Ravyn: Okay, guys...as always, I will go over the rules of the Monthly Mage Game. Old hat for some of you, I know...bear with me.

Ravyn: 1) These scenes have the potential to be fatal. By entering them you are accepting that.

2) These scenes also have the potential to inflict long-lasting alterations upon your character, whether in personality (such as gaining a derangement), body (gaining physical impairments) or soul (Yummy!). Same provisio as 1. By entering the scene you're accepting that this may happen.

3) If you drop out of the scene before it ends, you do not gain XP for attending. (Unless your characters involvement comes to a natural conclusion). These scenes are planned to last for four hours, and "Shit, I got to go, sorry" or sudden disappearance will render you XP-less. Exceptions will be made for certain situations, if I am notified in advance of the scene. We call this "the Arlett exception." Dark, you've already notified me...Dryad, you too.

Willa Torres: ((yuppers.))

Ravyn: 4) Only one of your characters may be played during one of these scenes. This rule is thrown out for this particular scene.

5) If I find you multitasking during one of these monthly scenes, I will kick you out of the Mage scene. Multitasking slows everyone down, and we're usully on a very tight schedule (particularly today).

6) Please do NOT IM ME during one of these scenes unless it is for something urgent or important, such as me neglecting one of your pertinent merits or flaws, forgetting about an NPC, or your house burning down. If you start harassing me, glomping me, prodding me, or otherwise antagonising me during the scene, I will kick you out of it, and perhaps go to your house and burn it down, too (so then your IM is justified). However, this will mean, as Spaz has pointed out on several occasions, that you will get to meet me in person.

Ravyn: Now, for recap: This is what has led up to this scene (so you know exactly why you are here).

Ravyn: On November 27th, 2005, a posting went up in Madame Ling's, Haven, and the Four Elements. This post listed a "Technocratic Hit List" that listed the majority of Mages in New York City, by name and Tradition (though Sons of Ether were referred to as Electrodyne Engineers, and some information was inaccurate). It was accompanied by the "Technocratic Available Resources List," which listed 51 names, over twice the number of names on the Hit List. Attached was a typed, photocopied note that read as follows:

Ravyn: Ladies and gentlemen of the Haven, Four Elements, and Madame Ling's Chantries:

My name is Michelle Morgan. As many of you know, I'm the Deacon at Haven. The above has been retrieved from the Technocracy by a man inside. As should be obvious, we're all in deep trouble. I've asked the Deacons of all the Chantries to post this, so everyone is aware.

We need to start working together. We lost the Ascension War because the Technocracy was united, and we weren't. It's always been the way. And it's time for that way to change. Old grudges need to be set aside, or WE WILL NOT SURVIVE.

To this end, I propose that all within the Traditions meet to discuss working together. No more can the Four Elements sit in their cloistered Chantry and watch the world move by; no more can Madame Ling's allow itself to be ignored; no more can Haven be a breeding ground for disagreements and disputes. We all work together, or we all die. End of story.

I have included my phone number below. I propose that this meeting take place on December 10th or 11th. If someone can give a copy of this to the new Chantry, I'd appreciate it, as I have yet to get a definitive location or any confirmed members. Also, please spread the word to non-Chantry members; this is especially important, as they seem to be the ones who will be targeted first, from our information. Contact me, I will set up a time and a place. I hope to see you all there.

Michelle Morgan, bani Cult of Ecstacy, Cult of Acceptance
Deacon of Haven

Ravyn: If you want to see the full posting, it is in the Mage Forum under "Posted in Haven, the 4E, and Madame Ling's" and has the two lists in their entirety.

Everyone who contacted Michelle was told of this time and date, and this location. It is a warded warehouse, used by Michelle for various reasons. This is where we start off.

Now, before we go IC...any questions at all?

Ness: How was Ness contacted? She isn't a member of a chantry.

Cori and Evan: ((no questions, but apologies in advance for forgetting to post which of my pair says what. i shall try to make these accidents few, very few.))

Ravyn: Ness was contacted by Michelle either by herself or through Evan. Michelle does know where the girl lives, after all. :)

Snyde and Durst: And I am assuming that Snyde was probably contacted through Michelle as well

Ness: Thank you.

Ravyn: Yes, Snyde was contacted via Michelle as well. All right. So, the warehouse itself is a large building, encompassing most of a city block. Inside is fairly bare...well, it would be, if not for the fact that there have been several chairs set up, around several large tables pushed together to make one big ol' conference table-type setting. There is a small office, in the far corner of the warehouse, accessible only by staircase, that is shut and the lights are off.

Melinda Stowe: Melinda arrived a tad early in case there was any need of more assistance in the security. If not then she would have waited for Jim to arrive, they had work to do. She makes sure she is out of the way of any people around, sticking to the walls, and keeping her eyes peeled.

Jim Franklin: *He walks in with Melinda. If not a few steps behind her, as if hiding from the masses clearly ready to show up.*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde shows up about 15 minutes before it all happens and moves slowy inside the warhouse, nodding to anyone already in there*

Cori and Evan: *Evan pulls up in his old car, parking a bit away from the warehouse. bearing his small toolkit, the gun tucked under the jacket. arms, covered currently by leather, scratched up a bit since cats don't like to be bathed even when they knock a can of old motor oil on top of themselves*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness arrives shortly after Melinda, and sets herself up in a good place to listen and learn. She doesn't seem that concerned, but she liked to play roles. She sits down at a far end of a table with her laptop in front of her, and waits for the others.

Marty Starling: *Marty is there. when he shows up doesn't seem to matter. It is the fact that he IS there. He seems to be armed, a rarity, with a knife at his side beneath the too-big leather jacket. It doesn't matter if he shows up early. He looks for Michelle more than anyone else, even more than his compatriot of Ling's.*

Cori and Evan: *Cori pulls up in her fugly old van and slides out. rummaging for a couple of plastic sacks of sustenance and her backpack. which today contains assorted herbs and the like, and some beads and wire to keep her hands busy*

Willa Torres: She walks into the warehouse, wearing a black track outfit and fox racing jacket. And sneakers that light when she takes a step. She sits down.

Melinda Stowe: She eyes Jim ."Jim, if you have a moment. Did you get a chance to speak with Michelle?" A nod to Ness and Evan and Snyde as they all arive.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Michelle is inside the warehouse already, getting final things set up. The woman looks just...tired. She's been trying to get this thing organized for two weeks now, and it's visibly taking it's toll. Still, she's chipper and upbeat...ah, to be a cultist and have access to the GOOD shit.

Snyde and Durst: *Durst walks up to the Warehouse wearing a white trench coat with a back pack on that has a keyboard hanging off the side, when he spots Melinda he nods to her before moveing off to sith down at the table*

Jim Franklin: *He bites his bottom lip nervously, and he nods. He has a bag with him. Laptop, and spare parts, it seems. The bag clinks.*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness notes Melinda's presense, but she doesn't seem too concerned about that, either.

Cori and Evan: *both Cori and Evan head for the warehouse door. Evan, of course, will hold open the door for anyone coming in after him, particularly females and males bearing stuff. Cori, he's not quite sure if she's male or female, but she is toting goods*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda enters quietly through the front door, along with Willa. The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Abbey Randelle: *a long convoluted route is taken to the warehouse, pale thing arriving enchanted and armed to the teeth. A paranoid hermetic. Fancy that. She remains standing,a muted nod to the deacons*

Cori and Evan: ((if anyone needs a DD of either of mine, please PM me for them. i'll not clutter up the page with DDs tonight.))

Melinda Stowe: A nod to anyone else she knows and or spots while walking in. She blinks at the ammount of people she actually knows.

Cori and Evan: *Cori grins widely and schleps over to Michelle* brought some snacks and stuff. Mel might even eat some--it's all healthy, organic good stuff. ecxept the green bottle, which i claim. doan ask what's in it....

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde looks at Michelle as he moves to sit* "You doing allright?" *he says as he he pulls his hat off and runs his hand through his hair before setting it back on his head*

Melinda Stowe: A nod to Jim. "good." a hand comes up to touch the side of her head. "When and where ever you are ready, they might need the information fr the meeting." she says quietly to him.

Cori and Evan: *Evan grins and nods to the various people he's personally met, finding himself a spot to be out of the way while folks get in and get settled*

Marty Starling: *He looks around, almost numbly, to the people in the room. He slowly makes his way over to Michelle.* She's safe, *is all he gets out, before he finds a seat to observe the rest. Facing the doorway.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She offers smiles and nods to everyone as they enter. Every Chantry is represented, except for the newcomer one...this seems to have already done the woman some good, she's looking a bit more energetic. "Coffee is over there," she announces to the group, gesturing to the coffee-maker on the small set-up near the table. "As soon as everyone's seated, we'll be ready to go."

Jim Franklin: All r..right, *he murmurs, hastily.* Someplace qu...quiet. T...too many people.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: And Marty's comment does Michelle even better. She smiles to the teenager, and nods, before taking a seat, black coffee in front of her.

Cori and Evan: *Cori finds a seat* anyone hungry, feel free to raid these bags. *and snags her green bottle. Evan moves to find himself a seat after making himself a cup of coffee, heavy on the sugar and cream*

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "The less wh know, the better." she says once more quietly. She walks over to Michelle, not getting all that close and keeping away from people as she goes. "Michell is it okay if Jim and I use the office, the quiet would be best for what we need to do."

Snyde and Durst: *Durst looks around at all the people gathered happy that he was not the only one from the 4E here tonight when he spots Abbey*

Willa Torres: Fiddles with her ..phone...maybe.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "I'm well enough," Michelle assures Snyde. She looks to Melinda and nods. "The office will be fine to use, yeah."

Miranda smiles to Marty and moves to his side, looking over to Willa as she takes a seat. "Come, child. Have a seat."

Marty Starling: *He looks around briefly, perhaps for others of his Tradition. A brief glimpse. Snyde is shown little to no respect, as his focus returns to Michelle. He briefly looks to Miranda, then to the two retreating. And back to Michelle. So calm.*

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head to Michelle, and she looks to Jim, before moving off lap top case over her shoulder as well as she heads up to the office.

Raven -> Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: ((Darn! Am I too late? I was at my niece's birthday party!))

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde nods to Michelle and sighs a bit waiting for the meeting to start*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness is doing something on her laptop. Ignore her.

Abbey Randelle: *Grey eyes skate to Michelle, the delicate hermetic standing, hands folded in front of her politely. a polite smile and an inclination of her head as she acknowlegdes the cultists's words, but it doesn't appear the wisp of a girl has any intention of sitting, moving on to regard the others in attendance, noting those she's not been introduced to. now was not the time*

Jim Franklin: *He moves carefully after Melinda, almost shuffling to get away from the large crowd. He presses his inhaler to his lips, to take in a large breath. He shuts the door after them.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo -> Raven: ((Nope! bring your folks in! Lemme upload the log, for an intro...the multiple PC restriction is lifted for today.))

Cori and Evan: *Cori begins to nibble what looks like banana chips, watchign Michelle calmly*

Joey Edwards: ((Grabs purple.)) Having escaped his university class, he finally arrives a bit out of breath.

Joey Edwards: Slipping in just as Jim is trying to shut the door. Gives him a somewhat anxious smile.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo -> Joey Edwards: http://www.geocities.com/ravynfeather/dec11mage-meeting.htm

Willa Torres: She glances around and then proceeds to play with her electronic toy, slouched back in the chair, almost hanging off it, relaxed.

Cori and Evan: *Cori grins widely to Joey, patting the seat beside herself in invation to her cabal-mate*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Once everyone is seated, Michelle stands up and nods to everyone around, giving them a smile and waiting to have everyone's attention. "Hello, everyone...thank you for coming. As many of you know, I'm Michelle Morgan, bani Cult of Ecstacy and Deacon of Haven. I trust you all know why we're here. The Union has restarted the Pogrom, and not surprisingly, we've found ourselves in their sights."

Joey Edwards: Another anxious smile to Cori and nods, getting a quick cup of coffee, black, before sitting next to Cori.

Ness (Arcane 2): She stops typing and clicks the record button with her mouse instead. She then closes the lid and rests her head on her long spider-like hands.

Cori and Evan: *silently offers Joey the bags of snacks, big brown eyes on Michelle as she listens soberly*

Jim Franklin: d10: Int+comp(Comp Ap): 3,6,3,6,10,5,

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde sits there listening to Michelle pulling out a cig and poping it between his lips*

Marty Starling: *Marty's focus goes to Michelle. He remains close to his Cabal-mate. The knife comes out of his side, and he idly rests it on the table in front of him.*

Abbey Randelle: *the barest inclination of her head.*

Joey Edwards: He politely shakes his head no to Cori, his gentle green eyes rather wide as he regards how many people are there. His gaze turns to Michelle and he listesns.

