Ravyn: All right. Allen informs Melinda that he has planty of access codes to the AATR; however, they are probably long-since deactivated, since the Union obviously knows that he's defected. He does tell her the general security, as best he knows them; there is, of course, an intense amount of security around internet access points.

The problem, unfortunately, is that he's a Progenitor, not a member of Iteration X. He is not all that knowledgable about the Digital Web. he does give her a sector to start from that he believes is relatively safe.

Melinda Stowe: She thanks Allen for all of his information. And readys herself, her pre-done programed viruses, to go into the Digital Web. A walk she is familiar with, except for this one.

Ravyn: ((Okay, make a roll to physically enter the Digital Web))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 8,9,4,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Areta: 5,8,5,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Areta: 6,7,9,

Ravyn: ((Where is she physically doing it from?))

Melinda Stowe: Physically she is entering from a random hotel room, rented with cash, of course (She doesn't even own a checking account or credit card).

Ravyn: She enters the Web without difficulty, coming in at the access point she's located at. The site is a large room, one of the few blank rooms still located in this area of the Digital Web...unnoticed and ignored, for whatever reason ((Int+Computer, diff 6, for Icon Creation))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Int+Cpomp(AA): 9,2,3,3,2,7,3,5,

Ravyn: ((Base Trait appearance 1, Intimidation 0. 3 Succ; each allows one dot to be put in App or Int. The describe the Icon.))

Melinda Stowe: ((Appearance 1 Intimidation 3)) An androgynous looking person, short spiked hair, a pair of shades, rests on the nose. Tank top and black pants, boots as well. There is nothing really identifying much about the person, except they look healthy.

Melinda Stowe: ((Nevermind she is PHYSICALLY entering the Digital web not astrally(though mind) she used Correspondance, Spirit to get to the web))

Ravyn: d10: Avatar Storm: 6,6,7,

Ravyn: She makes her way into the Umbra...through the Avatar Storm, as it rips through her, inflicting hideous pain as it sears her soul((3 Aggravated Damage)). She finds herself in an Umbral representation of the hotel room, the area covered in shimmering, decaying webs.

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes roll with the pain, THAT hurt. A few deep breaths and she moves to head to the Digital web, the umpra is not a safe place for such as herself.

Ravyn: ((Dexterity+Cosmology vs. 7 to make her way to the Web))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Dex+Cosmology: 9,9,6,6,4,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Dex+Cosmology: 1,5,9,2,

Ravyn: Melinda starts to travel along, looking for that Umbral path that will take her to the Digital Web. As she scans around the room, she can't quite seem to find the access point she's looking for...in fact, she doesn't see a way out of the room at all.

Melinda Stowe: With a sigh, this has happened before, she was going to need to go back and start all over again from a different acces point, it was going to take her a whole month before she could try again. She faild and knows that she has.

Ravyn: As Melinda sits there, contemplating her failure, a voice calls from under the bed. "Hey...hey, you." It's whispered, quietly, in an conspiratorial, almost child-like manner.

Melinda Stowe: PDA in hand she accesses the only program she knows might help her, the push away program, as she turns quickly tpo the voice, eyes narrowed. "Show yourself." she knows she isn't intimidating, but she can always hope one day.

Ravyn: "What, you kiddin'? Here?" There's a sigh from under the bed. "I ain't all that popular here. You're h4e, right? Yeah, I hearda ya. Whatcha doin'?"

Melinda Stowe: She raises an eyebrow. "Then tell me who you are, if you are so unpopular here." someone who knows who she is she is on high alert. "What do you think I am going for a stroll."

Ravyn: After a long-suffering sigh, there's a shuffling under the bed, and he emerges. Or, rather, it...it might be a he, and the voice is definitely masculine. About three feet long, it's a silvery chitinous body with long, metallic legs. A pair of black eyes and a large mouth, almost oversized when you compare it to the rest of it. It raises up to a full stand, about four feet tall, body arching with an audible pop of vertebrae. "Damn, I hate hidin' like that." It looks around the room a moment, paranoid, and looks back to her. "S'up?"

