David Poe: {{ Color }}

Cori Frost: She grabs a mocha and sips it as she leans on the back counter. seeing david she nods "hey"

David Poe: * He brushes past her and starts too make a cup for himself. * " Hey Cori. " * He does not sound like he is one hundred percent awake at the moment *

Cori Frost: She she continues to sip her coffee knowing what that is like. she wait for him to get his cofffee.

David Poe: * He yawns deeply and watches as the liquid drips into the pot. Once it stops he pours a cup for himself and takes a sip before lighting a cigarette. * " If you need a break I can watch it for awhile. I got nothing that I ned to be doing right now. "

Cori Frost: She grins "i'm fine...i just got up here"

David Poe: * He gives a nods and takes a short drag from his smoke. * " Thats cool. "

Cori Frost: "have you spoken to CR yet?"

David Poe: " Not in a couple of weeks. Bet I know what he wants though. "

Cori Frost: "oh?" she lifts a brow. "what do you think that is?"

David Poe: " Fact that Roxy and I have made the list. Probably going to warn me and tell me not to come around here anymore. "

Cori Frost: "the list? what list?" she shifts up putting her drink down.

David Poe: " Black hats have put out a hit list and somehow I made it onto it. Not sure how, but I think we were sold out by this dude that Roxy has been hanging out with. " * He shrugs and takes another sip. * " I am not sure what I am going to do about it yet. "

Cori Frost: She frowns "they attacked the meeting that Michelle had....when did this happen and which guy do you think it is?"

David Poe: " Really? Did not even know that she was having a meeting. That was dumb." * He takes another drag off the smoke and blows a few rings... * " Roxy filled me in about a week ago. I dont know for sure when she got the message, but this dude named Durst, think he is a Hermetic, sent her the list to her account on my website. So either he is a dumbass or he sold us out. Either way he is a fuckup. "

Cori Frost: "Durst....i think he was at the meeting...and he sure as hell booked it when the Man showed up. What i was gunna tell you is just to lay low."

David Poe: * He nods at that. * " I am trying to lay low but I need to know what is going on too, and given the situation I dont trust my usual methods. The facts are that as far as I know Durst has never been here. He knows Roxy and me, and we made the list. He does not know you or C.R and you guys did not make it. If you two went to that meeting its a good bet that you are on it now. "

Cori Frost: She nods her head "we're trying to get a meeting together. they don't know much but besides our names. At least they don't know about the Joy."

David Poe: " I would say that organizing meetings right now is not a great idea. They have a spy amoung us. Maybe not here in the Joy, actualy fairly certain not here, but they have one somewhere out there in the club. " * He takes another sip... * " I think that its Durst but I dont know if Roxy agrees with me on that. There was also a list of assets available to the enemy on that list. I am beting that those names are there to trap us, though. "

Cori Frost: "i ment you, Roxy CR and I" she leans back against the counter. "we are a group and we stick together. how else are we supposed to stand up to them?"

David Poe: " You really think that we can stand up too them? "

Cori Frost: "well at least find a way so we can live normally again."

David Poe: " Not sure how. They have my name and probably know what I look like. I have been wearing a hood out in public to avoid the cameras and I dont call that living normaly. "

Cori Frost: "Well that why we all need to get together. so we can work on a solution."

David Poe: * He sighs... * " I hope that you guys know something that I do not then. "

Cori Frost: "we'll figure something Our Dave"

David Poe: * He takes another deep drag from the smoke before grinding it out in the ashtray. * " I hope so. "

Cori Frost: Their are bedrooms downstairs if you need an alturnative place to stay.

