Algy Lacey: And there he is, in his usual seat in the corner, sitting listening boredly to a Harpy chatter on inanely.

Ravyn: ((A'ight. Everyone know the Scene rules I stole from Troo?))

Anjou: (yah, boss.)

Djin: ((yeup.... =)))

Troy Harris: ((yep))

Algy Lacey: ((Never heard of 'em ^_^ ))

Anjou: ((*L*))

Ravyn: The scene is a very large loft apartment in the Theatre District...on 7th Avenue and 52nd Street, between Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, about a block away from Broadway. The apartment itself is large and sprawling, taking up the entire floor it is located on. There are a couple main rooms, and several rooms off from that for clandestine meetings and the like. One set of double-doors, into what would be the master bedroom for any residential apartment, is closed and guarded by two men. The decor is refined, a classical French style.

Monique LeFlambeau: (uh, no; should I be here?)

Troy Harris: ((Elysium, I'm assuming? First time playing in the Vamp game. *S*))

Algy Lacey: ((Not if you're not Camarilla *G*))

Troy Harris: ((*shushes now*))

Djin: ((*snickers* evil Troy!)) *the obsidian beaty will make her quiet, unostruvise entrance, moving to that corner where she can observe and hear without much fuzz*

Djin: Her skin is obsidian, dark like the land of the Desert…. Her black hair cascades past her hips, in perfect curls, she sometimes tames in a thick braid… her hazel eyes hold that mysticism of Arabia women…. Her body is slick, moving with the grace of a dancer… she wears jeans to her hips, embracing her athletic form, shirts that frame her upper body, they are picked for movement.

Anjou: *slips into Elysium quietly, her jeans replaced by a comfortable broomstick skirt. quietly moves toward Algy's corner* good evening, sir. do you mind if i sit here?

Monique LeFlambeau -> Ravyn: Is this a place Monique would know of and show up to?

Ravyn: Of course, Elysium is fairly abuzz tonight, as the building has just re-opened after being closed for nearly a month for "renovations." Most of the regulars are glad to be back here, rather then the Brujah-dominated warehouse in Queens, or even the club Uptown. There's just something about this Elysium that the regulars seem to prefer. Rumors and gossip fly from whispered mouth to ear, as always ((Check the Vampire Forum for current Camarilla Rumors))

Anjou: *Small and slim, with dreamy blue-grey eyes and a soft smile. A pixielike little face with a button nose and fair skin. She likes to have something in her hands at all times to keep herself busy, and hates being bored. She prefers casual attire--jeans or slacks, with a comfortable blouse, or maybe a simple long skirt. She's the kind of girl who will wear high heels only if coerced into it, and loathe every second spent in the stupid things.*

Troy Harris: He finds his way to the place without too much trouble, hesitating before approaching the entrance and then striding forward decisively.

Troy Harris: A man in his late 20s, he moves with a determined stride, fully expecting all others to make way for his passage. He will not yield. He has a stern, unsmiling face, no time for play, no patience for fools. His jet black hair is swept back, touching his collar as if he had no time in his busy life to bother with a trim, a distinguished widow’s peak at the forehead. His eyes are sharp, dark, and intense. His form is strong, athletic, and thoroughly masculine. His clothing consists of a tailored suit, sport coat open, no tie. *MISTAKEN IDENTITY* (Troy Lawrence)

Algy Lacey: His hair is a little... well. Some would call it "romantic", some would call it "artistic", some would call it the touseled mop of an undisciplined layabout. The gentle brown curls fall to his shoulders, giving him a somewhat bohemian look. His face is a pleasing thing, gently rounded but with a firm jawline, a slender nose, a lover's lips. His eyes are well and truly hidden behind blackest sunglasses in the latest fashion. He wears a simple, elegant dark red velvet smoking jacket, a black velvet waistcoat with gold fleur de lys trim, a white shirt with, oh dear, just a hint of frill which is open at the throat to make it look just the right side of the gayness line. He wears black leather gloves.

Ravyn -> Monique LeFlambeau: ((ELysium? Absolutely.))

Monique LeFlambeau: Soft, that’s how people tend to view her. Silver hair frames an oddly youthful face. Full lips form a pleasant smile. Something about her is just playful. Her clothes tend towards the outlandish, but they’re almost always an eye grabber.

Monique LeFlambeau: She of course, struts in. Something of a peacock in her turquoise and gold outfit. The skirt little more than a gold embroidered band holding dozens of rectangulare strips of soft teal fabric, each step baring a stockinged leg, one banded. Her blouse is of the finest gold silk, and jewels dangle on her like dew drops.

Troy Harris: His gaze, flat, concealing much of his nature, scrapes over the room, drinking in detail.

Djin: *she'll chose the place, and lean ont he wall, her eyes taking in all, listening so quiet*

Anjou: *settles down quietly and removes an embroidery hoop from her purse. begins to weave colored threads into an intricate pattern through the fabric on the hoop*

Ravyn: Tonight, several of the Elite are present, apparently having decided that being able to be addressed by their clanmates on issues that need to be dealt with is a good thing. For today, at least.

Troy Harris: He finds somewhere to sit that is dignified enough for his posterior.

Monique LeFlambeau: Social butterfly that she is, she makes the rounds, greeting those she knows well, a nod to those she's less acquainted with.

Algy Lacey: He remains seated in his corner, but dismisses the Harpy who was sitting on the arm of his seat.

Anjou: *the pixielike face is composed and perfectly pleasant. hums under her breath softly as she embroiders*

Djin: *dark eyes do narrowing at certain rumors, though of all she only listens*

Monique LeFlambeau: Naturally she's here for the gossip. It's what Elysium is for, afterall.

Troy Harris: He watches Monique, recalling her from before. His expression reveals nothing of his thoughts. Finally, he rips away his gaze to find others he may recognize. Anjou...his eyes narrow with mild curiosity. Her?

Monique LeFlambeau: Her eyes flicker through the crowd, noting a few of the stuffies are about. Is the Prince going to show, she wonders.

Troy Harris: His hands slide to his lap and still. His ears listen to what he can hear, but he makes no effort to mingle.

Anjou: *a slim eyebrow raises as she notes Troy's attention. and then turns her mild gaze back onto her work, unimpressed by the fellow*

Algy Lacey: He laughs abruptly, gloved hand lifting to cover his mouth.

Monique LeFlambeau: A quick nod to Troy, when her eyes dance over him. Yes, she remembers him as well.

Anjou: *glances to Algy with a soft chuckle, wondering whatever amused him*

Viktor Blackburn: He emerges from the double doors, a quick, dismissive glance to the guards at it, closing the door behind him. After a quick glance around, he gives Algy a quick nod of acknowledgement, and begins to mingle.

Algy Lacey: He doesn't respond to Viktor's nod, simply allowing his laughter to fade away, and leaning back in his seat.

Djin: *eyes move to the Tremere, a moment, she keeps taking all in, silent, unmoving*

Monique LeFlambeau: Smiles at the laughter, then notes Viktor's entrance.

Troy Harris: He nods briefly back to Monique, as an afterthought. Leans forward slightly as Viktor enters, but again makes no move to mingle or approach anyone. Observation only.

Anjou: *seems to be paying little attention to the goings-on for the moment. quietly content to coax unruly thread into a miniature pattern of violets along an invisible scalloped line*

Monique LeFlambeau: Her eyes glide unerringly from Viktor to Algy, lips curled into a curious smile.

Tenoch Copil: He's a small, dark-complected moon-faced Latino, who stands quietly and unobtrusively against the wall, so forgettable he's like that servant or ghoul you simply expect to see and don't bother to pay attention to. ((Unobtrusive merit.))

