Ravyn: Battery Cafe. The site of more interesting events then much of New York City combined. The cold weath has kept most people away...but what few are out, it seems, have decided to gravitate to the cafe for warmth and maybe, if they can afford the meager prices, something to eat.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * The guy looks a little tired as he wanders into the place. Rbing his hands togeather to get some feeling back into them he makes his way into the dining area to find a table, but there are no singles available. He takes a large one instead and picks up a menue. *

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * A short, powerfuly built man in his mid to late twenties. Dark skinned and latino with just a slight barrio accent. The eyes are a deep brown and his hair is black and buzzed into an high and tight. Two inches over the clavicle there is a vicious pucker of a scar that dominates the right side of his neck. He is dressed in a pair of Khaki pants and a black Tee shirt with 1* printed in red over the cigarette pocket. Over all is a olive green army field jacket. * {{http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=49}}

Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn has hurried in to escape the cold, something she's admittedly less than prepared for at this particularly ungodly hour. Though there is a coat, it's not as much help as it could be. The slim jeans, the cropped black hair - it's just not helping much, frankly, and a fashion model's frame does -nothing- to ward off the chill.

Dara : *cold cold cold is one of the things definately driving her to the cafe, cold and coffee and...is she wearing a suit?(a feminine one, but...still....dara in a suit?) yep, nice makeup and everything, lanyard with her pic about her neck and id for some translation company place(same as jez works at, forgot teh name), dara whitright written at the bottom......no piercings in(that can be seen), she heads for the counter to order a decent sized coffee*

Cherry Matthews: She stumbles, is the word that could be used to descibe it, into the cafe. She mutters "Mother Fuck, it is cold enough to freeze cum on a cunt."

She is one of those people you cross the street to avoid, or stare at in pity or disgust. She might have been pretty if her 'I don't give a fuck' attitude didn't roll off of her. Standing at 5'5" tall she is pale and thin, almost exceedingly so, and with the dead haunted look in her pale blue eyes she gives off the impression of the walking dead. Her stringy blond hair has been dyed in several different colors, blue green and fuchsia. She has an eyebrow piercing in her right eyebrow, a piercing in her nose, on the left, a lip piercing on her upper lip to the right side, and a tongue ring. Wearing hip hugger jeans that could slide right off her anorexic hips. A long sleeved thermal t-shirt half way tucked into the jeans, with an over shirt on that had a picture of a woman with white eyes a 666 on her forhead holding the phone saying. "Hold on I have to take this it's SATAN!" The t-shirt is black. A large, too big for her winter coat on, a hat pulled down on her head knit gloved that do not match, and neither does the two sneakers on her feet. A blind person's cane in hand.

Dara : (if descrip is wanted just pm me*G*)

Ashlyn Reale: She stands at an easy 5'10", the kind of willowy, leggy woman the runway was made for. Whether it's in slender form or her short black hair, there's something beautiful about her. Almond shaped eyes vary by time and mood and lighting from a pale, washed out green-blue to a steely grey-blue, full lips, or maybe it's just that composure. She walks as if every step and every breath were natural, right. She walked with her head held up, proud but more than that, graceful. No matter what she wore, she wore it well. Her fingers were long, and that rock on her left ring finger meant somebody out there cared enough to drop a paycheck or three. No piercings, no tattoos. Just a slim necklace, with a carved silver ring hanging from it, often worn on the outside of her shirt. The ring is old, quite possibly an antique or family heirloom, and she wears it with near irreverence, casual but always, always close. (( http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=11 ))

Ravyn: A couple of what look to be homeless people huddle in a booth near the door, hoods up over their heads and hands around the cups of coffee they've managed to spange enough cash for tonight. They look up at the various people as they come in, looking them over individually. Their attention seems more directed across the street, though, at the park.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He takes a few minutes too look over the menu and then closes it again, sliding it to the edge of the table as well trained eyes move over the rest of the cafe. *

Cherry Matthews: Like she can tell, she sniffs the air, okay she smalls coffee. Might help. A hunch of her shoulders, a big bag lady bag under the coak making clinking noises as her shoulders pop several places, a grin of satisfaction. Does she seem to care that she is getting looks nope. She moves can going back and for as she makes her way. She takes a seat in the first available table she doesn't hear noises from, and that there is a seat at. Well Luis she sits down right with you. "Fuck my tit is gonna be on perma erect."

Ashlyn Reale: Like a bad joke, they all cluster in to the cafe. The sleepless woman rubs cold fingers over one pale cheek as she waits in line uneasily, anxious. A glance back now and again notes the other patrons, occasionally with a small smile of silent greeting. Yes, despite the hour, the cold, and the dark. She looks determinedly anywhere but at the park.

Cherry Matthews: ((Oh the typo's*Hangs head in shame*))

Dara : *that coffee when she gets it is held like precious manna in her hands, black hair held back in a neat updo, bleach blond streak to either side of her head and her bangs....the coffee sipped gently with an easing siiiiigh....she moves from the counter slightly, looking about the place curiously herself*

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He notes the homeless men and follows their gaze, picking out the top of the white excavation tent. Oh thats right. They digging up the old fort over there. Wonder why those dues dont just sneak in. *

Ravyn: One of the homeless people, a kid, maybe 16 or 17, stifles a chuckle as Cherry says shit that would make a sailor faint. The other one, older, maybe in his early thirties, glances to her but pays her no mind, reaching out and smacking the kid upside the head. "Watch whatcher s'posed ta be watchin'."

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * Hearing a seat move near him he looks over to Cherry. * " Yeah, take a seat. I dont give a fuck. "

Ashlyn Reale: The coffee she orders next from the counter has about six adjectives in front of it. Seriously. And she has the nerve to ask this as if it weren't freakish. Yes, seriously. She pays and waits up for it now, hands returning for the moment to her coat pockets.

