Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan shakes his head slightly.* No I dont.

Jaikula Freedom: *He nods slightly...* "If you find out let me know..." *He downs his now semi warm coffee..* "What else happened last night?"

Frankenlupus: *he watches the two intently, wing in his mouth*

Frankenlupus: *he realizes it and chews the thing thoughtfully, body bristled and tense, Wing gnawed on with a cracking of hollow bones*

Ewan O'Mailly: *He shurges slightly.* Something set Jamie-Rhya off...*He looks to Jaikula.* Hey sorry, but my attention was kinda on the gun that was on my thigh.

Jaikula Freedom: *He nods slightly...* "A gun which probably shouldnt have been there to start with.."

Jocelyn: *She's got a flashlight, for whatever reason, coming in with her head down and her eyes on the circle of dim light*

Frankenlupus: *his teeth flash as he chews the ravyn's head with a crack and a squish, a light gets his attention and he stands*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan pauses for a moment.* Why? He is my mentor he is the one that punesh me when I fuck up. The way he punesh is up to him. At lest he moved the gun from my stombic to my leg. That would of really sucked.

Frankenlupus: *Who was bringing a damn flashlight into the sept. People slept in here.. His head dips low as he stalks towards the light*

Jaikula Freedom: "Punishment without proof is not punishment... whether he is your mentor or not. Besides, what did you get arrested for?"

Jaikula Freedom: ((LOL, I just noticed how raven was spelt back there))

Jocelyn: *Steps pausing inside the clearing when she hears the voices*

Frankenlupus: ((*laughs*))

Frankenlupus: *A silvery brown wolf stalks to Jocelyn from nearby, movements slow and measured like he were stalking a rabbit. Upon seeing who it is his pace does little to change*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan looks to the ground.* I threaten the sept with my stupidness of drinking beer in the park and getting close to lossing myself. *He pauses a moment.* Its a worthly punishment to be shot for that.

Frankenlupus: *the large lanky wolf dips his body into a low crouch, canine body seeming too small a container for the creature's overwhelming presence*

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik's gaze goes in the direction of the torchlight with a slight frown, then frowns slightly as he notes that it's Joce, a glance going to Frank, then he looks back to Ewan...* "There are many that drink within the boundries of the park... Maybe keeping it to this area here would be advisable in future.... As to punishment, that is something that should be delt with by a half-moon.."

Jocelyn: *Her eyes get big, all movement stopped now*

Frankenlupus: *the wolf chuffs and circles the girl quickly*

Ravyn: *Gets his head chewed* ((Sorry, I had to. I'll leave you to your game, now))

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik looks back in Jocelyn's direction watching her..* ((hehe))

Jocelyn: *Watching the wolf, head tilted*

Frankenlupus: ((*giggles* thats for blowing up my chantry bitch!))

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan look over to see Jocelyn with a flashlight, he stands up.* But Yolanda-Rhya said that my mentor is the one that hands out my penishment.

Jocelyn: *Murmuring something to the wolf*

Frankenlupus: *He's clearly on edge tonight, that feral animal quality pulsing from him in a way that would make you question his nature as a simple wolf, even were you not in the know*

Jaikula Freedom: *He stands up and nods slightly..* "Maybe so, however what just was he punishing you for, being arrested, or for a false rumor he heard?"

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan gives a snarl once he sees Frank. He runs towards them sliding to a stop in front of Jocelyn.*

Jocelyn: Then I just look guilty. *Flashlight shined at the movement as it barrels at her*

Frankenlupus: (frank has been here the entire time. before joc showed up ewan)

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik gives the slightest shake of his head slightly...* "Ewan, settle yourself.."

Frankenlupus: (if ewan is barrelling at Frank, we need to get an St and go to iniative. Right now.)

Jocelyn: *She drops the light down again once she's sure that it's just him, looking at her shoes*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan's looks at Frank never meeting his eye's, keeping his snal he talks behind him.* Is he hurting you?

