: Is lurking to see what the dealo is.

Ravyn: So. The location today is the Perry Street Theatre, near Greenwich Village. Tonight, the theatre is home to a concert. Yesterday at some point, through regular mail, slipped under the door of your home, on the window of your car, or some other way, you ended up with the following invitation. http://www.geocities.com/ravynfeather/invite.htm ((Insert your own name and Tradition for "Jody Yu, Akashic Brotherhood"; for a better-looking one, view this .pdf file, http://www.geocities.com/ravynfeather/invite.pdf ))

: (Devi) The same for me.

Ravyn: ((The only requirement for being in this scene, beyond being a mage, is that your character was interested enough by the invitation to show. The invitation doubles as a ticket, and is therefore free of charge.))

Abbey Randelle: *that sphinx. again! this time she takes the ticket. warding her mind and heading out*

Ravyn: ((And if the image was broken in the html page, hit refresh now. :P))

Terry O'Brian: *Terry makes sure that he's got half-way decent clothes on, and he shows up, a bit concerned with how they know about him*

: ((hmmmm))

Abbey Randelle: (enochian)

Abbey Randelle: 9,6,9,

Travis Kennedy: Travis heads to the place, taking a cab, with the invitation in hand.

Abbey Randelle: (arete.. extended roll, done in the manor)

Abbey Randelle: 3,9,8,

Abbey Randelle: 6,5,3,

Abbey Randelle: 5,7,2,

Melinda Stowe: Since there was no dress code on the invitation, to which with recent events, intrigued her enough to come out of the sanctuary of her home. She heads in the direction of the theater. Her bag over her shoulder. DD There is something different about the girl. The pale creature would stand of average height, if she where to stand upright that is, instead she tends to slouch giving her a bit of a hunched quality to her. She looks to be in her mid to late 20’s, a fairly plain looking girl, one that doesn't stand out, easily overlooked as just another face in the crowd. Shoulder length mousy brown hair that is flat and limp frames her distinctly triangular face, her hair is so lacking in style it appears she must take a pair of scissors to trim her own hair. Her eyes are a pale brown that on anyone might be considered quite beautiful if not for the blue tinge to the whites of her eyes, giving her a slight surreal quality. Her body just as plan as her face, enough curves to show she is definitely a girl but not enough to really attract attention either. Wearing a loose Black overshirt with long sleeves, unbuttoned to expose the loose black Tee-shirt underneath, relaxed fit blue jeans and black sneakers finish her ensemble.

: ((great... dunno whom to play if ARlett or Dragana for once))

Ravyn: The Perry Street Theatre itself is not a large place; in fact, it's a little run-down. While at some point it probably hosted some of the nicer Off-Broadway shows, it's now home to concerts by smaller, independant bands, and doubles for a rave club Fridays and Saturdays. There's quite a crowd outside, coming up to see Carnal Shade; mostly poseur goths and neo-punks.

Cori: *how...curious. well, why not? baggy black jeans and a plain green man's dress shirt, shortsleeved. there! she's all fancy and stuff.*

Terry O'Brian: *Terry's definitely making sure his Arcane is active in this crowd*

Melinda Stowe: Across the street from the club, back plastered to the wall, she watches the people linning up to get in and the people walking around, keeping her breathing even despite it's shallowness.

Abbey Randelle: *a picture of whiteness and purity, the delicate albino pulls up in her saturn, cold grey eyes taking in the familiar Theatre. she'd been here for a rave once..a glance at the crowd tells her little has changed as she parks up the street and retreives a long satin case from her backseat*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((Since they just played moving a couple of nights ago going to play she recived it at a goth club. like she has been attending or a goth coffee house looking for CR, assuming that is ok. Though must say I am a bit surprised this isn't finishing up the robert trap but curious))

Cori: *She's tall, slightly over six feet. And so skinny she might disappear if she turns sideways. Her skin is pale enough to make a vampire green with envy, and her short, smooth cap of hair is as brightly golden as summer sunlight. Her golden eyebrows tend to fade into that milkwhite skin. She's as plain as a whitewashed wall, with big brown eyes and a wide, thin mouth that's usually curled into a merry grin. With her build and height--and a bosom that looks as it's been stuck on as an afterthought, a very small afterthought--it's not too hard to mistake her for a young man.*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*sighs* well.... Concert....damm so hard to make my mind))

Abbey Randelle: (anyone needing a dd for the french menace, gimme a holler)

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: DD>He's cleaned up quite a bit. His hair is clearly a dirty blonde color, and not due to, well, dirt. And it's been cut. A cheap, quick job, but it's less shaggy, though still unruly, though he's clearly made the attempt at combing it. Even the clothes he is wearing are a bit less ratty, like he picked up some "new" stuff cheap somewhere.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *the tiny lady was walking up tp the place, umbrella at hand as green eyes analyse anything on her sight*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: The woman looks to be in her late teens or early twenties, ad she could probably have passed by someone beautiful but wryness and God’ knows what has let a trail in her young features. Her green eyes are severe, though there is a trail of distraction in there, constantly changing from full awareness to what surrounds her to a vague dozing of into unknown thoughts. Her dark red hair could fall freely in long curls until reach her hips if not were for the pins and stuff on it that keeps it high over her head. Wearing cargo pants, a tight shirt that embraces her frame, dark colours, traveller’s boots and a long brownish/red trench coat. Her height hardly going to the 5’ but despite the shortness, she posses a tough built, of someone used to keep in form. A medallion hangs at her chest, representing a curling dragon and a plain, silver brand of ring adorns her left hand. She walks, carrying herself with the confidence of someone who knows the grown she steps on. http://www.geocities.com/furygodess/Elaine.html

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((That's fine. *S* A little bit more to go with Robert, I'm afraid. Unforeseen events prevented me from getting everything done on set-up there.))

Travis Kennedy: Travis's cab pulls right up to the front of the building, and he steps out of the back seat and looks around, unafraid and ready to see the show. He's in black dress pants, a long sleeved dark shirt with a turtleneck, and is wearing red and gray racing gloves on his hands. A dark ball cap is pulled low over his face, casting a shadow over it. Tiny oval glasses float on a handsome face.

Melinda Stowe: She slides the ticket out of her pocket and then glances once more across the street. closing her eyes for a brief moment, before adjusting the bag on her shoulder and headding across the street, keeping as far away from people as she possibly can. She is headding to the front of the line ticket in hand to see if she cannot get in before these people, so she doesn't have to stand in line with them.

Ravyn: As the people arrive, the bouncers slowly start letting people through the door, one at a time. The crowd starts to slowly filter in. The buzz on the band is high, for those paying attention...apparently, Carnal Shade is one of the bigger up-and-coming bands in the scene.

Cori: *plods down the street cheerfully, her ticket in the hand shoved deep into her pocket. big brown eyes curious*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Curious as to the mysterious invite, not to mention it just sounds interasting. So attends the event dressed for the occasion.*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he heads up, he has his invitation/ticket thing, and is looking around for other people he might know*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *A very attractive teen girl with a pale complexion, just under average height with a petite frame curved just enough in all the right places. Short raven black hair hangs just past her chin, dyed with red, blue, blonde, green and purple streaks, purple bangs frame her face. A cigarette is often found dangling between her cherry red lips. Thick black eye liner and red eyeshadow, highlights her brilliant green eyes. Wearing a black full length gothic victorian style skirt that flares out near her feet and a pair of black bondage lock four inch heels. A black satin and gothic lace strapless buister, laced up in the front with purple laces and trim. Around her neck is a black velvet choker, with a silver pentacle hanging from it resting in the hollow of her throat.* (( http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=25 ))

Travis Kennedy: He looks like a poser goth, or a beatnik poet. He gets in line and waits to be let in

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *slides in.. and immidiatly groans* Concert... my bloody ass... what is that noise *under her breath*

Abbey Randelle: *she waits to be let in, half expecting to be turned away at the door with a faulty ticket, indignance already prepped... she was beginning to think she should have snipers set at the corner of the manor walls, so as to shoot trespassers onto her property. the avon lady would get something of a shock*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((should have brought in Alrett *snickers* JUST realsing something))

Ravyn: The bouncer gives Melinda a look as she tries to cut in line, and points back. "End of the line's there. There here's the front. 'case you're confused."

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he'll get into line...just another face in the crowd, nothing to see here...*

Cori: *she just looks...androgynous. and out of place. and she doesn't give a flip either way.*

Melinda Stowe: She looks at theline then back to the bouncer, her head still bowed, she moves off to the side, that the line is not and puts her back to the wall, and waits. There is No fucking way she is getting in line with them.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Gets in line, nothing new.* ((thats ok Drag I think I might have misunderstood the invite a little too*s*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*snickers* so we got the fancy ones to the groovy place *giggles*))

Abbey Randelle: *a few cretins and posuers pay attention to her.. perhaps some of them recognize the porceloin creature. she ignores their existance, hand slipping to brush the strap at her shoulder. she moves into the Theatre wordlessly*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *just making her way in, with a grunt.... bloody invitations*

Travis Kennedy: He makes his way in as well, cap pulled low.

Ravyn: Slowly, everyone gets in through the door, passing through a foyer with bathrooms and a concession area, before getting into the auditorium area. It's standing room only in here, obiovusly, and the walls are painted with murals out of Hindu mythology. The stage is up-front, quite raised from the floor. The insturments are out, though the band is not.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he heads in when he gets to the front of the line*

Abbey Randelle: 5,7,7,3,

Melinda Stowe: Yes, she will wait till the last person get's let into the place before moving to the bouncer, now that she is the line, if the ticket needs to be presented she will show it to him, before making her way in.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *Shakes her herad, simply moving to a place she can see around.... frowning, grunting stil under her breath*

Abbey Randelle: *a pass of icy grey eyes across the floor, an inclination of her head to Mr. Kennedy. DRagana. mm. fated. how unpleasant. then likely it wasn't just her who received the invitation*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *goes in with the herd of people, feeling a little overdressed. But shrugs it off mentally and just chats up anyone cute paying attetion to her.*

Cori: *sometimes, being tall is SUCH a bonus. looks over the walls curiously from over the heads of a good number of the people there, more than likely*

Travis Kennedy: He steps into the auditorium and blends into the crowd, setting himself up front and near the side of the stage. (wits+slth)

Travis Kennedy: 4,3,10,9,3,

Ravyn: Melinda does in fact enter last, and after her, the nice velvet curtain is drawn back...the club is filled to capacity.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry attempts to lose himself in the crowd, trying to get near the front, but to one of the sides, whichever is easier. He's too short to look over peoples' heads*

Melinda Stowe: Keeping her head down she makes her way into the auditorium sticking to the back wall,away from as many as she can, eyes darting about.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *frowns and keeps moving, searching for an advantage point to survey around, her frown growing at moments*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 5,5,8,5,8,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: (8nhe to notice peeps) *and frowing even more at noticing Travis, huffs, and there is that girl, shakes her head faintly and surveys*

Cori: *just mingles with the various people around, amking sure the flaps on her various pockets are buttoned down. and that her shirt's not tucked in. harder, slightly, to get your pocket picked*

Ravyn: The music playing is a horrid goth-techno mix as everyone settles in...the kind that's just jarring in sound, and just...doesn't work well together. Certainly, this DJ needs to be fired. A keyboard, drum set, bass and main guitar is on-stage, along with the microphones, of course. Travis ends up next to the speakers.

