Phone: ((Ooooorrr dlp.))

David Poe: * There is a long stream of cursing from his room and then he steps out, moving to take a seat on his couch. * " I think my phone is fucking up on me again. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *rolls over onto her back* Why can't get thru to the 1-900 numbers again? *said with a smirk*

David Poe: * His brows raise at that. * " You better hide your butt after a remark like that. "

S Phone: Okay, it DOES ring with the same number as before.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Why you hit like a little girl anyways... *mutters* pussy. *then glances his direction* Well?

T Phone -> S Phone: *looks worriedly at Sam* "Maybe the guy thought I was someone else..." *clearly trying to calm Sam down*

S Phone -> T Phone: "He fucking better have." She says darkly.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Sounds like it is working fine to me. Maybe you just bored her and she hung up. *smirking having no clue what he is talking about, but it doesn't really matter*

David Poe: * He settles back and lites up a cigarette as he looks over the phone. * " I bet I could fuck around with this and make it work better. " * When it rings again he glances too Roxy, but flips the phone open to place it too his ear. * " Yeah? "

S Phone -> David Poe: "Who is this?" The voice is raspy, and a bit harsh. With a bit of thinking, David can recognize it as Samantha.

S Phone -> T Phone: Who is this?" The voice is raspy, and a bit harsh. With a bit of thinking, David can recognize it as Samantha.

David Poe: " You called me. "

S Phone -> David Poe: "I need to speak to Roxy."

S Phone -> T Phone: "I need to speak to Roxy."

David Poe: * He shakes his head and hands the phone off too Roxy. * " Its for you. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *archs a brow and takes the phone and in a terrible mexican accent* Hola.

David Poe -> S Phone: {{ Do not think he has ever heard her voice. My memory might not be that great though. }}

S Phone -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "Roxy." The voice is rough, raspy. Exhausted. Too many emptions runing through it. She can barely recognize it as Sam. "This is Sam."

S Phone -> T Phone: Roxy." The voice is rough, raspy. Exhausted. Too many emptions runing through it. She can barely recognize it as Sam. "This is Sam."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Si? *not really sure who it is. Having only spoken to the women twice*

S Phone -> David Poe: ((They have, at a meeting at Michelle's))

S Phone -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "Michelle's. you know me from Michelle's and we've discussed Robert Wright. This is very. Fucking. Important."

S Phone: ((... my name is twice. One moment))

S Phone -> T Phone: "Michelle's. you know me from Michelle's and we've discussed Robert Wright. This is very. Fucking. Important."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Ah, um yeah? *Not knowing much how to respond to that but makes a motion for Dave to pass over his cigarette*

T Phone -> S Phone: *he's quiet, biting his lip a bit, watching and listening to Sam*

David Poe: * He takes another long pull before frowning at Roxy and handing the smoke off too her. Then he lites another for himself. *

S Phone -> T Phone: "Robert appeared in Michelle and I's aoartment, and he's kidnapped Michelle. We really need to move agains him. Can you please get me in contact with Aconite?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *looks more than a bit surprised as she takes the cigarette and sits upright, taking a drag* Sure, I can pass your number onto him. But he isn't a modern age kinda guy so unless he is home it might be awhile before I can find him.

David Poe: * He watches Roxy's face as she speaks, thinking he understands at least her half of the conversation. *

S Phone -> T Phone: "I don't care when, I just need to talk to him. I've informed several deacons, and several mages, but speard this if you can. We're moving soon."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Sure but I really don't know many outside of you guys. All I know I have interduced to Michelle and I think she has.. had their contact info. But I will tell him, will call him as soon as I hang up.*taking another drag off the cigarette*

S Phone -> T Phone: "Thank you. I won't be anywhere reachable, besides my phone. I'll give that to you. Is this alright? And some is better than none."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Sure, if it is a diffrent number than the one you just used.*checked the phone caller ID real quick to be sure it isn't blocked* Sure I will but I just meant I think their contact should be their at your place too is all.

S Phone -> T Phone: "I know. But not all people are answer, and I'm rather fucking out of it right now. So just in case. And yes, my number is different from this one." And she rattles it off.

