Ravyn: All right, so what would Terry be dreaming about last night?

Terry O'Brian: Probably about anything he can imagine possibly going wrong with tonight's activities

Terry O'Brian: Oh, and definitely there will be a theme of him being useless, he's been sorta preoccupied by that

Ravyn: All right. So, the plan is unfolding. Terry and Arlett are acting as crowd control and lookouts, as the rest of the crew tries to take down Robert.

Terry O'Brian: *he's attempting to keep people from wandering in to the battle, gotta keep the area clear so no one gets hurt who isn't involved*

Ravyn: ((Roll me Per+Alert))

Terry O'Brian: 8,5,9,7,2,3,

Ravyn: Well, the sound of the scream, as he's trying to keep people out of it, is almost unmistakable. It's Roxy's voice. Evan and Joey's follow immedaitely after. Arlett looks at him, eyes wide, as they feel the supernatural Resonance of a dizzyingly wild, insane magic fly, from multiple sources in the ambush spot.

Terry O'Brian: *his friends need help! what use is guarding the place if everyone inside is getting hurt? He turns and runs toward the resonance, hoping that he can help in some way once he gets there*

Ravyn: Arlett is yelling at him to stay behind, to stick to the plan. As he runs on, heedlessly, he comes onto the scene...and it's a slaughter. Roxy, form changed in order to look like Tansy, has been split in two somehow. Joey stares sightlessly up, his body charred and burned in a manner surprisingly like Venus's. Evan's slumped against a wall, riddled with bullets. Griffen is just in the process of getting cut down by Robert, who's wielding a sabre. Behind Robert are four men...including Lucas, the Maraduder who kidnapped Benny and who had died. Sam and Abbey are nowhere to be seen.

Terry O'Brian: *Rage, hate, grief and fear surface in Terry, and he's had enough practice he knows exactly what they are. He hesitates a moment, where'd arlett go? no way in hell SHE'D be the one trying to get the other to stick to the plan...he activates his Arcane and looks for cover so that he can do his usual disappearance thing, if they don't see him, maybe he can wait until he can get in a cheap shot and accomplish something.*

Ravyn: Terry does in fact manage to hide, and watch the Verbena fall to the ground, head separated from his shoulders. Robert looks to his students. "Find her. Thomas, Jonah, search this city. Kill every mage you find. Curtis, go to Los Angeles, I believe she is there. Lucas, you are dead. Go with God."

Terry O'Brian: *he's lived various versions of this scenario for several nights now...he almost knows the moves. As Robert's leiutenants leave, Terry attempts to move closer from behind, listening for Robert to say anything in Latin so that he can try to react to castings*

Ravyn: ((Roll WP))

Terry O'Brian: 8,9,7,4,7,

Terry O'Brian: 1,9,8,5,3,

Terry O'Brian: ((sorry, connection issues...I'll take the first roll *G*))

Ravyn: He manages to sneak up on Robert as his students (for somehow, that's what Terry recognizes them as) leave. Robert stands there a moment, surveying the scene with a cold smile, before he starts to chant in Latin, to teleport away.

Terry O'Brian: *if he's close enough to do it, he's going to try to punch Robert in the back of the head...aaaaand this is where the guy turns around and goes to kill him, and he wakes up in a cold sweat*

Ravyn: As Terry comes up, Robert does indeed turn around and reach out...though there's no waking up, and there's no death. He snags Terry by the throat, smirking in that same cold demeanor. "Yes...yes," he muses. "You'll do quite nicely." And he finishes the chant, preparing to teleport them both.

Terry O'Brian: *and this is where Terry gets worried, he's going to start singing, desperately, attempting a counterspell*

Ravyn: ((Roll it))

Terry O'Brian: 5,5,5,9,4,

Terry O'Brian: 9,10,

Ravyn: 7,9,6,6,8,2,3,

Ravyn: The countering is as good as it could have been and he knows it. But in his mind, Robert is just too ungodly powerful--after all, he and his crew took down HOW many mages with ease and without harm?--and he finds himself losing consciousness for a moment. When he can sense again, he's in a basement of a house somewhere. It's a very dim light, barely enough to see by. The drip of a faucet is the only thing he can hear...the rest is stifling silence.

Terry O'Brian: *he's keeping his Arcane on, and he's going to look around the place. He's trying to push the Passions he was feeling at the sight of the battle (and still is, of course) to the back of his mind, to be called up if he can use them...but right now, he needs to try to remain calm*

Ravyn: ((Roll a Per+Alter, and a Per+Aware))

Ravyn: ((Alert))

Terry O'Brian: 6,4,5,6,5,9,

Terry O'Brian: 8,4,4,7,

Ravyn: The hairs on the back of Terry's neck stand up as he feels terrifyingly wild, dizzying magic that is unmistakably Robert's permeating throughout the vicinity. His eyes search through the dim light, finding someone sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.

Terry O'Brian: *he is definitely not happy about that...he moves warily towards the chair, if that's Robert, he's ready to try to fight...better to die than become one of his 'students'*

Ravyn: As he moves over, he sees the flare of a lighter, almost blinding in the sudden light against the darkness. The light shows Michelle, sitting there, in the chair. She's dirty, badly wounded, blood caked below her nose, onto her upper lip and down to her chin. She takes a drag of the cigarette she's lighting and smiles at Terry. "Hey."

