Izzy Malloy: *is, like, on the skirts of the group. Er somethin' yanno*

Mercury: ((Be nice to do it tonight.))

Singha: ((Well you were on NA when we were punishing Lex and it just sort of segued to this. I didn't know you were back. *G*))

Discard: (( tonight is feasible for me, but I will probably start fading in about 3 hours. ))

Discard: (( aw, I'll have caffeine. I can do it tonight. ))

Andrew Fisher: *eyes flick to Izzy* Can you shoot? *looks around the group* So no cars? Anyone?

Eddie: ((FYI, if we're going to do this, can we? *S* i have less than an hour left for tonight's online time. i can perhaps stay until 11:30 EST, but i'll pay for it with nonfunctionality at work in the monring.))

Discard: (( Mmmh. Less'n an hour probably is not sufficient... *looks to Singha* ))

Mercury: "Can anyone hotwire?" He's perfectly serious.

Izzy Malloy: [Yeah, was a little late off from work today. Some people didn't have their shit together... *Grumbles*] *Arches her eyebrows at Andrew* Ain't no Chicago cop, but I don't blow my own face off. Yeah I ken shoot.

Izzy Malloy: Not my strong suit, sorry purdy. *To Merc*

Singha: ((Well, I have things to do tonight hunny wise so I can give another 2 hours and that's about it. We'll get as far as we can go.))

Andrew Fisher: Then you are the third shooter.

Izzy Malloy: ...But I ken try dat, too. *She smirks*

Discard: (( Okay. I'm up for it. ))

Eddie: *shakes her head* i can pick a lock. i can do a very little with electronics. but i dunno a thing about cars, including hotwiring.

Izzy Malloy: Hope ya got a gun fer me, then. Ya want his knees blown out or his brains?

Mercury: ((ok))

Andrew Fisher: Tranq guns Izzy. No deaths. Remember?

Joshua Coil: *He frowns, and looks over to Izzy. With his holsters on. With at least four guns visible.*

Izzy Malloy: *A toothy grin* Oh right right.

Singha: ((Which location are you going to try to take Trong down in? Pennsylvania? The North Country? Or Boston?))

Izzy Malloy: *Wouldn't DARE ask Josh for one of his children*

Discard: Discard starts working her hands, releasing the tension she'd been holding from the punishment ritual. She closes her eyes and breathes deeply, in and out.

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((Logging from this point onward, folks.))

Andrew Fisher: *walks over to Eddie's duffel bag* Okay, let's get the cars and get moving. Time to go people, we have to get Trong back ASAP.

Eddie: *quietly rolls her neck and shoulders. doing a few stretches and settling into her mindset for work. focus is key*

Andrew Fisher: ((Pennsylvania.))

Mercury: "Alright, let's just rent a car and go."

Mercury: ((DLP if we have cars))

Andrew Fisher: *nods at Merc* A van. Good call.

Eddie: *nods and follows orders, staying near Laidan*

Izzy Malloy: *A snicker at Merc* Had yer eye on acoupe ur sumfin?

Mercury: "Or we could take the pick-up that was impounded." Smirks. "Either way, I'm game."

Mercury: Izzy: "Nah, one of those Mini Coopers."

Discard: Discard follows the group mutely, her stance far less dimunitive than it had been in the shanty town.

Andrew Fisher: *pulls out a cell and dials a number* Hello sir.

Izzy Malloy: We goin' as us, or we dressin' up?

Laidan [NPC'd]: She remains quiet, close to Andrew, waiting to go.

Andrew Fisher: *makes a little face* This is Andrew, we need some help if you can provide it. We need to arrange transportation to visit a dragon. Preferably a van. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Fisher: *blinks at the phone and types in*

Andrew Fisher: *cocks head and listens to something* Are we ready to move?

Discard: "Yes."

Eddie: *nods slowly, standing near Laidan*

Laidan [NPC'd]: "Yes." Nodding slightly.

Mercury: "You betcha."

Joshua Coil: Of course, *he says sincerely.*

Izzy Malloy: Yu huh! *Hops up from her perch, pulling a wool cap out of her pocket and tucking her head into it*

Andrew Fisher: *shakes his head and speaks* Okay, we are going to squat and pounce. Just like with a predator. We are headed to *looks at the address* The heliport. Let's go.

Mercury: He moves on out.

Singha: ((and we shall move from here to the GNYC Open room, as we are going to be hopping around from location to location))

Izzy Malloy: Pounce an' squat, gottit. *She nods*

Discard: (( Ten-four. ))

Singha: (((I will join you there momentarily as I need to get a bathroom break and swap comps after gathering my books))

Andrew Fisher: *he walks along, talking to himself* No, she is not of the Wyrm, yes, we are going to squat and pounce, no, it is not disrespect. *who the fuck is he answering?*

Eddie: *nods shortly and waits to move with her partner, the duffel of tranks and picks slung across her chest and tied at teh waist so it won't bounce around*

Eddie: ((heading.))

Laidan [NPC'd]: She follows along, next to Eddie.



Laidan [NPC'd]: ((Here.))

Andrew Fisher: *walks along, talking quietly to himself*

Eddie: *drifts along beside Laidan, keeping an eye out for the woman. but...unwilling to announce everything to her unless she seems to want it*

Andrew Fisher: *softly* The hunts of the humans are not as easy as the hunts of the animals. By adding weapons, we have made the hunts much harder, and much larger. We are trying to make it as simple as possible, while still staying safe.

Laidan [NPC'd]: She walks behind Andrew, next to Eddie, silently preparing herself.

Andrew Fisher: *glances at Eddie then to where he is going* She is still a cub, but she is ready for her Rite of Passage. Soon, she will be accepted fully. *shakes head* As for being "the shit", it means that something is great. Perfect. Wonderful. Being the shit is all in the eye of the beholder.

Eddie: *clasps her hands behind her back, arms straight out, and raises them up slowly, still stretching out*

Andrew Fisher: *gives a little sigh* Yes, they are nice. But I don't think about that.

Mercury: He watches Andrew with unveiled curiosity.

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((OTHER open, guys.))

Laidan [NPC'd]: http://www.wodnyc.net/chat/opchat.cgi

Andrew Fisher: *glances at Merc* Ask me later. *a little shrug* I promise. I'm sane.



Joshua Coil: ((*twiddles thumbs* *Waiiiting to be kiiilled...*))

Singha: ((Ah well, I said GNYC Open but I guess this'll do. LOL))

Joshua Coil: ((I was wondering! But everyone was here...))

Crow: ((*L* Oh damn.))

Discard: (( ... *looks up at the top of the screen* ... b-but it says... ))

Singha: In order to get us quickly to the scene of the action, I'm going to summarize a bit.

: ((Gaah. Some of us are actually IN Open. Hold on, lemme get 'em.))

Crow: ((chat- the... yeah.. not open.. *ahem.* yes. well. here we are.*L*))

Mercury: "I hope so." Kind of smirks to Andrew, but continues on.

Andrew Fisher: ((D'oh.))