David Poe: " Yeah I know. I have a cot here somewhere. I dont think they know where I live though. I have been pretty careful about that and Durst has never been there that i know of. Other than Roxy, Erika and I there have been very few people there. "

Cori Frost: She nods her head as she ponders something she studies his features.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *A very attractive teen girl with a pale complexion, just under average height with a petite frame curved just enough in all the right places, enters the coffee shop. Short raven black hair hangs just past her chin, dyed with red, blue, blonde, green and purple streaks, purple bangs frame her face. Cherry red lips, thick black eye liner and red eyeshadow highlights her brilliant green eyes. Wearing black low rider jeans, with her panty straps visable on each hip, with a pair of black short tomb buckle boots. A black hooded Katz Kitten Club jacket, emblazed with a pink Kitten Klub patch on the back, 'Bad Luck' embroidered in pink on the sleeve cuffs, and two pink kity patches on the front with the number '13' on them, with the hood pulled up and a black and pink scarf wraped around her neck and face, with the ends hanging down her back.* (( http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=1&pos=6 ))

David Poe: * He takes another sip of the coffee and looks into her eyes. * " What are you thinking? "

Cori Frost: "well...what about a makeover? you know to alter your looks so its harder for thm to spot you?"

David Poe: " I dont know about all of that. I dont like alot of makeup on girls, much less on me. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *With not much more than her eyes showing within the hood and above the scarf, she heads up to the counter with a burst of fridge wind as the door closes behind her.*

David Poe: * He looks too the door when he feels the cold air and he almost smiles, then he looks back to Cori. *

Cori Frost: "Don't need make up just a slight style change and hair color change until we can get you off their lists somehow?" She loooks to the door to see whom is walkin in.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *just walks up and stops at the counter like any other customer.*

C.R.: A noice comes from the back room...clambering up the stairs. Out he steps, running a hand through his hair and straightening out the T-Shirt that reads 'I bought Christopher Reeves's Wheelchair on E-Boy.' The man is a regular shoper on T-Shirt Hell.com, it appears.

C.R.: ((Color change for sanity))

David Poe: " Yeah I could change my hair. I change that up anyway. Maybe some colored contacts and try to grow a beard too. I dont know. "

Cori Frost: She glances to Roxy "hey what can i get for you?" she then glances to CR "hey sexy"

C.R.: "Hey, hot stuff." He grins a little to Cori and moves behind the counter, starting himself up a mocha. David and Roxy get looks and nods. "Howdy, pardners."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *pulls the scarf down from her face so it only covers her chin and below* Something hot, it's fucking freezing outside.

David Poe: * He looks over too C.R as he comes into the room. * " Morning boss. "

David's phone: ((Alice is trying David's number, if it hasn't changed.))

David's phone: ((Ooops, sweeps up the pm))

Cori Frost: ((grr)

David Poe: * His phone starts to ring and he pulls it out to look at the caller ID. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((just hit change nick Cori and you will lose both nicks))

Cori Frost: "any particular flavor?" she moves to Grab Roxy a drink.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Long as it's hot, I don't really care.

C.R.: "Hey, Dave." He finishes up the drink and moves to sit behind the counter. "Have as eventful a weekend as we did?"

David Poe: * He shakes his head and looks at the phone like its a stick of dynamite. * " Its fucking Alice. One of Durst's buddy's. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *Just nods to those that greet her, unzipping a pocket and pulling out a piece of printer paper. Unfolding it and laying it on the counter, after making sure no one else is around. a Printed copy of the PM list Durst sent*

David Poe: * He glances back to C.R. * " Not from what Cori was telling me, no. "

C.R.: "Oh, HELL no." He shakes his head at David. "You answer that, don't do it here. Don't need that fuckstick's friends sending people our way."

David Poe: " Not answering it. Not using my phone at all. "

C.R.: He glances over at the list, looking it over. "Ahh, so this is the infamous list, huh?"

David's phone: It rings a few minutes then goes silent.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Yep, the one he sent me. On a unsecured web site PM system.

David Poe: * He puts the phone away once it stops ringing and leans against the counter to look over the list with them. * " I think that the list of assets is a trap. "

Cori Frost: She hands Roxy some hot chocolate and looks at the list.

C.R.: "Hey, Rox...wanna lock the door? I think we can be closed for a little while...maybe head downstairs?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *takes the drink and just holds it for awhile letting it warm up her gloved hands*

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs a bit and takes the drink over to lock the door and flip the sign to closed.*

Cori Frost: "i think downstairs is a good idea"

C.R.: He nods to Cori, grinning, and looks around to all. "C'mon, folks." He heads to the back room, down the stairs.