Abbey Randelle: *alright. where was this searing and ravaging? she'd not come to listen to this hardcore tripe.*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ughs *and the toruter begins*

Cori: *wrinkles her nose and shoves forefingers into her ears, chuckling at the stuff. geez--it's worse than her singing! um...almost*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *flicking ashes aside carefull not to burn anyone on accident. Least they know how to make sure the band sounds better when they start.*((assuming of course no one made her put the cigarette out))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: (toruter=tortur))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((torture))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Thanks))

Travis Kennedy: He smiles and blends in with the rest of the crowd, mimicing what they do.

Melinda Stowe: The music get's totally ignored despite it's blairing quality, because there is more to contend with, such as keeping one hand on her bag over her shoulder and keeping as far away from the masses as she can.

Abbey Randelle: *she stands with due grace and delicacy amidst the crowd, near the back of the room. the pale thing would prefer not to be trapped. a polite smile to the bouncer*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((yw, my spellng sucks too. Just one of the few words I know how to spell*s*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he'll lean against the wall as close to the front as he can get and he'll wait for things to begin*

Ravyn: No one forces Roxy to put out the cigarette. As people get settled in (though there's a few that were, unbelivably, seeming to enjoy the music enough to dance to), the gothic techno mercifully dies down, and the light set-up on the ceiling that has been sending all those strobe lights around the hall goes off, casting the entire hall in total darkness.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*giggles* good!))

Cori: *somewhere slightly to the left of center, near the back but not right at it*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *Lifts an eye brow, leaves it go for five secons even and if by then it is still in darkness she wihspers under her breath, to allow her eyes piece the dark *((simple force one.. IF the darkness last more then normal))

Abbey Randelle: *she tenses slightly. darkness was not something she was entirely comfortable with, given the nature of that ticket*

Travis Kennedy: He has nothing to steal, really. He stands there, a waiting target barely hidden in the mass of people, dark clothing obscuring him in the darkness.

Melinda Stowe: Her hand twitches as the lights go totally out, she tries not to let the panic set in.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 8,10,9,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *takes a drag off her cigarette, hardly finding the dramatics out of place nor the wandering hand she has to slap away in the darkness*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *and narrows her eyes, in case the lights go on sudenly it won't blind her*

Ravyn: The voice of the DJ comes over the sound speakers, as a screen at the back of the stage flares to life in a visualization that is moving along to the music. "Ladies and gentlemen...the Perry Street Theatre is proud to present, straight from the dark side...Necromane Recording artists...CARNAL SHADE!" Several forms, silhouetted against the screen, move onto the stage. The lights come on to focus on the stage, revealing the band.

Travis Kennedy: "Awesome..." Someday he'll be that cool.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*S* making point in that IF the light off just lasted a few seconds she didn't do the effect, but I rolled not to make wait...))

Abbey Randelle: *abbey glances to the doorway, ensureing it is in fact still open. a slight purse of lips at the curtain, muted annoyance*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *blinking, frowning, waiting*

Ravyn: ((I gotcha, Dragana.))

Cori: *waits calmly for the lights to come back up, and cocks her head curiously when they do, eyeballing the stage*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he watches, both the band and the crowd...someone knew who he was, and he's expecting magic to start happening at any moment.*

Melinda Stowe: She stands near the curtain leaddingout but her back pressed to the wall behind her she blinks a few times, and tries to get her breathing back under controll, as she glances to the stage, and around her as best she can.

Eternity Sheyd: *The drum beat is the first to be heard. And then, the voice joins in, almost Cure-like in sound, but... more ominous. A female voice, Alto. A lace gloved hand reaches out to the audience, as she sings... the first lines, just with that drum beat in the back ground. Almost a chanting quality to it. The smoke machines aren't cheap either... it's steaming, gorgeous.*

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey remains, still and silent at the back. watching the proceedings with icy suspiscion. face calm and prefectly polite. you would think she was at a society gathering, were it not for her blade slung carefully down her back*

Cori: *listens to the song, head tilted. tempted to see what else she can 'see'. but now would be a bad place, with that kind of an invite*

Travis Kennedy: "Awesome..." He repeats, stowing away ideas for future grand entrances.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *sighs and huffs, marvelous, listens*

Melinda Stowe: She eyes the smoke machines, wondering if they were part of the norm for something like this, as she has never been to one of these before.

Eternity Sheyd: *Impressive, smoke rising, with her voice, as it increases in volume... a slow, almost sultry opener, and then... the beat starts up. Hardcore, a contrast to the opener. Her hair short, spiked. Black, with blue tips. Lips painted black, her eyes lined... and her costume, ripped black lace, leaving very little up to the imagination.*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *listens quietly, waiting for something to happen, and so he's having some bit of difficulty enjoying the music*

Travis Kennedy: And she's hot... He might have to start listening to music.

Ravyn: The crowd starts to cheer as the first chords play, and Eternity's voice comes. The obligatory writhing and twisting dances start to come from some of the black lace-clad, white-faced crowd...most of them, though stare, enraptured, as the frontwoman and her band start the visual assault.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *Folds her arms, and looks around, for anything out of place... that are not bloody kids pretending to be ghosts*

Ravyn: ((visual=aural))

Cori: *bounces a bit to the beat, eyes alternating between the stage adn scanning the crowd slowly. still with a small, cheery little grin on her face*

Travis Kennedy: Pale face, jet black hair, dark clothing. Damn, he fits right in!

Melinda Stowe: She keeps an eye on those smoke machines, leary.

Ravyn: ((And it's time for a Perception+Awareness roll from all who can))

Cori: *she's got the pale skin..but that bright blonde hair and green shirt? um--no. not exactly a bastion of Gothy goodness*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Can't help but smile a bit, defently something under normal situations she would be into. Still hot musicians, cool music and a good performance doesn't grow on tree's so to speak and joins in with those around her*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 9,7,5,8,9,10,

Travis Kennedy: 8,4,4,8,

Abbey Randelle: 9,4,5,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((WP, cuz Terry is expecting something))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 2,8,3,9,9,2,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 2,1,9,1,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((oh! *snugz dies*))

Cori: 3,5,7,2,5,4,

Melinda Stowe: 10,9,6,9,5,

Eternity Sheyd: *Boy, that girl can MOVE. Her band isn't so bad either. The lead guitarist male, slender as usual. Equally gothic hardcore. None of them seem disturbed in the slightest.*

Abbey Randelle: *well suprise suprise. she takes a closer look at the mass of people writhing and stareing around her*

Ravyn: ((1 Success: Something unnatural just happened. 2 Successes: Something unnatural just happened, and it's coming from the stage area. 3 Successes: Something unnatural just came from the whole band, though Eternity is the focus. 4 Successes: PM me))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: five suxx =) for once!

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((PM))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *utterly oblivious. Perhaps the universe isn't even noticing him enough to give him the heads up, but he's just hanging around the sides, watching people, expecting someone to do something magical in the near future*

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: The Resonance of the magic is a spinning, whirling ball of dizzyingly wild abandon.

Cori: *a nearly invisible eyebrow picks up some of the glitter from the stage as it migrates toward her hairline*

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: The Resonance of the magic is a spinning, whirling ball of dizzyingly wild abandon.

Travis Kennedy: His eyes peer out from under the dark cap and through the tiny glasses, watching the stage as he moves slowly to the music, just like everyone else around him.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: do I get to know what its doing?

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: Dragana also recognizes it as Mind & Prime magic, as the effect flows out, grabbing something from the Sleepers around and sucking it back to Eternity and the rest of the band.

Ravyn: ((Also, anyone with 2+ successes and the Mind or Prime Sphere, PM me.))

Melinda Stowe: Her hand slips into her bag grasping the PDA when her sences that seem to be on full alert mode as is alerts her. She closes her eyes blinking several times, her hand tightening on the PDA, as she focuses on the band.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: got both too...

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((wait son info to act =) ))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((had 3 success and a mind 3 and prime 1 if it matters))

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((I know, that's what I just told ya. *G*))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Roxy recognizes it as Mind & Prime magic, as the effect flows out, grabbing something from the crowd and sucking it back to Eternity and the rest of the band.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: sorry missed it *bluishes*

Ravyn: ((And lastly, everyone who got at least one success on the Awareness roll, roll me WP to avoid being hit by the effect.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 7,3,5,5,4,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Notices a few things, glances to the stage. But mostly pays very special attetion to those around her. How they seem to be acting*(if you want a roll just let me know))

Travis Kennedy: 9,2,4,3,6,8,4,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *Frowns, scowling, bloody to much sleepers in here, she moves first to snatch a cigarrete from someone, and simply trhow it like not wanting on a trash can.... if she starts a fire... at least the SMART sleepers will run for it. She then moves and starts focusing on.... stoping what ever this band is doing* ((well... countering! *S*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((ack, nevermind. ignore that. no chance to resist. *beats head on desk*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,4,7,4,1,6,3,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 4,3,9,7,9,9,1,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ergs... or not... damm it!))

Abbey Randelle: 7,10,10,7,9,8,2,

Melinda Stowe: 9,2,2,3,7,

Abbey Randelle: (i win all wp rolls)

Melinda Stowe: ((*shakes head* wow))

Cori: 9,5,7,8,1,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((abbey stole my sixxece *G*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((I can't type))

Ravyn: Abbey, Travis, & Roxy are all able to "dodge" the effect of the magic snaking out over the crowd, like a toxic cloud spreading out through the deceptively seductive voice of Eternity. Cori and Melinda try to avoid the effect, but start to fall into it, finding the feeling quite painful as they feel something get pulled straight from their Avatars. Poor Terry & Dragana, on the other hand, get entranced by the music, and as painful as the effect is, they find themselves staring at the stage, enraptured as they fall under the same effect as Cori and Melinda.