Singha: You all convene at the heliport, where Xu, the tall asian whom Eddie and Andrew met at the meeting with Guido, has arranged a rather large exectutive helicopter. You are quickly breifed to avoid shifting while inside the chopper, as aircraft are very sensitive to weight distribution and the sudden addition of several hundred pounds could severely limit the pilot's ability to maintain control of the craft.

Izzy Malloy: [This place needs a better link interface... *Mutters*]

Eddie: *nods* he is sane. *murmurs quietly. pretty face very calm, eyes as alert as they can manage to be*

Discard: Discard can't hide her wonder at actually getting to ride in a whirly-bird.

Singha: [this place needs alot of stuff done with the code. and I need to stop running SL's long enough to fix it. *G*]

Eddie: *looks vaguely green at the thought. if she'd been meant to fly she'd have wings. but goes with it. this is work.*

Andrew Fisher: *hell, even Andy seems amazed by this, his eyes showing a massive curiousity*

Andrew Fisher: Everyone in. *once inside he hands a Tranq gun to Izzy and keeps one himself*

Discard: (( I can picture it. Ok kiddies, this SL is called "Singha gets some shit cleaned up around here". The plot is that you guys all hang out in other rooms and pick your noses while I actually get some shit cleaned up around here. ))

Izzy Malloy: *Can't help but give the guy a "Duh!" look... Before considering her companions with a snicker* Hear dat, Josh? Even iffn ya can't reach that scratch wid the arms you GOT...

Eddie: *gets in, staying beside Lai if possible*

Discard: She scampers into the 'bird, a hand on her tam hat to avoid it blowin' away.

Laidan [NPC'd]: She listens quietly to the instructions, paying close attention.

Mercury: Sighs. He won't be able to drive. He gets in without hesitation.

Andrew Fisher: *a soft laugh* Sensitive. Mechanical devices are not quite as reliable as natures own inventions huh?

Joshua Coil: *He moves calmly after everyone else, pulling the door closed. The external Josh is calm and collected. The internal Josh is VERY squee at being able ot ride in a helicoptor.*

Andrew Fisher: *cocks his head* Whole? Falling off? What do you mean? *looks around*

Laidan [NPC'd]: And in she goes, to the flying beast.

Izzy Malloy: [Pistol or rifle type?]

Singha: Xu provides them all with maps of the executive airport outside scranton where the charter flight will be flying out of, photo recon of the area. Photos of your target and of those who are most likley to be bodyguarding him.

Joshua Coil: *He looks back to Izzy at her comment, and it is clear, it goes RIGHT over his head.*

Eddie: *finds a point inside the chopper to stare at. thsi will be her focus until she gets out of the thing if at all possible. concentrating on the work in hopes she won't yak--she's never flown in anything but her dreams before, and didn' t much like those.*

Andrew Fisher: ((Semit-auto pistol type. *G* Nuthin but the best on THIS site.))

Izzy Malloy: *She takes the gun, double-checking it as she settles into the chopper. Doesn't take up a lot of space, so, no worries*

Discard: Discard immediately starts studying the photos, aware that she's not too good at mission intel.

Andrew Fisher: *shakes head* It uses Wind for it's own purposes. And Money....money is not a spirit. It is a creation by man. It's another way for man to prove their superiority over other men.

Eddie: *pics and maps are as good to look at as anything. especially the maps*

Mercury: He waits, impatient to get moving.

Mercury: He looks in with Discard at the maps, since they'll be the ones covering backs.

Andrew Fisher: *looks at the photos as they are passed around* The chopper makes things easier. We may not have to take them all down now. Just enough to clear a path and get back out.

Laidan [NPC'd]: She holds the maps, not looking at them. Moving her head in Eddie's direction for an explanation.

Andrew Fisher: *glances at Eddie* We'll be fine. *cocks head* Who needs to flex their brain?

Izzy Malloy: *Slipping through te pictures of hte marks* Alright so, Drew, me you an' Josh here are gonna be darting dese guys. How many darts each gun got?

Singha: ((sorry browser failed)) ((The tranq guns that the Sept provides are rifle types. Those that have been acquired from Dream are pistols, but will degrade after 5 uses and have a higher likelihood of malfunctioning.))

Joshua Coil: *He keeps his eyes on the area below them. Outside the helicoptor. Let everyone else plan.*

Eddie: *flashes Andy a tight smile, then quietly* these are maps that show where everything is down there. and pictures of the people we're after and might come up against. *glances to Andy* flex brains? *raises a brow*

Izzy Malloy: [First sentence should be a queestion]

Andrew Fisher: 10. Eddie's got the dote. First shot from all three of us goes against Trong. Then the others.

Singha: Xu gives Andrew a ~look~ when he says Money isn't a spirit. But keeps his mouth shut. He hands Laidan an object with Trong's scent on it.

Andrew Fisher: *glances at Xu* Is it?

Singha: ((Each pistol holds 5 darts. After that, throw it away. *G*))

Andrew Fisher: We are going to help Bear. This machine will use Wind to help us get there.

Andrew Fisher: ((Like I said.....5 darts. >.> Yeah.... <.<))

Izzy Malloy: Alright. *She nods. Not gonna mention that money IS a spirit - as is credit*

Laidan [NPC'd]: She takes the object pressed into her hands, taking a moment to familiarize herself with the scent.

Joshua Coil: *And he was so busy admiring the helicoptor that he completely missed Andrew saying Money was not a spirit. So he doesn't flick him a look as well. Instead, he admires the ground. Neeeeat.*

Discard: "... and we just gotta make sure nobody makes it to you guys. Who's our first priority of protection?"

Eddie: *doggedly keeps looking over the maps and pics. pretending the ground is just underfott like it always has been before, just as hard as she can* ((heh. hope they got those earmuff things for the flight, by the way. or Eddie's going to be in a sad state.))

Mercury: He nods at Andrew, though not speaking up to answer the question posed to Xu.

Izzy Malloy: Discard: ooh! ooh! ken it be me!? *Bats her eyelashes*

Singha: Xu shrugs to Andrew and says "You'd better not tell those who follow Al' Mighty Dolla or Easy Credit money isn't a spirit. You're you'll find yourself without it." At that, once everybody's inside, the chopper lifts off with Xu along in the copilot's seat.

Laidan [NPC'd]: 7,2,9,2,8,2,1,

Discard: (( Switching colors. ))

Andrew Fisher: Everyone. Stick with who you are paired with. Izzy, *slight frown* You are with me. Merc will watch us. Dis, you keep an eye on Josh.

Laidan [NPC'd] -> Singha: ((That was to familiarize with the scent.))

Joshua Coil: *Everyone else, he is sure, will tell him where to go. So he politely asks how it works. Watching the helicoptor lift off. Back out the window.*

Joshua Coil: *He looks back to Discard, and Andrew.* Hnnh?

Eddie: gotcha, boss. *mumbles to the maps, nodding*

Mercury: Eyes flick to Andrew and Izzy. As if memorizing their faces for the last goodbye? Nah. Just fixing in on who he's going to protect.

Andrew Fisher: *a nod to Xu* Point taken.

Andrew Fisher: *head snaps around, eyes narrowed* We are yes. Some anyways.