David Poe: * He takes another drag from his cigarette and then flicks his ash into the tray. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gets up, finds a pad of paper Dave keeps around his computer and writes the number down, reads it back to make sure she has it right. Then lies her ass off.* Yeah no problem, I am sure Michelle is fine and everything will be fine. ((will roll manp + Sub cause Roxy doesn't believe it consider what she knows))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 2,1,3,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((good god.... yeah it is pretty obvious she doesn't believe it*LOL* wow she sucks at lieing))

: ((Roxy R TEH LYING MASTA!!!))

David Poe: * His brows raise again and he shakes his head at the mention of that woman. *

S Phone -> T Phone: There is a bit of silence. "Don't treat me like I'm fucking five, please." No. No, she does NOT believe that lie, and is rather pissed and insulted about it. Her voice is cold. "Is there anything else, or can I hang up so you can get Aconite?)

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *frowns, takes a deep breath* No thats it, I will call him.

T Phone -> S Phone: *he winces at Sam's reaction, and bites his lip a bit hard...softly* "I...I'm sure she's just trying to help...umm..." *definitely doesn't know what to say*

S Phone -> T Phone: A pause, and a tired exhale. Her voice tired again. "Thank you Roxy. It's appreciated. Be safe." And click goes the phone.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *sighs, glances to Dave with a frown and hits the speed dial she added to Daves phone for Griffs home. While she waits on the rings she takes a drag stubbing the butt out and fills in Dave* Michelle was snatched out of her apartment by Robert that maurader adept guy.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Click* "Good evening, Roxy."

David Poe: * He shrugs at that. * " I thought he was into kids. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Um how did you know?*a bit surprised can't see him havign caller ID doubt he would even know how to use it being all old and stuff, then shakes her head. Not important* Get a pen and paper handy, Michelle was snatched by robert out of her apartment. Sam wants to move on him and wants you to call him. *waits till he has pen and paper then reads off the number Sam gave her*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gets a thoughtfull look on her face for a moment and holds up a finger for him to wait while she talks on the phone*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((call him = call her of course))

David Poe: * He takes another drag and then grinds out the cigarette. *

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: There's a long period of silence. "I am ready." It comes out flat, a little confused. After Roxy reads the number, he pauses another moment. "Define snatched."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Um she said poofed into their place and took her. I am guessing you know poofing in and out like.. you know. *obviously expecting him to know what she is talking about* But she wanted to talk to you.

David Poe: " Dont talk about poofing on a freakin cellphone. Damn. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives Dave a look like he has totally lost his nut*

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I understand...'poofed.' I don't understand..." A sigh. "Never mind. I will contact her."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: You like pulling a rabbit out of a hat but their wasn't a rabbit or a hat. *sighs just a little sounding ... well like a teenager lecturing their parents on how real people talk these days*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((you like = You know like))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((bleh brain not working well tonight))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I know what you're saying." A hint of unexpected irritation hits his voice. "You're saying he teleported into the vicinity, took her, and teleported away. That wasn't what I don't understand." A pause, as he calms himself. "Thank you for the information. I will speak with you once I have finished speaking with Miss Jacobs."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Yeah least thats how she made it sound, as to how he knew or did it. *shrugs though not like he can see it* I doubt she knows, she doesn't seem real well educated about things if you get what I mean. But sure I will be around, talk to you then.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "Goodbye, Roxy." *Click*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *flips the phone closed and tosses it to Dave, still wearing a frown* Old people are testy when you call them in the middle of the night. *then sighs slightly* Figure she is most likely dead already or will be soon enough. *sounding pretty damn depressed like how she was sounding after they found out about the nameless boy*

David Poe: * He just shakes his head again. * " Yeah, probably so. Wonder how he found her? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs* I have no idea, not to mention I am a bit surprised she didn't have her house warded... which reminds me you should ward this place against scrying and poofing. *quirks her lips a bit and looks around, then back to him* She has a slight history with him so if he knew she was around would stand to reason he would snatch her but how he found out and where she is... *shrugs again having no clue*

David Poe: * He nods too that... * " Yeah I am working something out in my head for that. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: You should be able to do something with your ability to... well you know do things at a distence. *shrugs not really sure how exactly he makes his mojo go with all that tech stuff*

David Poe: * He nods again. * " Yeah, I just need to do the math. So I guess this changes the plan then? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs again* Don't see how, until we have enough to do it. Acorn won't do it. Maybe with Sam yelling bloody murder it might speed some more up.

