Melinda(over a walkie talkie): ((And I am here as a relay point. *S*))

Snyde: ((Cool))

Snyde: *Snyde picks up the walkie talkie* "Testing 1,2,3"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana smirks to Snyde, adjusting her dainty glasses with a gloves hand "Of course I'm prepared, dear."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks down to the carpet coyly, still speaking to her protector "Though I enjoy your company, dear.. I can't help but find it amusing that you were assigned such a behind the scenes task.. While the cultist deals with the problem." She blinks up to him with another smirk "I do hope she doesnt' hurt herself."

Snyde: "Thats good to here that the Ice queen is still cool and frosty" *he says with a smile as he waits for a response over the walkie talkie*

Snyde: *Snyde shrugs* "Im were I need to be"

Melinda Stowe: Not even real static comes over the line. "Test recieved, over."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She quirks a brow "I'll assume you're referring to Miss Randelle."

David Poe: * David speaks into his own Radio. * " Foxtrot by Foxtrot. Loud and clear. Over. "

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at the Walkie Talkie* "Just keep us informed so that we can try and keep anyone from dieing today, Over"

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the Doc* "No as far as im concerned you will always be the Ice queen"

Melinda Stowe: "I will most definatly be keeping people informed." she says

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She narrows her sharp blue eyes on the man "Thank you, dear. I appreciate that." She gives a soft sigh down to her kit, a look of longing.. Such endeavors were taking away from her writeup time.

Ravyn: ((Roll Per+Alert, all you peopleses))

Cori: 4,2,1,2,6,5,10,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 10,6,5,3,7,

Melinda Stowe: 6,7,6,9,3,9,

David Poe: 3,4,3,3,3,

David Poe: {{ Think Terry did not get the message to move. }}

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 8,2,6,5,10,8,

Ravyn: ((You were saying? *S*))

Snyde: 9,2,4,4,7,

David Poe: {{NM}}

Ravyn: 10,6,7,7,7,9,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((I misread, here now))

Snyde: *Snyde walks around the room with Adriana and Cori looking for anything that might be suspicious keeping his hands ready to draw at a moments notice*

Ravyn: David is listening intently to his radio, and notices escapes Cori's attention for the most part, too, she just sees a group walking by the housing. Snyde sees the group, numbering four, is heading more directly toward the house. Adriana notes they are heading with a singular purpose toward them; two boys, two girls, all in their early teens. Terry and Melinda note they are all wearing crosses of some sort, and have stone cold expressions on their faces, moving fairly well in step.

Cori: *looks around from where she is, by her kit. a small widemouthed jar open at her side, long fingers rifling through the finely-powdered and pungent herbs inside*

Ravyn: ((To clarify; the healers's house.))

Cori -> Ravyn: ((fyi--it's sea salt and a mix of hot peppers. NOT for healing--it's basically homemade powdered mace.))

Snyde: ((Toward the tansy house or the healers house?))

Melinda Stowe: ((Then melinda wouldn't see this as she is over 3 block away watching the 'safe' house))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana quirks a brow and places a gentle hand on her pistol.

Snyde: *Snyde pulls his pistols and moves to hide in a position where he can still see the outside but also will be able to catch the drop on anyone coming through the door*

Melinda Stowe: ()(then I am moving Melinda back to the other room, and this will just be walkie talkie again))

Snyde: ((should he roll stealth to hide?))

Cori: *eyes Adriana and Snyde adn sighs softly, getting a good scoop of the powder in one hand. the other holding the jar securely by the base. doesn't move yet, though--no clue from whence the danger comes*

Ravyn: ((Yes, Snyde))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((ok, clarification, Sam said David would go with Terry, that mean the two of them are in the same place, supposedly working together?))

Snyde: 8,3,4,6,2,4,1,

Ravyn: ((Yes, Terry.))

David Poe: * He sighs to himself and wonders why they put him here when he was supposed to be keeping sleepers away from the safehouse, or so he thought. *

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's eyes turn to worry, taking a tiny step away from the door "They're coming.. Why?"

Cori: who's coming, Adriana? *quietly murmurs to the woman*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he heads right over to David and speaks quietly* "Four people coming this way, they look suspicious. I'm heading in for a closer look." *and he starts off towards them, attempting to get closer without being seen*

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Adriana and motions a finger to his lips for her to remain quiet*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 8,3,1,7,9,10,1,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to Snyde, keeping her mouth shut. She points them out to Cori with a daintily gloves finger.