C.R.: He heads down into the Chantry main room, walking past the seal and dropping down into his bean bag with a sigh.

David Poe: * He makes his way for the closet that he keeps his cot in and sets it up, taking a seat on it. *

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *A few moments after everyone else comes down and takes a seat on the end of one of the couchs. Curling her feet up under her to sit on the side of her hip. Occaionally sipping the drink*

Cori Frost: She follows behind and glannces to CR as sits next to him on the floor for now her eyes scanning the floors a moment.

C.R.: "So." He looks around, sipping at his coffee. "Found out about this meeting of mages this weekend through the grapevine. Cori and I stopped by. That was fun...especially the shooting."

David Poe: " Yeah I never heard a word about it. What Cori said was the first that I have heard about it. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *just listens sipping her cocco, after a few mins finally unzipping the jacket*

C.R.: He nods a little. "Well, turns out that this little PM Dursty sent must have gotten picked up by the Black Hats, 'cause that's how they showed, it seems." A sigh. "Which means they have that entire Hit List, and everything else that was sent."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Kinda figured which is why I have been laying low and why I havn't been around since you guys wasn't on the list.

David Poe: " But the PM said nothing about a meeting, right? " * He looks over at Roxy for confirmation, and finds himself stareing at her again. *

C.R.: He looks from David to Roxy.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shakes her head no* No only a day and that they would meet after they had all touched base. But it told them about what day it would happen and if they knew that all they had to do is watch. Odds are high they could have followed one of them their.

C.R.: He blinks, and raises his hand. "Wait. That sounds like a meeting to me."

Cori Frost: She nods her head.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Yeah but didn't say it would happen only that it should. It also didn't say when or where other than a two day span they would try. So it was enough to clue them in, but didn't mention the meeting specificly.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: I brought a copy, any of you can read it and make up your own mind. *shrugs a bit sipping cocca* But it's a rather moot point now. The only question is what we do now. ((if no one brought the printed copy down Roxy did, and you can always go read the forum post to see what it says*s*))

Cori Frost: "but as you mentioned all they had to do is watch..."

David Poe: " Seems like it would have been easier just to snatch someone and make them talk. Hit everyone one at a time rather than in a big group. The meeting was not at one of the other Chantry's, was it? "

C.R.: He takes a deep breath, and nods. "Well, don't let anyone know we had an advance heads-up about this, guys. They might be kinda pissed that we didn't let anyone know...I'm assuming we didn't, at least, since no one there had a clue until those two TechnoTrads popped out of the office."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well it was sent by Michelle the Deacon of the Haven Chantry. She ask specificly in it that they pass the information out to the other chantry and none chantry mages in the city. So i assume everyone had this. Why they didn't see this coming I have no clue.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: *shrugs in reply to Dav's question having no clue*

C.R.: "No, it was at some warded warehouse," he says to David.

Cori Frost: "and if they attack the meeting asssumming the heads of each chantry are their...take the heads leave the bodies to flail in confusion...its a control tactic i think."

David Poe: " Well at least they did not fuck that up then. "

C.R.: "No, they didn't." He nods. "They had a good idea, too, that they proposed at the meeting. A Council-type thing that gets us all working together. And they specifically want to include us...we didn't even get to bitch about being excluded, either."

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Yeah and being included means they know about us and so far that hasn't worked out to well.

Cori Frost: "do they know about the Joy?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Not unless one of us has been breaking the first rule of the chantry.

C.R.: "No, they don't." He shakes his head. "Not from what I heard...they know there's another Chnatry, but beyond who's a member in my and Cori, they don't know where we are or anything else."

David Poe: * He lays back on his cot to look at the ceiling and think while he listens, lighting up a cigarette. *

Cori Frost: She nods her head "so we have that at least. we can change our appearances so we are not as easy to detect. and well Cori isn't my real name so" she shrugs "they can't trace me"

Cori Frost: "i'm also sure we can figure the same for everyone else..as well so we can prepare?"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: You'd be surprised what they can do that seems or should be impossable. Combined with state of the art high tech and beyond, with their magic and well.*shrugs taking a drink of cocco* Anyways we just need to decided what we are going to do. As I see it we have 3 options.*holding up a hand with three fingers up and bending them down as she makes each option* Option one, we scatter and hide. Wait till things blow over, some of us may or may not make it. Option two, we stick together and go to ground and Option three we side up with the trads and fight.