Singha -> Laidan [NPC'd]: ((then she knows Xu is Fausto, too. *G*))

Andrew Fisher: *nods to Izzy* Yes it is.

Eddie: and Laidan and i just keep back and out of the way, ready to medic and 'dote, correct? *risks a glance to Andy's face for confirmation*

Singha: ((any questions regarding the photos or maps?))

Andrew Fisher: *a nod at Eddie* And fight if needed, but make sure you don't lose track of the primary goal.

Izzy Malloy: Pffft. Yer ego's gonna unbalance the chopper. *Tucks the gun into her waistband*

Andrew Fisher: ((The plane unloading is on the Tarmac yes? And is there space near the plane to land to minimize the distances involved? And far enough from the buildings to keep security from jumping in?))

Eddie: ((i'm assuming they're high-quality, detailed things? simple to tell what's what?)) *nods to Andy* which is to get Trong down and out asap, cleanly. *not a question.*

Singha: Xu chuckles at Izzy's crack, but remains silent.

Andrew Fisher: *shrugs* At least we all go down with someone as wonderful as me then.

Mercury: The Ahroun's knee jiggles a bit. Not nervous, but antsy to start.

Laidan [NPC'd]: Her head moves in Xu's direction, brow furrowing slightly. After a moment, though, she moves her attention away.

Andrew Fisher: Exactly. Once he is in the chopper, we bolt.

Singha: ((The flight is leaving ~from~ the airport ~to~ the outfitter in the North Country. So this is ~before~ they have any bears or bear carcasses for this hunt, if they are hitting them in Pennsylvania. It is expected that the Targets are arriving in limos or private rental cars, meeting outside the charter company, and then walking across the tarmac to the waiting plane.))

Eddie: *lips quirk in a faint grin. inhales and exhales slowly, getting herself as calm as she can before the shit starts flying*

Joshua Coil: *He looks over to Andrew, and then back to the front of the 'coptor, simply watching.*

Mercury: Cracks his knuckles idly, trying to see out the window.

Izzy Malloy: So... What IS dis Trong guy, anyways? *A look to Xu*

Andrew Fisher: Don't let them get on the plane. We'll lose him if they do.

Singha: ((Xu will explain the details of that to everybody during the flight, and will answer any questions. So, I'd advise you all to stop bantering and start focusing on what may or may not be the difference as to whether or not you live or die tonight, since I need to leave in at the latest 90 minutes))

Joshua Coil: The target, *he says simply to Izzy.*

Eddie: *nods to Andy and reaches out--gingerly--to pat Merc's knee*

Joshua Coil: ((Dis-p is having trouble connecting.. so don't know if he'll be back on.))

Singha: He looks to Izzy and says "A rank four theurge of the Zhong Lung."

Mercury: "About how many can we expect for Trong's backup?" he asks Xu. "Are they supernatural?"

Andrew Fisher: we land, Josh and I and Iz go out the door, start Tranqing, Merc and Dis follow, then Eddie and Lai. Get the Trong on the bird, revive the traqed guards and get out. Keep your ears open, if anything changes, I will let you all know.

Izzy Malloy: *A blank blink. Pulls out the gun, triple-checking*

Eddie: *nods shortly, squaring her shoulders again*

Singha: "There may or may not be a corrupt Gurahl of unknown rank, as well."

Laidan [NPC'd]: A nod to Andrew's words, as she listens.

Joshua Coil: No delays, *he murmurs, calmly holding his gun. He looks over to Andrew. Now focusing. No use doing so before.*

Discard: (( Currently connecting to this site using lynx through an SSH client. :P Sorry about any slowness, but this is a bit awkward.

Mercury: The word Gurahl is familiar to him, in some obscure way, but he just takes it that it's some sort of shifter with rank. He nods.

Singha: "His bodyguards will more than likely be at the very least kinfolk who are all armed with tranq guns and silver. At the worst, they will be low ranking shifters. His...pack...has already been neutralized."

Discard: Discard is mostly quiet, looking alternately at the ground below, the material she's been given, and her compatriots. She may be nervous, but she seems to be bearing it fairly well.

Izzy Malloy: Pass me dose pictures 'gain, willya? *Begins riffling through them, memorizing who is who is what perfectly, not speaking the whole time*

Joshua Coil: *Gurahl. Hm. Maybe it's some sort of other thing. And Zhong Lung. Maybe it's a fancy japanese word for 'target'.*

Andrew Fisher: *starts thinking* Izzy, with your first shot, start with the guards in between us and the target. Josh and I hit the target, then help clear a path.

Mercury: Xu: "Gotcha." He looks over the maps again, to see what's where.

Singha: ((any questions about the locations of the buildings, the relationships between them and the planes, etc?))

Laidan [NPC'd]: No one else has asked, so she will. "What is a Zhong Lung?"

Andrew Fisher: ((Just the distance question. Far enough away to buy enough time to get out before the Security comes runnin))

Singha: ((any questions about the locations of the buildings, the relationships between them and the planes, etc?))

Laidan [NPC'd]: No one else has asked, so she will. "What is a Zhong Lung?"

Andrew Fisher: ((Just the distance question. Far enough away to buy enough time to get out before the Security comes runnin))

Mercury: ((Not if they're clear enough on the map.))

Singha: "A were-dragon."

Izzy Malloy: [Please inform, I'm informless. *G*]

Mercury: He stiffens and looks at Xu. But that one look convinces him that Xu isn't joking.

Joshua Coil: *And that... a brief widening of eyes, before they close again. He clears his throat.* Sir... are you sure we are not authorized to use lethal force?

Laidan [NPC'd]: "....oh."

Izzy Malloy: *Doesn't glance up from her pictures*

Eddie: *just grits her teeth and tries to keep calm*

Andrew Fisher: Yes. No fatalities. Grab the Tranq guns off the guards we put down if you run out.

Andrew Fisher: ((Any other questions?))

Discard: Discard's mouth hardens into a thin line at the mention of a were-dragon... after certain things, she's willing to believe even that. She is silent, though, and waits for the end of the trip.

Izzy Malloy: *Finally sets them aside, looking up* So where's Allen Funt?

Singha: ((sorry about that,this comp is acting up))

Joshua Coil: Yes sir, *he says quietly, and looks over to Izzy.* If it comes down to it, get Emma. *He taps the deagle on his left.* She's rather a slut anyway. She'll go with you pretty easily.

Mercury: ((none from Merc))

Joshua Coil: ((Nope. No questions. Just waiting for orders.))

Singha: The chopper starts to circle the airport for it's landing, and you all are able to see the lights of the field the parking lot outside the charter company, the crew prepping the plane, loading baggage into it.

Izzy Malloy: *Gives Josh a weird look* Mmmmmkay.

Andrew Fisher: *cocks head and adresses the air* Where are they at?

Mercury: He looks out the window intently, looking.

Mercury: He's looking for Trong.

Izzy Malloy: *A fourth, slightly nervous check on the gun, muttering something decidedly NOT the Lord's Prayer in Spanish*

Andrew Fisher: *smiles* Please. Find them for us so we may aid Bear.

