C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He makes his way down the stairs into the Chantry. The man's normal jovially sarcastic nature is amped up a little bit, with a kind of nervous energy as he makes his way across the seal and toward a bean bag. "Motherfuck."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She follows behind sighing not sitting yet she leans against a wall to keep form pacing. "understatement of the year..."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He flops down on the bean bag and drops his guns on the floor, one on either side of the bean bag as he pulls a clove. "So, that went well, wouldn't you say?" He grins a little as he digs out his lighter.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "yeah, like mary poppins...practicly perfect in everyway. " she wraps her arms around herself closing her eyes as she least her head back. "you don't think they have our decribtions now too do you?...or know about this Chantry?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "I doubt it." He shakes his head, flicking the Zippo and sparking the clove to life. "None of the Trads even seemed to know the chantry's name...and I wasn't about to enlighten them. We'll have to see, I guess."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head opening her eyes moving to sit crosslegged on the floor infront of him. "yeah, gunna have to warn Dave and Rox..."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Definitely." He leans back on the bean bag, head lolling back. "Fuckin' Techns. Fuckin' Trads. Fuckin'...fuck." A cloud of clove-scented smoke wafts into the air. "All right. We gotta get ourselves ready for a potential shit-storm."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she nods her head. "as you can see i'm pretty useless when it comes to a fight" she sighs.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "You got skills, Cori. Just gotta find a way to put 'em to use. Not everyone's a gunner."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "not when there is a gun to my face...at least you weren't wounded.."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Well, let's try to avoid the whole 'gun to the face' situation." He grins. "I can teach you to shoot, if you want."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She looks to the guns shaking her head. " i think i would do better to learn how to back up a shooter in other ways...maybe learn more medicine technques...or wakes to fuck with their heads yah know...i could always ask help from the spirit world...but well sometimes they kinda forget things."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "that reminds me...we need to get together with everyone and figure out what are our strengths so if something happens we can have an idea on how to help each other more..no?" she shift a little as she reachs back to pulls corchen from out of the lower part of her shirt.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah, we should." He nods a little bit. "No more play time for us, I don't think. Or a lot less, at least. Gotta get ship-shape."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "could you help me learn how to make thing appear CR?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Oh, like I did the guns?" He nods with a grin. "Yeah, I can do that. It's a neat trick, huh?"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she nods her head "maybe the next time they try shooting i can make their ammo uhmm go elsewhere so they would be shooting nothing"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Tricky, but that would rock." He chuckles.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "yes and it could seem like they ran out of bullets...i also need to find someone with a better understanding of doing mind funky stuff....cause if you make someone thing they are going to throw up it makes it hard for them to hurt you..."she realses she is babbling and closes her mouth.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "You got some good ideas, babe...we just gotta get you the know-how to do 'em." He nods with a smile. "Don't worry. Infinitely doable, with time."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "well it also will help if i could know what people know...they way we can help them figure out things they might not have thought about.....i only only the basics of a few things...i know most about spirits and stuff...cause i was a tad obssessed i guess."