Melinda Stowe: A definate raise of her eyebrows, oh boy. "Not a whole lot, this certain spot is being difficult, with no outside accesspoints, but other than such, nothing." she says all of this while taking and moving back a step.

Ravyn: It smirks a little bit and skitters a little to the side, away from the wall, moving more toward the center of the room. A feeler extends toward her, curious. "Just gotta know where to look. Where ya tryin' ta get? I mean, the Web, obviously...but where within the Web?"

Melinda Stowe: "A certain sector that will allow me to access a highlky sensitive and secure vector of the Web." yes the parinoid woman is overly so in here. "You know where the access port to the Web is located at?"

Ravyn: "No, I just like hangin' out in here for my health." One gets the sense that he's rolled his eyes, although as black as they are, it's really hard to tell. "'course I know the way out. Shit, only reason I come here at all is for a little occasional chowin' down."

Melinda Stowe: A slight narrowing of her eyes. "Chowing down?" what in the world does he eat?

Ravyn: "Yeah. You'd be surprised how many good eats there are in here. And dumb, too. Easy to catch."

Melinda Stowe: An icy trickle of fear goes down her spine. "I see well, do not doubt my word that I am neither dumb or good to eat. If you would be so kind, as to point me to the access port to the web, I will be on my way."

Ravyn: A snickering sound comes from it. "Don't worry, yer safe. Too fleshy...not nearly spiritual enough." A pause as it considers, a feeling bedning backwards to scratch its back. "I tell ya what. Always lookin' for new and intresting sectors. You lemme come with, I'll take you through."

Melinda Stowe: Another raise of an eyebrow. "Let's just say this isn't a sector that ~I~ might return from. If that still intrests you, then yes come with." a nod of her head to punctuate her words.

Ravyn: It smirks again...an odd look on its face. "You may not come back, sure. I will." A feeler extends out, toward her, well within arms reach. "Grab hold. Gonna be a wild ride. You rip it off, I'm gonna be pissed."

Melinda Stowe: "You hurt me I will be pissed off." she tells it, and rteaches out and takes hold of the feeler, not to hard, but not loosly becqause she wouldn't wish to be left behind.

Ravyn: d10: Gnosis: 3,8,2,9,9,7,8,

Ravyn: The sensation is...very odd. Melinda loses all of her senses for a moment, shrounded in darkness and quiet and absolute nothingness. There is a sensation something akin to her entire body pixilating, becoming less some, more blocking, and then a whoosh as she's shuttled off to somewhere. ((Roll WP))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Willpower: 9,2,8,3,6,

Ravyn: Melinda manages to keep her sense of self about her, though the sensation is quite disconcerting. When she can next see, she's in the middle of a city block...if she was in a Star Wars film. People of all sorts of races walk around, and when she looks up, she sees several car-sized crafts flying over them, stories and stories above their heads. The area isn't that well lit, but well enough to see. A couple people stop to regard her and the spider-like creature oddly, then continue on their way.

Melinda Stowe: She lets go of the feeler, if it still is a feeler, here. Straightening out her clothes, she looks over to her companion.

Ravyn: It looks up at her. "So, where to from here? Where we off to?"

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Cos: 10,6,2,1,2,

Melinda Stowe: d10: : 7,

Ravyn: Melinda recognizes this as, quite literally, Coruscant. A sector formatted a few years ago by a couple cabals of fanboy Virtual Adepts. Originally designed to be a safehouse, it's well-known that it's been slowly infiltrated by the Technocracy, who end up becoming Republic soldiers. And she knows the approximate direction she needs to go to get to a conduit that will lead to the sector she needs to be at.

Melinda Stowe: "Not here." she says looking at all of the people around the potential for people to overhear. As she glances around she nods her head. "Come on." Setting off in the direction they need to go to get to the conduit to get to the sector. She keeps her eyes peeled.

Ravyn: "Kay." He skitters along by her side, forcing a couple of Jedi-looking types to walk around them. They travel along, past a couple of bars, eventually coming up to an alleyway that Melinda's fairly sure the conduit's in.

Melinda Stowe: Yes yes let the jedi types get out of her way she is fine with that one. She moves down the alley. A look around once inside, to make sure that only her and her friend have decided to come this way.

