Alec Golden: ((Call it like it is....."The bullshit flew through the air like leaves in an autumn windstorm" *G*))

Johan Amal: ((what do i roll to see if he's convinced of her dodgey replys?))

Anjou: ((*L*)) *and yet another page is turned. she does, however, blink suddenly at teh book as if slightly sheepish....and hastily turns another page*

Johan Amal: ((sorry, i'm way out of practice))

Alec Golden: The fuck you will. *grins*

Arlett: ((perc sub.. I'll roll mann sub *S*))

Troy Harris: ((~whines~ You're mocking a tremendous ego, it's not faiiiir! ~lol~))

Arlett: 5,8,2,4,6,

Monique LeFlambeau: *Glittering, obsidian eyes watch the frightened girl throw in her lot with the young man.*

Arlett: ((eyes the STs around to confirm))

Johan Amal: 3,7,5,

Shiva: She nods. "Thought so." And pulls a pistol out of her bike helmet, taking aim at the knee. ((PAUSE. INIT.))

Troy Harris: 9,1,3,5,5,

Alec Golden: 2,

Monique LeFlambeau: *Listens to Troy's missive as she drops the cigarette and crushes it beneath a stilletto heel.*

Alec Golden: ((8))

Shiva: ((And for the record, Arlett won the dodgey reply contest.))

Anjou: 5,

Monique LeFlambeau: 2,

Troy Harris: 4,6,6,4,2,

Troy Harris: ((ignore that roll))

Troy Harris: 4,

Anjou: ((10, if she actually does anything. other than the usual.))

Johan Amal: ((should we roll init?))

Troy Harris: ((INIT 9))

Arlett: (8oi!))

Arlett: 6,

Monique LeFlambeau: ((7)) Will be holding her actions, she's just observing unless someone drags her ass into it.

Johan Amal: 9,

Arlett: 13

Johan Amal: ((14))

Arlett: ((I rolled to know where I go, cause I guess we jsut act -after- hearing the shot...?))

Alec Golden: ((*kicks Alec* YOU SUCK!))

Shiva: 10,

Arlett: ((*hugs poor Phoen*))

Shiva: ((Allright, folks! First, EVERYONE HERE familiar with the Streamlined Combat System? It's under the FAQ under "Combat."))

Alec Golden: ((*blank look* Never heard of it. *ducks the oncoming smack of doom*))

Arlett: ((I knows it...though I still mess damage from time to time *snugs, blushes, hides*))

Johan Amal: ((nods))

Troy Harris: ((got it - state, roll, dmg - watch for turn coming up))

Shiva: ((We will be going last to first, is the one exception. Lowest Init Declares & Rolls, then Next lowest, so on up. If you are disabled in some way, by someone with a higher init then you, you losted your action. Initiative order to follow, as lowest to highest.))

Anjou: ((*grins, for she actually topped Alec's init. for once. heh.))

Alec Golden: ((Yeah well, An can save HIS ass for a change.))

Arlett: ((giggles I go after Shiv and Anjou and before Johan ond declaring seems))

Shiva: ((Init order is here: Monique, Alec, Troy, Anjou, Arlett, Johan, Shiva. Everyone clear on everything before we start?))

Johan Amal: ((re-nods))

Alec Golden: ((Yes boss))

Arlett: ((yup...))

Troy Harris: ((got it))

Troy Harris: ((He's going to die on the first day he's approved... ~dies laughing~))

Arlett: ((you can always run like hell...))

Anjou: ((*salutes*))

Monique LeFlambeau: *observes*

Alec Golden: *notes a gun coming out and turns his head, ostensibly NOT looking at the gun, he did not see it, nope nope*

Shiva: ((And for the record...if you are looking at the scene, then yes, you did see that Shiva pulled a gun on Troy.))

Alec Golden: ((Consider that a "Holding my Action"))

Anjou: ((gee, An'll run tell the papers...NOT *G* ok. shutting up with the silly extra comments now.))

Troy Harris: Bolts into the nearest alley and enacts Unseen Presence.

Troy Harris: ((Might be two turns, there, though, don't know how far away the alley is. So running away.))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Although a hint of a smile does curl her lips as the woman pulls a gun.*

Troy Harris: ((Do you want a Dex+Athletics roll?))

Shiva: ((Are you then RUNNING/DODGING this turn, or multiple actioning? Can't two two actions unless you split your pool.))

Troy Harris: ((Running/dodging, will roll to dodge then.))

Troy Harris: 10,7,1,8,

Anjou: *frowning slightly--the nearest alley is where HER stray kitty lives!--and puts up her book as she rises, hand remaining inside her purse*

Da Answer Feen: ((Here for any questions anyone may have.))

Shiva: ((Arlett, your turn.))

Arlett: ((ble!)) *she blinks, Shiva=... Alec=... Treaty...Troy who cares if they .. uh. kill it... duck out of any stray bullets and make sure no passers buy get shoot, ei, letting out a tinny* Duck! *for Johan and any passer by*

Arlett: ((yea... was tippying =) sorry))

Arlett: ((buy=bies))

Shiva: ((S'okay, Arlett.))

Johan Amal: "Huh?" looks around for what he's supposed to be ducking from

Shiva: ((Is that an action hold, Johan?))

Johan Amal: ((yep))

Shiva: 3,8,10,6,7,2,

Shiva: 3,2,3,9,1,2,6,

Shiva: ((Roll soak, Troy.))

Troy Harris: 3,6,

Shiva: ((Pause a second for Recapping of what's gone on so far. Then all those who held their actions get to go.))

Shiva: Shiva points the gun, a big, scary-looking .45 Cal. Colt M1911A. And it booms to life, clipping the side of Troy's leg, but doing no real damage, probably due to the target leaping into a nearby alley. ((No dasmage, Troy))

Shiva: ((New Round. Init order is here: Monique, Alec, Troy, Anjou, Arlett, Johan, Shiva.))

Alec Golden: *bolts after Troy, eyes alert to keep an eye on the little fuck*

Alec Golden -> Shiva: Gonna Spend a BP for Dex, then roll Dex + Ath to keep up, and Per + Alert to see him. Cool?

Shiva: ((Troy, for the record, you leapt into the alley, but are still visible to Shiva, at least.))

Alec Golden: 8,6,10,3,2,4,

Shiva: ((Dex+Athletics and Per+Alert, Alec))

Troy Harris: ~Activates Unseen Presence in the shadows.~

Alec Golden: 9,6,2,10,4,8,7,

Alec Golden: 10,

Alec Golden: 8,

Alec Golden: ((I SEE ALLLLLLLLL!!!!))

Shiva: ((Alec is the vision-master. Of course, Troy's going first. For fairness, Troy, Dex+Stealth vs. Shiva's Per+Alert.))

Shiva: ((To see if you made it to shadows and can Obfuscate))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Is going to walk away from the fight.*

Troy Harris: 2,3,8,

Shiva: 2,3,4,2,4,5,

Troy Harris: ((just thank goodness it isn't versus Alec's! ~lmao~))

Alec Golden: ((*just fuckin dies laughing*))

Anjou: *begins to walk--calmly--toward the alley, angling to the wall of the building. will stop before she gets there. hand still inside purse*

Shiva: ((Anjou's turn.))

Shiva: ((I'm a slow man. *S*))

Arlett: ((bho... *wisltes innocently and takes out credit card gadget...*))

Anjou: ((*petpats* yer a man who needs sleeeeeeeep. is ok. *G*))

Arlett: *she bites her lips, and very slowly moves slightly on the way of their, sliping a hand to take out a credit card looking thingy, still all but alert, is not gonna mess, just make sure*

Shiva: ((Roll away, Arlett.))

Arlett -> Shiva: and keep innocently track of all vampis in the vesinity, just so they don't eat her or use her as shield...

Troy Harris: ((~gives die roller chocolates forever~))

Arlett: will!))

Arlett: 2,7,

Johan Amal: Turns around to see who fired the gun

Shiva: ((Johan, last round you tried to see what you should duck. You saw it. Shiva, firing a gun at Troy's knee.))

Johan Amal: ((O B K B)) *hold action*

Shiva: Shiva grits her teeth and hot foots it into the alley, looking around, gun at the ready.

Shiva: ((RECAP TIME. One Sec.))

Shiva: Shiva grits her teeth and hot foots it into the alley, looking around, gun at the ready. Johan stays low, watching what's going on. Arlett pulls out her doohickey, using it to realize something ((Per+Awareness, anyone who has it.)) Anjou strolls non-chalantly up to the alley, just before Troy obfuscates right behind Shiva's back. And Alec runs into the alley with Shiva, looking around and seeing...nothing. ((PM'ing your results now, Arlett.))

Alec Golden: *sees everything, but what he wants to see* Fuckin chicken shit pansy.