David Poe: " Well the fact that she knew about the plan might be a good reason to drop it I would think. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Yeah but don't honestly know another way to draw him out and he is crazy enough. That even if he knows it might be a trap he would still come jut be ready which makes it a hell of a lot harder.

David Poe: * He shakes his head at that and looks at the phone. * " I need to think of a way to hide all of these numbers too. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Or get another phone, kinda like a bat phone.*moves back over and flops down on the couch with a sigh*

David Poe: * A shrug. * " Think it would be easier just to make this one more secure. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: That too, I might need to get one eventually.*sighs a bit.* Hear the news about the conert accident? Thats the one I told you i was going to go see.

David Poe: * He shakes his head. * " No I had not heard about any accident. Have not listened to the radio today. How was the show? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: They was or the lead singer was a mage, yanking primal energy out of those present while a mind effect keep them entraced with the music. Some of the tradies was there too, then the power went out. Everyone started to panic, I calmed the crowd and then found the place sealed with magic so had to unweave it to get the people out safely. *sighs a bit in obviously disgust* By then they was hacking up people on the stage, so I booked to avid the police and them. I heard in the paper the bands band blow up in the street killing a bunch of innocents, guessing that was the work of our ... allies... *digs out a pack of smokes and pulls one out lighting it up and taking a long drag off it*

David Poe: " The band was hacking people up on stage? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shakes her head no* No our fellow tradies. I reconised one of them, i can only assume the others involved was tradies as well. Looked like they was hacking up the security to get to the band. *said in absolute disgust*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well your fellow tradies I should say.

David Poe: * He frowns... * " Dont try to link me up with crap like that. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs* Just saying thats the tradies, I know your leaning towards the VA's. Not all of them are bad but enough are for my tastes.

David Poe: * He shakes his head. * " Leaning might be overstating it a bit. They are just the only ones that are talking too me. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well to be fair your mojo from what I have seen seems to be exactly like theres. So wether you join the club or not your basicly one, course you could always go ronin or something too. *shrugs* I call them allies, more a nesscary evil I have to deal with, or the enemy of my enemies if you will. Anyways some of them are cool people but as a orgnaisation... well...*not going to go over it again he knows her feelings and they are only getting worse since coming to NYC*

David Poe: " They just do not seem to use very good judgment. That is what is worrying me and making me wonder if I want to get that close too them. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs a bit* many don't but most of them seem to think magic makes them better than everyone else and they act accordly. Like the world is their playground or some shit. A few are cool though but you never know which ones are until you talk to them. I try to treat them all as individuals and keep my distence from them as a group if you know what I mean.

David Poe: " I am trying to do that too. " * He yawns. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *just nods a bit, but has nothing really to say more about it. Takes a long drag off her cigarette her mind wandering to recent events*

David Poe: " So is Acorn calling back? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs a bit* Said he would anyways. *watching the smoke as she blows it out, wondering if she shouldn't start studing life spells in the near future to counter the shit she does to her body*

David Poe: * He nods again and places the phone on the coffee table. * " No reason for me to be holding this then. "

Griffen "Aconite" Aston: *Ring*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: But that does remind me. Sam asked me to call any others I knew to spread the word, but you know some I don't if you want to tell them and give them here number.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *leans over and picks up the phone, thinking on the concidence of him taking out the phone when he did. As she answers it* Hola?

David Poe: * He shakes his head at that. * " I never got numbers for them. I know where one of them lives though. "

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "Roxy."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Si, so whats the word? *taking a drag off her cigarette*

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I am meeting with her tomorrow morning...I will be contacting her then to determine the location."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Um so same plan? *sounds a bit concerned by that*

David Poe: * He yawns again and stands too stretch as he whispers. * " Think I need to crash. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gives him a finger wave but otherwise says nothing*

David Poe: * He leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek and then heads off for his room. * {{ Night all. See you tonight. }}

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((night bitch))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Sorry, connection is beind a bitch.)) "We have not discussed that yet."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Ok well Michelle knew it, so a decent chance he will know that plan now. *doesn't stat the obviously of the increased potional danger from that, but a long pause* Think she is really still alive or will be?