Ravyn: No one's followed them into the alleyway...however, one Melinda steps in, her companion right behind, she notes the flare of the cherry of a cigarette. This...is most definitely NOT a Jedi, or a Wookie, or, thank the Admins, a Gungan. Looking entirely human, he totally doesn't fit the Star Wars motif...dressed in a shiny black trench coat, he's youthful, probably in his mid-20's, with a trim black beard, deep green eyes, and a grin on his face. "Well, hello there."

Melinda Stowe: Thank the Admins for some things, but if she picks up one more straggler on this journey, she might just shout at someone. "Good evening." was it evening? it worked.

Ravyn: "Good evening back, citizen." He chuckles, and pushes off from the wall, turning to face her. "And what can I do for you?"

Her companion looks out from behind her back, and freezes. "Um...damn."

Melinda Stowe: A raise of her eyebrow. "We do not need any assistance, thank you though for your offer." she shoots a glare back at her companion, before looking at the stranger in the trench. "We will be on our way." She goes to continue down the alleyway.

Ravyn: "Nuh-uh." He shakes his head. "Sorry, citizen. You have to make it through the gatekeeper before you get to the gate. And the gatekeeper isn't letting you in until you give a damn good reason to."

Melinda Stowe: She crosses her arms tilts her chin at a dignifyed angle. "I am on a mission of utmost import, to be able to insure, the survival of many lives." wel;l that sounded important enough didn't it? Gate keeper my ass.

Ravyn: "A mission of utmost import?" An eyebrow quirks. "What mission would this be? I'm certain I would have heard of it if it were spoken over the lines."

Ravyn: Melinda's spidery companion shifts foward and back on its many legs, a little nervous as it regards but VA and gatekeeper.

Melinda Stowe: "There is a certain putside sector that has been notifyed that the Progrom has restarted in thier area." Her voice has lowered, she doesn't wish anyone else tyo over hear their conversation.

Ravyn: "The Pogrom." He frowns a little at that, blinking several times in rapid succession before he nods. "Ahhh, yes. That's not good. And accessing this sector will allow you to stop that somehow?"

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "It will give a start."

Ravyn: He considers this a moment, and then nods. "All right. I will allow you access...although you must find another way back. This conduit only goes one-way, I'm afraid."

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "We can do that, thank you for you help." She crosses her hands. Finally time to get to work.

Ravyn: The man nods and steps to the side of the alley, gesturing to the door he was in front of. "By all means. Good luck, citizen."

Melinda Stowe: "Thank you." She makes sure spider, yes she has named him, go figure, is still with her. She walks up to the door, so that they can get through the conduit to the next sector.

Ravyn: ((Roll Arete, a Correspondance 3 roll to get through; Coincidential))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 5,9,7,

Ravyn: At Melinda's quick work, the door opens, revealing a light on the other side...a bright room, looking something like an incredibly well-lit version of an empty Holosuite room.

Melinda Stowe: A deep breath moving inside with Spider, before she shuts the door.

Ravyn: The spidery thing skitters along, nervously picking up the pace as it hurries by the gatekeeper and accidentally bumping into Melinda as they step through.

The door shuts itself...on the other side, it's just a blank wall. Within the room, there's little of note, beyond a computer terminal against the far wall.

Melinda Stowe: The second the spider thing bumps into her she screams and moves away as quick as she can. Her breathing quickens almost to a point where she is gasping. "D-d-d-do-t t-t-touch m-m-m-m-me."

Ravyn: It jumps away from her, backing up with a chittering noise before returning to human speech. "Hey, hey, hey! Accident, accident...sorry. Guy freaked me out, all right. Didn't mean to..."

Melinda Stowe: She rests a hand on the wall, a hand to her chest as she tryes to calm down, eventually getting cvalmed. "It is okay, you supprised me as well. Now let's get to the correct sector."

Ravyn: He makes a chittering sort of grunt and moves in the general direction of the terminal, eyeing her. "Yeah, yeah. Sounds like a plan."

Melinda Stowe: She moves to the terminal and set's to work.