Ravyn: The foursome approach the building, moving to the door. The oldest boy, maybe 14 years old, knocks on it.

David Poe: * Dave nods and looks off at the small group indirectly as he tries to look like he is messing with somones cable box. * " Cool. You do that. Just so you know the only weapon I have is a can of mace. "

Cori: *peers in that direction, then blinks slowly to Adriana. mouths, silently* "brain washed Mages?"

Ravyn: ((David, I'm considering you guys not ~AT~ the healer house, obviously. Somewhere at a midway point, or so. A block and a half is enough to react to either situation.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana takes a step back when there's a knock on the door. No way she's answering it.

David Poe: * Then he speaks quietly into the radio. * " Heya MASH... you might have trouble coming if you have not noticed. Over. "

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry's heading towards the healer's house, he wants a closer look at those four, and he'll help if they cause trouble...and he does it fairly stealthily*

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Okay. Since Terry was close enough to see crosses around there necks I thought you were saying we were alot closer than that. }}

Cori: *a single finger taps herself on the chestbone....raising an eyebrow at Snyde and Adri calmly, then pointing toward the door*

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: Terry also notes, as he moves closer, that the two boys are Thomas and Jonah, Robert's students in the dream.

Snyde: *Snyde looks to the radio when it sounds like it was a plauge, damnit getting sloppy in your old age man forgot to turn the damn talkie off*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((Terry has his own radio, right? Or just was supposed to talk through David's?))

Ravyn -> David Poe: ((I didn't say on their necks, I said crosses of some sort. *S* And Terry got a lot of successes, so yes, he'd notice minute details like that.))

Snyde: *Snyde shakes his head and motions for Cori to remain where she is*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to Cori, pulling the pistol to her side. That's right.. YOU get the door.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Shrugs, still looking that way. It was worth a shot.

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((I don't think he did, actually, unless he brought one with him.))

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Blah. Sorry man. }}

Ravyn: The four look at each other, frowning a little, then the head guy knocks on the door once more.

Cori: *flashes Adri a rueful grin and crouches down, hunkering. bracing herself to toss a handful of powder into a face if she gets the chance*

Ravyn -> David Poe: ((S'all good. *G*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: * to get a message to the people radio. He's going to head up to the healer's house near, but hidden from, the four, hopefully he can help by doing something from behind them*

Snyde: *Snyde clicks the saftey off both of his guns as the secound sets of knocks come, come on kids go home, he thinks to himself*

Melinda (walikie talkie): Melinda takes note of the chatter comming from David with a fr\ustrated sigh that doesn't come over the line. relay over the earpieces. "Music is playing, repeat music is playing." meaning things are starting at the 'safe house'.

Snyde: *Snyde motions to Cori and then the radio before running his hand and the gun by his throat telling her to kill it*

Cori: *nods and crabwalks toward the radio to turn it waaaay down*

Ravyn: Apparently, the noise from the radio is overheard. "Hello?" The voice sounds from outside the door.

Melinda (walikie talkie): ((they were NOT walkie talkies, they were ear pieces so that IF people came by they would NOT be overheard))

Snyde: *Snyde watches out the window from his hiding spot, nothing to see here boy go on home. he continues to think*

Snyde: ((ahh thanks for the clarification I thought they were just walkie talkies))

Ravyn: ((Ahh, DLP the first part. They still say "Hello?" though, they just have no indication that there's noise inside.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks to Snyde and motions to her mouth, then the door. Generally speaking when she speaks it causes people to vacate the area.. maybe it would work this time.

Snyde: *Snyde just keeps watching listening to the chatter in his ear, if theres a problem he thinks they will know soon enough*

David Poe: * David stands and looks over to the safehouse, then too the Medics house and shakes his head. Then he starts to wonder where he should be watching. Need to watch the safehouse. Terry is looking into that. I am here to observe and report. He settles back down to watch the safehouse. *

Snyde: *Snyde just shoots Adriana a look before motioning again to keep her mouth shut*

Ravyn: Terry is approaching, quite stealthily ((based on last Dex+Stealth roll)). The four continue to wait, though they shift a little, irritably.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Shrugs and keeps her mouth shut. She quietly moves the oxygen tank to it's side, setting a gentle loafer atop the thing.. as to prepare to kick it to the door if necessary. Don't trust anyone.. that includes pre-teens.