Snyde and Durst: *Durst pulls the keyboard off of the back pack and straps in to his left arm before grabing a green eyepiece from the pack and sliding it over his eye, looking a bit nervous at the mention of Pogrom*

Jim Franklin: d10: per+emp: 6,6,9,8,8,4,2,

Cori and Evan: *Cori smiles softly to Joey and puts an arm over his shoulders. Evan simply nurses his cup of coffee and listens, face serious*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: A deep breath, and she continues. "Now, up until now, in the wake of the Reckoning, we've had it easy, as amusing as that is to say. Liches, Marauders, Nephandi...as bad as all that was, it's always been small groups. I don't need to tell you that the Union's far from a small group." She picks up the list of Technocratic Available Resources. "This is more then we could possibly hope to have. By my count, it's more then twice our numbers. We can't survive this, as divided as we are. We need to start working together."

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde nods at that listening to Michelle as she speaks as he pulls a lighter out and lights the ciggerette*

Cori and Evan: *both Cori and Evan nod, she with a faint shiver, he with distinct agreement*

Joey Edwards: Tense beside Cori, he simply listens as he takes occasional sips of very hot coffee.

Ness (Arcane 2): She tilts her head and yawns mildly. She covers her mouth with a long hand, as is polite.

Abbey Randelle: *13 of them. unlucky. Abbey purses her lips a breif moment as she waits politely for Michelle to be done, unclasping her blade from her back and bringing it into a servicable position at hip. her eyes flit to Snyde's ciggarette and narrow icily, before moving back to michelle*

Snyde and Durst: *Durst gives a firm nod to this, and looks to Abbey to see her reaction since from his understanding she is one of the big reasons the 4E has such a horid name among the others in the city*

Cori and Evan: *Cori gently rubs Jeoy's back as she listens, taking a sip from her green bottle*

Marty Starling: *If anything, 4E doesn't seem to have a negative name among Ling's. He stands the knife up, point down, on the table, watching the Albino with almost a curious eye.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "To that end..." She drops the paper on the table. "I'm proposing that we start a new Council of Nine, of sorts...or rather, a Council of Five. A group to help promote unity among us, and help our Chantries coordinate amongst each other."

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde dosent even notice Abbeys look as he continues to watch Michelle*

Marty Starling: *There is a new emotion on his face, as his head swivels back to Michelle. Surprise.*

Joey Edwards: He looks intrigued by that, a miniscule relaxation next to Cori.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness pulls a cigarette and a lighter from a jacket pocket, and twists them in her hand. She seems to be listening quite attentively.

Cori and Evan: *Evan's eyebrows raise, lips pursing. a moment of consideration, then a slow nod. Cori blinks and grins widely--good idea!*

Abbey Randelle: *Marty's eyes are met. an inclination of her head, she'd seen him around Madam Lings occasionally, when using the library and node. She raises a thin white eyebrow to Michelle's suggestion, considering this*

Snyde and Durst: *Durst smiles broadly at the notion* "I even though I carry little weight in the way of influence am in complete support of this notion" *he says unable to wipe the smile from his face finally someone who spoke since*

Jim Franklin: d10: Arete (WP): 3,8,7,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Well, no one's shot her already. That's a good sign. "I'm proposing that this council be one member from each Chantry, including the new one, with a fifth member selected among one of those unassociated with a Chantry, should there be any who for whatever reason decide to remain outside...if there is none or none interested, then for tiebreakers, one selected by the Deacons from amongst the Chantries. The Council would work primarily on coordinating our interests and making sure we're working properly together, resolve all kinds of disputes, and other such things."

Willa Torres: Lolls her head from one side then to the other and pushes a button.

Abbey Randelle: *five. hermetic, Haven, lings.. the rumored new chantry... aaand.. whom, precisely? ah yes, of course.. representative of independent willworkers. She pinches the bridge of her nose a moment*

Cori and Evan: CORI>> I like that idea. although if anyone objects to a tie-breaker being chosen by the Deacons, I suggest we consider sropping in the name of everyone who'd be up for the job, barring anyone on the Council already, and just drawing straws. Or voting for the fifth person. This is assuming no Unaffs are left out of the mix already.

Marty Starling: *He raises his hand, with the knife in it. He does not speak out of order, simply waits his turn.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She nods to Cori. "Definitely a possibility, if anyone does object." She looks around the group, eyes passing over each one. "Feel free to discuss, folks. Contrary to popular opinion, I do like to hear other opinions." She smiles a little, and gestures Marty's way, for him to speak.

Ness (Arcane 2): She lights her cigarette and quietly looks around the table. She'll review the file later.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde looks at Michelle* "What power will this council actually have?" *he says as he watches her* "because if it is only important in namesake it seems that it would be alot of wasted effort to put it together"

Marty Starling: *He stands up, and clears his throat.* Some of you don't know me. Of those of you that do, you probably don't care for me much. *He looks over to Michelle.* Unity is good in words. To make it a reality would take more work than simply words.

Ravyn: Ooh, it's question and answer time. Perfect timing for the door to open, and a man to step on in, with Cori Frost at his side. He's in his mid-30's, tall and average weight, with a pure Classic goth style. His hair is cut short and spikey, with a Souxsie and the Banshee T-Shirt, very worn, a pair of black PVC pants, and Doc Martin books. A little extra eyeliner, the black lipstick...the whole deal. This was one guy who was Goth WELL before it was cool. "Hey, guys! Are we fashionably late?"

Marty Starling: *He looks over to Snyde.* You continue to be disrespectful. I was speaking.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde just looks at the man and shakes his head* "Im sorry" *he says as he watches him* "Speak away"

Joey Edwards: He looks to the new arrivals with curiosity, then back at the Marty/Snyde thing.

Cori and Evan: CORI>> *blinks slowly* i'm willing to put in the work, i know. i'm kind of fond of this whole "living" thing. *a wry grin* *Evan arches a brow slightly at the scrawny Cori and chuckles, very quietly*

Marty Starling: *He nods once.* Thank you, *he says, and again, he looks back to Michelle.* My question is, how can we get it to work when so many of us are on different pages of belief? *This from the fifteen year old boy.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She looks to the door a moment and to the duo, nodding quietly to them, then back to Snyde and Marty. A little grin, as the two Euthanatos say similar things. "The Council would, by my estimation have power equal to that of the Deacons, specifically in regards to dealing with the various Chantries. They would become leaders of the Traditions...in some ways, they would lead in a way that the Deacons wouldn't. And yes, it will take more then simple words...it will take work. I realize this."

Snyde and Durst: *Durst watches the two enter the warehouse completly not paying attention to the idiots speaking to one another*

Joey Edwards: He raises his hand.

Abbey Randelle: *Oh the distaste of working with incompetants. The icy hermetic inclines her head to Michelle. Its not as though she'd not risked her sanity in working with cretins before. She waits until there is a break in conversation to murmer softly* I rather Agree with Mr. Starling. There must be authority and the power to command as well for this endeavor to succeed. Simply put, people must do as they are told...*and someone best put a leash on that little white beast, as with the door suddenly opening it looks as those someone may get stabbed a glance to Michelle nd the blade is lowered*

Willa Torres: Eye flick to the Morrisey Duo, then back to the old boy who is talking.

Marty Starling: *He sits down after he speaks, listening to the conversaiton that spurs from it. The new people entering gain a look, almost of mistrust.*

Cori and Evan: *Evan nods politely to the newcomers. Cori gives them both a cheerful grin and points toward the coffee. and then her bags of organic goodies*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde raises his hand slowly as well waiting his turn to speak with a smile to Marty*

Snyde and Durst: *Durst raises his hand as well after hearing Abbey speak*

Cori Frost: She would grin as she lets C.R make the scene, Cori was the modern gothling. tonight she was wearing polyester raver style pants with glow in the side hooks. when she took off her coat she was wearing a matching black corset. and a albino cornsnake slthering around her neck. she nods to everyone her fingers move to her snake. "no ones afriad of snakes i hope."

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "By agreeing to disagree on magical philosophy, Marty. The Traditions have always had different viewpoints...but what's important is that we're all fighting for the same thing. The Euthanatos and the Akashic Brotherhood used to be at war." She smiles a little bit...not meaning to talk to the man about his own Tradition's history, but it's the best example. "You aren't anymore. Because while you disagree on aspects of philosophy, you recognize that there are greater things to fight then each other. And that there are greater things to work toward then each other's destruction." She looks to Joey.

Joey Edwards: "'Scuse me," he says politely, his accent a backhills one, some might call it hillbilly. "On top of what this lady says," he nods to Abbey, "mebbe people do better when they's told ta do sumpin', and ah reckon unity is jest what we need, but ah learnt that power kin do bad things jest like good. Ah love the idea of a Council, but ah was wonderin' what might be the checks fer it? Is there gonna be sumpin' in place in case one of 'em or sumpin' gits too big fer their britches?"

Cori and Evan: *Evan looks faintly...nervous...about the snake. Cori simply looks intrigued*

Ness (Arcane 2): Her wide brown eyes become glued to the reptile.

Abbey Randelle: *grey eyes skate across the goths, blade lowered into a position thats less full of stabbity dooom. A step is taken away from them, whether out of disgust for the snake or the goth-raver look its unceratin, a polite smile as she radiates cold*

Marty Starling: *The snake catches his gaze as well. The knife remains point-down on the table.*

Ravyn: He grins and moves to a seat, dropping into it and just listening for now. Late guys get to play catch-up.

Willa Torres: "Just so long's you keep that that thang ov'r there." She tells Cori F, in her funky accent.

Joey Edwards: 'Nother words, they gonna rule absolute, or they gonna listen ta what we all need and want?" he finishes politely.

Joey Edwards: He does look to the snake, a look of delight crossing his face.

Marty Starling: *He smiles, almost, as Snyde raises his hands. Kids. They can be taught.*

Cori and Evan: *Cori nods approvingly to Joey, with a soft smile on her thin face*

Joey Edwards: He makes himself look away from the beautiful snake. The meeting far more important.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "The way I envisioned it, Abbey...Joey...is that the Council will be responsible to the Deacons, just as the Deacons will be responsible to the Council. No one will be telling Kelton or Augustus, or Marty or Miranda, or myself or Cori, or those at the new chantry..." She looks to the goths at this. "...how to run things within their own chantry. It will deal more with coordination and dealing with inter-Chantry disputes then anything else. And if the Council gets off-base, the Deacons will be there to make sure that they are put back on track."

Cori Frost: She takes a seat next to CR as listens to the conversation.

Joey Edwards: He nods, a soft smile to Michelle. "Thank you, ma'am." Though he knows her well enough to speak informally, the meeting puts him on his best behavior. "Ah 'preciate thet." He quiets.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: And her gaze goes to Snyde next, for him to speak.

Ravyn: He raises his hand with a smirk, perfectly willing to wait his turn.

Abbey Randelle: *Again, On guard the pale creature regards the group and the warehouse. A glance to joey. No longer quaking in fear of her. That was somewhat more appropriate. Glass grey eyes slip to Michelle as she murmers politely* Of course.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda listens to the conversation quietly and calmly, seated between Willa and Marty. Her expression is pleasantly neutral.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde smirks* "Thank you for the recontion" *he says with a smile* "Will the Deacons of the chantries be eligible to sit on the council becasue if so i dont see how your failsafe will work"

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "No." She shakes her head. "That gives one person too much power. Deacons would be ineligible."

Joey Edwards: He relaxes a touch more at Michelle's answer to Snyde, leaning more comfortably against his Cabal sister. A quiet sip of coffee.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde nods to her* "Will there be somthing drawn out stating exactly what the limitations of this coucil will be, and what authority it holds?"

Cori and Evan: *Cori keeps an arm around Joey, listening. nodding at the idea that Deacons wouldn't be eligible*

Marty Starling: *He seems quite aware. He wasn't about to volunteer regardless.*

Cori and Evan: *Evan considers, then nods slowly*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "It would be, yes." She nods. "Something that will happen in the coming week or two, before Council Representatives are chosen."

Ness (Arcane 2): She opens her laptop and calls up a game of solitaire. Wow, people and their power struggles. It didn't affect her.

Abbey Randelle: *A pinch of fair features is all the reaction this gets. She remains near the door, a picture of poise, hands folded just so, un-moving as she absorbs everything. Calm and cold as a fine porcelion statue, and seemingly just as delicate*

Joey Edwards: "How will they be chosen?" he blurts, then looks apologetic to Michelle for the outburst, but he couldn't contain his curiosity.

Snyde and Durst: "And that brings me to my final question Michelle will it be up to the chantries themselves to decide on who sits on the council, becasue apointed members on it from the deacons is almost the same as the Deacon being there themselves" *he says as he takes a drag off the cig and watches her*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde smiles at the outburst and nods his head uncareing about being interupted*

Cori Frost: She glances over to CR wondering if his arm is still raised.