Algy Lacey: Another Harpy is foolish enough to alight on the arm of his seat, but the moment she leans in to murmur, he sends her off in Anjou's direction, sending the young Neonate to fetch the Toreador.

Algy Lacey: ((Fucking router))

Viktor Blackburn: He looks to Monique a moment, giving her a rare hint of a smile, before heading onto Troy. "Mr. Harris. Glad to see you could make it to Elysium. How are you this evening?"

Monique LeFlambeau: Tenoch goes unremarked as she weaves her way through the crowd towards Viktor. "So good to see you Viktor." And she leans forward to kiss his cheeks.

Monique LeFlambeau: ((oops dlp, I type too slow))

Monique LeFlambeau: ((Unless we can tuck it in before he addressed Troy))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Sure.))

Anjou: mmm? *blinks up at the Harpy with a pleasant smile and rises to head over to Algy. purse in one hand, embroidery in the other*

Troy Harris: He tilts his head, and coaxes forth a pleasant smile. His eyes remain without a smile, but more intense than cold. Viktor: "Quite well, thank you." Remembering the pleasantries of the human world. "I hope things have been well for you."

Tenoch Copil: He's quiet, his gaze watching everything, a look so bland on his face one might question if he's got some retardation going.

Troy Harris: ~before Viktor approached him, he regards the interplay between Monique and Viktor~

Monique LeFlambeau -> Viktor Blackburn: A quick whisper in his ear, when she kisses him. "We need to speak." Privately, implied by her tone.

Algy Lacey: "Anjou," he murmurs as she reaches him. "That's you, I presume?"

Anjou: yes sir. how are you this evening? *murmurs softly, tucking away her embroidery*

Viktor Blackburn: He nods to Monique first, then to Viktor. "Well enough, I guess. And you? How have you been adapting to life in New York?"

Monique LeFlambeau: A quick smile at them both, and she's back to mingling.

Algy Lacey: He smiles ruefully up at her. "Amused. So many people so few talking. What is there to overhear if nobody talks?"

Allisa: She slips through the door. Well, she isn’t tall, but she’s a looker, all right, in that exotic way. Her half-Arabic heritage is evident in dusky skin and dark features, including her jet-black hair, which hangs in a braid between her shoulder blades. Her eyes are wide, almond-shaped, and a deep brown, holding a sultry smile in them. She’s dressed in a skin-tight black PVC top, tight black jeans, and a short jacket over it all. Everything about her says temptress...or would, if she didn't look more then a little nervous.

Troy Harris: Viktor: Now the smile becomes more of a wry smirk. "Multiple unpleasant run-ins with some creature named Ita. She insisted upon a public scene before the..." pause, consider your wording, Troy, "...mundane citizens of the city. And then a public scene in the park." A broader smirk. "No matter, I let her prattle, and it is done.

Djin: *looking over at Allisa as she enters, but the arabian beatury reminds in place, watching, listening*

Troy Harris: ~tone calm, voice deep, somewhat sardonic edge to his words as if all the world is a sick joke~

Viktor Blackburn: "Mmm." That one sound conveys a good amount of disdain at the mere mention of her name. "A Gangrel. One of the Neutral members of the city. What kind of scene, exactly, did she make? No Tradition breach, I hope..."

Anjou: *chuckles* yes.

Monique LeFlambeau: 8,6,6,3,7,3,

Algy Lacey: He tilts his head. "Yes?"

Monique LeFlambeau: Notes Allisa's nervousness and moves in on the girl, offering her a sweet and inviting smile. "First time here, luv?"

Troy Harris: "Close," he admits. "Too close for comfort. The accusation that I was a 'baby-raping fook' was not so much more than mildly embarrassing, but in the park..." His eyes darken. "She may need to be watched, very closely. She was sheltering some young human boy, and he and two other humans were easily within earshot." He speaks in a quiet voice, though how can you keep anything private in the main mingling room of the Elysium? "She was telling me to 'hunt' elsewhere."

Tenoch Copil: He listens to the conversation between Troy and Viktor, tho his gaze is following Alisa.

Allisa: She gives Monique a nervous smile. " Well, actually, yes. To here, at least. I've been to the other one, outside Manhattan." Her eyes dart left and right before settling back on Monique.

Anjou: yes, people are rather quiet tonight. *clarifies, finding a closer place to sit* all these rumors flying around. they're being repeated like a mantra, with what little chatter's actually happening.

Djin -> Allisa: Allisa familiar in any way?

Viktor Blackburn: "Lovely." He frowns, deeply. "I will certainly have to take this up with the Concerto Club, then. Thank you for the information."

Anjou: *smooths her skirt delicately*

Monique LeFlambeau: "I'm rather new to this side of town myself. Monique LeFlambeau," offering her name like a gift, plying the sultry tones of an enchanting voice to it.

Allisa -> Djin: ((Not unless Djin has spent a good amount time in the Nevermore, no.))

Djin -> Allisa: nhe *S* don't think so =) thx

Algy Lacey: "Rumours?" He sighs. "Already? What about this time?"

Allisa: "Allisa." She smiles fleetingly to the woman.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Feel welcome, Allisa." Gesturing her further into the room.

Troy Harris: He inclines his head briefly. "Perhaps it is over. I agreed to whatever she was spewing, which halted the rant." He settles back in his seat.

Troy Harris: Eyes scrape on over to...Allisa. He drinks in her legs, her form, the legs again. He had always been a leg man, back when it had mattered. Now, his observation is fairly clinical, but the loss of further enjoyment does not bother him.

Anjou: well, there's the one that says we're all being picked off and sent into Torpor. one that is highly improper and does not bear repeating. another that indicates a good friend of mine if a Diablerist--i am absolutely certain that one's false. or the one about the rogue Wanderer depopulating the homeless in the area....are those good for starters? *chuckles softly*

Allisa: She nods a little, and heads further into the room, despite everything in her stance and expression seemingly wanting to head the opposite direction.

Algy Lacey: He chuckles. "What about the one where Viktor's really only a Ghoul? Has that one done the rounds yet?"

Monique LeFlambeau: "Are there none here you know?" Watching the girl's face.

Anjou: *a soft laugh* i've not heard that one, yet. although i've heard that he has a Childe. *smooths back her hair consideringly* if he does, though, i'm sure it was done in the proper manner.

Viktor Blackburn: "Still. Such conduct is...unbecoming a representative of a treaty that espouses discretion and a civility of some kind. The matter will be resolved. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some business with my clan to discuss." He nods and moves away, heading back towards Monique.

Algy Lacey: "Tremere," he murmurs. "They woudldn't do it any other way but proper."

Troy Harris: "Of course." Back to his observations.

Allisa: She ignores Monique's question, or perhaps doesn't hear it. She seems to be heading in the general direction of the double doors, step by step.

Anjou: *nods, although he can't see it* precisely. and if any of them were to do so....he'd be one of the least likely.

Lafayette Ebet: He steps in, a bit uncertain but not especially nervous. Really, not much nervous at all. More eager than anything. He had made his original introductions, but since then has not stepped into an Elysium here.

Algy Lacey: "Well, I'd best be getting along. Could you?" He rises to his feet, offering Anjou his elbow as a gentleman would a lady he wishes to escort.

Monique LeFlambeau: Looks towards the double doors and lets the girl go on her own, eyes following her.