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He chuckles a little. "Nothing wrong with bein' obsessed, babe. Long as you're obsessed about something cool, or at least somewhat useful." He sighs a little. "We can try and get a list of who knows what floating around the place. See if we can brainstorm anything good. Hell, it sure as hell can't hurt."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she nods her head. "how about we call a meeting for like tuesday or somethin?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Sounds like a plan." He nods. "I'll put a posting up. See if we can get together."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "and a warning to be careful?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Well, yeah, that goes without saying."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she rolls over and lays on her stomach. "i'm, scared...but, i don't know hot to put this but...somehow i think we'll survive...one way or another."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "We will." He nods a little, watching her intently with his head slightly cocked to the side, the clove resting between to fingers on his chest.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She glances up to him and winks. "and if i die i'll live right here and haunt you guys"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: The right corner of his mouth quirks upward. "Well, as nice as it would be to have a nice ghost around here...no dying for you. A'ight?"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "wanna give me some room on that bean bag, the floors a tad cold and i'm to lazy to grab the other."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Baah. You know you're makin' me move, right? I think that's against the law, or something." He grins and shifts to the right as much as he can, to give her room. There isn't much room, but she can fit.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She squeezes on and leans against him in a comfortable manner and says with a playful grin. "well laws are ment to be tested and push to their boundries. besides its known that boobs win by default..so in a court of law i think i would win. Oh i remembered one thing, have you ever run into an Alyssa? she kinda starge and i think a walking techie magnet"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He chuckles a little, settling in next to her quite comfortably, an arm slipping around her to stablize them both on the bag. "Yeah, but I cheat. As to this Alyssa person...no, I haven't met her. Walking Techno-magnet, you say? THAT'S a good sign..."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "well shes pretty clueless, and was talking about magic and stuff in the coffee shop...and not in a too too decreet manner. i acted like i had no idea of what she could be talking about.." she shrugs a little. "i hope someone helps her out soon."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "I'll see if I can find her, see what's goin' on there." A slight nod. "Don't need someone like that getting themselves gacked."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head and looks around the room and down to corchen grinning. "well i know corchen is glad to be here." said snake was curled up around her neck.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah, I imagine." He chuckles. "Little guy probably gets pretty damn cold out there lately."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "but she doesn't seem to like to stay at home...almost like shes my personal guard. course she has yet to keep me out of trouble." she watches the snake lift its head tilting it as if it were challenging that statement.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah...but you've always been able to get yourself out, right?" He rubs her back a little, idly, as he looks between snake and Darkling. "So he's never really needed to intervene..."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "yeah... why do you call Cochen a him...?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Assumption?" He shrugs. "Corchen sounds more male then female, snakes are traditionally male in mythology, so my association goes there, and...well, let's be honest. A snake is the ultimate phallic symbol." He winks.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She grins "well Corchen is actually a celtic snake goddess" she grins

