Erika Bremer: * She shakes her head slightly at Dave, convinced it was him. I mean he just walked in. *

Durst Whitright: ((Well ya im out thanks for the scene but I have to go to work in the morning *G*))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((night))

Durst Whitright: *Durst gets up from the table and nods to the girls before moving out of the club and to his car*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *once Durst walks away she turns to Erika with a amussed smile* Was it something I said?

Erika Bremer: * She watches the guy go and just sighs. * " Not sure if I like him or not. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs slightly and gives erika a one armed hug as she left her arm around the other girls waist* He's a hermetic what do you expect. But he is by far and away the nicest one I ever meet.

David Poe: * He waits until the guy is gone and then stalks for the bar to grab a drink. *

Erika Bremer: " Yeah, but he is still one of them. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods in agreement* That he is, but they are fun to tweak their noses occasionally. *seems somewhat amussed by the whole situtation*

David Poe: * A few minutes later he wanders over to the booth to take a seat across from the girls. * " What was that all about? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *smiles to dave* Just yanking a young hermetics chain it turned out.

Erika Bremer: * She looks across at him and licks at her lips. * " Dont ask me. I really thought it was you. "

David Poe: * He takes a sip of his drink and nods. * " So another one has a clue that we exist then? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shakes her head slightly* Doubt it, though he was worried we was constructs or something I am guessing cause he did a life scan on us. *shrugs slightly as she talks softly voice nearly lost in the background noise to those at the table*

Erika Bremer: * She nods. * " I have done a few of those myself. Its a nice thing to know. "

David Poe: * He lowers his voice and leans across to kiss Roxy... * " Someone want to tell me what the fuck a construct is then? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *returns the kiss though her right arm remains around Erika's waist* Terminates, clones and any thing else that looks like people but was created. Supposedly the union can make them. *shrugs slightly and still talking in hushed tones* But not the best place to be having this conversation.

Erika Bremer: " Think that was why he came over here to smootch on you, boo. " * She giggles slightly and reaches over to grab Davids ear and turn his head so that she can kiss him too. *

David Poe: " Ouch ouch ouch. " * His eye flicks over to Roxy as the girl kisses him, more than a little worried. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Watchs them kiss as she takes a sip of her rum and coke and if she seems to mind to them kissing. Then she must be a oscar winning actress cause it sure doesn't show. If anything she looks amussed and turned on... but then she does look a little drunk too*

Erika Bremer: * She stops kissing him after a few minutes and lets go of his ear. * " You lovebirds can crawl all over each other at home, but when we are out in public I want some attention too. Got it? "

David Poe: * He shakes his head... * " What is this? The fuckin twilight zone? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *can't help be grin at Erika's words. Then reachs up with her free hand and turns her face once more to hers and procceds to give give Erika a very deep, very long, very passionate french kiss. With plenty of visable tongue play, while her hand drops away from the side of her face*

Erika Bremer: * She takes the kiss from Roxy, returning it passionatly and speaking to Dave again when its over. * " No David. This is about you understanding that I like both of you alot. I understand that you are devoted to each other, but we are a coven and living togeather. I expect to be taken care of too. Find me a man that fits in or I expect no jealousy when I try to jump on either of you. I need contact for my mojo... and both of you are driving me crazy. "

David Poe: * He just takes another sip of his drink as he watches them. Truely shocked. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *then turns her face to Dave though not really backing away from Erik so they are almost cheek to cheek with a slightly puzzled look on her face* What? *her hands lingering a bit in place before falling away as well.*

Erika Bremer: * She giggles. * " Drink more before you think about it stud. Its not a bad deal. " * Then she kisses Roxy again, leting her hands wander. *

David Poe: " Nothing. I just wish I would have brought my camera along. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *returns the kiss, hands going back to wandering again. If she notices what dave just said she doesn't seem too*

Erika Bremer: * She moans slightly as she jousts with Roxy, moving closer to her and pushing her against the wall of the booth. *

David Poe: * He just watches quietly, not wanting to break things up. He does smile slightly to a group of men at another table that have also began watching. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *lets Erika push her back further into the both as both their hands are starting to fairly blantly wander a bit. Still kissing apprently neither caring about the "show" they are putting on for any of the guys in the club nearby*

Erika Bremer: * She finaly braks the kiss, licking at her fingers as she looks back over to Dave. * " I hope that you get the point. I really do. "

David Poe: * He nods... * " I get it. Not sure that I belive it but I get what you are saying. Seems more like I might be dreaming. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *looks more than a might turned on and is wearing a pretty big grin, glancing to dave* Whys that suger bear?