Shiva: ((Also, Troy, Man+Subeterfuge. Arlett, Per+Subterfuge. 2 succ on magic vs. Obfuscate 2))

Troy Harris: Stays still and silent, glaring ineffectively, waiting for the gun to be put away.

Troy Harris: 4,7,9,5,5,8,

Arlett: mhe.. will =)

Arlett: 4,9,7,7,

Shiva -> Arlett: ((Arlett, everyone. EVERYONE. PC-wise in your immediate vicinity is a vampire. Including Troy, who is hidden, right behind Shiva.))

Arlett: ((damm....)) shit...

Arlett -> Shiva: ((*S* saying a warning will be breaking Treaty? and spekaing a warning is an action?

Shiva: ((New Round. Init order is here: Monique (who will be gone from the scene this turn), Alec, Troy, Anjou, Arlett, Johan, Shiva.))

Alec Golden: Go figure. Biggest mouth, littlest dick. ((Holding action))

Troy Harris: Speaking about yourself, are you, monkey boy? His lip curls into a sneer but he doesn't speak or move. ((Holding action, defensive only.))

Arlett: ((guys... I just.. erhg.. turned my insides out from coughing... rather ill.... so.. uh.. I am taking a quick bath.... ))

Arlett -> Shiva: IF, and only IF something realy bad seems to be about to happen Arlett will yell a warning ot either Shiva or Alec.. Troy wanted to huhu her =P. Other wise Arlett is jsut watching.. thrill seeker she won't just go *snugs*))

Shiva -> Arlett: ((Saying a warning isn't breaking the treaty. It is a free action. It would, however, violate the rule of Shade to reval that you know he is obfuscated, because you are revealing that you detected supernatural activity.))

Anjou: *peeks around the corner quietly. hand still in purse.* (( do i need to roll per-alert?))

Shiva: ((Troy, for advance, you can roll another Manip+Subt, or let your old one stand.))

Johan Amal: Slowly walks toward the battling group((dumbass))

Troy Harris: 7,4,5,4,5,

Troy Harris: ((ugh should have let the old one stand, or he shouldn't have moved his mouth to sneer))

Shiva: ((Anjou, Per+Subterfuge))

Anjou: 9,3,4,6,2,10,

Shiva: 4,7,3,4,7,7,7,

Shiva: ((RECAP TIME!))

Shiva: Shiva spins around, gun ready still, and locks eyes with Troy, who realizes that Shiva saw through his Obfuscate. Anjou enters the alley and sees him as well. Arlett is hanging back like a good non-vampire, watching, as Johann comes close enough to look in the alleyway. Alec is swearing, as Alec tends to do when he can't see things he wants to hurt.

Arlett -> Shiva: sorry back.. and oki *snugs*))

Shiva: ((New Round. Init order is here: Alec, Troy, Anjou, Arlett, Johan, Shiva.))

Alec Golden: *and he keeps swearing, holding his turn* Cowardly little prick. Mouth off then run like his pants were on fire and his ass was catchin. Stupid tool.

Troy Harris: He says softly, "Put the gun away. If I'm poaching in your territory, you could have just said so." The voice of reason.

Arlett -> Shiva: ((oh and too is crouched like a good avoidng bullets onlooker =) snugs Ravyn*((

Anjou: *continues to observe quietly, hand in purse. still*

Troy Harris: ((no action, just speaking))

Shiva: ((Troy, roll Wits+Stealth if you are trying to remain hidden to all others who don't see you. Diff 7, 3 succ needed.))

Johan Amal: ((troy's Obf still up?))

Troy Harris: ((Not once he speaks, then it's gone. Shiva: It's gone. He spoke.))

Johan Amal: watchs *hold action*

Shiva: ((Revised p. 166. Speaking without giving away one's position requires at least 3 successes.))

Troy Harris: ((Ah, I see, I'm on that page now. I read it wrong. Rolling.))

Troy Harris: 9,7,9,9,

Troy Harris: ((oh wow...I did it. ~blinkblink~))

Johan Amal: ((retrack my action))

Johan Amal: 3,7,2,9,

Johan Amal: ((guess he doesn't see Troy?)) inches closer

Shiva: ((What are you doing, Johan? Watching? Or what was that roll for?))

Arlett: *remind sin place, just looking, damm the curiosity kill the ... cat...*

Shiva: ((You can only roll if your Auspex = Troy's Obfuscate, so no, you don't.))

Johan Amal: (( i said..i'm out of practice))

Shiva: Shiva points the gun directly between his eyes, point-blank, smirking a little. "Hola. Name. Clan. Sect. Now, Winky."

Shiva: ((I know, Johan. S'cool.))

Arlett -> Shiva: ((she just said that with an Arlett onlookin?))

Shiva: ((Recap, and when I'm done, post if you want to continue combat.))

Shiva -> Arlett: ((She didn't see Arlett. And it doesn't matter anyway, silly. Arlett's not learning terms she otherwise wouldn't, Miss Blazey Girlfriend. *S*))

Arlett -> Shiva: ((wisltes innocently, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut they don't know...... or dooone't remember *hidesy*giggles* I miss mine Blaze! *sniff*S*))

Shiva: Shiva points the gun directly between his eyes, point-blank, smirking a little. "Hola. Name. Clan. Sect. Now, Winky." Johan and Alec watches as Shiva points and talks to the wall. Anjou sees all. So does Arlett. Troy tries to placate.

Alec Golden: ((I see no need to continue combat.))


Arlett: ((uh.. can I start! *joking* nop))

Shiva: Going....

Shiva: Going...

Troy Harris: ((He's not moving to attack or run. Self-preservation is firmly in gear.)) He smirks. Even with the gun barrel at his head. "Troy. Malkavian. Did I...misstep?" Smirks a little more.

Anjou: ((Anjou? fight?? *falls over laughing*))

Shiva: Gone. COmbat over.

Alec Golden: *turns to watch Shiva talk to the wall* Nice.

Troy Harris: ~drops Unseen Presence, eyes firmly on Shiva~

Arlett: ((mutters about Roses and they lack of...`coughcough*))

Anjou: *calmly keeps watching and listening, flahsing Johan a swift glance and lokking for the cat. which she doubts she'll see*

Shiva: Between Troy speaking a second time, Shiva obviously pointing a gun at the voice, and Anjou wacthing, Troy's Obfuscate drops ((Unless you can get, like, 4 succ on Wits+Stealth vs. 9... *S*))

Shiva: ((Or not.))

Troy Harris: ((lack of? ~L~ I thought the main page said that Clan Toreador was quite full-up))

Troy Harris: ((I wouldn't even try, Shiva. ~lol~))

Alec Golden: *stares at the man* Welcome back fucko.

Anjou: ((*calmly poinks Arlett with a well-aimed glass eyeball*))

Arlett: ((ehg.... *giggles* dind't ment that *hides from Phoenix*))

Troy Harris: Alec: "Trouble? A bit *blind* are you?" Smirking still.

Alec Golden: Funny. *smirks* You don't seem to be hiding all that well. *looks meaningfully at the LARGE handgun pointed at his head*

Johan Amal: Stands there, looking confused *what just happened here?*

Alec Golden: Absolutely nothing. *smiles at Johan*

Shiva: ((Rolling Per+Alert to see Arlett.))

Arlett: ((mhe! can me roll stealth? *G*))

Shiva: 8,8,2,9,5,5,

Shiva: ((Feel free.))

Troy Harris: Alec: "Not from those possessed of *true* observation skills."

Arlett: 4,5,6,7,8,2,

Johan Amal: ((i use * to denote his thoughts and " for speaking))

Troy Harris: 4,6,5,

Arlett: ((eh...*S* is good to have arcane?))

Troy Harris: ~barely sees anything except Shiva and Alec~

Alec Golden: *makes a show of checking his fingernails for dirt* Again, you miss the point fucko. They are on my side. Your dumb ass is still standing there with a gun to your head.

Troy Harris: "On your side." A slow smile. Eyes as flat and cold as a viper's. "What a lucky cadaver you are."

Shiva: She doesn't notice Arlett, the super-sneaky quiet one, and speaks to Alec without looking away from Troy. "He familiar to you, Primo-Boy?"

Troy Harris: ((~whines~ Alec is *baiting* him. ~LOL~ I can see this getting bad again.))

Johan Amal: chuckles at Troy's cadaver comment

Arlett -> Shiva: ((*giggles* to be honest I am half releived and half dissapointed *snuggies and keeps watching icly*))

Alec Golden: *picks a stray piece of lint out from under his nail* Yes. I am a very lucky man thank you for noticing. Beautiful and talented. Something a limp dick like you could never hope to have.

Troy Harris: His eyes drift towards Johan, but with the gun at this head not another muscle moves, or even twitches.

Arlett: *winces, just VERY still watching and listening, then realises.. uh... maaaaaaaaaaaybe she should go*

Alec Golden: Nope. *looks to Shiva* Not anyone I've ever been introduced to. You?

