Silkie: *Arrives with Vic.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor sighs as he gets out of the taxi with Silkie*

Silkie: *Looks all around, checking out the area.*

Victor Mendez: "Well here we are this is where I beleive they attacked Jarod at" *says Victor as he looks at Silkie*

Silkie: "Is this where it happened?"

Silkie: 3,3,10,5,9,7,

Silkie: ((per + alert))

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Rolling for supernatural awarness to see if there is anything supernatural going on four miles from where they are))

Victor Mendez: 8,8,8,8,

Ravyn: ((Doing up a quick description...gimme OOONE sec.))

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods to Silkie* "I beleive so. Hope I didnt drag you out here on a snype hunt Silkie" *says Victor as he begins looking around to see if there is anything on the ground that might have belonged to the attackers*

Victor Mendez: ((okay))

Silkie: "What's a snype?"

Ravyn: The area that Jarod has directed them where he was jumped is an alleyway in Staten Island, commercial neigborhood. Unlike Manhattan and other areas, Staten Island isn't a huge metropolis. It's rather a much quieter, residential area. The taxi lets them off on a street corner near what would probably be considered the main business strip of Staten Island. It consists mostly of businesses...Wal-Mart, a shopping mall, small restaraunts and the like. They're about half a block from the alleyway.

Victor Mendez: "From what I understand its an imaginary creature that people used to bring children to hunt as a joke" *says Victor with a smile to Silkie*

Victor Mendez: *Victor motions towards the alleyway* "there is the alley over thee Silkie. If anything happens Silkie I want you to stay behind me okay"

Silkie: "I don't think I could find one of those." *Peeking behind a rubbish bin.*

Ravyn: Victor senses no supernatural activity currently going on in the vicinity. ((Silkie, what exactly are you looking for?))

Silkie: "Okay."

Silkie: ((Anything out of the ordinary. Blood on the ground weapons, a button, anything that might catch her eye.))

Victor Mendez: *Victor begins rummishing through the garbage next to Silkie trying to find anything that might belong to Jarod's attackers*

Silkie: *Walks up the alley a ways. Maybe a homeless person saw something helpful.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor stops rummaging through the garbage for a minute trying to reconstruct the scene in his mind*

Victor Mendez: 10,9,4,8,

Victor Mendez: ((per+investgation even though the two rolls are exactly alike))

Silkie: Checks cardboard boxes and doorways, to see if anyone's about.

Ravyn: A quick check of the area reveals that the cops have already been around this area, and did their usual clean-up job, but probably not much else. Silkie finds a couple pieces of bone in the corner of the alley...looks like skull. Victor hit the jackpot, as she lifts up a trash bag and finds a knife underneath, much like the one Jarod described.

Ravyn: There are no homeless people in this alleyway. Signs that there may have been some here in the last month...but none actually here.

Silkie: *Picks up the chunks of bone and examines them.* (per + med to recognize if they're human)

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles as he looks at the knife* "Hey Silkie look at this." *says Victor as he looks at the knife* "It looks like one of the knifes that Jarod described"

Silkie: 5,6,5,3,3,10,6,

Silkie: *Looks up from the bits of bone she's holding.* "I think I found some... skull bits." Walking over.

Ravyn: Oh, yeah, that's human skull. Looks like whoever's it was probably had their head crushed into the wall. Literally.

Silkie -> Ravyn: Can she tell how fresh they are?

Victor Mendez: *Victor grabs a piece of news paper and wraps the knife in it trying his best not to touch it*

Silkie -> Ravyn: scalp or hair still attached?

Ravyn: The knife is pretty much how Jarod described it. A wavy blade, like a kris. Although tarnished and well-used, the handle and guard are ornately worked. The plade itself has jagged teeth going both ways, so that it causes maximum pain both going in and going out.

Silkie: *Shows him the bones then peers at the knife as he wraps it.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods to her and opens up his tool box so that she will have someplace to put them* "they probably belonged to the attackers." *says Victor with a sigh* "If only we had been able to get here sooner. We might have been able to find somthing useful in what the cops cleaned up"

Ravyn -> Silkie: No scalp or hair. Best estimation...two to three weeks old.

Victor Mendez: ((Can i do and int+leg roll to see if I remeber any malfactors or other demons who created weapons in the style of the knife?))

Ravyn: ((Sure.))

Silkie: *Sniffs the bones curiously, then sets them carefully in the tool box.* "There's a mark on the wall over there, like maybe someone had their head smashed on the bricks. You think Jarrod did that?"

Silkie: "They're a few weeks old. How long ago was it that he was attacked?"

Victor Mendez: 2,8,4,6,5,

Victor Mendez: "I think that that would be within the timeframe that he was attacked in. It is probably a by product of Jarod defending himself" *says Victor as he continue to look around the area*

Silkie: "Why do you think they left the knife?"

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: This particular style is nothing that Victor specifically remembers, no. The carvings on the top strike a chord with him, though. It's a horned man, bound in spiked chains, which twist down and form the rest of the guard. He has a fleeting memory of a general in the War of Wrath known as the Lord of Chains, who seems to fit the description.

Ravyn: The carvings on the top of the knife are that of a horned man, bound in spiked chains, which twist down and form the rest of the guard.

Victor Mendez: "You see that symbol Silkie." *says Victor motioning to the horned man bound in chains* "Its the symbol of a general during the War of Wrath who called himself the Lord of Chains. We are at least one step closer to discovering who our Earthbound is"

Silkie: "It's kind of pretty. Can I touch it?"

Victor Mendez: "The knife probably got overlooked by the police" *says Victor continuing to look around wandering further down the alley trying to locate anything else that might help to shed some light of the situation*

Victor Mendez: *victor just smiles at her* "I would prefer if you didnt we need the knife left alone as much as posible as to not destroy any possible evidence on it"

Ravyn: 1,8,9,6,8,

Ravyn: ((Per+Alertness))

Silkie: "Maybe we can wake it up and ask it who its owner is."

Silkie: 5,4,8,6,2,8,

Victor Mendez: 2,8,2,6,8,

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at her a little oddly* "Wake it up? What do you mean by that?"

Ravyn: Both Victor and Silkie suddenly sense that they aren't alone in this alleyway, though they can't quite discern WHERE their new friend is.

Silkie: *Gets a sort of creepy feeling and looks around suddenly.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor steps in fron of Silkie* "Okay Silkie we need to back out slowly. I dont want you getting hurt over this"

Silkie: Is more than glad to stay behind Victor. She backs up slowly.

Silkie: Reaches to take his tool box. "I'll hold that so your hands are free... just in case."

Ravyn: As Silkie looks around and Victor moves protectively, a feminine voice sounds out. "No one's getting hurt, Nehaliel." A form steps out from behind one of the piles of garbage and rubble near the entrance.

Ravyn: What’s this...a Neil Gaiman character come to life? Might as well be...if they were casting the part of Death in a Sandman movie, she would certainly be it. She stands at about 5’9”, maybe 110-115 pounds. Black hair and white-face certainly give the slightly tacky illusion of a corpse...the hallmark of the gothic lifestyle, of course. She’s really got the look down, right to the curly-Q drawn in eyeliner coming from the outside corner of the right eye. She’s dressed in a black tank-top, matching jeans, hip-huggers, and Doc Martins. A black girl’s formal jacket and a parasol completes the look, along with black lipstick. Her eyes, a soft brown, carry a keen intelligence and a biting wit, as well as a deep, deep sadness at something unsaid. Goth girls of the world, unite! Here is your Queen!

Silkie: Eeep! She's on the wrong side of Victor! Spins around to his other side, and peers around him at the woman.

Victor Mendez: *Victor spins around to look at the unknow person* "And who might you be" *He says as he slowly moves towards her*

Victor Mendez: *Victor lets Silkie take his tool box as he stares at the woman waiting for an answer*

Ravyn: "Jerech-Kor, at your service." She smiles. "Or, as those not of our...nature know me, Baby Death."

Victor Mendez: 4,7,4,8,3,

Victor Mendez: ((Int+leg))

Silkie: *Holding the heavy box by the handle with both hands. She hangs back when Vic moves closer to the woman.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at her* "So Jerech-Kor what do you know about what has happened here" *He says as he continues his slow advance on her*

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: The name is familiar; however, he's not able to remember much about her. A Fiend, he seems to recall.

Ravyn: She takes one step back, warningly, as he approaches. "Now, now. That'll be enough moving forward. We're on the same side, Nehaliel."

Victor Mendez: *Victor stops* "Im sorry if I dont know enough right now to make that assumption. No offense to you Jerech-Kor but I barely remeber you."

Ravyn: Her lips quirk in a smile. "Not surprised." She looks to Silkie and nods. "Hey."

Silkie: "Hi," she softly, staring at the woman.

Silkie: (she SAYS softly)

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at her* "So what do you know about the Earthbound in the city?" *he says as he stands his ground looking a little uneasy and makeing sure to keep infront of Silkie*

Ravyn: "I know better then to start talking about it in an alley that Cernunnos's cultists are known to have inhabited at some point, for one." She can't but suppress a small smile at that. "And I know that he's started targeting specific individuals in the city. Ones who, for whatever reason, he views as a threat."

Victor Mendez: "So do you have a place to go a discuss this Jerech-Kor?" *says Victor watching her*

Ravyn: "Here in Staten Island?" She shrugs. "Nope. A bit rich for my blood. But if you wanna head out to the Bronx with me, we can talk it over at my place."

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at Silkie* "Would that be okay with you Silkie"

Silkie: Nods. "I guess."

Victor Mendez: "Okay then lead the way Baby Death" *says Victor still eyeing her with a bit of suspicion*

Ravyn: She grins a little and nods, turning and sauntering out of the alleyway. She hails a cab.

Silkie: *Offers Vic his tool box back, its kind of heavy.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor follows her to the cab and lays a reassuring hand on Silkie* "You dont have to come with us if you dont want to, but no matter what I will protect you with my life"

Victor Mendez: *Victor takes the tool Box*

Silkie: "I'm okay." Smiles up at Victor.

Ravyn: When the cab pulls up, she slides inside, giving the cabbie an address in the South Bronx. She's pretty relaxed as she sits down.

Victor Mendez: *Victor slides in next to her*

Ravyn: Once everyone's in, the cab takes off, heading out of the borough. ((Off to Dynamic Res?))