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "Yes. There is something...not right about this."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well don't see how he could have known about her unless we have a big ass security leak or she was just utterly careless. Either way make me even more nervous. *shrugs again* But until you talk to her not much we can do but maybe something you should keep in mind. He found out about her somehow.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I am formulating a theory as to why. I do not know if I want to voice it yet, but I don't believe either to be the case."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *just gets a confused look on her face that know one gets to see* Um ok, should I be worried then?

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((blah ... know = no ... of course))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I don't know yet. Robert's always been predictable with his patterns. He's veered off-course...all bets are off now."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Great... ok just call me tomorrow I will keep the phone tomorrow. *sighs slightly* Talk to you then i guess.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: "I will speak with you tomorrow then. Good night." *Click*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *flips the phone closed, sighs and takes a long drag off her cigarette. A few moments later she gets up taking the phone with her and heads to bed.*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((night Rav*s*))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Night.))



Samantha Jacobs: ((*L*)) So, she drives towards where Terry asked to be dropped off.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston: *Ring a ring goes Sam's Phone*

Terry O'Brian: *he has by now retrieved his phone from Sam's hand, and is giving directions*

Samantha Jacobs: She stares at her phone briefly, and then pulls over to the side to answer it. "Hello?"

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "Miss Jacobs." That flat, dispassionate voice from the apartment meeting. "This is Aconite."

Samantha Jacobs: She rubs a head. "Thank you, for calling right away. Did Roxy tell you what happened, or would you like me to relate the events?"

Terry O'Brian: *he's quiet, listening to Sam's side of the convo, and watching a bit. He definitely doesn't want to interrupt*

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "If I am to understand correctly, Robert teleported into your apartment, kindapped Miss Morgan, and teleported out." A hint of...something odd hits his voice, like he's questioning it, maybe, though not really to her.

Samantha Jacobs: "Yes." Her hand presses to her head. "There was a jar in our room with a white rosary. I stupidly thought it was Michelle's, and I couldn't stop looking at it for a moment. By the time I tore my gaze away, her was already behind Michelle and recitintg latin. I hit him three times. It was too late."

Samantha Jacobs: "He made her disappear, and then he did. After I hit him the third time."

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "Do you have any idea why he did this?"

Samantha Jacobs: "He might have tracked her through me..." She cannot, canNOT hide the guilt. "Maybe because she was protecting... her from him. I mean, Michelle saw the memory of where she killed... argh, fuck, her mother. The woman Robert wants. Maybe to get back at me...."

: ((Room for another?))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "Robert doesn't do vengeance in that way, Miss Jacobs. Those who protect his targets, he kills, as well as anyone with them. Usually, the incidentals die quickly, and the target dies quite slowly. This is entirely against the tactics he has always used."

: ((And if so, location?))

Samantha Jacobs: Nails dig into the steering wheel. "I don't know. Michelle's a deacon. I just...." She shakes her head. "We have some of his bloodto track him down if needed."

((Or rather... destination location? *G*))

: ((*watches spaz ignore her*))

Samantha Jacobs: ((... in a car.))

Samantha Jacobs: ((I was answering several IMs, not ignoring you.))

Samantha Jacobs: ((They're on the side of the road))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((I believe the destination location is Terry's home.))

Terry O'Brian: ((yup, destination is a crappy, run down apartment building in Hell's Kitchen))

-> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((it's like getting blood out of a stone))

: ((Well I can either join you guys while the car's halted, or once you get to Terry's. Up to you :) ))

Samantha Jacobs: ((I won't be lasting too much longer to be honest. So, tis up to you))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> : ((Spaz is going crazy rihgt now, she just became the center point of information dissemination to unite all the mages, and is in IM hell.))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "All right. I do not have that mastery of Correspondance, but I am sure someone does." A pause. "She's not dead, I'm sure. There is something not right about this, as to how he operates."

Terry O'Brian: ((I have a ready supply of caffeine, I can keep going if need be))

-> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Yeah. Spaz goes crazy a lot *G*))

Samantha Jacobs: "I hope so. I'd like to move soon. And I do know there are some who can use the blood, and hopefully something... to find Michelle." Lips press into think lines.