Cherry Matthews: She sticks a fing of the knit glove into her mouth, with a grrr she pulls off the glove. Folding up her cane and sitting on it, that way she knew where it was, ity get's lost otherwise. Glove still in her mouth she spits it out towards the table, hand going inside the bag. "Now where did you run off to?" hand and head seem to want to dissapear into the bag, as there is more cliking of metal things. She makes a joyous "Ah HA, Caucha this time skank." and she pulls out a crumples 5 dollar bill.

Dara : d10: per+alert: 5,9,7,4,6,6,3,

Cherry Matthews: She looks over to Luis. "Cool thanks." yeah she is miss manners alright.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * His brows raise at the woman sharing his table, then he turns his attention back to the... bums? Sure act like cops... *

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Uh huh. Dont mention it sweetheart. "

Ravyn: The kid scowls at the older guy, and looks back to the window, squinting as she sips her coffee. "Ain't nothin' out there anything," he mutters quietly, under his breath.

Dara : *eyes over to the two homeless looking guys by the door, head tilting curiously, blinking a bit...she wanders over that way...not really sitting, per se...just...curious and at the window.....looking out there as well......(damn effing inherant curiosity about things)*

Ravyn: ((anything=anyway))

Ashlyn Reale: d10: per + alert: 6,7,

Cherry Matthews: Thise almost unblinking eyes with the white film over them look at Luis not hearing anything else. She proceeded to flaten out the money sticking a tongue out. "Common, now which one are you?" she picks it up and attempts to look at it. a shrug of her shoulder more clanking. She holds up a hand. "Yo, can I get someone ta serve me and my buddy here? I need a cooffee black, thanks." and her hand drops back t the table a sigh as she leans back. "Yeah time to get something strong and black in me."

Ravyn: ((Per+Alertness, Dara.)) As Ashlyn looks over to the two kids, the waitress hands her the coffee, and their fingers just happen to brush.

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: ((Per+Empathy, +3 dice. *S*))

Ashlyn Reale: ...Nobody ever, -ever- implies she's the most perceptive thing in the world. Heck, no. But upon collecting her six-adjective coffee, she does look back toward the woman in the suit, and the two in the booth. The most talkative yet, if one ignores profanity. Another glance aside, and she also heads toward the table Luis was the first to snag. "Room for one more?" she asks casually, sleep clinging in her voice and the little slump at her shoulders.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He keeps watching the kids as he answers Cherry. * " Its a lincoln, and you might be in the wrong hood for strong and black. The coffee is good here though. "

Ashlyn Reale: d10: per + empathy: 3,6,6,9,8,3,10,9,

Dara : d10: per+alert: 8,10,9,6,8,8,7,

Ravyn: ((The Dice Gods are kind tonight!))

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He glances over to the new woman. * " I dont mind. Ask mama here though. " * He jerks his thumb in Cherry's direction. *

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: {{ No kidding. }}

Cherry Matthews: "Thank for letting me know." she grins over to Luis it holds a malicious quality to it, and winks.

Ravyn: ((Ashlyn may wanna DLP ;) ))

Ashlyn Reale: (( *happy dances!* ))

Dara : (weehooo!*G**dances like gir and prays for more dice gods blessings*)

Ashlyn Reale: (( DLP, then? Except for the accepting coffee part! ))

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He chuckles at the look he gets from Cherry. * " Yeah no problem. "

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: As Ashlyn makes physical contact with the woman, she is, out of nowhere, flooded with impressions of the woman's life. She's in her 40's, and she's had a fairly rough life of it. Grew up on the streets, physically and sexually abused, managed to work her way up out of it until drugs beat her down...heroin, specifically. She ended up having to go to rehab, court-ordered, and it took three times until it stuck. She's been clean for about 4 years, but she's in a heavily abusive relationship right now, her husband a beat cop who beats her when he gets drunk. And he gets drunk every night.

Cherry Matthews: "So lincoln..." a wrinkle of her nose. "That would be the five, coolness, least I got the right one this time." she laughs and slouches."Yer not all that wordy are ya?"

Ravyn -> Dara : Dara sees, off in the distance, where they're excavating for the wall. The workers are off for the night, obviously...the excavation equipment is still there. The two seem to be looking that way...Dara can make out someone standing at the edge of the taped-off area, looking inside like they're waiting for someone.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Its been a long day, what can I say? That and the two by the door have my antenae up and I cant figure out why. "

Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn physically flinches, shrinking back more than a little out of nowhere from this coffee thing. From the waitress. She's considerably less able to duck away from coffee sloshed over the top of the cup and down onto her fingers. But, hell. That'll heal soon. She hisses a curse under her breath and makes an effort not to see her coffee end up on the floor or worse, either herself or the woman.

Cherry Matthews: "Dun get me started on long ass days, fuck." a shake of her head. and a raise of the pierced brow " oh which one?" she looks towards Luis' crotch, what can she say she is a whore after all, then looking in the direction of the door which is way off base. "Humm."

Dara : *oooookay....her head keeps that odd tilt to it, blinking a bit again....keeping to her curious spot....watching the same way still and seemingly focusing on something in the distance if she can....coffee asently sipped at*

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: The memories are exceptionally strong, too...quite vivid. It's likely she's never had flashes this strong (I would assume she hasn't gotten 6 succ before ;) ). She almost feels the fists coming down, the needle going in, the sensation of being raped, and so on.