Ravyn: Once everyone's in, the cab takes off, heading out of the borough. ((Off to Dynamic Res?))

Silkie: *Gets in last, glad Vic is sitting beside the stranger.*

Silkie: ((kk))

Victor Mendez: ((Cool with me))



Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The taxi pulls up to a low-rent apartment complex...old, horribly kept-up. She slides out, handing the cabbie his money, and looks up. "Home Sweet Home." She sighs, and starts to head in.

Victor Mendez: *Victor gets out of the cab and follows her to the apartment* "So how did you know who I was Baby Death?"

Silkie: Follows, listening curiously as the talk.

Silkie: (they)

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The apartment that she leads them to is on the top floor. She unlocks the door and leads them into painted black walls, with drapings of silk here and there. The smell of incense is heavy in the air, and the lighting is dim, all the lamps covered by cloth and the windows painted black.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "We have mutual interests. Part of the same social club."

Silkie: *Looks all around, especially at the painted windows. She's never seen a house painted black inside before.*

Silkie: *Stands on her toes to whisper in Vic's ear.*

Victor Mendez: "So your a member of the court then" *says Victor the words rolling out of his mouth with a bit of distaste*

Victor Mendez: *Victor shakes his head*

Victor Mendez: ((Shakes his head no to Silkie))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods. "I am. The Minister of Eagles, as a matter of fact. So, it's my business to know what's going on, and who's around. Like you." She winks a little.

Silkie: *Peeks under a cloth covered lamp and starts nosing about the place.*

Victor Mendez: "Okay then what do you know about the Earthbound" *says Victor watching her*

Silkie: Thinks eagles are good.

Silkie: Thinks eagles are good.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Cernnunos." She sighs, taking a seat and idly watching Silkie poke about her place. "He's a high-ranking one, I'll tell you that. And he's been here for quite some time, like most of the Earthbound. Here on the world, I mean. I believe he just woke up recently, though I can't be too sure whether it's that, or whether he just came here recently."

Silkie: *Runs a hand over a painted window and checks to see if its latched.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Silkie finds all sorts of neat, eclectic pieces of chinzy art, a fairly large CD collection of 80's goth and 90's-to-current death metal, a huge stack of Neil Gaiman comics and other graphic novels. Other interesting little pieces of work.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: And the window is in fact latched.

Victor Mendez: "So do you know why he would consider Jarod a threat" *says Victor looking around the apartment a bit*

Silkie: Shows little interest in the cd's and comics, but picks up the bits of bric-a-brac and examines them closely.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Think about it for one moment, Nahaliel." She watches him. "What use is our Lammasu friend to anyone?"

Silkie: "What's Lammasu mean?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor sits there in thought* "Your not trying to say that Jarod is in with the Earthbound are you?"

Silkie: *Frowns and looks at Baby and Victor both, eyes flickering between them.*

Victor Mendez: "The Lammasu is another term for what Jarod is Silkie" *says Victor trying to explain it as best as possible*

Silkie: "Jarrod's not bad," she says with certainty.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She sighs. "If I thought your friend was on Cernunnos's team, tell me, would I be following you or him?"

Victor Mendez: *victor sits there a little confused* "Well then if you arnt following him then i can assume that there is no reason to suspect that he is working with the Earthbound, but then answer me this question why is the earthbound targeting him from your point of view?" *says Victor with a sigh* "unless it extends from him being a scout within the Silver Legion for some reason or another"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: A roll of the eyes. "Think simpler, Nehaliel. What use is Jarod Freeman to anyone at all?"

Silkie: *Wonders idly if demons piss and looks for the bathroom.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Silkie finds out the great secret...yes, Demons from Hell do in fact piss. ;-)

Victor Mendez: "He is dating Melody Drake giving him a good link to the treaty" *says Victor with a sigh obviously grasping fro straws* "but other than that he has no use other than being a friend of mine and occasionally providing me with information"

Silkie: *Checks out the bathroom, noting it looks like it gets use.*

Silkie: *Glances back at Victor.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She smiles a little. "Congratulations. You hit the nail on the head there, there. Miss Melody Drake."

Victor Mendez: "So you think the Earth Bound wants somthing to do with Mrs. Drake and the Treaty?" *says Victor looking a little unnerved* "Then we should warn them"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "I think Cernnunos wants to get Jarod under his thumb, so he can pull the strings of the treaty, yes. Your actor friend has several abilities, I'm sure you know. Ones he could use on his girlfriend that he hasn't, to twist her to his will. And I think that if you tell him, he'll do something incredibly heroic and unbeLIEVably stupid."

Silkie: "He might," she agrees with Baby. "He's in love with Melody."

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods* "you are probably right there. Okay then I will continue to try and bring jarod into the court" *says Victor with a sigh* "So that maybe we can keep him away from Cernnunos"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "How nice for him." She grins a little bit. "And how potentially bad for us."

Victor Mendez: "okay Baby Death do you have any suggestions" *says Victor watching her*

Silkie: "Why would that be bad?"

Victor Mendez: ((hey ya I need to get somthing to eat in a bit))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "It would be bad because love makes people unpredictable. They do stupid things when they're in love."

Silkie: "We need to get this Cerennus first. How do we find him?"

Silkie: ((shares beer and chocolate))

Victor Mendez: *Victor sighs* "Okay then we should avoid telling Jarod or Mrs. Drake that they are she is possibly in danger"

Victor Mendez: *says Victor as he stumbles over his words*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Finding Cernnunos will be no easy task. His reliquary will be difficult to find, and well-protected."

Silkie: "Reliquary? That's his house?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((BRB...gotta reboot. We wanna pause here for a few, while Dark gets food?))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Cool. Gimme a few, and I'll be back.))

Victor Mendez: "thats what he exist in unlike us he does not have a mortal host and is tied to the earth through being bound in an object" *says Victor as he moves to stand*

Victor Mendez: ((okay ping ya when I get backj may be about 30 to 45 minutes))

Silkie: ((Takes a break. No worries.))

Silkie: ((back))

Victor Mendez: *Victor stops himself from standing and settles back in his seat looking at Baby Death*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Yeah, it's kind of like his house, Silkie."

Silkie: "Is that why you call him earthbound?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Pretty much." She smiles at the girl.

Silkie: "If he's stuck to an object, how can he cause so much trouble?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor digs in his tool box and pulls out the dagger wrap in newspaper* "We found this in the alley do you reconize the symbol on the hilt?" *says Victor as he unwraps the hilt*

Victor Mendez: "because its influence can strech far beyond the object and cause trouble for everyone in New York" *says Victor still holding the dagger*

Silkie: "But it's... inanimate, right? What would happen if its relique got broken?"

Victor Mendez: "Im guessing that it would be pulled back to hell like the rest of us" *says Victor looking at Silkie* "but breaking its relique will be alot harder than it sounds even after we find it and get past its guardians"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Then it would be freed and pulled back to Hell, basically."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She looks over at the dagger, raising an eyebrow as she studies it.

Silkie: "Sooo, that's the plan, right?" Images of bulldozers running through her mind.

Victor Mendez: "Did you remeber a general in the war of wrath that refered to himself as the lord of chains?" *says Victor as he hands the dagger to Baby Death*

Victor Mendez: "After we discover its location and figure out the best way to attack it. This problem makes the devourer roaming the downtown alleys look like childsplay Silkie" *says Victor as he sighs*

Silkie: Amends her vision to a fleet of bulldozers. "Oh."

Victor Mendez: "These demons that have become the Earthbound were the one time dukes and archdukes of hell summoned here before the cracks in the abyss began to form my mortal sorcerers seeking power" *says Victor as he leans back in his seat*

Victor Mendez: ((my=by))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 5,6,6,6,2,6,2,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She looks the dagger over. "Interesting..."

Silkie: "The namers broke hell?" Blinks at this. "On purpose?"

Victor Mendez: "I dont think that any of us really know what caused the abyss to finally crack but sorcers reached beyond the walls of hell and pulled forth demons with out actually damageing the barriers" *says Victor before turning his attention to Baby Death* "Does it mean more to you than it did to me I hope?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "No, the sorcerers somehow learned to summon us, Silkie." She's still studying the dagger. "We don't know how the cracks formed, but that was recently."

Silkie: "Were they trying to rescue the good demons, like you?"

Victor Mendez: "Silkie it pains me to say this but in hell there really were no good demons, just once divine beings consumed from there torment. No the sorcers only summoned us becasue they thought it would bring them power." *says Victor with a shudder remebering the abyss*

Silkie: "But, but you're good, aren't you Victor?" Sounding a little worried.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "There's Germanic elements to the dagger, to be certain," she muses. "But the style of the dagger...that's pure Bali style. This is a hybridization of a couple styles. This dagger is probably unique, and my guess would be it's related specifically to Cernnunos's cult."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She looks away from the dagger, to Silkie. There's an oddness to her gaze as she studies the girl, searching for words. A slightly haunted quality.

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles at Silkie* "Yes now that my Torment has been lifted from me by my hosts memories I have returned to a state more closley remebling my divine self"

Victor Mendez: *Victor reaches out for the dagger* "So maybe if we understand the dagger we can begin to understand Cernnuno"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Silkie, you're a good person, right?" She smiles a tiny bit to her, her gaze a bit sad. "Someone who does what their heart says is right? Sometimes breaks the rules in order to do so?"

Silkie: Looks from Victor to Baby and back. "Maybe the Cernnuno will feel better after a while too?"

Silkie: "I try to be." Rolls her lips.

Victor Mendez: *victor sighs* "only if that were true Silkie but in fact he has been here for centuries and has not had the benifit of having a human's memories snap him back from his tormnet"

Silkie: "Maybe we could find a human that wants to help him."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods. "'Kay. So let's say you made a decision that your boss didn't agree with. And to punish you, he sent you to the worst place ever created. Imagine the worst place you've ever been, then make it a billion times worse. Literally. And you stay there for an eternity. Every day feels like a hundred years."

Silkie: Baby> "I think your God is tainted. Nothing good would create what I glimpsed inside of Jarrod."

Victor Mendez: "It dosent work that way Silkie. Beleive me I wish that it did but it dosent. First off I dont even think that he could inhabit a human host and secoundly I really dont think that it wants help. The Earthbound seem to thrive off of the power there torment gives them and the evil it causes"

Silkie: Looking a little haunted herself, over what she saw.