C.R.: He makes his way into the club, looking around with a faint wrinkle of his nose as he does. The man is in his mid-30's, tall and average weight, with a pure Classic goth style. His hair is cut short and spikey, with a Souxsie and the Banshee T-Shirt, very worn, a pair of black PVC pants, and Doc Martin books. A little extra eyeliner, the black lipstick...the whole deal. This was one guy who was Goth WELL before it was cool.

David Poe: * He smiles. * " Always thought I would have to go the MS route to make enough money to hook something like this up. Just let me chill for a bit. "

Erika Bremer: * She giggles at that. * " Your girlfriend is a squirmer, Dave. I like that. "

C.R.: He makes a visual pass around the club...yep, another goth club. They never last...none except his, that is. And that damn Nevermore bullshit...but hey, let the fang gangers have their fun.

C.R.: 10,8,2,4,9,9,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *kinda rolls her eyes at Dave and shakes her head and glances to Erika* So much potional he has at his finger tips with out a clue how to use it. tsk tsk tsk. *grins and bit and pokes Erika in the ribs lightly* Hey, i don't squirm that much.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 3,2,2,1,3,

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((for goodness sake... ok other than Erika's and dave she doesn't even notice they are in a club anymore... blah))

Erika Bremer: 4,3,7,2,6,

C.R.: A glance goes over to the two chicks making out next to the guy. He smirks, and shakes his head. Show-offs. A cigarette is lit, and he starts making his way past the front door...which is good. People were starting to get annoyed with having to move around him. He didn't notice them.

C.R.: ((Didn't notice the annoyed people, rather))

Erika Bremer: * She grins wickedly. * " You will bitch. Trust me. " * She looks at Dave, and then over his shoulder. * " Oh shit. Old timer goth at one oclock. "

David Poe: * Oblivious * " Hey I am neither goth or old timer. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *can't help but grin and starts to move like she was about to make Erika start squirming but stops at Erika's next works and glancing in that direction*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: 2,9,3,5,2,

C.R.: The cigarette smoke is exhaled off to one side as he glances over...oh, my, the exhibitionists are looking his way. He nods to them with a bit of a smirk...hey, it's more attention then he's given anyone else in this place.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones -> C.R.: ((if that is enough to notice him and be suspcious let me know it was only one success though. *cursses dice roller*))

Erika Bremer: * She looks back to Dave. * " Not talking about you, Sherlock. "

C.R. -> Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((Yeah, I'll say so. *S*))

avid Poe: * He squints, then turns to look in the direction that Roxy is looking. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *gets a more serious look on her face and well... stares at the guy. Not that many old goths running around, most people grow out of it. Espicaly considering his age and .... seems to gasp a little and starting pushing Erika out of the booth* I think thats him.

David Poe: 2,4,9,6,2,

Erika Bremer: * She moves out of the way for Roxy. * " Well dont scare him away. Play it cool. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *takes a deep calming breath and glances to Erika with a shy smile* Right, it is just kinda a shock after all this time of looking.

Erika Bremer: " Go. "

David Poe: * He only sees the face and only for a split second, but its deninitly an older goth. * " Worth a shot. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *then starts to head across towards CR, with a friendly smile on her lips. Sides it might not even be him*

C.R.: Oh, nice. Now they're staring. With an intrigued half-grin, he keeps an eye on them, heading over to the bar to order a drink.

Erika Bremer: * She looks back to Dave. * " Your not off the hook. You know who that might be right? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *makes her way across the club, now heading towards the bar*

C.R.: He picks up his drink and takes a good, large sip, eyes on Roxy. Waiting for her to come to him.

David Poe: * He shrugs and smiles. * " The last of the Mohihcans? "

Erika Bremer: * She frowns, then grins and laughs. * " Yeah, thats not a bad way to put it. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *walks up to the bar, sliping in a spot next to CR and flashes him one of her best friendly charming smiles she can in her buzzed state* Hi, nice shirt. I'm Roxy by the way.*offers he hand to him to shake*

David Poe: {{ Sorry. AFKBRB }}

C.R.: "Thanks. Got it when it was in first print, not 76th." He smirks a little, taking the hand and shaking it. "Nice to meet you, Roxy."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit* Thats cool, been look at some of the retro cloths like that. Course nothing this rare but... *then shrugs a little with a smile* So whats you name?

C.R.: "Depends on who you're lookin' for, Roxy." He raises an eyebrow, still smiling. "And why."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *pauses and takes a breath but figures it is worth the gamble* I heard thru the railroad, about a guy named C.R. You look a lot like what I was told he would look like. As for why, well I was like the rest of those that listen to the railroad was wondering just what happened.