Joey Edwards: He gives Snyde a genuine, somewhat shy smile in return.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "No, it's very much not the same thing, Snyde." She shakes her head. "There's a huge difference, especially when you have two Deacons choosing one person to sit. Cori and I will have very different ideas on who we want on the council. My idea was to allow each Chantry to decide their own way. If the Four Elements wants to do certamen, for example, that's fine. I figured Haven's would be decided among Cori and I as Deacons."

Abbey Randelle: *two weeks? Such dalliance always. All the more time for the Technocrats to gather resources and information. All the more opportunity for attack while a bloody check and balance system was set up so that the cretins might feel at ease with one another. the slender line of her neck is tense as she watches everyone, waiting to hear what everyone has to say*

Cori and Evan: *Cori nods agreeably* sounds good to me. *a sip from the green bottle*

Marty Starling: *His eyes remain on Michelle. They flick to the outburst once. Apparently he IS the only one offended at being interrupted.*

Joey Edwards: He nods in acceptance.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde shrugs his shoulders at that and mutters softly to himself* "a lacky of one or of two makes no diffrences" *he says ever so softly as he leans back in his chair*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She nods to Snyde, expression remaining even...she expected to hear as much. She looks over to the goth guy.

Abbey Randelle: *grey eyes slide to Snyde, hailing a whole nother ice-age. a white finger flicks into the air before her gaze slides back to michelle. she will wait her turn, but it seems she has something to say*

Ravyn: C.R. assumes it's his turn, now, and he stands up. "Hey, everyone. Those who don't know me...C.R. This is Cori. That's Corchen. Say Hi." Indicating girl and snake, in that order. "I just gotta ask...this isn't going to be some kind of seniority thing, is it? I mean, just 'cause we're the new kids on the block, doesn't mean we're gonna be the Council's junior members?" He shrugs. It's a legitimate question in his mind. "And also...you're gonna need to do this faster then a couple of weeks. The Black Hats & Mirrorshades are heads and tails ahead of you, and they ain't gonna give you a handicap score."

Ness (Arcane 2): She's almost done the game of solitaire.

Abbey Randelle: *an inclination of her head in agreement with C.R. perhaps despite the outfit he had some sense*

Cori Frost: Cori waves her hand to everyone "corchen says Hi too... "she glances to CR question with a smile.

Joey Edwards: Worried about the time matter himself, he simply nods without speaking out of turn.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: A look to him, and a conceded point. "No, no junior status. Each chantry will be equals. As to the other...I was giving a general time frame. The hope is that it could be done in the next few days...I was trying to be more realistic, in case it did take longer. I realize time is of the essence."

Snyde and Durst: *Durst nods in agreement*

Cori and Evan: *Evan nods slowly. good call. and yeah--speedy gonzales time is truly at hand*

Jim Franklin: *The door is thrown open from the office. He is panting, hard, his eyes large, fearful.* They know we're h...here! We have to r...run!

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde looks to CR and Cori his eyes falling over Cori and giveing her a soft smile in thanks*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness narrows her eyes at the solitaire game. She was almost done too! "Oh no." She closes the lip on her laptop and puts it away in it's carrying case quickly.

Joey Edwards: He moves a hand to his canary yellow backpack, gaze falling across Jim.

Cori Frost: She turns her head rapidly towards Jim's outburt.

Melinda Stowe: She yells out as well "They knpow about the meeting today, and theyhave more Hitmarks as well!" time to get safely down the stairs.

Snyde and Durst: *Durst rises quicly not haveing to be told twice and begins typing on the keyboard on his arm quickly*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Michelle looks up to Jim, blinking in shock. "What?? How??" Her eyes cast about the room... "EVERYONE GO!"

Miranda looks to Marty, and then to Willa, before calmly rising.

Marty Starling: Marty turns towards the door and stands, flipping the knife up defensively. No surprise. No horror. The simple needs of duty.*

Cori and Evan: *Evan rises swiftly* fuck! i got room in my car. anyone needs a ride, follow me! *and heads for the door*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde dips his hand in his pocket and grabs a pair of dice as he stands*

Joey Edwards: He unzips the pack, a hand going inside. He is pale but outwardly calm.

Ravyn: C.R. swears under his breath and gets to his feet. ((And Per+Alertnesses from everyone, please.))

Jim Franklin: *He looks to Joey, and he shakes his head.* Just run, *he whispers, almost fearfully, as he moves for the stairs, but letting people go ahead to watch for his friend.*

Abbey Randelle: *now who was expecting that? a narrowing of eyes as she readies her blade and flicks her coat further open. ooooh. anti-magic, the albino is suddenly all sexy*

Jim Franklin: d10: per+alert: 8,4,9,8,8,8,4,

Snyde and Durst: d10: Snyde per+aware: 6,8,8,7,1,8,

Joey Edwards: He looks to Cori and stands, slipping the pack over one shoulder, his hand clutching a small handgun with some knowledge. He keeps it close to his body and moves towards the door.

Cori and Evan: *Cori bounces up, bags dangling from one thin wrist* and i got a van. come on people, let's move it....*blinks at her cabalmate* Joey, come on, ok? *door, door, door, must get to door. frownign as she passes worried eyes over the crew as a whole*

Abbey Randelle: d10: per alert: 4,8,5,1,

Ness (Arcane 2): She looks for exits, and counts them.

Marty Starling: d10: per+alert: 10,6,5,7,4,

Snyde and Durst: d10: Durst per+aware: 7,9,3,8,8,

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: Per + Alert: 9,1,8,2,

Joey Edwards: d10: per alert: 6,7,3,9,9,

Willa Torres : Hops up, stowing her device and stays near Miranda.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Per+Alert: 8,5,3,6,5,4,

Ravyn: ((ALERTNESS, Dark. Not Awareness))

Cori and Evan: d10: Cori: 1,9,4,10,3,10,7,

Joey Edwards: He nods to Cori, moving with her. He heard Jim's warning and he plans to leave, but his gun is still close to him.

Cori and Evan: d10: Evan: 4,7,1,6,9,2,

Snyde and Durst -> Ravyn: ((Allright Snyde is doing an extended cast to drop the diff on his firearms rolls while Durst is doing and extended cast as he heads towards the door to go invisible))

Willa Torres : d10: per alert: 6,5,10,8,

Snyde and Durst: ((Snydes is the same pool rerolling for Durst now))

Melinda Stowe: She spots Durst and Melinda look to Michelle and points. "E-mail, him." out of breath, attempting to get down the stairs so they can get out of there.

Snyde and Durst: d10: Per+alert durst: 6,1,10,8,

Cori and Evan: d10: reroll Cori : 9,3,

Ravyn: ((1 success: There's movement at both exits, the one in back and the one in front. 2 succ: there's a lot of movement. 3 succ: Sounds of a voice at either door, calling orders. 4 succ: Seeing men in black suits through the front door, large, brutish men in trenchcoats at the back. Now, pause for just a moment. No actions yet.))

Cori Frost: d10: precept+aler: 7,8,2,4,4,

Joey Edwards: He nudges Cori. "Back door, they're coming in the front."

Joey Edwards: ((oops, sorry - holding and DLP))

Cori Frost: She looks to CR concerned.

Ravyn: ((All right, folks, we are running this as Cinematic combat. The rules are as follows:))

1) STATE YOUR ACTION. 2) ROLL FOR YOUR ACTION. If you are attacking, roll your attack. DO NOT ROLL DAMAGE. Instead, for every 10 (2 10's for HIT Marks), you have killed an opponent outright. For every three sux ((4 succ for HIT Marks)) for your attack, you have killed an opponent. For every 1 you have sustained damage AFTER SOAK. For every 2 you have beeh hit but have soaked it. ASSUME the bad guys are attacking you but I WILL NOT ROLL THEIR ATTACKS. I will only roll for SPECIAL ACTIONS taken by the bad guys that are not directly related to attacks on you. Any Questions?))

Abbey Randelle: (i'm all good)

Melinda Stowe: ((Got it)

Cori and Evan: ((all good here.))

Marty Starling: ((Yeap, we're good.))

Snyde and Durst: ((got it))

Joey Edwards: (~nod~)

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Good))

Ravyn: ((Okay, guys. Initiative. Wait until I post the declaration order; there will be a recap at the end of every round like usual.))

Joey Edwards: d10: init +: 3,

Jim Franklin: d10: Init: 6,

Snyde and Durst: d10: Snyde init: 2,

Joey Edwards: ((INIT 8))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: init: 3,

Snyde and Durst: d10: Durst init: 7,

Ravyn: d10: Initatives: 5,5,5,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: INits: 6,5,

Ness (Arcane 2): ((9))

Abbey Randelle: d10: init: 7,

Jim Franklin: ((11))

Abbey Randelle: (13)

Marty Starling: d10: Init: 3,

Snyde and Durst: ((Durst 12, Snyde 9))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Init: 9,

Marty Starling: ((9))

Willa Torres : d10: init: 4,

Cori Frost: d10: init: 1,

Willa Torres : ((10))

Melinda Stowe: ((15))

Cori Frost: ((6))

Cori and Evan: d10: one die each : 3,1,

Cori and Evan: ((Cori, 8. Evan, 6.))

Ravyn: d10: Forgot : 4,5,

Ravyn: ((Okay, Round One! *Ding!* Evan, Cori F., Cori, Joey, Snyde, Marty, MiB's, Ness, HIT Marks, Willa, C.R., Miranda, MiB TechnoLeader, Jim, HIT Mark Technoleader, Durst, Michelle, Abbey, Melinda))

Marty Starling: ((If there is anyone missing, speak now or forever hold your peace.))

Ravyn: ((That, of course, being the declare and roll order; it resolves in opposite order))

Ravyn: ((And how wrong is it that the Men In Black II song just HAPPENED to come up in my songlist? *EG* Okay, go ahead and declar.))

Cori and Evan: *pulls his gun and aims for the front door, ready to fire*

Cori and Evan: ((no roll--he's headed there, not firing yet.))

Ravyn: ((Cori Frost's up))

Cori Frost: She takes a step backward fingers of her left resting against her snake her eyes looking to CR as her fingers slip into her pocket running against her iPod.

Cori and Evan: *Cori yelps and drops the food so she can go after her herbs*

Joey Edwards: He slips off to the side so he's not a direct target, dropping to one knee and taking aim. ((No attack roll this round. He's aiming.))

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde moves to the side as he rolls the dice in his hand*

Snyde and Durst: d10: Arete ( Q, W): 7,7,10,

Marty Starling: *Marty doesn't hesitate. As soon as he sees the flesh of his enemy his knife flings through the air, seeking blood. No quarter. No remorse.*

Snyde and Durst -> Ravyn: (The effect is to drop his firearms rolls for the scene 3 to dropping the diff and 1 for the scene. It was suppose to read 2 Q 1 W))

Marty Starling: d10: dex+melee: 2,3,5,4,

MiB: *The knife is deflected easily by one of the suits as they move in quickly. Fortunately, it seems the shot aimed at Marty is on stun.*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness quickly slides under the table with her laptop carrying case, and begins moving invisible objects around in the air in front of her. ((She's going to inject viruses into the MIBs. Mind attack. Mind 3 Corr 2 to as many targets as she can. Three rolls. Willpower on each roll.))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: Arete: WP: 6,4,6,

MiB: *They enter through the front door. It seems the weapons are set on stun as the first fires, entering. ((Ignore previous post.))*

Ravyn: The HIT Marks tear in through the back, essentially blocking the tradition mages between the suits and them. They spread out, and begin to move in on their opponents.

Ravyn: ((And guys, for reference: Please state publically what you are doing. There's two ST's running bad guys here, and it's easier for me.))

Ravyn: ((What you are rolling for magic effects, I mean.))

Willa Torres : d10: arete: 4,7,6,

Snyde and Durst: ((allright))

Willa Torres: Willa is trying to correspond out of the building, and the roof of the next building over.

Ravyn: C.R. looks around as the doors burst open, his eyes narrowing. "Fuckin' beautiful." His clove goes into his mouth, concentrating as he takes a drag off his cigarette. ((Colocating weaponry to his hands))

Ravyn: d10: Arete (Qunit, WP): 4,2,3,3,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda is hardly a fighter; for now, she stays close to Marty, reaching into a pouch at her side for herbs.

MiB: Move out! *A voice calls.* Capture! Only kill if you have to!

Ravyn: A man comes out up behind the HIT Marks, dressed very much like some kind of Matrix fanboy. He doesn't vocalize anything...the look on his sunglassed face is completely emotionless as he programs something into the keypad in his hand, hitting "Send." ((Forces to armor self))

Jim Franklin: *Jim's eyes go wide, as he watches the group approach, backing up. He tries to concentrate. Wasn't that a weakened point of the floor? It had to be, the materials it was made out of were weak. He'd read that in a book, hadn't he? He draws it, in his mind, the plans for the building. He can see it, and that one weak spot in the floor, right in front of the door where they are stepping through the back.* ((Matter effect.))