Victor Mendez: *Victor shudders at as Baby Death describes the Abyss*

Silkie: "Then we have to kill it," she whispers. "Even if it's very hard to do."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She smiles a little. "A debate for another time. I'm just saying that if you were in that situation, even someone as good as you would be pretty evil by the time some sorcerer came out and started to summon you out, right?"

Silkie: "I don't know. I think such a place... would have unmade me."

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods* "Silkie you dont have to be involved in any of this if you dont want to be. I dont want you to get hurt"

Silkie: "I'll be careful," she promises Victor. "It's my job to fix bad things."

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles at her and shakes his head as if syaing "Okay"*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She leans back, watching them as she pulls a clove out and lights it.

Silkie: "Oh, may I have one?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor turns his attention back towards Baby Death* "Okay then where should we start?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Knock yourself out." She passes the cloves to Silkie, then looks to Victor. "Nehaliel, I'm not sure where to start. I look for answers to questions, nothing more. However...maybe I can help you find the questions you need."

Silkie: *Plucks a cigarette out of the pack and offers it to Victor, returning it Baby if he doesn't want one. She fishes a lighter out of her pocket and flicks it to life with a grin, staring at the flame a moment before she lights the cigarette and safely sequesters her precious lighter. Precious. That's what she'll name it.

Victor Mendez: "That would be most helpful since I seem to be against a brick wall on this one" *says Victor looking at Baby Death*

Victor Mendez: *Victor waves the cig. away* "i dont smoke"

Silkie: Takes a long drag, and watches the smoke curl up towards the ceiling.

Victor Mendez: *Victor reaches out to Baby Death since she still has the dagger* "May I have the dagger back?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Motivation's the key to understanding anyone. Understanding someone's the key to figuring out how to beat them." She smiles a little. "So you need to ask yourself. What does Cernnunos want?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She hands the dagger back with a nod.

Victor Mendez: "well we can assume that it is building its cult from those mortals that have been outcasted by society through the fact that his cultest seem to be living on the streets. Maybe that is as good a place as any to start looking for what my enemy wants" *says Victor calming down a bit as he forces himself to think of places to start*

Silkie: "Maybe we should find some of his servants."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "That sounds like a good plan, Silkie." She nods.

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks up at Baby Death* "I know that you are under no obligation to help me, but if you learn any more about this cult will you keep me informed and I will do the same for you?"

Silkie: "If the dagger belonged to one of them... we could ask it. Maybe it would tell us if we promised to return it to its owner."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "'course. That's what the Court's there for." She smiles a little. "Mutual cooperation and protection."

Victor Mendez: "Okay then lets head back to Staten Island and see if we can find any sign that they are still opereating in that area" *says Victor with a smile to both Silkie and Baby Death*

Silkie: Nods and looks at Baby. "Are you coming with us?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at Silkie a little confused* "how do you plan on asking the dagger any thing?"

Silkie: "Everything has a spirit, Victor."

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles and hands the dagger to Silkie* "than be my guess ask it. Im willing to try anything on this one"

Silkie: "It might even be awake." Holds her hand out for the dagger.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She watches them as they talk about asking the dagger, an eyebrow raised.

Victor Mendez: *Victor glances at baby Death and shrugs his shoulders*

Silkie: "Being a dagger, it might want... some blood or something," she says softly hoping one of them will volunteer to be poked if it seems necessary.

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods* "If it needs blood it can have mine"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She smirks in response. "You're the Annunaki, Victor, not me. You'd know more about talking to objects." She looks at the two of them, her eyebrow raised.

Silkie: She switches to spirit speech, and addresses the dagger. ~ss~ "Blade of the chained one? Can you hear me?" Although to them, she's not speaking at all.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Gaah, too much raising of the eyebrows. :P))

Silkie: ((*L*))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She watches, intrigued.

Silkie: *Listens for its voice.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Silkie: The dagger doesn't respond to simple Spirit Speech...apparently, it would need awakening.

Victor Mendez: "Yes I am Annunaki but I know nothing of the spirt of objects" *says Victor watching what Silkie is doing closely*

Silkie: "It's sleeping," she says softly.

Silkie: "Shall I try to awaken it?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Depends on what you need to do to awaken it," she answers, smiling a little.

Victor Mendez: *Victor reaches out to take the dagger back* "okay then back to Staten Island to see if we might be able to locate any of these cultest"

Victor Mendez: ((DLP))

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at her waiting for the answer to Baby Deaths question*

Silkie: "Sometimes things just... wake up if they're around me very long. But sometimes... when I dance... not always, but sometimes."

Silkie: "I could try dancing for it."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She chuckles slightly. "Dance away, if you want. Do you need music to dance to?"

Victor Mendez: "if it will help us figure out where Cernunnos is im all for it" *says Victor giving Silkie room to dance*

Silkie: "No." She moves to set the dagger in the middle of the floor, and stands there a moment, just listening to the muted sounds of the city, the howling voice of the wind, barking dogs and the distant blare of automobile horns.

Silkie: And somewhere, in that raucus maelstrom of noise... she finds a pulse... music perhaps to no one but her... it is life she hears... it's there in everything.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She sits back, watching Silkie, curiosity evident in her eyes.

Silkie: Her body begins to move slowly... this will be a dance of life and death, because it's a dagger, and its purpose is to end life. But the knowledge of mortality makes life all the more precious and sweet.

Silkie: 7,3,5,7,3,1,5,6,2,

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles as he watches Silkie very curious as well it what is actually happening here*

Silkie: She starts out slow, somewhat stilted. Maybe even a hint of fear in her movements. She's afraid of death and has never strove to speak with something that brings the swift ending of something so dear as life.

Silkie -> Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((that was her performance roll, next is the roll to awaken the dagger))

Silkie: 5,5,2,7,8,2,6,

Silkie: A spin and a twirl, her coat flaring, fingers brushing the ground as she makes a circle around the dagger.

Silkie: Her lithe form rises up and arches. An odd thing to watch in a way. Her moving in such an arithmic manner without music, yet oddly attuned to the environment... to the world... some would say, to Gaia herself.

Silkie: 4,2,8,7,5,4,8,3,7,

Victor Mendez: *A smile creeps to Victors face as he watches Slikie thankful for the fact that he is able to witness somthing so beautiful even if it dosent yield results*

Silkie: Grace begins to find her movements as she flows more steadily, letting the fear behind what she's attempting wash away. She doesn't have to promise it to kill anything. She won't, as she spins and leaps over the dagger lying there like a scar on the black floor.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 2,3,3,4,6,2,3,6,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 4,7,9,5,3,6,6,

Silkie: Her feet touch the ground lightly, soft thuds, their breathing, the rustle of her leather coat, these are the only apparent sounds as she moves, a tiny dervish in a dark room, summoning forth potential malice.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Roll WP, Silkie. Victor, Per+Awareness.))

Victor Mendez: 7,6,6,4,

Silkie: She has learned the wyrm is necessary... death may not be evil. Each aspect of the triat has its place in the great cycle. Her's is the voice of the wyld, and her dance calls forth life and creation, even if such life ultimately must end.

Silkie: 8,1,2,9,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 2,6,8,9,6,9,4,9,

Silkie: A spin and a kick. Her legs fly over the dagger, and drops low, sweeping it up into her hand, twirling with it held high aloft.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The first person to notice anything is remotely wrong is Baby Death. Her eyes widen and she opens her mouth, just as Victor senses it. An unbelievably strong, highly malevolant presence erupts from the dagger. Quite simply, one of the most terrifying feelings you've ever felt. Pure, unadulterated, insanity and evil, not remotely human or even human-like.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: And the presence shoots itself right into Silkie's mind, before anyone can react.

Victor Mendez: "Silkie get away from the dagger" *yells Victor as he jumps up from his seat and moves towards the dagger*

Silkie: Her dance staggers to a halt and she stares at the thing in her hand, eyes wide. "I think it's awake," she squeeks.

Silkie: Her knees just go all watery, and she drops to the floor with a scream of utter terror.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Silkie: Silkie feels her mind instantly overwhelmed by feelings of anger, pain, Torment, hatred, rage, fear, and every other negative emotion under the sun. As focused as she is on her dancing, it hits her full-on, and she doesn't have time to react. The presence is enormous, much bigger then any mind she may have touched before. Imagine Angu, the Urge Wyrm that the Body defeated, being directly in your mind.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves close to Silkie and puts his arms around her as he stares at the dagger*

Silkie: *The dagger falls from her hand and she arches backwards, head against the floor, her hands tearing her hair, voice wailing in utter torment.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Baby Death leaps off the chair, taking her Apocalyptic Form; an enormous, indigo being with intricate lines and patterns all over it's body and swan's wings, moving for the dagger.

Victor Mendez: *Victor holds her as tightly as possible* "get the dagger away from her" *He yells at Baby Death hoping that it will make a diffrence*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Silkie: In an instant, she feels all of it's attention focused on her, and a deep, vicious rumbling chuckle. "HELLO, SILKIE. SO...NICE TO MEET YOU."

Silkie -> Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She doesn't reply to the voice, her terror is too great, but she hears it. And oh... it knows her name.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She leaps into the air, bringing her knee down toward the hilt. ((Dex+Brawl))

Victor Mendez: *Victor holds Silkie cloesly to his body as a father would hold a child when she goes limp as he watches to see if Baby Death can snap the dagger herself*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 3,9,2,10,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 8,8,6,2,2,1,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 8,7,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 8,

Silkie: Her eyes roll back in her head, she begins shuddering violently... urine can be smelled as she wets herself.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Her knee comes down on it, the dagger snaps at the hilt, and immediately, the presence is gone.

Victor Mendez: *Victor holds her tightly trying to give her any amount of comfort that he can* "It will be okay" *he whispers again in her ear*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Silkie: And just like that, it's out of her head. Leaving only the anguish and pain it created it's wake.

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks up at baby Death* "I think that i need to take her someplace safe" *says Victor as he moves to stand up with Silkie in his arms*

Silkie: She goes limp suddenly, eyes open, staring, focused on nothing. She appears to be in shock.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: It runs over, returning to the form of it's Host, and kneels next to Silkie, checking her vitals, eyes worried and slightly panicked. "Oh, shit, Silkie...come on, come on..."