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: ((You have lost 1 Quintessence, which is being pulled directly out of your pattern.))

Ravyn -> Cori: ((You have lost 1 Quintessence, which is being pulled directly out of your pattern. You can stiull act.))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((You have lost 2 Quintessence, which is being pulled directly out of your pattern.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ehh! ok. now questiong, we realised.. can I spend a willpower to 'try and act'?))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *ouch! what the hell is that...oooh, she's good...stares up at the stage*

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((You have lost 2 Quintessence, which is being pulled directly out of your pattern.))

Travis Kennedy: He continues on, watching the stage under the shadow of his ballcap. (Are we unaware of the effect we dodged?)

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: OUCH!... again could spend a willpower to just try and shield herslef out of it?))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((I also have a question just to be certian. Those of us that dodge it, can we tell it was a magic "attack" and I use the term loosely, that was targeted at us?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *but just ass he was moving on action she starts at the stage, a faint grunt of pain scaping her as she ... just... listens and stares... what was she doing? the mosic is actaly...*

Cori: *scowls darkly and looks over the crowd carefully*

Melinda Stowe: That is it she is out of there, tearing her eyes from the stage, she heads out of the curtain and into the entrance area away from the people and the pain and such, headding to the doors out.

Eternity Sheyd: *Yes, that hand reaches out to THEM, individually, those gorgeous, powerful eyes watching them. The melodies meant for them. You belong to me, such thrumming words...*

Ravyn: ((Yes, you are aware that you have dodge something magical. Unless I PM'd you due to having 2+ successes and Mind or Prime, you don't know what you just dodged, just that something tried to target you.))

Cori: ((per/alert))

Cori: 2,3,6,9,6,9,8,

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((At this point, Dragana, no. Someone has to actually break your concentration before you can act.))

Abbey Randelle: *well then. The girl moves from her position on the wall towards the stage. band starts playing. magic happens. she may not be the cleverest creature on the face of the earth, but she can put two and two together. she makes to disturb the equipment,best to do this peacefully and efficiently. cold grey eyes sweep the stage as she begins to murmer a command quietly to fate*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: aww ^nods* ok, thanks))

Travis Kennedy: Hmm, they've found me! He slips back into the crowd to try and blend in better in the center of it. (wits+slth, WP)

Travis Kennedy: 5,7,10,1,2,

Abbey Randelle: (rolling enoch and then arete. just entropy glitching the amp)

Cori: *that would be Abbey. narrows her big eyes further, assessing. the woman didn't seem to type. begins the slow wriggling process to try and get closer to Abs, keeping her gaze on the pale creature*

Abbey Randelle: 3,7,9,

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Once out on the streets, she is interrupting the power, blowing a transformer that supplies power to the club.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((all things considered, and they way you described things. Roxy is going to begin a counter magic, since I am guessing this is a continues effect. By counter I mean the mind 1 and or adding prime to build a personal defense, assuming that is ok. Will roll a int + occult first to lower dif to think up the best protection spell first if you approve))

Abbey Randelle: 8,2,3,

Ravyn: Melinda makes her way to the exit, past the entranced concessions guy. When she hits the curtain, she finds herself blocked in. She can't...quite...get to the curtain to draw it aside.

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Sounds good. Roll it, then your Countermagick.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((well since she wasn't personally effected it wouldn't be counter magic correct? just using the mind 1 and maybe adding in prime to build a personaly protection. One of the things you can do with mind 1))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((That's what I meant...you said countermagic first. ;) ))

Melinda Stowe: She backs up to a wall, trying not to panic and pulls out her PDA, scrolling through to find what she needed, keeping her eyes alert, this needed towork. ((Quint to lower diff, and WP))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((yeah poor choice of words on my part*s* ok int + occult first then 3 arete rolls.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 2,7,10,8,8,9,5,5,

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Doing a correspondence 3, forces 2 effect, to locate the transformer, and letting there be a power surge))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 3,6,6,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 7,7,2,

Ravyn: Abbey finds one of the speakers starting to flicker out, though the other three are going strong.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 1,4,8,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *useless caught on just listening to the music*

Melinda Stowe: 10,3,3,

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Make sure you give other people time to post...each roll is a "turn."))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *can do nothing, the music has captured him*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((ok so unless I am totally wrong the diff was sphere 1 + 3 = 4, then minus 3 for the success on the int + occult but the mimium diff is a 2(unless I am wrong) for a total of 8 success - 1 for a 1 rolled on the finally roll for 7 success.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((yeah was just doing the rolls now then will do IC posting as she builds the effects up))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*sighs ^* and seems Dragana won't do anything.. as beeing I am soon to be called for souper... is near that time of sunday =( ))

Abbey Randelle: * slight purse of lips. she frowns slightly, too many fated.. or one grenade would stop all this foolishness. she makes towards the stage, unlatching her blade with skilled fingers and searching for the cords of the amps. magic was not entirely effective. lets do this the old fashioned way.*

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Minimum diff on any roll is 3. 6 successes, but your effect won't go off for another couple "turns" worth.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *notes a few things that are just not right and begins. Takes a moment to think, then a slow smile spreads over her lips as she thinks of the perfect thing. She rubs the penticle around her neck and chant a few incations*((For first roll))

Cori: *slowly ozzes through the crowd until she's in Abbey's line of vision, to one side of the pale woman. brown eyes filled with a frown as they dart around, glance to Abbey, then around again*

Wyvern -> Ravyn: *bangs head* I forgot there was a game today. Can I still bounce in?

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: *snugz* I am called...=( sorry.. Dragana doens't seem to have any luck on themonthly games if EVER she can do anything.. she'l tyr to counter.. or take the head off the singer... IF I need to go))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*pouts and leaves the DRagana in Ravyns hands*)) I need to go... for like an hour))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((ah otay i knew it was 2 or 3 but wasn't sure which, and for protection you can't just build it up? having them kick in with each roll and just keep building them up. no worries regardless just checking))

Ravyn -> Wyvern: ((Not for today's game, I'm afraid...it would be fairly impossible at this point, as the entire group is trapped inside one building, and I'd have an aneurysm trying to bring you up to date. *Wince* Sorry...))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((anyone still... well able to notice such things, could roll awarness for my effects))

Eternity Sheyd: 3,3,4,8,5,8,

Abbey Randelle: (rollin per alert to find cords. then per aware to notice magic flyin around)

Abbey Randelle: 8,2,6,8,

Abbey Randelle: 10,5,7,

Wyvern -> Ravyn: ((No worries, thanks anyway. *s* Not like I was only five minutes late. *c* Have fun!))

Cori: 4,7,6,8,4,10,

Travis Kennedy: (awareness to notice the magic flying around)

Travis Kennedy: 9,1,10,9,

Eternity Sheyd: *A hand moves to one of the security guards, and points to the side of the stage. The song doesn't stop.*

Ravyn: A security guard moves up, toward Abbey, glowering.

Eternity Sheyd: 9,4,4,8,10,

Ravyn: Abbey does see the cords for the amplifiers, as well, as the guard comes up close.

Eternity Sheyd: *And now, she looks disturbed. A flicker of eyes, but she keeps the song up, as it flows to another. She looks over to the keyboardist.*

Melinda Stowe: She pulls out a VR headset with a screan that goes over to rest in front of her eye and she quickly plug it into the PDA, since what she did didn't even come close. Her eyes dart around the area to see who all is looking at her as she crouches down, and tries yet again.

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((3 rolls, same thing Corr 2 Forces @! to blow the transformer))

Travis Kennedy: He glances over in Anatasia's direction, but then turns back to watch the stage.

Abbey Randelle: *catch me if you can sir, she darts in one fell swoop towards the cords* (ok to roll dex + ath to dart and yank?)

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *trying to stay low in the crowd as cover. Not really all that tall to begin with.*

Melinda Stowe: 7,5,8,

Cori: *keeps an eye on the proceedings. maybe she'd be able to just....fall. on the guard, to keep him off Abbey. the idea of making the music stop seems a good one to her*

Ravyn: ((Yeah, Abbey, roll Dex+Athletics))

Ravyn: ((Following is Dex+Athletics for the guard to reach Abbey.))

Ravyn: 4,3,5,5,4,

Abbey Randelle: (dif -2, athletcis aptitude. )

Cori: ((IS the guard in a position for her to do that? no fancy tricks...just let her lanky self topple when he goes to get ahold of Abbey. she did move near the woman.))

Abbey Randelle: 3,6,8,3,9,9,9,2,

Melinda Stowe: 4,5,1,

Eternity Sheyd: ((Holy CRAP!))

Ravyn: ((Yes, Cori. Roll a Dex+Athletics, as he's trying to move past, though.))

Cori: 2,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((is there anything Terry can even attempt to do, or just stare at the stage like an idiot?))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Well, NOW... *S*))

Melinda Stowe: ((*winces* and waits to roll the last roll for Mel*))

Ravyn: Abbey does in fact yank the cords and book, and the guard doesn't get far. Cori, on the other hand, tries to flop on the guard, and falls a little short. As she falls, her head collides with the guard's knee, knocking her silly. ((Roll Soak, Cori.))

Cori: 7,10,

Ravyn: 4,6,2,

Melinda Stowe: 1,8,6,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((Is Terry quite aware of what happened to him and who is responsible, or just pain and then a trance?))

Ravyn: ((Cori Soaks))

Cori: ((*kisses the roller* heh. you mean--she got knocked sillIER....))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Pain and trance))

Ravyn: As the cords get pulled out, the crowd, Terry, and Dragana shake it off for a moment. The keyboardist, though, runs up and grabs the cords, moving to plug them back in.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he finally snaps out of it, and starts to look around, trying to figure out what just happened to him*

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((You can assume your effect has gone off by now, BTW. *S*))

Ravyn: ((Int+Occult, Terry)) And then, out of nowhere, as the cords get plugged in, all power goes completely out, plunging the entire vicinity into darkness as somewhere, a transformer just happens to...die.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((no occult, so he's baffled))

Abbey Randelle: (Abbey wasn't moving. she was running TO the cords, and pulling. no moving off)

Cori: *tries to clamber back upright*

Ravyn: ((My mistake, I read "dart and yank" as "yank and dart."))

Melinda Stowe: Plunged into darkness, in her crouched position she moves to a corner to, if there is a crush or if someone wanted to get to her, she would no longer be there.