Ravyn: Finally, the lead boy looks to one of the girls, who's maybe 13 and has exceptionally short blonde hair. He nods to her, and she reaches out to open the door.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *waits close to the house, ready to act if it looks like Thomas, Jonas and co are going to break in*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((i'm assuming that the door has a lock, correct? If so it will be latched shut))

Ravyn: ((It does.)) Frowning, she fishes out a set of lock picks, setting to work on the lock. ((Dex+Security))

Ravyn: 3,8,5,9,5,

Snyde: *When Snyde sees the lock picks he shakes his head a bit before raising te gun towards the point of entry. May Karma forgive me*

Ravyn: The lock jiggles on the inside as the lock picks set to work on it, moving through tumblers at a decent, if not lightning-quick, speed.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Blinking nervously to snyde, then back to the door, she raises her own pistol.

Snyde: *Snyde whispers quietly into the radio* "House compromised"

David Poe: * He glances back to the medical house to see if Terry has that under control yet and frowns. *

Melinda (walikie talkie): "Need assistance?" David can also hear this as well.

Ravyn: The tumblers fall into place, and the doorknob turns and opens.

David Poe: * Then he stands and begins to walk in that direction, hearing the voice in his ear. *

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry steps out of the shadows, and grabs a tight hold on his fear...he might need it later, but he tries not to show it* "I wouldn't do that if I were you." ((may I attempt a Cha+Intimidation roll?))

Ravyn: ((Sure; will resist w/WP))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((spending a WP on my roll))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 3,9,8,1,

Ravyn: 2,3,1,5,5,

Ravyn: 5,6,10,3,5,

Ravyn: 4,7,10,2,3,10,

Ravyn: 4,10,6,4,1,

Snyde: *Snyde stands there waiting for the first person to step through the door*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana waits and watches.. this would be most awkward if they were simply overly anxious mormons.

Ravyn: One of the four, the girl with the lock picks (let's call her Janice), meeps and backs away from the of the boys (we'll call him Jonah) also looks at him warily, stepping away. The other two, say, Thomas and Lucille, remain where they are. Thomas looks at Terry, eyes passing coldly over him. "And why is that?"

Snyde: *Good Snyde thinks as hears them talking, maybe nobody has to die here today*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: "Well, for one thing, you've got the wrong house." ((Man+Sub))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 7,7,3,9,9,

Ravyn: For whatever reason, despite how convincing he is, Thomas doesn't seem to buy it. "I don't think I do." Something in his eyes darkens, into a dangerous zeal. "Discedo." ((Awareness roll, all.))

David Poe: 6,2,9,8,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 1,8,2,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 9,10,5,2,

Snyde: 4,10,6,7,3,

Melinda (walikie talkie): ((rolling for Cori))

Melinda (walikie talkie): 5,3,10,9,3,6,

Ravyn: ((1 succ: Magic. 2: Magic coming from the foursome. 3: Magic coming from Thomas, directed at Terry. If you have 2+ successes and have Forces, you recognize it as Forces magic. David, PM'ing you.))

Ravyn -> David Poe: ((Thr Resonance is somewhat similar to Lucas & Robert's...wildly dynamic, with a strictly Zealous feel.))

Ravyn: 9,2,7,

David Poe: * David breaks into a run, homing in on Thomas. This will suck. *

Ravyn: A force comes barrelling out at Terry, striking him in the chest and sending him flying back ((Soak 3 bashing, Terry))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 9,7,9,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((does the house have a back door?))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry goes down, twitch twitch, and he lays where he was hit* ((should I roll something to attempt to feign unconsciousness?))

Ravyn: ((Yes, Adriana, it does. Man + Subt or Performance, Terry.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 2,2,4,4,2,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((and it's quite possibly the shittiest attempt at lying Terry has made in months))

Snyde: *Snyde moves his guns to the window takeing a bead on Thomas and opening fire* "Kick it"

Ravyn: As Terry flies backward, Lucille turns to push the door open.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana kicks the oxygen tank as hard as she can, trying to get it to the doorway.

Ravyn: ((Init, guys.))

Ravyn: ((Init, guys.))

Snyde: 4,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((strength + ath? or dex?))