Ashlyn Reale -> Ravyn: (( She has 6 succ before - once. When she connected to Delia, the model found dead in BP. ...Delia died in the middle of their connection, before Ash could break it, in fact. ))

Ravyn: The homeless girl looks up to Dara, offering her a nod. "Hey." That draws a scowl from the older guy, but he doesn't look away.

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: ((Ahh, so then. *S*))

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He smiles an unseen smile. * " Not my spear. There are two bums right by the door with a kinda cute business chick. They keep clockin the park like they are waiting for something. "

Cherry Matthews: She looks back at him. "Hate ta point this out ta ya big boy. Ain't seeing nuthing, but the blackness that is my soul." she says pointing to her eyes with a grin.

Dara : *she keeps those deep green eyes to the thing in the distance, following watching it, but smiles crookedly to the homeless girl.....a warm familiarity perhaps...even if shes not known* hey.......so whats tha news?*all streetrat NYCish accent, thick and obvious*

Ashlyn Reale: d10: WP: 8,2,1,8,

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Thus I be laying this stuff out for you. Just incase this turns out to be a robbery or something and you hear someone yell to get down I suggest that you do it. "

Ashlyn Reale: The coffee is set down. Firmly, on the counter, though she also hasn't let go of it, either. That hand shakes. Calm. Fucking -calm-. One slim hand rises, cupping, covering her mouth. Maybe she's just a pain wuss. Ashlyn stares intently at her own hand on the cup, unable to look up, damned near forgetting to breathe. Eyes wincing, staring, all but boring a hole into her opposite hand. ....But she's not completely freaking out. Her eyes squeeze shut, tightly.

Cherry Matthews: A wink at Luis. "Got it." yeah right, get down um hum, sure. "She rubs her tongue over her teath and there is the distinct sound of something inside her mouth rubbing against her teeth. Oh yeah tongue ring. "Am I in yer way if something like that does go down."

Ravyn -> Dara : Dara notes someone climb out of the excavation area. He moves to the other person, handing it over...and promptly falls back into the dugout area. There's a slight flash of light just before he falls in, in-between the two.

Cherry Matthews: ((Get rid of the thrid "))

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Naw I'm not stupid like that. I got nothing in my pants worth being a hero over. " * He thinks about that for a moment... * " Though I do have something I would like to hold onto. "

Dara -> Ravyn: flash of light flash of light or something glinting off something semi shiny flash of light?

Ravyn -> Dara : ((Flash of light flash of light))

Cherry Matthews: She loks back over to him a raise of her eyebrow. "Well that ain't nuthin' new big boy all ya all want ta hang onta that." she chuckles

Ravyn: The homeless guy squints at something, and nods a little bit...before he looks up at Dara, realizing something. His eyes narrow suspiciously.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Without it I am not sure that I would want to go on. " * He gives another chuckle and then looks back to the people near the door. *

Ashlyn Reale: "Excuse me." A muffled voice, hushed and horrified for no god damned apparent reason. "Is there...is there a bathroom here, at all?" Good job. There's a tremble in her voice, a shake like a branch too heavy with snow. But it's not to the dangerous creak yet. Her voice isn't breaking, and thankfully not into hysterics, if only by a grace wearing thin.

Ravyn: The waitress looks at Ashlyn, brow raised. "Honey...you okay?" She reaches out to Ashlyn, to try and get her attention.

Dara : *half murmured to the two homeless looking ones at the door* cant blame a girl for bein curious really....can yas?*sipping the coffee, eyes still forward towards that thing in the distance*

Ravyn: "Yeah...right over there." She points to the bathroom.

Ravyn: The homeless man gruffs at Dara. "Best mindjer business, awright?" The girl looks between them, wary.

Cherry Matthews: "Oh yeah, I can imagine. Dun worry big boy I'll make sure it ain't gonna go no where." Her coffee finally get's delivered, the waitresss raises cherry's hand to give her her change. Cherry tucks it inside the bag just dropping it inside. Picking up the coffee cup she inhales it and takes a tentative sip of it. Oh yeah gotta like that. "Aaaaaah so good."

Ashlyn Reale: "Don't!" ...Okay, that was more shrill than it should have been. Ash flinches back from the woman's outstretched hand, abandoning coffee. Josh can skin her alive for that cardinal sin later. Backed up a safer step, she stammers a hurried apology to the waitress and makes a quick beeline for the bathroom.

Ravyn -> Dara : Dara can see the guy who didn't fall into the excavation hole approaching. He's maybe in his mid-20's, looking very much NOT like a homeless man...rather, he looks more like a 'professional,' so to speak. Dressed casual, with an overcoat over it, and making his way over to the cafe, his hands going into his pockets.

Cherry Matthews: The shrill cry out get's her attention finally as she looks over to where she heard the voice. "What the?"

Dara : *a quick flick, an odd(almost vaguely birdlike) tilt of her head, of eyes towards the guy, blinking a bit* how yas know it aint m'business too?

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " If I cant manage to get up a fight to hold onto it I dont think you are going to be able to stop anything. " * Then his head turns at the raised voice of the pretty woman. *

Ravyn: The waitress blinks a couple times as the woman heads into the bathroom. She seems to be more worried, honestly, about the fact that she's got to mop up perfectly good coffee...least she paid for it, though.

Dara : (quick flick towards, then eyes backlooking out*G* sorry) *looking back out to where she was, she blinkblinks again, watching something moving closer by the looks of it*

Cherry Matthews: "You'd be supprised what I can hold onta that other's can't" she says head still turned to the counter where Ashlyn was at. Another sip of the coffee, damn that was good and hot, warming up her insides good.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Now I dont know what the fuck that was all about. I was watching the people at the door. "

Ravyn: The girl looks over as Ashlyn freaks out, but the guy just stares at Dara a moment longer, before movement outside gets his attention...someone approaching the cafe.