Troy Harris: "A dick is hardly necessary, is it?" he murmurs. "You're as shriveled as any of us, I'd wager."

Alec Golden: I believe that my girlfriend would disagree with you on that. We'll be happy to meet you tomorrow. Say noon. Middle of Central Park perhaps?

Johan Amal: Realizing he's standing not too far from some stranger hold a gun to another stanger's head, he decides it might be a good idea to step back a bit

Shiva: That would be a good idea, Arlett, as Shiva calls out. "Hey, Mystery Suit-Boy. Play lookout for us, eh?"

Johan Amal: *just smile and nod* "um..sure"

Shiva: ((Yeah, Arlett. *S*))

Arlett: 2,2,7,1,9,10,

Troy Harris: "A girlfriend." He smirks. "How quaint."

Troy Harris: 10,2,10,

Anjou: *bites back a quiet chuckle, eyes twinkling at Alec. very, very softly* "primo-boy", one...cretin, zero.

Arlett: ((oi))

Troy Harris: He misses Arlett, of course.

: (open?)

Shiva: "Not familiar to me." She thinks. "Troy. Malkavian. No Anarchs like that." She looks at Troy. "Never answered the Sect question."

Johan Amal: nods to the leaving arlett

Alec Golden: Fun on those long lonely nights though. I'm sorry, you are much more modern than I. Perhaps you prefer a more masculine companion?

Shiva: ((Sure, if ya wanna walk in on a bunch of corpses questioning another one. *G*))

Alec Golden: Hmmm...very good point. *smiles at the man* What sect?

Arlett: ((*dies laughing her soul out* neat look out! *giggles* ))

Johan Amal: *sect? What is a sect? She never mentioned that..*

Troy Harris: His eyes narrow at Shiva. "Was I supposed to introduce myself to someone? My sincere apologies for not aligning to the rules of this fair city."

Alec Golden: Sect. Now.

Arlett: ((*and snugs Johna, think ya gotta roll to notice me.... *eyes ST*))

Troy Harris: He bears his teeth at Alec, almost a grin. "I have no preference. I'm beyond preferences."

Anjou: *comes a bit farther out and tilts her head at the stranger quietly*

: (Where?)

Troy Harris: "I claim none."

Shiva: "Anyone else got a gun? Shoot him in the crotch everytime he doesn't answer." She tilts her head and smiles. "Then you won't even be shriveled."

Alec Golden: Hmmm...dodging the question. I think that makes him guilty. What do you think? *askance look at Shiva*

Anjou -> Shiva: ((going to try an aura percep roll. *chuckles* why not?))

Johan Amal: ((he already knew where she was right?))

Troy Harris: Shiva: He smirks. "Shame we met this way. I could come to like you."

Anjou: 3,3,9,2,3,6,4,

Arlett: ((that is why I asked St....*nods*))

Shiva: "No Sect, eh?" She raises an eyebrow. "Interesting. Ain't seen o' one of you for a while." She looks to Alec. "You wanna take him to meet Vikki or the Big Ugly, be my guest. I had my fun."

Johan Amal: ((in an alley/on a non-discript street))

Anjou: i do. *quietly, moving more into the alley* although i'm honestly not that good a shot. *smiles softly*

Shiva: ((No, Johan. Arlett has Arcane. You lose sight, you have to refind her. She blends in well.))

Shiva -> Anjou: ((Yes. He is a vampire. *S*))

Johan Amal: ((k...i didn't nod))

Alec Golden: You want to meet the right people there nutboy? Or you want to keep up with the hassles?

Troy Harris: "Some of us don't adhere to your lofty values."

Anjou -> Shiva: ((L*L worht a try, though. one of these days, she'll get a fabulous roll on that, and i'm gonna be shocked. happy, but shocked.))

Arlett: ((me is just waiting fo rjohan to roll cause no one else seems to to 'fade' *S*))

Troy Harris: OOC> DLP cuz of Alec's words

Troy Harris: Alec: He cants his head, considering the options. "Who would I meet? What would they do to me?"

Shiva: She takes a step back, lowering the gun slightly, though it's ready if necessary. She leans against the far wall, watching.

Johan Amal: *Meet the right people? Maxime couldn't have told me everything*

Johan Amal: 4,2,3,7,

Arlett: (( or not...)) *so she slowly backs, listening all she cans for in case they see her, then when she thinks she is 'safe ' position, stands and moves to swirl into the 'right' alleys ...*

Johan Amal: ((1 suc enough to see Arlett?))

Alec Golden: Ask you a few questions. Tell the truth, and they will introduce you around. Lie, and you are fucked.

Arlett: (( Ravyn is the one calling the last desition =), with mine roll and yours))

Anjou: *wanders up quietly, beside and just a touch behind Alec* dear, the evil one needs his dinner. heres a little present for you to borrow, just in case, if you'd like? *fiddles in her purse....and offers him a velveteen bag with soemthing inside*

Troy Harris: "I'm an attorney." He smirks. "They may not believe me anyway. Where do I go?"

Alec Golden: *shakes head* No thanks. We are just fine.

Johan Amal: "Maybe I should meet these people you speak of" he says to alec

Shiva: ((Johan, your diff is 8, due to her Arcane. You got 0, Arlett got... *Checks* 3. Ya lost her. *S*))

Arlett: ((=).. flies like a free mmmm bluttherfly.... or the like =) ))

Alec Golden: *pulls out a cell phone and steps away from the group*

Troy Harris: His eyes shift to Johan. He has not been introduced. Interesting. He smiles, pleasantly. His eyes remain flat and cold.

Shiva: ((Butterfly? *Looks for Karlos*))

Anjou: *pauses to smile sweetly at Troy* i'll keep an eye on the papers for anything unusual regarding missing children. or women...*resumes humming and walking, and disappears into the night*

Johan Amal: walks up to Shiva "Johan. Ventrue. What did you mean by sect?"

Alec Golden: *hangs up the phone and walks back* This way. Shiva, care to join us? *grins* Scout the comp some more?

Anjou: *after a wave to Shiva* ((*and player kerflopples* niters! have fun, and thanks! cuz i did! *G*))

Troy Harris: Anjou: He tosses his head back and laughs.

Alec Golden: *eyes snap to Johan*

Shiva: She smirks to Johan. "Shiva. Ravnos. Charmed. And by Sect, I mean Camarilla, Anarch, Sabbat."

Troy Harris: He goes to follow.

Arlett: ((night folks, thanks for the rp =) ))

Shiva: She looks over at Alec, smirking as he locks eyes on the new blood. "Big Ugly comin' himself, or is he sending the bitch?"

Troy Harris: "Ravnos?" He rolls his eyes. "Outgunned by a fucking Ravnos. Perfect."

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* No, it's Viktor.

Troy Harris: He looks sideways at Shiva. "You don't have much trouble with the...Sabbat, do you?" Shudders. "Not here?"

Johan Amal: "my sire told me nothing of these things" looks down *why did she keep this from me?* "What is the purpose of these sects?"

Shiva: "Get used to it, nutbag." Thrown out as an aside.

Alec Golden: Protection Johan. Come with us. There will be some questions for you as well. Just be honest.

Troy Harris: Shiva: "In your dreams, sweetpants." But he grins. "You're a hell of a woman."

Johan Amal: Nods to Alec

Shiva: She chuckles to Alec. "Better not. Vikki and I don't mesh well. I'd love to stay and chat, kids...but I'm off to go cause a ruckus somewhere else. Have a nice night, sleep a good day."

Johan Amal: Tilts his head. Alec: "and what ..sect are you affiliated with?"

Alec Golden: I'm one of the good guys Johan. *grins* Ventrue as well.

Johan Amal: Grabs Troy by the back of his collar.

Troy Harris: He laughs at Alec, making no move to get away. "Twitchy little noble."

Alec Golden: *smiles at the man and off the head through the alleys to the back door of the Seraphim's Tears*

Troy Harris: He slings his arms around each of their shoulders, since they both have a hold of his collar. "Which way to the Yellow Brick Road, boys?"

Alec Golden: Nah. Not twitchy. Just smarter than your average kook.

Alec Golden: (( MidTown business! *scampers*))

Johan Amal: Follows Alec, Troy in hand

Shiva: And off on her bike she drives. ((Killing this nick, off to MT Bus!))



Celest Aston: She is wearing a shear black blouse, the black bra she wears can be seen through it. She also wears a black Mini skirt that is slit up the sides to the waistband, which looks like it is the only thing holding up the skirt. A pair of black boots grace her feet. She stands at a littleover 6' tall her blond hair falling down her back. Her crystal blue eyes watching the crowd from her sopt on a bar stool. One leg elegantly vrossed over the other. (App 4)

Celest Aston: She sips at a Martini glass heldin one hand.

Alec Golden: *Johan and Alec lead Troy in the back door, and up the stairs to the private office, a wall of glass overlooking the dance floor below*

Celest Aston: Shaking her head she slips from the bar stool. A waving hand for her jacket, which is handed over she heads up to the office.