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Ahh, see, look what I know." He smirks a little bit. "I stand corrected, then."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "i always thought of them as unisex..., but defently sexual...wether a phallic symbol...or a curvatious being draped over a woman." she grins.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Most definitely." He nods at that, with a chuckle. "Gotta love the snake. S'all about temptation...or wisdom, depending on who you talk to."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "well i'm not christian...so i think i would agree about the wisdom..." she grins "they are pretty sneaky too"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Well...it's not just Christians who thought snakes were tempters. Egyptians, too. Look at Apophis." He chuckles a little, watching her from their close distance. "They're definitely wise, though."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "Well we also know how sensual of a people the egyptians were. very fascination history, culture..." she lifts her head upward to look to him, as natually like evryone else he was fairly taller than her.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "That's true." He leans back on the bean bag, looking back down at her. "Ahh, to live in Egyptian times. Not that we're lacking too terribly in the sensuality department around here, but...y'know. Not enough pyramids."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "only pyramids?" she grin in a teasing tone.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Well...no." He winks. "You can never have too many pyramids, though."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "touche.... So CR...how did your find your way to this hollowed being?" she grins.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Well, unless you've been visiting me in my sleep, I haven't found my way into that hollowed being...yet." He grins teasingly, then sighs. "Woke up when I was, like, 17, I think? I was living in San Fransisco...and lemme tell you, those were the days. Hooked up with a Darkling cabal...good folks."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she nods her head "many of them still around?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "I hear that Penny's still around and causing trouble, as only she can...Josepha and Neville, I'm not sure. I can't imagine that they're still on this side of the Gauntlet, though. Most of the others are long gone."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She blinks sitting up and looking to him those names of course have some infamy to them. "wow.."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: That draws an easy chuckle from him, and he tilts his head upward to watch her. "Yeah. I'm an original, all right."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "so why are you here in New York?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He shrugs a little bit. "San Fransisco burned out for me after a while...I went up north, to Portland. Hung out there a while, had a nightclub...eventually, shit went bad. Black Hats found us, took a bunch of people out. I was a well-known face there, so I took off. Ended up here. Never left."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she nods her head leaning back with a slight sigh. "home sweet home eh?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah, pretty much." He leans over to stub the clove out, finally, and picks up a new one. "No city in the world like it."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "just need the mirror shades to back off and find something better to do with their time, than harrass us and try to kill us on sight"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah, here's hoping." He snorts a little bit, lighting the new clove, handing her the pack if she wants one. "Sadly, the Black Hats don't listen to advice like that. We'll get the wax out of their ears, though...even if it takes a titanium drill or something."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she shakes her head at the clove. "no thank you, the scent of it is enough. " she snickers at his drill comment "maybe it should be made of Kryptonite."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Naah. Union ain't Superman. More like Mr. Sinister or Mastermind. It's all about control." He nods a little. "That's what the rest of the Trads haven't figured out yet, Cori. It's not about magic vs. technology, or reason vs. creativity. It's control vs. freedom. And they're control."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "isn't that always the underlinding factor with all the bad guys?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Usually." He nods. "In this case, though, they've done a great job convincing us otherwise. And it's brilliant, too...by doing so, they've prevented the Trads from ever catching up."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "that and the Trads always had that we are right think about them...each of them thinks their way is better...course if they could just listen and bend a lot more...they could probably get ahead a little faster."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yep." He nods. "Which is why I think this council thing may be a good idea, much as I was pretending to try and blow holes in it at the meeting. If they're willing to try for unity, and are willing to accept a Hollow One chantry...things may just be in for a change."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "if only the techs didn't find out about it.."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "We'll see." He nods. "For now, though...we just have to be ready for them...for whatever they have planned."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She nods her head "we should also probably try to contact them once we havt our own people ready with the knowlage"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "I like where you're head's at," he says with a grin, glancing up at her from his semi-relcining position.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She grins "well i am a hollower...we do tend to think on occasion" she winks to him.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Yeah, but it's more fun to pretend we don't and get people to underestimate us, in'it?" He returns the wink.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "why i don't know what you mead CR...." she streached and shifts a little in the bean bag. "i thought we were suupposed to be cynical...depressed regjects...oopsies"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: His arm tighens a little around her, just long enough so she doesn't slip off the bag when she stretches. He grins and puts a hand to his mouth in feigned shock. "Oh, my...our secret's out!"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She leans in close. "what ever are we to do...oh i know we should listen to the cure...and drink absenthe...and hmm dream about vampires" she grins.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "And drape ourselves in black silk and red velvet...black lipstick...black everywhere!" He grins to her, eyes twinkling a little bit.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "actually that sounds like fun..."she laughs a little her eyes looking into his "but... we forgot one thing...."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: A brow quirks playfully. "Oh?"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "the total apathy of it all...we aren't supposed to want to have fun" she winks