Cherry Matthews: "I dunno I got this one, why dun ya continue ta watch them." right she has this one, she is staring out at nothing but a wall right now.

Ashlyn Reale -> Ravyn: Abandoned coffee. Couldn't care less about coffee. The trip is a blink to her, the door pushed open and swaying shut behind her. Enclosed in a smaller space now with just bad lighting and a little cold, she catches her breath. Bare hands clench over each side of the sink as if she could hold on to the scene, this scene, her face in the shiny surface, if she held on with white enough knuckles. She swallows hard if only to keep both bile and tonsils in check. ...Funny how this sort of connection always revealed the stuff that made her physically ill. Never something shiny and nice. Hell no. Rape, murder, brutal, death, pain, needle, stab, my leg, my fucking leg - her leg, her scar - her bruises, her shaky hands over my shaky hands trembling. The lines of pain and nausea and cool, flourescent reality blur, dizzying.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Think that one might be over anyway but you got it. " * He returns his gaze to the people near the door. * " I am Luis, by the way. "

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn is in luck...there is no one in the bathroom with her. She gets to freak out along, for now.

Cherry Matthews: "Oh well shit." she turns to look back at Luis and grins. "Nice ta meetch Luis, Call me Cherry, you know like some guy popping a girls cherry.""

Cherry Matthews: ((Oh my god, I have a dirty mind tonight.))

Ashlyn Reale -> Ravyn: And so she takes a few minutes the calm the hell down, though the phantom pain is difficult at best to ignore. She bows her head over the sink, whimpering from somebody else's pain for a while. Wait it out until it passes like it always does. ...Sooner or later.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * He does a double take and then looks back to the door. * " Yeah Cherry, I know what you mean. "

Dara : *eyes watch the same thing, someone approaching, that the guy does.....half attention paid out the corner of her eye towards the guy with the girl(homeless ones shed been talking to)*

Ravyn: The guy who approaches the cafe is in his mid-20's, shaggy blond hair, brown eyes, clean-shaven. He's dressed in a black turtleneck and blue patterned sweater, with jeans and a black overcoat. Almost a little preppy looking. He walks up, taking a hand out of his pocket, and walks in, glancing around before he looks to the table the homeless duo is sitting at and Dara is standing at. ((Per+Awareness, if anyone has it, diff 8))

Cherry Matthews: "Hey cool, some people think that fruit ya eat." a sip of coffee as she shrugs her shoulders another clank from her bag. "That's why i make the distinction." a nod of her head slouching down again a readjustment of her breast with her forarm.

Cherry Matthews: d10: Per+Awareness: 8,4,4,9,1,7,4,

Dara : (*sniffles, no awareness*) *curious glance fully given to this guy now, sipping her coffee again, blinking slowly*

Ravyn -> Cherry Matthews: There's definitely something funky on the guy who walked in...hard to tell what. Veil strength is weaker then it usually is around here.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Yeah, well I have spent too much time in clubs around the world to think along those lines anymore. Another one just joined them. He dont look so bad though. Kinda... well he looks like a dork. "

Ravyn: The guy looks over Dara as he comes up, eyying her suspiciously. "Yeah?" Dork, maybe...but a damn surly dork.

Cherry Matthews: And for a second people might think that she CAN see as she turns her head towards the door, looking directly at the guy who walked in. Maybe she has eye's only for him.

Dara : *standing by the table, but at the window more or less, by the door....she eyes the guy back with quiet blinks, rasing a slight brow*.....what...persons not lowed ta stand near tha door in a public place an be curious?

Ashlyn Reale: Okay. Back out again from the bathroom, composed again. Whatever it was, it's either gone or close enough to it for now. She gives pause to look out over the room again, sweep fingers through her hair, and make her way back to the counter - if only to somewhat apologetically leave a folded bill behind in the tip jar.

Cherry Matthews: "Describe him for me will ya big boy?"She says looking back to Luis, keeping her sences peeled more now towards the guy. Well she has one thing going well for her possibly.

Ravyn: "Sure. Just find another door. We got private business to conduct" He scowls and takes a seat next to the homeless girl, who scoots away from him, closer to the window.

Ravyn: The waitress looks at Ashlyn, concerned and a little wary. "Are you okay, honey? I didn't mean to scare you..."

Dara : *snorting softly and murmuring with a crooked smirk* riiight....yeah.....real private when its done inna public restaurant......*really...no...it was said to herself...honest......but she does move......a few steps to the other side of the doors, the same doors.....eyes looking out the window again*

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " I would guess he is twenty six. Shaggy blond hair with a slick face. Wearing a black overcoat over a blue sweater and either a black dickie or a turtleneck. Bluejeans too. Eyes might be brown. "

Dara -> Ravyn: looking to the window, trying to catch reflections of their talking, using reading lips(listed as a language on her sheet), just lemme know what ta roll*G*

Cherry Matthews: A nod of her head, taking in that information. "She leans towards Luis where did he come from?" she asks.

Ravyn -> Dara : ((Per+Alertness at 7, and Wits+Stealth @ 6))

Ashlyn Reale: "Sorry. I'm fine, just.. you know. Half asleep, bad dreams..." She lets it trail off with a little shrug, again apologetic. "Can we try this again with some hot chocolate? Please?" And while not being a total freak? Greeeeaaaaaaat.

Dara : d10: per+alert: 6,3,6,1,6,6,2,

Ravyn: She nods a little, smiling in that sweet old waitress kind of way. "Sure, honey. On the house, since you didn't get a chance to enjoy the coffee." She goes to make the drink.