Abbey Randelle: *somewhere in the dark theres the soft soothing sound of a sword being unsheathed*

Ravyn: EDIT: The keyboardist approaches Abbey, to try and get the cords from her. As he gets within arm's reach, all power goes completely out, plunging the entire vicinity into darkness as somewhere, a transformer just happens to...die.

Cori: *tries to get upright ~faster~. being on the floor in the middle of a crowd about to panic doesn't sound fun.*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *more confused than usual, Terry relies on his normal defense...he's going to hide in the crowd* ((stealth roll coming up))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((ok was waiting to be sure*s* a quick question is the effect going on a duration style? As in has it be effectively cast and now just going until the duration runs out? There effect not mine. Or is it a ongoing effect as in they are still casting? Or was it just a instent effect and now over? since depending on which will make a big diffrnce on my next action. Finally for my effect. I got 6 success total, 2 used for duraction to last for a scene and 4 used as a mind defense))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((errr, never mind, if pitch black, he'll just stay put so that he isn't trampled or anything))

Travis Kennedy: He's just like everyone else in the crowd, which is to say that he looks confused as hell. In reality, he's just waiting.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((nm as I just seen the effects dieing so that answred my question*S*))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((It was an ongoing effect while they were singing; with the power out, it's pretty well over.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Once all is set, she begins to consider the best course of action when things fade and the place is plunged back in darkness*

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey too waits, however.. abbey waits armed, literally radiating coldness and purity, ice princess? hell yes.*

Ravyn: Cori manages to get upright; Melinda gets the hell out of the way. Dragana, Roxy, Terry and Travis are part of the crowd, pretty much, and Abbey unsheathes her sword.

Ravyn: As for the crowd? For the briefest moment, there's an confused silence, no one moving, as the power goes out. Then, we learn that poseur goths are, apparently, afraid of the dark, as they start to panic, starting to run to the door.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *definitely staying where he is, leaning against the wall...hopefully on the far side from the door, so everyone is running away from where he is.*

Melinda Stowe: She stays where she is, silently pleased with herself in some measure of the word.

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey's simply waiting to dodge. worried that the band may very well be none too pleased*

Eternity Sheyd: *None too pleased indeed. But the music has silenced, at the very least.*

Cori: *sighs and just tries to stay upright in the crowd. hoping she's still pointed in the right direction, she pushes toward where she thinks she last saw Abbey*

Ravyn: ((Travis & Roxy, roll me Dex+Athletics if you wish to stay where you are, as opposed to moving with the crowd.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *tries to make her way to a wall and out of the crowd, with out going against it. Just moving with it at and angle to avoid getting smashed.*

Travis Kennedy: He moves with them, just another face in the crowd. Under his cap his eyes madly dart around for any sign of light.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 6,2,5,4,

Ravyn -> Travis Kennedy: ((Roll me one die. You're in the middle of a panicking crowd, it's quite possible someone will make contact with your face or knock the cap off))

Ravyn: 6,

Travis Kennedy: 1,

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: *weeps* My poor cap!

Ravyn: ((Abbey, since you're just waiting to dodge, roll me a Dex+Dodge at -2 dice, due to Blind-Fighting penalties))

Ravyn: 4,7,7,

Ravyn: Travis finds, to his horror, that his cap gets knocked off, and his entire head is now completely exposed as he moves with the mass of panicked people. A mass of panicked people that are starting to run against an invisible brick wall in the front.

Abbey Randelle: 9,8,1,4,10,

Ravyn: Cori does manage to push along to where Abbey is, as the pale woman manages to just duck under a fist thrown from the stage, where the keyboardist was.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *once he thinks the crowd has mostly gotten away, about a minute after the panic, he starts carefully trying to make his own way towards the exit*

Ravyn: Roxy has difficulty moving to a wall, but manages to pull it off before the throng starts to press up against nothing, trying to get away.

Travis Kennedy: His eyes go wide. My hat! Oh no! He tries to break out of the crowd in a rush. (dex+athl, WP)

Travis Kennedy: 4,4,

Melinda Stowe: 2,3,7,9,10,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Being against the wall now starts to slide along the wall back but not fully breaking out of the crowd just enough not to get mashed up against the wall*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((quick question does the crowd look like it is about to dangerously panic as in people will get hurt and trampled?))

Abbey Randelle: *as the powers no longer on, no need to guard the cords. she makes to dash off the stage.. away from ragey band*

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: ((The effect is a Life effect, banning Life patterns from passing through. You can roll Arete vs. 8 to work on Countermagicing it.))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((As well as Roxy can see and hear, yes.))

Cori -> Ravyn: ((apologies. would trying to use life and...forces, or prime and forces, potentially enable Cori to see quint, as opposed to infrared or the like?))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *notes the crowd starting to seriously panic, frowns a bit and tries to think of the best solution to keep people from getting hurt.*

Melinda Stowe: Oh god people pressing in on her she tries not to panic as she scrolls through the PDA as quick as she can, to see if she can't let the people out. ((quint, and WP))

Melinda Stowe: 2,4,3,

Abbey Randelle: (dex + ath to get off the stage and up to a vantage point where she can see. she's a monkey, she'll climb if she has to)

Ravyn -> Cori: ((To see Quitnessence would by Prime; see Life Patterns Life, and Infrared would be Forces. You can try all three if you want. *S*))

Abbey Randelle: 7,4,6,9,2,8,7,2,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((going to do another Int+ occult to think of the best mass calming spell she can think of aka lower diff and then begin working on a mind 2 effect and send out calming waves to keep people form hurting each other. Tell me when to makes rolls since it looks like almost time for init))

Ravyn: 8,5,3,2,4,

Ravyn: ((DAYUM, Abbey! WHY do you have Athl. Aptitude again? Don't need it... *S*)) Travis tries to push along, and manages to escape, but not before a couple hands press close. ((Dex+Dodge, Travis)) Abbey easily escapes the keyboardist, getting off the stage. Melinda starts to try and unweave the effect.

Cori -> Ravyn: ((*nods and chuckles* was thinking of trying to use a combo to modify the darksight suggestion in the book. may i roll dice for all 3 at once? in the order you named--the first one that meets with sux would be what she uses. first die, forces, next 3, life, and so on. to make it go quicker. or just one at a time. *L*))

Melinda Stowe: 4,6,6,

Ravyn: Terry heads toward the exit, and finds himself pressed against the back of the crowd.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 5,8,4,4,4,5,6,7,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he'll step back so he's not right up against them, and will wait*

Melinda Stowe: ((Tossing another WP to this last roll, since the diff has gone up)) she can't breath, oh just as long as she doesn't pass out, focusing, on what she has to do.

Eternity Sheyd: 7,8,2,9,2,

Eternity Sheyd: ((Spending WP))

Melinda Stowe: 2,6,6,

Eternity Sheyd: 5,9,5,

Travis Kennedy: 5,4,4,6,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((first roll was the int + occult. Diff would be sphere 2 + 3 = 5. Guessing from successes on roll diff is 3 again. Will start rolling first arete roll next unless you say otherwise.))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Go ahead))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 6,9,5,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((sure it's not init time since we are all acting now?*G*))

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey, from her new vantage point, is going to simply observe. no one was getting out afterall. her eyes slip aroung the club for windows etc, peering best she can in the dark, perched up on a speaker so the grimey crowd doesn't touch her, blade in hand*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Closes her eyes and focuses on the sounds of the people starting to panic as they bunch up tightly and begins to hum softly to herself a nice relaxing, calming melody*

Ravyn: Melinda feels the effect start to Unweave a little, before it starts to strengthen back up as it's reinforced. Travis is ducking and dodging, and out of all the hands, only one touches him. Lucky him...ouch.

Abbey Randelle: 9,7,8,5,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Backk.. though don't have enough info on what I have read... to know what is going on... now))

Travis Kennedy: Um, what are the hands doing?

Abbey Randelle: (per alert to see if she can spot her bumbling mentor)

Ravyn: ((Dragana is out of the crowd, and the effect has stopped, as all power has died in the building. She's completely in the dark right now.

Ravyn: ((Shoving you aside, Travis. By your cheek.))

Cori: *grimly keeps going for the stage. trying to enable herself to see better*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((abbey unpluged the amps, then the power went out to the whole building and the effect faded. Then abbey metaphoricly turned into a monkey and the crowd paniced and is trying to get out... that is a rough gist of what happened))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *thanks* )) *ok, she curses under her breath, the first thing is see... she wishpers under her breath to cast her eyes to see on the dakr (forces one)) and starts for where she last noticed the singer*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((eh... do I rol init or just roll the maigc?))

Cori: 3,8,10,

Ravyn: ((We're gonna hit initiative soon, I think.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((thanks!)((

Travis Kennedy: "Ow, hey!" He stumbles out of the crowd and steps away. "Holy hell."

Ravyn: ((For now, just roll the magic.))

Cori: ((dang it. wrong dice. *sighs* ignore taht roll, please, while i roll the correct sphere....))

Cori: 10,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ok.. then let me rol the magic to see= ))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 2,2,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((thanks =) ))

Ravyn: ((Cori, you roll your Arete for Magic rolls, not your Sphere.))

Cori: 8,9,8,

Melinda Stowe: Her breath comming faster, she closes her eyes, because she wasn't strong on her own to bust people out of there. She cannot take the people being so close to her, as she screams out. "Get away from me!"

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *he moves forward again, being careful, trying to determine how far the crowd has moved*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *once she can see.... she'll asest where people is at.. then move to where the band seems to be at*

Ravyn: Cori and Dragana both are able to see, while Cori has a few additional perks. Abbey barely manages to see a Travis-shaped form stumbling out of the mass of people.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *still mentally focusing on the paniced crowd, humming softly to herself a nice soothing little hymn*

Ravyn: ((All right. It is now Init time, just 'cause everyone's doing stuff now, not because of combat, yet.))

Travis Kennedy: 4,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 5,10,4,

Travis Kennedy: (9)

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 10,

Eternity Sheyd: 4,8,7,2,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 5,

Abbey Randelle: (14)

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 10,

Melinda Stowe: 4,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((16))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 17

Eternity Sheyd: *In the dark, she waves her hand in the direction of her band. A move back, seeing some of the shadows approaching.*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((10))

Eternity Sheyd: 7,

Eternity Sheyd: ((14))

Cori: 8,

Cori: ((13))

Melinda Stowe: ((10))

Ravyn: 7,

Ravyn: ((All right, Declaration order is as thus, reversed as usual: Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Dragana))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((you missed Terry..))

Travis Kennedy: He moves to find a quiet corner to hide himself in. (wits+slth) Where was the follow up attack? It must not have been directed at me. That's a relief, but now it's time to get down to business!