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 2,1,3,

Jim Franklin: d10: Arete (WP) : 4,3,4,

Ravyn: d10: Paradox: Techno: 6,7,

Ravyn: d10: Soeak: 8,6,7,

Snyde and Durst -> Ravyn: ((Is Durst up I kinda lost track))

Ravyn -> Ravyn: Yes

Ravyn -> Snyde and Durst: Yes

Snyde and Durst: *Durst moves towards the wall to be well out the line of fire as he finishes tyoeing somthing on the keyboard* ((Forces, Corr effect for invisibilty and the ability to see 2 quint 1 will))

Snyde and Durst: d10: Arete: 4,2,2,

Snyde and Durst -> Ravyn: ((That isnt enough to be sucesful for the effect I know so he will continue in his efforts but should I roll paradox for the effect now even though it hasnt gone off?))

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She pulls a gun and aims toward the front door. "Focus on one exit! Everyone take out the front!"

Ravyn -> Snyde and Durst: ((No, I'll roll Paradox when it goes off))

Abbey Randelle: *given that she's positioned behind where the proceedings were taking place, near the door ( I'm going to assume Back door) She steps to the side, out of the way. The albino calmly and gracefully engages a HIT Mark, ice spiking the air chill, blade flashing..all well and good to focus on the front.. but she had something of an immediate problem...*

Snyde and Durst -> Ravyn: ((cool cool))

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex mel +auto sux/wp: 2,9,7,8,7,8,

Melinda Stowe: It is a decision, but she quickly makes it. The wall program get's pulled up and run. ((Yeah I know cliche but when it works it works *S*wall of force on the back door wall area Outside, so they cannot come in.Corr 1/Forces 2))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(WP): 4,9,2,

Melinda Stowe: ((This will be a built up effect sorry one more round))

Ravyn: RECAP: MELINDA starts to build a wall of force in order to block the HIT Marks from coming in the back door, while ABBEY stabs at a HIT Mark. Michelle pulls out her gun and aims at the front door, shouting commands. DURST starts to try to go invisible, and ends up visibly running; the HIT MARK LEADER tries to armor himself, and proceeds to cause the kevlar he's wearing to fall off. JIM tries to break the floor without success; MIRANDA moves next to MARTY as he throws his knife unsuccessfully. WILLA and NESS build effects; the HIT MARKS and MIB run into the building. SNYDE does magic; JOEY and EVAN aim their guns; CORI and CORI go for their foci.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: ((Okay, Round Two. For conveniance's sake and speed, if you're going on the same init, then you can post at the same time, I can keep track. Evan and Cori F. (6), Cori Braun and Joey (8), Snyde, Marty, MiB's, and Ness (9), HIT Marks and Willa (10), C.R., Miranda, Jim and MiB TechnoLeader (11), HIT Mark Technoleader, Durst and Michelle (12), Abbey (13), Melinda (15)))

Willa Torres: d10: Arete: 8,3,3,

Cori and Evan: *Evan attempts to shoot an MiB*

Cori and Evan: d10: dex/firearms: 6,9,5,9,2,10,

Marty Starling: ((Cori Frost? Did we lose yeh?)

Cori Frost: d10: arete: 9,4,

Joey Edwards: Joey squeezes the trigger of the Glock, firing off the maximum 4 bullets, all at the HIT mark whose funny-looking hard vest just fell off.

Joey Edwards: d10: dex firearms: 6,8,4,2,4,

Joey Edwards: (done)

Cori and Evan: *Cori reaches into her backpack for a spray bottle with a rather spicy aroma*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde pulls his pistol from his jacket and fires at one of the Mib following Michelles directive* ((two actions))

Snyde and Durst: d10: Dex+firearms: 9,7,3,1,7,4,

Cori Frost: Her fingers press the familer button of her iPod. letting the random selection help her focus as she tries to search for an option for a way out. (entropy 1, correspondence 1))

MiB: *They enter, and begin firing. Shoot to stun, apparently, so far.*

Cori and Evan: ((bottle contains home-made "mace". blend of several chili oils, cinnamon oil, and finely-powdered aesofetida, with enough alcohol to make it sprayable.))

Marty Starling: *Marty moves into the fray, using what fighting styles he knows.*

Marty Starling: d10: dex+aikido: 5,3,9,4,5,1,

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness speaks to herself in a quiet voice, tipping her rose-tinted glasses further up her nose. "Initiate protocol blender. Psychobullet, version Stable. Injection action." She's still sitting under the table, glancing out worriedly.

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: Arete: WP: 5,7,4,

Ravyn: The HIT Marks are trying to get into the room, past their fallen comrade who Abbey iced (hehehe), and return fire on those shooting at them.

Ravyn: And Willa continues her effect.

Ravyn: A frown from C.R. as his guns don't appear immediately. "Bad Guns. Come now!" Another drag of the cigareete, clove oil and smoke clearing his mind. ((Continued effect))

MiB: Take out the ones with weapons! *He fires his gun as well, set to incendiary bullets.*

Ravyn: d10: Arete (Q, WP): 9,2,2,5,

Jim Franklin: *Jim listens to Michelle very well, and he turns his attention on the front ones. Suits. They couldn't want to hurt anyone. He looks to the mood of the room to change it.*

Jim Franklin: d10: Per+Emp(foci): 3,6,2,9,10,7,7,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda moves along after Marty, throwing a crushed handful of herbs into the face of the nearest suit with a chant in some language or another. ((Life: erupting boils Direct Damage))

Jim Franklin: ((Casting on next round))

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete(two q+WP): 5,8,7,

Ravyn: The HIT Mark's leader looks to Melinda as she tries to trap them in and frowns slightly, programing a countervirus to the the woman's effect. ((Countermagick vs. 7))

Ravyn: d10: Arete: 9,2,1,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Michelle aims and fires for the MiB's leader

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: Dex+FA: 8,2,4,1,9,1,

Snyde and Durst: *Durst continues clacking on the keyboard muttering to himself as his fingers dance across it finally stopping once more* ((Will and 1 quint))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Ow.))

Snyde and Durst: d10: Arete: 6,7,1,

Abbey Randelle: *She absorbs some damage coldly impassive, one HIT mark down. God knows how many to go, the slender teenager sets pale lips in a grim line, drawing her blade from the body of one automatron and into another, not moving from the back-door. Expose her backs to HIT marks? No thank you. Deal with the deadly little albino at the door boys, she continues on slashing, hoping to force a bottleneck as the others deal with the front.. buy some time* (iced?.. that was horrible rav! *laughs*)

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex melee + autosux: 1,5,7,1,5,7,

Ravyn: d10: Paradox Durst: 7,10,8,

Abbey Randelle: (also ow)

Snyde and Durst: d10: soak: 9,4,

Melinda Stowe: And she adds to the program already there to strength in so the wall will be more inpentrable. Atempting to cut the Hit Marks off from the rest of the group, making sure Abbey was on the good side of the wall not the one with the HIT Marks.((Corr1/Forces2))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(WP): 3,3,8,

Ravyn: d10: Paradox Melinda: 5,2,9,

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Ravyn: RECAP: MELINDA manages to throw the wall up as the HIT MARK LEADER's attempt to counterprogram is unsuccessful, leaving only the leader and the two dead HIT MARKS that Abbey iced (I like puns) inside...one this turn, one last turn. The HIT MARK manages to get a shot off, wounding ABBEY. DURST vanishes with a yelp of agony; MICHELLE wounds the MIB LEADER but takes a burning bullet to the leg. C.R.'S gun's appear, twin Glocks; Willa vanishes. MIRANDA'S herbs kill another MiB, and JIM starts to try to induce shiny happy people, holding hands. SNYDE shoots and kills a MiB, taking a skimming shot; Marty aikiidos away and takes a stun bullet. NESS's effect continues to build; JOEY kills the MiB MARTY hurt. CORI BRAUN goes for her Mace; CORI FROST finds the only two exits are front and back. EVAN shoots and kills an MiB.

Ravyn: ((Sorry, EVAN kills TWO.))

Ravyn: ((Current situation: 6 HIT Marks trapped behind the D&D-style Wall of Force, HIT MARK LEADER inside. 4 MEN IN BLACk still standing, plus the leader. PC's in various stages of damage; remember wound penalties, all. Round Three. For conveniance's sake and speed, if you're going on the same init, then you can post at the same time. Evan and Cori F. (6), Cori Braun and Joey (8), Snyde, Marty, MiB's, and Ness (9), HIT Marks (10), C.R., Miranda, Jim and MiB TechnoLeader (11), HIT Mark Technoleader, Durst and Michelle (12), Abbey (13), Melinda (15)))

Ravyn: ((3 MiB's still standing, I mean))

Cori Frost: She hisses looking to her snake and sticks close to CRs back side.

Cori and Evan: *calmly shoots again*

Cori and Evan: d10: d/f: 9,4,2,4,5,6,

Joey Edwards: As the 'man' falls to his bullets, a tear runs down Joey's face, but he is grim as he aims and fires at an MiB. Being captured by the taxmen would be worth than death, and he will not yield.

Joey Edwards: d10: dex firearms: 1,8,8,4,4,

Marty Starling: (With wound penalties, goes on 8) *He doesn't pause, doesn't hesitate in smacking them around. Unafraid of death.*

Marty Starling: d10: dex+aikido: 10,7,4,6,4,

Cori and Evan: *she attempts to spray an MiB with the mace*

Cori and Evan: d10: dex: 6,3,

MiB: *The hardened remaining MiB fire as much as they can, with teflon bullets. No retreat, no quarter. Their lives are meaningless if they return home after such a terrible loss.*

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde takes two shots fireing once at the man shouting orders and then fireing again as he moves towards Michelle*

Snyde and Durst: d10: Dex+Firearms: 5,4,3,3,5,3,5,

Snyde and Durst: d10: Dex+Firearms: 2,5,4,4,7,8,

Ness (Arcane 2): "Execute." She distributes the injection with a wave, indicating all the bad guys everywhere around her.

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: Arete: WP: 9,8,7,

Ravyn: Two of the HIT Marks try to push through the invisible wall; the others break off in unison, starting to move around the building.

Ravyn: d10: Strength: 7,7,7,10,2,

Jim Franklin: *And he unleashes a mind attack, a push in the right direction, a DON'T FIGHT command in the direction of the HIT marks on the other side of the wall.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: The woman calmly stays by Marty's side, a blessing said over him in an attempt to heal. ((Life 3: Heal))

Jim Franklin: d10: Arete(WP): 8,1,4,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete: 4,8,4,

Ravyn: "Oswald was a fag," he smirks as he aims twin guns at the HIT Mark's leader.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+FA: 2,4,3,8,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: She's wounded and limping, but she moves toward the door, firing at MiB's on the way.

MiB: *Even as he is going down, he smiles.* It's done, *he says with a smirk.*

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: ((Whoops, jumped the gun on the Tech leaders))

Ravyn: He speaks into his head mike. "Operation successful. End Capture directives...kill on sight."

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: Dex+FA: 7,9,4,3,6,

Snyde and Durst: *Durst moves quickly towards the front door makeing sure to stay out of the lines of fire*

Abbey Randelle: *Blood soaks and spreads through the pristine white of Abbey's clothing, grey eyes narrowing as the temperature around her plummets. Just one left to contend with, the others seem trapped. She launches herself at the remaining hitmark leader's side, on a tight schedule. Dispatch this one. Heal, dispatch other 2. Heal. Move to other door. Repeat until there is a pile of dead bodies under bloody white shoes, or until the others have dispatched the MiB's and can further assist* (wp and autosux)

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex melee (-wndpen): 7,4,5,1,7,

Melinda Stowe: She winces with the pain of Paradox, but aiming an attack on one of the Hitmarks behind the wall to 'short circut' them the program loads up and the programming appears. ((Corr1/Forces2))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(Q/W): 5,5,6,

Ravyn: RECAP: MELINDA attempts to short out one of the HIT MARKS as the wall is pushed down; ABBEY stabs the HIT MARK LEADER and DURST flees. MICHELLE, SNYDE, MARTY, EVAN, JOEY, and CORI BRAUN wipe out the remaining Men in Black, including the leader who dies with a smile on his face; CORI F sticks behind C.R., who quotes movies and shoots the HIT MARK LEADER and he goes down, 'twixt bullets and blade...but not before wounding ABBEY with another bullet of his own. NESS'S effect inflicts pain and damage on all the remaining baddies.

Ravyn: And MIRANDA heals Marty.

Ravyn: d10: Paradox Miranda: 4,7,4,4,

Ravyn: d10: Paradox Melinda: 4,8,4,

Ravyn: And JIM'S magic is less then successful.