Dara : d10: wits/stealth: 9,3,4,3,1,

Dara : (damn*curses dice and t hreatens bodily harm*)

Ravyn -> Dara : ((Ouch. *S*))

Ravyn: d10: Per+Alert: 9,4,5,3,8,

Cherry Matthews: d10: Per+Alert: 4,3,6,4,6,2,

Ashlyn Reale: "No, really, I couldn't," she protests lightly, fretting. Hell, there are more people around now.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Just from outside. Maybe from the park. Did not see him slip up but he is siting with the homeless folks at the door now. Business chick, I think he made her go away. She aint with them any more. "

Ravyn: The guy in the overcoat reaches into his pocket, pulling something out in a dirty white handkerchief, when he looks up, noticing Dara trying to watch throughthe reflection. Unfortunately, Dara doesn't get a chance to see, as she ends up staring at headlights as they drive down the street, momentarily making her as blind as a prostitute who decided to share a table with Luis...I mean, a bat.

Cherry Matthews: "Thanks" yeah he was a big help, what use are sighted people anyways.

Dara : *sneezing right as youre sipping coffee isnt conducive to...much really...and it really hurts if the coffees still hot, owowowowowowowowowing and dropping the to go cup as shes temporarily blinded, rubbing at her eyes*

Ravyn: "I insist, honey," says the waitress as she makes the hot chocolate...such a nice old lady. "Tell ya what...if you absolutely wanna pay for it, give the money to those hobos over there...they could probably use it more then the store."

Dara : (heh....go with what he posted*G* like it better*G*)

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: d10: per/alert: 4,1,7,4,2,7,

Cherry Matthews: Another slouch in the seat. Drinking her coffee. Contemplating her options.

Dara : *muttered as she stands there, rubbing her eyes, brows furrowed* feck me gently....

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Just went to the pocket of his coat. Might have slipped something too them but it was too fast to be sure. "

Ashlyn Reale: "Sure," she agrees softly. Her eyes lower to where she'd spilled coffee on the bartop what feels like hours, days ago. For a moment she turns away, looking out again into the shop and toward its other patrons.

Cherry Matthews: A raise of her eyebrow at what Luis says, he might come in hand after all. "Interesting."

Ravyn: Mr Overcoat actually smirks as he sees Dara get blinded, and starts to pass the nadkerchief back over again.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: d10: per/alert: 9,6,4,1,6,7,

Ravyn -> Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: Whatever is in the handkercheif, it's the size of a very large coin, or perhaps a medallian.

Ravyn: The waitress hands over the hot chocolate, setting it down in front of Ashlen and moving her hand away.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Nope, just tried to pass it again. Its white. Might be a sheet of paper or a cloth. Got something folded into it. Round and a little bigger than a half dollar I think. "

Dara : *sighing, she looks upwards when she can finally see again and shakes her head, muttering something softly...at least thats what it looks like*

Dara -> Ravyn: in corax under her breath " raven an helios an gaia! ai'ight...I get tha hint...go lookin elsewhere...didnt know ya were in league with murphy....sheesh...girl tries ta do somethin interestin fer once an gets blinded...."

Cherry Matthews: A tilt of her head, what was a half dollar? a few blinks of unseeing eyes. "So they got somethin' passin it back and forth, who has it now?" voice dropped so that she is speaking with Luis and making sure her voice doesn't carry she has a plan as she grins.

Ashlyn Reale: She accepts this with quiet thanks, and a brief smile. Oddly sympathetic, that... And then, she's heading for the door.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " He passed it off to the homeless guy. Did not see anything get passed back. At least not yet. " * He whispers. *

Ravyn: The guy takes the handkerchief, and nods to the guy, speaking quietly, under his breath as he slips an envelope over to the other guy, then stands up, moving to leave.

Cherry Matthews: Again quietly. "Okay tell me how far away he is and where he is sitting, and if anything get's passed back, ya know?" she sets the coffee cup down grabbing for her glove and finding it and putting it on.

Ashlyn Reale: The tall woman hangs back a bit, allowing the man to stand and presumably to be on his way. She's not really staring, just waiting up in a way counter to anybody who's ever stepped foot on a subway before.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: " Envelope back across to the dork. Twenty five feet to your one o'clock position with noon being where your tits are facing. One homeless, the guy that passed the envelope, is leaving now I think. "

Ravyn: ((To clarify: Homeless Man takes the handkerchief, and nods to the Mr. Overcoat, et al.))

Dara : d10: per+alert (hearing): 8,7,2,2,9,5,8,

Dara -> Ravyn: ie to the same she was watching as s he 'recovers'*G*

Cherry Matthews: A nod of her head and she stands up, the cane unfording with a thawap thawap thawap. She makes sure it is unfolded properly tapping it on ther ground, and she heads in the direction that Luis told her time to test her skills.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: A silver BMW pulls into a nearby space, engine cut after a breif moment. Brigitte gracefully slips from the vehicle and makes a slow stroll toward the cafe.

Ravyn -> Dara : Homeless Guy to Overcoat: "You've done well...He is pleased. Now, go in his name."

Cherry Matthews -> Ravyn: She is going to attempt to run into something and end up on the homeless guys lap somehow in the process take the thing in the hankerchief.

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * His eyes raise as Cherry gets up, but for the moment he remains at the table. *

Brigitte Clara Deleon: ( http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=15 )

Ashlyn Reale: And, with the man well enough out of the way - (?) - she drops two tens onto the tabletop on her way out. She goes to take a path nearer, or even through the park on her way back home.

Dara : *sighing deeply, brows furrowed, she rubs her head and hmphs........shaking her head and moving back to the counter*

Ravyn: The homeless guy makes his way toward the front door, heading past Ashlyn. "S'cuse me, ma'am."