Joshua Coil: *He pulls out the dart gun, preparing.*

Andrew Fisher: *pulls the dart gun, checks the chamber, and waits near the door*

Crow: *Something passes like a breath across Laidan's face, zipping out of the helicopter.*

Eddie: *just can't look outside. not until they're on the ground*

Singha: ((roll per+alert guys who are looking down below))

Mercury: 1,6,4,6,5,

Joshua Coil: 4,7,6,4,8,

Andrew Fisher: 6,5,2,5,9,

Eddie: *gets ready to head out after the shooters and the fighters, with Laidan*

Singha: Josh is able to spot two of the bodyguards standing outside the double glass doors leading from the VIP lounge to the tarmac. Andrew sees the mens tanding there but not their faces.

Izzy Malloy: *A quick look as well*

Discard: 7,2,7,8,3,

Izzy Malloy: *Although, too slow* [*Pummels RL with a dead halibut*]

Singha: Discard sees what Josh sees.

Laidan [NPC'd]: She frowns at the sensation, her head tilting in the direction of the breath.

Izzy Malloy: 2,10,6,5,2,6,

Singha: As does IZzy

Joshua Coil: *He keeps his eyes on them. They must be guarding something. He loads up the darts, and cocks it, waiting. Ready to take down.*

Singha: The chopper circles around, Xu looking back to Andrew as if to ask him where he wants to set down.

Izzy Malloy: *Licks the sight lightly with a small grin*

Andrew Fisher: *gives a jerk and looks down at the tarmac* One were-bear in the group with the Dragon. *gives the approximate locations*

Andrew Fisher: *points at a spot halfway between the plane and the lounge, out of the line of walking* We can strike from the flank that way.

Joshua Coil: So we dart them all before he gets a chance to shift, *he grunts.*

Izzy Malloy: Might wanna set down a little away, so when they come out...?

Laidan [NPC'd]: She listens to Andrew, nodding. "All right."

Singha: "The were-bear will be a physically huge human. Very fat. Like a sumo wrestler. Also a gai-jin."

Mercury: Deep breath. A bear. A dragon. Oh, fuck. The Cliath does deep, slow breathing and gets himself in ready mode.

Mercury: He glances at Xu with a quiet sigh, understanding very little of his explanations. There is much Merc has yet to learn.

Izzy Malloy: Great, just jiggly. *A sharp scowl at Xu, for whatever reason*

Singha: Xu points out the spot to the pilot, who protests the area is not cleared for chopper landing. Xu tells him he'll double the fee. The pilot shrugs and lands.

Eddie: *as soon as they land, she looks up--but she's ready to go, go go.*

Discard: Discard tenses, ready to spring into action and defend her effective packmates.

Andrew Fisher: We give them a couple of minutes to come out. Otherwise, we go in after them.

Singha: "I would advise killing the bear, if you can."

Andrew Fisher: *looks at Xu* Why?

Izzy Malloy: *A deep, steadying breath* Dey ain' gonna be changing out in public, will dey? ...Nah, dey wouldn't...

Singha: The two bodyguards outside are somewhat confused by the chopper landing nearby. They are wary.

Laidan [NPC'd]: She tenses, readying herself. She takes a moment to focus her thoughts on her job. Heal. Fight if necessary. Stay with Eddie. No one dies.

Singha: "Because it's the one who's helping them find and slaughter all it's brethern," Xu says, shrugging.

Joshua Coil: Understood. *He nods to Xu, and then looks back out. Killing... now THAT he understands.*

Andrew Fisher: Can he be cleansed?

Mercury: Izzy: Grimly, "They might."

Eddie: *allows herself one, very soft litte growl of disgust. i fhe actively chose to help them, he's right down there with child molesters in her book*

Singha: Xu says something in chinese to the pilot, who nods and gets out of the chopper, running over to the office of a nearby hanger. The bodyguards relax. The double doors open, and the enntourage of happy Asian business men file out toward the waiting plane.

Izzy Malloy: Mercury: Hope we's gots a plan B, den. *Wrinkles her nose, slipping on one of her ragged knuckle-gloves*

Mercury: "Yeah, fuck it and go for broke. I just hope we won't have to clean up afterwards.

Joshua Coil: Sure we do, *he murmurs to Izzy.* Plan B is that we all die horribly, in great pain, and at great length. *He looks over ot her.* It's not a very good plan.

Andrew Fisher: *scans the faces of the leaving men* Okay pack. Time to go. Gaia be with us. *opens the door and steps out, keeping the gun hidden*

Izzy Malloy: *A last-minute tug of her cap, and voila, she looks like a scrawny 17 year old boy*

Singha: Xu shrugs to Andy. "I don't know if it can be cleansed."

Eddie: *shudders slightly. the word "remember" floats through her mind and her eyes narrow, chin firming. she will not forget*

Joshua Coil: *He keeps his gun close, and moves with Andrew as told.*

Singha: ((init guys, one init per team (meaning pair of you guys), declare who's rolling for your team))

Andrew Fisher: *once within firing range, he pulls the pistol and fires at Trong*

Eddie: *adjusts her duffel a bit and tugs her shirt lower. these ARE men, after all. a nice body is just another kind of weapon*

Laidan [NPC'd]: She nods, ready to move.

Andrew Fisher: ((I will for Izzy, Merc, and Andy.))

Andrew Fisher: 3,

Andrew Fisher: ((9 shit. *L*))

Discard: (( Josh, you do it for us. ))

Singha: 8,

Izzy Malloy: [*Shakes fist to the heavans and runs to grab pizza real quick*]

Eddie: 9,

Joshua Coil: 4,

Joshua Coil: ((12))

Eddie: (14)

Singha: ((13))

Singha: ((okay, we are going according to the streamlined combat rules as posted in the shifter forum. Do NOT roll to shift, I'm assuming you're able to do that without the roll, tho unless you spend rage, it costs an action))

Singha: ((Declare and roll in the Following Order: Lai&Eddie, Bad Guys, Josh&Dis, Andy&Iz&Merc. There are 6 Body guards, 8 Asian businessmen, 1 HUGE white guy, and Trong. The 6 guards are in a flanking V around Trong and the Huge White Guy))

Singha: (remember, do NOT wait for me to tell you to roll. Just declare and roll and I'll do the recap and let you know what happens.))

Eddie: *Eddie will keep to the plan. trust your partners to know and do their own jobs. just worry about your own. hand in her duffel, which is only slightly open, and holding 'dote inside there.*

Laidan [NPC'd]: She stays with Eddie, sticking to the plan. (Holding))

Singha: ((the Chopper is about 70 yards from the line from the building to the plane. The plane is about 50 yards from the doors to the building

Discard: Discard guards Josh, holding her action until someone comes nearby whom she can attack or she has the chance to prevent damage to him.

Singha: The Bad Guys walk 20 yards from the doors, Trong and HWG screened by 3 bodyguards on either side, but HWG is taller than all the Asians.

Discard: (( AGH! SOrry ))

Discard: (( DLP ))

Singha: 4,6,2,8,8,

Singha: The bodyguards however, notice the group getting out of the chopper.