Ravyn: ((Okay, Round Four. For conveniance's sake and speed, if you're going on the same init, then you can post at the same time. Evan and Cori F. (6), Cori Braun and Joey (8), Snyde, Marty and Ness (9), HIT Marks (10), C.R., Miranda, Jim and MiB TechnoLeader (11), HIT Mark Technoleader, Durst and Michelle (12), Abbey (13), Melinda (15)))

((Situation: One HIT Mark in back, five moving around to front of building. No MiB's; both leaders are dead. PC's in various stages of owwie.))

Ravyn: ((One HIT Mark in back, FOUR moving around front. My fingers are trying to add HIT Marks to kill you with. GOOOOOD fingers...))

Cori and Evan: *gun at the ready, Evan looks for a wounded person on his side to grab, while hollering* MOVE OUT PEOPLE!

Cori and Evan: ((*looks for the wooden spoon to smack Rav's fingers with*))

Cori Frost: This time Cori looks for an excape path. finger circleing on the Ipod letting chance help her. if she finds one she'll be dragging CR gungslinger with her. (entropy 1 correspondence1 wp1)

Cori Frost: d10: arete: 5,9,

Joey Edwards: He goes to leave, to fight his way through the door. The life mage's mind is reeling with the horror of having to kill, his face as pale as death though his lips are still set in a grim line. Act now, dwell on it later. He fires at the next enemy he sees.

Joey Edwards: d10: dex firearms: 4,3,8,6,9,

Cori and Evan: *Cori B. goes for a wounded person herself, to attempt to help them get ~away~* must move faster....

Marty Starling: *He moves somberly. He looks to Miranda, and looks meaningfully around to the wounded. Fearlessly marching towards the door. Prepared, alert, waiting for the attack to come once more. He knows they are not all ended. He braces himself defensively.*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness crawls out from under the table with her laptop case slung over a shoulder and begins to boogie toward the front door.

Ravyn: d10: Chain Gun Come OUT: 5,6,2,

Ravyn: The HIT Marks race around front, as the one in the back busts out ((CUE DRAMATIC PAUSE AND MOMENT OF OH SHIT))...it's chain gun. It unfolds from behind it's trench coat, impossibly large and coming around to rest on his shoulder, and he starts to take aim.

Snyde and Durst: *Snyde moves turns and takes a shot at the Hit Mark inside as he moves to Michelle*

Snyde and Durst: d10: Dex+firearms: 6,8,8,3,5,2,4,8,1,

Jim Franklin: *He knows that gun. He KNOWS it. Chain guns get stuck all the time. He's seen the blueprints. He watches it, and sees the flaws in it. Belief will make it more real. He forces all he has into it, the mouse ready to bite.* ((Matter effect))

Jim Franklin: d10: Arete(WP): 5,5,7,

Ravyn: C.R. seems to be willing to start running about now. He hauls ass toward the front door, alongside Cori, guns at the ready.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda nods to Marty and starts moving to help a wounded. Cori's got Snyde, Evan's got Michelle...she moves to go help Abbey.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Michelle is limping her way along, letting Evan help her as she heads toward the door. "Everyone out! Go, Go, Go!"

Abbey Randelle: *the Techleaders bullet skims her thigh and blossoms red, painful as hell but not that damaging. She wobbles a moment as though she'll go down, but remains on her feet. This up close and personal vs guns rubbish was becoming quite tiresome. A CHAINGUN?! Delicate features pinch into an icy frown. Yes. Time to get rid of those guns. Abort previous plan. New plan. No more bullets going in her body. A command is murmered forcefully in enochian, as she tries to break as many of those bloody weapons as possible, including the chaingun right in front of her, eyes steely as she commands it* ~Enoch~ BREAK. (Enoch then Arete.<---autosux, wp, quint to lower dif. machinegun? she's getting rather annoyed)

Snyde and Durst: *Durst does not need to be told twice and runs his invisible ass out the door not looking back at all*

Ravyn: ((letting Evan and Snyde help her))

Abbey Randelle: d10: enoch to lower dif: 10,3,5,

Abbey Randelle: d10: arete + wp+q+autosux: 6,8,8,

Melinda Stowe: Well that was enough for her, as her screne flashes a co-location program. She stands calmly leans on the rail of the stairs, it was time to get out of there, and she is not a fighter, or runner, so this will have to do. She is going to that nifty little janitors closet in a low-class hotel in downtown. ((Corr 3))

Ravyn: d10: Oops: Para Willa: 8,6,6,8,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(WP Q): 9,2,1,

Ravyn: d10: Willa Soak: 3,9,

Ravyn: RECAP: The HIT MARKS round the corner toward the front door as EVAN, MICHELLE, SNYDE, MARTY, the CORIS, and C.R. make it to the door, NESS right behind them. SNYDE blasts the CHAIN GUN HIT MARK as ABBEY and JIM stop the gun from coming out. DURST, having started running last turn, sneaks away from the scene, invisible. MIRANDA moves to grab ABBEY and help her through the back door...clearer escape route. MELINDA start to try and co-locate away.

Ravyn: ((Okay, Round Five. For conveniance's sake and speed, if you're going on the same init, then you can post at the same time. Evan and Cori F. (6), Cori Braun and Joey (8), Snyde, Marty and Ness (9), HIT Marks (10), C.R., Miranda and Jim (11), Michelle (12), Abbey (13), Melinda (15)))

((Current sitch: four HIT Marks in sight but a ways away from the door, all people at the door except: Melinda on stairs, Ness near but not at door; Miranda and Abbey at back door, Durst outside, fleeing into the night (and out of scene, unless he's coming back)))

Joey Edwards: (Did Joey make it out the door?)

Joey Edwards: (got it - he's at the door)

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: ((Sorry, yes. Joey made it just out the door, but wasn't able to shoot as the HIT Marks hadn't quite made it around the corner yet.))

Snyde and Durst: ((nope Durst is a coward you live longer that way *G*))

Cori and Evan: *Evan simply tries to get Michelle to his car. or hers. whichever's closer. gun still out*

Cori Frost: She books it with CR "you can lead the way , you know the streets betta then me"

Joey Edwards: He covers those fleeing, fear and regret causing his heart to hammer in his chest, but he must not allow them to be captured. Death is preferable. He fires.

Joey Edwards: d10: dex firearms: 5,2,2,7,4,

Cori and Evan: *Cori tries to help whomever needs help out the door. intent on getting into her van*

Snyde: *Snyde nods to Evan* "Make sure she is allright" *he says as he moves towards his bike takeing a shot at one of the hitmarks on the way there*

Snyde: d10: Dex+Firearms: 6,10,4,10,6,4,8,2,7,

Ravyn: ((Wound penalties, Snyde. You're at -1. Reroll, please.))

Snyde: ((sorry forgot))

Snyde: d10: : 8,5,8,9,6,8,9,4,

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness is going to boogie right out the door as well, following Evan.

Marty Starling: *He doesn't seem to be afraid. But he lets those flee who will flee.* We have to kill them all, *he says simply.* I KNOW that. *He says the last as if responding to someone decidedly frustrating.* I'm doing it.

Marty Starling: *He moves out of the door, and repositions himself between those fleeing. Picking up his knife as they move.*

Ravyn: d10: Chain Gun: 3,3,9,

Ravyn: d10: Chain Gun: 4,5,10,

Ravyn: d10: Claws: 8,5,8,

Ravyn: Okay, one's going down...but oh, look. TWO CHAIN GUNS! And one grows claws, charging at the Mages. Man, they really mean it when they say "Orders to kill..."

Jim Franklin: *Same chain guns! He knows those, they break, they ALWAYS break. His focus starts, as his breathing starts to grow hoarse, ragged.* ((Matter effect.))

Jim Franklin: d10: Arete: 8,4,10,

Ravyn: "Run, Cori." C.R. says it as he takes position next to Marty, aiming his guns at one of the Chain Gunning HIT Marks. "Get back to the chantry and warn people.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+FA (WP): 5,6,4,9,

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Miranda moves to help Abbey out the back door. "We should leave," she says in her thick African accent. "Now."

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Michelle limps along to Evan's car and starts to get in...she came on foot.

Abbey Randelle: One Moment. threats remain madam. *Abbey's heading out the back door, that spiffy dart gun coming out as she smiles politely to Miranda ... who's likely freezing her arms off by helping the bloody hermetic. Abbey heads around the building fast as she can, there were still Technocratic threats to be nuetralized before they could all safely flee. the more they left tonight, the more there were available for another attack. And who wants a HIT Mark dropping by for dinner? Atrocious manners. * (rolling dex + ath to get there. - 1 wound penalties. + 1 auto sux, -2 diff due ath apt.. 4 left)

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex ath: 9,6,8,6,4,5,10,

Abbey Randelle: d10: ten: 8,

Melinda Stowe: She shakes the PDA as she continues the effect. "You worked a minute ago, be nice."

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete: 3,4,1,

Melinda Stowe: (WP)

Ravyn: RECAP: MELINDA feels her Co-Location go Horribly wrong and ends it through force of will; Abbey hauls her skinny white ass around the building to take pot shots at HIT Marks. The HIT MARKS go all Chain-Gunny; one fails, thanks to JIM'S efforts. EVAN and MICHELLE go to the car; JOEY and C.R. seriously wound the one HIT MARK who's Chain Gun has come out. SNYDE kills a HIT Mark; NESS gets out the door, and CORI pulls SNYDE (only badly injured in that area, 'sides Michelle) toward her Van. CORI gets out the door and is told to run.

Ravyn: ((Okay, Round Six. For conveniance's sake and speed, if you're going on the same init, then you can post at the same time. Evan and Cori F. (6), Cori Braun and Joey (8), Snyde, Marty and Ness (9), HIT Marks (10), C.R., Miranda and Jim (11), Michelle (12), Abbey (13), Melinda (15)))

((Current sitch: three HIT Marks in sight, one with a chain gun out, one with claws almost in hand-to-hand range. Melinda on stairs, all others outside; Abbey coming up behind, Miranda with her. Evan and Michelle at Evan's car; Cori Braun & Snyde at Cori's van. C.R. and Marty facing down HIT Marks. Jim nearby Marty & C.R. Joey, Ness, Cori Frost all fleeing))

Cori and Evan: Michelle, get in. can you drive? *holding the gun steady, looking back, as he fumbles for his keys with the other hand*

Abbey Randelle: (cori-f. you still around?)

Ravyn: ((She's having connection problems...her post is coming. Next person on init, go.))

Joey Edwards: ((If Cori-F is still around and is posting, I apologize for going out of turn. Just want to keep moving.)) He stands with those who refuse to flee until all the enemy present are dead. More tears fall; killing is, in its way, more damaging to Joey than bullets. But he is threatened, friends are threatened, and he controls his fear and revulsion to fire the last of his clip at a HIT Mark. (Not fleeing himself yet, only covering those who are trying to escape.)

Joey Edwards: d10: dex firearms: 1,10,9,9,8,

Cori Frost: She continues running weaving throught the alleys past the warehouses. she then ducks behind a dumpster. "time to disappear..now you see her...now you don't" simple illusionary parlor trick as she does her best to blend in.

Cori and Evan: *Cori continues to try and get Snyde to her van* come on, come on! Joey! come on, sweety! grab whoever and let's GO!

Snyde : *He allows Cori to move him towards her van as he takes another shot at a Hit Mark*

Marty Starling: *Marty moves to engage the clawed one, knife moving to slash. No expression on the boy's face.*

Snyde : d10: Dex+Firearms: 6,3,9,10,6,4,8,6,

Marty Starling: d10: dex+melee (WP): 1,7,7,9,

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness tries to get in the backseat of Evan's car.

Ravyn: The HIT Mark with the claws slashes at Marty; the un-chain-gunned one turns to face Abbey and Miranda. Chain-Gun takes a last-ditch attempt to fire. ((This is more then your standard attack, so it will be resolved as a regular attack; sprayed at Marty, C.R., Jim, Snyde, and Cori. Diff 8 due to mult. targets; total succ on damage divided between all targets.))

Cori and Evan: *Evan's doors are unlocked. Cori's are not.*

Ravyn: d10: Chain Gun: 10,5,10,2,9,

Ravyn: d10: Damage: 6,8,3,4,5,6,4,1,8,7,

Ravyn: CR tries to blast the HIT Mark before it can fire the gun.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+FA: 9,6,2,8,

Jim Franklin: *And Jim, being his weak self, has to run while taking a drag off of his inhaler.*

Jim Franklin: ((No action this turn.))

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: Merianda proceeds to give Abbey a blessing of a sort entirely different then what she usually does, ((Life: Heal))

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: "Long as you don't mind blood on thwe driver's seat," says Michelle to Evan as she slides into the driver's seat and takes the keys from him.