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "And the angst...oh, the angst." He falls back dramatically, the back of his hand going to his forehead. "Why do I even bother getting out of bed in the late afternoon?"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "because invader Zim is on" she says so matter of factly its hard to tell if she is serious.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Mmm. Good point."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "speaking of which i think we need to order more Johnny the Homicidal Maniac for the store again."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Ooh. Thanks for the heads up. A Jhonen-less comic book store is a sad comic-book store."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "yes it is....and we need more Gaiman merch...although mostly cause i'm trying to complete my collection. " she smiles sheepishly

Cori Frost 12/11/05: (grr)

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He grins. "No problem...I'll see what I can do about that." He looks up at her, from where he's lying, upper body leaning over the edge of the bean bag. "Umm. Help me sit up? I think I had the leverage to do it on my own."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She leans over to help him up

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He takes a firm but entirely non-painful hold on her upper arms and pulls himself up, with effort...nearly pulling her down in the process. "Thanks. That was far too difficult."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "yeah its cause i'm a weaklin" she grin "although i could have left you there and used you as a pillow"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Oh, I see. It's all about objectifying me, isn't it?" He winks. "You just want me for my body...I understand...oh, the angst..." Hand goes to forehead again, though he doesn't fall back this time.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "what can i say i'm so 2 dymintional...you wear black..." she grins and leans against him. "i think i'm sleeping here tonight though. i don't want to head home after what happened.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He chuckles and slips an arm around her waist. "No problem, babe. That's what we got the rooms for. Guess this means I can't walk around buck naked tonight, huh?"

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "and whyever not?" she lifts a brow.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He cocks his head to the side, watching her, and grins. "Usually bugs the ladies when I do so. Least, in the old chantry, it did." He chuckles. "But hey, you don't mind a 30-year-old man wearin' nothing but an IPod singing along with Peter Murphy or Andrew Eldritch, then it's good by me."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "as long as it is in key...or if it is off key...i get ear plugs" she shrugs "most of my friends were exibitionists or rather disliked clothing in North hampton so i'm used to seeing naked bodies. course i walk around naked from the shower to my room if i forget to bring clothing. "

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Mmm. Think you can forget to bring your clothing to the shower tomorrow, say, around 9 am? I may just be willing to wake up early for that..." He winks teasingly.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "depends on if your gunna make breakfast or not" she stands up streaching again as she begind to move towards the bedrooms peeking in each.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Does going out for McDonald's count as making breakfast?" He calls after her, struggling to his feet.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "do i get a toy?"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Sure. What kind of toy would you like?" He watches her with a grin. All of the bedrooms are pretty much empty of personal effects, except C.R.'s...just a bed, a lamp, and a nightstand. C.R.'s, at the end of the hall, is his only living quarters, and it's cluttered and fairly full of various things.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Sure. What kind of toy would you like?" He watches her with a grin. All of the bedrooms are pretty much empty of personal effects, except C.R.'s...just a bed, a lamp, and a nightstand. C.R.'s, at the end of the hall, is his only living quarters, and it's cluttered and fairly full of various things.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: she peeks into CR's room "you'll have to suprise me"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: Old-School goth. Room's black-walled, like much of the rest of the place...there's the beginning of a mural being painted on the wall to the left of the door. Large bed, a Clifornia King, with shades that can be drawn around it to block out any offending light. There's a sound system in the corner...turntable, CD player, and cassette, with various amounts of all three mediums lying around it. An altar in the opposite corner, incense still burning...a television, dresser, closet. Large, full-length mirror on the back of the door.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: She climbs onto CRs bed "and goldielock found the comfy bed."

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "I'll be sure to do that." Said like it's a challenge. He stretches and heads toward his bedroom, head cocked with a curious grin as he sees her peeking inside. Certainly not offended.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "That she did." He grins, walking into the room. "Rooms are customizable. As you can see...I customized." He moves to the dresser, flicking his Zippo to light and putting it to a few candles. The ceiling light, it appears, doesn't work.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "hate to tell you this but you gunna hafta share a blanket tonight...the other beds arn't comfy and warm enough..."she picks up corchen and looks to CR as she sets the snake on her floor. "she'll be good too"

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: "Oh, well, you know. If I must." He shrugs a little bit with a chuckle. "I'll warn you, though...I'm a serious bed hog. I've been told I cuddle in my sleep, too."

Cori Frost 12/11/05: "i guess i'll have to suffer through that" she winks as she starts peeling off the first layer of clothing. "sleepy time!" she grin as she curls under the blankets.

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: He chuckles and kicks his shoes off, then slips out of his shirt and pants before getting into bed, the door shut just before he slips into bed.

Cori Frost 12/11/05: ((thanks for the scene :) ))

C.R. [12/11/05 PM]: ((Any time. *S*))