David Poe: 2,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 6,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 5,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((11))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((13))

Snyde: ((11, would Snyde get a shot of oppurunity?))

David Poe: 8

Ravyn: 7,

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Before I post is Dave close enough to do anything or will he need to run more to get close enough to touch someone? }}

Ravyn: ((No, Snyde))

Snyde: ((Cool))

Ravyn -> David Poe: ((You'll need a Dex+Ath to get there.))

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Otay }}

Ravyn: 8,

Ravyn: ((Okay, guys, declare order goes as follows (rolled one init, but the four have separate init values): David, Lucille, Terry, Snyde, Jonah, Adriana, Cori (NPC'd), Thomas. Declare then roll, you know the drill.))

David Poe: * David continues to sprint. *

David Poe: 9,9,1,

Ravyn: Lucille moves to step through the door.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry quickly gives up on his crappy performance, and stands up to go attempt a punch at thomas* ((don't know if I can fit all that into one round, holding off on the Dex+Brawl roll))

Ravyn: ((You can split between Dex+Athletics & Dex+Brawl if you like))

Ravyn: ((Or just spend your action getting up))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((nope, not splitting action, so Terry just gets up this turn))

Snyde: *Snyde takes a bead at thomas with both pistols and opens fire* ((splitting dice pool blowing will for the secound shot))

Snyde: 6,3,6,3,10,2,

Snyde: 4,6,8,4,8,

Snyde: ((3 sux on the first shot 4 on the secound))

Ravyn: Jonah, seeing Terry getting to his feet, scowls and moves to intercept him, raising his fist to strike. ((Dex+Brawl))

Ravyn: 4,4,8,2,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Eyes widen and she jerks her glock to Lucille, pulling the trigger ((diff 4, infernal enhancement, rolling dex+fa))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 2,4,2,1,6,9,6,

Ravyn: Cori, well...she's a healer, not a fighter. So she waits for healing (or at least someone to be close enough for her to hurt) to become evident.

Ravyn: Thomas, hearing the gunshots and having less then an instant to react, throws himself backward. ((Desperate defense, first roll full Dex+Dodge, second at -1))

Ravyn: 7,5,9,6,8,

Ravyn: 6,6,9,2,

Ravyn: ((Okay, damages: Snyde, roll one gun damage, Adriana roll gun damage + 3. Terry, roll soak. Rolling Strength damage for Jonah.))

Ravyn: 7,7,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 2,7,2,6,7,5,7,6,

Snyde: 2,7,3,4,4,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 5,4,3,

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Ravyn: RECAP: THOMAS throws himself back as SNYDE shoots, and one of the bullets misses, the other skimming his forehead and leaving a line of blood, but no real damage. CORI holds action; ADRIANA plugs LUCILLE as she moves in the door, blasting her to the ground. JONAH decks TERRY ((3 Bashing)). JANICE (who I forgot, goes before Terry in declare order) holds action, blinking as LUCILLE gets plugged. DAVID hauls ass...kinda, enough to come within view of the scene.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Order as follows, new due to wound penalties: Lucille (stunned this round), David, Terry, Janice, Snyde, Jonah, Adriana, Cori, Thomas))

Ravyn: Lucille lies on the ground, eyes wide, bleeding to death.

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Assuming another dex+ath then? }}

Ravyn -> David Poe: ((one more, please. Only 1 more succ needed))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Can you split dice pools and reserve an action for a dodge?))

David Poe: * He keeps coming. Hauling Kiester. *

David Poe: 4,4,2,

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Yes, the reserved action further splits the pools))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Cool))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry reels a bit from Jonah's punch. Well, if that's how he wants it, Terry's going to give as good as he gets, and swings at Jonas* ((burning a WP for an auto-success))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 1,3,7,6,

Ravyn: Janice focuses on herself, whispering "Munio" under her breath.

Ravyn: 8,7,5,

Snyde: *Snyde takes another bead on thomas and opens fire as he prepares to vacate the area*((Splitting dice pool))

Snyde: 9,8,3,3,4,2,

Ravyn: Jonah is not dodging, counting on God's Will to carry him through. A fanaticism burns in his eyes as he swings again.