Michelle Morgan and Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete (Quint): 7,6,10,

Abbey Randelle: *she's a white streak around the building, moving faster wounded then most olympians do healthy, she skids to a stop, sneakers making a squeak as she puts on the brakes, white hair wisping in the suddenly frigid air. The bloody albino levels her dart gun, narrows icy grey eyes, and fires at the HIT mark still active and standing in front of her. This wasn't finished until every one of them was dead.* ((1 auto sux, 1 wp - 1 wound pen. antimagic dart)

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex fire(wp + sux): 6,6,3,7,

Melinda Stowe: That is it time for a new PDA,"You need an upgrade." she says to the PDA, yes it was all the fault of the technology, as she heads down the rest of the stairs, and then will walk out the back door. She came on foot as well.

Ravyn: RECAP: MELINDA walks out the back door, having decided that magic is not the way to go at the moment. ABBEY shoots an anti-magic dart into a HIT Mark and it just...dies, as circuity shorts and it falls into a convulsing heap. SNYDE and C.R. take down the Chain Gun HIT Mark, but not before it gets it's spray off, damaging MARTY, C.R., JIM, and SNYDE ((1 Lethal each)). MARTY and JOEY manage to take down the clawed one, though MARTY takes a slash from it. CORI pulls SNYDE toward her van; EWAN and MICHELLE get in EVAN'S car. MIRANDA heals ABBEY.

Ravyn: ((EVAN. Not Ewan...EVAN.))

Ravyn: ((Combat over; all bad guys down.))

Snyde: *Snyde grips his side as he sees the last Hit Mark go down and moves to lean against Cori's van*

Jim Franklin: *His eyes widen slightly. Shot. He's never been shot before. He moves slowly, and swallows, looking down at the blood.*

Jim Franklin: d10: Stamina: 9,

Snyde: *He smiles at her* "I think I can make it from here" *he says as he limps towards his bike slowly*

Jim Franklin: *He feels a little woozy, but he manages to stay on his feet, hobbling towards the car.*

Ness: ((poke))

Melinda Stowe: And Melinda takes the long way back home back to the chantry. Alley's bus rides, cab rides.

Joey Edwards: He looks for Jim, calling to him, motioning him towards Cori's van as he goes to run that way himself.

Marty Starling: *He looks around, pressing into the clawed wound.* My shirt's ripped, *he mutters in irritation, looking around to the dead.* We should clean up before the police get here.

Ravyn: ((And Ness climbs in the car.))

Cori and Evan: *Cori hastily unlocks the van* in, in in! *looking around for anyone else on the "home team"* ((can Cori see Jim or Abbey?)) *Evan keeps an eye out for more moving targets* Michelle, we going or waiting to see who needs a way out? *he's very calm under fire*

Joey Edwards: Unless he's headed towards a car. If Jim is leaving and is (reasonably) okay, then he is happy with that.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness makes herself small in the backseat.

Ravyn: "Fuck clean-up," C.R. says. "The Black Hats'll do that. And I bet they've probably got more on the way. Let's fuckin' MOVE."

Snyde: *Snyde climbs on the bike and slowly begins to pull off* ((Thanks for the scene ya but I need to get))

Joey Edwards: He runs for the van, jumping into Cori's vehicle, already pulling his backpack from his shoulder and shoving the gun into it.

Jim Franklin: *Jim is more than a little disturbed about the fact that he has been shot. Though he seems to be more in shock than hurting at the moment.*

Abbey Randelle: *her wounds heal and she takes a deep breath,a polite nod to Miranda in thanks, she turns, surveying the mess.* I rather Agree Mr. Starling. *Abbey leans to remove her dart from the twitching hit mark, and as a precaution, shivers, and murmers in enochian, a pinch of ash coming from a small vial in her purse*

Abbey Randelle: d10: enoch: 7,2,4,

Marty Starling: *He shrugs, and for a moment, it seems he wants to stay. He shakes his head.* Yeah. Gotta go. Get word to home to warn 'em. *He snorts, as he follows along.* Rachelle got out at a good time, it seems.

Cori Frost: She stays still for a little longer, when it seem quite and nod one has followed her she slips out looking around to head back to the chantry. hoping CR will make it there.

Abbey Randelle: d10: arete (auto sux): 9,3,4,

Jim Franklin: I was sh...shot, *he mutters, confused, blearily, as he gets into the van.*

Abbey Randelle: (she's just ashing the one she darted.)

Cori and Evan: *if she can see Jim, Cori calls out to him* Jim! Jim, sweetie! need help? Snyde, Joey, can one of you guys drive the Pest Pony here?

Marty Starling: *He looks back.* They should return to dust, never to be remembered. They don't deserve to BE remembered. *He looks up to Abbey, offering his assistance without words.*

Joey Edwards: "Let me see, Jim." Scooting over, making room for him. "Let me see how bad." He shakes his head at Cori. "Ah cain't drive."

Jim Franklin: *He looks up to Cori. And he looks hurting now. He nods, biting his lip.*

Michelle and Miranda: "I see everyone here, except Melinda," Michelle answers Cori B. She looks up and sees Jim, her eyes widening and looking to Evan. "Evan...Jim!"

Jim Franklin: It hurts, *he explains.* I've n...never been shot before. *He peels up his shirt, and his eyes widen as he sees the blood. Just a graze, but he's never seen anything like it. He feels decidedly ill.*

Cori and Evan: *helps Jim inside* you'll be all right, sweetie.....lay down. i got bedrtolls in the back. *hopefully one of the boys'll take the keys still in the van's door and begin with the driving and suchlike*

Marty Starling: I got shot! *he informs Michelle.*

Marty Starling: ((Gah! FIRST time I've done that! That's Jim,. of course.))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness looks around at the other people in the vehicle quietly.

Abbey Randelle: I have transport should anyone require such *she murmers, watching the body drift to whatever state of nothingness a HIT mark changes to. she looks up at the others, gun tucked away, blood dribbled on her face and clothes, some hers, some not.. she looks a porcelion doll thats been through a massacre*

Joey Edwards: d10: int med: 6,4,6,3,

Cori and Evan: *Evan looks toward teh van* JIM! i think they got it covered. shit, fuck, and piss into the wind....

Joey Edwards: "It's jest a graze. Don't look, Jim. Ya got a first aid kit in here, Cori? He ain't bad hurt."

Ravyn: C.R. moves to follow after Cori, heading into the night as he tucks the guns away. A look over his shoulder to Marty, Miranda, Cori, and Michelle...the Deacons. "Be in touch." And he slips away.

Marty Starling: *He looks around, once more, and hobbles towards... well, wherever Miranda is. No time to take care of all of them.*

Joey Edwards: His face still pale, he has drying tear streaks, but he's focused on Jim right now.

Marty Starling: *He raises a hand to C.R. in passing.*

Jim Franklin: *He swallows, and nods, looking up at Joey.* they w...would have taken us, and ch...changed us into s...something we d...didn't want to b...be. *He pauses.* It just b...bothers me. What they s...said. They hadn't k...killed, or captures us. When they s...said their mission was c...complete.

Cori and Evan: *Cori starts with the driving unless Snyde does* of course, Joey. herbals, and in my pack. you know herbs pretty good, so i don't have to make you show me everything--some stuff's poisonous or what.

Abbey Randelle: *Taking inventory of everyone, snyde had just left. they were missing melinda and ... durst. Her jaw sets, and she strides towards her saturn, noble and bloodied, a glance over her shoulder to Michelle* Miss Morgan. Regrouping or Seperating this evening? *white eyebrow, up*

Joey Edwards: He sniffles back a stray tear and nods to Jim, hands gentle as he tends to the wound with whatever he has on hand. For Joey, this means some pain-numbing herb from a bag inside his pack. No magick required. "Ah know. Is ever'body still here or got away? Did they git someone?"

Ness (Arcane 2): She hundles in the car, cold. The blood wasn't real. This wasn't RL.

Michelle and Miranda: "Anyone who wants to go to Haven, hop in." She says it mostly to Abbey, though it's directed to everyone. "Otherwise...I'd suggest back to your chantries."

Melinda Stowe: Melinda will probably show up to Haven a short time after everyone else does, she does not wish anyone to follow her, as she escaped out the back door. ((thgis is almost as good as co-location, no one saw her leave *L*))

Jim Franklin: *He breathes deeply.* Melinda, the g...girl with the beautiful machine... *He breathes deeply. Oooh, pretty drugs.* In her h...head, there was a st...story. One of us p...posted something on a w...website. The list, *he says, dreamily.* Miss Michelle's letter, someone named... Durst?

Cori and Evan: they hit Abbey. none of us died that i saw, though, or got snagged. *Cori replies. and she's got herbal antiseptic and bandages as well as the painkiller*

Michelle and Miranda: Miranda moves to help Marty, blessing him.

Ness (Arcane 2): ((I'm confused. Where is everyone?))

Michelle and Miranda: d10: Life: Heal Marty: 10,6,5,

Joey Edwards: ((In Cori Braun's van.))

Marty Starling: *He feels it, and he shivers slightly, as if that hurt far more than the injuries.* I wasn't going to die, you know, *he says quietly.* Let's get back to Ling's.

Joey Edwards: d10: int med for herbs: 6,3,4,5,

Jim Franklin: ((Also in Cori Braun's van.))

Marty Starling: ((And he is sort of... not in any of the cars. He was walking to wherever Miranda was.))

Joey Edwards: The herb he has on hand and what he finds from Cori aren't super effective, but they do numb pain and provide some protection against infection.

Michelle and Miranda: "I know, Marty." Miranda nods and pats the man's shoulder, comfortably. "Let us go home."

Abbey Randelle: *her eyes narrow, flashing deadly* The fool. He has either fled or has been caught. *its murmered, pale lips thin* I shall meet you ladies and gentlemen at Haven. *she slides into the saturn and it starts up woth a BLARE of mind-numbing Techno. who knew? She pauses long enough for anyone coming with to get in, and zips off to take a convuluted route to the chantry, frosting the windows uncomfortably*

Abbey Randelle: (in her car now. heading on home. she'd drop off marty and miranda if need be)

Abbey Randelle: (well.. not home. to haven)

Joey Edwards: "Jest need ta put a wrap on it. Yore gonna be fine," he says quietly to Jim. And then he sits back and buries his face in his hands, sobbing.

Marty Starling: ((He'd appreciate, and accept the ride.))

Michelle and Miranda: Miranda also accepts the ride, quite gratefully, from Abbey.

Cori and Evan: *Cori murmurs gently* s'ok, Joey, sweetie. he'll be all right. and so will you. *voice soothing. pulling out to head for Haven*

Jim Franklin: *He tries to lean up, but frankly, he's a wuss, and it hurts. Instead, a hand gently swats at Joey's side.* Thank you, *he whispers.*

Abbey Randelle: ((its the least she can do, after the healing and such. abbey maintains her good relations with Lings chantry. )

Cori and Evan: *and Evan pulls all the way back into his car, giving Ness and Michelle a bit of a smile* all right. let's hit the road, ladies....

Joey Edwards: He is ashamed of crying. Men don't cry. He attempts to at least stifle the louder sobs. Inside, he is ice and pain. He had to kill, and it's sheer horror to him.

Michelle and Miranda: She nods grimly and, when Evan's inside, drives off toward Haven.

Ness (Arcane 2): She looks up at Evan, and then glances at Michelle. She seems a bit, stunned.

Abbey Randelle: *idle pleasantries on the way to the chantry, she's careful not to be followed, Marty and Miranda get the impression that she rather predicted this. they also likely get the impression that if her fellow hermetic isn't dead.. he should be in hiding from more than the technocrats at this point, Idiocy,,, They're dropped off, and she makes for haven*

Jim Franklin: ((To Haven? Or shall we discuss post-game strategies? Or both?))

Michelle and Miranda: ((And, those remaining...off to Haven!))

Michelle and Miranda: ((We can debrief too, in the OOC Chat Room))



Joey Edwards: By the time they reach Haven, he has himself under control. His vivid green eyes are sad and rimmed in red, and he's clutching his obnoxious yellow backpack like a security blanket, but he is in control of himself.

Abbey Randelle: *its a convoluted route she takes to the old nightclub, waiting to be let in*

Jim Franklin: *He is less in pain, but still quite terrified of things following him, and worried about Joey. Regardless, he can't help but think of recreating a HITmark's armour. It helps to distract him.*

Joey Edwards: He leans towards Jim or Cori, at different times, taking comfort just by their proximity.

Abbey Randelle: *she's late. unlike her*

Michelle Morgan: She heads to Haven and moves in with everyone. The woman's expression is stark and cold as she limps into the living area, dropping down on the couch with a hiss. ((Per Harper, " Evan will clean his guns somberly and listen. and then find something elctronic to tinker with. Cori will attempt to feed people--but she won't cook, so be grateful. the girl eats her toast burnt ~black~ after all....and has Stomach of Iron."))

Jim Franklin: *He remains close to Joey. After all, HE got shot.*

Melinda Stowe: She takes her own convoluted path back to Haven. She always disliked the pain of paradox. She is a few minutes behind everyone else.