Lafayette Ebet: An athletic, 6’2” man in his mid 20s. Silken onyx hair frames a sharply defined, naturally pale face of regal dignity. His mysterious, haunted eyes are of ocean blue beneath the fringe of dark lashes and arched, elegant black eyebrows. His clothing varies, but is always of deepest black, setting off the exquisite tone of his face, and is touched with color here and there. A light, natural warmth to his skin accentuates his face.

Viktor Blackburn: He stops next to Monique. "Do you have time for a word?" His eyes move to Lafeyette as he enters, then back to her.

Anjou: of course! *letting him hear the smile in her voice as she rises and takes his arm* it was lovely to see you tonight. do give Samson a nice pet from me? *begins to guide him discretely toward the door*

Djin: *watching, silent*

Algy Lacey: He walks with Anjou. "He's waiting outside. I thought it'd be busy, and didn't want him getting upset."

Monique LeFlambeau: "I always have time for you, Viktor." Smiles sweetly and tucks a hand through his arm.

Troy Harris: He watches Allisa move, the way her sweet backside moves in the jeans.

Allisa: The guards at the door watch Allisa approach, frowning. As she reaches the doors, one of them moves in front of it, crossing his arms. "Can I help you?"

Lafayette Ebet: He walks among the others with confidence, knowing no one, but nodding just the same.

Anjou: mmmm...i can understand that. the poor dear fellow. *voice lapsing into vague affection* however, at least he's not likely to slice your ankles open for leaving him alone too long. *chuckles*

Algy Lacey: He laughs softly and kisses Anjou on the cheek, then nods to her. "Take care, sweetie." Then he slips out, collecting his labrador from the cloakroom, of all places.

Djin: *ans she glancest o Lafayette, just silent, quiet, watching, listening*

Troy Harris: As time passes, so shall we all crumble into dust... He laughs quietly to himself, uncaring if anyone thinks that odd.

Viktor Blackburn: His eyes pass to the woman in front of the door, frowning. "Who is she?"

Alec Golden: *the long haired man steps through the doors and glances around, baby blues scanning the room*

Tenoch Copil: He remains in his unobtrusive spot, his posture formal, yet servile.

Anjou: you too, Mr. Lacey. *gives Samson a grin and heads back into the room, humming softly under her breath*

Algy Lacey: And he's off, out into the night.

Monique LeFlambeau: A glance to Lafayette, purses her lips, then looks back at Allisa. "My, my..."

Lafayette Ebet: When he does notice Djin, and making the rounds he eventurally does, he nods to her with his usual politeness.

Monique LeFlambeau: "She named herself Allisa. That is all I know of her."

Anjou: *stops and smiles warmly to Alec* hello, Alec!

Troy Harris: He grins now, and stands. He has chosen someone to approach - they should feel honored. He walks to Alec Golden, watching closely to see who else approaches the man.

Alec Golden: *flashes that grin at Anjou* Heya hun. How's you?

Allisa: "I need to speak with the Prince," she says, looking at the guard with some amount of trepidation. The guard raises an eyebrow. "Prince Claudius is unavailable. You can discuss any business matters with Seneschal Blackburn, over there." Gesturing Viktor's way.

Djin: *nods to LAfayette, eyes moving to regard Alec.. then around again*

Anjou: *chuckles* very well. you? *steps closer and puts a hand on his arm affectionately. then restrains the urge to wrinkle her nose as Troy draws closer*

Troy Harris: Hon...oh, that's quaint. He smiles to himself, then lets the smile fade into a polite coolness. "Hello again, Mr. Golden. Have you given any thought to my proposal? It would save you a great deal of headache in the future."

Alec Golden: *glances at Troy* You are basing that on the assumption I have had a great deal of headache in the past. *grins*

Lafayette Ebet: He finishes his nodding rounds and sits down, content to listen to the rumor mill for the moment.

Viktor Blackburn: He raises an eyebrow. "Allisa. Why does that sound familiar?"

Djin: *and looks over Allisa and the guards now*

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* Not bad. Got things settled down and running smoothly. Gave me some free time to make an escape.

Anjou: *notes Laf and gives him a polite, cheerful smile, then looks around again*

Anjou: *smiles* escapes are always a good thing. *nods cheerfully*

Monique LeFlambeau: "I don't believe I've seen her before. She said its her first time here."

Troy Harris: He laughs. "Well, your place is new. Fantastically successful for its novelty, as well, from what I understand. I've done my research on it." He cants his head, eyes intense and actually...involved in what he's saying. "Where there are...humans involved, there are inevitably lawsuits, but more than this, Mr. Golden, there are taxes to be dealt with, business finances, and a host of other hassles, both mundane and absurd, that crop up simply in running a business such as yours."

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: ((*blinks* giggles* food is gonna be DAMM early today =(...*snugs a RAvyn* sorry gotta go... but I'll be back if that is posible after.. Djin is not doing anything but to watch and listen anyhow =) ))

Alec Golden: *chuckles* A change in routine always makes life easier.

Lafayette Ebet: He gives Anjou a friendly smile in return.

Allisa: She shakes her head, vehemently. "No. I NEED to speak with Claudius. NOW." She seems to be growing a touch angry, as she reaches up to touch her temple, like one who has a headache might.

Tenoch Copil: 9,2,2,8,4,

Monique LeFlambeau: Slides her hand free of Viktor's arm.

Lafayette Ebet: He glances over at Allisa.

Alec Golden: *he cocks his head and nods* Yes, there is. While this is my first time actually owning my own club, it is not the first time running one. Are you an accountant as well Troy?

Alec Golden: *turns his head to look at Allisa*

Allisa -> Tenoch Copil: Tenoch knows of Allisa as one of the Anarchs, who manages most of the drug aspects of their business.

Anjou: *eyes the slightly agitated girl with a small frown and takes a slow step toward her*

Troy Harris: "No, but I know how to locate the best," he says smoothly. "I have represented four nightclubs in St. Louis alone, through my past firm, and you are more than welcome to check into my references. Other businesses as well, import/export, shipping, storage, restaurants...and I've done a fair amount of litigation and have reached excellent settlement agreements for my clients."

Viktor Blackburn: An eyebrow raises as he observes Allisa, and he frowns. "Hmm. Well, excuse me." He moves away from Monique, heading toward the scene being created.

Troy Harris: When Alec does, he finally bothers to take notice of Allisa *other* than her assets.

Tenoch Copil: He frowns at Alisa, then moves quietly and efficiently over to stand beside her, whispering to her in a very genteel but obviously servile manner.

Alec Golden: *a soft chuckle, still eyeing the woman* And this was after your introduction to your new night life?

Tenoch Copil -> Allisa: "If you need to get a message to him, I can ensure he recieves it, madam."

Djin: ((*snugs* sorry be back!!** ))* and the arabian beatury just watches and listens, still*

Allisa: The guard smirks a little bit, unconcerned by her yelling. "Well, then, I guess you'll just have to crawl into the sewers and hope you find him. 'cause he ain'" He shoots her a look. "Now piss off."

Troy Harris: Back to the business at hand, though the 'scene' looks like it might bear some interesting diversion as well. "Some of it, yes. I had to leave the firm of course, and I delved more into criminal law. In criminal law, night court is a reality. Arranging bails, consulting with clients, and the like."

Troy Harris: Softly, "Not even death will stop me from my duty." He laughs quietly, finding his own 'witticism' quite amusing.

Allisa: She looks at Tenoch a moment, disoriented, and shakes her head. "No, I can't send messages, otherwise I would have already, okay? Where is he?" Her eyes shut and she flinches.

Anjou: *watches the situation carefully*

Alec Golden: *he gives a little nod, still eyeing the woman* That makes sense.