Singha: 9,6,2,5,9,

Singha: 5,2,8,2,10,7,

Singha: As do the businessmen and the two Targets.

Singha: ((declare Dis and Josh))

Joshua Coil: ((Firing, but spending two rage for additional actions.))

Joshua Coil: 10,2,6,4,2,4,6,

Discard: Holding action, defending Josh if necessary. No Rage this round.

Singha: ((Firing on which Target, Josh?))

Joshua Coil: ((One of the bodyguards, closest one.))

Andrew Fisher: *draws the gun and fires on one of the bodyguards in the way*

Andrew Fisher: 10,3,1,2,

Mercury: ((How much rage will it take to run and punch a bodyguard? He can't do any long-range fighting.))

Singha: ((roll damage if using a tranq, dam is 5+extra sux (lethal) but must puncture past the soak of the target. If you get more sux than the soak of the Shifters, roll 9 dice for the drug (humans won't soak so if you get any dam sux, roll 9 dice for drug))

Izzy Malloy: *Does likewise as Andrew, aiming for the the nearest "rear" guard in the V*

Izzy Malloy: 6,9,3,10,6,

Joshua Coil: 3,2,8,9,3,3,

Joshua Coil: 6,3,8,6,4,8,10,2,10,

Izzy Malloy: 9,1,3,6,5,10,6,

Singha: 3,3,2,

Izzy Malloy: 7,9,9,9,4,10,3,2,1,

Mercury: ((I'm sorry, I didn't move. He has to get close to a guard to do any good, but I don't know how much rage it will take to get him there in a round. Otherwise, I guess he'll just be running for a guard.))

Singha: Eddie and Laidan prep and move into position to help. Discard backs Josh, who shoots and takes down Bodyguard R1. Andy shoots at Bodyguard R2, but misses. Izzy shoots and takes down BG R2. So...total BG up=4. Targets up=Both. Businessmen who are totally unprepared for shooting or darts=8

Singha: And Merc is running top speed toward the bad guys.

Mercury: ((excellent *S* he's hoping they'll go after him and give the others a clear shot at the targets))

Singha: ((The distance is 70 yards. Tell me how much rage you are spending for extra actions and roll dex+ath for the run))

Izzy Malloy: Shooting OR darts? they must be motionless in boggled fascination at out shooting darts!]

Discard: (( Oh you rascal. -.- ))

Mercury: ((1 rage and rolling))

Mercury: 4,5,8,

Singha: ((Eddie and Lai please state if you are staying by the chopper, moving toward the building, moving toward the plane, or simply standing out there in the middle of the tarmac))

Singha: Merc reaches the Baddies at the end of this round. New round

Eddie: (moving with the group, but staying to the back. easier to get the targets back. several feet behind the shooters/fighters.)

Joshua Coil: ((I need to roll for Rage actions...))

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((Moving along behind the main attack group of darters.))

Joshua Coil: ((Sorry, was just waiting for Merc to finish up.))

Singha: ((Ah ok Josh. sorry about that.))

Singha: ((If you guys are doing Rage actions, just post them please, don't wait for me to tell you after we reach the end if the order.))

Discard: (( aye aye ))

Joshua Coil: ((All right... shooting big fat guy twice with dart gun.))

Joshua Coil: 2,10,3,5,2,8,2,

Singha: 7,5,8,3,3,

Joshua Coil: 6,4,5,9,6,6,

Joshua Coil: 7,9,7,5,3,8,4,9,9,

Singha: 5,8,4,1,7,

Joshua Coil: 8,8,2,5,9,4,10,

Singha: 7,3,6,3,2,

Joshua Coil: ((dam for 2nd shot))

Joshua Coil: 4,2,1,10,3,7,7,1,

Joshua Coil: ((Do ones count against on damage rolls?))

Singha: Josh's first shot on the Big Fatso hits solidly and squirts the drug into him. the second shot, however, just gets caught in his clothing.

Singha: New Round: Declare please.

Andrew Fisher: *Eddie hangs back with Lai, keeping her distance from the group she is following, ready to do what she is supposed to*

Andrew Fisher: *Eddie hangs back with Lai, keeping her distance from the group she is following, ready to do what she is supposed to*

Singha: Trong does his best to cross the Gauntlet. Big Fasto roars and reaches to pull the dart out of himself, spending WP to ignore wound penalties.

Singha: 1,4,10,5,2,9,8,

Laidan [NPC'd]: She follows along behind the group, ready to heal when she hears her fellows go down.

Joshua Coil: ((Attack, spending one rage this round.))

Izzy Malloy: *Having a clear shot, she'll take aim at Trong, unleashing a dart of juicy tranquilizer goodness* [WP on this]

Izzy Malloy: 8,3,1,2,3,

Joshua Coil: ((Shooting a guard with the first attack.))

Singha: 4 Bodyguards shoot their tranq guns back at their attackers. L1>Andy L2>Izzy L3>Josh R2>Merc

Singha: 3,9,9,2,1,

Singha: 5,8,9,7,9,

Singha: 5,2,8,2,6,

Singha: 8,10,6,3,7,

Discard: Discard will dart forward now, moving toward the group and spending a Rage to try to reach a bodyguard to attack.

Singha: 2,7,5,7,5,

Singha: 9,3,5,6,5,7,10,6,

Singha: 6,2,2,7,8,7,

Singha: 7,2,5,5,2,9,3,5,

Singha: (roll soak, guys))

Joshua Coil: 6,2,3,

Andrew Fisher: 4,9,

Izzy Malloy: 3,7,

Mercury: 4,8,2,

Andrew Fisher: *WP to avoid wound penalties, rage to get extra action, firing at Trong*

Andrew Fisher: 2,2,8,7,

Singha: 7,8,2,3,7,4,4,6,2,

Andrew Fisher: 9,2,1,6,7,5,

Singha: 7,3,9,3,9,4,5,7,7,

Singha: 7,7,2,5,4,9,2,9,10,

Singha: 7,4,1,2,4,4,7,6,2,

Andrew Fisher: 10,6,1,3,10,7,6,2,8,

Singha: 4,7,6,4,7,5,9,3,1,

Andrew Fisher: ((Second shot following.))

Mercury: He burns 1 Rage and with one hand grabs and attempts to break the wrist of the nearest guard's gun hand, and with the other throws him a mean punch.

Andrew Fisher: 4,1,6,7,

Mercury: 5,5,3,2,4,6,

Andrew Fisher: 10,10,3,9,7,3,

Mercury: 3,5,5,8,6,6,

Andrew Fisher: 9,9,3,9,6,3,4,3,10,

Singha: ((oops ignore the last one, over rolled))

Mercury: (rolling dmg on break wrist)

Mercury: 7,5,3,8,2,

Mercury: (rolling dmg on punch)

Mercury: 9,10,6,6,7,7,3,

Singha: 4,6,9,

Izzy Malloy: [So, wild guess Izzy doesn't get her shot off? *G*]

Singha: Andy, Izzy, Merc, Josh, roll STA again please

Izzy Malloy: 5,6,

Mercury: 5,8,5,

Joshua Coil: 9,4,9,

Andrew Fisher: 5,8,

Singha: ((Those who make this STA roll can spend WP to ignore wound penalties. Those who fail...sorry, lights out))

Joshua Coil: ((Spending WP, then, and firing.))