Victor Mendez: "Can you call me a cab?" *says Victor looking at Baby Death*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 2,8,9,3,5,

Victor Mendez: "I am going to take her to the best damn Doctor I know in town I just need to get her there" *says Victor with tears forming in his eyes as he looks down at Silkie*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She shoves Victor away. "Use the phone! I'll make sure she's okay!"

Victor Mendez: *Victor calls a cab and tells them to get here quickly before hanging up and making another phone call to Adriana*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She checks Silkie's vitals, then goes for a blanket off the couch, wrapping her in it. "She's okay, I think...physically, anyway. She's in shock."

Victor Mendez: "Adriana" *Victor speaks into the phone sounding very rattled*

phonecall -> Victor Mendez: She sounds a bit surprised "Yes, dear? Are.. are you alright?" she's tacking at a keyboard

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods to baby Death* "Im still going to bring her to Adriana anyway just to make sure"

Silkie: Her body feels cold and limp as Baby moves her, to wrap her in the blanket.

Victor Mendez: "Yes im allright but a girl that I have been associated with for a while is in a state of shock is there anyway that I can bring her to your place and let you have a look at her?" *says Victor sounding very frantic*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods to Victor, and looks into Silkie's eyes. "Silkie, babe, you there?" She very lightly slaps the girl's cheek a couple times, to bring her around. "Talk to me..."

phonecall -> Victor Mendez: "Umm.. " Sounds a bit rattled at this point, concerned more than anything "Of course, dear. I'll get everything ready for your arrival.."

Silkie: Her eyelids don't even flutter, so lost to the torment within is she.

Victor Mendez: "Be there as quickly as possible. See you soon" *he says as he hangs up the phone* "Do you want to come with us?" *He asks as he looks at baby Death and Silkie*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods to Victor. "Absolutely. Come on, help me move her."

Victor Mendez: *Victor walks over to Silkie a craddles her in his strong arms feeling terrible at what has happened to her*

Victor Mendez: ((a=and))

Silkie: She only weighs around 90 pounds. Probably not much of a burden for them to lift.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She gets to her feet, moving ahead of Victor to open the door for him.

Victor Mendez: *When they get down to the curb and the taxi Arrives Victor Slides in with Silkie craddled in his arms and gives the driver the address*

Victor Mendez: ((do we just want to stay in this room?))

Silkie: ((s'okay with me))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Sure))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She's bitching the entire way for the driver to be faster, Faster, FASTER.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana moves the coffee table to make more room in front of the couch area. She sets up her medkit on a nearby end table, a bit unsure of what the patient's condition is. After throwing on a sweater and some thin white cotton gloves, she simply waits for Victor and the others to get there, nervous.

Victor Mendez: *Victor holds Silkie the entire way on ther verge of tears*

Silkie: Cold and limp, she doesn't so much as twitch the entire way.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael -> Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((hmm.. seeing as how I'm not actually a doctor.. I really have no clue what to do to someone with shock.. do you know of a likely course of action, since I'm fairly certain adri would have training for situations like this?))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The driver? Bitchy. But he does get to Adriana's place ((wherever it is. *G*))

Victor Mendez: ((Oh its in Midtown sorry about that))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((nice complex in Midtown))

Victor Mendez: *When the car stops Victor moves Silkie very gently out of the car and begins carrying her into what appear to be very nice apartments up to Adriana's penthouse*

Victor Mendez: *He completly forgets about the fact that he has to pay the driver for the ride*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((Yeah, she would. Just be generic over it. *S*))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Baby Death pays quickly by throwing her wallet at the cabbie before following.

Victor Mendez: *after making it to Adriana's door Victor kicks the door seeing as he has no hands in which to actually knock*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's eyes widen slightly, as the door was already open. She bolts up, motioning for Victor to move the patient to the couch.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She follows along behind Viktor as the cabbie tosses the wallet, sans cash, out onto the street and drives off.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Dr. Adriana Carmichael: What’s this...a Neil Gaiman character come to life? Might as well be...if they were casting the part of Death in a Sandman movie, she would certainly be it. She stands at about 5’9”, maybe 110-115 pounds. Black hair and white-face certainly give the slightly tacky illusion of a corpse...the hallmark of the gothic lifestyle, of course. She’s really got the look down, right to the curly-Q drawn in eyeliner coming from the outside corner of the right eye. She’s dressed in a black tank-top, matching jeans, hip-huggers, and Doc Martins. A black girl’s formal jacket and a parasol completes the look, along with black lipstick. Her eyes, a soft brown, carry a keen intelligence and a biting wit, as well as a deep, deep sadness at something unsaid. Goth girls of the world, unite! Here is your Queen!

Silkie: Skin, so pale and cold, eyes normally a vibrant amethyst, are stark black, the pupils wide, a blue tinge touches her lips and her breathing is shallow.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves into the apartment quickly and lays Silkie down on the couch* "everything is going to be okay Silkie" *he says as he lays her down and gives Adriana room to work with her*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She sits back, giving Adriana room and a quick report. "I checked her vitals, nothing wrong at the time. She looked to be in shock."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana inhales with a look of slight discust when she notices the stench of urine. Reguardless, Adriana moves in close to the girl, kneeling beside her to give her a full examination. As she works she speaks without taking her eyes off the patient "Can you tell me what happened, Victor.."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 4,9,1,6,4,4,7,5,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She gives Jenn a slight.. look. It's not that she doesn't take the girls' word for it.. but she does check vitals again. Just in case.

Victor Mendez: "We found a dagger and she attempted to wake it up by dancing around it. Somthing defiently did wake up in the dagger and then she screamed and went limp. The prescence that did this disapated when she broke the dagger" *he says as he motions towards Baby Death*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods a little at Victor's words.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Her look hardens. Not exactly the explanation she was hoping for.. maybe something pertaining to the bringing on of the condition would be nice.. "Alright... I can't find anything other than shock being an issue.." she continues to work the girl over, trying her best to treat the girl for signs of shock (rolling dex+med)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 9,3,3,1,4,9,4,7,

Victor Mendez: "Do you think that you will be able to help her Adriana" *says Victor as he stands back next to Baby Death*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Blinks down at the patient "Victor, dear, if there was anything wrong with her, I might be able to do something about it.." Her words cold and calculated "But I can't just UN scare the shit out of her, now can I?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor stops and thinks for a secoud before going into the kithcen and filling up a pitcher with water and bringing the bigest bowl he can find out into to the living room next to Silkie and pouring the water into the bowl trying to simulate the sound of water in the wild*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She watches Victor with a strange sort of look, as if she thinks he might have lost his mind.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Gives Victor a strange look, then turns back to Silkie, placing a gloved hand on the girl's forehead, trying to sooth her as best as possible "Dear.. Can you hear me?" She eyes the girls' pupils for any signs of change.

Victor Mendez: *Victor notices the looks but dosent care rembering Silkie love of the sea he continues moving the water about in the bowl before droping a few drops in her hair to see if it has any effect on how she is doing*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She reaches over to her kit and produces a clean rag. Turning around, she dips it in Victor's bowl of water.. at least it can serve SOME purpose.. She wrings it out and folds it, laying it on the girl's forehead to try and cool her down a bit.

Silkie: Somewhere, deep in her mind, she hears Hudson crying and closes her eyes, tears leaking from beneath the veil of dark lashes.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She turns to Victor with a none too pleased look "I think you're upsetting her, dear.. What in heavens name are you doing?"

Victor Mendez: *victor leans close to Silkie and whispers to her*

Silkie: She feels cool already, cold even. Her skin is clammy.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Upset is fine." She looks to Adriana. "At least it's an emotion. It may help."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Her lips straighten "Well as I said I don't think there's much I can do dear.. This seems to be more of a matter of the mind.. not the body." She takes the rag and places it back in the bowl.

Victor Mendez: *Victor lbacks away from Silkie all his ideas on how to fix the situation exhausted if only people were like walls and doors*

Silkie: Her lips move, but no sound can be heard, fingers twitching.

Victor Mendez: 2,3,6,3,4,

Victor Mendez: *Victors eyes shoot up at silkie* "her fingers moved"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She keeps an eye on the girl "How well do you know her, dear? Is there anything I could get for her that might.. Oh hell I don't know.."

Victor Mendez: "she loves the sea which is why I brought the water in here for her" *says Victor moving closer to Silkie*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana stands and moves away from the girl, still with a careful eye in case her status changes "She probably just needs her space.. maybe some time to cope with.. whatever it was the lot of you were playing with.." She eyes the woman she hasn't met with a careful suspicion.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Adriana. Do me a favor. Leave the room a moment." Her eyes move from Silkie to Victor, as a liht shines behind the eyes.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana thinks for a moment "The sea? I'm afraid I'm fresh out of Sea, dear.." She frowns. "I could go through my CD's.. My sister used to buy me all sorts of ridiculous nature recordings and the like.."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She glances at Jenn "Beg your pardon?" The look on her face implies that she'll do no such thing.

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at Adriana and the back to Baby Death. Then he gives Adriana a please look, becasue if there is anything that might be able to help Silkie he wants it tried*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Her look softens toward Victor and reluctantly, she does leave the room. She walks down the hall and into the guest room to check on Rocha, leaving the door open just a crack.

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at Baby death* "what are you going to do?"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She looks up at Adriana, and looks about to say something before the other woman relents. She nods, then looks to Victor. "Horror brought her here. Beauty may bring it out." She moves to help Silkie sit up against the couch, so she's not staring straight at the ceiling, but rather, generally toward Victor.

Victor Mendez: "what do you want me to do?" *says Victor looking at Baby Death*

Silkie: *Slumps limply against the couch where she's propped, her eyes still closed.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 3,3,5,6,7,

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana peeks a bit through the crack in the door, trying to hear what's going on without being too blatanly obvious.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves close to Silkie and helps to prop her up on the couch* "Silkie you have to come back to us the sea is depending on you" *He says again softly into her ear*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She does what she can to open Silkie's eyes, then steps back. "This." And she sloughs off her Host Form, taking her true, Apocalyptic Form.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((do you want me to roll rev. since the good doc is bein nosy?))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Yeeees, please... *G*))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: 7,3,5,4,2,4,5,2,

Silkie: Her eyes open, and she stares blankly, still turned within.