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex(WP): 3,3,3,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: The young girl slips past Ashlyn with an admiring flick of the eyes. Curious it would seem.. or amused. One of the two. The delicate thing slides into the cafe and makes a slow pace for the counter.

Ravyn: ((Okay, guys...hold up just a sec. Waiting on information from someone.))

Luis Ruiz {{ BP Cafe and open }}: * A short, powerfuly built man in his mid to late twenties. Dark skinned and latino with just a slight barrio accent. The eyes are a deep brown and his hair is black and buzzed into an high and tight. Two inches over the clavicle there is a vicious pucker of a scar that dominates the right side of his neck. He is dressed in a pair of Khaki pants and a black Tee shirt with 1* printed in red over the cigarette pocket. Over all is a olive green army field jacket. * {{ http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=49 }}

Ashlyn Reale: She pauses, looking back, cocoa held to warm her hands now that it's become so necessary outside. "Yes?" Nicely enough, if a bit rattled from before.

Ravyn: d10: Dex: 1,3,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((holding))

Dara : (gah...stay nickname) *standing at teh counter, she orders another large coffee....*

Ravyn: ((Brigette, Ashlyn, Cherry, all roll a die.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 2,

Cherry Matthews: d10: : 6,

Ashlyn Reale: d10: : 9,

Ravyn: It's a big bottleneck at the door. As Brigette enters, the homeless guy tries to leave, and Ashlyn waits, Cherry comes up an seems to slip, bumping into the guy. He trips and stumbles, falling into Brigette, as the handkerchief goes flying and something shiny goes into the air...toward Ashlyn.

Ravyn: ((Unpause. *S*))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte is easily knocked back to the ground, having been in her own little world. She blinks up with an apologetic smile to the man she can into, meek. "I'm.. sorry."

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((Per+Awareness))

Ashlyn Reale: Reflexively, she goes to catch it. She can't just let it -break-, and well, she'll give it right back after all. Better than being lost in the street...

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 4,5,8,4,

Luis Ruiz: * Luis tries to keep track of it all, watching where the shiny thing goes flying off too. *

Cherry Matthews: "Hey watch the fuck where ya going huh? Blind woman walkin' here." oh that voice is familiar to some. She rights herself, damn her plan all ruined.

Luis Ruiz: d10: per/alert: 4,1,2,9,2,1,

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((Whatever just flew into the air...it's SPE-SHUL))

Dara : *looking to the 'SHINY!' that goes into teh air, staying on it*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte blinks over to Ashlyn to see if she catches the thing.

Ravyn: Ashlyn reaches out and grabs the shiny thing. It's about the size of a half-dollar, as previously stated...old, metal. That's about all anyone can see before it's snatched.

Ashlyn Reale: "It's alright, it's not lost!" she calls, ever so helpful in that brief instant.

Ashlyn Reale: d10: per + empathy: 6,9,10,8,7,2,9,2,

Cherry Matthews: Sometimes it is bad to be blind as she has no idea what in the hell just happened, or what is happening around her. she she looks to Ashlyn, what huh?

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte slips back to her feet, graceful enough it would seem to not need the support of another though she leans forward resting her hands on the homeless man. Maybe she's helpless.. or friendly. She leans in to whisper in his ear.

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: Ashlyn finds herself assaulted with massive feelings...dark, horrific images. Images of eternal torment, a monstrous, insane presence, flashes of hideous torture of all kinds...nothing Ashlyn's seen even COMPARES to this. And again, it's almost as if she feels it. Something in the coin is very much conscious, and it seems to recognize when she grabs it. Seems to...as impossible as it is, it seems to almost smell her, breathing in her scent with a nasty, shuffling noise.

Dara : *watching ashlyn now......remembering her....she absently pays for her coffee, turning to fully watch that way now*

Brigitte Clara Deleon -> Ravyn: Said in a sultry voice "You should be more careful with your trinkets, love." She kisses the man's ear before pulling back.

Luis Ruiz: * He misses it, and spills what is left of his coffee into his lap. * " Shit! "

Ravyn: All eyes look to the collision at the door...the homeless guy looks absolutely panicked, as the item flies up and is caught by someone else. He does take a moment to look over at Brigette, blinking.

Ashlyn Reale: d10: wp: 9,2,8,5,

Ravyn -> Ashlyn Reale: Flee. Ashlyn isn't even THINKING right now. Don't do anything. Just run. Get away. Her mind is almost sent into an animalistic instinct...fight or flight. And it's chosen FLIGHT.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte offers the man a warm smile before turning her bright emerald eyes to Ashlyn. To see if she'll give the man's object back.

Cherry Matthews: She tentativly feels around on the floor with her cane nope still people around, and nothing on the ground for her to pick up. She is watching Ashlyn though wongering what in the hell she has.

Ashlyn Reale: Her drink is doomed tonight. A look of absolute TERROR crosses her face, and she drops...well, the cocoa anyway. The leggy model is literally running away in mind numbing, absolute terror, both the hot drink and the coin dropped as if they were burning holes through her hands. No words. No friendly smiles. Just drops, and -runs- faster than she ever has in her life. Personal trainer, her ass.

Luis Ruiz: * He jumps up to get the hot coffee off of him as he reaches for a handfull of napkins. *

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte quirks a brow, watching Ashlyn flee. She makes a quick grab for the item, placing the long sleeve of her cardigan between the coin and her hand. Just in case.

Cherry Matthews: If it hits the floor, she is going for it. The coin that is. Who cares about hot coco being spilled.