Viktor Blackburn: Security informs Alec that Mr. Blackburn is already upstairs, waiting. Celest, Per+Alert to see if you saw Viktor come in in the first place.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Or she just heads up on her own. *G*))

Troy Harris: He peers through the glass, looking down at the dance floor with interest.

Celest Aston: (*grins*)) Jacket slung over one shoulder she sips at the Martini as she heads up. Might as well get something done tonight maybe.

Viktor Blackburn: VIP DESCRIPTION: Inside the waiting room is a door that leads off to the left. Inside this door is a short hall that leads around the bar and to the stairs to the second story. A door at the base of the stairs leads out to the dance floor. Once exiting this door, it will lock behind you and there is no handle in the club proper. Up the stairs are offices, the main office having a wall of glass that over looks the dance floor and band area, a large oak desk and several armchairs furnish the room and an overstuffed couch along the wall. The other two offices are not in use at this time, but are still furnished comfortably and are used as green rooms for bands. Strategically placed bright lights make it impossible to see who stands at the windows from below.

Johan Amal: Looks around the office. Walks to the glass wall and looks at the dance floor. "nice view"

Alec Golden: *ah, well in THAT case, he steps inside the office with the other two men and stops, nodding to Viktor as he closes the door* Mr Blackburn. We have two here who claim to have no knowledge of their sect. Excuse me. One who claims no sect. Troy, the Malkavian here. *indicates him* And another who has no knowledge of what a sect is. Johan, the Ventrue.

Troy Harris: He sighs. "So many necks, so little time."

Alec Golden: Thanks Johan, I like it.

Troy Harris: He glares at Alec. "My sire died before she could give me details, what can I say? I survived."

Viktor Blackburn: Viktor stands in the main office, staring out the window at the mass of humanity dancing below. He has dark, slavic features, perhaps Russian in origin. He has black hair and dark brown eyes which are half hidden by his glasses, along with slightly darkened skin. He always wears black as well, and tries to keep with fairly current trends, though he's often six-eight months behind fashion. He stands a mere five feet five inches tall, and weighs a bit less than he should, though not quite looking emaciated. He does, however, walk with a confidence that one cannot merely learn, but must have earned through life. Most people shy away from his mere presence, it's so commanding and...well, there's no better word. Creepy. ((Eerie Presence))

Alec Golden: I just repeat the facts as you gave them to me Troy. When asked you sect, you stated you claimed no sect, and Johan expressed no knowledge of what a sect was.

Johan Amal: ((ok...maybe i didn't look out the window))

Troy Harris: He silences as he regards Viktor. Tread carefully, Troy. You are destined for greatness. So don't slip on a tiny pebble. This man is in power. Respect him for that.

Troy Harris: Alec: "You're right, Alec. I was angry and defensive."

Celest Aston: Through the waiting room and up the stairs, having no knowledge she opens the office door,(if it is shut) and walks in comming to a stop. "Oooooh" a smiles appears on her face, but her eyes are emotionless.

Troy Harris: That was said quietly.

Viktor Blackburn: He turns around, regarding those who come in. His eyes pass over Johan and Troy, regarding them skeptically and a little critically. Newcomers.

Troy Harris: He looks blankly at Celest.

Troy Harris: Returns all focus to Viktor.

Viktor Blackburn: "I miss the days when Sires would properly instruct their Childer in the our ways. Does no one keep track of the accounting anymore?"

Johan Amal: Notes Celest

Alec Golden: *a glance at Celest as she opens the door, he indicates his side and remains quiet, watching*

Johan Amal: *don't speak until spoken to

Viktor Blackburn: ((Just for fun. Troy, Johan. Roll a die. Let's see how Vikkie wants to pick on first.))

Celest Aston: She slids up to Alec, draping her arms about his neck and kissing him on the cheek. "Hello darling." she smiles at Victor and then looks at the other two "Well sometimes Sires feel no need to account for their actions."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She and he enter a bar. Faded jeans, thin and small black slippers, and large studded leather belt, a form-fitting black sleeveless shirt that overlaps another white shirt of the same type. Her purple streaked black hair is pulled back into an assembly high behind her head, pierced by a long plastic pin at an angle. Some of her hair falls in bangs around her deep blue eyes. She has a tattoo of rightous fire and white angelic wings above her left breast. Looks to be around 21. He is an angry bald man wearing a muscle shirt and dark pants, and is carrying her jacket. He makes his way to a booth, and she is proceeding towards the dance floor.

Johan Amal: 8,

Troy Harris: 2,

Alec Golden: *gives Celest a smile and puts an arm around her waist, watching the two men curiously*

Viktor Blackburn: His eyes move to Johan. "You. You are Ventrue?" His eyes move to Alec, then back to Johan.

Johan Amal: Nods "yes Sir" a little unease in his voice

Celest Aston: She knows how to flaunt her Torry-ness. She sips from the Martini glass and continues to stay at Alec's side.

Troy Harris: He watches Viktor in focused detail, soaking in what he says, how he says it, and his body language. Seems, at least, the Malk is not so deranged he can't be still and silent. Not ADD, apparently.

Viktor Blackburn: "Full Name, Generation, City of Embrace, Sire." Said with perfect efficiency, as he regards the man coolly.

Troy Harris: Efficient. He would make a fine lawyer. He cants his head, intrigued by the ritual.

Johan Amal: " I am Johan Amal, sir. I was told by my Sire, Maxime, that i am 12th generation. I was embraced here in New her home. She never told me her full name" his head was slightly bowed, for some reason he did not want to look directly at this man

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She steps though the people effortlessly, placing herself in the center of the dance floor.

Alec Golden: *takes not of the name, have to check the contacts list and see if that name cannot be traced*

Celest Aston: Another sip of her drink. Watching the fan fare. The smiles still upon her face.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: And she starts to dance. Barely. She rocks her shoulders to the beat. Her eyes scann the crowd.

Viktor Blackburn: "And where is your Sire? If she has not presented you to the Prince, nor told you of the Camarilla's existance, we may have a problem." His expression remains the same, coolly critical gaze it was before, though the voice gets a hint of a chill to it.

Johan Amal: "She is dead. Two men confronted us and she told me to run, which i did. I soon heard her scream. I have sworn to kill the ones who took my Sire." his voice takes on a slight bit of anger.

Troy Harris: His lips twitch. Aw, how cute. The little prince fangling avenging his sire. Yeah, Troy's a sweetheart of a guy. Very compassionate.

Viktor Blackburn: "Mmm. I see. Good luck with that." Said with all the sincerity of a man who discusses another man's office-work Inbox. He looks to Alec. "Confirm what you can?"

Alec Golden: *a brief nod to Viktor* Of course.

Celest Aston: She pouts. Maybe over the conversation, or maybe that her drink is finidhes, who is to know. But the smiles returns momentarily, She continues to look the part of the beautiful hanger-on that she can be, as she leans against Alec.

Viktor Blackburn: "Do you have someone you can assign for his Accounting?"

Troy Harris: He frowns. Accounting? What nonsense this is this? Behave, Troy. He smoothes his expression.

Alec Golden: *looks at the man* None that I know well enough to trust other than myself.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She turns and swings her hips around once, then returns to rocking to the beat.

Celest Aston: She pouts at Alec, but doesn't take it to heart, leaning her head against Alec's. and watching Viktor.

Viktor Blackburn: "I see. Then, you are volunteering to do so?" An eyebrow raises.

Alec Golden: *nods* Assuming the story is true. I will.

Johan Amal: Turns his head to Alec. Accepting yet reluctant nod

Alec Golden: *a nod to Johan*

Viktor Blackburn: He nods. "Excellent." He looks back to Johan. "Assuming you are not lying, Mr. Amal, Primogen Golden will be handling your Accounting, getting you ready to function as a member of Camarilla society. If you were found to be lying, we will meet again, soon. Or Sheriff Romer will meet with you."

Viktor Blackburn: And then, his eyes move to Troy. "Malkavian?" His lip curls, just slightly.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Struts in, paying the cover.*

Alec Golden: *thinks about that meeting, okay, that would be messy to say the least, he truly hopes it is not held in the office, vitae is such a bitch to get out of carpet*

Troy Harris: He nods sharply, attentively. "Troy Jamison Harris, Malkavian, 13th generation. Embraced in St. Louis, Missouri, by Pandora. She was killed by Sabbat."

Celest Aston: An srches eyebrow raises up, but her questions can be appeased later. She turns her martini glass upside down sure enough it is empty.

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((Man+Subterfuge))

Viktor Blackburn: 1,2,7,3,4,3,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She turns again, swinging her hips around, then returns to rocking to the beat. To the beat. beat. beat. To the beat. beat. beat. To the beat... The angry bald man watched from a dark booth a long ways away.