Ravyn: 1,5,5,4,

Ravyn: Unfortunately, God has left Jonah.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((*cheers!*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Satisfied with Lucille's current condition, she moves the glock in a calculated aim to Janice, pulling the trigger.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 6,3,9,2,3,4,5,

Snyde: ((obviously god hates him *G*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((hip hop hurray for a negligent creator!))

Ravyn: Cori moves forward with her jar of homemade mace-water, throwing it at Janice's eyes. ((Dex+Athletics))

Ravyn: 2,2,

Ravyn: Thomas...isn't dodging. He will die for his cause, if needed. He throws his hand out at Snyde's location, shouting a phrase David may remember: "Defaeco!"

Ravyn: 5,2,4,

Ravyn: ((Damages: Roll Gun Damage + 1, Snyde; Gun Damage + 2, Adriana; Strength + 2, Terry. Rolling soak for Jonah))

Ravyn: 9,8,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 5,4,7,5,

Snyde: 8,5,8,4,4,4,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((I had 4 sux total at diff 4, 3 extra to damage unless i'm doing something wrong.))

Ravyn: ((Missed the "5," sorry. Yes, 3 extra))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 6,2,8,5,8,6,4,4,

Ravyn: RECAP: THOMAS tries to throw some kind of magic but doesnt, and SNYDE'S bullet rips through his shoulder. CORI'S jar of mace misses it's target, but ADRIANA'S bullet does not, slamming into JANICE. JONAH steps into TERRY'S punch, but there's just not enough force behind it. JANICE'S effect manages to get off as her body shows no outward change to it...'sides the bleeding. DAVID stumbles on the way there; LUCILLE has to regain her wits.

Ravyn: ((New round: Order is Lucille, David, Janice, Terry, Snyde, Jonah, Thomas, Adriana, Cori))

Ravyn: Lucille, dying, reaches out to try and heal Janice some. ((WP))

Ravyn: 3,

David Poe: * He continues to run. *

David Poe: 2,3,8,

Ravyn: Janice charges at Adriana, screaming in fury. ((WP spent to ignore wound penalties; Dex+Brawl))

Ravyn: 9,2,5,2,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry's going for another punch, hopefully he'll land this one a bit better*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 5,2,4,3,

Snyde: *Snyde brings both pistols to bear on Thomas and open fire* ((splitting dice pools blowing will for the secound shot))

Snyde: 4,6,8,9,4,5,

Snyde: 4,4,5,7,3,

Ravyn: Jonah grins and tries to punch again. His faith wavered for a will not. NOT. Again.

Ravyn: 1,5,7,2,

Ravyn: Or it will.

Ravyn: Thomas sneers and tries again, shouting with more zeal this time. "Defaeco!" ((Wp, 1 Quint))

Ravyn: 6,5,3,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Eyes narrow sadly on the female charging her. She pulls the trigger once again.. muttering "So young.."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 8,4,7,4,5,1,2,

Ravyn: Cori...still not a fighter. So she waits for the opportunity to heal.

Ravyn: ((Okay, damages: Gun +3, Adriana, Snyde, Gun + 2 and Gun +1. Rolling soak for Janice, who has kewl soaking powerz now.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 8,3,5,2,5,9,9,4,

Snyde: 1,8,3,7,4,5,6,3,

Ravyn: ((And if Adriana doesn';t kill Janice, will roll Strangth damage for tackle))

Snyde: 5,6,2,4,9,6,3,

Ravyn: 2,9,

Ravyn: ((Roll soak, Adri She ain't dead yet))

Ravyn: 4,6,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 3,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: THOMAS blasts SNYDE with holy lightning through the window (take the lelthal, Snyde), but not before bullets rip through him, making him all dead. ADRIANA plugs JANICE again, and she's close, but not dead yet; she takles ADRIANA to the ground (1 Bash, Adri) JONAH and TERRY miss each other; DAVID arrives with vigor. LUCILLE fails to heal.

Snyde: ((How much Lethal?))

Ravyn: ((New Round, order is: Janice, Lucille, David, Terry, Snyde, Jonah, Adriana, Cori.))

Ravyn: ((Sorry, the = 3))

Ravyn: Janice, bleeding, dying, tries to perform her last act of life, grabbing Adriana where they are on the ground and trying to send jolting vibrations through her body. ((WP to ignore wounds))

Ravyn: 10,9,6,

Ravyn: Lucille attempts, desperately, to heal herself.