Lafayette Ebet: Allisa appears in some distress. He stands, but doesn't know what he can do to help.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Tilts her head, obsidian eyes glittering. The girl looks.. affected, she thinks. Something is certainly amiss with her.*

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* You are very dedicated to your duty then.

Troy Harris: Alec: "I am also an excellent mediatior. But if you need to address this situation...?" He nods towards the scene with Allisa.

Viktor Blackburn: He pushes a couple of random people aside and moves up to Allisa. "What's the problem here?" He looks down at Allisa severely.

Troy Harris: A more genuine smile, eyes still intense. "I couldn't let a little thing like my death stand in the way."

Alec Golden: *he gives a little shrug* For now, content to simply watch. *gives a little nod to Viktor* If he needs assistance, I am sure he will let us know.

Tenoch Copil: 1,5,8,

Troy Harris: ooc> mediatior=mediator

Tenoch Copil: 5,4,

Troy Harris: Alec: "He is quite capable but the...young lady appears distraught."

Alec Golden: *eyes flick to Troy and he grins* Perhaps you could offer a shoulder to cry on?

Tenoch Copil: "Please," he smiles at Alisa, and then gives looks of apology to Viktor and the guards, as if to ask their forgiveness for allowing things to escalate to this. "Come with me." He motions her toward the exit.

Anjou: *still watching, murmurs* yes, if Mr. Blackburn needs assistance, he'll make it known. *frowning more, soft eyes concerned as they observe the girl's distress*

Tenoch Copil: 8,3,5,4,5,7,

Troy Harris: He laughs. That *was* amusing. "You are an intriguing sort, Mr. Golden. Alas, compassion is not a requirement for an attorney. In fact, it's usually a hinderance."

Alec Golden: And here I thought that the mask of compassion would be an effective thing in your line of work.

Monique LeFlambeau: Her eyes flicker to Tenoch, noticing him for the first time.

Allisa: She looks up at Viktor through squinted eyes, and shakes her head. "No...not you. You can't HELP ME!" She shoves Viktor away.

Troy Harris: "Perhaps it would be in certain areas of the law. But I have long known an absence of compassion in myself. I make no apology, nor excuses. I was not a compassionate human; I am not now a compassionate beast. But I do my job very, very well."

Alec Golden: *and the baby blues lock on the woman, narrowing slightly* Excuse me. *he slips away from the pair and walks over to Allisa* Hey now hotness. *grins* No need to get all up in arms there. What's the problem?

Lafayette Ebet: His brow furrows, all his attention on the Allisa/Viktor scene.

Anjou: *winces as the girl shoves Viktor away. this is not going to go well*

Tenoch Copil: "But I can, Madame. If you please?" He motions to the door.

Viktor Blackburn: He allows himself to be shoved, though those cold eyes flash dangerously. "Watch yourself, woman. Realize who you're dealing with."

Troy Harris: His eyes flick over Allisa. This promise to get really interesting.

Monique LeFlambeau: Tenses a bit as the girl dares to lay hands on a member of her clan, eyes narrowing, her fangs pressing through the roof of her mouth, the taste of her own vitae touches her tongue.

Troy Harris: He steps up to Anjou. "A remarkable man," he murmurs to her, eyes on the scene. "You've known him a long time." It's not quite a question.

Tenoch Copil: "Really, there is no problem," he says, not meeting anyone's gaze. "I shall see the woman out."

Allisa: She shuts her eyes, her head shaking a little, though she doesn't specifically fight Tenoch as he starts leading her away. "I have to...speak with him...important, very important..."

Anjou: *steps closer, keeping several feet away, of course. *soft eyes dark with worry. trying to assess the girl more carefully*

Lafayette Ebet: He glances at Tenoch but, other than his current involvement in this scene, Laf dismisses him from much further notice.

Allisa: 4,8,9,2,9,6,7,2,

Alec Golden: *quirks the brow at her* If it is so important, than work within the system sweetheart. Talk with Mr Blackburn here and let him handle it. You cannot just assume the Prince will always be around you know.

Tenoch Copil: "Yes, I know it's important. That's why we're going to see him." He assures her, as he leads her away.

Allisa: As Tenoch leads her away, she starts bleeding. From her eyes, ears, mouth, and every other orifice. It starts as a trickle at first, but quickly escalates into a full-on flow.

Monique LeFlambeau: 2,2,8,9,2,3,

Anjou: mmm, a while, yes. *keeps watching the girl, turning to slowly follow her* he's a very good person.

Troy Harris: He stiffens, looking at that blood, and the sight of a beautiful woman bleeding so profusely practically starts him salivating.

Monique LeFlambeau: Watches as they pass by her, picking up on Tenoch's promise, then stepping back suddenly, as the girl begins bleeding.

Lafayette Ebet: His eyes widen and he takes a step towards the scene without realizing it, but stops himself.

Tenoch Copil: He doesn't wait, all civility lost as he grabs Alisa and forcibly shoves her out the door into the hallway.

Viktor Blackburn: He watches as Tenoch leads her away, and his eyes widen, tensing, as the vitae starts to flow from her.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Viktor!" she hisses.

Anjou: *gasps sharply and shudders, then heads toward the girl*

Alec Golden: *eyes widen slightly and he takes a step back, whatever is making her do this, is not something he wants to deal with*

Alec Golden: *grabs Anjou by the shoulder as she moves past*

Anjou: *although she does have the sense to stop....eyes wide, turns toward Alec and those closest to him*

Allisa: ((Everyone close to her, roll your Self-Controls. You too, Troy.))

Troy Harris: Look at that scarlet flow, cascading over her creamy white skin, her beauty made luminescent by the highlight in red... His lips part and he watches, riveted.

Troy Harris -> Allisa: ((Hold on, I might not be able to given what he is, just looking that up.))

Alec Golden: 2,4,3,9,

Tenoch Copil: 9,8,8,10,

Monique LeFlambeau: Hands slide over her curvacious form and she finds a hidden pocket, and retrieves a small bottle. Tearing a bit of fabric from the hem of her dress she kneels and dips the scrap in the blood.

Monique LeFlambeau: 4,3,6,2,

Troy Harris: 5,4,

Monique LeFlambeau: (and dlp, something tells me she's not going to be able to do that)

Tenoch Copil: 7,7,5,8,

Allisa: Tenoch seems perfectly under control as he gets Allisa to the door, shoving her through it. Alec and Monique are JUST able to keep the Beast under wraps, as they force it back down through force of will. Troy...not so lucky.

Troy Harris: ~embraces his inner Beast~

Alec Golden: *grits his teeth and shakes his head, glancing away from the crimson stain and it's source as he gathers himself*

Monique LeFlambeau: Stands there, fangs bared, the beast staring through her pitch black eyes, which are locked onto the bleeding girl.

Viktor Blackburn: Viktor watches with a detached horror as this all goes on. The guards at the double door pull their weapons, ready to put an end to any problems, should they start.

Monique LeFlambeau: Elysium... she mustn't... She tears her eyes away.

Tenoch Copil: He rushes her into the stairwell and starts down with her, moving quickly.

Allisa -> Troy Harris: ((Start frenzying away, my friend. *G* Probably focused on Allisa, of course.))

Troy Harris: Everything falls away. There is only blood. Beautiful blood. Blood everywhere. Blood and beauty, beauty *is* blood.

Troy Harris: An inhuman, horrible scream rips from his throat, part laughter, a demented joy as his fangs drop and he races to take down Allisa.