Monique LeFlambeau: *Slinks and slithers her way to the dance floor, occassionally patting a sexy ass along the way. Men are such suckers.*

Troy Harris: Will he see my perfect? My greatness? Or will he be as short sighted as the rest? Surely, this vampire with influence and power can recognize his own ilk. He watches Viktor carefully.

Troy Harris: 8,5,9,4,10,1,

Alec Golden: 2,8,5,1,9,8,7,

Alec Golden: *a faint shake of his head*

Viktor Blackburn: ((Unplug the keyboard, plug it back in. Might help reset it.))

Troy Harris: ooc> perfect=perfection

Mary Margaret St. Michael: 4,5,4,7,

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((Of course, none of that was an actual ~lie~, per se. ~G~))

Johan Amal: (( thanks a bundle))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary continues to rock her cold shoulders to the bass of the music. Her hips are barely moving.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Turns down a drink offer and indulges herself in a little lasciviously dirty dancing with some ugly brute.*

Celest Aston: She dangles the martini glass from her fingers as she listens and watches Troy and Vik.

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((That last bit is IIIIFFFFY. Lupines actually KILLED her. You caused her death. Wording is important.))

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((true, true...he was weighing his options on that ~lol~))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She's dancing by herself in the middle of the dance floor, even though she's surrounded by people.

Viktor Blackburn: He frowns a little bit. "Lovely. We have our own Sabbat problem, here. How much did YOUR Sire teach you? You obviously know of the Sabbat..."

Monique LeFlambeau: *Swings around and is picked up someone else, who dips her low. She comes up laughing.*

Viktor Blackburn: 10,6,7,4,4,

Viktor Blackburn: His eyes flick to Alec briefly, catching something, and back to Troy.

Troy Harris: "They were mentioned. Pandora seemed to know a lot. She didn't tell me all she knew. She told me about packs. They run in packs. She seemed...fascinated by them. Pandora was...strange." He smiles coldly. "Even for one of us."

Viktor Blackburn: "Mmmm. And what of the other sects? What do you know, there?"

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She looks toward Monique, and smiles a little, then returns to her dancing.

Alec Golden: *a brow quirks, apparently nutfuck here was not being wholly honest earlier*

Monique LeFlambeau: *Slides a thigh along some guy who's hand slides dangerously high, pushing the flimsy fabric of her white dress almost to her hips.*

Celest Aston: Her eyes look Troy up and down.

Troy Harris: "The Camarilla. Organized, city by city. I know nothing of the others. Anarchs were mentioned. I suppose they are what they sound like. No law, no order." He curls his lip. "Chaos."

Monique LeFlambeau: *And as she dips back, blinks upside-down at Mary.*

Johan Amal: *how many sects are there?* he looks at alec again with a confused look on his face then lowers his head, deep in thought

Viktor Blackburn: He sighs a little bit and turns, looking out the window, as he thinks for a moment.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Well, if it's not the peddler of mundalia."

Viktor Blackburn: 4,3,5,5,3,

Alec Golden: *at the confused look he holds a hand up for patience, all will be explained soon*

Troy Harris: He jerks his head to glare at Johan. *My* interview, you little cuss! He says nothing, however, and looks back at Viktor.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Maggie remains in her own little world, then sees something of interest, and disappears into the crowd of dancers.

Troy Harris: OOC> DLP Johan didn't speak out loud.

Troy Harris: ((you need me to roll again?))

Viktor Blackburn: ((*Kicks the die roller* WHAT?!?!? I've ben putting out regularly...what, just 'cause I forgot your birthday??))

Monique LeFlambeau: *And then she's pulled back up by her dance partner.*

Alec Golden: And you were not told what sect you were Troy?

Troy Harris: ((It like chocolate. And mint Milanos. ~nodnod~))

Troy Harris: Alec: "Pandora loved to play games." His eyes are flat and cold, his smile the same, but he seems to be directing it inward. "She told me what she wanted to tell me."

Alec Golden: *cocks his head* I did not hear a yes, or a no. So, were you, or were you not, told what your sect was?

Monique LeFlambeau: *Spins and takes Maggie as her new dance partner.* "Slumming?"

Viktor Blackburn: He scans the crowd, listening quietly as Alec questions Troy. Let the Primogen to the job, he had thoughts to attend to...

Viktor Blackburn: 5,10,8,6,2,

Troy Harris: Alec: "She mentioned the Camarilla. She mentioned the Sabbat." He spreads his hands wide with a furrowed brow. "She lied more than she spoke the truth."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "No." She just smiles back friendly at the other.

Celest Aston: She doesn't take her eyes fromthe Malkavian, she has hade her face shareof run in's with them. She tilts her head to the side as she considers things.

Troy Harris: Alec: "Do you want to know of the embrace? Will that help you narrow it down?" He exhales in frustration.

Monique LeFlambeau: Dances up close and personal with Maggie. "Selling anything worthwhile today?" she whispers in her ear.

Alec Golden: *Slippery little fucker aren't you?, he thinks a moment before speaking* You seem afraid to answer a simple yes or no question Troy. It's very easy. Did she tell you what sect you belonged to or not?

Alec Golden: That would be helpful. Please, share.

Troy Harris: Alec: "It's not a simple question. Not with Pandora as my sire. She danced around every word."

Viktor Blackburn: His eyes narrow as he spots someone, down on the dance floor. "Mr. Golden. Would you ask Security to escort that woman up here, please?" Gesturing toward Mary and Monique.

Alec Golden: *eyes flicker to Viktor and he moves to the window* Which one?

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Nothing for you. Sorry for the other night." Maggie dancing style her barely moving to the music. She doesn't need room to dance, so she doesn't mind the other getting close.

Viktor Blackburn: "That one." Pointing out the couple close as they are, hard to tell which. "Ms. Flambeau. She is one of my Clan. This my be educational for her."

Troy Harris: He smirks. "I picked her up in an S&M bar. I walked into her pathetic little hovel, and she was on me before I could close the door. When I came into awareness, she wasn't there. She let me run amok, and then watched to see if I would realise the sun was rising. I holed up in a cellar and she came to me the following night and told me my clan. Then we hunted and she delighted in telling me things that contradicted each other. I loved her and I hated her."

Alec Golden: *he nods* Just her then? *he steps over to the phone*

Celest Aston: She glances to the dance floor below. Who? She doesn't seem too concerned with it as she turns her attentions back to Troy. The she looks up to Alec. She remains silent, her own questions swirling in her mind. She goes to lean upagainst the wall to the right of the door. This spot bring back so many memories. The glass still dangling from her fingertops. She regards the actions of the newbies.

Viktor Blackburn: "Unless her...friend..." He has a slight bit of distates at the face that on of his Clan is dancing with a member of the same sex. "...would be comfortable in this environment..." He tries to look into Mary's soul, from where he is. ((Spending WP, die roller hates me.))

Viktor Blackburn: 4,8,9,9,7,

Monique LeFlambeau: "You really should expand your horizons." Giggling as she dances with the other woman.

Alec Golden: ((*falls over laughing*))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Oh, sure, AFTER I spend the WP...))

Troy Harris: He tries to peer at who they're looking at. But he wouldn't know.

Troy Harris: ((~LOL~))

Alec Golden: ((You needed to prime the Die roller pump with some will power))

Viktor Blackburn: His lips curls. "Another one. They're spreading like the plague." He murmurs that. "Yes, Mr. Golden. Both of them."

Alec Golden: *holds the handset of the phone and waits for confirmation*

Alec Golden: *a nod and the call is placed*

Viktor Blackburn: ((I am the die roller's bitch tonight.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "How so?" She smiles and closes her eyes, taking a little break.

Bouncer: *one of the bouncers walks up to the dancing pair* Can you ladies come with me? Mr Golden would like to speak with you.

Celest Aston: Absently she slips into her jacket, that has been dangling from her other hand. Her heayfeel of the jacket and what was inside she raises her chin a bit. She lounges against the wall.

Troy Harris: He watches through the window with interest, as much as he can see anyway.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Blinks at the bouncer, then looks at Maggie, then back to the bouncer.* "Certainly."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She opens her eyes and looks the bouncer up and down, then her glances over to her bodyguard, narrowing her eyes a bit, and nods to the bouncer.

Bouncer: *he waits for Maggie to agree and then leads them both through the side door and up to the office*

Bouncer: ((Welcome to the party girls. *G* Anyone need a descrip of the office?))

Johan Amal: Johan flicks the hair from his eyes *damn...i wish maxime would have let me cut my hair before the embrace*

Monique LeFlambeau: *Strolls after him and into the room, wearing a curious expression.*

Troy Harris: Alec: "Wait a you own this place?" This...this tattooed blockhead owns a place this successful? The world has just ended.

Troy Harris: Johan: He smirks. "Burn it off. It won't grow back."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Her bodyguard meets Maggie and the rest by the bottom of the stairs and starts to follow them. Mary informs the bouncer, "Bodyguard."