Victor Mendez: *Victor watches as Jerech-Kor emerges from her host form*

Silkie: 3,7,7,8,

Victor Mendez: *Victor places his hand in the water in the bowl and touches Silkies face not willing togive up hope

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Guys, gimme just a few.))

Victor Mendez: ((okay))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((is cool *G*)) Adriana stands wide eyed at the doorway, paying careful attention to what's going on in her living room.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((VERY VERY Sorry, guys, just had to deal with something for a few.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((is alright. had to tinker anyway. *G*))

Victor Mendez: ((thats cool))

Silkie: Is propped up on the couch, staring into the space now filled with apocalyptic baby death.

Silkie: ((that has such a cute ring to it))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((All right, so, there's a lot about to happen, so bear with me. About to start describing.))

Victor Mendez: "Come on Silkie come back to us" *says Victor as he helps to prop her up on the couch*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Baby Death's apocalypic form is that of a tall human-like creature, indigo in color, and hairless. It's body is covered in intricate lines and patterns of slvery blue light that shift and realign periodically. Its eyes are bright saphirre, and a pair of swan wings erupt from it's back. Silkie and Adriana both succeed against the Revelation and are awestruck by it's appearance, but not in a stupor.

Silkie: Her eyes seem to travel upwards, finally focusing on the world without as she looks upon Baby.

Victor Mendez: *Victor watches Baby Death in here Apocalypic form as he sits next to Silkie*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: It's inspiring and awe-striking at the same time.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana leans down to scoop up the curious persian kitten, before she can get out of the guest room, as she doesn't need to be poking about the indigo demon. The kitten lets out a tiny mew.

Victor Mendez: *A smile forms on Victors face as he watches Silkies eyes moving upward*

Silkie: Her eyes take on a violet hue as her pupils contract and she tries to focus on the vision before her.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: About this time, Reyna and Angelia (and Ingvar, if he comes along) are heading in the door to the apartment complex.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((All right, so...there you have it. *S*))

Victor Mendez: *Victor sits next to Silkie and smiles as she appears to be recovering*

Angelia Caponelli: (sorry guys I got a little distracted there for a few, back)

Victor Mendez: "Silkie are you allright" *Victor finally manages to speak hoping to hear her respond*

Silkie: Blinks, although her expression is still dull and slack, she's at least showing some hint of awareness.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She remains standing there, looking at Silkie. "Silkie...come back. It's all right."

Silkie: She can't seem to take her eyes off Baby Death, making no response Victor.

Angelia Caponelli: Ang looks up at Reyna and shifts her shoulders a little. She's in one of her delicate 'be the rose' outfits - a long gozzy, yellow sun dress with a bit of frill and lace. She's got white strappy sandals on and a white flower in her hair which is other wise let down free all the way to the small of her back.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana is still standing in the doorway, kitten in hand uttering faint mews every now and again. "Shhhh.." she whispers down to the Rocha, still peeking as to what's going on in her living room and waiting for Victor to give her the word that it's alright she return.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: The Bitchmobile is in a no parking spot as she moves up with Angelia, racing along. Harry is held just inside her duster as she moves.

Silkie: "Cleanse me," she finally whispers in a faint, broken rasp.

Victor Mendez: "Silkie I dont know how. Who do I need to take you to to be cleansed" *says Victor looking at here*

Angelia Caponelli: Ang looks especially none threatening beside Reyna. She hurries along still, beelining for the apartment.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She steps forward, wings jostling slightly as she crouches in front of Silkie. "Forget about him, girl. Look at me. We're here."

Silkie: "Call... Mind.." she murmurs, eyes still on the apparition.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: Wyrmbeast invading Body minds? Oh, she's all sorts of threatening. She's bad cop, and when they reach the door, she shoves the door open and moves into the room.

Silkie: Blinks at Baby Death. She feels like all the joy and energy that makes up the core of her inner being has been wrung from her... all she can remember is pain and horror. A tear trickles down her cheek.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: What.. more people? Adriana thinks to herself from the guest bedroom. She watches, getting a bit more irritated as the situation progresses.

Victor Mendez: *Victor jumps up and looks at the people who enter the apartment* "Who are you?"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Someone moves behind them, up stairs or elevators, pale eyes shimmering with a waiting, hungry sort of murder.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((WP rolls, new entrants, as you enter the room. *G*))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: 3,6,8,5,3,

Ingvar Urgahaldt: 4,2,7,3,5,3,

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: Crouched in front of SIlkie is apocalypic form is that of a tall human-like creature, indigo in color, and hairless. It's body is covered in intricate lines and patterns of slvery blue light that shift and realign periodically. Its eyes are bright saphirre, and a pair of swan wings erupt from it's back.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Again, Ingvar and Reyna both avoid going dumbstruck by the creatures sheer beauty and awe-inspiring nature, though they are quite impressed by it, to say the LEAST.

Victor Mendez: *Victor just stands as the people file into the apartment*

Silkie: ((Did we lose Ang?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *This is too much. This is far, far too much. Something only curling at the edges of his vision explodes in crackling veins across his eyes as the grim shadow lord fights with everything he has for self control.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: When the fourth stranger enters, Adriana decides she's had enough, throwing the door to the guest bedroom aside and strolling into the main room "Victor, this is ridiculous.. I demand to know what's going on.. My apartment is hardly the place for such endeavors.." Glances about the strangers.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She stares at the indigo thing, eyes wide, gun aimed as a precaution. "What the...?"

Angelia Caponelli : (you did sorry I'm flighty tonight)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((oh- and does anybody need a nick. I guess I forgot that one.*G*))

Angelia Caponelli : 7,1,2,10,7,

Angelia Caponelli : (that's my wp)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((Not nick- description, sheesh.*L*))

Silkie: *Still staring at the sublime being crouched in front of her, vaguely aware of other sounds, things she can't quite seem to focus on, voices that teeter upon recognition.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: It turns around, standing as it looks at the new entrants, taking a wary stance. Particularly with the gun pointed at them.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((at IT.))

Firesnake -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ~FS~ "That is not the creature. That is a kuei-jin of some sort I have not seen before." FS sounds very intrigued by the creature and it's effects on the sentai and Silkie.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Angelia, as well, is capable of action, but a tad overwhelmed by the creature's aura and appearance.

Victor Mendez: ((Is the gun clip fed?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Immediately, he tenses- but remains still for a moment... one corner of his mouth quirks.. yes friends, he's one scary looking wierdo at the moment, the hard planes of a not unattractive face threaten to spill emotion around the edges, as though it were only a mask.*((1 wp point))

Silkie: *Lifts a hand, as though reaching for the apparition as it moves away, leaning forward and falling off the couch.*

Angelia Caponelli : She pauses in the door looking around, studying Jenn. Her hand pulls up to her chest lightly.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((Nope. .44 Magnum. Meet Harry, boys and girls.))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Glares at the gun toting Reyna with an obvious disapproval "Do lower your firearm, dear.."

Victor Mendez: ((Even better))

Firesnake -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ~FS~ "The Wyrm creature who attacked Silkie is in that broken knife."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She looks at Adriana, tearing her gaze away from Baby Death with effort. "Do lower your purple swan-man, dear."

Victor Mendez: *victor concentrates on the fire arm as he looks at the newcomers*

Firesnake -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ~FS~ "Or was, shall I say. It has fled, now."

Angelia Caponelli : Ang steps into the roomo further, ignoring Adriana and pretty much everyone. She glances around the room, looking at the floor and hands, searching for something.

Silkie: *Face plants the floor at Baby Death's feet.*

Victor Mendez -> Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Victor is concentrating on the gun tryin to release the cyilander so it will need to be put back in place before it can be fired))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana's sharp blue eyes become infuriated "The only people I know are Victor and the girl" points to silkie "The rest of you are UNinvited guests, and as such should show some fucking manners" Glares to the indigo wonder "Do drop the wings, dear, you've made your point.." She hisses.

Victor Mendez: 3,2,6,1,1,5,4,

Okami Yuki: (8can hop in too? ))

Okami Yuki: ((forget it *curls on the Singah icq))

Firesnake -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ~FS~ "But that kuei-jin--which I have never seen that type before, either--is now attempting to break Harry." He indicates Victor.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Eventually, his voice rumbles with cold, waiting malice through the room.* We have come for our sister... *pale eyes skate across even the swan thing- but thats not easy. He steps between the two of them- but Reyna still has a clear line of fire.* and we would know what has happened to her. Now.

Angelia Caponelli : She stops and looks straight at Victor. "Please sir, don't tamper with my friends insturments."

Victor Mendez: "I will not speak to you at gun point, but if you are refering to Silkie we have been trying to help her. Can you cleanse her" *says Victor walking at the gun*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen -> Victor Mendez: ((Not only does it not work, Victor loses a Faith point. Damn botches))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Pale eyes flick to Victor* Cease.. or be injured beyond the point where manners will be an issue. *He just sounds frank- but his voice carries the unmistakeable tone of command.*

Victor Mendez: *Victor shoots a look at Angelia* "Then tell her to put it down"

Angelia Caponelli : Her dark eyes level on Adrianna, "We'll only be a moment Miss I assure you." She even smiles pleasently before nodding to Reyna. "It's alright."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She raises her eyebrow, cocking the gun at Victor. "Back off, bi-atch. And leave Harry alone, 'less you want him to be your new boyfriend."

Victor Mendez: *Victor stares at those gathered* "If i were worried about my self it might be an issue but the only one im worried about here is Silkie. Now tell me can you cleanse her"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He nods at the man's words.* We will try. But we will reach her right now. One way or anoher. Step aside.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Attention off her a moment, she shrinks down, resuming her Host Form ((DD coming)). She looks around hesitantly, warily.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana inches toward the cabinet against the wall, where she has her own source of self-protection, just in case it's needed. She stands watching the ordeal, looking still infuriated more than concerned.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: What’s this...a Neil Gaiman character come to life? Might as well be...if they were casting the part of Death in a Sandman movie, she would certainly be it. She stands at about 5’9”, maybe 110-115 pounds. Black hair and white-face certainly give the slightly tacky illusion of a corpse...the hallmark of the gothic lifestyle, of course. She’s really got the look down, right to the curly-Q drawn in eyeliner coming from the outside corner of the right eye. She’s dressed in a black tank-top, matching jeans, hip-huggers, and Doc Martins. A black girl’s formal jacket and a parasol completes the look, along with black lipstick. Her eyes, a soft brown, carry a keen intelligence and a biting wit, as well as a deep, deep sadness at something unsaid. Goth girls of the world, unite! Here is your Queen!