Allisa: As she is moved out into the stairwell, the last of her vitae spills out, and her body starts to decay at an incredibly accelerated rate. Her mouth opens to scream in hideous agony.

Lafayette Ebet: He shudders, tense and more than a little shaken.

Monique Le Flambeau: Her eyes fall to the floor, to the trail of blood there, and she visibly shudders. Who knows what sort of taints that creature carries... and she was so close.

Troy Harris: Agony! Her scream! Her terror and pain, it feeds directly into his needs.

Tenoch Copil: He curses, moving away from the dust and back toward the Elysium

Viktor Blackburn: The guards take aim on Troy, and Viktor moves to to the side, his face taking on a determined glare.

Alec Golden: *glances up at the scream* We cannot allow her out in public.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Initiative time! Frenzying vampires! W00t!))

Tenoch Copil: Once he enters, he goes directly to Viktor and whispers to him.

Alec Golden: *sees guards pointing weapons his direction and turns around, seeing Troy* Oh shit

Monique Le Flambeau: *Her eyes snap up, near the door, she moves into action, trying to shoulder Troy aside.*

Troy Harris: 8,

Troy Harris: ((13))

Lafayette Ebet: 1,

Monique Le Flambeau: 7,

Alec Golden: 7,

Monique Le Flambeau: ((12))

Lafayette Ebet: ((~snort~ 6))

Tenoch Copil: 3,

Alec Golden: ((13))

Tenoch Copil: ((9))

Guards: 8,

Viktor Blackburn: 5,

Viktor Blackburn: ((All right, Streamlined Combat Rules, folks. We will be going last to first, is the one exception. Lowest Init Declares & Rolls, then Next lowest, so on up. If you are disabled in some way, by someone with a higher init then you, you losted your action. Initiative order to follow, as lowest to highest.))

Lafayette Ebet: [well, i know who's last so.... ~snicker~] Lafayette stays alert for any further vampires going into frenzy, letting the guards take care of Troy. ((holding action, staying alert))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Initiative order IS: Lafeyette, Tenoch, Viktor, Monique, Troy, Guards, Alec))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Sorry, correction, Troy is higher then the Guards by a nose due to circumstances. So Lafeyette, Tenoch, Viktor, Monique, Troy, Guards, Alec))

Viktor Blackburn: ((You know what I mean. *Headdesk*))

Alec Golden: ((You mean Guards Troy Alec right?))

Troy Harris: ((~EG~ We know what you mean.))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Yeah.))

Alec Golden: ((*grins and offers Fuzzy Ravyn a drink and a smoke*))

Viktor Blackburn: ((So Laf is holding action; Tenoch is up.))

Tenoch Copil: ((Sorry, already stated he was going directly to Viktor to whisper in his ear))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Gotcha.)) Viktor pulls a dagger from his coat, willing it to fly in Troy's direction.

Monique Le Flambeau: She's been trained to think not fight, and right now she thinks Troy better not reach that blood. She moves to shoulder him away from the door, slowing him down if she can, so the guards can take him.

Viktor Blackburn: 3,5,1,1,10,7,3,4,

Djin: ((oh... back.... what i miss?))

Monique Le Flambeau: ((oops sorry, should have waited for your roll))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Djin: Allisa started erupting in blood as Tenoch headed her to the door, troy flew into frenzy, Allisa disnitegrated outside in the stairwell.))

Viktor Blackburn: ((S'okay, Monique. Roll your Dex+Brawl))

Le Flambeau: 8,2,

Monique Le Flambeau: ((And yes, that's really the entire thing. *c*))

Djin: ((gah....*blinks* ewww...=) ok, ralling init for to know where I go, when, if the Djin does something?))

Djin: ((and thanks =) ))

Tenoch Copil: ((Just so i'm clear, Tenoch is the only one who knows Alisa disintegrated, right? No one else followed him outside?))

Guards: The guards recognize a frenzying vampire when they see one. And they open fire.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Correct, Tenoch))

Guards: 2,3,6,8,1,2,

Guards: 8,5,3,6,4,5,

Guards: 5,1,9,3,2,

Guards: 4,2,7,2,9,10,

Troy Harris: BLOOOOOOOOOD! Reveleling madly in the exhiliration of his frenzy, loving his Beast, he makes an all-out run for the door where that lovely blood-spewing beauty went. ((Dex + Ath or 1 Dodge?))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Dex+Athletics. No Dodging when frenzied.))

Troy Harris: ((1 dodge=a single dodge))

Troy Harris: 7,4,

Troy Harris: ((Didn't think so. *S* All he wants is blood.))

Alec Golden: *he crouches, a sense of power increasing as the blood flows to his muscles, (1 bp to Str) he eyes the man carefully and goes in low, aiming to hit the guy around the waist and take him to the ground* ((Dex + Ath coming up))

Alec Golden: 4,8,6,8,8,

Monique LeFlambeau: ((Heh, has blood. *G*))

Lafayette Ebet: He's too far away from Troy - he would get in the guards' way. He stays alert. ((still holding))

Alec Golden: ((Strength roll too.))

Alec Golden: 6,8,8,

Djin: ((mhe! sorry, comp burped, roling the init to know where the Djin would go if))

Djin: 8,

Viktor Blackburn: ((Strength+1+extra succ damage, Alec. Another Dex+Athletics, Troy.))

Djin: 15? ((and waits, cause she knows the Ravyn gots lots right now, Djin is watching they manage it))

Troy Harris: 6,5,

Troy Harris: ((Troy is such a physical powerhouse...))

Alec Golden: ((Okay...*adds another 4 dice then*))

Alec Golden: 4,2,8,5,

Viktor Blackburn: Recap: Alec tackles Troy to the ground, with a slight assist to Monique, where the guards shoot him. The bullets have exceptional heat rolling off of them. ((Soak 4 bash, Troy, and take 3 Agg.)) Viktor's dagger flies to where Troy WAS, imbedding itself in the wall. Lot of that going around lately in NYC, it seems. Troy tries to scramble toward the blood, but Alec has him held pretty well. Tenoch whispers to Viktor something, and the man does catch it.

Troy Harris: 7,7,

-> Viktor Blackburn: 5,6,10,4,3,4,3,8,

Tenoch Copil: He stands there waiting for them to finish restraining Troy.

Viktor Blackburn: ((Troy soaks 2; the other 2 bashing are halved to 1.))

Lafayette Ebet: He's too far away from Troy - he would get in the guards' way. He stays alert. ((still holding))

Viktor Blackburn: ((New init. Order is: Lafeyette, Tenoch, Viktor, Monique, Guards, Troy, Alec, Djin. Laf, you're holding, Tenoch, you too, right?))

Tenoch Copil: ((yes))

Viktor Blackburn: Viktor glares at the situation, disgusted by the scene, and looks to the guards. "Deal with it."

Monique LeFlambeau: Steps aside to let the guards move in, since Alec seems to have Troy safely pinned.

Tenoch Copil: ((Actually, after standing there for a moment Tenoch would grab whatever's handy and clean the blood up.))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Is moving to collect a sample of the blood.*

Guards: The guards move in, guns trained on the frenzying vampire. Not shooting, yet.

Troy Harris: Troy is pinned, and wounded, and thus cannot move. ((No dice left in dice pool - out of frenzy?))

Alec Golden: *will hold the beast boy down until said guards collect him*

Viktor Blackburn: ((No die penalties under frenzy.))

Troy Harris: ((uh-oh, in that case...)) He will strain to bite into Alec and drink his blood.

Troy Harris: 4,9,6,3,

Viktor Blackburn: ((You can roll to begin to try to come out of Frenzy, though.))