Joey Edwards: His skin has moved from pale to somewhat ashen. He just looks weary and sad. He sits quietly, but will certainly accept at least a cup of coffee. He can't eat a THING, and looks exceedingly ill if food is offered.

Ness (Arcane 2): The nights events have settled into her mind as a just another scene from a movie or a game. The jaded life of a gamer was fantastic, really. She follows behind Michelle quietly, sitting as close to Evan as she polite and properly can. He was the most familiar face in the room, and that was kinda sad.

Jim Franklin: *He doesn't look hungry either. A quick, sharp breath is punctuated by his inhaler. He pockets it quickly again. Oddly disturbed by the blood still on his hand.*

Melinda Stowe: She sticks near a wall when she enters. Keeping out of the wall, her wounds would heal eventually.

Abbey Randelle: *blood speckled and stained in splotches from her own now healed wounds, she stands so as not to stain anything, blade on her person, still caked with red, her eyes skate to ness a moment, most unfamiliar. she murmers* Abbey Randelle, *a hand is extended, bloody and white* A pleasure. I regret, We've not met.

Joey Edwards: If he notices Jim keep looking at the blood, he takes his hand gently and dips the end of his own shirt in his coffee, wiping away the blood from Jim's hand.

Michelle Morgan: She looks up as people enter, relief entering her face more and more as she sees people walk in They got out safe. "I need a phone," she says.

Jim Franklin: *He swallows, loking down as it is so easily wiped away. His shirt is still bloody. He looks up, and sees Melinda enter. He offers her a slight smile.* I'm gl...glad you're all r...right, *he says sincerely.*

Melinda Stowe: She looks around to everyone. "I wish to ap[pologize." she says to all of them. "If I had been able to access the information earlier, I would have made sure that no one would have been there, or we could have set a trap of our own. As is thanks to JIm, he was able to safely access the information and you all recieved the warning just in time it seems."

Abbey Randelle: *Introductions done, she gets to the meat of things, face slightly blank, ice rolling off her in waves, cooling people's coffee* Miss Morgan. While we were attacked, the four elements chantry has been utterly destroyed. You will forgive my lateness, and illmanner. *no.. really. you will*

Jim Franklin: *He lowers his head slightly at that, and turns a bit of a reddish color. It seems he doesn't do compliments well.*

Joey Edwards: "Destroyed?" he whispers, looking further horrified.

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head to Jim. The visable cable froim before once more hidden away. "Yes I got away, thank you Jim, I did sustane damage, but nothing that will not heal, and it was not caused by the Union at all."

Michelle Morgan: She stares at Abbey, stunned, as she reaches for a phone from whoever's willing to offer her one.

Jim Franklin: *He looks up, and his eyes widen slightly.* W...was there anyone ins...inside?

Melinda Stowe: She looks to Abbey "How terrible."

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness glances around the room, not really sure what to think of this place.

Abbey Randelle: Destroyed. *she murmers. that would be why she's got little bits of ash marring pristine white hair, and smells like a smoke house. she's too tired to have cleaned up, looking all the more worn for the white as she plunges the room chilly*

Jim Franklin: *HE offers overh is cell phone to Michelle.*

Joey Edwards: He shivers, leaning towards Jim.

Michelle Morgan: She takes the phone from Jim and dials a number, putting it to her ear. After a few moments... "Sam."

Jim Franklin: *He lowers his head, and leans a bit closer to Joey. Just for warmth, just for the comfort effect. His eyes close.*

Joey Edwards: He puts an arm around his friend's slight shoulders. He pays attention to those around him, but he definitely feels the need for some solid comfort.

Michelle Morgan: "The Union attacked the meeting. Everyone got out there...but the warehouse isn't safe anymore." A pause, as she turns numb eyes to Abbey. "And the 4E's been destroyed, Abbey says."

Melinda Stowe: She crosses her arms. "Do you Miss Randell have any idea on how many of your numbers are left? They shall need to be brought into safety."

Ness (Arcane 2): She curls up on the couch into a ball of stick-like limbs in a too wide and baggy drab green parka. Her rose-tinted glasses get pushed up her little nose slightly with a finger.

Abbey Randelle: *a speckled hand comes up to brush ashy white hair from over a grey eye, tucking it behind her ear. hell you'd think it was jim and joey who'd had their chantry destroyed. Hollow grey eyes scan the room before she speaks more on it, chin lifted just a little too much. Poise just a little too tense as she murmers* A good many dead. Several Acolytes escaped. A Flambeau. I beleive the deacons dead.

Jim Franklin: *He looks up, again to the cold woman. He looks remarkably unhappy.* D...don't you even c...care?

Abbey Randelle: *cold glass grey eyes meet Michelles across the room*

Joey Edwards: His eyes squeeze shut, a shudder rippling through him.

Michelle Morgan: "Haven." A pause, and she nods, slowly. "Okay."

Michelle Morgan: "N...no. I should...just get here, please."

Abbey Randelle: *cold eyes dig on Jim* It was my Chantry, Mr. Franklin. *as though that explains it, shoulders shored up against sagging by straining will and decorum alone, icy porcelion mask ever in place*

Jim Franklin: *He bites his bottom lip. And he looks over to Joey.* I... *He pauses. A look up to Michelle, and he waits until she gets off the phone.*

Melinda Stowe: A purse of her lips. This news makes her more pissed off. "Jim, we need to sort through the information quick like, see what they do know and see what their next move will be."

Joey Edwards: He opens his eyes, just a silent, gentle look to Jim. He listens to those around him, taking a long deep cleansing breath.

Jim Franklin: *He nods to Melinda, and his head lowers again.* Yes, *he murmurs. He looks over to the case on his shoulder.* I ... *He pauses.* Do we h...have to do it tonight?

Abbey Randelle: *it takes a long time before she notes the vibration of her cellphone, deftly she fetches it out, regarding the number. they'd hung up. she redials it, murmering* excuse me

Ness (Arcane 2): Her brown eyes flicker around, planning, and suddenly they stop. She has a plan. The spider-like tall girl stands up and begins to walk toward the exit.

Michelle Morgan: "Thank you. I'll see you soon. I love you." Just kind of a soft, numb sort of voice.

Melinda Stowe: A rub of her head attempting to remember anything her mind will let her remember of signifigance that might pertain to their plans.

Melinda Stowe: "That I will leave up to Michelle. I have a back up of course." she says to Jim.

Abbey Randelle: *her eyes track Ness as she murmers into the phone* Hello?

Jim Franklin: *He swallows, and he looks up to Michelle again. Waiting for her to be done on the phone.*

Michelle Morgan: "I know. I'll see you in a few." And she hangs up, handing the phone back to Jim.

Jim Franklin: *He gives Melinda a faint smile, while lowering his head to lightly butt Joey's shoulder. Again, he looks back to the marvellous machine.* I'd r...rather work with you, *he murmurs.* If that's all r...right.

Jim Franklin: *He takes the phone.* D...do you need Melinda and I t...to work on the information tonight? Or m...may I go to b...bed?

Melinda Stowe: She pauses in the rubbing of her head and looks up to Jim. A nod of her head. "Of course Jim." And starts to pace a bit as she rubs her head.

Ness (Arcane 2): And just like that she walks out the exit.

Samantha Jacobs: She slides off her motorcycle, taking a very long complicated roundabout route to get to Haven, eyes always moving to look for anybody following or any enemies.

Michelle Morgan: "Ummm...." She blinks at Jim, then shakes her head, slowly. She's a little in shell-shock, it appears. "No, not needed tonight. Everyone here is safe...should be..." She sighs and puts a hand to her forehead. "I hope so, anyway."

Abbey Randelle: *Abbey's voice takes on a chill that could bring about another ice age, eyes narrowing deadly* Rest assured, I shall. You are unharmed? In a Secure location? And What of Master Kelton?

Samantha Jacobs: d10: per+alert: 6,8,4,7,9,10,2,

Jim Franklin: Okay, *he says quietly. He butts Joey on the shoulder once more.* I h...have to sl...sleep now, *he offers of his friend. So he doesn't pull away suddenly.*

Michelle Morgan -> Samantha Jacobs: She sees no enemies lurking.

Samantha Jacobs: Ness runs into a very observant Sam. Who reaches a hand into her coat as if for a gun, and looks at her with a large amount of suspicion and distrust.

Joey Edwards: Jim: "Okay." He smiles weakly, giving his hand a friendly squeeze. "G'night."

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness takes a slow step back from Sam, and gives her a questioning look.

Jim Franklin: *He bites his bottom lip slightly, and he swallows, watching Joey for a moment. But he turns, and moves with his computer, back to one of the rooms for the night. Safe here. A nice workshop. Somewhere to think.*

Joey Edwards: He also excuses himself to go sleep in his chantry room. Knowing what herb to use to put himself into something brief, rejuvenating, but dreamless. ((Going to close off this browser, need to get to bed. Thanks all for the scene!))

Abbey Randelle: Of Course. *as the phone clicks off, the area directly around the pale hermetic gets mind numbing cold, and she tenses so much it looks as though her thin bloodsoaked frame may snap directly in two*

Joey Edwards: "Ah'll walk back with ya, Jim." Moving up to join his friend.

Samantha Jacobs: "Who are you?" Its a rough voice. Baaaarely detectable as female.

Abbey Randelle: *the phone is tucked away in one swift violent motion. who remained.. three had left. Her chin raises and she looks to Michelle*

Michelle Morgan: She's just kind of sitting on the couch, absently putting a cigarette in her mouth. She barely even remembers that she's got a bullet hold in her leg.

Samantha Jacobs: She pauses, and then watches Nessa intently. "Stay there. Stay right. There. I'll be back in a minute."

Ness (Arcane 2): "It means that the situation is too weird for me. I should go home. May I please?" She takes a deliberate step to the side, and then tries to step by Sam.

Ness (Arcane 2): Or just walks out if Sam is moving.

Samantha Jacobs: Sam doesn't let her leave. "I said. Stay. There. A minute."

Melinda Stowe: When Abbey is off the phone she looks to her. "We need t do something about Mr. Durst. I do know where he lives, he is the one, who through a public internet, tipped off the Technocracy to the meeting, and to who we knew to be on the resources list."

Abbey Randelle: *grey eyes drop to the woman bleeding. autopilot. The icy hermetic murmers a proper "excuse me" before withdrawing a monogramed satin hankercheif and making to wrap the deacon's leg*

Ness (Arcane 2): She sighs and shoves her hands in her pockets, "Why...?"

Michelle Morgan: She looks up to Melinda. Ooh, there's emotion, as rage colors her face. "He...did WHAT??"

Abbey Randelle: *a nod to melinda. from the unpleasant look in her eyes, despite the polite smile.. it looks like whatever she's going to do to Durst is probably .. well. illegal to say the least*

Samantha Jacobs: "Because I said so, and I don't want to shoot you." And she moves swiftly to head into haven.

Abbey Randelle: d10: dex med : 2,4,7,2,6,

Ness (Arcane 2): "...shoot my ass." But she stays put.

Melinda Stowe: She looks over to Michelle. "Yes, he from what information I attained when Jim unlocked the information, that was one of the items that stuck out. He sent an electronic file with your contact information time and place of the location, both of the lists of names. All of the information was sent and the technocracy intercepted it. They did not know where it was sent to, but they knew wh it was sent from obviously."

Michelle Morgan: She winces a little as the wound is wrapped, but it's very small in proportion what should be coming from the charred wound. She's too busy getting angry. Very. Very. Angry.

Abbey Randelle: *she murmers, wrapping the leg tightly as a deceptively delicate hand presses the woman's knee* He is a fool. He alerted the technocracy and fled like a weakwilled traitor. Oathbreaker. Warlock. Soon he shall be a dead fool. *its whispered as she stands, blade scraping the floor*

Samantha Jacobs: And in comes the military woman, eyes shooting over everyone, everything, and lingering on Michelle. She might have twitched at noticing the bullet wound. "I apologize, but there's a girl outside. Do I let her go, make her come back in, or other?" And she describes Ness. Her voice is tight.

Melinda Stowe: Oh yes one angry VA here, ver what Durst did, even she was not THAT stupid.

Abbey Randelle: *ever seen an albino go white knuckled? You have now. Grip crushing on her blade handle*

Michelle Morgan: "Yes, he will." She nods to Abbey, jaw set, and looks to Sam. Remarkably, none of the rage vanishes, though it's certainly, CERTAINLY not directed at the woman. "That would be Ness. She's a mage...if she would like to stay, she can...otherwise..." She shrugs. "I won't make her."

Samantha Jacobs: A sharp nod to Michelle. There's a hesitation, and then she turns to head back outside. "... leave if you want. You can stay if you want to as well." And then she heads back inside.

Ness (Arcane 2): She waits by the door. Why was she waiting? She didn't know. She studies the technology around the door.