Victor Mendez: "How do i know you dont want to hurt her?" *says Victor looking at Ingvar as being the only one with any sense* "I swore I would protect her so if she goes im going with her"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She shakes her head solemnly, muttering "This isn't the place to speak of such things.. It isn't safe.."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: Once Victor stops advancing and the purple thing becomes a goth chick, she uncocks the gun and lowers it generally toward the ground.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: Angelia, please check on Silkie. Reyna and I.. and our hostess, I expect.. *One dark eyebrow quirks at the woman slightly.* Have the room. Miss. *He cocks a head and Jenn* What ~exactly~ might you be? Under different circumstances, I would not be so rude... but whether we can help her or not depends heavily on what you are...

Silkie: So many voices... distant, muted, but whispers against the turmoil within. She stays where she fell, hardly aware she's on the floor, or of the smell of urine coming from her wet pants.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Hes almost vibrating.. the words only barely seem to emerge from his face with any coherency whatsoever. The man is clearly not sane.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks at the man, unsure of what assumption has just been made about her. She listens with a cold glare to the group.

Angelia Caponelli : She watches Jenn change and moves forwards, slowly. She's the non threatening one right? And the smallest. She nods to Ingvar and moves to weave her way around any obstical between herself and sister Silkie.

Firesnake -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ~FS~ "They are kuei-jin. Demons who have returned from Hell and walk in human hosts."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Listen, hero..." Obvious sarcasm there, as she looks at Victor. "If we try, you can have the purple monster there pound us into tar." Indicating Baby Death.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He hears Victor only distantly, and glassy eyes flick toward him before he speaks.* Listen and watch.. Silkie herself will give you all the proof you need.... Demon. *He almost spits it.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She steps aside as Angelia moves to Silkie, her eyes on Ingvar. She's outnumbered, but hey...might as well be honest, right? "Well, it's a real long story. Short version is, I'm an angel sent to Hell for an eternity, now back here on Earth. And I was trying to help your friend there, who got attacked by a powerful demon."

Victor Mendez: *Since th gun has been lowered Victor looks at Ingvar and spaeks* "She tried to awaken a spirt within a dagger and I beleive that it lashed out at her, but we could feel the malevolence within it even if we could not see it. The malevolence ceased when the dagger was broken, but it left Silkie in a state of shock. Answer me this can you help my friend?" *says Victor staring at Ingvar* "I am no Demon sir. the thing that did this to her was a demon but not I"

Angelia Caponelli : Ang leans down and touches Silkie's arm lightly, "Silkie... sweetie.." She says softly, rolling her over as gently as she can. She begins to check her for injury.

Angelia Caponelli : 5,7,4,3,10,

Angelia Caponelli : (that's per + med)

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She blinks. This is a new one for her. "Wow. I really have heard it all, now." She grins, a tiny bit.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "And I broke the dagger." It's said as an aside, almost defensively. "We were trying to help."

Silkie: No injuries, although she appears to have wet her pants.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He nods almost graciously to Jenn.. something battering at the edges of his composure, but the strangely frightening hungarian does well enough... one would guess.* Thank you, madam. *His eyes don't stop passing between Victor and Jenn warily, but he keeps a wary guard over Angelia.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Of what authority do the lot of you break in here and start demanding information?" Glancing about the group, still ticked but genuinely curious to the answer.

Angelia Caponelli : She nods to Jen a little as she works, "Where is it now? Thihs dagger?"

Victor Mendez: "The dagger is in the Bronx we brought her here so that Adriana could look at her and see if there was anything she could do" *says Victor watching the group and moving closer to Silke protectively*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *His attention passes to Reyna.. he even turns slightly to hide his expression from the others. His eyes- only for a moment- flicker in a silent plea for the Voice to take over the talking now.*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She nods at Victor's words. "The dagger was nothing once we broke it. Just an object. Silkie was what needed to be worried about."

Angelia Caponelli : (Silkie's super tiny right?)

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She nods to Ingvar, and steps forward, smiling to Adriana. "Hey. How are ya? No offense, but when our lil' sis here is attacked by a malevolant spirit, we tend to get a tad protetive. So on that authority, we're asking some questions. You cool with that?"

Silkie: (about 90 pounds)

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Blinks at the woman "If I weren't fairly sure that this place was being watched by the union, I'd be far.. cooler with it."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "The what?" She looks at Adriana.

Angelia Caponelli : Ang who is small herself but very strong for her size, slips an arm under Silk's shoulders and knees and does her best to ignore the urine smell. "Ir's alright sweetie, we'll have you home safe soon." She murmers as she gets up gracelessly, carrying the girl.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She steps up to Adriana, patting her cheek with a smile. "Well, we'll have to make due with semi-cool, then."

Victor Mendez: *victor moves over near Angelia and kneels* "Is she going to be okay?" *He says tears forming in his eyes despite all his efforts to hold them back*

Silkie: "Cleanse me," she murmurs to Ang, limp in her arms.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He continues to thrum with a quiet unease.. over time as voices wash across his perception, speaking plainly, using words that startle but have nothing to do with the storm threatening him he seems to begin to calm.. but that crazed, distant sort of light remains an ember that colors him in tones that warn against too much contact.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She sighs and glares over to Jenn "It's none of your concern.. But this ISN'T a safe place.. I've said that on numerous accounts but no one will fucking listen to me.." she hisses toward the gothic female.

Angelia Caponelli : She nods a bit to Silkie, "I will honey, when we're some where safe." She nods to Victor.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "I didn't bring us here," she looks to Adriana, a bit of anger rising, and gestures to Victor. "He called you, you said it was good to come over. He asked if I was coming. So stop bitching at me."

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at the new arrivals* "I promised that I would protect her so if she is leaving here I am going with her"

Angelia Caponelli : Ang starts to the door with Silkie, frankly, not carrying too much about the bickering what-ever-they-ares.

Victor Mendez: *Victor not even pay attention to the bitching females moves to follow Silkie*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He finally settles on something to say. That strangely resonant voice washes through the room again as he focuses on Jenn.* If you are a demon.. why were you beautiful?

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Icy glare to Jenn "Then your lot in this ordeal is complete.. Why are you still here?"

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "You. Homeless the Clowny Demon-thing. Your bus stop's here, a'ight? Because the Bitchmobile doesn't have room for you. Silk'll be fine with us."

Angelia Caponelli : "No you're not." She says softly to Victor. "You've gotten her to us. We'll take care of her. Thank you for helping her. I'm sure we'll be seeing you in the near future."

Victor Mendez: "She had best be because if she is not I will show you just what I can do" *says Victor staring Reyna in the eyes* "and that toy your carrying wont make a damn bit of diffrence"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: Sir. *He looks at Victor* We will not for a moment discuss whether or not you accompany our sister. The discussion is ended- and I would hope without violence. Rest assured such would follow should you attempt to come with us.. when it is contact with you that has damaged her in the first place.

Victor Mendez: *Victor turns and walks back over to Baby Death and Adriana having said his peace*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He waits until the others are through the door, and appears not to intend to turn his back on the crew of them.*

Angelia Caponelli : "Ingvar, hun, can you get the door for me?" She asks, sort of struggling with the arm load of Silkie she's determined to get out of the 'being spied on bt the union' apartment.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She blinks to Ingvar. At least someone was handling this maturely "Thank you, dear. If you need anything else.. obviously you know where to find me.."

Angelia Caponelli : And heads out once the door is open.

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: "Because she's still here." Indicating Silkie. "When she goes, I'll go my own way."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Try it, Smelly Cat. You'll see just what I can do." She smiles at Victor, without MUCH malice, and waits until Ingvar, Ang, and Silkie are gone, then moves to follow.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Gives a sarcastic bitchly smile to baby death when silkie is being toted out the door.

Silkie -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((Smelly Cat? *L*))

Victor Mendez: *Victor stalks out to the balconey to watch the Silkie and the rest leave and strikes his fist hard on the ground* "What could I have done diffrently to stop this" *he says to himself*

Angelia Caponelli : No witty banter here. Ang beelines for the bitchmobile.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Silkie: ((Yes, Smelly Cat!))

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: She stands there, watching Victor, sighing sadly. "Son of a bitch..."

Victor Mendez: *victor strikes the ground again almost wishing it would give*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: Once down to the street, she pulls the ticket off the Bitchmobile's window and pulls the door open for Angelia to et Silkie in.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Eventually, they get out the door. Ingvar's attention firmly on their surroundings as they leave.. dimly he wonders if he seems strange.. but the eerie silence continues.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana glances out on the balcony when she hears Vic beating the ground. Her lips straighten and she steps in that direction, leaving the glass doors slightly open and stepping behind the man to place a delicate hand on his shoulder "Dear.."

Victor Mendez: *Victor watches them from the balconey hoping that these people would not hurt her*

Angelia Caponelli : Ang climbs into the back, and lays Silkie down on the floor. "We need to take her some place safe to clean her."

Victor Mendez: *Victor slams his fist into the ground again this time causing one of his knuckles to bleed* "I couldnt fix it" *he says were Adriana can hear though it was more said for himself than anyone else*

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: The situation gone, she slips quietly out the door, heading out herself. Taking her time, so as not to upset the army-like squad that just took Silkie off.

Silkie: *Curls up into a fetal position where she's laid.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She lets her lips curl into a frown "Scaring the hell out of my neighbors won't help a thing, dear.. Why don't you come inside.. I'll fix you something to drink and we can talk about it.." She leans in to kiss the back of the man's neck, trying to calm him down a bit.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She slides into the driver's seat and starts it up. "Floor 37? Worked in the past...or the penthouse."

Victor Mendez: *Victor just sits there crying a bit before standing* "I should leave before I bring harm upon you as well"

Angelia Caponelli : Ang sits down near Silkie, rubbing her back lightly, "It's going to be alright Silk... just a few more minutes and we'll get you all clean then I'll fill the jacuzzi with salt water and you can soak a while."

