Tansy: She had founf the place in the phone book a bit stunned to realize that it still stood after 14 years of her not being back. She just hopes that her luck holds out and that the room was available. She had taken the money that she had picked up from that boy back home, and brought some of it with here out here just in case. Not wanting to ask Eli for money, this worked. She got a cab outside of their Hotel they were staying at and told the cabbie where to go. With a bouquet of daisies in hand she get's dropped off and looks at the place, before headding to the front desk to rent the room.

Tansy: ((DLP))

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: The Country Inn is stunningly similar to what Tansy remembers, almost surreally so, but for some disrepair. Time has not been kind to the old motel, and maintenance has been sparse. Still, it is in fact there, and it's showing a vacancy sign. As Tansy steps into the front desk, an older man, maybe in his mid-50's, looks up from his magazine. "Evening', miss."

Tansy: ((Sorry undelete my post))

Tansy: Yeah she knows she looks wierd, a pregnant woman wearing a sleeveless top in a violet color, bringout the color of her eyes, two Butterfli clips clipping her hair back from her face, and a pair of shorts, with sandals gracing her feet. A backpack is on her back, and the bouquet of daisies in her hand. As she steps into the airconditioned front office, she smiles to the man behind the desk. "Evening. Room ### do it happen to be available to rent for the night?"

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: He looks over at the wall of keys and nods a little. "Yep. Room 85 is in fact available. 45 dollars for the night."

Tansy: She slips the backpack to one shoulder and opens up the front pocket taking out the exact change she hands it over in cash to him. "Thanks." another smile as she zips up the backpack and slips it back on her back.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "Your welcome, miss." He hands the key over. "Somethin' special about that room, or somethin'? We got nicer ones..."

Tansy: She takes the key. "I stayed there once, in that room a long time ago." she says.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "Hmm...must be some good memories, then." He smiles a little. "Checkout's at 10 in the morning."

Tansy: A sadness drifts across her eyes but she smiles politly to him. "Thank you." she turns and heads out of the front office.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: He looks after her a moment, then shrugs and looks back to the fishing magazine. Tansy finds that the steps are remarkably easy to retrace, back to the room in question...almost frighteningly so. She finds room 85 fairly quickly, the cheap wooden door and tacky gold lettering staring back at her as she approaches.

Tansy: She stands there key in hand staring at the door, she doesn;t know how long she stands there just, waiting before she unlocks the door and just lets it open. Standing in the doorway looking at the place.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: ((Roll WP))

Tansy: 5,5,3,7,7,6,

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: For a single, horrifying second, as the door opens, she sees a blood-spattered scene, and a set of nude legs, the rest of the body obscured by the door. She blinks, involuntarily, and when her eyes open, it's the normal hotel room...still eerily similar. The room is cheap, not high-class at all, with a flower-print bedspread on both twin bends and heavy orange carpet. The walls are brown wood panel.

Tansy: She starts breathing a bit harder, tears springing to her eyes, she slowely moves into the room, shutting and locking the door behind her. She leans back against the door for a moment, before taking a seat on one of the twin beds.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: The bed seems just a little bit damp as she sits down for just a moment, before the sensation quickly vanishes.

Tansy: She almost jumps up from the bed, but remains where she is, slip[ping the backpack off her back and setting the flowers beside her on the bed. She closes her eyes, almost expecing to hear what she head that day, so many years ago. To her her mother voice telling her to take a bath. She openes her eyes and looks tothe bathroom door almost expecting to see her younger self standing there watching.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: There is, of course, no one watching her by the bathroom door. In fact, there's nothing there, but a closed bathroom door...paneled, probably hollow. The room has a stiff feeling...stale air. Vague smell of cigarette smoke still lingering.

Tansy: She takes a deep breath despite the lingering smell of cigerette smoke. "Mom, you do not have to worry any longer, He is dead, and I am well and he didn;t get me.....he didn't get me."The last said in a wispered voiceas a slight smile tears comming to her eyes.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: ((Per+Awareness))

Tansy: 2,9,10,8,5,

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: The hairs on the back of Tansy's neck stand up as a chill passes right by her. It was very much more then a breeze...it would be obvious, even if there were no way for a breeze to get in. Something just walked right next to her.