Travis Kennedy: 7,2,4,1,1,

Ravyn: ((All right, Declaration order is as thus, reversed as usual: Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana. You did not see the one that didn't have Terry in it...it never existed.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*snugz* *S* we didn't))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *still humming the soothing hymn to herself while focusing on the paniced crowd in the darkness, to finish her effect she started*

Ravyn: ((Travis, hiding is a Dex+Stealth, not Wits+Stealth. Would have notified you sooner, if that's what you've been rolling, but I just noticed.))

Travis Kennedy: (Oh, okay. Then I'll roll, dex+slth... yes?))

Ravyn: ((Yes.))

Travis Kennedy: 4,4,7,7,

Eternity Sheyd: ((It's his arcane.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((it's cause terry has up arcane))

Eternity Sheyd: ((*L*))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 9,5,6,

Travis Kennedy: ((I think it liked that much better!))

Melinda Stowe: She is panickedly trying to get away from the people, oh the horrors of people, keeping a tight grasp on the PDA and her bag as hopefully a buffer to them.((dex, cause she has no athletics))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((if when the effects does manage to go off that will be a grand total of 9 success to calm the crowd*s*))

Melinda Stowe: 7,4,9,

Cori: *looks for whomever's on stage, particularly anyone onstage comign toward ~her~*

Cori: 2,7,7,7,8,3,8,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((to clarify my intent. She is not trying to make them passive just calm them a bit to knock the edge off of thier panic so they keep their wits about them enough not to accidently hurt each other is all she is trying to do))

Ravyn: Security is currently doing their best to act as protectors to the band; they don't seem to care too much about the throng of humanity threatening to cursh themselves. How very Who Concert-ish.

Eternity Sheyd: *And she is herding her band out backstage. Quickly.*

Eternity Sheyd: 3,8,2,5,8,2,

Ravyn: ((A missed initiative roll; fogrive))

Ravyn: 2,

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey's rather displeased with the idea of being locked in with this panicking mass of human cattle. perched up high on her speaker she looks for an alternate escape route. a window. a skylight. a service entrance. a chunk of the wall that looks unstable..ahah. backstage. of course. she makes to follow the band backstage, moving from her perch towards what is hopefully an exit (dex + ath)*

Ravyn: ((So, further back there, before Travis...sorry:)) The rest of the band does their best to get the hell off the stage. ((Dex+Athletics rolls))

Ravyn: 10,5,10,8,

Ravyn: 9,7,5,5,9,

Ravyn: 3,8,2,3,

Ravyn: 9,3,7,7,5,

Abbey Randelle: 4,5,9,5,1,1,8,6,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *It's pitch black, Terry can't see a thing, and he's unaware of all the crazyness going on around him, so...no action, he's waiting at the back of the crowd for them to move out*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *She frowns, seeing the Singer herd people around (And beeing I am not sure how far I am from them...))she starts wihspering under her breath, trasing runes as she makes a janking motion* ((She knows what she did. she is NOT leaving. Forces 3 she is trying to use magic to jank the Singer her way as far near hersefl as she can, and spending a will to it))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,5,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((eh... and just to know for next round? how far away from her will I be placed then?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ai!!! *hits head, makes mental not.. roll your damm foci to lower magic difficulty!))

Ravyn: ((Dragana, you were up still near but not in the crowd, and the band is on the stage.))

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*nods* thanks... I want to drag the singer slightly off security and band so I can act on her... so I am asking to know if I can reach and hit next round))

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA attempts to yank the Singer toward her, but merely succeeds in slowing her down some, as ETERNITY is running, but slowed by the telekenetic tug on her. TERRY waits for the crowd to move out, but they ain't movin'. ABBEY gets off the speaker and starts to move across the stage, while CORI scans the stage. MELINDA dives over the concession stand to safety, ROXY'S effect goes off, and a calm passes over the crowd, who still want out, but avoid a Rock Tragedy. TRAVIS, ever the great hero, hides. And the BAND MEMBERS book toward the exit, all of them making it there but the damn keyboardist, who's just not doing well.

Ravyn: ((No, Dragana, you can't.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((can I get a Per+Aware roll or something to notice that there's magic going on?))

Ravyn: ((New Round: Band, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Of course))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 6,3,3,2,

Ravyn: The band continues to boogy on through the exit to a back street, and the keyboardist tries to get to the door; he's a little behidn Abbey right now.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((quick question are you going to allow the int + occult type rolls for the perfec t counter spell to unweave the magic on the door aka lower diff?))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Yeah, there's magic SOMEWHERE... *S*))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Not for CM, no.))

Ravyn: 5,9,5,7,

Ravyn: 7,4,4,2,3,

Ravyn: 8,8,4,1,

Ravyn: 1,4,7,6,2,

Travis Kennedy: Travis will begin to whisper under his breath.

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Corr 1, Life 1, Forces 1, to gain knowledge of what is going on around him. Enoch to lower difficulty, and will keep rolling until he gets enough successes to know where everyone is in the area, what direction they are going in, and if they are hurt or not, with a duration of the scene. WP on arete roll.))

Travis Kennedy: 8,7,3,9,2,7,3,

Travis Kennedy: 5,1,5,3,

Ravyn -> Travis Kennedy: ((That's enough.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Notes the people not leaving and tries to unweave what ever the hell it is that is blocking them.*((assuming she aware of it enough to do so))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 8,9,7,

Melinda Stowe: Now being calmed, and safe from the people. Not much else she can do, at this point but stay down.

Abbey Randelle: 6,8,2,

Cori: *frowns and crawls onstage to head after teh keyboardist*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 2,9,7,6,9,4,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *ok...someone, somewhere nearby did magic...he's got nothing to go on though, and no ability to see, so he's sticking with the crowd, trying to be inconspicious* ((Rolling Stealth, he's just trying to disappear))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 7,2,9,5,9,3,5,9,

Cori: ((i have to run eat. shouldn't be longer than a half-hour, if that long....sorry!))

Abbey Randelle: ((did we miss eternity and seq?)

Ravyn: Security is still providing backup for the band, forming a protective circle around them.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*S* you jumped them *S* seq rolled.. Eternity hasn't yet))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((ack, sorry, was watching for Abbey, and when she rolled, I went))

Eternity Sheyd: *She is keeping watch after that, making sure her band gets out before she leaves herself, and prime countering.*

Abbey Randelle: *flee. capture someone with information... escape to safety.. touch grimey keyboardist.. oh.. the things she does for people. abbey makes to waylay the keyboardist by slamming the door and locking it in one swift motion. turning to face him, blade reflecting in the low light.she's between him and the door, a thin white eyebrow darting up..she's going to need help with security.. unless they have guns* (dex + ath again to get the door slammed/locked and turn around. no offensive action this turn)

Abbey Randelle: 4,6,8,3,9,2,9,4,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*snugz* asking... if she counters? can she act? I thought we could only do magic or move?)) *she frowns and simply... runs after the band, that dam singer is NOT going out* ((this round running after. she slowered her... she needs to catch up now*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 10,7,6,6,3,2,

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA hauls ass, getting to the stage but not on it ((ned two more succ to get to the group on the stage)), while ABBEY slams and locks the door before the keyboardist can get to it. ETERNITY is still waiting on the keyboardist, and goes to counter, but there's nothing to counter. SECURITY leaves with the band, except for two who are still staying with the frontwoman. CORI tries to get onto the stage; MELINDA stays low as ROXY seriously weakens the wall up in front of the door. TRAVIS sees all.

Ravyn: TERRY vanishes in the darkness.

Ravyn: (New Round: Keyboardist, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((just FYI Cori-p said she had to go AFK for a few if you missed it))

Ravyn: The keyboardist is wary with the sword he thinks he saw...he backs up, letting Security apprehend the assailant. ((Holding for Dex+Dodge if necessary))

Ravyn: ((I saw.))

Travis Kennedy: Travis whispers in a cinematically raspy yet cultured voice.

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Getting rid of the wall blocking the moving of the people. Corr, Life, and Forces availible... hopefully that's enough. Enoch to lower the difficulty. WP on arete roll.))

Travis Kennedy: 1,4,8,8,1,6,6,

Travis Kennedy: 2,5,5,2,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *frown a bit since the crowd is still not moving and keeps up her effort to unweave the magic, throwing in some exter effort into it*((aka blowing a WP on the roll))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 8,10,3,

Ravyn -> Travis Kennedy: ((You can't use Abilities affecting Magic on Countermagic Effects, just as an FYI, not that it mattered.))

Cori: ((back.))

Melinda Stowe: Melinda tries to find a different way out of this mess. adjusting her VR screne.

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Hmm. Okay.))

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Correspondence to try and see a way out))

Melinda Stowe: 4,2,3,

Cori: *does her best to barrel toward the keyboardist/security/Abbey group*

Cori: 1,4,

Ravyn: The security agents stays with Eternity; one pulls a flashlight, flashing it around, and the the other pulls a taser, trying to zap Abbey with it.

Ravyn: 9,2,3,

Eternity Sheyd: 2,3,3,8,3,6,

Eternity Sheyd: *She looks around, to find the door in the darkness... and sees her keyboardist, who she moves to grab and at least get closer to the door.*

Eternity Sheyd: 6,9,3,9,3,3,

Abbey Randelle: *a strand of white hair wisps over a cold grey eye, custom blade glinting as she regards the keyboardist and eternity icily, then security. the blade is brought into a servicable position as she murmers, making to disable that tazer before it can reach her.* (enochian.. then arete. 1 wp)

Abbey Randelle: 4,7,3,

Abbey Randelle: 9,4,8,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((it possible for Terry to actively try to use his Awareness to figure out where Magic is going on? He felt some, so it's likely he'd suspect more would be happening))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((Yes.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry takes advantage of his complete disappearance to focus...he's trying to figure out what's going on*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((WP to it))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 8,3,2,9,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ponders if to wait for Terry *S*)) *she takes hold of the phoenix head of the umbrella, releasing the secure, and rushes forward* ((aming two actions, first is to reach the stage and the band with security, second action is to stricke singer... with the keyboardinst is enought to find out things))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 5,8,6,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: (and hit with umbreall=sword))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,9,2,2,

Ravyn: ((DRAGANA: Again, there is SECURITY around ETERNITY.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((oi! sorry! damm it.... ok hit security for now, the other one Abbie is not dealing))

Ravyn: ((Roll Damage, Dragana; Strength+2 damage))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,4,5,8,

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA runs forward and stabs the security man, drawing a minor wound, while TERRY senses all the magic that's been flying around, and who it comes from. ABBEY makes the Taser not work, while ETERNITY grabs the KEYBOARDIST and drags him toward the door while ABBEY is distracted. CORI tries to barrel over to the group and trips over a bunch of cords, doing a header ((Soak 2 Bash, Cori)). MELINDA gets an map of the escape routes on her VR set, ROXY finishes Unweaving the wall on the door as people start to get out. TRAVIS tries to help with the Unweaving, but doesn't quite pull it off.