Alec Golden: *flashes a smile at Troy* I do actually. Thinking of starting another too. *looks up at the ladies as they enter* Good evening ladies.

Monique LeFlambeau: And grins when she sees Viktor, walking over and giving him a quick peck on either cheek. "Viktor, love. How are you?"

Alec Golden: *Bouncer brings him, if no one wants the body guard, not his problem*

Troy Harris: Alec: "You have more on the stick than I thought," he grudgingly admits.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Troy, when Johan uses Asterisks (*) it's in thoughts.))

Monique LeFlambeau: *A nod to Alec's greeting* (before last post)

Johan Amal: "eat shit" he murmers back to Troy

Troy Harris: ((DD: A man in his late 20s, he moves with a determined stride, fully expecting all others to make way for his passage. He will not yield. He has a stern, unsmiling face, no time for play, no patience for fools. His jet black hair is swept back, touching his collar as if he had no time in his busy life to bother with a trim, a distinguished widow’s peak at the forehead. His eyes are sharp, dark, and intense. His form is strong, athletic, and thoroughly masculine. His clothing consists of a tailored suit, sport coat open, no tie.

Troy Harris: ((Sorry, I forgot, then DLP.))

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* Who better than one who knows the culture to operate a club for it Troy? *looks at the bodyguard* You can wait outside. I assure you, they are perfectly safe here.

Johan Amal: ((he could have based the comment on his flicking the hair))

Viktor Blackburn: And, perhaps to the shock of many, Viktor does NOT through Monique out the window for pecking him on the cheeks. "Monique. I thought you could do with some more appropriate company then the kine."

Troy Harris: Alec: "You have a point." Pause. "Do you have an attorney?"

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She steps into the room after everyone else, and her guard follows her, making himself look very official and guard-like at her shoulder.

Troy Harris: ((~L~ He could, but in truth he's not as observant as he likes to think he is, Johan.))

Alec Golden: *blinks at the man, he's got a set* No, I do not.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: (dlp) the guard waits outside.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Did you?" Looking over the little group with some interest, having seen a few them earlier this night. "You're always so thoughtful, Viktor."

Johan Amal: ((troy can eat shit anyway~L~))

Celest Aston: She sets her glass down on the wet bar, not refilling it she crosses her arms and leans agains the wall once more watching the yet more newcommers,

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She's very quiet.

Alec Golden: ((*snickers*))

Viktor Blackburn: He nods to Monique, then looks at Mary a moment, then looks back to Troy. "So. Mr. Harris. Where were we? I believe we had covered that you know much of the Sabbat, little of the Camarilla and the Anarchs."

Troy Harris: ((~lol~)) He turns to face Alec, all business like. Eyes less cold, more sharp. "I have represented nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants, among other businesses. Particularly against liability. I'm skilled in both defending against personal injury lititgation, and in defending against criminal charges."

Alec Golden: *flashes that easy grin to M&M before turning to listen to Viktor, arms crossed and leaning against the desk, sleeveless tee and jeans with hiking boots the attire tonight* ((If anyone needs his DD, lemme know))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Absently slides a tongue along one long sharp tooth and waits for introductions, which... naturally, Vik being Vik, don't come.*

Celest Aston: 2,6,8,8,9,9,

Troy Harris: He flips out a little white card and hands it to Alec. Even if he doesn't want to take it. "I just had these made up with my new phone number." He turns towards Viktor. "Hm? Yes, my sire was a bit of a squirrel. Well, she was either the squirrel or the nut. Sometimes both."

Viktor Blackburn: ((Yeah, Vik's an asshole. *G*))

Alec Golden: *quirks a brow at the man and nods, hoping he is Camarilla, a nutty lawyer is better than a slimy one*

Celest Aston: ((Holly Crap.!!!)) Her eyes narrow as she looks Mary Margaret up and down. her eyes harren, bus she swings her gaze to Viktor then back to Mary, and keeps her eyes on the woman.

Alec Golden: *takes the card when offered* Thank you. *looks at the ladies and rapidly makes introductions* Alec Golden. Celest. Johan Amal. Troy Harris.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: ((Bout time!)) Mary looks out the window at the crowd from across the room.

Troy Harris: ((See? Viktor's WP sacrifice has appeased the die roller tonight.))

Viktor Blackburn: Squirrels and Nuts. Malkavians. "And there is someone, of course, who can verify all of your information in St. Louis? The Prince, Sensechal, Primogen, Sheriff, Scourge, the Malkavians...anyone?"

Troy Harris: Viktor: "You can ask." He grins, really not trying to be a bastard since he smells potential clients in the air. "Pandora was...well, you could start with the S&M bars. I'm sure *they* remember her."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Mary." Her eyes scan the faces in the room. Scan is a very good word of it.

Monique LeFlambeau: ((brb))

Celest Aston: She looks to Monique a smile to her and a nod, she keeps looking about the room her gaze lingering on Mary longer each time she looks around.

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((Although, I have to say, it's a *VERY* good thing vampires don't sweat...))

Viktor Blackburn: He frowns a little, looking over at Alec, eyebrow raised.

Alec Golden: *he shrugs* I'll see what we have in the city.

Viktor Blackburn: At the name of the law firm, he pulls out a cell phone, flipping it open, making a phone call.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary smiles towward Monique, friendly.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Gives Maggie a wink.*

Celest Aston: The smile never leaves her face, she is just the 'muscle' in tonights show. She keeps her mouth shut.

Johan Amal: "mind if i smoke? Mortal habits die hard.."

Alec Golden: ((The looks too Celest. *G*))

Viktor Blackburn: 4,7,6,7,2,10,8,

Alec Golden: Please. Feel free. Not like we're dying of cancer anytime soon.

Troy Harris: Alec: "I made partner in two years," he says proudly. "It was a record. Two years out of law school. I worked 16 to 20 hours a day."

Viktor Blackburn: 6,

Monique LeFlambeau: *Gives Johan an amused look.*

Alec Golden: Nice. *nods in appreciation, wondering if he should tell the guy he never made it past his first semester in college* Surprised the Ventrue did not grab you then.

Johan Amal: He lights his cigarette and inhales deeply

Johan Amal: He smiles thinking of his own academic merits

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Looks back out the window from across the room at the pulsing mass of humanity.

Celest Aston: ((Oh yeah and the looks, cannot forget the looks *S*)) She looks at Troy her head tilting to the side as continues her lazy, bored, holding the wall up look.

Troy Harris: Alec: He shrugs. "I guess I was too much of a shark, less concerned with...well, with whatever your sort concerns itself..." Trails off. "YOU? *You* are Ventrue?" That finally seems to get a real genuine reaction out of him...of disbelief.

Viktor Blackburn: He waves, somewhat irritably toward them. "Yes, sir. St. Louis. Sire Pandora..." He sneers his lip. "Sadomasochistic nightclubs. Yes, I will of course hold, Sir."

Troy Harris: ~for a smart cookie, it took him long enough to have that sink in~

Viktor Blackburn: As if to encourage them to talk and not eavesdrop.

Alec Golden: *he nods* I am. *an amused smile* I love that look.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Looks Alec over. She certainly would never have guessed it from looking at him, but then.. it takes all sorts. Not many peg her clan at first glance either.*

Troy Harris: He has to smirk. The ape has something on the ball, then. Yes, looks can be deceiving. How could I have forgotten that golden rule? "I admit, I'm impressed. Not by the clan, of course," Waves that away. "But by you managing to slink in with the toffee noses."

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* Yeah, I managed to irritate the hell out of most of them. They seem to think my music is too loud.

Celest Aston: "Mary" she speaks from her position "I heard you met one of my friends a few weeks ago here."

Alec Golden: *winks at Monique with a grin*

Troy Harris: "No, wait," he mumbles. "Toreador are toffee noses, Ventrue are aristocracy, or so they claim." Shakes his head, trying to clear it. The clans can be a muddle.

Viktor Blackburn: He nods a couple times, speaking quietly.

Alec Golden: Yup. King of the mosh pit. That's me.

Troy Harris: Alec: "Then they're too old." Lips twitch. His eyes are still dark and sharp, but he's not going to be a cold viper to a potential client.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She eyes dart over to Celest, seemingly to question. her lips purse wordless, and an eyebrow darts up. Who the hell?

Celest Aston: She raises her eyebrow at Troys words. "My my Alec...why sort of Host are you for not offeringpeoplesomething to drink. " She smiles with a wink in his direction. "Anyone want anything?" She movions with a hand to the mini bar therein the office.

Alec Golden: Nah, just too uptight. Stick in the ass syndrome.

Johan Amal: Looks to Alec "do you have any clue why my Sire would not tell me of the...Camerilla"((i know i can't spell))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Grins right back at Alec.* "I've always liked loud music."

Celest Aston: (She motions)

Alec Golden: *frowns as he thinks about that* Honestly. No. *looks at the man* How long did you have together?