Jocelyn: No. *She just sounds tired suddenly*

Ravyn: ((Okay. Hold up here for just a second, if you don't mind too terribly much. Some clarifications need to be made as far as actions. Did Ewan in fact go running at Frank & Jocelyn?))

Jaikula Freedom: ((He's placing himself in between the two... Also I think the Guardians are still on edge from last night))

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Yes he did.))

Frankenlupus: (brb. comp restarting)

Ravyn: ((Thank you, Jaikula, I'm aware of the situation from last night, I have a log of it. Ewan is speaking to me specifically. And he states he went running at them both. Initiative, please.))

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Init: 5,

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Init: 8,

Frankenlupus: (comp has worst timing ever *laughs*)

Frankenlupus: d10: init: 7,

Jaikula Freedom: ((10))

Frankenlupus: (14)

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((14))

Ewan O'Mailly: ((14))

Ravyn: ((Gimme JUUUST one sec, guys, sorry. Checking on one thing real quick.))

Ravyn: ((Okay, we're going with the usual StreamLined Combat rules, which means declare and roll, it's declared in reverse order and resolved through recap in correct order. Per checking with DM on a judgment call, as you guys are in the bawn, there are Guardians relatively nearby, and they will be moving to intercede when they see combat starting. Initiative order is Jaikula, Ewan, & Frank...Frank gets the tiebreaker as he has the highest base inititive, per the books.))

Ravyn: ((Are in the Sept and NOT the bawn is what I meant))

Jaikula Freedom -> Ravyn: ((2 Rage spent, first to shift to crinos, second for extra action, which will be to get Joc the heck out of the way...))

Ravyn: ((Post your actions publicly, please))

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik grumbles as he moves to get Joc out of the way, shifting to crinos as he does...

Ravyn: ((And you also spent 2 Rage, Jaikula. The fact that you're moving supernaturally fast can be noted by others, thus you need to declare that publically, too.))

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan runs towards Jocelyn and Frank, sliding to a stop in between Joc and Frank.*

Frankenlupus: d10: Rage: 1,8,3,10,2,

Frankenlupus: d10: ancestors: 2,8,1,6,

Frankenlupus: *Sound of a snarl and someone lunging at him? Someone picked the ~wrong~ moonlit night to come at the dour wendigo. Frank gets awfully big as he's rushed at by crinos Jaik, moving to backhand him.. as he's the one rushing at him in war form* (2 rage spent o course)

Frankencrinos: d10: dex brawl + ansces..: 6,2,10,8,8,5,8,

Jaikula Freedom: ((JAik's aiming for Joc, not Frank))

Frankencrinos: (he's still rushing frank in warform.)

Frankencrinos: d10: damage: 8,4,7,2,4,8,3,4,3,2,

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Dodge+WP: 9,3,6,5,10,2,

Ravyn: ((Okay, hold up, guys. Frank, your acnestor roll was at diff 8, you got no successes. Jaikula, you have to spend a WP point or roll WP vs. 6 to abort your action.))

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Soak: 7,9,2,5,3,

Jaikula Freedom: ((I spent Rage for the extra action... One rage to shift the other for the extra action))

Frankencrinos: (oh god damnit*laughs* forgot it was 8. damn shifters and their shifting diffs. will re reoll)

Frankencrinos: d10: dexbrawl: 6,3,6,6,8,10,

Ravyn: ((My bad, Jaik. Carry on.))

Ravyn: ((My bad, Jaik. Carry on.))

Frankencrinos: (same amount of dmg. so it still stands at frank's uber crinos 3. *laughs* )

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTION: FRANK shits up to Crinos and swings to backhand JAIKULA, moving at the situation in his own War Form. The hand flies over JOCELYN'S head and smacks JAIKULA, leaving a sting ((1 Bashing)). EWAN rushes up at the situation as well, coming between JOCELYN and FRANK. ((Second actions, which Jaik has used, leaving Frank with a Rage action))

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik catches sight of the backhand coming towards him and tries to get out of it's way, but doesnt manage to do so, but only takes a tap from it, but it's still enough to push him from his intended target of Joc.. ((So backhand and not claws

Ravyn: ((Jaik, let me post the results of actions, please. Yes, backhand, not claws.))