Alec Golden: ((In THAT case....))

Djin: *she'll just remind in place, watching them... handle things*

Alec Golden: *holds the man down while trying to keep his body out of bite reach* ((Dex + Dodge or Athletics?))

Troy Harris: ((will do that as well, but still trying to bite!))

Troy Harris: 9,6,

Viktor Blackburn: ((Roll a clinch roll, Alec. Dex+Brawl.))

Viktor Blackburn: ((If Alec got more succ, Troy's pinned and can't bite. Otherwise, Troy got freeeeee!))

Alec Golden -> Viktor Blackburn: ((Brawl. Right. You funny! *L* Straight dex or just let him Drink?))

Viktor Blackburn -> Alec Golden: ((Straigh Dex))

Viktor Blackburn: ((AHH! Strength! Strength+Brawl!!))

Alec Golden: 5,9,4,

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((Str+1 Damage.))

Troy Harris: 8,4,4,

Alec Golden: 6,6,3,

Alec Golden: 5,

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((The 9, 6 was the Instinct roll to try to come out of frenzy. He can't spend WP for it, given his Malky ways. *L*))

Viktor Blackburn: ((DJin?))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Mever mind, saw it up there. Recapping, one sec.))

Djin: *watching them handle it *G* though she'll move to where she can lunch or make a grab ot Troy, sure they will prove useless again*

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: taking in count I CAN torpor him... but that will only feed their rumors... sides is not that severe *G*.. is just a Troy frenzing

Viktor Blackburn: As Djin watches, Alec tries to hold Troy down, but the slippery guy twists, getting out of the Primogen's grip biting into Alec (1 Agg, Alec)). The guards approach, Monique and Tenoch start dabbing at the vitae for ENTIRELY separate reasons, Viktor and Lafeyette watch. Naked anger comes to Viktor's face as he sees Troy try to diablerize.

Lafayette Ebet: He stays out of the way. ((holding))

Viktor Blackburn: Troy does come out of frenzy, though, for the moment, though the Beast is fighting to stay out and eat the yummy man.

Viktor Blackburn: ((New init. Order is: Lafeyette, Tenoch, Viktor, Monique, Guards, Troy, Alec, Djin. Laf holds action.))

Viktor Blackburn: Viktor focuses on Alec, intending to use the power of his blood to remotely rip the man away from Troy.

Tenoch Copil: Cleaning up as much blood as quickly as possible.

Viktor Blackburn: 1,4,7,8,2,6,3,6,

Monique LeFlambeau: *Collects her samples, hopefully unnoticed in the chaos of the moment, then moves towards Tenoch, whispering to him.*

Guards: Vampire trying to eat the Primogen? Bad news. Open fire.

Guards: 8,3,6,2,3,9,

Guards: 6,9,1,4,9,5,

Troy Harris: Pushes hard back against Alec. "LET UP, ALEC! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" Turning his head away forcefully to resist. ((Another self control roll, or WP this time?))

Guards: 5,7,4,2,1,

Guards: 6,9,5,7,2,2,

Viktor Blackburn: ((Another Self-Control))

Troy Harris: 6,6,

Alec Golden: *pulls away from the man, hand clasped over a wicked looking bite mark on his arm*

Djin: (spending one blood on dex)) *Sighs, she'll finally move, IF they are opening fire, she'll make the gesture to keep troy betting guards and her... if they even hold it, she'll just move to swiftly grab the man by the the neck, digging fingers in that tiny spot between neck and jaw that makes it unmovil* ((well it ain't alouds to move ya yaw to bite =P))

Djin: 2,5,8,2,6,3,9,

Viktor Blackburn -> Djin: ((Okay, I'm confused. Yes, they are opening fire. So you're not grabbing him if they are opening fire, or you are?))

Tenoch Copil: He nods to Monique. "Yes, madame."

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: *oi.. I am acting first... so they are shotting.. she'll use Troy to shield her movement of pinning him off Alec... OR if she got enough sucess get off the way, but her gesture is as follows, she'll move to hold him in a way that he is beteen bullets and her, so if she can move off the fire rage is perfect, if she cannot.. well Troy still gets shot

Troy Harris: ((so does Djin take any of the bullets meant for me, walking into line of fire? ~snicker~))

Djin: ((she isn't stupide to do it -that- way))

Viktor Blackburn -> Djin: ((So you are grabbing Troy, who is under Alec, and picking him up to use as a shield in order to get away?))

Alec Golden: ((Yes......she takes them ALL. *snickers*))

Monique LeFlambeau: ((Djin and Troy, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g))

Troy Harris: ((Aw, he'd rather have Alissa. That is, before she disintegrated and all. *G*))

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: uhh.. *Blinks* ok that went different in my mind *G* meh.. no, let the guqrds shot the bastard... she ain't gonna get her ass in the fire for this camies.... =P

Alec Golden: ((More like "Djin and Troy sittin in a tree, d-i-a-b-l-e-r-i-z-i-n-g me.

Djin: ((actually the idea was to get Trooy off Alec =P but.. mhe... I got something wrong))

Djin: ((*rolls eyes* let the guards toast Troy Ravyn!!))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Okay. Cool.))

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: I thought thye were situated differently, sorry

Viktor Blackburn: Djin hangs back as Alec moves off of Troy, who gets shot. Again. ((3 More Agg)) More vitae-mopping from Tenoch, as Monique whispers to her. Suddenly, Alec is flung back as by from an invisible hand, across the room, and set down.

Viktor Blackburn: And Troy comes out of frenzy. And goes unconscious for a turn.

Lafayette Ebet: He watches the last of the blood-gathering with more interest now, than the frenzy. Curious about the blood himself, but not checking it out at the moment. ((holding))

Viktor Blackburn: ((Combat over, unless anyone else wants to try to eat someone. *G*))

Monique LeFlambeau: ((are we leaving combat mode?))

Djin -> Viktor Blackburn: ((oh can I e.. uh... ^wislters innocently* not here....*G*))

Alec Golden: *looks up from the spot he was set down* Well. That was fun. Can I get another ride?

Monique LeFlambeau: ((nm *s*))

Troy Harris: ~last thought it was fun while it lasted and then all goes black~

Guards: The guards keep their guns trained on the momentarily out Troy, ready to finish him if need be.

Lafayette Ebet: He stays silent, listening and watching.

Alec Golden: *glances at the unconscious Troy, then up at the Guards* That's it. You gents have made my christmas card list. Do you prefer cash, check, or other? *grins*

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((You're out for the amount of time it takes you to heal the one bashing.))

Djin: *shakes her head slightly, simply staying in place, as the rukus is over, eyeing the downed man, then the guards*

Tenoch Copil: Continues working assidously, efficiently.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Produces a pouch from under her skirt and pulls, of all things, a pair of latex gloves from it, and offers them to Tenoch.* ((who seems to have vanished))

Djin: *and then Alec* ((not knowing there is a pool of blood being cleaned =P))

Viktor Blackburn: He throws a glance at Alec as he strides over to Troy, sending blood into the strength powering his body and picking him up by the scruff of his neck. "Lacey was right," he mutters.

Alec Golden: *rises and walks over to Viktor, watching Troy*

Viktor Blackburn: He throws Troy over a shoulder, and looks at Alec. "Are you alright?"

Troy Harris: His eyes open. Shit. All this fuss over such a little thing. Looks up into Viktor's face. Ew. Not a happy beast, this one. "What happened?" he murmurs.

Troy Harris: Then a quiet whuff as he's hauled over a shoulder.

