No pun intended but we are sitting in the dark." she grins she is always in the darkness thanks to the whole, you know no seeing thing.

Lydia Malandra: "Some moreso than others," she comments morbidly. "Do any of us have defenses that would resist such an attack? My memories are not so keen. I don't recognize how this may have been done." She looks around at the others.

Lydia Malandra: "What lore could do this to a body... or to a demon? Is the Earthbound's torment so great that it alone did this?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli shudders and looks up to Baby "A devourer maybe?"

Cameron Gerard: "We may be in the dark, but atleast we're stumbling blind, as opposed to sitting still." he muses turning back into the center of the room "I agree that organisation is the next step. As we are we're waiting for a similar fate unless we consolodate ourselves."

"It could possibly the lore of my house" he looks down as though the thought itself sickens him. "We defilers hold a certain sway over apperance. though how long and how damageda psyche would have to be to achieve that result I don't know."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "There's skills in the Lore of Flesh that can do things...but not THIS much, as quickly as it had to have happened." She shakes her head quietly. "You have to understand. From the scene...they didn't even really get a chance to fight back. It was either a LOT of powerful Devourers, or one really NASTY fucking Demon. When leads me to the Earthbound idea. I've heard tell of darker Lores...really fucked up ones, learned only by the Earthbound. Some of them may have been able to do it. Or, if Cernnunos invested those Lores in Thralls..."

Cherry Matthews: She listens to the talk around her, silent.

Elijah Phillips: Eli just shakes his head looking down at the mangled thing with the same blank expression.

Lydia Malandra: "This strikes me as beyond the capabilities of a thrall," she says quietly.

Lydia Malandra: ((Is someone logging? It's almost 3am here, I need to go soon.))

Elijah Phillips: (i'm logging.. but i need to sleep too)

Cherry Matthews: "Well let us get ourselves organized, and the first order of business after that is to see to the disposal of the Earthbound, for if he was the one behind these attacks then, most definatly we need to move so that we are not the next in line."((yeah I am hun *Hugs*))

Jarod Freeman: "Like I said, Lydia...I certainly hope so." He sighs. "You're right, does seem like a bit much for a group of Thralls, no matter how twisted or invested, to take out the entire Court in a matter of minutes."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((I'm logging, yeah.))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Though I should sleep, too. Didn't get much last night.))

Elijah Phillips: (anyway we could pause and resume later?)

Lydia Malandra: ((Shall we pause then?))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "So, then. Let's get organized, like Melioth and Sotitereal said." A smile over to Jarod and cherry, and she looks around. "I'm in support of the Ministry without a Tyrant, if everyone else is. Anyone disagree with that model?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((We can pause and resume, say, tomorrow? That work for everyone, maybe Dark can get in on it then?))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Or Sunday, if not tomorrow))

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head "I am in full support of that structure. Though I'd really like to see Victor placed as minister of Lions." A warm smile to the man "I'd feel safer if he was."

Cherry Matthews: She nods. "Sounds good to me, I would liuke to offer the idea of keeping Baby, Jarod, and Eli in their respective minestries. If that would be good for all." she says.

Lydia Malandra: ((I'm good for tomorrow evening or Sunday afternoon.))

Cameron Gerard: ((think we all need sleep, so maybe either organise now, or in forum. or at a later date, but wrap this up soon?, I can't do tomorrow, but cameron's not pushing for anything in particular. so just let me know what's decided if you do run it tomorrow.)) "That sounds like a good system to me, I'm in agreement." he says with a nod

Elijah Phillips: (tomorrow evening is good for me.. don't get off work til 12 though.)

Jarod Freeman: ((If Blind can't make it tomorrow, what about Sunday afternoon? Does that work for Scarlet, Dark, and Blind?))

Elijah Phillips: (I work sunday. won't be home til late. I don' know when my next day off is.)

Cherry Matthews: ((We could also finish up the nominations and such in the forums, as I believe that was all that was left to do.))

Elijah Phillips: (*nods* that sounds like a good idea. but i HAVE to get some sleep now.. heh. Lil's feverish and she just now passed out. I need to nap while napping is good)

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Cherry Matthews: ((*Hugs* Night scarlet))

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Cherry Matthews: ((Night Wy))

Jarod Freeman: ((okay, Blind. Thanks for coming tonight, all. See you later...will post in the forums immediately.))