Frankencrinos: *And Frank snarls as his hand comes back to descend upon Ewan, now that a moments passed and He's realized who's where and the what now...*

Frankencrinos: d10: dex brawl: 1,7,7,9,5,2,

Frankencrinos: d10: dmg: 7,8,6,1,4,7,9,7,

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: stam: 5,9,5,

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Was that claws or no claws?))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((No claws))

Ravyn: RECAP SECOND ACTION: With JAIKULA pushed back, FRANK brings his hand down on the other who rushed up, EWAN, and this time, it's with more force. A satsifying SMACK sounds, as Ewan is send spinning silly ((4 Bashing; Ewan is stunned for next round))

Ravyn: d10: Initiative: 7,

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Oh good...but I think I need to roll rage now...not sure though.))

Jaikula Freedom: ((end of round?))

Ravyn: ((Waiting for Joc to roll Init))

Jocelyn: ((sorry. caught up in something))

Jocelyn: d10: init: 7,

Jocelyn: ((12))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((You'll want to, probably, yes, although it will have to wait until you're unstunned. You can also spend Rage to shake off the stun.))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((Sorry, repost: You'll want to, probably, yes...no waiting, go ahead. You can also spend Rage if you don't make it, to shake off the stun.))

Ravyn: The two Guardians in the area see the fight and start approaching as the War-Forms come out. ((Waiting on one thing, and then we'll be good. New Round: Initiative Order is Jaikula, Warders & Jocelyn, Ewan, Frank. Ewan is stunned for the turn, unless he spends a Rage Point.))

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((I did not know you can do that. Thanks, sorry I'm a little new to the system. Biggest reason why I'm playing a cub.))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((No problem.))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: rage: 9,7,5,4,5,2,

Jaikula Freedom: ((Rolling for combat healing/regen))

Ravyn: ((Go for it, Jaik))

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Combat Healing: 6,3,7,9,9,9,7,8,

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Combat Healing: 8,10,4,10,5,

Jaikula Freedom: ((*was thinking of the diff and not dice LOL))

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik's only got one thing on his mind, not letting Frank's smack phase him, still intent on getting Jocelyn the hell out of there, using his body to shield her as he moves in to pick her up...* ((What's the roll Dex + ?))

Ravyn: ((Dex+Athletics, I'll say, to position yourself as a Crinos shield))

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Dex: 8,3,1,

Jaikula Freedom: ((Least I didnt botch LOL))

Frankencrinos: ((omigosh *laughs*)

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Frensied not stun anymore right?))

Jocelyn: ((great. he's gonna trip and squish Joce flat...))

Jocelyn: ((great. he's gonna trip and squish Joce flat...))

Jaikula Freedom: ((lol, nah, that would be on a botch))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((I was referring to DM on this; per her, you still gotta spend the Rage to be unstunned. Also, choose Crinos or Hispo, and Fox or Berserk. Berserk is just bite, claw, or run.))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((And Fox is just straight run))

Ravyn: The Warders access their Rage to shift up, and spend another Rage as well. Their first actions are to run up to the situation.

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Ok, blowing the rage and going to Crinos berserking.))

Ravyn: ((Joc, you're up, hon.))

Jocelyn: *She yelps as she's launched at, flashlight dropping and turning off of course, sending her into darkness and absolute panic*

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan is stun just for a moment as he rage blows, he shifts up to Crinos and growls a lightly.*

Frankencrinos: *Teeth flash in the moonlight and there's a further snarl, as Frank realizes who exactly the culprit would be. Fool Fianna! A silvered paw comes down, gleaming white claws spiking outward as the vengeful Wendigo makes to give the Wyrmbringer something to remember this lesson in restraint and respect*((wp))1 rage for additional action)

Frankencrinos: d10: dex brawl: 2,2,7,9,5,7,

Frankencrinos: d10: dmg: 5,9,5,6,3,1,4,1,8,

Ravyn: ((Ewan, shifting isn't an action; it happens instantaneously.))