Ravyn: 9,

David Poe: * He continues to run, lowering his hard helmeted head as he reaches the scene and tries to blindside Jonah into the wall of the house. * {{ WP }}

David Poe: 5,7,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry didn't really want to fight dirty, but this is taking too long...he's making a kick to Jonas's groin* ((WP, that's my third this combat *wince*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 4,8,9,4,

Snyde: *Snyde takes aim at both Jona and Lucille and firs* ((blowing will to negate wound penalties))

Snyde: 4,4,3,10,4,2,

Snyde: 6,3,6,10,6,

Snyde: ((1st jona 2nd lucille))

Ravyn: Jonah sees the kick coming. Dodge? NO! God will help him strike the pagan down, as he focuses to channel the Lord's might. ((WP))

Ravyn: 6,3,1,8,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Eyes widen as the obsessive compulsive doctor comes into contact with someone else's blood in copius amounts. First things first.. She takes a shot to the girl's side at point blank range (does this lower the diff?) and then takes a second action to shove the body off her with a grunt, screaming "Get it off! This is unacCEPtable!" (splitting dice pool, dex+fa, then dex+ath?)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 5,2,2,9,1,

Ravyn: ((It does lower the diff, to the minimum of 3))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((dex or strength to get the body off of her? if it's strength she only has 2, will get no dice but will blow wp either way.. blood is FILTHY))

Ravyn: Cori moves to Snyde, slave already prepared, tryin to heal him.

Ravyn: ((Strength))

Ravyn: 7,5,4,

Ravyn: ((slave = salve. Cori's not a slaver.))

Ravyn: ((Damage time: Gun damage Adri; Gun on Jonah, Gun + 3 on Lucille, Snyde; Str + 3, Terry, rolling Str for Jonah, plus 1 soak for Jonah. terry, roll soak.))

Ravyn: 3,10,8,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 9,4,10,2,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 8,9,7,

Snyde: 1,5,9,4,7,9,

Snyde: 1,5,5,2,4,3,9,8,5,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 1,8,2,5,9,

David Poe -> Ravyn: {{ Did mine not hit? }}

Ravyn: 7,9,

Ravyn: ((Sorry, Strength +1 David))

David Poe: 5,7,9,

Ravyn: 2,4,

Ravyn: 1,4,

Ravyn: RECAP: CORI doesn't quite get enough to heal SNYDE. ADRIANA'S shot is enough to finish JANICE off, and she shoves the bloody mess off of her. JONAH does no serious damage with his punch, and SNYDE spins JONAH with his shot, throwing TERRY'S punch awry, but allowing DAVID to tackle him.

Ravyn: The shot to LUCILLE redoes some of the damage she HEALED.

Ravyn: ((New Round, order: Lucille, David, Jonah, Terry, Snyde, Adriana, Cori))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((was any of the damage healed?))

Ravyn: More attempts to heal from the badly bleeding Lucille. ((WP to ignore wounds))

Ravyn: 6,7,9,

Ravyn -> Snyde: CORI doesn't quite get enough to heal SNYDE

David Poe: * David trys to take advantage of hit hard hat and trys a headbutt on Jonah. *

David Poe: 4,4,4,

Ravyn: ((Don't forget to add one die vs. a knocked down opponent, David))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((I know this is a bad thing for me to do, tactically, but page 130 of Mage Revised says that Arete rolls ignore wound penalties...woulda said something sooner, but I was searching for the rule in the book))

David Poe: 3,

David Poe: {{ *S* }}

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Ahh, good to know, thanks. *S*))

Ravyn: Jonah, seeing this new opponent, tries to punch him.

Ravyn: ((Him being David, the man on top of him.))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((good to know what?))

Ravyn: 3,1,9,9,

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Directed at wrong person, sorry.))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Ahh, good to know, thanks. *S*))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((No prob you just confused me *G*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he's punching Jonah again, hopefully the guy will lose consciousness soon*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 4,10,3,4,2,

Snyde: *Snyde turns both his guns on Lucille and fires* ((blowing will to ignore penalties))

Snyde: 6,2,4,9,8,8,

Snyde: 3,4,3,7,8,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Again with sad eyes and without rising, she points the glock to the seemingly invinsible Lucille.. Hadn't she bled to death yet? She plugs her twice. (splitting dice)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 6,8,1,10,3,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 7,2,7,3,

Ravyn: Cori tries that whole healing thing again. ((WP))

Ravyn: 9,2,6,

Ravyn: ((Okay, damage: Adriana, Gun + 1 and Gun + 1 on Lucille, Snyde Gun + 3 and Gun + 1 on Lucille. That better be one dead Lucille. Terry, Str on Jonah; Jona rolling Str on David. David, roll soak.))