Tansy: She freezes in place, licking her lips eyes darting about, she starts to fiddle with the ring on her finger, a prayer to be able to see what cannot be seen. ((Spirit sight 2 rolls))

Tansy: 8,1,

Tansy: 1,7,

Tansy: S dejected sigh, "Please, let me see." she sys closing her eyes, trying once more and putting a bit of her will into it this time.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: The presence remains undetected, other then that haunting coldness, which seems to hang nearby...seems, almost to...face her?

Tansy: ((WP))

Tansy: 8,2,

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: As she focuses her magic and tries to see beyond, the form becomes...not quite visible. More...solid, is the proper phrase. It fills out, becomes more real to her. Slowly, color fills in, taking a female shape.

Tansy: She watches the form solidify in front of her eyes, holding her breath.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: As the image takes shape, it becomes a woman, in her early thirties. She's attractive enough, though not enough to be called beautiful...a little overly thin, with dark brown hair, shoulder-length, and very familiar violet eyes. She's smiling to Tansy, in a quite maternal way.

Tansy: Those tears that have been not far away in her eyes since she arrived well up once more. "Mom."She sniffles once as she see's her mother. "I miss you so much, and I love you so much." so much emotion running through her right now.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "Hey, honey." Naomi smiles warmly to her daughter with adoring eyes. "I love you, too. It's...good to see you. You look..." She trails off and sighs, tears of her own coming to the corners of her eyes.

Tansy: She nods her head tears falling down her cheeks silently. "I have missed you too." a lopsided grin. "Pregnant?" she so wants to reach out and hig her mom, to crawl up in her lap, to be held as much as to hold her mother, who did so much for her.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She nods, smiling brilliantly. "Feels like twins."

Tansy: She nods her head. "Yeah, boys." She watches her hands huggin herself, wanting them to be hugging her mom. "I got to meet Andromeda, I wish I had known....before....I never knew." she looks down briefly before looking up. "Can you tell me who he was?" not wanting her thoughs that Robert was her father to be true.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She shakes her head. "I...can't, no, honey. I'm sorry, I wish I could, but I think it's better this way."

Tansy: She lowers her lashes bitting her lip she nods. "Okay, I understand." she smiles brightly. "It is, just way wonderful to see you, to be with you for this time." she takes a deep breath and lets it out. "To tell you that i am safe now, and that he has moved on."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "I know. I felt him cross over, even all the way here." She nods a little, almost reaching out to touch her daughter, but not quite. "He was...one of my ties here. Him, my athame, and you."

Tansy: She mover her hand to reach out to touch her mom, but it also falls short. "What happens now?" her athame, she didn;t even know where that ended up, police evidence she supposes. "I don;t want you to move on, but you have good to do in your future lives." and she believes this whole heartedly.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She purses her lips, thinking. Something odd flicks through her eyes, and she smiles. "How's Griffen?" Yes, a sudden change of topic.

Tansy: She sighs. "I.."and swallows. "I never found him, not enought time, I stayed in hiding. I will try and find him tho, I think he needs to know."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She gets an annoyed look on her face. "You're kidding. He hasn't revealed himself?"

Tansy: She frowns, something crossing her mind. "What do you mean revealed himself? He hasn;t come looking for me, it's just like I didn;t know who Andromeda was until way later."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She shakes her head, looking...pissed. "He's been nearby you, honey. I can tell...he's got my athame. I could tell when it got close to you."

Tansy: She blinks highly confused, she goes back trying to remember everyone she came into contact with before she hid herself away. "I pretty much know everyone pretty well that I know and met before I hid muyself away." she shakes her head. "I didn;t meet anyone named Ace or Griffen, or even Bella."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "He's there, Tansy." She frowns, shaking her head. "He probably followed Robert there...he's been tracking him down for years. Killing those Robert warped into Marauderhood." A disgusted scowl. "I can't believe he won't see you. Typical, emotionally repressed Aconite. He never changes."