Alec Golden: *grins and nods at Monique* You, I like. *winks* Loud music is a good thing.

Troy Harris: Alec: "Some people have it, some people need it," he quips. Glances to Viktor, regretting not trying to eavesdrop.

Johan Amal: "about 3 weeks total"

Monique LeFlambeau: *Shakes her head no to Celest. Bottled blood? Gross!*

Alec Golden: *glances over at Celest* I'm a crappy host hun. *grins* That's why I don't plan the parties.

Alec Golden: *snickers at Troy* Going for the heart through the anal cavity huh? Longer trip, but potentially more fun. *glances at Johan* And what did you learn in that time?

Celest Aston: She deftly makes herself another Martini, since she doesn't hear anyone else wanting something she leans back against the wetbar and watches as she sops her Martini. "Oh you know Mary, "She describes Anjou. "She mentioned your talk." she smiles at the woman.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Slides a hand idly along the curve of a breast, smoothing her dress... apparently.* "There's nothing like bringing down the house."

Alec Golden: ((Bottled blood my ass! *laughs* Try the best liquor available. *G*))

Viktor Blackburn: "I see. Thank you, Primogen. Mmm-Hmmm. Goodbye." He hangs up the phone, and puts it away, composing himself.

Alec Golden: What else do you do besides dance Monique?

Celest Aston: Smiles over at Alec" That is why you have the lovlies to do it for you."

Alec Golden: *and trails off, turning his attention to the now finished bossman in the room*

Johan Amal: " only what i have said and what could kill us. she spend most of our time togather angry with me" his voice trailing off

Troy Harris: He turns, looking to Viktor. Waiting quietly.

Alec Golden: *chews on his lip, glancing at Johan, much time will be spent with this one*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She smiled at Celest and tilts her head a little, Does this conversation have a point?

Celest Aston: She glances to Viktor and her attention is on him. Another sip of the Martini.

Viktor Blackburn: He turns, hands moving around behind his back as he regards Tory. "Mr. Harris. I've spoken with the Nosferatu Primogen in St. Louis. He has been most informative."

Alec Golden: *he crosses his arms, the Nos usually are*

Monique LeFlambeau: "Oh, the usual... hocus pocus." Her voice ringing with dulcet tones. Perhaps she's a singer. (enchanted voice)

Troy Harris: "The Nosferatu usually are," he murmurs.

Troy Harris: ((~LMFAO~))

Alec Golden: *a quick wink at Monique, she deserves further attention later as well*

Alec Golden: ((STAY OUT OF MY HEAD RAVEN! *L*))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: *is thinking*

Celest Aston: She crosses one arm over her chest, going tothe inside folds of the jacket she wore. The martini keeps getting sipped though.

Troy Harris: ((I like it here, it's nice and quiet. ~G~))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Purses her lips, waiting to hear the verdict on Troy.*

Viktor Blackburn: He looks to Troy, smiling a faint amount. "Welcome to New York City, Mr. Harris. I will arrange a meeting with your Primogen as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, have you found lodgings, already?"

Troy Harris: Slowly lets out a breath, though he doesn't need to breathe. "Yes, I have. Comfortable arrangements downtown."

Alec Golden: ((Plenty of room in there. *G*)) *he nods* Good.

Celest Aston: Her hand that was in her jacket slides down her shirt as if straightening out her blouse. Another sip. Great snother Malk.

Viktor Blackburn: He nods. "Excellent. Do you have a contact number, I assume, that I may get in touch with you at when the Primogen is available to speak with you?"

Monique LeFlambeau: *Can't believe Celest is drinking that crap.*

Troy Harris: "Yes, of course." He flips out another neatly-printed business card: Troy J. Harris, Attorney at Law, with his phone number and fax number. No address.

Alec Golden: *now that that is handled, the blue eyes flick from face to face, assessing, placing each in their area of need in the city, oh yes, the party may grow larger with the addition of the lawyer, need more info on the Tremmy, and his new childe, well, they'll talk soon and he'll soon be helping as well, and hopefully free to do as he chooses, Mary...the engima*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Examines Troy's shoes.

Troy Harris: "Just not too early in the day," he deadpans. "I'm a late riser." Feeling just a mite cocky at the moment.

Troy Harris: ~black alligator loafers with silk tassles~

Alec Golden: *glances up at Troy* My apologies for the rude behavior earlier Troy. Welcome to New York. *grins at the man* Just being careful.

Johan Amal: *i dispise you* thinking in Troy's direction

Monique LeFlambeau: Troy> "Up at the crack of noon are we?" *G*

Troy Harris: Alec: He smirks. "The gun was a nice touch."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Looks at each of Troy's hands in turn.

Celest Aston: Damn no fun tonight oh least the drinks were good Another sip.

Alec Golden: Yes, well, Anarchs are an interesting bunch. *thinks* Fun though. *grins* She's effective, and fun.

Troy Harris: His eyes turn to Monique. I could make her screa---*behave* Troy! Remember where you are. He smiles pleasantly. It doesn't quite reach his eyes, but then they're dead eyes anyway, aren't they? "I so enjoy the late afternoon sun. I can work on my tan." He's hardly pale yet.

Johan Amal: "Am i tethered to you or what?" he asks Alec

Troy Harris: ~baby smooth hands that have never seen hard labor in their life, gold pinky ring with ruby, Cartier wristwatch~

Celest Aston: She glances to Alec before looking out at the flashing lights.

Alec Golden: *glances at Johan* Define tethered. *grins* I prefer sleeping alone if that is what you mean.

Troy Harris: He slowly glances over at Johan, as if he felt...something, but he cannot read thoughts and was only reacting to the stare.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She eyes his neck.

Viktor Blackburn: He can't help but roll his eyes at the late riser comment. Malkavians. He nods to them, and sighs. "Is there any other business anyone needs to conduct with me tonight?"

Monique LeFlambeau: "Don't we all?" She, on the other hand, is so delicately pale as to make her skin seem almost transluscent.

: (mind if i haul a creature in now that you're wrapping up??))

Johan Amal: ~L~"can i go about my business as usual or must i spend my nights with you?"

Alec Golden: *a glance to Viktor* If there is a price to be paid for the information, I will assist in the payment if needed.

Alec Golden: *chuckles* You understand the Masquerade yes?

Troy Harris: ~no pulse beats at his throat, an aristocratic neck of sorts, no jewelry there~

Viktor Blackburn: Anarchs. She. His lip curls. "Shiva." Take of "va," add "t." That's how he said it.

Troy Harris: He looks finally to Mary, feeling her assessing looks.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Go RIGHT ahead!))

Troy Harris: "I liked her," he murmurs. "She reminds me of Pandora."

Alec Golden: That would be her. *a nod at the man, if he does not see the point in staying on good terms with them, well, it's not THIS peon's job to correct him*

Celest Aston: She glances at Viktor. "I do not think so." back to sipping the almost finished off Martini.

Alec Golden: I'll take you to her club. I'm sure she'd be happy to threaten your unlife some more.

Ita McNairee: *left the pup.. no dream for her.. concerto meant looking at sadaih ..her lip curls.. no.. maybe it was best to see Alec.. see if he was ok.. and so in the pikey trundles.. looking a little paint spattered and smelling of.. dog..and vodka..*

Johan Amal: "Masquerade? oh, i get it..keep my nature to myself...seems like common sense to me"

Alec Golden: *and the Pikey is waved upstairs, and told that there is more than Alec in the office*

Viktor Blackburn: "No price required, Primogen." He nods to him. "A courtesy provided by Prince Claudius, to check up on tose we couldn't otherwise learn

Alec Golden: Right. Keep your mouth shut and don't do nothing stupid to draw attention. Think like a mortal, act like a mortal, BE a mortal. Number one rule.

Monique LeFlambeau: "She seemed quite charming." Grins recalling how the woman pulled a gun on the smartass.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Mary looks Troy right in the eyes, narrowing her own, wondering what the hell he thought he was looking at.

Troy Harris: Alec: "I would like that, actually." He smirks. "She might actually be a challenge." He nods to Viktor, then to Alec, then to the rest in a collective nod. "Time for din-din. Excuse me." ((Stayed on waaaaay past bedtime.))

Ita McNairee: *enh..likely the usuals.. she rattatatas on the door, jingling pleasantly*

Alec Golden: *an inclination of the head* Then please relay my thanks to him when next you speak with him.

Viktor Blackburn: 9,8,2,5,4,

Troy Harris: He halts, meeting Mary's gaze directly. His eyes flat and cold like a shark's, inhuman eyes.

Alec Golden: *he grins at the man and walks him to the door* Have a nice evening Troy. *opens the door* Hello Ita. *smiles* The party grows. C'mon in.

Viktor Blackburn: He looks at the door as it knocks. Were those...bangles? He gives a long-suffering say.