Ravyn: The terminal, as she approaches, reveals itself to be a old-style dumb monitor, just a monitor with a text display and a keyboard. It lights up as she comes near, displaying "Enter Password" in grainy letters, with the blinking square cursor after...something remniscent of a Commodore 64's graphics.

Melinda Stowe: She glares at the computer, sets her shoulders, this might take a while, and she starts to jack her way through this.

Ravyn: ((Int+Computers, diff 7 for Melinda. Total of 10 successes needed.))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers: 2,6,3,1,7,8,8,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers: 9,8,3,3,5,7,5,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers: 10,6,4,8,7,6,7,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Re-Roll: 5,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers: 8,7,5,9,6,5,8,

Melinda Stowe: "Get Comfortable" she says as she goes to work, she grits her teath there for a while. Her fingers flying over the keyboard, attempting to get access in. ((13 Suxx))

Ravyn: It takes Melinda a good 20 minutes of work, mainly because she's using the most basic "computer" known to man to input a password through encryption that would make a Pentium 4 Processor twitch; however, she finally makes her way in and gets the password.

Melinda Stowe: She sticks her tongue out at the monitor once she has the password, and inputs it in.

Ravyn: The monitor flashes white, and a face comes up on it, incredibly attractive and entirely androgynous. "Welcome. How may I help you?"

Melinda Stowe: "Open conduit to Sector XXX." she states to the computer, not knowing if she needed to type it or speak it.

Ravyn -> ;e: "I'm sorry, I do not understand the question. You are in Sector 125.468.132.25." Throughout, the face is smiling brightly, a flight stewardess level of 'happy to serve.'

Ravyn: "I'm sorry, I do not understand the question. You are in Sector 125.468.132.25." Throughout, the face is smiling brightly, a flight stewardess level of 'happy to serve' in her expression.

Melinda Stowe: Is there a plug in jack to download the information from?))

Ravyn: ((There is not that she can see.))

Melinda Stowe: It takes a second, oh brother they were going to be sitting ducks. "Access current information files on the Progrom re-start by Garrett Johanneson. Also acess to an access port."

Ravyn: "Of course. One moment." On the side of the monitor, a plug-in jack appears. "All files accessed."

Melinda Stowe: She pulls the plug from the PDA and plugs it into the jack that has been made available. This might just hurt. "Download now." she says once the cable is secured. Thank the Admins for her brain being hardwired.

Ravyn: "Downloading." The files start to transition their way through the jack into the cable. ((WP roll))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Willpower: 5,1,5,5,4,

Ravyn: The information that flows into her brain is just too much. As Melinda passes out, she feels her mind instinctively trying to reverse the flow. ((And let's pause there. I need to think on this. *EFGFH*))

Melinda Stowe: ((*headdesks* okay, have fun I wuv you*S*))



Michelle Morgan: When light once again dawns, Melinda finds herself inside Haven. She has no recollection of how she got there, or that anything went wrong. The last thing she remembers is jacking into the terminal and downloading the information, and then, it's all fuzzy from there.

Melinda Stowe: A shake of her head as she peers around a frown, and a purse of her lips.((Where is she atinside of Haven?))

Michelle Morgan: ((She's laying on the couches in the living room, as if she passed out on them))

Melinda Stowe: ((Do she feel anymore hurt as well?))

Michelle Morgan: ((Nope! *S*))

Melinda Stowe: She sits up, a tilt of her head, as if trying to recall how she had gotten to here. A look around to see if anyone was around.

Michelle Morgan: At the moment, she appears to be alone in the living area. It does appears as if someone's been through to have a drink recently, as the rum is sitting capped on the kitchen counter, instead of in the cabinet.

Melinda Stowe: There is only one in the chantry she knows who drinks rum. She stands up and proceeds to move to the doors to the offices, doing the process of hand scan and then with a relization she types in her code, because she left her card here.

Michelle Morgan: The doors open with their typical slow hiss and motion, and about 20 seconds alter, she can pass through.

Melinda Stowe: She moves through making her way to the deacons offices, Michelle's in particular. If the door is not open then she will knock and call out "Miss Michelle?", if it is open she will still knock lightly on the side of the doorframs and call out the same thing.