Cori: 8,2,

Abbey Randelle: (abbey's right in front of the door.. recall? she simply latched and turned around)

Ravyn: ((New Round: Keyboardist, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Ravyn: ((As I said, Abbey, toward the door. Not through it.))

Abbey Randelle: (oh gotcha *nods*)

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((is there any light all like those emergency battery operated things some places have or it is basicly totally dark? Just want to be certian))

Eternity Sheyd: ((And she wasn't looking for Abbey, she was looking for her Keyboardist.))

Ravyn: ((the light is, at best, exceptionally dim, from some minor emergency things. It's not total darkness, but damn near, beyond Mr. Flashlight Security on the stage and those who are sensing stuff.)) In the front area, where part of the crowd & Melinda are, there is light coming in through the doorway, around the curtain.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((K))

Ravyn: The keyboardist weighs the odds. Swords all around. Fuck it, it's three on one, no one said Rock n' Roll was easy. He tries to tackle the woman with the sword. The one at the door. ((Split for Dex+Dodge & Dex+Brawl))

Ravyn: 3,8,3,

Travis Kennedy: He continues to whisper, knowing that he looks super cool doing so. He grins madly.

Ravyn: 10,1,9,

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Corr 3, Life 3. Enoch to lower difficulty, along with two Quint. WP on the arete roll. Teleporting Eternity, Abbey, and himself to Abbey's guest house. Will keep rolling until he has enough successes. I want it to be a surprising effect, with our sudden disappearances at the end.))

Travis Kennedy: 5,4,4,7,6,6,5,

Travis Kennedy: 6,2,10,3,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *takes a few moments after she feels the magic give way and the crowd starts moving to look back around the rest of the place to see what might be going on*((just a perc + alrt roll to in the dim light see what all she notices about what else is going on))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 9,3,3,10,3,

Melinda Stowe: She heads away from the people to the other exit, less people to contend with, which would be a good thing.

Melinda Stowe: 3,7,3,

Ravyn -> Travis Kennedy: ((You realize that if Eternity gets out of line of sight, you lose the ability to effect her, right?))

Cori: *doggedly picks herself up and heads toward the group on stage, grumbling mentally. she does not try to bolt, this time....*

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Sight being his area effect that he still has going?))

Ravyn -> Travis Kennedy: ((Yes.))

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Yes.))

Ravyn: The one security agent who just got stabbed is Tazing the law-breaking woman who just stabbed him. The other one, who's tazer doesn't work anymore, is trying to cold-cock Abbey with said Tazer.

Ravyn: ((Tazer, then cold-cock))

Ravyn: 6,7,8,7,

Ravyn: 10,8,9,

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey sighs slightly and launches into a desperate sort of dodge, delicate creature hopefully avoiding both assailants* (desperate dodge. dex + dodge then dex + dodge -1)

Eternity Sheyd: 3,6,9,7,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((I think one is hitting you and the other me Abbey))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((forget I said something))

Ravyn: ((yes, Dragana, but there's the keyboardist, too.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((^remembered *hides*))

Eternity Sheyd: *Her head swivels towards the area, and she murmurs words of her own, and throws up a hand.* ((Counter magic))

Abbey Randelle: 8,7,4,1,6,9,9,

Abbey Randelle: 8,5,4,5,8,9,

Eternity Sheyd: ((Spending one WP, 2 quint))

Eternity Sheyd: 6,2,6,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((just to be helpfull but multi-action is minus the total number of actions of dice for first roll then 1 exter for each exater roll so Abbey should be -2 dice first roll and -3 dice second roll. Just trying to be helpfull since I know your are harried trying to run this))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry is heading to the place where the magic seems to be coming from now, that is, where Eternity, Dragana, Keyboardist, Security and Abbey are* ((to clarify, you said he is aware of all the magic that has been flying around...is he now aware that Eternity seems to have been responsible for hte whole pain then enthralled thing, and does he now know what that was? Roll Dex+Ath))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 2,2,9,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *frowns, her jaw tightening, focusing , taking one down, then moving to the rest, she moves the sword, before the tazer gets shot aimint to hit the the man trying to taze her, hit the tazered hand, and... kich his groing...,that should take care of it* so first dex.melee to kick the hand and make a bit of damamge, t hen dex.brawl to kick the inbetween to render him useless as least a round))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((No, Abbey's correct. There is an all-defense mode that is exactly how she did it.))

Ravyn: ((+2 diff for the hand, +2 diff for the vitals shot))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,7,8,2,8,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((will on the kick))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 3,6,5,

Ravyn: ((He is aware of all CURRENT EFFECTS, Terry. Not the effects that have ceased.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ah.. one suxx on vitals.. but two on hand!... with good damage that hand won't have a tazer to shoot.... ))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Damamge for sword then for kick...))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 6,9,9,1,7,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((oops my bad, huh I forgot it didn;t follow the same rules))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 7,9,3,

Ravyn: ((Dragana...kicks are diff 7 normally))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((yea.. I spend a will for kcik.. that is why I only got one suxx...))

Ravyn: ((Wait a minute, Dragana. You said you were KICKING the hand.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((no... kcikig the in between, hiting hand with sword...))

Eternity Sheyd: ((so first dex.melee to kick the hand and make a bit of damamge, t hen dex.brawl to kick the inbetween to render him useless as least a round - you said you were kicking both.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Bad choise of words... *sighs* why would I say dex.-melee for a kick?))

Eternity Sheyd: ((Just trying to clarify here.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((sorry, I know my Enlgish suckx sometimes... I shoulnd't have used kick for melee, but is what I ment to say hit the hand with sword, kick the vital... sorry))

Ravyn: ((I don't know, Dragana. It was hard to tell, based on your post, whether the wrong word was Melee or Kick. I'll give it to you this time.))

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Ravyn: 1,6,9,

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA cuts off the Security Guard's hand and kicks him in the groin. The Security Guard goes down in a bleeding heap, screaming. TERRY starts to make his way to the stage; ABBEY manages to dodge both attacks that are coming at her. TRAVIS tries to magic things, but has garned no luck so far due to ETERNITY'S countering. MELINDA gets over the counter she was hiding behind; ROXY gets a good view of what's going on.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Keyboardist, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Cori: ((*raises hand* and Cori gets up and starts heading to the fighting again?))

Ravyn: CORI makes her way to the group.

Ravyn: ((Sorry, Cori.))

Cori: ((danke.))

Ravyn: As Abbey has dodged out of the way, the Keyboardist goes to unlatch and open the door. ((Dex+Athl))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Is more than a bit freaked by the brutality going on up at the stage and heads for the exit. Catching up to the back of the crowd to head out*

Ravyn: 3,1,9,6,

Cori: ((*G* NP! there's a lot to keep track of in here.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((oops accidently hit post instead of update))

Travis Kennedy: Travis actually laughs out loud, but it's a muted, terrifying chord. He then continues on as before. ((And the effect goes on. WP.))

Travis Kennedy: 8,10,8,10,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((yea.. should have stated was not aiming to cut off hand...*hums* but don't think Dragana would have noticed in the heat of battle))

Travis Kennedy: ((Damn right! Counter that!))

Melinda Stowe: Away from the masses, yes that was the idea, she is more glad that she didn't land on her face going over the counter.

Melinda Stowe: 3,3,4,

Ravyn: ((Dragana. You stabbed the man in the hand with an Enchanted Sword. You did three Lethal damage to his hand. Of course it got cut off. ANY TIME you are using a lethal weapon, you are going to do stuff like that, unless you state you are holding back, which means halving your damage pool, or you are trying to hit them with the flat of the blade.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((no.. forget I said something! *S* I know I dind't specified, and I realised to late *S* is fine.. just go on))

Cori: *extends an arm for the nearest person's back who is not Abbey* ((if someone's within reach, she'll attempt to make them ouch a bit, shoudl she connect. holding rolls until i know if she's touching, or walking with her hand out.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: ((I was not complaining, was a side comment to wsomething said to me... I -know-, Dragana will live with it, she is the kind of person who can to... sorry))

Ravyn: ((That would more then likely be Dragana, Cori.))

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Okay. *Hugs*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: *Snugs*))

Cori: ((mmm....but she's fighting the serc people, correct? *notes screaming guy on the floor* may i roll int for Cori to peg out that Drag's probably on her side?))

Ravyn: ((No, it's obvious, I think. I don't think you'd be able to get to the other security guy, Eternity, or the keyboardist, though.))

Cori: ((all right. she'd not go after someone on the same side....so i suppose, then, she'd watch with her hand out and ~hope~ it doesn't part company with the rest of her for the moment, if that's permissable. i was confused on the exact location of the stage people. *blush*))

Ravyn: Oh, shit they actually USE the swords. The Security guard widens his eyes, and tries to back up, holding a defensive pattern over his charges, Eternity and the keyboardist, ready to block any attacks coming their way. Yes, for some reason, he's ready to die for them. ((Desperate defense for blocks, will be rolling as attacks come.))

Eternity Sheyd: *And as the door is opening, she's moving for it as well. But she is shoving her keyboardist through first.* ((Dex+Ath))

Eternity Sheyd: 3,8,2,5,7,6,

Abbey Randelle: *her eyes widen as dragana commences with hacking a man to bits. discretion! for all that is fated, you fool! you'll have each of us arrested! she suddenly wishes she wasn't holding a blade as well, internally cringing as she murmers in enochian, holding the door in complete stasis. nono. it doesn't change. it doesn't open. it never unlocks. she murmers quitely, face polite as she looks almost apologetically to the screaming man on the floor* (enoch then arete. 1 wp)

Abbey Randelle: 9,6,6,

Abbey Randelle: 9,6,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((ok, another clarification, can Terry see Dragana, sword in hand, standing over handless security guard? Or does he need to get closer first?))