Ravyn: And the man goes for it, too. ((Inititive, all whos are going for it))

Dara : *wow......blinking as she watches ashlyn run off......dropping the shiny....forget ashlyn...eyes on the shiny..trying to see what it might be or what it looks like on the floor*

Dara : d10: per+alert: 8,2,5,4,6,9,9,

Ravyn: d10: Initiative (Base ): 1,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 5,

Cherry Matthews: d10: Init: 9,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (11)

Cherry Matthews: ((15))

Ravyn: ((Base 5 for the homeless guy. Dex+Brawl to grab, Cherry. You're blind. Diff 8. Brigette next, diff 6; then homeless guy, diff 6. First with a success gets it.))

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex+Ath(WP): 6,9,1,7,3,

Cherry Matthews: ((Sorry Wrong thing. *Winces*))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (she grabbed it, right?)

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex+Brawl(WP): 4,9,4,5,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (lol. i didn't even notice.)

Dara : (*sighs* gotta take child to bus, she gets a phonecall for some reason or another and heads to the bathroom with it, brb, killing nick in meantme)

Ravyn: Cherry manages to get her hands on it before anyone else can react, being quick and already on her knees. She's quite skilled at doing things from that position.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: When Cherry grabs the thing, Brigitte turns her attention to what she does best: Distracting the manfolk. She slips a hand to the man's shoulder and leans in for another whisper.

Luis Ruiz: * Once the burning stops he looks back over too the door and almost laughs. * " What a clusterfuck. "

Brigitte Clara Deleon: "Mmmm.. quite the nasty little object you have there, love. Why don't you run along now. Let the grown ups take care of this one." (using lore of longing level two to instill trust, roll coming)

Ravyn: ((*Picks up the PM*))

Cherry Matthews: Oh yeah good at doing things on her knees, always. Finders keepers right? She attempts to put it in her bag she she get's up from the mad scramble to get at the coin.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: man+emp, diff : 5,7,4,9,6,5,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (yeah yeah.. close your eyes and pretent scarlet knows how to work a pm. *slaps forehead*)

Ravyn: d10: Willpower: 5,2,5,5,

Cherry Matthews: (*Pats scarlet* it is okay it happes to the best of us))

Ravyn: ((Nowhere NEARLY as good as MY dropped PM))

Ravyn: The guy looks confused for a moment, before he nods slightly. "O...okay." He turns to the door, making to head out.

Meanwhile, the two at the table, Mr. Overcoat and the homeless girl, are watching the whole thing, wary and a little afraid. They look at each other, as if trying to decide what to do.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte gives a tiny smile, leaning down to whisper to Cherry.

Cherry Matthews: She attempts to get to her feet, coin in her bag safely tucked away when Brigitte wispers in her ear. Halted in her progress to listen.

Cherry Matthews: A glance to Brigitte as she wispers something in return.

Luis Ruiz: * He reaches to his hip to make sure that he has not lost anything during all of this and then begins to gather his stuff. *

Brigitte Clara Deleon: After saying her part, Brigitte raises up and away from the blind woman. When there's no one blocking the doorway, she'll take her exit back toward the bmw.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: dlp

Cherry Matthews: She stands up after that.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte gives a soft laugh, listening to Cherry before raising up and moving to take her leave. "Don't worry. I'll call you. We've quite a bit of catching up to do."

Cherry Matthews: And Cherry's eyes are glued to Brigitte and she moves to walk out with the woman attempting to stay near her. "Oh I have plenty of time right now." she says.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She cups her hands girlishly behind her back, making a slow teasing pace to the silver car. "Must be nice. I've been quite the busy girl. Assumed you would be too, all things considered." She leans over for another whisper.

Ravyn: The two at the table share a look, and then nod, rising in unison as they move to leave.

Cherry Matthews: When Brtigette wispers to her she takes off her glove, and reaches up to touch Brigitte

Cherry Matthews: She wispers back touching Brigitte's face

Luis Ruiz: * Then once he is ready he makes his way back out into the morning. And the cold. *

Cherry Matthews: d10: Stamina Medicine(WP): 7,3,5,9,5,2,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: She smiles to the blind woman, leaning into the touch. "Come back with me to my place. We can talk there." She moves to unlock the bmw.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: dlp

Dara : (bah, just as I get back*G*) *blinking when she wanders back out...hmph...seems everyone was leaving....sighing and shrugging, coffee in hand, s he heads for the door as well...might as well*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (just as a warning, i have a little over 30 min before i have to head to work)

Dara : *eyes to the BMW......blinking.....alot, lips parting slightly looking to brigette before she gets inside it*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (we should probably move to initiative. she's going to fight back)

Ravyn: ((Yesh. It is initiative time))

Cherry Matthews: d10: Init: 4,

Cherry Matthews: ((10))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 5,4,8,9,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (lol, yeah i must be tired.)

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 10,

Dara : (just watching for now since she was just stepping out anyhoo)

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (16)

Ravyn: ((Declare Cherry, then Brigette, resolved opposite order. The duo, overcoat and homeless girl are getting away as quickly as possible))

Cherry Matthews: Since she already has contact with her face, grabbing neck and inflicting more damage to said woman.

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex+Brawl(WP): 3,8,

Cherry Matthews: d10: Stam+Medicine: 10,8,9,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: The young girl is going to try to kick the street whore off of her, hopefully with enough force to do a bit of damage. She shouts "This is what I get for warning you, you stupid bitch?!"

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: dex+brawl (wp): 3,3,4,3,10,1,

Dara : d10: : 8,

Ravyn: ((Strength+2 damage. Kick Str+1, +1 for the succ.))