Ravyn: ((Meaning you do still have an action))

Ravyn: ((At least, let me rephrase; when you frenzy or spend a rage to do it, it's not an action. *G*))

Frankencrinos: (like dodgin!)

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: stm: 4,4,7,7,6,5,

Ravyn: ((No dodging in Berserk Frenzy. *S*))

Ewan O'Mailly: *The berserking cub stands there taking the hit, roaring back giving Frank a swip back.*

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: dex+brawl: 7,7,3,6,7,7,1,6,

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((10 dice of Dam?))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((Crinos strength = 7 + 1 for claw, + 4 for extra successes = 12))

Frankencrinos: *and with his 2nd action the silvered hulk makes to slide out of the way*

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: dam: 3,2,5,8,3,9,4,2,7,9,5,6,

Frankencrinos: d10: dex dodge: 1,4,5,7,6,9,

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Opps to soon on that one.))

Ravyn: ((WHOOPS! Sorry, that takes two dice off the damage. Please reroll damage, Ewan.))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: dam: 8,9,4,2,3,7,9,7,9,4,

Frankencrinos: d10: soak neg one dif: 7,9,9,8,5,3,

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTIONS: FRANK goes for a claw attack to teach EWAN a lesson, but it's ineffective. EWAN'S, on the other hand, is a little more effective, slicing down FRANK'S stomach and leaving a trail of red and pain. The WARDERS rush up in rippling Crinos forms. JOCELYN stumbles away as Crinos JAIKULA tries to grab her and shield her. ((Second actions: Just the Warders, unless I'm wrong))

Ravyn: The warders go to take down both current clawing individuals, a punch going individually to either of them.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl (Ewan): 4,3,2,4,6,5,7,10,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl (Frank): 5,9,6,2,3,9,2,5,

Ravyn: d10: Rerell (Ewan): 8,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Ewan): 7,1,4,6,6,4,6,8,8,10,3,

Ravyn: d10: Damage (Frank): 8,6,6,2,5,4,2,6,8,7,

Frankencrinos: d10: Soak(neg one dif): 5,8,9,5,8,7,

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Soak: 5,9,5,6,6,6,

Ravyn: RECAP SECOND ACTION: Punches are thrown, and the two initiatl combatants take them in relative stride, though Ewan does gets a sickening sounding crack as the fist collides with flesh ((2 Bashing, Ewan)). Ewan's Raging state finds a new target now: the Warder who just decked his ass.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Init Order is Jaikula, Jocelyn & Warders, Ewan, Frank.))

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((He's at Crippled so one more hit will do it.))

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((Yep. *S*))

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik mutters as Joc drops the torch and starts panicking, still moving to grab her and get her away from the other combatants..*

Jaikula Freedom: d10: Dex+WP: 10,5,3,

Ravyn: The Guardians aren't taking any chances; no Sept allies die on their watch. One levels a punch at Frank; the other moves to dodge the psychotic Ewan for his first action ((1 Rage spent by both of them))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 3,3,8,2,3,9,3,8,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Dodge: 8,3,9,8,4,3,

Jocelyn: *She screams as she's grabbed at, moving to dart away*

Jocelyn: d10: dex, ath: 7,2,3,5,

Ravyn: ((Dex+Dodge, Jocelyn))

Ravyn: ((Or Ath works, too. *S*))

Ewan O'Mailly: *He roars with rage at the new comer as he swips his claws accrost the Guardians chest.* ((Blowing rage.))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: dex+brawl: 2,3,5,9,2,4,2,6,

Frankencrinos: *A heavy chuff as the sound of a crinos fist hitting wirey flesh echoes the park with a meaty thud* ~GS~ I am in right mind Ryha. The cub is not. *Frank moves his massive bulk to dodge* (one rg)