Ness (Arcane 2): Given permission to leave, she steps out the door and walks out into the night toward the nearest bus stop.

Samantha Jacobs: She finally releases her grip on the gun under her coat, and moves towards Michelle and Abbey.

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her headto Sam when she comes back in.

Ness: She stretches widely as she walks down the street. She needed to get away from all those damn people. She has felt invisible and small in there. She sits down at the bus stop bench and sinks into the seat awkwardly to wait.

Michelle Morgan: She rises to her feet, leaning heavily on her good leg, and limps over to meet Sam halfway. She hugs the woman tightly, words failing.

Abbey Randelle: *the muscles in her stomach tighten, urg.. ill. a bloody hand comes up to flick a bit of charred 4e rubble from the sleeve of her stained wool coat. a slow blink of pale eyes, she looks to Sam. a nod of an ashy head* Miss Jacobs. *eyes slip to melinda* have you any skill in locating others, Miss Stowe?

Samantha Jacobs: She nods, a little sharply, to Melinda. She moves swiftly to meet the limping Michelle -oh she was going to murder someone- and wraps arms aroudn Michelle tightly, nearly crushing the woman to her. A hand vaguely tangles in the woman's hair, just holding her close and supporting her.

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head to Abbey. "Yes I do.Miss Randelle"

Samantha Jacobs: The vaguest of nods back to Abbey.

Abbey Randelle: And you know his Residence as well? *business. action. not the hollow howl raging behind the icy facade. Politeness, decorum, and action. these were more familiar. and more appropriate.*

Michelle Morgan: She stays there, in the hug, saying nothing. Taking comfort in the other woman's embrace for the moment.

Abbey Randelle: *she's pointedly not lookig at the two women on the couch*

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head. "Yes I do." call it parinoia she always makes mental notes of where she has been.

Samantha Jacobs: She listens to them talking, listens and gathers what else she can. All the while, she continues to hold Michelle tightly, supporting her. A hand smoothes over the Deacon's hair, and down her back repetatively.

Abbey Randelle: If the fool has not been abducted by our enemies already, perhaps we will find him there. If not, something of his with which to assist you in your scrying.*she murmers, taking a breathe through her nose, hands folding in front of her on the bloody toledo blade*

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head understand comming clean. "That sounds like a brilliant idea Miss Randelle. One way or another we will be able to find out where he is at."

Michelle Morgan: "I want in on it, too," she says, her voice muffled against Sam's shoulder.

Melinda Stowe: A looks finally to Michelle. "I would not presume to take anything away from you in this Michelle." a nod of her head to her Deacon.

Samantha Jacobs: She inclines her head slightly. Somebody apparently needs killin'. She'll be in on this too; there is no way she's leaving Michelle right now anyway.

Abbey Randelle: Of Course Miss Morgan. *she whispers quietly, adding* Miss Cromwell is the only survivor confirmed. She too wishes to find the Traitor. *oh no. apparently he hasn't a name any longer. Probably not a good thing* However she was somewhat concerned as to the security of telephones. Understandably spooked

Melinda Stowe: "I do not blame her I do not trust them myself. And the Trator needs to go down. His error in these times, shall not go unpunished." her eyes narrow. He could have killed them all and she likes her body the way it is even as messed up as it is.

Michelle Morgan: "Fair enough." She straightens up a little bit, looking over at Abbey. "Are there any other Hermetics there that you know of...people we can try to track down who may have scattered?"

Samantha Jacobs: She loosens her hold on Michelle, only a little.

Abbey Randelle: Not only did he betray my order through his idiocy, he fled, leaving those of us with the fortitude of character to fight side by side, to deal with the enemies he'd brought upon us. This does not strike me as accidental. *she looks to michelle, graceful motions just a little too quick and tense to be altogether pleasant.* No. Travis was murdered by demons. Kelton appears to be dead. Issac departed the city as did his apprentice. Everyone else is presumed dead. It is Dragana, the Traitor, Myself, and several acolytes.

Michelle Morgan: ((*Nudge Nudge* And Dolores Tuplin))

Abbey Randelle: (i don't know that abbey's ever met or SEEN dolores in that chantry. unless there's a list of members up somewhere.)

Abbey Randelle: (in which case she'd likely have the contact number etc)

Melinda Stowe: Her eyes move from Michelle to Abbey, she could attempt to locate these people. A nod of her head to what Abby says about the trator, yes it all did seem too well planned she had instilled the wards on the warehouse herself, and she knows they were good. a raise of an eyebrow at the mention of a mage being killed by Demons?!? oh boy.

Michelle Morgan: ((There is a list. Or was. Y'know, before it burned. *S*))

Samantha Jacobs: She listens, her gaze hard and unforgiving.

Abbey Randelle: (then add dolores tuplin)

Melinda Stowe: "Well a point of note, we know who the Trator amongst us is, and we have made a dent in their resources list. unless they have changed it on us." a purse of her lips.

Michelle Morgan: He nods a little, her expression similar to Sam's. "If the Four E's gone...then there's no one to punish him for his crimes. Guess that's our job." She doesn't sound like she's entirely unhappy about that idea. Rage is giving way. To Hate.

Abbey Randelle: I can only hope miss Tuplin was as absent as she generally is.. *grey eyes widen slightly as she excuses herself to use the phone*

Samantha Jacobs: She nods, silently agreeing with Michelle.

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head to Abbey. "Of course." she looks to Michelle. "Yes it looks to have befallen to us to take care of." she doesn't sound unhappy about it at all.

Abbey Randelle: *she blinks. hard. taken aback at the phone. then of all things.. an odd curl of lips* MIss Tuplin?

Michelle Morgan: She nods a little and leans against Sam, her jaw clenched, staring at the couch where there's a spot of blood. Her blood. So much blood tonight...his fault.

Abbey Randelle: *her engagement ring twinkles slightly as she moves her hand not holding the phone to the bloody drying on her hip, where she'd been shot. idly touching the tackiness of her own blood, which has plastered the satin of her pants to her like a shiney red paintjob*

Samantha Jacobs: She rubs a hand over Michelle's back, murmuring to her.

Melinda Stowe: She moves over to the couch looking about to colapse as it is, as tired if not more so then when she returned from her trip through the DW. Resting the laptop bag on her legs taking the weight off her shoulders.

Abbey Randelle: Are you in a safe location? I trust you are aware of tonights events?

Abbey Randelle: *she looks like something out of a horror movie, charred ash and blood on white. blade having finally stpped dripping on the floor, blood having pooled in a small white shoe. she would have some interesting scars for Ingvar to trace. a slight swallow. Ingvar. *

Michelle Morgan: A glance back to Sam, and she nods, toward the kitchen. She starts to try and make her way there.

Samantha Jacobs: "Sit down." She instructs quietly, but firmly. Even leading Michelle there, before she moves towards the kitchen, taking long strides.

Melinda Stowe: She closes her eyes, hand comming up to rub at her forhead an action that seem be catching on with her.

Abbey Randelle: A meeting took place of those in the city all hunted by the same agency of... unfortunate suited individuals. Durst alerted them to our gathering place and then fled the scene of the massacre. The.. clubhouse, as it were.. has been raised to the ground. all members missing but for myself, the flambeau, the traitor, and yourself. *its cold. hatred not a boiling animate thing with the albino. but frozen and static. cold steel and icy eyes*

Michelle Morgan: She looks frustrated, but nods, limping over ti sit. She picks her cigarette back up and lights it.

Abbey Randelle: *she looks to michelle an those on the couch, coat straightened*

Samantha Jacobs: There was rummaging in the kitchen, and the woman returns with a medical kit. Since Abbey is busy on the phone, she moves to attend to Michelle. "Melinda, do you need medical attention?" Eyes flick up to to girl.

Samantha Jacobs: d10: dex+ (med) +wp: 4,7,7,

Abbey Randelle: For the moment I will remain where it is safe. first the traitor will be dealt with, then the suited gentlemen taken care of. Have you anywhere which is safe, preferabley warded?

Melinda Stowe: She keeps her eyes closed. "No Miss Sam all of my damage is wetware errors." she looks over to Sam. "Some of the things I did when I was interfacing, reality bit me on the rear for. But again thank you for asking." a small smile to her, before closing her eye once again she mumbles to herself. "I should have gone to see Jim first off last night." a sigh.

Michelle Morgan: She watches the wound get cleansed and badnaged, wincing a little in the process...when done, her expression softens enough to give Sam a grateful smale. "Thank you, sweetie."

Abbey Randelle: *a shake of her head to melinda. slight. but negative. this was the fault of a traitor. not Melinda's, much as she'd like to blame a non-hermetic, she looks to michelle, hand over the phone* Miss Morgan have you room for another guest?

Samantha Jacobs: She smiles a little, squeezing Michelle's fingers briefly, before she rises, looking to Abbey. Waiting patiently to help with her bloody wound too.

Michelle Morgan: "I do." She nods. "We've got plenty of room, actually."

Abbey Randelle: Perhaps you might come to the.. beautiful people.. as it were. It is safe. And rest assured, I operate with discretion. *she purses her lips*

Melinda Stowe: Her right hand cannot seem to stop rubbing at her forhead, moving to mooth her hair, touch the side of her head, a shake of her head. Her eyes the whole time are closed.

Abbey Randelle: That can be contribruted to those before me Miss Tuplin. I shall announce your arrival. Good Evening. *a bit of ice in that one, but give the girl a break. she's bloody, ashy, and without a chantry*

Abbey Randelle: *she hangs up and murmers* Miss Morgan. I expect you may have a guest before dawn. A fellow hermetic. Thank you. *she glances at the small silver watch on her wrist, then rapidly hollowing eyes flick to michelle* I regret, I had best return to the manor. there are preparations to be made, supplies gathered.

Samantha Jacobs: "Do you want medical attention before you go, Miss Randelle?" A murmur.

Abbey Randelle: No miss Jacobs, I am well, thank you.

Samantha Jacobs: She nods silently, face hard.

Melinda Stowe: She opens her eyes " Have a good evening Miss Randelle." ((Sorry Rav's comp froze had to re-boot))

Michelle Morgan: She nods a little to Abbey. "Thank you, Abbey. You know you're welcome to stay here, should you need to."

Abbey Randelle: Of course, Thank you as well for your assistance and hospitality. Good evening. *she bows out, assuring everyone that anyone who has the follish idea to stray onto the manor grounds will not be leaving. she seems very confident of this. and then she slips away*

Abbey Randelle: (running! rav? snd me a log>? much loves? *hugs and scampers)

Melinda Stowe: She looks to Michelle. "I am going to sleep, if I can make it there, I do not wish another night spent sleeping on the couch it is not good for the hips." she stands slowely to her feet, taking a hold of her lap top bag so as not to have it drag her down, before moving to the doors to the dorms. Yes sleep was good for her.

Michelle Morgan: A nod to Melinda. "That's fine, Melinda. Go...get some rest. We could all use it."

Samantha Jacobs: She nods slightly to Melinda as she heads off, cleaning up the medical kit.

Melinda Stowe: "You as well Michelle, and good night Miss Sam." a small smile before she dissapears behind the doors. ((Hugs* thank you muchly! twas fun))

Michelle Morgan: She watches Melinda go, sighing as she takes a drag off of her cigarette.

Samantha Jacobs: Setting the kit aside, she moves back to Michelle, sliding arms around the other woman.

Michelle Morgan: She leans into Sam, shaking her head with a slightly curled lip. "That stupid motherfucker..."

Samantha Jacobs: "He'll be dealt with." Her voice is soothing, but there is no doubt of the steel behind her words.

Michelle Morgan: She nods a little bit, taking the last drag before leanging over to stub the cigarette out. "Fuck yes, he will." She returns to her rest against Sam, still tense. She can't seem to lose it.

Samantha Jacobs: Fingers dig into Michelle's back and shoulders, trying to ease some tension.

Michelle Morgan: She's trying to relax...she really is. But it's only making the situation worse, it seems. "Jesus, Sam. The entire fucking 4E."

Samantha Jacobs: "Michelle..." It's soft, but firm. "You need to rest."

Michelle Morgan: "Sam...what if they know about here?" She looks over her shoulder.

Samantha Jacobs: "We'll kill them if they try anything." Its grim. Serious. At least... Sam knows she'll protect everyone to the death.

Michelle Morgan: "I know we will." She nods, putting a hand to her forehead. "The defenses here are good...I don't know. I just...this is bad, Sam."

Samantha Jacobs: "Yes. It is." She doesn't lie. "But we're not dead yet. And we'll learn, and we'll prepare, and we'll win. But right now... you need -rest- Michelle."

Michelle Morgan: She nods finally. "Okay. Yeah...rest would be good." And she goes to lead Sam back to her quarters here in the chantry...not willing to leave it, for the night at least.

Samantha Jacobs: And Sam stays with her.

Michelle Morgan: ~FTB~