Snyde: 6,9,2,7,5,8,8,2,6,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 6

Snyde: 2,6,4,5,4,6,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((*slaps forehead*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 3,7,4,9,8,6,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 3,4,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 8,10,6,8,1,8,

David Poe: 9,8,

Ravyn: 6,10,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: Every seen Pulp Fiction? That's Snyde and Adriana, as they blow Lucille AWAY ((final tally, since she couldn't heal? 22 damage. DAYUM.)) CORI heals SNYDE up, and the three-way of TERRY, JONAH, and DAVID don't harm each other.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Order is David, Terry, Snyde, Jonah, Adriana, Cori))

David Poe: * Shruging off the punch he raises his head again, slaming it back down on Jonah for another butt. *

David Poe: 9,5,5,7,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he's punching Jonah again as well*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 4,8,10,4,

Snyde: *Snyde moves out the door to help Terry and David since there isnt a clear shot*

Ravyn: Jonah tries to deck David off of him.

Ravyn: 10,6,3,2,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana moves to scoop up her medkit and move toward the door, muttering "This plan is ridiculous.. Snyde, check the status on the other team"

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((ack, one more die because Jonah is down))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 10,

Ravyn: Cori follows along behind Adriana.

Snyde: *While hs is moving out the door Snyde talks into the radio* "Whats the status on the safe house, Over"

Ravyn: ((Damages: David, Str+1; Terry, Str+2; Jonah, Str+1. Roll soak, David))

Ravyn: 8,6,7,5,

Ravyn: 8,5,

Ravyn: 5,1,

David Poe: {{ Damage first. }}

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 2,10,8,8,

David Poe: 4,9,2,2,

David Poe: 3,4,

Ravyn: RECAP: CORI and ADRIANA move out, SNYDE speaks into the radio, and TERRY and DAVID both beat on JONAH, who beats back a little on DAVID, before he falls unconscious. ((3 Bash, David))

Ravyn: ((And unless y'all are turning on each other...combat over))

David Poe: * When the boy stop struggling Dave rolls off, feeling very sore. * " Awesome freakin plan. "

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((caps the two young boys for taking so long!! No.. wait.. yeah. Combat over.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: "Someone, we need something to tie him up and gag him with before he wakes up!"

Snyde: *Snyde gets to Terry, David and Jonah and stops when he sees that Jonah is unconscious* "You two allright?"

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *drops his Arcane and nods to Snyde*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adrianas eyes narrow down on the unconscious man "I've some gauze.."

Snyde: *Snyde stops and thinks of somthing to tie the guy up with* "Didnt bring any rope with me, hmm I have a belt though?"

David Poe: * He takes a few deep breaths before answering. * " He got me in the ribs and took the wind out of me. Dont think anything broke or anything though. "

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She leans down pulling gauze and tape from her kit, handing it to Terry "I trust you can handle such things, dear?"

Snyde: *Snyde looks to Cori* "Think you can take care of him?"

Terry O'Brian: *shrugs* "Probably." *he proceeds to attempt to bind and gag Jonah*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She looks coldly to Snyde "What is the situation at the safe house? Did you get a reply?"

Melinda: ((And as the other room is behind you guys.)) Snyde will hear over the line. "They are handeling things, I do not know if anyone is down inside the house, as some came outside."

Snyde: "Yea she said to let her check" *he says with as he looks down at Terry binding and gagging Johan*

Snyde: *Snyde speaks into the Radion again* "Do they need assistance?"

David Poe: " You guys want help at the other house or should I try to steal a van and get these bodies out of here? "

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana straightens her lips to Snyde, gripping the glock with tight irritated gloved hands "This is idiotic. We should be aiding them rather than sitting over here.. useless. If someone needs immediate attention they'll die before they can get over here.. And if they're working shorthanded or have more foes than was expected.. We should be over there. Helping."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana nods to David "That's a novel idea, dear. Thank you. A van would be most acceptable to transport the deceased."