Angelia Caponelli : "Her apartment will be fine."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Ingvar gets in the bitchmobile. Screw the vehicle parked down the street. Though he is hiding it better and better, the Judge does not seem in any condition to drive.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Cool. High-ho, Bitchmobile, away..." She pulls onto the street and heads toward home.

Silkie: *Nothing from her, she just lies there, tucked into a tiny ball.*

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She lets out a soft sigh, standing as well "So after all this I don't even get an explanation.." She walks back into the kitchen area "You know victor I think I've been taking these matters quite well all things considered.."

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: 9,9,7,4,

Angelia Caponelli : (to the kr res for us then?)

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: Once the van is gone, she slips onto the street and heads off, beinding the light around her into camoflauge. She doesn't want to be seen right now.

Victor Mendez: *victor walks in and sits down* "The woman with me when I brought Silkie is Baby Death she is one of us. As to the goons who took her away I have no fucking clue who they are" *says Victor looking at Adriana*

Silkie: ((off 2 KR))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: "Silkie.. Baby Death.. Don't you have any normal friends, dear?" She pours herself a glass of grey goose and grabs a second glass for Victor "Just milk this evening, dear or are you feeling advanturous?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor just looks down at the ground* "Straight vodka will be fine"

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Nods, a bit surprised and pours the man his own glass of grey goose. She walks to the couch and sits, handing the glass to Victor "I'm sure she'll be fine, dear.."

Victor Mendez: "Im not normal Adriana so why do you think that my friends should be, and as I recall one of your friends is named Snyde" *says Victor as he turns to look at her* "Look Adriana Im sorry for everything that went on here"

Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Thanks for the scene, guys. FUn times...sorry 'bout the delays!))

Victor Mendez: ((aint no problem well thabks for running it for us))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She smiles "Snyde is a common adjective.. it's not his real name, just the one he uses for his profession." She takes a sip from her glass, leaning into the man slightly "It's alright, dear I know you had only the best of intentions.."

-> Jenn "Baby Death" Ilsen: ((Hey, you had a lot to coordinate there. Great job. Thanks!))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: ((glad that I could be involved.. *G* tehe))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((T'was groovy! crazed, but groovy.*G*))



Angelia Caponelli: Ang gets Ingvar to carry Silkie up to the suite and heads to her room to get her theurgy things.

Okami Yuki: ((mher.. ehr... she'll be waiting for you all at the loby, entrance all regal but with that slight look of worriness on*

Angelia Caponelli: THen meets them in the suite Silk usually stays in.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She moves alongside Ang and Ingvar, a look of amused bewilderment on her face. "Well, you certainly don't see THAT every day," she comments to Angela and Ingvar on the way up. A warm smile goes to Okami. "Hey, hon."

Okami Yuki: *the assian lady will frown, but move to them. bowing her head to them, looking then to Reyna, stating* how is she? *she'll ask what happened when Silkie is fine*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *Something is not right. He simply accepts Silkie's weight, glassy eyed. He carries her sort of like a sack of potatoes.. in a daze. Something in my arms? Yes. Carry.. follow.. just leave me to my thoughts.*

Silkie: Silkie's suite is pretty much empty. There's nothing in it indicating Silkie spends any time there, much less sleeps there.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Needs cleansing," she answers once they get in the suite. She lights a cigarette and takes her lean against the wall.

Okami Yuki: *she'll move, frowning slightly more at the sight of the apartment, pushing that off, looking to Ingvar, then to Silkie, then to Reyna, interrogative, even as she nods* I..'ll bring a blanket for her *seeing there is nothing, starting to move for it*

Silkie: *does a good imitation of a sack of potatos*

Angelia Caponelli: "Just set her down on the floor. Reyna, maybe you can go into the bathroom. There should be a box of sea salt in there?" She starts unpacking sponges and bottled water. Yeah Glasswalker cleansings - no twigs here.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((FYI, Reyna and Angelia remember only basic details of the events while Baby Death was in her non-human form. Busted in, Silkie hurt, got her, some arguing, got out, et cetera. Ingvar has very little recollection of what occured...just that they went in, something extraodrinary happened, they left with Silkie. All based on the WP rolls for Revelation.))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She nods to Angelia. "On it, Babe." She heads toward the bathroom, leaving her cigarette on a kitchen counter top before entering the room, looking for the sea salt.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He looks around briefly.. not really there, and unresponsive. He carries the girl into the bedroom- lying her gently on the bed and simply looking at her for a while.. watching not her still form, but the framework of his perception of life shift and twist.. forcing accomodation for something he fears like nothing else.. powerful hands eventually pull a blanket over her, almost an afterthought and he moves away*

Okami Yuki: *well still a time after she'll be scorted with a young famale assian -just- to the door- with a futon and blankets.. the kin will just leave by the door, Okami bringing the things in, and for now settling them appart, joyining with Reyna, out of the way of cleansing, just worried over them*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((groovy))

Okami Yuki: ((rather not futon, jsut blakets))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((edit that to say lays her on the floor, omit blanket if there isn't one.))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She returns with the sea salt, handing it to Angelia with a smile. After that, she steps back, next to Ingvar. She leans in and whispers to him.

Silkie: *Flops limply where she's laid, hoping someone will tear Hell from her mind.*

Angelia Caponelli: (gotcha)

Okami Yuki: ((*giggles* if there is not bed asuming what Silkie said of not furniture, then there WILL be a futon and many blankets))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: "You look like you've seen a ghost, Ingvar. You a'ight?"

Angelia Caponelli: She looks at the box and hands it back to Reyna, "Fill up the bath tub and poor some in. She likes that."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She blinks at Angelia, then nods, taking the salt. "Okay."

Angelia Caponelli: Ang then crackls opened the water bottle. Pulls back the blanket that's been put on Silkie and asks for room before beginning the rite.

Angelia Caponelli: 9,5,6,9,9,8,2,8,

Angelia Caponelli: (woot!)

Silkie: ((damn, nice roll))

Okami Yuki: *and then she wishpers once* what can i do to help *though she'll only speak that once, if there is no answer she'll leave them work. Mirror skills are not hers*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *His eyes flick into Reyna's harshly... it takes a moment for them to focus as the dour man remains motionless.. his attention moves to her lips, as though watching the words come out, then back to her eyes. There's a clear glare there.. as though whatever is wrong, ~she~ did it. Then his attention moves back to silkie as he slowly, slowly shakes his head.*

Okami Yuki: *Looking momentarily to Reyna and Ingvar*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *When someone tells him what to do, it gets done wordlessly. When they dont, he does not move.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: WELL. She throws Ingvar a look, one that says 'WE'LL be talking later,' and heads off with the bath salts to fill the tub.

Angelia Caponelli: Ends up in crinos and howls a frightening how to scare the evil right out of Silkie.

Silkie: *She might piss herself again, if she weren't already on empty. Her body shudders and eyes fly open... going round... too round, bulging literally from her skull, hair snaking wildling then plastering to her skull as her pale skin begins to darken.*

Angelia Caponelli: Ang looks down over her when she's done and drops down to glabro, "Silkie.. it'll be alright you just gotta let the bad out."

Okami Yuki: *frowns, controlling not to launch forwards to check on Silkie, tenses, just moving where she can be if needed, near Angelia, but out of her way*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *His entire body clenches as Angelia performs the rite, jaw to toes. Then back to...just... nothing.*

Silkie: Her mouth widens and she slowly turns black with a mottling of gray, skin taking on a rubbery oil slick look to it. Fingertips widen to round little disks and she looks like some bizarre cross between a girl and frog, freshly emerged from an oil spill.

Silkie: A gasp, her body jerks and then she lies there, gulping for air... or perhaps, water.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: Water fills the tub...she smokes in the bathroom, puzzling over the whole thing. What the fuck was all that about, again?

Okami Yuki: *frowns not understanding what is going with them, but for now, quiet, at Silkie... status*

Angelia Caponelli: She starts pulling off Silkie's clothes quickly but gently, "Ingvar. I need a hand."

Okami Yuki: *sighs softly, she was not mentioned but she does move to help Angelia get Silkie off the clothes.. unless told off*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Everything okay out there?" She shuts the water off and moves out of the bathroom, looking in the bedroom door.

Silkie: *Utterly genderless the creature twists and squirms.*

Angelia Caponelli: She nods to Okami and keeps pulling clothes off, "Got that tub full Reyna?"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He starts moving toward Angelia without even looking first. Yes yes- but the bees in his head.. the bees in his head have to stop. He hates the bees... they're impolite... he hates impolite... he waits to be told what to do.*

Silkie: *Weakly tries to wriggle free of her clothes, of them, she can smell the water.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Sure do."

Okami Yuki: *just keeps putting the girl's clothes off, frowning slightly then coming it... is new but... whispering* I'll make clean clothes be sent here from where she is out of the bath *still not moving to do so right now*

Angelia Caponelli: "Get her in the water." She says as she pulls the last off.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She steps in the bathroom long enough to toss the smoke in the toilet, and moves to help get Silkie into the tub.

Silkie: *Seems to be trying to get to the bathroom on her own. Her body is slick and slippery, grabbing her is like trying to keep your grip on an eel.*

Angelia Caponelli: Ang stands back watching uneasily. Not sure if she can even help at this point.

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *at this, he seems to know what to do.. He reaches down and cradles Silkie precisely- almost as though having levered 90 pound eels into and out of bathtubs before.*

Okami Yuki: ((mhe.. so gotta roll? *S*)) *she'll frown slightly more, just trying to hold the girl to mover her, wishpering* Calm Silkie khun... we are on it

Okami Yuki: *and so lets Ingvar do it...*

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He's quite gentle, and places her in it carefully before moving back into the living room.*

Silkie: *Apparently Ingvar has eeling experience, as he manages to lift her wriggly form.* ((naaa, no need))

Silkie: *splashes into the water and lies there, submerged*

Okami Yuki: ((*pokes*)) *she regards ingvar taking her in, looks to Angelia, then to the bathroom, sighis and speaks softly* are you fine Caponeli san?

Angelia Caponelli: Ang moves inside the bathroom once Silkie's in and looks down into the tub with obvious concern.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She stands back by Angelia, patting her on the shoulder. "Good job, soul doctor." She gives the woman a grin that's anything but unkind.

Silkie: Yes, she's a frog girl. Maybe she's really were-frog. She could have lied about being a were-goldfish.