Singha: ((So yes, Izzy you can act))

Joshua Coil: ((Guard that fired on me.))

Andrew Fisher: ((Already posted. Shutting up now.))

Joshua Coil: 6,5,9,3,3,9,9,

Joshua Coil: 10,2,4,7,8,10,6,7,

Joshua Coil: ((poison roll now))

Joshua Coil: 9,1,5,9,2,5,10,7,7,

Izzy Malloy: [Alright. Got one succ on that roll, so, damage coming. *G*]

Joshua Coil: ((And now, spending rage to fire on bear again.))

Izzy Malloy: 10,9,6,2,10,

Singha: ((any more rage actions?))

Izzy Malloy: 1,2,4,3,6,8,5,9,1,

Joshua Coil: 8,9,9,4,7,5,2,

Joshua Coil: 2,7,7,7,7,8,4,5,

Discard: (( If I reach a Bodyguard in time, attacking him. ))

Mercury: ((definitely spend the WP for wound penalties, yes))

Singha: 2,1,8,

Joshua Coil: ((poison again, then...))

Joshua Coil: 7,5,1,6,2,1,4,5,9,

Singha: You can roll attack Dis

Discard: 10,2,2,7,10,4,7,

Discard: 5,2,

Discard: (( damage: ))

Discard: 8,7,3,4,9,4,

Discard: Discard is aiming a standard punch to the gut of the nearest guard.

Singha: Okay recap:

Singha: Eddie and Lai move up with the back of the group, antidote in hand and prepped. Big Fatso roars and pulls the dart from him. Trong steps Umbral, and it's not clear if Andy or Izzy's shot has hit him or not, as he disappears. Andy, Merc, Josh, and Izzy are all hit by darts and injected with the drug. Merc and Discard beat the crap out of R2. Josh sends down L2, so there are now 2 Bodyguards still up, 1 Big Fasto still there, and 8 Asian businessmen running in panic across the tarmac away from you all.

Singha: ((And if was unclear on any of who was shooting at who, I apologize))

Singha: ((And if was unclear on any of who was shooting at who, I apologize))

Izzy Malloy: [Still have to spend WP to keep full pools? And how much is the penalty?]

Singha: [[Yes to act again this round, you have to spend WP or fall unconscious]]

Andrew Fisher: *Eddie jumps forward and doses the nearest person, Joshua, with Antidote*

Izzy Malloy: [Consider it spent]

Singha: [[actually technically it's not unconscious, it's paralyzed. You will still be conscious, just unable to move until you are dosed with antidote]]

Joshua Coil: *Done with the dart gun. He's done all that he can. And he does not spend WP if Eddie doses him with the antidote. He grabs his deagle to fire on the bear again.*

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((1 Rage spent)) Antidote administering to Andrew from this one. Izzy after.

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((Gaah, sorry, if I jumped the gun on the new round.))

Singha: Big Fatso roars again, staring down Merc to keep him from advancing on him. ((my diff is 7, if I suceed you can roll WP to resist diff 8))

Singha: 4,5,6,9,8,6,

Mercury: ((I'm assuming my current WP pool))

Mercury: 7,5,

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((Always roll permanent, Merc.))

Discard: Seeing Truong vanish, Discard endeavors to do the same, attempting to slip sideways. (( spending WP. ))

Joshua Coil: 3,2,5,8,7,3,3,

Singha: Trong is Umbral, so you can't see what he's doing. Last 2 BG's are turning to run.

Discard: 4,2,6,

Mercury: (ok re-rolling)

Mercury: 8,2,6,

Singha: To those who are perceptive enough, you can tell that the last 2 BG's are running from Big Fatso.

Joshua Coil: 5,6,3,7,8,8,

Singha: Merc sees the look on the guys face and gets the urge to run away, but masters it and is still able to function.

Andrew Fisher: After Trong! *steps sideways as well* ((Spending a WP))

Andrew Fisher: 1,6,4,

Mercury: ((spending WP to resist lights-out)) He burns Rage at nearly being cowed by this big galut, and he throws two furious punches at the BIG guy.

Mercury: 2,8,8,5,2,5,

Singha: (I'm waiting for Discard's roll to cross the gauntlet))

Mercury: (rolling dmg 1st punch)

Izzy Malloy: *Focuses on hte big guy... Pulling hte trigger, aiming for somewhere NOT his prodigious gut*

Mercury: 8,8,9,4,5,8,

Izzy Malloy: 4,8,8,2,9,

Singha: ((oh sorry there it is, NM))

Izzy Malloy: 5,5,6,9,5,6,3,

Mercury: (2nd punch)

Mercury: 7,3,9,8,7,3,

Izzy Malloy: 8,8,10,4,3,1,4,8,2,

Mercury: (rolling dmg)

Mercury: 6,8,8,7,4,5,10,3,

Singha: 5,7,7,10,8,

Singha: ((is that everybody? All rage actions?))

Andrew Fisher: ((Done))

Joshua Coil: ((Yeap.))

Discard: (( Yus. ))

Laidan [NPC'd]: ((All done.))

Singha: Okay recap:

Singha: Eddie doses Josh with the antidote. Lai hits Andy and Izzy. (You who are antidoted and are no longer spending WP to avoid wound penatlies are now at -2 due to the drug in the darts having dialated your pupils and you being extra sensitive to light and unable to focus your eyes properly

Singha: Big Fatso tries to scare off Merc, but suceeds only at scaring off the 2 bodyguards. Josh shoots big Fatso with his deagle and hits him solidly. Merc smacks Big Fatso with a one two as Izzy shots a good shot into the guy. (more)

Singha: Meanwhile, Andy tries to step Umbrally, but doesn't suceed (you failed Andy, so can't crossover within the hour). Discard, however is moving across the Gauntlet, but slowly.

Singha: 1,

Singha: (okay, did I forget anyone? If not we can proceed to next round)

Discard: (( Let's keep on keep on keep on keep on movin' it ))

Singha: ((and that last was init for new person acting, which puts them last))

Laidan [NPC'd]: Andrew said "After Trong." So after Trong she moves, stepping into the Umbra. He cant get away, they'll need a healer on the other side, and Laidan has his scent. She moves to Step Sideways. ((WP))

Singha: Assuming Eddie runs forward to dose Merc with the antidote?

Andrew Fisher: *Eddie darts forward to dose Merc with the 'dote*

Andrew Fisher: ((Great minds. *L*))

Laidan [NPC'd]: 6,8,3,3,4,

Discard: Discard is, I presume, out of the 'declaration' phase for now. She continues with her extended action of moving through the mollasses of the Gauntlet.

Singha: Big Fatso seems to stubornly be committed to smacking down Merc and slams him upside the head (or tries to)

Mercury: ((phew, cuz he had no more WP to give *L*))

Joshua Coil: ((Shooting the bear. Kill it, kill it NOW...))