Frankencrinos: d10: dex dodge: 6,7,6,3,2,10,

Ravyn: RECAP FIRST ACTIONS: EWAN tried to slash at the GUARDIAN, but the wily protector gets out of the way; likewaise, FRANK avoids the other GUARDIAN. JAIKULA grabs hold of JOCELYN as she screams, pulling her away from the fight. ((Second actions: Warders, Ewan, Frank))

Ravyn: Frank's Guardian simply remains between Frank and the others, providing a blockade and ready to dodge if necessary; meanwhile, Ewan's Guardian takes the opportunity for another punch. The raging Fianna has to go down. ((Readied for Dex+Dodge for #1, Dex+Brawl for #2))

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 1,6,8,4,8,7,8,4,

Ravyn: d10: Damage: 4,6,1,3,4,1,3,3,8,9,10,7,

Ewan O'Mailly: *The berserking cub wants some blood in his mouth, he trys to bit the Guardian on the shoulder.*

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: dex+brawl: 4,2,8,3,8,9,8,2,

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((11 Dice of Damage))

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Sorry, I though the Guardian was going to dodge the first one.))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Dam: 8,1,3,2,7,8,3,3,8,5,1,

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((It's all good. He can't dodge forever, he's gotta take the boy down. *S*))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Soak: 7,5,8,8,9,5,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 6,9,4,8,2,10,8,

Frankenlupus: *frank takes the oppurtunity to shift his ass back down, in a show of faith. Look. The indian tower of power was no more. Just a scrawny wolf. *~ws~ I will remain. *he sits, making it clear to the warder that Frank is done.*

Ravyn: RECAP SECOND ACTION: FRANK steps back from his GUARDIAN, while EWAN and the OTHER GUARDIAN trade punch for bite, both hitting, neither inflicitng any real damage. ((New Round))

Ravyn: ((Init order: Assuming Jaik and Joc are out of combat, Frank obviously is, so order is Guardians, Ewan. Jaik, Joc, tell me if you guys are still taking actions this turn, otherwise, not including))

Jaikula Freedom: ((Jaik's shifting down to Glabro and calming Joc down))

Ravyn: ((Cool cool)) The Guardian who Ewan's Rage is targeted at moves to dodge again, while the other one moves in at the same time for a punch.

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Dodge (WP): 9,2,8,5,3,1,

Ravyn: d10: Dex+Brawl: 2,7,4,7,3,4,8,3,

Jocelyn: ((if screaming her fool head off and trying to get away from Jaik is an action, then count her in))

Ravyn: ((We'll call that a "free action." *G*))

Ewan O'Mailly: *He relently keeps on the other Guardian trying to bit him again.*

Ravyn: d10: Damage: 2,4,4,2,6,7,10,7,9,1,

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Dex+brawl: 9,1,4,9,2,7,4,6,

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Soak: 9,7,5,5,9,2,

Ravyn: ((Still roll damage, as your attack came off first...9 dice))

Ewan O'Mailly: ((*L* Can anyone knock this cub out he has been sitting at crippled for so long.))

Ewan O'Mailly: d10: Dam: 7,10,9,2,9,2,5,4,9,

Ravyn: d10: Soak: 2,1,10,4,3,8,5,

Ravyn: RECAP: EWAN bites down hard as the GUARDIAN #2 tries to doge...teeth sink into fur, flesh, and bone, causing the Crinos to roar in pain. However, it allows GUARDIAN #1 to level a punch right between the eyes, doing just enough to drop Ewan ((1 Bashing))

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan flops down knocked out, quickly shifting to hommid.*

Ewan O'Mailly -> Ravyn: ((Thank you Ravyn.))

Frankenlupus: *Frank remains in a crouch, low growling rasping deep from his chest, glowing eyes on the tussle, his nostrils flare at the scent of blood in the air*

Ravyn: The Guardians step back, the one growling as he grips his bleeding shoulder in pain, and survey the situation. One Fianna cub...check. One Wendigo standing down...check. One Child of Gaia with a screaming kinfolk...check. Situation resolved for now...they drop down to Glabro and look around, ready to stop a fight if it decides to rekindle.