Alec Golden: I'll heal. *looks at the bite mark* Looks like long sleeves for me for a while. Thanks.

Lafayette Ebet: He watches Monique's work with interest.

Celest Aston: She walks in looking as beautiful as ever, evading the mess outside. She announces as she walks in "Well well well looks like we had some fun and I missed the party. I think someone mightt want to clean up the mess in the hall though before the other residence complain." And smiling to all she walks to a chair and collapses into it.

Monique LeFlambeau: A quick glance around, her eyes meeting Ebet's as she rises to open the door for Tenoch, who's mopping is going to take her out of the room in a moment.

Tenoch Copil: He takes the gloves and puts them on, continuing with his work

Viktor Blackburn: "You tried to eat a Primogen," he answers to Troy. A quick nod to Alec, and he heads off, through the double doors, with Troy over his shoulder.

Lafayette Ebet: He nods to Monique. Introductions will apparently have to wait - she's busy.

Monique LeFlambeau: Make that to catch the door, as Celest opens it first.

Troy Harris: "He got in the way," he mumbles petulantly. "He should have just let them shoot me." Grunts as he's hauled about while hurting.

Alec Golden: *glances at Celest* Do we need a dustbuster or a shop vac?

Monique LeFlambeau: A quick wink to Ebet, then she's through the door, careful not to tread in the blood as Tenoch cleans the mess.

Tenoch Copil: "A plastic garbage bag would be useful..." he muses aloud as he continues to mop out the door. Not giving any orders but politely giving ideas to those who might wish to help.

Celest Aston: She shrugs her shoulder with a smile" A shop Vac, and a good steam cleaner."

Viktor Blackburn: And as soon as the doors close on Victor, the gossip circle begins anew. Focused on what just happened, of course.

Alec Golden: *walks over to the door and peeks out at the mess in the hall* Tasty. Shame. Anyone know who she was?

Lafayette Ebet: He grins, but makes no move to follow Monique and interfere with her work.

Lafayette Ebet: He steps forward, though to Tenoch and the others. "I'll help clean up."

Tenoch Copil: He remains quiet, focused on his work unless anyone speaks directly to him.

Monique LeFlambeau: Raises her voice, unsure if Tenoch was heard. "Could someone get a garbage bag and more rags over here please? And don't walk where the blood was spilled, even if looks to be clean. Primogen, a word with you please?"

Djin: *looks at the doors closing then at the nearly diablerized primo.... silent*

Alec Golden: *casts a look at the gossiping Harpies* Chat it up, I will LOVE to hear the story that comes out of this one. Just make sure to get my name right. Alec Golden. Not Alex.

Monique LeFlambeau: Ebet> "No, don't touch it."

Lafayette Ebet: "I'll get the garbage bag," he says, hearing Monique. Goes to do just that, and it takes him awhile to locate one, not knowing where everything is.

Celest Aston: She makes a tisk tisk noise as she listens to anyone who wishes to tell her what happened. A pretty pout finds it's place on her face as she finds out just what she missed.

Alec Golden: *a glance and a nod at Djin then looks to Monique* Certainly.

Lafayette Ebet: When he returns, to Monique, "I'll heed your warning." Gets some more gloves, if available.

Monique LeFlambeau: *Standing in the doorway, holding the door as Tenoch cleans his way through it.*

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Troy finds himself in a conference room. Viktor sets him down, and looks at him. "How do you feel?"

Celest Aston: She glances to Alec and Monique hearing her request, as she also tries to listen to the gossip-mongers.

Tenoch Copil: He takes the bag and carefully places all the items he's used to mop up the blood inside them. "Does anyone have access to a geiger counter?" he asks.

Monique LeFlambeau: She steps away from the door, letting Ebet assist, and moves to intercept Alec at a point where they're not near anyone else.

Djin: *a shadow of a smile, nods back, and just moves to be by the doors, silent*

Alec Golden: *leads Monique off to a corner and listens, leveling a nasty look at a wandering nibshit Harpy*

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He rubs the back of his neck, glancing down at nothing in particular. "In truth? Like I just died again. I remember smelling the...blood." He shivers. "And the vision of thing I realized, I was biting my potential client." He grimaces. "And I wanted more. I had to shove him away, yell at him to get off me. And my body was on fire with...well, bullets now, I know."

Celest Aston: Watches the goings opn with a bord look, as she examins her fingernails.

Lafayette Ebet: Tenoch: "Not directly, no. Given time, I could hunt one up."

Lafayette Ebet: Cleaning up as he talks, making sure none of the blood touches his skin.

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: He nods as another man enters the room through a back door. He practically radiates cold reason. He stands approximately 5’8”, and weighs no more then 140 pounds; however, his aura of chllingly calm authority stands much larger and more intimidating. His hair, a pale blonde, is combed back against his skull, and his ice-blue eyes take everything in around him with equal dispassion. He is dressed in a single-breasted black suit with matching shirt and shoes, his hands folded behind his back. A tiny silver crucifix tastefully adorns his right lapel. One thing is clear…this is one man who won’t get the punchline. Victor nods to him, then looks back to Troy. "Mr. Harris, this is your primogen. Mercy."

Djin: *A look ot Tenoch, back to just wathcing and listening after the flirt*

Tenoch Copil: "It may be wise to see if contaminated in any way the...Sabbat could trace." He looks a bit nervous, obviously not comfortable with people actually paying attention to him.

Alec Golden: *quirks a brow at Monique*

Tenoch Copil: "They may have used radiation. In an mark us. The woman was likely dominated and forced to approach here. When she was unable to fulfill her orders, she...self desstructd."

Lafayette Ebet: Tenoch: He gives a start. "The Sabbat?"

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He doesn't even consider a crack at the name. He knows better than to expect mercy. He looks to Mercy and just nods.

Alec Golden: *a piercing whistle echoes through the loft, drawing gazes to Alec* Okay. Those not involved in the clean up please vacate the loft until this is taken care of. Something odd happened, and for the safety of all, the less people exposed the better.

Monique LeFlambeau: Just looks at him, then around the room as Tenoch spills his guts.

Lafayette Ebet: Tenoch: "The blood can be tested in many ways. I can check into renting a geiger counter."

Alec Golden: *looks at Tenoch* Could you do me a favor and possibly cause an all out panic? Please? *the sarcasm drips off and leaves a puddle on the floor*

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Mercy looks Troy over dispassionately. "Mr. Harris. Good evening." He extends a hand to the man.

Tenoch Copil: He nods to Lafayette, then looks grim as Alec makes his pronouncement.

Tenoch Copil: He nods to Lafayette, then looks grim as Alec makes his pronouncement.

Celest Aston: She stops examining her nails at the wistle from Alec. Well then I have been dismissed yet again. Fine then. She gracefully stands up and heads for the door, her chin tilted up. She slides past the two cleaners, following the crowd.

Lafayette Ebet: He looks up at Alec. Remains silent and continues cleaning up carefully.

Alec Golden: *glances at Monique* You have this handled then?

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He is remarkably calm for someone who just frenzied, though he is badly wounded. He shakes Mercy's hand. "Good evening."

Monique LeFlambeau: A nod. "I'll see to it, Primogen."

Tenoch Copil: Uncharacteristically for him, he meets Alec's gaze. "Camarilla don't panic. And those here saw what happened, they should be aware that they may have been compromised and should take precautions."

Monique LeFlambeau: After the room is cleared she approaches Ebet and Tenoch. Ebet> "Your name sir?"

Alec Golden: ((Brave dude meeting a supposed Ventrue's gaze. *G*)) *murmurs to Monique and nods to Tenoch* No, not normally. But in the face of the unknown, one never knows how anyone will react.