Singha: 7,5,8,3,8,7,7,

Singha: 4,7,3,1,8,3,1,4,10,6,7,4,

Singha: (3 bashing Merc roll soak)

Mercury: ((DOes the -2 apply to soak rolls? If it does, I'll re-roll))

Mercury: 3,5,2,

Joshua Coil: 9,2,8,9,8,9,2,

Joshua Coil: 5,5,9,8,9,6,4,7,2,

Mercury: ((GO JOSH!))

Singha -> Laidan [NPC'd]: Lai steps across the gauntlet instantly.

Singha: ((no, -2 apply to actions, not reflexives))

Izzy Malloy: *Guards are down or running. She can't see. Wooozy... Hears the fat guy - doesn't shoot, knowing she might hit Merc instead* [holding action]

Singha: 6,6,9,3,4,

Andrew Fisher: *Andrew runs towards Merc, to help with the fight if needed, heal otherwise*

Singha: 1,10,3,2,4,4,7,

Singha: 6,7,4,6,2,8,

Singha: ((that everybody?))

Andrew Fisher: ((One turn to get to the location since -2 dice penalty))

Mercury: ((I believe that with the bashing and the drug I'm at Mauled, but I'm uncertain. Using -2 dice.)) He feels a rush of Rage and burns it furiously ((burning 2, assuming I got some back)) and punches the bear three times.

Mercury: 3,4,7,9,

Mercury: 5,10,4,2,

Mercury: 3,8,4,6,

Mercury: (rolling dmgs now)

Mercury: 8,1,8,2,5,7,

Mercury: 6,6,1,10,5,6,

Mercury: (ignore the 2nd dmg roll, wrong #)

Mercury: 9,8,2,10,2,

Mercury: 8,9,1,5,10,1,

Mercury: ((done))

Singha: Okay recap...

Singha: Eddie doses Izzy, who wisely keeps from shooting something she can't see which is fighting her packmate, who she also can't see that well. Big Fatso tries to put a smack on Merc but doesn't manage to phase him much, Merc throws a bunch of punches into Fatso, Josh throws a slug or two. Andy runs up to close with Fatso. Meanwhile Lai and Dis are across or crossing the Gauntlet. (more)

Singha: With all the damage and drugs and whatnot moving through this evil bear bastard, the guy seems to be stubornly able to weather a shitpot of it, but then bears are renowned for their willpower. But he does look like he might be going down soon. Especially when a gunshot sounds from the side of the building, and whatever bullet hits the guy seems to be doing more than the lethal damage that Josh's bullets have done.

Singha: There's a moment where every body's prepping to act again, and then Big Fatso teeters back and collapses

Izzy Malloy: [Euff... Nodding off here guys, sorry about that]

Singha: Final count: 4 downed (3 tranqed, one beat unconscious) bodyguards. 1 dead or unconscious Fatso. 1 Umbral Trong. 1 Umbral Laidan who is joined a few seconds later by Discard. 2 running away bodyguards. 8 running away businessmen.

Mercury: (unfortunately I am, too *L*)

Singha: Laidand and Discard discover a paralyzed Trong with two darts sticking out of his back

Mercury: (woo!)

Andrew Fisher: ((*falls to knees and worships Singha*))

Discard: Discard blinks, still somehow expecting some kind of climactic battle that sleepyhead Trong is unlikely to provide. "Uh," she says sagely.

Laidan [NPC]: ((And the player NPC'ing Laidan breathes a sigh of relief.))

Discard: (( Yay! No death! ))

Laidan [NPC]: 9,4,3,8,6,9,

Andrew Fisher: *grabs hold of Merc and spends a Gnosis to heal his comrade*

Singha: and he starts floating up in the umbra

Andrew Fisher: 6,7,5,9,4,8,

Discard: (( right, of course. ))

Joshua Coil: *He watches. Blinks owlishly, and tucks away his gun.* Good girl, *he murmurs, and walks over to the downed opponents.*

: (Thanks, Andrew *L*)

Discard: "Guh!" Discard says, hurriedly grabbing hold of Trong and preventing him from... what? Floating away?

Andrew Fisher: Guys, go help Discard and Laidan. Can't get across here.

Laidan [NPC]: "Knock him out!"

Andrew Fisher: *looks up at Xu* Thank you. *inclines head*

Discard: Discard obeys immediately, dealing a savage punch to the back of Trong's head.

Joshua Coil: *He nods, and looks around for a reflective surface. but finding none, he will still make the attempt to cross over into the Umbra.*

Discard: 2,5,9,3,8,8,5,

Joshua Coil: 4,3,

Laidan [NPC]: ((Can I try to attack, or was my action wasted on feeling his vitals?))

Discard: 2,5,9,3,8,8,5,

Joshua Coil: 4,3,

Laidan [NPC]: ((Can I try to attack, or was my action wasted on feeling his vitals?))

Joshua Coil: *He grunts in frustration.* Sorry, sir, *he mutters.* No go.

Discard: (( any mods to this attack's diff for a prone target, or pre-empts? ))

Singha: Discard grabs Trong and finds both of them are starting to float away.

Singha: ((you can have diff 4. *G*))

Discard: (( Still gonna try to cold cock the dude. ))

Singha: Lai can try to attack.

Discard: (( Damage: ))

Discard: 2,4,9,1,9,2,9,

Discard: Not the best angle for a punch, grabbing a guy... thunk.

Joshua Coil: ((WEll... a'igh.)) *Oh, no wait... THERE it goes. It just takes forever for his brain to click to realize that he IS going across.*

Izzy Malloy: *Squinting. Which makes her look even more like some punk fresh out of an arcade*

Laidan [NPC]: 10,8,9,9,2,

Singha: ((Discard I think your deed name should be Cold Cock. After what you did to Karlos. *G*))

Laidan [NPC]: 5,10,8,5,5,

Joshua Coil: ((*snerk* Well, now, I wouldn't say THAT.))

Andrew Fisher: *moves around to the tranqed guards, taking vitals and checking that they are all alive*

Discard: (( I would agree, but I could see some bad nicknames comin' outta that one. ))

Singha: Xu does a search of Fatso. Who smells really really bad.

Joshua Coil: ((If she were called Cold Cock, I doubt I'd be delivering pizzas to the Sept. *nods seriously*))

Singha: ((LOL I know.))

Laidan [NPC]: ((*GROAN* *G*))

Joshua Coil: *He wades through the thick Gauntlet, but more than likely, as per usual, they are all gone by the time he gets there.*

Singha: Between Lai and Discard pounding on the paralyzed Trong, they get him knocked out. but now have the problem of getting him across the Gauntlet.

Andrew Fisher: ((*just shakes head* Now, if she hooks up with Alec....Ew. *L*))

Laidan [NPC]: ((So, then, he's no longer floating away?))

Singha: ((Josh are you spending WP to cross the Gauntlet? Cause it's not 4 here))

Discard: Discard frowns a little and looks over at Laidan. "It's a bit of a walk to the sept from here," she says helpfully.

Singha: ((Yes when you pummel the guy into unconsciousness, his floaty gift ends. *G*))

Joshua Coil: ((Oh... thought you said you'd give me 4. Was confused. Then NM, DLP. BBQ.))