Terry O'Brian: "Hello..." *he can't hide his surprise, but he's still cautious. this COULD still be a dream...and if it's not, then why would Robert put him and Michelle in the same room? He could have turned her already, or he could have some other ulterior motive*

Ravyn: She grins a little bit, the cherry flaring red, illuminating slightly as she takes a drag. "So how are things at Haven right now?"

Terry O'Brian: *shrugs slightly* "Haven't been there in a few days."

Ravyn: "You've got to keep going, hon. Haven needs people there. People like you and Arlett, and Joey and Cori and Damien...you're it's lifeblood. Don't let Haven die out."

Terry O'Brian: *Damien? Nevermind, not the time* "It won't." *he definitely means it. he looks around, there must be a way out of here...*

Ravyn: "I'd move oh, about four feet to your left, if I were you," she says, conversationally. "Don't want the impact to knock you out."

Terry O'Brian: *he does move, well, four feet to his left, and he raises an eyebrow, still not convinced that this is Michelle...but really, what else is he going to do?*

Ravyn: She looks up as light comes down from first one, then another part of the ceilings, and two forms fall into the room, one clinging to the edge of the hole that's suddenly appeared in the far corner of the room...the other whole directly above where Terry was.

Samantha Jacobs: There is a scream. Not of pain, not of fear. Of rage. And then she hits the floor painfully, violently. Teeth clack, and she grunts. Dressed up in bloody, torn, military gear.

Abbey Randelle: *silence and ice..she dangles a moment, and then is flalling again. pure ice.. the teperature dropping as the delicate girl plummets towards the basement, doing her very best to soften her fall into a roll, eyes glacial*

Terry O'Brian: *he takes another step back, raising his hands to defend himself if necessary, and watching what happens, hoping to be ready to react to anything he doesn't want to let happen*

Ravyn: ((And for reference, Abbey fell where Terry had just been, Sam in the other corner of the room.))

Samantha Jacobs: Yay for military gear softening her fall. She tries to get up as fast as possible, eyes flicking around, trying to take in whomever is in the room. She looks just... you know, a little paranoid.

Ravyn: Michelle smiles a little, ruefully, as she sees Sam and Abbey drop into the room, and takes another drag of her cigarette. "Hey, guys."

Abbey Randelle: *dust from the debris that came with her sifts and settles on white hair as she rolls spryly to her feet. bruises wait.. and clean is for the shower after she kills something. cold razored eyes flick to everyone in turn. seeing michelle unfortunately does little to improve her mood. a slight nod of her head as she looks up the way she came *

Samantha Jacobs: Her eyes flick to Michelle, and then to Terry, and then to Abbey, and she looks more paranoid. Slowly, sloooowly moving towards Michelle first. "... Miss Randelle... you alright over there? Terry...?"

Ravyn: The light in the room is brighter now, thanks to the light pouring in from the two holes. The room is spartan, with just the chair, which Michelle is chained to, a twin bed, and several scrawlings of various Christian ritual words on the wall, warding the place.

Terry O'Brian: *he's still wary, not lowering his hands, he's not sure what's real and what isn't, he thought this was a dream, but this hasn't happened in his dreams before...so he remains, on guard and silent*

Abbey Randelle: I am well enough miss Jacobs. *she murmers softly.*

Terry O'Brian: "Yes?" *he finally says something in response to Sam saying his name. he relaxes very slightly*

Samantha Jacobs: "It's a dream like last time." She says, eyes flicking around, and then back to Michelle. "Isn't it?" Fingers itching to unchain her lover.

Terry O'Brian: ((ack, the ? should be a .))

Ravyn: She nods to Sam in response to her question, slowly. "Look, guys, there isn't much time. He's bound to realize I've joined us all. I would have brought more, but I'm being blatent enough as it is, and you three are...those I'm closest with. Don't tell me anything that's going on, okay? If I know, he'll...make me tell him." She flinches, just a little, quite possibly unnoticed in the darkness she still sits in.

Samantha Jacobs: Is she growling? She might be. But she doesn't say anything. Though she's close to Michelle. Providing what comfort she can as she listens, eyes flicking up to above them.

Abbey Randelle: *an eyebrow. hadn't she warded her mind against such intrusion? but this had to be a dream.. as she's certain she'd remember the massacre should someone have intruded upon her bedchamber. she nods to miss morgan. silent ans listening*

Terry O'Brian: *he nods, and waits for her to continue*

Abbey Randelle: *dust. dust everywhere. she brushes at it, pushing the debris off her white clothing with a muted look of annoyance*

Ravyn: "Robert's been gone the last couple of days...I'm not entirely sure where. It's the only reason I felt comfortable doing this. I've been...playing along, making him think I've converted to his...way of thinking. He's completely lost in the fact that I'm Naomi, and that Tansy is going to be his."

Samantha Jacobs: She listens, hed tucked. Jaw clenched.