Okami Yuki: *moving just where she can keep an eye on them all, not crowding*

Angelia Caponelli: She looks up at Reyna and smiles weakly, "I thinks he'll be alright if she just lays in there a while. We might have to change the water to keep it oxiginated. Or get a pump... like for a fish tank. I"m not sure how long she'll be in there."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She watches, her smile fading a little, forehead creasing at some coyote thought or another.

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "I'll keep an eye on her, Babe. I can change the agua."

Silkie -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((What temp did she run the water?))

Angelia Caponelli: She takes a deep breath and nods. "We can take turns."

Ingvar Urgahaldt: She will be just fine. *It rumbles into the room quietly... and completely empty.* I will need to leave now. I will not be available, but I will be unharmed. *He doesn't precisely look at them- but... holy... he's waiting for permission.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Silkie: ((It was salt water, so I figure lukewarm.))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "Ingvar." She looks at him, her face sincere, not mocking or even slightly amused. Just relaxed. "Can I talk to you for just a few before you go?"

Silkie: *Curls up into a little froggy oil slick ball.*

Okami Yuki: *she blinks, looking to Ingvar, a look to the ones in the baathroom, before moving to him, she is all the kin not to break personal space but she does moves to be right on his sight, even reaching for a 'faint' touch to call his atention* Do you need anything Urgahaldt san *polite, not untrusive way of sayiing 'here if you need it'*

Angelia Caponelli: She looks over to Invar with a worried frown. "Mind, what's wrong?"

Angelia Caponelli: (Ingvar even. Wow I can't type)

Angelia Caponelli: (pokes around for signs of life?)

Okami Yuki: ((waiting on Ing post...))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((What the Okami said.))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *The manners remain precisely intact. As though directed by a marionette, the young Judge responds to them both with the smooth effeciency of clear and dilligent practice.. but its not right.. almost programmed. First he addresses Okami, bowing slightly- perfectly for his age and station in Japanese society.* I am well Okami-san. But thank you. *Then addresses Reyna* Of course, madam... here?

Ingvar Urgahaldt (Randelle Manor): ((aaah!*L* Almost locked up.*G*))

Angelia Caponelli: She doesn't look particularly like she thinks that Ingvar is 'fine'. She sighs softly and moves over to crouch near the tub, looking in on the froggy Silkie.

Okami Yuki: ((*pokes Ingvar!*))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She shrugs. "Here, there, anywhere. You're call, Mind o' Mine."

Ingvar Urgahaldt (Randelle Manor): *He seems to consider Angelia's question though.. then finally answers with* I need rest...

Silkie: *curled up in the water, unmoving*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((*Watches the K-R get bought out and become Randelle Manor* *G*))

Okami Yuki: *she frowns still more, but nods, saying again softly* Remember Urgahaldt san we are here... *she tilts her head, having to regard him upwards* you are not alone, not anymore *hoping those words sink, but without him opening to them... there is not much they can do... maybe Reyna can actually bring some help. She nods, regarding him a moment more before moving over to Angelia and Silkie*

Ingvar Urgahaldt (Randelle Manor): *He seems slowly to grow increasingly upset. He still does not look at all pleased when his eyes meet Angelia or Reyna.. but it seems dim for now.*

Angelia Caponelli: "I'll come see you in the morning then Ingvar." She reaches into the water carefully to touch the Silkie thing's back and make sure she's still alive in there.

Ingvar Urgahaldt (Randelle Manor): ((*L* you people are messing wit mah bastard!*G* Is fun.*nods*))

Silkie: *Had to tell, since it doesn't move at the contact and its skin is the same luke warm temperature as the water.*

Okami Yuki: ((we'll make of tha bastard a good puppy!!! eh... kind of... hope?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((whoops))

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She nods her head to the bedroom. "Talk in there?"

Angelia Caponelli: (how big is she now?)

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He nods to Reyna- the mounting unease washed under a tide of enforced, mannerly pretension. He leans toward her slightly as though sharing a mild confidence.* Here is fine, but I really must be going...

Ingvar Urgahaldt: ((Mod that- he says he must be going, then moves to follow her.))

Okami Yuki: *moves to sit in that clasical 'kneeling-sitting' position Japanesse have, a last look over Ingvar and Reyna, worried, then to Angelia, do stating again* are YOU fine Caponelli san?

Silkie: *No apparent gills, just slick rubbery skin, but it twitches as she keeps touching it.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She nods and moves into the bedroom, to talk to him, quietly.

Silkie: (Just a little bit smaller than her human size)

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: Once inside the bedroom, she turns and looks at him. "So what'd I do, Ingvar?" It's not an accusation, but rather a question.

Angelia Caponelli: Just keeps rubbing it's back lightly then in the water, "I'm worried and scared Okami. About so many things."

Okami Yuki: *She nods, her eyes darting to where the other two are moving, she understands the worried, and then to Angelia speaking softly* I am here to listen, when, if you need it *the assian lady leaving the space for personaly space and privace to be drawn... but offering what she can, looking again to Silkie frog*

Silkie: *Twitches now and then, but remains under the water.*

Angelia Caponelli: "Aren't you worried too Okami? Silkie's a fucked up frog, Ingvar's acting very strange and Trevor's.... I don't even know where to start."

Silkie: 1,6,4,5,

Okami Yuki: I am worried *nods, her eyes resting on Silkie* but I must trust Silkie khun and Urgahalt san are capable of dealing with things *looking to her* or ask for help. If I do not trust, then my heart will sink in the darkness of solitude and paranoid *smiles softly* All we can do for our brother and sister is way Caponelli san, and remind complete while they seek peace to be theirs again *falling silent a moment* as per Tomodachi Trevor... my heart is to confused and misshapen to speak, and i -still- do not know what Couple Love is to be able to say anything *looking back to her*

Okami Yuki: *Moving to let her hand wander over the surface of the water, never touching, Japanesse and their concept of space, more on her manner of rasing* shhhe Silkie khun... we are here

Angelia Caponelli: Ang looks down at the water apologetically and keeps stroking, "I don't mean it in a bad way love I'm worried about you in here..."

Silkie: *Curls up a little tighter.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: She blinks, taken aback by the malevolance coming off of the man. She opens her mouth to retort something, then shuts it. A sigh escapes. "You asked me, a while back, that if I found you in need of humility, you would hope I'd talk to you about it outright. I hope you can do the same back to me."

Okami Yuki: ((way=wait))

Angelia Caponelli: "Shush Silkie... I'm sorry."

Ingvar Urgahaldt -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: *His jaw clenches, then he stretches his mouth.. as though his teeth hurt, or preventing a nervous habit. He looks at the woman again, considering, then speaks.* There is a thing that has happened to me. A violation of who I am. I have met a creature that makes everything I am, and everything around me seem different. I have to address this inside. Inside me. *his nose crinkles briefly.* And deal with it. Then I will be proper again.

Silkie: Why do they keep telling her shhh and shush, she hasn't made a sound.

Okami Yuki: *Looks at the girl again, sighing, casting another glance to Angelia* to I do not know what happened over the Silkie khun being in danger, so I must wait until you and the others have processed things enough to comunicate *looking back at the tiny frog girl* maybe she would eat chocolate under water?

Angelia Caponelli: She thinks a minute, "I don't thinks he could eat it under water but maybe you could get some chocolate so there's some for her when she wants to come out?"

Okami Yuki: *She nods, knowing no further comment on the subject for Angelia means she is not ready for speaking either, and rises* I will be back with them and clothes for when she comes out *starting her way to the door*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: That draws a look of naked concern to her eyes. She merely nods, though, and smiles a little. "All right. Well, don't forget, you've got brothers and sisters who can help you, Ingvar. Us." She nods. "And all you need to do is say the word. Now please...go, deal with your personal business. We'll be waiting, should you need us."

Angelia Caponelli: She looks up after Okami, "Sister?"

Okami Yuki: *she halts, looking to Angelia * yes?

Angelia Caponelli: "Thank you."   

Okami Yuki: *smiles, shaking her head, saying softly* Is what Family is for Shisuta

Silkie: ((And I need to get some sleep. I don't figure Silkie will be coming out of the water any time soon. Will she be left alone at any time?))

Ingvar Urgahaldt -> Reyna Varinia Reiruno: *He lifts a finger in brief animation- it seems only a continuance of the marionette behavior.* That- that is from a movie. I have seen it. *he nods a bit* American. Puppets, or somesuch. And a homosexual with very large hair. David something. All will be well. *He nods, and turns to go, moving toward the door deep in thought.. but ever graceful.*

Angelia Caponelli: She nods. "Thank you still."

Angelia Caponelli: (I think they're going to take shifts watching her. And they'll have some chocolate available for her if she does come out any time)

Okami Yuki: ((Okami is soon going to sen dAngleia and Rayna to rest actually and do the guard on silkie all night, while they rest and figure out things ;) ))

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *He comes out of the bedroom and moves across the living room smoothly. a brief aside nod, and he makes to move out the door.*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno -> Ingvar Urgahaldt: She seems truly perplexed, as the Mind throws out a pop culture reference SHE doesn't get. She just lets him go, following behind after a moment.

Okami Yuki: *smiles more to Angelia, a soft gesture, nodding, taking it* As i sais urgahalt san Shisuta, we are not alone anymore... that is Sentai *moving for now to get the things, making a brief gesture again to ingvar*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She walks out a few moments after Ingvar, looking...well, like most people do after talking to her. Highly perplexed, and not entirely sure the person that she's talked to is exaclty sane.

Angelia Caponelli: She looks over to Reyna, "Everything alright?"

Ingvar Urgahaldt: *gone*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: She looks to Angelia. "I...have no fuckin' clue, Babe. At ALL."

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: "But I trust him. So there you go." She smiles a little.

Okami Yuki: *and she will come back to set the clean clothes near the futton, a large towel with robe to the bathroom and a good load of chocolates, smiling softly again to both women in the bathroom*

Reyna Varinia Reiruno: ((And I gotta go...this has been the scene that never ends for me. I'll see y'all later...thanks for de scenage!))

Okami Yuki: ((*snugs Jer* thank ya!!! and again Okami WILL send the two to rest, not taking a no for answer, ensureing she will remind all night with Silkie but Reyna and angelia NEED to rest))