Lafayette Ebet: He stands up, twisting off the garbage bag and sealing it as tightly as possible. Doesn't offer his gloved hand to Monique, due to circumstances. "Lafayette Ebet, Tremere."

Tenoch Copil: "If they react as cattle, then they are no better than their herds," he says to Alec.

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Mercy smiles very faintly, an odd look, and looks at Troy. "You do not remember where Elysium is. You were picked up by a cab to get here, and did not pay attention. You were instead on a phone call to your law firm. You came here, had a very dull night, then left. You got home, and went to sleep when day came." ((Rolling for Forgetful Mind))

Djin: orry got booted

Celest Aston: She glances at Tenoch when he mentions the Sabbat with a shake of her head she continues out. More gossip for the Harpies. ((Thanks guys for the RP))((~Gone~))

Monique LeFlambeau: "Ah.." That one syllable denoting comprehension as to why he offered to clean. "Monique LeFlambeau bani Tremere."

Alec Golden: All that and judgemental too. Interesting.

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((And spending WP point, btw.))

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: 6,8,4,1,3,9,7,

Lafayette Ebet: He smiles at her knowing comment, and he inclines his head politely. "I'm honored to meet you, Ms. LeFlambeau. Unfortunate circumstances, however."

Djin: *Watching, seeming the rukus has ended, she turns, giving Alec a meaningfull look, if they need her services... well the big heads know how to contact them, and starts to stride off*

Monique LeFlambeau: ((Not so sure its all over, as the others may regroup in another room, but see ya, Celest-p.))

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((can he attempt to resist?))

Alec Golden: *a nod to Djin* I leave you and yours to finish the cleanup then Monique. Be careful. Let me know if there is anything I can provide.

: ((Umm...besides me you guys are it.*S* have fun))

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: ((There's no resistance roll for Dom 3, no. Diff is based of subject's Willpower, which is where the "resisting" comes in.))

Alec Golden: ((Yes, offices of the Tears will be made available for tonight if needed to serve as Elysium. *G*))

Djin: ((thanks for the scene! gonna fade for a bit!! to to give the computer a chanse to ... eh.. settle.. cause is being shity *snugs*))

Djin: *and with that she leaves*

Monique LeFlambeau: "You have contaminated the outside of that bag," she notes calmly to Ebet. "Remove your gloves and lay them on top of it, then slide another bag over the pile, flip it and tie it."

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He shudders, but says nothing. He was unable to resist.

Lafayette Ebet: He nods and obeys Monique without protest or question, exactly as she said.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Thank you, Mr. Golden. I'll let you know what we find."

Alec Golden: *with a nod to all left, he moves out the door and heads for the Tears to make sure it is prepared to recieve fuckin Harpies*

Monique LeFlambeau: "Mr. Copil, may I inquire as to what clan you belong?"

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: He considers something, then frowns. "Your wounds came because you were assaulted outside Elysium by Anarchs. The guards came to your aid, and this is why you left. Because you were injured." ((Rolling again. I ALWAYS forget something... :P))

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((LOL))

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: 5,4,5,3,8,9,8,

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: He considers something, then frowns. "Your wounds came because you were assaulted outside Elysium by Anarchs. The guards came to your aid, and this is why you left. Because you were injured." ((Rolling again. I ALWAYS forget something... :P))

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: ((LOL))

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: 5,4,5,3,8,9,8,

Lafayette Ebet: He finishes his task, but doesn't yet leave. There may be more to do.

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: Another shudder, less so this time as his mind is already somewhat more pliable.

Monique LeFlambeau: "Mr. Ebet, if you would leave the bag inside the door there." Gesturing. "Do you think you can get a geiger counter on short notice?"

Tenoch Copil: "You may inquire." He nods. "I would advise you to inquire it of the Prince."

Lafayette Ebet: He puts the bag where it is indicated to go. "I believe so. There are outfits that rent them, if I remember correctly. I just hope they're open after sunset."

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Viktor looks at Mercy. "Take him home, please, Primogen, and make sure he is...agreeable." Mercy nods, and looks at Troy, waiting until he returns to himself.

Monique LeFlambeau: "I see." Arches a brow at Tenoch, but doesn't seem offended. "You have been most helpful this evening. How might I contact you, should I wish to discuss this matter further?"

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He comes back out of a vacancy and blinks once, twice. He stands up carefully and nods to Viktor. "Thank your guards for their quick response. And here I thought tonight was going to be *completely* dull."

Tenoch Copil: "Again, I would advise you to contact the Prince, should you be in need of my services, madame."

Tenoch Copil: "Did you wish to collect the dust in the stairwell, also?"

Lafayette Ebet: He smiles. "Well, a business card is a bit cliche, isn't it? But it will do." He brings out a card and hands it to her. Nothing fancy. Simple print: Lafayette Ebet, Journalist, and then three numbers, phone, fax and cell.

Lafayette Ebet: "I have a secretary working for me, Ms. Blackfoot. She is human and I can send her to get the geiger counter if I must. I'll think of a plausible reason for wanting one. Research, perhaps."

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Viktor nods. "Of course, Mr. Harris. Mercy will escort you home, to ensure there are no further problems."

Lafayette Ebet: OOC> ~lol~ Sorry, alter first post and have him simply hand her the card after Tenoch responds. He didn't say anything until he mentioned his secretary.

Monique LeFlambeau: Ebet> "If not, send a ghoul to bring one. I'll mark the area off as quarrantined until we've established it is safe."

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: "No need, but thank you. I need to hunt and heal, then rest. I'll be fine."

Lafayette Ebet: "Yes, Ms. LeFlambeau. I'll take my leave of you. If there is anything else, please call."

Monique LeFlambeau: Takes the card. "Yes, if you would please, Mr. Copil. In a separate container from the bloodied rags."

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Mercy nods a little. "At least let me show you out the back way. It wouldn't do to have you exit normally, looking as untoward as you do."

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He looks down at himself and grimaces, almost a smirk. "I'm a bit of a mess. Pity. Damn, I needed to speak some business with Alec. Another time, perhaps." He prepares to leave with MErcy.

Monique LeFlambeau: Ebet> "A place that rents geiger counters may have lead lined boxes or bags. Get what you can of those too, just in case."

Tenoch Copil: He goes out and does that. Then awaits a judgement as to whether or not he is contaminated, staying in the quarantined area. ((and I need to get going, things are starting to deteriorate quite badly around here.))

Lafayette Ebet: "An excellent suggestion." He nods and goes to leave.

Monique LeFlambeau: ((kk - thanks for playing Copil-p))

Viktor Blackburn -> Troy Harris: Mercy leads him out the back way, which leads down into the sewers. He moves along with him on many twists and turns before finding a safe manhole cover that doesn't come out in the middle of the street, and leaves him there.

Troy Harris -> Viktor Blackburn: He doesn't waste any time puttering around, the sewers are no place for someone as perfect as Troy. He leaves. ((thanks for the RP *G*))

Monique LeFlambeau: She thanks them both for their assistance and chalks off the area, writing quarrantined in big letters on the floor, as a temporary measure to dissuade any accidental incursions.

Monique LeFlambeau -> Viktor Blackburn: ((When they test it, will they find radiation present?))

Monique LeFlambeau: *Carefully dons gloves and fills another vial with some of the ashes.*

Viktor Blackburn -> Monique LeFlambeau: ((Nope. Just put that in the Forums, too.))

Viktor Blackburn: ((I'm outtie. Hope y'all had calls.))