Ravyn: ((Roll a Per+Alertness to see if you can, Terry))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 7,5,9,2,10,1,

Ravyn: Yes, Terry sees Dragana having chopped a man's hand off.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *holy shit, crazy woman with a sword is attackign people...he's not getting any closer, and he's getting ready to run in the opposite direction. In fact, he starts to back away, ready to break into a run when he's noticed, because he starts to sing a bit, trying to make Dragana see what sort of horrible thing she has done* ((First Cha+Perf, then Arete, spending a WP on it, on a Mind 2 effect to enhance any feelings of guilt that Dragana might have over chopping off that guy's hand))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 4,2,4,10,8,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 9,9,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *well... one security guy donw, leaves another, she curses under her breath, and reaches... aim is to trowh this one guy the hell out of stage so she can deal with Mad musicians, she wishpers under her breath to add the power of her ars in the shove* ((forces 3.. to shove him QuITE far... while she actualy shoves))((rolling the shove then the magic))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((will to shove))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 6,6,5,2,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 6,3,9,

Ravyn: ((Dragana, when you perform two action, you have to split your die pool.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((hum.... thing is her foice became shoving... while muttering a word.. so its coincidental. it is still two?))

Ravyn: ((Yes. Your foci is NOT the shove, your foci is the muttering. Your shove is an attempt to make it coincidental.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((alright *nods... so rolling less dice on shove, still spenidng a will*nods* sorry))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 7,8,

Ravyn: ((Dragana, I don't think you understand how splitting die pools work. BOTH die pools suffer negatives. You get a -2 to your first roll, and a -3 on your second roll.))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((doesn't it say somewhere that Arete doesn't get minuses like that?))

Ravyn -> Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ((News to me. Where?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ok, to clarify for later.. I am just confused, I do get how it works.. just have tried this before and is the first I am corrected =), sorry. you take off from you magic too?, because the second roll is magic, I thought you dind't rested on magic, and sorry for stoping this))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane] -> Ravyn: ((looking it up, right now))

Ravyn: ((It's okay. Someone else has just said the same, and this is news to me.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Is just now I am confused as what to roll for what. I know I tried this before without penalties, thus why I went for it. But if this spot works to clarify things... well I listen.. just now don't know))

Ravyn: ((I just looked up the rules for splitting actions, and for Arete rolls, and it's not listed in either that you don't lose dice when splitting actions. So I'm ruling yes, that until someone shows me different--which is not right now, in the middle of combat--Arete does suffer from split die pool penalties. You're focusing your will to perform magic, other actions perform will distract you.))

Ravyn: ((So with that in mind, Dragan, revise your action as you see fit.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((nods)) so can I change the expediture of will to Arete? as we didn't know this before?))

Ravyn: ((Yes))

Ravyn: ((So roll your dice.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Well it'll mostly will be roling first arete then the shoving... she is... reluctant to kil wihtou reasong, though won't halt if needed))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 10,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((two and two...at least is even =) ))

Ravyn: ((Now, I am rolling the block for the Security guard.))

Ravyn: 8,8,3,3,10,10,

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((hum... ))

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA attempts to throw the man, but the man blocks. Amazingly, though, he somehow still gets shoved out of the way. TERRY fucks with Dragana's mind, enhancing the guilt Dragana feels for pretty well killing the other guard two-fold. ABBEY tries to jam the lock for the door, but unfortunately, is not quite successful enough, and ETERNITY gets the KEYBOARDIST through the door and moves to follow. CORI is right up there with the group and can attack the SECURITY next round. MELINDA tries to get through, but is still held up by the crowd of people surging out the door. ROXY heads out with the rest of the crowd, TRAVIS makes it a good way on his magic.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Keyboardist, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Ravyn: Kayboardist? He's haulin' ass, now. Or trying.

Ravyn: 9,10,8,2,

Travis Kennedy: Travis suffers through the pain, but that laughing smile is still on his lips as he continues on, murmuring under his breath. (sixth WP)

Travis Kennedy: 9,8,3,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *continues to flow out of the building with the rest of the crowd trying to blend and be just another concert going freaked out by the weird shit as she tries to get outside and away from the nuts hacking people up on the stage*

Melinda Stowe: Breath coimming yet again in quick gasps, as she tries to get to the exit, must..... get....... out.

Melinda Stowe: 5,3,5,

Cori: *tries to edge around the people actively fighting to get to the door*

Ravyn: The Security guy? He's deckin' Dragana. Right...in the face. ((Dex+Brawl, diff 8 for head shot, WP spent))

Ravyn: 7,6,10,10,3,4,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: (questiong, when I flet the magic from the band? it was made by all the band? or just the singer?.... as in... could I asume the Singer was manipulating the band? or they are toguethere on it))

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((It came from all of them, was focused through her. She was the ritual leader, they're all performing magic.))

Eternity Sheyd: *And Eternity is moving out the door.* ((WP Spent))

Eternity Sheyd: 4,6,3,9,5,3,

Abbey Randelle: *oh no you do not madame! one thin arm flashes out to grab the singer and wretch the bitch back in the door, icyness and purity spiking intensley around the pale apprentice as she gets pissed off at fate for disobeying a direct command, grey eyes narrowing murderous in a porcelion face, girl appearing only slightly perturbed* (you want dex + ath or dex + brawl?.. not sure if she's within reach?.. )

Ravyn: ((Dex+Brawl, with her Dex+Athletics doubling as a "Dodge," as she's running out of the way.))

Abbey Randelle: (wp)

Abbey Randelle: 2,8,8,3,4,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *and now, he's not sticking around...he's not much of a fighter, and he doesn't know how much effect he had on crazy sword lady, so he's running for the crowd before she can notice him...hopefully. He intends to leave with the back end of the crowd* ((Dex+Ath to get back to the crowd))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 3,1,2,

Melinda Stowe: ((well the dice do not hate me that much *hugs Terry*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *ducks under the punch and once dodged, she makes a trough for the Singer with the sword* ((ie... dodge. She might be short, but she might even hit the Singer as Abbey catches her.. ))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 5,10,5,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((mhe... one passed... and hit...))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 5,6,8,5,5,

Eternity Sheyd: ((Okay... Abbey is between Drageana and Eternity. Is Draegana stabbing Abbey?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((no... just dodging then *winces* bad stabbing the aprentice =P))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((should roll again...?))

Abbey Randelle: (damn right. abbey'd return the favour once the battle was over)

Eternity Sheyd: ((Probably a good idea.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: (*snickers* don't worry.. she won't do it cause it'll look bad on her resumi ;) *hugzes*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 2,3,6,6,6,4,

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA just manages to dodge the SECURITY, and ABBEY grabs air just before ETERNITY runs out of view. TERRY tries to run back to the crowd, and proceeds to, thanks to the darkness and his bad luck and sense of direction, run the wrong way, straight into a wall. ((Soak 2 Bash, Terry)) MELINDA proceeds to again not make any ground escaping, but ROXY calmly follows along. Suddenly, at the end of the turn, ABBEY and TRAVIS vanish. The KEYBOARDIST has booked out the door, heading for the street.

Ravyn: CORI follows ETERNITY to the door, but is a bit behind.

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 9,5,7,

Abbey Randelle: *deceptively delicate white hands brush Eternity's shirt as Abbey suddenly blinks out of existance*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Just a member of the crowd waiting till she is outside to head away like everyone else*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((grrr meant to hit update not post, though Roxy is bottem on the init totem pole now))

Melinda Stowe: Chest constricting as she just cannot seem to move, she once again tries to run. Because in her mind that was the correct thing to do, in this situation.

Ravyn: ((Clarifying something with a player, gimme just a moment, sorry.))

Melinda Stowe: 1,1,10,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((no worries meant to wait till you stated new init order but hit the wrong button

Cori: ((*waits for Rav*))

Melinda Stowe: ((*blinks and is so damn glad that wasn't a magic roll*))

Abbey Randelle: (*waits patiently*)

Ravyn: ((Okay, done. New Round: Keyboardist, Travis, Roxy, Melinda, Cori, Security, Eternity, Abbey, Terry, Dragana.))

Ravyn: ((And as a side note, folks...)) *And Eternity makes it out of view...the sirens start.*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: Was it dark inside enought Dargana's features weren't all ThaT visible? as to worry?

Ravyn: The keyboardist jumps into the band's van, where the rest of the band is waiting.

Travis Kennedy: Travis will sit down pleasently on the white couch, and continue to chant, holding up a hand indicating for Abbey not to bother him.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((repost in correct order))*Just a member of the crowd waiting till she is outside to head away like everyone else*

Ravyn -> Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Well, unless people were very close (Security, Keyboardist) or using magic to see you...))

Travis Kennedy -> Ravyn: ((Corr 3, Life 1 effect to find the lead singer, whereever she is. Enochian to lower diff.))

Travis Kennedy: 9,2,3,9,6,6,4,

Travis Kennedy: 7,4,7,4,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar -> Ravyn: damm.. don't wanna kill the security... aww))

Travis Kennedy: (Er, that last was supposed to be three. Ignore the final die.)

Ravyn: ((Melinda already posted, putting it up to Cori))

Cori: *blinks* hrm....*and goes out the back door, it being the closest one. no way can her clumsy ass make it to the rest of the crowd before the cops get into the mix. but maybe there's a place to hide out ~here~....*

Ravyn: The Security man goes for anothr deck to Dragana's Jaw. ((Diff 8, 1 WP))

Ravyn: 3,1,1,7,2,7,

Abbey Randelle: *Poof. Abbey blinks, blade drawn...wait.. where was her blade.. where were her clothes!??@?!? ! a gasp as the girls naked body is suddenly on complete display. she was going to KILL travis*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *once he realizes he's going the wrong direction, he's turning and bolting back to the crowd...let's try this again...*

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: 8,10,2,

Eternity Sheyd: *Running to the van... and that's pretty much it, as her band got there first. She can't help but think this'll get them SO much airtime...*

Abbey Randelle: *all abbey's stuff. including her blade. id.. clothing. is in a heap on the ground*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: *Runs out, in the aim to follow Eternity and close the door in the Security FACE, starting to wishper under her breath* ((ok... running out to follow Eternity... building up a little of forces with one die.. ok?))

Ravyn: ((Yes. Dex+Athletics, then Forces, split pool))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 10,5,3,3,

Ravyn: ((Sorry, other way around. Forces, then Dex+Ath))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 9,

Ravyn: ((Ahh, that works.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((eh... *nods* well... thinking it.. is the same, same dies.. just thought backwards =) ))

Ravyn: ((Eternity, Dex+Athl))

Eternity Sheyd: 2,5,7,5,8,4,

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Abbey Randelle: *a delicate engagement ring tinkles along the base of the door, settling*

Ravyn: RECAP: DRAGANA is missed by the SECURITY and follows behind ETERNITY, her magic starting to build. TERRY runs up to the back of the crowd. ABBEY is naked. Everyone picture a naked ABBEY. There you go. CORI follows along out the door, looking for an escape route. ROXY is also just part of the crowd. TRAVIS gets an image of the ETERNITY; and loses her as she passes through the side door of the van. The KEYBOARDIST is in the van, too.