C.R.: "And there, boys and girls, here's the question." He looks to them. "Do we fight back, or try to keep our heads down and wait until it blows over?"

C.R.: ((here's = is))

David Poe: * He blows smoke. * " The way that things are right now the trads can not win this. They are the definition of clusterfuck. "

Cori Frost: "i think they expect us to do either...and i think they want us to do option two so they can justify destorying us"

David Poe: " Who do they really need to justify our destruction too, Cori? "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well fighting... well they lost the war last time. Now they are not organised at all, so don't see them winning. All three options has pro's and cons with them. With option one the pro's are, odds are high at least some of us make it. The cons are those of us that get found are likely done for. With option two the pro is if we are found we are all togethe which greatly increases our chance to survive if we are found and possable being less likely to be found combing all our arts. The con is if one of us are spoted then we are all screwed. The finaly optin... well the cons are to many to list, the one big pro is to spit in the eye of the man and die with your boots on so to speak. *shrugs a bit to the last, finding it mildly apealing, but then so is living*

Cori Frost: "the media, ...Deliquints causing distubances...so people think they are mearly doing their jobs" she shakes her head "i tink we need to figure out where our stengths are first...how are we going to help the trads if we go with option two....or how do we hide if we go with option one. "

David Poe: {{ Guys my connection is acting really weird. If I drop out again I am sorry. }}

C.R.: ((Guys, OOC situation developing. hate to do it, gotta drop nick. C.R. listens quietly for a while.))

David Poe: " My gut instinct is too go to ground. Its their fault that I have been exposed in the first place. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well, I think fighting would only get us all killed even if they was organised. I guess we can send our hereld to go listen to them before making a final decision. *said will looking at Dave when she says herald* But I am of the oppinion we go to ground and make ourselves a none target, then the question would be which way to go to ground.

Cori Frost: ((grr... my connection is being a pain tonight)

Cori Frost: "that would be the question...and i'm not sure at this time.."

Cori Frost: ((o need to go ...i just noticed the time and i have to be somewhere soon)

C.R.: "See, I see three options myself. One, scattering permanently...this is the Union. They won't stop just because they don't know about the chantry...they know about you guys, maybe us too. We break up the chantry and leave. Option two, we go to ground, like suggested. Problem here is, once we go down, if the Trads win, then we look like what they expect Hollowers to look. If the Black Hats win, they will come after us. Option three: we join up and fight. Yeah, we could die...it could happen. It will probably happen. But we have a fighting chance, that way, and so does the chantry." He shrugs.

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((alright we can see about picking it up tomorrow then since Rav is bussy now too. so we can just pause it for now and see about picking it up later))

Cori Frost: "i think we need to think about it a little more..maybe go to ground until we have a plan to help the trads out. cause either way the mirror shades will come after us"

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Well sending our herald to listen to their plan I am ok with and then make a decision based on that.

Cori Frost: "I can agree with that..but he does need a slightly different look so he doesn't have to be looking over his sholder as much...or some other form of protection."

C.R.: He nods. "Yeah...let's get communication going, at least. See what's up."

David Poe: " Fuck it. I will talk to them and listen to them, but they would be fools to share anything before we say if we are in or out. "

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: Works for me, you know how to contact Michelle. She seems to be the farie queen in this little farie tale.

Cori Frost: ((i have to go now...let me know if we continue later or if they break up or something. Cori will just listen at this point.))

David Poe: {{ Connection is really unstable. If we keep going I might be in and out through it all. }}

Anastasia "Roxy" Jones: ((I am ok with ending it since your having connection problems, Cori-p has to leave and Rav is dealing with a ST issue OOC. it has pretty much been decided anyways. Least till they get more info))

C.R.: ((Yeah...sorry, guys. I wanted C.R. to be more active in this conversation.))