Laidan [NPC]: ((HEY HEY HEY!! Only ONE Shifter/Wyrmspawn relationship per site, thank you! I got dibs!))

Izzy Malloy: *She heads over to Xu* Got anything? Fuck, can't hardly see... What's in dem darts, coke?

Laidan [NPC]: ((Diff 4 was to attack the Trongster, Josh.))

Discard: (( Oh don't be silly. It's more like only one shifter/wyrmspawn relationship per PLAYER, and even that's a strained rule ))

Singha: (That diff 4 was for Discard and Lai to beat on paralyzed Trong.))

Joshua Coil: *He pokes at the air, as if puzzled, and looks back to Andrew.* So, *he murmurs, and looks up.* You think the girls are okay? No offense, Izzy.

Singha: "Atropine," Xu says, handing Izzy some dark glasses. He hands a pair to Merc, Andy, and Josh, as well.

Joshua Coil: ((*sniffles* She likes me better...))

Izzy Malloy: 'Sawright Josh, wouldn't be the first time ya gots girls 'n' boys mixed up.

Andrew Fisher: *gives a worried frown and stares off into space* I don't know. *cocks his head and asks the air apparently* Could you check on them Crow? Please?

Andrew Fisher: *takes the glasses and slips them on* Thanks.

Joshua Coil: *He looks over, and takes the glasses.* What, *he says flatly,* no t-shirts too?

Discard: "Sis, what're we gonna do? I think I slept through my Umbral Theory class."

Andrew Fisher: *listens for the presence of the spirit*

Singha: "Along with some Rhino tranquilizer. If you don't get the antidote in a half hour, it stops your heart and respiration."

Joshua Coil: *His head swivels to Izzy. He's spent all but one WP. And her throat is looking VERY tasty from that comment.*

Izzy Malloy: Atrowhut?

Laidan [NPC]: She checks Trong's vitals again, murmuring to Discard. "Go make sure the others are okay, Discard. I will stay here with Trong."

Laidan [NPC]: ((Per+Med again))

Andrew Fisher: *he nods* Trong is down. We need to figure out how to get him across, and fast.

Laidan [NPC]: 5,7,6,4,6,8,

Discard: Discard looks real fidgety about that. "You sure I shouldn't stay? If floaty McGee wakes up and pulls something outta his ass, I might be better able to deal with ... it ... "

Izzy Malloy: *A smirk up at Josh* Relax, damn it. Can't take an Ahroun anywhere these days

Singha: Xu looks over at Andrew, raising a brow, as if curious as to how he knows what's going on the other side. Then he seems to realize. "If you are speaking through a totem, tell them to tell Trong that he's going to die without the antidote, so he'd better crossover with you and let you give it to him."

Andrew Fisher: *relays the message to Crow and hopes he will pass it on* But, if we bring him back, won't we have to fight him again?

Singha: A crow spirit flutters to Dis and Lai and forwards the message Andy gave him.

Andrew Fisher: ((Back conscious...D'oh.))

Discard: Discard looks embarrassed. "Oh, uh," she says to Crow. "We kind of knocked him out because he was flying away."

Discard: "How long does he have until he dies?"

Singha: Xu shakes his head. "As soon as he's across, just choke him out and only give him enough antidote to keep his heart beating and lungs working."

Laidan [NPC]: As she goes to respond to Discard, she gets the message. With a nod, she looks to Trong, frowning a little. He's unconscious. She places her hands on him, to heal the cold cock wounds.

Laidan [NPC]: 6,2,9,7,5,4,

Discard: (( ... cock wounds. I am too tired to make a joke on that, so all of you should assume that I already did. ))

Singha: Meanwhile, the pilot is starting up the chopper.

Singha: Lai heals Trong enough to get him conscious.

Singha: 4,3,10,2,2,4,6,

Singha: And Xu takes 2 items off the corpse of Fatso.

Singha: Lai and Dis roll cha+expression or man+intimidation to convice Trong to go with you.

Laidan [NPC]: She speaks to the fallen Zhong Lung quietly, calmly. "Trong Vu. You have tranquilizer in your system. It will kill you if you do not cross over with us, where we may give you the antidote."

Laidan [NPC]: 8,9,5,2,

Discard: Discard does what she can to 'convince' Trong that it is in his best interest to slip sideways. "Listen, you're going to die pretty soon, chief. I don't have the antidote that can save you from that stuff, but my friends on the Other Side do."

Discard: (( DLP ))

Discard: 9,10,9,9,

Discard: Discard apparently smiles quite winningly to Trong. "We don't wanna see you die, man. Just cooperate with us and it's gonna be okay."

Singha: 6,1,8,2,8,5,5,

Singha: Trong is convinced and crosses over with them.

Discard: Yay!

Andrew Fisher: *once across, enough antidote is administered to keep him alive, and everyone is loaded onto the helicopter*

Discard: Discard assists in the subdual and healing of Trong, including donating yet another of her famous Cold Cocks if necessary.

Laidan [NPC]: ((*Whew* "Guys, we got Trong, but he's kinda...well, dead. But HERE YOU GO!" Yeah, that'da been BAD.))

Discard: (( "Our bad!" ))

Singha: But it takes him 30 seconds. (and with that, you guys, I have ~got~ to go, I have once again blown off hunny when I was supposed to spend the evening with the S/O. You guys load Trong up in the chopper and take off. You can leave Fatso on the tarmac or you can throw him in a building or on the plane and leave him, since the chopper won't handle the extra weight of him.))

Izzy Malloy: [And, seriously. Brain oozing from ears here... *L* CVaffeine no longer sustaining vital systems... Danger, will robinson...]

Joshua Coil: ((Discard's Cold Cocks. It's ... cockerrific.))

Andrew Fisher: ((You see...he sorta....KILLED HIMSELF! Yeah! That's it.))

Discard: (( I think I prefer "Cocktastic" ))

Discard: (( Thank you Singha! ))

Andrew Fisher: ((Thanks Singha. For everything. ))

Joshua Coil: ((T'anks! Was fun... and I sleep now too... waking in four hours...))

Laidan [NPC]: ((THANK YOU for the scene, Singha. You rock.))

Singha: [[thanks for playing guys, take care.]]

Discard: (( You too.4 ))

Discard: (( *stumbles to bed to take a 3.5ish hour nap* ))

Laidan [NPC]: ((I say we leave the big guy on the tarmac. Unless several people want to go crinos and pick the big guy UP...))

Laidan [NPC]: ((Log will be sent out shortly, guys.))

Andrew Fisher: ((No....dump his ass and run like hell. *nods*))

: ((oh yeah...Xu stays behind in Pennsylvania to take care of Fatso's body))

: ((loads him on the baggage cart and gets him the flock outta there. *G* Now I'm gone))

Joshua Coil: ((Oh hell no. He smells. But we did get sunglasses. Which is pretty coo'. I was hoping for the tee shirt as well.))

Andrew Fisher: ((I really wanted the tee shirt.))

Joshua Coil: (("I went to take out a Dragon King and all I got was this lousy tee shirt."))