Abbey Randelle: *a slight nod*

Terry O'Brian: *he's staying silent, though he now relaxes enough that he lowers his hands to his sides, and he continues to listen*

Ravyn: She winces, the strain of maintaining this causing her nose to bleed a little more. She shakes her head and presses on. "Remember, the key to beating him is unlocking his madness. It's his strength, and his weakness, all in one. Use it against him, if you can. And above all, remember the Code of Ananda. Act as one."

Samantha Jacobs: She tenses more as Michelle starts to bleed a little more, fingers twitching towards Michelle.

Abbey Randelle: *abbeys eyes glint. As far as she was concerned the key to beating him was hitting him hard with anitmagic and then.. well.. beating him. until he dies*

Abbey Randelle: *preferably with something pointed and painful*

Terry O'Brian: *he glances over to Sam and Abbey, to see if they understand what Michelle is talking about. He then looks back to Michelle, to see if she's going to elaborate*

Ravyn: Upstairs, the sound of a door opening is heard. She looks up at the hole Abbey made, in the stairs, eyes widening, and the blood starts flowing free. "Fifth Law. Truths foreseen. Remember it. You guys can and will do it. And if it all goes wrong, I love you all."

Samantha Jacobs: "I love you." She murmurs, choking maybe a little, and lowers her head. Its time to wake up.

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey raises an eyebrow. so.. she's not getting any of this. perhaps miss jacobs knew what she was talking about. a polite smile and inclination of her head*

Terry O'Brian: *he nods a bit* "It won't go wrong." *images from earlier in his dream come to mind and he shudders, then firmly* "It won't."

Samantha Jacobs: 5,6,1,

Ravyn: She looks up at Abbey and smirks a little. "May you be most fortunate in your endeavor, Miss Randelle." And with that, she closes her eyes. All three of them, in that split instant, are connected to her mind, feeling the complete and unadulterated love she feels for them...differently for each. And then, the door to the basement opens, and just before the light can reveal them to the person open the door, each of them start awake, whereever they were sleeping.

Ravyn: ((Oh, Abbey and Terry also can roll Int+Occult, Int+Enigmas, or just straight Int if you have neither, to figure out the meaning of Michelle's words.))

Samantha Jacobs: She wakes up. In Abbey's house. With a look of complete and murderous rage on her face.

Terry O'Brian: 4,9,8,1,

Ravyn -> Samantha Jacobs: ((The Truths Foreseen bit is, of course, the fact that mages should not always rely on magic. Sam gets the feeling that this is in regards to more then just the plan to take down Robert. As to unlocking the madness...she's not quite sure. They need to either make themselves fit within his worldview, which would give power over him, or maybe the exact opposite, force him to see the truth of the situation and destabilize his madness.))

Abbey Randelle: 8,3,4,

Abbey Randelle: *abbey wakes up, slithers out from under a rather heavy hungarian with a slight frown. .. who sleeps ON someone.. she glances out the window at the moon before moving to the adjacent bedroom*

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian: ((The bit about the Code of Ananda seems, of course, to relate to the "Truths Foreseen" bit, the Fifth Law of the code, "Truths Foreseen are not always Truths." Basically, that mages should not always rely on magic for everything they do, and not to assume anything. As to unlocking the madness...he's not quite sure. Just that somehow, using his Quiet against him is the key to defeating him.))

Ravyn -> Abbey Randelle: ((The bit about the Code of Ananda seems to relate to the "Truths Foreseen" bit, the Fifth Law of the code, "Truths Foreseen are not always Truths." Basically, that mages should not always rely on magic for everything they do, and not to assume anything at all. As to unlocking the madness...Abbey isn't quite sure. All Marauders are insane, unshakable in their insanity. If she can use his base insanity against him, it will somehow help them take him down with much less risk.))

Terry O'Brian: *he snaps out of his sleep in his own bed, and hastily dresses and grabs his phone. He's definitely got to contact Sam*

Samantha Jacobs: She's throwing clothes on in her room, stalking, pacing, one anrgy ex-military.

Abbey Randelle: Tea. *yes. Its not a question. the thin girl in her satin bed clothes* We move as planned Miss Jacobs.

Samantha Jacobs: She runs a hand through her hair. "I'm missing something, Miss Abbey. What am I missing?" An absent nod at the tea order.

Terry O'Brian: and...Sam's phone rings

Samantha Jacobs: She snatches it up, glancing at the name. "Yes, Terry."

Abbey Randelle: *she moves out of room. double steps down the stairs, she leaps the last 4, not entirely comfortable with them*

Terry O'Brian: "Have I lost it, or did that actually happen? If it did, then you know what I'm referring to."

Samantha Jacobs: "Yes. It did."

Terry O'Brian: "Does this change anything in the plan?"

Abbey Randelle: *tea. she makes it herself. letting sam have her phone call*

Samantha Jacobs: She breaths in deeply, heavily, turning her head to cough. "The basis of it? No. I'm going to speak to Aconite, because... we need to either draw him into his own madness, or totally break it and show him it's wrong. I'm going to speak to Aconite, he might have insights into it I don't. But no, the basic plan does NOT change."