Ita McNairee: 2,9,3,9,

Viktor Blackburn: ((Thanks for staying around Raven. *Hugs*))

Celest Aston: She moves to the door to open it. Looking at the woman and then to Troy. "Goodnight Troy...Hello Ita." She smiles pleasantly.

Troy Harris: She is nothing. I am everything. She envies me. He smirks and turns away to leave, giving the stinky Ita a wide berth. Good thing he doesn't have to breathe!

Alec Golden: ((*hugs a Raven* We really appreciate it.))

Troy Harris: ((*hugs* It was a blast, from start to finish. *L*))

Ita McNairee: Och allo lovies, yer daen aulreeeelch.. *it turns into a half disgusted spit noise as her pleasant puppydog eyes land on viktor, narrowing*

Alec Golden: ((Amen to that. *G* Talk to you later darlin. *winks*))

Monique LeFlambeau: ((Nighty night and thanks for playing))

Celest Aston: ((DLP Damn ya feen *S*)) She says a polite "Goodnight Troy, and looks to the door as Alsc says hello to Ita, aaah someone she hasn't seen in a while.

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Watches Troy head out, and catches a glimpse of her bodyguard waiting outside the door as people exit and enter.

Johan Amal: "well, i think i shall take my leave. Many thanks Alec, he's my number" gives Alec his cell number. "i can be reached any time of night"

Alec Golden: *glances at Ita at the noise and follows her gaze* Fine Ita. *voice is cautious and subdued* Yourself?

Monique LeFlambeau: *Her eyes move to the new arrival.*

Alec Golden: *takes the number and smiles* Cool. I'll call you soon. I see a couple long nights of talking ahead.

Ita McNairee: *ita gives the guy leaving half a look, then another look to johan. oh. that explained alot, she gives a half attentive wave, *

Celest Aston: Smiles at Johan. "Goodnight to you as well. " waves a hand in his direction.

Viktor Blackburn: "Ms. McNairee." His tone is casual, nodding to her. "How are you?"

Johan Amal: Nods and exits the room without another word {GONE}

Johan Amal: ((thanks fellas for the scene and for putting up with my ignorance ~L~ nite))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Night, Kane!))

Celest Aston: ((Night Geesh everyone is leaving *S*))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Appraises the new arrival from her little corner.

Ita McNairee: ah dinnae play polite games loves. ah dinnae like ye nae, ah'n ye kain et ye.. *manages to swallow "mind fucking russian bastard, her tone.. not casual. * Viktor. *she gives a grin to alec* Allo loves, soory tae inty-rupt.

Alec Golden: *a slow nod at he words and then a soft chuckle* Ita, one day we need to talk about tact. Later. *smiles* The honesty is...refreshing. *winks* What can I do for ya loves?

Monique LeFlambeau: *Purses her lips as she considers the smelly woman.*

Viktor Blackburn: He shrugs. "If you prefer. How is your knee?"

Celest Aston: She smiles at Ita looking from Vi\ktor to Ita a new appreciation for the woman in her eyes. "Hello Ita. " she moves from the bar and holds out a hand to the woman. "I do not know if you remember me I am Celest."

Mary Margaret St. Michael: Remains in her little corner. God wouldn't want her to stand out in this crowd.

Ita McNairee: och. lick me arse ye mind fooken prat. *its more an animal snarl that raises the hairs on the back of your neck then actual words, as she stalks away from viktor like he was ebola*

Alec Golden: *and strangely, Alec seems perfectly content with the smelly pikey being right next to him, someone LIED when they said the boy was a Ventrue, they had to...didn't they?*

Monique LeFlambeau: *Glances from Viktor to Ita.*

Alec Golden: *looks at Viktor with a raised eyebrow, Mind fookin prat, the lady got a bigger set than he does, he turns and follows* Ita, wait.

Viktor Blackburn: He takes the insult with a surprising amount of aplomb. "Not if you had the Sabbat's Bishops lined up and staked for me, Gangrel. I will be sure to send Archon Basler your regards." He turns to Alec, nodding. "Primogen. If you need me, you know how to contact me."

Alec Golden: *he nods to the man* Thank you for coming sir. Your help is appreciated.

Ita McNairee: *she gives Vik's chin an unholy glare, flicking a dried blue chunk of crap off her dress, body slinking into a tentative sort of crouch, she looks to Alec, smoothing down her thigh* aye wha loves?

Alec Golden: ((*lines up all the Sabbat Bishop's, staked, cause, well, I can*))

Celest Aston: She watches the play before her the smile neverleaving her face. Now this was interesting

Alec Golden: *smiles at the woman* What did you need Ita? Just to come check on me and make sure I've not had a nervous breakdown?

Viktor Blackburn: He nods to Alec, then looks to the other Tremere. "Monique. Good Evening."

Monique LaFlambeau: Smiles at Viktor. "Don't be a stranger."

Viktor Blackburn: ((*Licks Alec's ass in exhcange for the Bishops. He has no fleas from mind-fucked puppies.*))

Alec Golden: *glances around at the group, wondering who knows what* Who here knows of the Unmastered?

Ita McNairee: aye loves, *she doesn't look like she's saying more till the bastard trememer leaves, eyes boring little holes in him as she fingers at her dress. "heel". fuck you... *

Ita McNairee: (hey! i'll have you know if ita got fleas she got them from a werewolf!)

Alec Golden: ((*snickers* BAD!! Evyl Ravyn.))

Alec Golden: ((Yup...mind fucked puppies. *G*))

Ita McNairee: (or really any of the puppies.. she's like newyorks favorite chewtoy)

Monique LaFlambeau: *A curious look at Alec.*

Viktor Blackburn: The slightest of smiles to Monique, cut off by a look of extreme disdain enters his face at the word "Unmastered." He frowns, then nods to all before heading out the door.

Celest Aston: "But of course." she sets her glass on the bar and walks to lounge on the couch. Taking off her jacket as she does so.

Alec Golden: *a slight shrug, Fuck he's closeminded.....did someone slip some Ventrue blood in him during the Embrace?, eyes go back to watching the group*

Viktor Blackburn: ((enterING.))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: After Viktor leaves, Mary speaks up, "I should go as well. I have to reason to be here. Bye."

Ita McNairee: *and usually pleasant eyes flash greeny/red as they follow the Seneschal out. no nod for him*

Alec Golden: ((Noting a Ravyn needs sleep here....your typing is as bad as mine. *L*))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: (no, not to)*

Alec Golden: You are one of us, are you not Mary? This affects you as well.

Ita McNairee: (ok! everyone is leaving! why?! *laughs* the pikey doesn't smell THAT bad! tonights a pretty good night as far as fragrance goes!))

Mary Margaret St. Michael: She looks up at Alec, "Okay, how? Who are they?"

Monique LaFlambeau: *Winks at the departing Viktor, then slides a hand into her vest and produces a silver case, which she flips open, and carefully selects a hand rolled cigar from.*

Alec Golden: *he goes over to the desk and leans against* The unmastered. They are ghouls, who have broken the Blood Bond and no longer serve a domitor. They maintain their life by stealing the Vitae from kindred.

Celest Aston: "They are ghouls without Masters Mary" she says disdainfully.

Monique LaFlambeau: *A glance at Mary as she rolls the cigar between two fingers, listening to the crackle of dried herbs before she slips it between her lips and removes a lighter.*

Mary Margaret St. Michael: "Poor souls. Hope they rot. What about them?""

Alec Golden: *leans back across the desk, pulling a drawer open and grabbing an ashtray and sliding it across the desk at Monique, there is a couch, several armchairs, and endtables in the office for sitting*

Viktor Blackburn: ((And Ita, I don't know what werewolf you could POSSIBLY be speaking of. Werewolves combat the Wyrm wherever it breeds...not breed with the Wyrm. *Whistles innocently, and vamoooskies* XP will be in the forums, soon.))

Monique LaFlambeau: *Flicks the lighter and draws a breath, the tip of the cigar glowing brightly, the little flame dancing so close to her face.*

Ita McNairee: right, ghouls.. liven folks stolen frem their lives loves.. *a snarl from the already irate gangrel to Mary* wha?

Alec Golden: They have attacked Kindred, and will probably attack again. *nods at Ita* That pretty little thing helped avert a war, but I have no reason to think that they will not still try and collect our Vitae.

Monique LaFlambeau: 2,5,2,1,

Alec Golden: ((*blinks* Did he just say XP?))

Viktor Blackburn: ((As long as this was? Yes, the ST just said XP. *S*))

Monique LaFlambeau: Perhaps Alec startled her, but she drops the lighter suddenly and backs into the wall. (burning wp not to panic *L* sheesh! It's only dif 3! How embarassing!)

Alec Golden: ((*winces at the roll and grabs the emergency stake*))

Alec Golden: ((*licks Ravyns arse*))

Ita McNairee: och ye fooken prat.. *she looks to Alec as though he's just turned traitor in a war.. hurt and disbeleif as she shakes her head.. her attention going to monique*