Ravyn: MELINDA...poor MELINDA. She can't get ANYWHERE.

Ravyn: ((To clarify, no one actually SEES Abbey, besides Travis. That was a snarky ST comment.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*giggles* I thought so =) ))

Ravyn: ((If you wish to continue initiative, say yes. Otherwise, you're out of initative, you can post as normal.))

Travis Kennedy: "Damn." He sighs, gets up, and heads for the door. "Thank me later." Lost my bloody cap too. Not a good day.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Just in the crowd and waiting to disperse and use the crowd as cover to slink away once outside*

Cori: ((*G* no more init's fine with me.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((if I need to roll a stealth or something to slip away in the crowd let me know. Since unless specificly stoped she is going to take off))

Melinda Stowe: Pure panic set's in, as with the sirens and not being able to go anywhere, she needed to get out of there.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((if there is no point, would rather leave init behind))

Melinda Stowe: 3,3,8,

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((You're good to take off. *S*))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry's trying to get into the crowd and disappear, so that crazy sword woman can't find and hurt him if she's looking*

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((yes.. *S* I want to do something))

Melinda Stowe: Finally she get's somewhere.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((but if it is only me I'll tell what I want to..))

Cori: *bends down, long legs cocking out froggishly at the knees, and gathers Abbey's goodies up. ring on her pinky finger, and just wrapping the sword int eh clothes for the moment. no time to put it in the case. and leaves. posthaste, by the back door*

Ravyn: ((So considering Initiative declaration to be as follows: Driver of Car, Eternity, Dragana.)) Car Driver is trying to well...drive away.

Abbey Randelle: thank you later Mr. Kennedy.. *she reaches for a vase and HUCKS it* (dex + ath.. thats one pissed off naked legally compromised albino)

Ravyn: 9,1,3,3,10,

Abbey Randelle: 7,2,6,2,6,9,7,2,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((going to stay and lurk but Roxy would high tale it. And.... call Acorn.... *L* she should just stamp unoffical mentor on him and be done with it. We can blue book it basicly she would just give him a run down on all that happened that she seen and where. Including what the band did... which she suspects they was stealling quint or prime engery from peoples souls cause of the prime in the effect. Then tell about how drag and the rest attacked the band ect))

Abbey Randelle: (what the damage on a vase?)

Travis Kennedy: He's not looking at her. Roll damage if you wish.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((perhaps break up the scene, those of us heading out move to midtown, those that are naked go to naked room. so we don't disrupt those staying and chasing))

Ravyn -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((All right. Griffen listens, and, oddly, asks if Miss Randelle was alright. He takes it with aplomb, though he derides Dragana's idiocy. And tells her she did quite well, saving the Sleepers with the Unweaving.))

Travis Kennedy: ((Nods. Moving to Uptown.))

Ravyn: ((Strength damage, bashing. So with successes...Strength+4))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((waits on Eternity))

Ravyn: ((Actually, Eternity's in the van, so go ahead, Dragana.))

Melinda Stowe: ((is moving to MT))

Cori: ((*nods* sounds good to me. Cori will just...go home, more than likely. stop to package it all up more neatly in an alley once she can't hear cops any more. but go home. prolly call Michelle, too.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> Ravyn: ((oooh oooh and the calming and the calming*G* but roxy gives as good of a report as she can. Not knowin who any of those was on stage but just describing the other mages))

Ravyn: ((Shouldn't have included her, sorry.))

Abbey Randelle: 9,5,9,1,9,8,10,

Travis Kennedy: 7,1,

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: *Terry heads off, pulling out his phone to call Michelle* ((and we can RP that whenever you'd prefer, Terry's gone from the scene, unless there's objections))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((great =) ))*she continues wishpering under her breath, the heat around her weaving and incireasing in waves, her eyes focus on the van..*((well rolling again... willpower and the two quint left by Eternity... then she'll release the effect Forces 3 on the van's gasoline takn.. boom))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 2,9,10,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((is fine=) ))

Ravyn: ((Dragana. You are about 10 feet from the van.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((but it is on sight.. which means it gets affected.... right?!))

Ravyn: Terry and Cori get no answer from Michelle.

Ravyn: ((Yes.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((so it can go boom ...))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((Wait you are teling me that cause it'll affect DRagana too? *^blinks* JUST thinkong on that tiny thing))

Terry O'Brian [Arcane]: ~Gone~

Abbey Randelle: (moovin rooms to uptown res. for nake violence)

Ravyn: ((Dragana, roll Intelligence.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ergs.. releacis and drops behind trash can? *g*winces*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 2,9,7,9,

Ravyn: ((Yes, if you blow up a car you're ten feet away from, it will kill you, too.))

Ravyn: ((And anyone who wants to, I am doing another post-game debriefing in the Visitor room.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*nods* JUST realised, you know what sucks of feets? my Mexican mind can't really trasnlate them I am used to think on meters... so she'll hold the effect untill the van takes out.... and release when it's far enough? is that ok with you?))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((heading there and closing this))

Eternity Sheyd: 7,4,1,8,7,

Travis Kennedy: ((Woo! Meters rock! Also known as Metres. Thanks for the game Rav!))

Ravyn: ((Okay, another aspect of that Intelligence roll...there are POLICE around. If you blow up the car, you'll be arrested for it.))

Eternity Sheyd: ((Countering. Since I can sense it.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((how wil they know? is not like I have a dispositive? sides they still have to arrive? don't I have time to climb up the firescape and force cloack myself?))

Eternity Sheyd: ((Spending WP))

Ravyn: ((You are the only person in the vicinity. The sirens have been audible for a couple turns, now. You can try it and then try to get away if you like, you may pull it off.))

Eternity Sheyd: 6,5,7,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((the sirens were audible last turn? *blinks*))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((damm.. be back in a second, sorry))

: ((think they was audible 2 or 3 turns ago if I remember correctly))

Ravyn: ((I thought so, yes. I've lost all concept of turns, since this combat has taken so long. I will check the log...try it if you wish.))

Ravyn: Yes, they've been audible for two turns now.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((back))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((back))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((two turns... means they are not here, right?... is jsut releace the effect and buck it... she won't leave a person who feeds in such way of masses leave...))

Ravyn: ((It is up to you if you want to blow it up. The car is turning out, onto the street, when you figure it's far enough away. Sirens have been audible for two turns. It's your call, hon.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((She'll risk it... though she'll move to the firescape this waiting turn, as its only hold... when the car is far away she'll release and make it up...

Ravyn: ((Alright, you have 2 successes so far. Are you rolling for more this turn, or just releasing with the 2 successes alone?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((I had four suxx.... the nine build up when she ran, the willpower and the two suxx...))

Eternity Sheyd: ((I also countered with three sux.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((isn't countering diff 8?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((sorry, confused, just confused.. if I am down to two suxx. I'll build *nods* then release))

Ravyn: ((Ahh, okay. Well, while you hold it, Eternity gets another Countering roll. Eternity, roll it))

Eternity Sheyd: ((Spending another WP))

Eternity Sheyd: 3,8,3,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((ok! Ravyn.. I held it when driver drove and Eternity did nothing.... you said so. So now I am releacing of building... and she already rolled....? I am geting more confused by the time))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: of=or

Ravyn: ((Okay. Turn 1, you rolled Forces, got 1 succ, one WP, she got in the car. Round 2, you were ten feet away. You rolled, got 2 more successes, Eternity rolled and got 1 success with WP. Round 3, you held, Eternity just rolled. Does that make sense?))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((no... when I got one suxx I ran from the security guard who botched.. Eternity ran to van. Then I rolld 2 more suxx with a will=3 and you said Eternity did nothing, you sais, sorry dont' count her she is a tthe van.. and driver roll.. then you said I would releac eit close... I said I'll wait... in THAT turn, Eternity rolled countering.... So... now I relace and again?

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((eh... dind't I got 3 suxx cause I spend 2 quint? ((honestly not sure))

Ravyn: ((I jumped the gun on Eternity saying she was doing nothing, Dragana. Fangwulf is running Eternity as the NPC. I should have given her the opportunity to roll and counter it.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((hmmm.... *sighs* fine... so I get to roll again to build up, right?))

Ravyn: ((*Sighs* Yes. Go ahead.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((We are now all tired I guess...))((will to it))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: 1,8,6,

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((and only two suxx... if I counted right I had 2 left, plus two?.. four... ))

Ravyn: You blow it up and kill several Sleepers that were in the club and leaving, as the van, as I said, was pulling onto the street.

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((*groans* Ravyn.... I don't know... might be I got tired in the end too... but backdoor was suposedly empty... and the prinicpla door won't be the oposite way? as this was backstate and we entered front?))

Eternity Sheyd: ((I believe the term is 'murder.'))

Ravyn: ((I already told you above, that the van was pulling onto the street. I gave you several warnings, but you were determined to blow this van up. I will not stop your actions, ever. But I will give you consequences.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((I went on because at this time I woulnd not think no one was there... I thought as you layed the Club that the people were going out the complete other way....*sighs* guess it doens't matter is done.. I can't change how you think I am saying what I did and how I saw it done. *shakes head* Dragana will make it out of here and simply turn herslef to Kelton explaining.. *shrugs*

Ravyn: ((What a van is pulling onto a street...a STREET. You're going to be killing people.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: ((No if the effect was released moment before... Dragana is not hearless she would make sure not to blow herself.. but won't wait THAT much ... but... you have ruled... I am saying what the character would do... and how I saw things to proceed... *sighs* how it is... DRagana might notice till is late.... ya... is done...

Ravyn: ((I warned you. 1) that if you were too close, you would be hurt. 2) that the police would come. and 3) that the van was pulling onto the street by the time it was safely away.))

Eternity Sheyd: ((A STREET has many other cars on it. And PEOPLE walking. NORMAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE.))

Dragana Messánie Lindonar: yea a street I thought empty, because nothing implied there were people, because I saw people as going out the other way. I can't change things Ravyn.... I am merely saying how Dragana and I saw things. The moment DRagana notices she killed Sleepers with it.. she'll still buck it and go Explain in detail to Kelton, let the Hermetic decide what will happen to her of that mistake

Ravyn: ((okay. Ending scene now.))