Samantha Jacobs: ((or... you know... thin lines. Not think lines))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Might as well be now, then *G*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He stridse up to the parked car and raps against the passenger window with a cold knuckle, spreading tiny lines of ice across it for a fraction of a second.

Samantha Jacobs: 8,8,4,2,9,1,6,

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "We will move as soon as humanly possible. I believe we should meet. I wish to know everything I can from your end."

Samantha Jacobs: Her hand half pulls out her weapon before she recognies Isha, her breathing unsteady for a moment. "... jesus christ." The gun is slid away. "Terry... roll down the window." And then back to the phone. "I... I agree. I hate to waste but... tomrrow morning, please. I don't believe I'm coherent enough right now."

Terry O'Brian: *there's rapping, and he turns towards it quickly, and gets ready to react*

Terry O'Brian: *he rolls down the window, as per Sam's command*

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He twirls a finger through the air at Terry, indicating he should wind down the window.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He places a hand on the car door, leaning down, a wave of icy air touching Terry's skin as Isha's pale face ducks to the height of Terry's own. "Who the hell are you?"

Samantha Jacobs: She pulls the phone away from her mouth, to speak to Isha. "Got a moment to come in the car?" Eyes are bloodshot and tired, the knuckles of one hand busted up and bruised, her breathing harder than normal.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "Of course. Tomorrow will be fine." There's another pause, and he sounds extremely hesitant as he says if comforting doesn't come easily to him. "Do not worry, Miss Jacobs. There is an unforeseen element here, and I believe it means Miss...Michelle, is all right. At least, physically."

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He glances to Sam, then tugs open the back door and slides smoothly in, slamming it shut behind himself.

Samantha Jacobs: SHe lowers her head at something on the phone. "Thank you. I will contact you tomorroe regarding where we can speak?"

Terry O'Brian: "Terry. We've met before."

Terry O'Brian: *once Isha is in, he rolls the window back up*

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Samantha Jacobs: "All right. Good evening, Miss Jacobs." *Click*

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He sends a glance to the back of Terry's head as the knees of his long legs dig into the back of the kid's seat.

Samantha Jacobs: She drops the phone, leans back in the seat a bit, and then starts the car. A glance in the rearview mirror at Isha. "Thanks. Hi. Did anyone tell you there's a maurder running around New York?" Her gaze is hard to decipher, eyes flicking bacj to the road.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: "My interest is in the Technocracy," he replies icily.

Samantha Jacobs: She nods, just faintly. "Okay. But just letting you know, teh Maurder's killed a few mages in the past and has kidnapped Michelle at this point." Another nod. She's exhausted. "What can I help you with though?" Honesty.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He grunts. "That would explain why attempting to locate Michelle has brought me to you."

Samantha Jacobs: "It's her car. Probably." She says tiredly, eyes flicking, looking for streets Terry was previously telling her.

Terry O'Brian: *he's quiet again, he doesn't know much about the Union, so he'll just listen, Sam has the directions to his place by now*

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He glances to Terry. Then to Sam again. Pauses to consider something. "You got a map in the glovebox?"

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He pulls out his notebook and starts scrawling some calculations.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 8,2,6,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Entropy 1: Question: Is Michelle in the Real World?))

Samantha Jacobs: "I don't know." Eyes flicking to the road, she nods to Terry. "Would you check please?"

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Awareness if you wanna))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Yes.))

Samantha Jacobs: 4,5,7,6,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He grunts. "She's findeable. Gimme a map."

Terry O'Brian: *he digs through the glove compartment, and pulls out a map, closing the compartment as he pulls it out*

Terry O'Brian: 2,4,10,7,

Terry O'Brian: *passes it back to Isha*

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Teh iceman does magic!))

Samantha Jacobs: Drive. Drive Sam, eyes on the road. A pause. "Terry, do you want me to drop you off still?" An honest question.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He spreads the map out on the rear seat and scribbles on their current location with his pen, then a little arrow for direction. Then he begins scrawling all over the damn map, placing symbols and magical words at the cardinal points.