Erika Bremer: * He looks out across the room and watches them talk, wishing that she could read lips. *

C.R.: He considers that. "Hmm. Didn't know people were still looking for C.R. these days. Guess he's more well-known then I thought."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *smiles a bit* Guess he was, club owner apprently predominate in certian circles. Enough that the rumor is that he went underground after what ever happened happened. There seemed to be no doubt he was still around despite the overwhelming void that seemed to happen in the city of others.

David Poe: " Its not polite to stare, you know. "

Erika Bremer: * She keeps watching. * " Bite me, Dave. "

David Poe: " I very well might. "

C.R.: "Hmmmm." He tilts his head a little, listening to the story and taking another drink. "How interesting. Sounds like a guy like that could be pretty damn useful, these days."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit* I agree even if he wanted to stay in the background and only tell the story of what happened, where the old gathering spot was and just act as a advisor. *says with a charming little smile*

Erika Bremer: * Looking frustrated. * " Its taking her long enough. "

C.R.: "Naah. Guy like that, he'd wanna be in the thick of things. He sounds the kind of guy who puts little stock in the ability of other, FAR more useless groups to deal with the city's problems."

David Poe: * He shrugs. * " Thats a good sign, dumbass. Means that he has not told her to fuck off yet. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit* Ah well personally don't know him, but I would make the offer either way he wanted to play it and let him know that there is about a half dozen of us already scattered around just looking for a home while we try to avoid the rest... *the last bit is just dripping with disdian*

Erika Bremer: " Yeah I guess thats right. " * She turns back to him and takes another sip of her drink. *

C.R.: He chuckles at that. "Yeah, well. If I see him, I'll be sure to let him know to contact you. You have a way for me to contact you?"

C.R.: ((For him to contact you. ST is getting a bit tired.))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *bites her lip a bit and then finally nods, was obviously hoping for more tonight. Pulls a bussiness card out and scripples a number down on the back and hands it over* My cell phone number is on the back. If you see him that is.

David Poe: {{ *L* Was not going to say anything. Geting tired here too. }}

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((no worries I am just glad to see this thing moving ahead*s*))

C.R.: He takes the business card from her, looking at the number and nodding. "I'll be sure to pass it on, if I see someone like that."


Erika Bremer: * She looks back over to Roxy at the kissing sound with raised brows. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs to Erika a bit* He was saying stuff like kiss kiss, seemed a good reply. We need to be on this guys good side, he knows all about the old set up's we had in the city and has managed to stay under the rader and living here all this time which is exactly what we need to pull off.

Erika Bremer: * She shrugs back. * " Okay. At least we found the guy. "

C.R.: He slips out of the door, just past Security, and heads off into the night.

David Poe: * He shakes his head. * " Cool, but I think I am going to cut out bitches. Need to check email or something. "

C.R.: ((And I'm outtie. See y'all later. *G*))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods a bit and slips out of the booth again* Yeah he wants to having a family reunion of sorts this week when we can plan it. He didn't know there was so many of us wandering around and understands our desire to look for other alternatives than what is visable.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((night))

David Poe: * He nods. * " Guess that does not include me, right? "

Erika Bremer: " Just let me know when and where and I will try to be there. " * She giggles again. * " Bad rhyme. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shake her head slightly* No not right now, you still havn;t made up your mind if you want to go that way, or ronin like you or are consider joining us. Next meeting maybe but this first one will just be for immedite family.

David Poe: " I can dig that. " * He stands and starts to head for the door. * " See you both later then. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *grins to Erika* Depends when i can get ahold of the rest really.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *watchs Dave as he starts off and then looks to Erika and shakes her head slightly.* Didn't I just suggest going home together? *said to Erika in a slightly bewildered tone after Dave walks off*

Erika Bremer: * She waves too Dave. * " Night. " * then too Roxy. * " I want to go too. You know more of the locals than me but if I can help let me know. "

Erika Bremer: " I think that he is high. Dont worry about it. " * She smiles. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *nods to Erika and reachs out to take her hand and pull her up* Well we can head home too and make him pay our way. And yeah I want you there to back me up if nother else, I know the rest but not real well and I imagine this meeting will determine a lot about how things will be for us in this city.

Erika Bremer: * She smiles and keeps hold of the hand once she is up. * " Dont worry about that. I will definitly be watching that ass. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *grins at that comment* Maybe you should do more than watch it. *and with that heads towards the exit with Erika*

Erika Bremer: (( Night guys and thanks. ))

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((night))