Snyde: "Get the bodies moved first, if they need assistance me and Adriana will go. Still waiting on a reply for assistance" *he says as he survey the carnage*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana looks down at her blood splattered labcoat with a dissatisfied gaze, then a sad look to the corpses. Her hands are visably shaking.

Snyde: *Snyde looks at Terry and David* "Do either of you know how to shoot?"

Terry O'Brian: *he's not letting himself realize the extent of the carnage, focusing completely on keeping Jonah captive and not looking around*

David Poe: * He nods and hobbles off to look for something he might break into if Cori is not trying to treat him. *

David Poe: * Shaking his head in the negative to Snyde's question. *

Ravyn: Cori does attempt to treat and heal David.

Ravyn: 2,9,6,

Melinda: "Not that I can see they have things pretty much handeled. I am unsure of mnedically, if on your end everything is all clear, then maybe one of the medic's could come this way."

Ravyn: ((Take two bash back, David))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She has an ancy look about her, sharp eyes moving about the area nervously. Then back down to the blood on her. She hasn't an extra change of clothes. She should have brought some along.

Terry O'Brian: "No" *focused completely on making sure Jonah can't escape or speak. The word comes out cold, almost devoid of emotion*

David Poe: * He smiles... * " Feels alot better. Going to go get that van. If you guys have to take off just let me know by radio if Roxy made it if you can. " * He sounds worried, but he leaves to do what he said he would do. *

Snyde: "Roger, me and Adriana are on our way. Im leaving David and Terry here with Cori, Over" *Snyde looks over to Adriana* "We are meeting with the lookout and then procedding inside to check to see if there are wounded"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Without a word, she makes a quick pace in that direction. Her gaze a glacier.

Snyde: *Snyde smiles at Terry as he takes one of the pistols out and hands it to him* "If he moves shoot him"

Terry O'Brian: *Terry jerks his hands away from Snyde, he's NOT touching that gun*

Snyde: "Suit yourself" *he says as he reholsters the pistol and moves to follow Adriana*

Ravyn: ((Killing this nick so I can log and focus on Griff in the other scene. Way to go, guys, ya done good.))

Terry O'Brian: "No. He's tied up and can't speak. There's no reason." *again, coming through fairly coldly*

Melinda: "Sounds good, over."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((moving to the other room.. since i'm headed that way))

Terry O'Brian: *Terry pulls Jonah into the house and out of sight, and then waits for David*

David Poe: * Dave returns about twenty minutes later with the van. He backs it up to the front door of the house and then opens the back doors. *

Terry O'Brian: *he hasn't touched the corpses, and he won't do so. he continues to speak in that disassociated, cold tone* "Do they know we have a captive?"

David Poe: * Then he starts loading it, starting with the body of Thomas on the porch. * " Does who know? "

Terry O'Brian: "The people at the other building." *he's keeping watch on Jonah, very, very careful watch*

David Poe: * He shrugs and drags Tom into the back of the van. * " I dont know. I figured that one of the others would let them know when they get down there. "

Terry O'Brian: "Oh. Ok." *he nods, and continues as before*

David Poe: * He touches his ear and nods. * " Yeah, that dude just said that he passed it along through the radio. Its all good. I will take care of the dead. You get your guy inside. We need to load up and torch this house before the cops show, bro. "

Terry O'Brian: *he drags Jonah up into the van, avoiding the corpses*

David Poe: * Dave gets the others inside and then sets the place up for a hot burn. *

Terry O'Brian: *Terry makes sure that Jonah is properly secured so that he won't be hurt further while driving, and climbs into a seat of the van, waiting for David to return from setting up the burn*

David Poe: * Then he returns. * " Alright. We have about two minutes before my cigarette burns down far enough to start a fire. Where should we go do you think? "

Terry O'Brian: "Ask the others. All the people who are in charge are over there."

David Poe: " You got better sight than me, man. Did not look to me like there was anyone in charge at all. " * He starts the van and keys the radio. * " MASH here. Where do you guys need us? "

Terry O'Brian: *he's silent, nodding vaguely at David's comment*

David Poe: * He pulls away. * " They said back to that safe house. There are more dead there. If this is too hot for you maybe you should take off now. "

Terry O'Brian: "I...I'm staying until we've recovered Michelle."

David Poe: * He nods. * {{ Back to Res. }}