Terry O'Brian: *he stifles a yawn* "Umm...yes, please..." *seems a bit apologetic* ((and I realize that I have crap to, and it's pushing 5 am...gotta sleep by 5:30))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((I'm sure you know the drill. Using Entropy to pin down the most "right" direction for them to travel in to find Michelle *G*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 10,6,5,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 2,2,8,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 2,6,5,

Samantha Jacobs: ((S'all good)) She nods understanding, and drives Terry to his place. "Thanks."

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Probability seems to be with North-ish.))

Terry O'Brian: "No prob. Keep me updated on what's going on, ok? And I'll let you know how hunting the others down goes tomorrow." *once they're in front of his place, he removes his seat belt, but waits for a response before exiting the vehicle*

Samantha Jacobs: "Sounds good. Night Terry." Bloodshot eyes watch him go.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He lays down a line leading away from their direction of travel. "Once you're rid of the boy, we have to go to Queens for a triangulation point."

Terry O'Brian: "Take care of yourself...good night" *a bit worried, be he knows that he certainly needs sleep, and so he exits the car, and heads home* ((thanks for the RP, all, but I need to sleep now *Waves*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((*hugs*))

Samantha Jacobs: ((Niiiight. Thank you)) A sharp nod, from her. "You want up front or just go?"

Terry O'Brian: ~gone~

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: "Go. I need the space."

Samantha Jacobs: She pulls out, and then takes out. Fast. Towards Queens.

Samantha Jacobs: ((And, uh... anyone mind a pause? Since its 4am here. And since Sam might end up callin' peoples to arms.))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Sam might, but Isha would go in without the cripple *G*))

Samantha Jacobs: ((Hey. That cripple beat a Maurder into unconciousness, even if he DID manage to teleport away anyway.))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Just give me your magic roll, really quick. This is going to be an easy one. *S*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((*G*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 7,6,9,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 8,2,8,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: 3,4,2,

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((There tis))

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Probability seems to be with North-ish.))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Even from Queens? The silly cow's in Canada?! *G*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He grunts. "She's either in Canada or at the North Pole. Drop me at La Guardia."

Samantha Jacobs: She drops her head, and nods to him. Heading the car that way. "Thank you."

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He shrugs. "Get your own people on it. I don't have time to hunt down your lover." He spits the word 'lover' like it's synonymous with traitor.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Umm...there's a lot of space between Queens and anything the Canadian border. As in, all of New York State.))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((Dude. Joking? Sheesh.))

Samantha Jacobs: "I am." Is all she says simply. Tiredly.

Griffen "Aconite" Aston -> Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((Oh...sorry. I didn't take offense, mind you. I just thought, between that and your IC post, there was honest confusion.))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He folds the map and tosses it back to the front seat, useless as it is now with scrawling all over it.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((No, mine was a joke, Ishachus' was sarcasm *G*))

Samantha Jacobs: She's silent, numb maybe, or maybe just exhausted as she drives. She does not bother him anymore, except for a faint nod at the map as it's tossed up.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He says nothing until they get to the airport that, due to being dead, he can't actually use. So god knows why he wants dropping there. "You're stupid, so I'll lay this out clearly. Michelle is north of New York City. I cannot determine how far north. She could be in New Hampshire, she could be in Montreal, she could be on the polar ice cap."

Samantha Jacobs: She blinks those tired, bloodshot eyes at him. "Thank you." It is repeated softly, and sincerely. "Watch your back Issac. And it's good to see you again." No sarcasm. No lies.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He simply gazes at her. "This is an airport that just saved your life. Anywhere else and I would shoot you for that." And he kicks open the car door.

Samantha Jacobs: A nod. That's all.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He steps out and slams the car door, then strides away toward the departures terminal.

Samantha Jacobs: She starts up the car. And heads away.

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: He watches her leave and considers icing the tyres. Instead, he simply alters course and gets a cab.

Samantha Jacobs: ((And I kinda gotta go to the dying... sleeping thing now *hugs to all*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina: ((*hugses*))

Ishachus Lucias Sabina -> Griffen "Aconite" Aston: ((*hugs* Gotta go weewee *G*. If you're not asleep when I get back, I'll catch up with you in a bit :) ))

Samantha Jacobs: ((*poofs*))