Dara : (13 on init) *she hears and sees something going on and literally RUNS towards it, coffee in hand, ready to throw it at cherry when s hes close enough* (stated like that because dunno how close it is*G* )

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: damage: 5,5,7,

Ravyn: ((It's just outside the door, Dara))

Cherry Matthews: d10: Stamina: 8,2,6,4,

Dara : (k then, statement/action stands if is ok*G*)

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: : 8,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (bahh.. i think i suck today. *blushes* forgot a die. she has str 2)

Dara : (*chuckles* would that be melee for thrown hot coffee in cup?)

Ravyn: ((Statement does stand, Dara. Dex+Athletics))

Dara : d10: dex/ath (wp): 9,9,

Ravyn: ((Um...3 dice bashing. 1 for the coffee, +2 for extra successes.))

Dara : d10: dmg: 1,7,2,

Dara : (*mutters* demmit*eyes dice*)

Ravyn: RECAP: BRIGETTE kicks CHERRY, stumbling her back a bit, and DARA'S coffee hits the woman ineffectively. However, CHERRY does manage to reach out and grab BRIGETTE as she stumbles back, inflicting more damage.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Declare order Cherry, Brigette (Wound Penalties in place), Dara.))

Cherry Matthews: She laughs as if the whole situation was quite hillarious. Keeping her hold on Brigitte she inflicts more harm to the woman, the ~thing~ this time will not come back.

Ravyn: ((And for the record...it's obvious that the damage Cherry is doing is NOT normal. Brigette looks like she's decaying.))

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex+Brawl(WP): 10,9,

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (what are my penalties? you never said how much dmg i took last round, unless i flaked out and missed it)

Cherry Matthews: d10: Stamina+Medicine: 8,6,5,

Ravyn: ((Sorry, Brigette, I thought you were keeping track...my bad. 3 Agg))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: Brigitte is playing a nice game of FUCK THIS. She squeezes her eyes shut, attempting to will herself to mistform. (she'll spend 3 pts of faith for auto sux and ravage her thrall for extra dice if she's available to do so.)

Brigitte Clara Deleon: d10: stamina+survival: 4,

Dara : *oookay, stopping short, seeing the damage being done...out in the open....eyes wide, and....not being the most....physically able person when it comes to fighting....she stands back, eyes to brigette, brows furrowed deeply...completely unsure what to do*

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((Thrall's not available; she's on Holy Ground at the moment. But Brigette still succeeded, so... :) ))

Ravyn: ((Dara also knows this is happening within the Neutral Zone, too. Just to remind, in case anyone didn't know...right across from Battery.))

Brigitte Clara Deleon -> Ravyn: (heh. it's cool. she was just throwing everything she had into it. no WAY she's getting killed again this easily.)

Ravyn -> Brigitte Clara Deleon: ((No, makes total sense. *S*))

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (have like.. 5-10 min left)

Ravyn: RECAP: DARA watches as BRIGETTE'S body bursts into a big ol' cloud of vapor. Unfortunately for CHERRY, this means that her hand passes through nothingness.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: The young girl's clothes drop to the ground and the mist float with haste to the nearest rooftop. One of the perks of being sought after by a blind woman..

Cherry Matthews: A growl from her as she figures the other has slipped into the viel and passes that way as well.

Dara : (ahh yes.....she doesnt know if theyre part of the treaty or not, buuut...evne so) *backing off...QUICKLY, heading for an alley or somewhere out of sight nearby, phone out and number dialed, quickly*

Brigitte Clara Deleon: When cherry is no longer seen, the young girl with scurry back down from the building entirely nude, gather up her belongings and clammor into the bmw. She's yet to notice dara.

Cherry Matthews: d10: Dex+Awareness: 3,3,5,4,8,4,

Ravyn: Cherry passes into the realm of the Dead.

Brigitte Clara Deleon: (annnnnnd.. i gotta go. *hugs* thanks guys.)

Cherry Matthews: ((See ya!))

Dara : *murmuring under her breath, eyes flicking about peering from behind whatever she hid behind(calling the concerto), phone to her ear waiting for it to pick up*

Ravyn: ((Thanks, hon. *Hugs*))

Ravyn -> Dara : "Concerto Club, this is Jody Yu. How can I help you?"

Dara : miss yu this is dara I jes saw something jes outside a cafe next ta battery...*voice a million miles a minute but every word clear*

Dara : (aaaaand that should have been in PM since it was being murmured*smacks head**G* sorry bout that)

Ravyn -> Dara : "Miss Fraser. What did you see?" She sounds concerned, of course. "Are you all right?"

Dara -> Ravyn: Im fine but some blindy lookin prostitute seemin lady was tryin ta hurt this other lady an usin somethin that was makin her look all decayed as she was touchn her an then the one bein hurt turned all inta nothin an went 'way an tha one tryin ta hurt her poofed after growlin an tha other came back nekkied ta get her clothes an got in her car an left....an....Im fine..*finally slowing at the end*

Dara -> Ravyn: *takig a deep breath* I can give details...jes....not here.....not now...jes incase...theyre both gone from here anyhoo.....

Ravyn -> Dara : "Of course. Come on in...do you need Security to come and escort you here for protection?"

Dara -> Ravyn: naw...s'hard ta follow if I fly, jes.....aint thought Id hafta dedicate this fraggin suit*muttered this last bit* need somethin warm ta put on mebbe when I get there is all...unless ya kin leave a window open where its private

Ravyn -> Dara : "I can have the appropriate windows opened. There will be one open in the back of the building."

Dara -> Ravyn: right, cool...be there inna jiff*click*(and soon as she finds a spot shes shifting(hoping her clothes stay hidden*G* unless she can bundle and carry them in her talons with her) and flyin her ass right quick to the concerto....can hold on that one if you want or keep going*nods*)

Ravyn -> Dara : ((Let's pause this one. *S*))