Michelle Morgan: The door is open as she approaches...Michelle is sitting behind her desk, going over some notes and organizational matters for the upcoming meeting. She looks very, very tired at the moment, like she probably hasn't slept in a good few days. Nonetheless, she looks up and smiles when she sees the Adept. "Hey, Melinda. Come on in...how are you?"

Melinda Stowe: She comes on in. "I am well thank you for asking. Slight disoriented." she takes a seat.

Michelle Morgan: "I know the feeling." She gives a rueful grin, and leans forward, elbows resting on some scribbled notes. "What's up?"

Melinda Stowe: She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. "How long was I asleep out on the couch?"

Michelle Morgan: "Gods, umm..." She takes a deep breath out, thinking. "I came in last night, and you were passed out then. That was what, eight hours ago?"

Melinda Stowe: a raise of her eyebrow "So today is the 9th or the 10th? I am sorry a trip through the Digital Web is disorientating and sometimes what can seem like a few seconds can be days or weeks here."

Michelle Morgan: "It's Saturday, the 10th." She tilts her head to Melinda, a little concerned. "How did everything go?"

Melinda Stowe: "The good news I got through, and did not take me much effort to get in." a frown. "I was downloading the information, but I cannot seem to access any of it." a purse of her lips. "It is the 10th alread?" a sigh.

Michelle Morgan: "Yeah..." She nods with a frown. "Well, actually, the 11th, technically...it's almost 2 in the morning." She leans back, watching Melinda. "So you got it, but you can't access any of it?"

Michelle Morgan: ((Roll Per+Awareness))

Melinda Stowe: d10: per+awareness: 2,9,3,8,5,

Michelle Morgan: ((And now an Int+Computers))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Int+Computers(AA): 10,5,5,3,1,2,9,3,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Reroll: 7,

Michelle Morgan: Melinda recognizes that the information is encrypted inside her head; it would take a technologically-minded Mage with Mind magic in order to "decrypt" the information.

Melinda Stowe: "No I cannot access any of it. It would take someone who knows about technology and the mind to get the encrypted data out of my mind for our use." a sigh. "Possibly Jim could access it, but I am unsure of how long it would take to rtetrieve. I had wished to be back sooner, so if any complications came about, they would have been figured out before the meeting."

Michelle Morgan: She nods. "Well, Jim's out working on some security stuff, but we can always have him work on it when we all get together."

Melinda Stowe: The benifits of having such a simple device as I have, but the negatives of not having a computer to have downloaded such things, to. I of course did not wish to carry too much information with me into the DW, dangers of course."

Michelle Morgan: She nods a little bit. "That makes sense." She takes a deep breath and sighs, smiling to Melinda. "We've got the information, and you're okay. That's what's important."

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "Yes, of course. I can speak with Jim or if you would. I am sure he would find the technology let along the information interesting enough I am sure." a smile. "I should let you get back to your work Michelle" she stands.

Melinda Stowe: ((One last thing before we end this scene she would g to the security room and see if there is actual camera's on Hanven, if so she would look back to see when she actually arrived and how she appeared to look when she arrived.))

Michelle Morgan: "I'll talk with him as soon as I see him...see what we can do." She nods. "Go get some rest...you still look tired."

Melinda Stowe: Another nod and smile to the woman. "I will do so, and see you later." she moves from the room, headded to the security room, parinoi kicking in. this is why she had security camer's at home to record the time she was away and when she returned.

Michelle Morgan: When she makes it to the security room and rewinds the cameras, she sees herself enter the building, exhausted, about 12 hours ago, and drop onto the couch, promptly passing out.

Melinda Stowe: A frown, it is quite possible that she was in the web for a few days, considering the length of time she was in there, it is entirely possible, but she does not remember any of that, that is a worrying factor. She makes sure the tapes are in correct order before she heads off to her room to rest, she did feel tired still. another shake of her head trying to recall if Spider brought her out, or if she came by herself. A mystery, she would have to figure something out, she opens her bedroom door and closes it going to her bed and going back to sleep.