Tansy: She nods her head and thn gasps. "Wait...."blink blink. "Aconite.....you said Aconite. I met, a guy in a coffee shop." she squeezes her eyes closed. "He was helping one of the other that I met with the big plan." she openes her eyes. "Aconite is Griffen, you called him Ace."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "Yes, sweetie...Ace. Short for Aconite." She nods a little bit, a hint of a smile coming back to her face. "Ace was a nickname he hated, so we used it so much, it became a...a term of endearment, of sorts."

Tansy: She runs her hands down her face and smiles brightly. "I woiuld never have put that together. But I will remember to use it when I see him, I know how to get into contact with him once I am back in New York." she takes a deep breath still so much to do. "Let's just hope he doesn;t smack me over the head for using it tho."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: Her smile widens a little. "He won't. Do me a favor...tell him I said hi. Then flick his ear for me."

Tansy: She smiles brightly and nods with a laugh. "I can do that." she means it. "Even 5 months pregnant I can still move pretty quickly when needed." one hand absently rubbing her tummy. "What should I do with your athame?" she is like a cat with a string sometimes bring the topic back around to what atarted the griffen conversation.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She shrugs a little. "Keep it safe. As long as you're around, I will be, too. My Muse has moved on already...so, if I will remain, I'd rather my ties here be as strong as possible. It's...dangerous for me, otherwise.

Tansy: Well as long as Eli stays safe, then she will remain as well and she will keep the athame with her. she nods. "I can do that." happily she will do this quite freely. a slight shake of her head. "Have you followed me? Or have you always been here?"

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: "I've stayed here. It's...a safe place, and if I followed you or Ace, then Robert might be able to find you easier." She looks around, sighing. "Now, I...I don't know."

Tansy: She nods her head, that she can understand. "I dunno if I will make it back out here any other time." she looks down."My life is in New York, I have settled down, no more running, no more hap-hazard moving about." her wedding ring glints a bit as she moves her hand, and looks from it to her mother. "I do not want to lose you once more, but knowing that are are around...." she smiles to her mom.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: She nods a little bit. "Maybe...I'll see you sometime, honey. I might just have to come and say hello to Ace myself, after all."

Tansy: She smiles and nods. "Yeah give him a pleasant supprise. And of course to see your gandbabies, when they are born."

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: Her smile is dazzling, warm. "Yeah. See them, too." She sighs, almost before her form starts to shimmer. "I...think I have to go, Tansy."

Tansy: A sad look passes her face. "I love you mom, always." she can't help it this time she moves to give the immage of her mom a hug, or tries to.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel]: Unfortunately, Tansy passes through the ghostly form. It shimmers a little more, then passes out into nothingness.

Ravyn [Los Angeles Hotel] -> Tansy: "I love you too, honey." It's whispered in her ear as Naomi vanishes.

Tansy: She closes her eyes as her arms close around the nothing ness in the room with her. Slidding to the ground she hiugs herself. tears falling down her face. About a half hour later she moves, plucking a daisy out of the bouquet and putting it behind her ear. And resting the bouquet on the bed. She puts the backpack back on. Time to go. She will return to the front desk.

Tansy: ((DLP))

Tansy: Tansy: She closes her eyes as her arms close around the nothing ness in the room with her. Slidding to the ground she hugs herself. tears falling down her face. About a half hour later she moves, plucking a daisy out of the bouquet and putting it behind her ear, and another one to rest on the bed. Back pack put back on, she grabs the bouquet and heads back out of the room, to return the key to the front desk.

Tansy: She returns the key to the guy behind the desk, with a murmered thanks, and goes to catch a cab to the cemetary. Once at the cemetary she goes to her mothers grave, and kneeling there she places the bouquet in the flower holder. runs her hand over the headstone that is there. Kisses her hand then presses her finger to the headstone. She get's up and heads back to the waiting cab. This was not goodbye, but a new begining. She takes the cab back to the Hotel, where she was staying with Eli. Grabbing food from room service.