Ravyn -> Ewan O'Mailly: ((No problem. *S*))

Frankenlupus: *Frank huffs gruffly to the Gaurdians in appreciation. Not that stopping the fight permanently wouldn't have been his pleasure.. but alas, this would do. mm. yes. He stalks towards Jaik and Screamy, blood slicking his belly fur slightly*

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik speaks softly to Jocelyn...* "Jocelyn, settle down then I'll let you go.."

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan lays there in the cold passed out. Quickly the body starts shiving as the cold gets to the nude boy.*

Jocelyn: *Still struggling, though she's not screaming, focused on getting to Ewan* Let me GO!

Ravyn: ((Oh, sorry, Ewan. You're knocked unconscious, not near-death with Lethal...still in Crinos.))

Ravyn: ((Which means you're healing. 1 HL per turn.))

Frankenlupus: *Frank is unconcerned with the idiot cub's shivering. It wasn't even below Zero. Still T-shirt weather. he growls as he approaches Joc and Jaik, rage clear in every step*~ws~ She goes near that idiot boy and i will smear her across this sept *He rumbles to Jaik as he pads closer*

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik glances in the direction of where Ewan lays in crinos, eyes going to Frank assessing him for damage, speaking to Joc as he does that..* "Jocelyn, I wont let you go until the danger has passed..."

Ewan O'Mailly: *The heeping fur body of Ewan lays they're knocked out.*

Jocelyn: He's hurt! Let me help him!

Ravyn: They look around the Sept, watching Frank approach Jaikula and Jocelyn. A warning growl sounds from the uninjured one. "Howls Chill in Winter..." Their only concern preventing further bloodshed.

Frankenlupus: *hard to tell if he's joking, even more so in lupus, He watches Jaik a moment, before gleaming eyes pass to jocelyn. Not. Pleased. teeth flash momentarily as he growls at her*

Jocelyn: *The growling quiets her for the moment, and she shrinks back from the wolf a bit*

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik's gaze flicks to Joc, then back to Frank before moving to the guardians, then he looks back to Joc..* "And he's still in his war form..."

Frankenlupus: *His eyes bore into Joc a moment. Then he tilts an ear to the guardians. A deep chuff to Jaik. maybe "Sorry for decking you" or perhaps "get in my way again and I'll take your head off" .. hard to tell. The Gaunt wolf trots away from them towards the guardians, heeding the growl with the barest tilt of his throat in respect. only so much regard could be paid to wyrmbringers*

Ravyn: "He'll live," the injured Guardian mutters. "He's already lookin' better." He looks between them all. "I were you, I'd be goin' straight to see yer Elders. I know Angie-rhya's gonna wanna talk to you," he looks at Jaikula. "Shakey's gonna wanna know what happened, Jocelyn. As for you two brawlers..." He looks at Frank and Ewan. "Better go talk with Yolanda-rhya."

Ewan O'Mailly: *The eight foot fury tank cub's body slowly stirs a little.*

Jocelyn: *She starts to cry, more out of frustration than anything else, the rest of the fight leaving her quickly*

Frankenlupus: ~ws~My next stop *he gruffs, circling to pick up the remains of his raven in his mouth. Damnit. Cold crow. He Moves off gruffing* ~ws~ You may wish to tell the cub not to speak of things so openly. He'll get his bitch killed by those less polite.

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik gently rubs Joc's back as she starts crying a nod going to the guardians, gaze flicking to Ewan as he stirs...

Ravyn: "Be sure ta do that," the one that faced off with Ewan and bled says, still gripping his shoulder. He looks down to Ewan, waiting for him to awaken.

Ewan O'Mailly: *He rolls to his stumbic, and slowly gets on his hands and knee's. Shaking his head trying to remember what the hell happened.*

Frankenlupus: (stomach sweets. *winks and grins*)

Frankenlupus: *frank trots off to seek Yolanda -Ryha, gnawing his bird viciously*

Ravyn: ((Don't forget, boys and girls...that AGG y'all took will heal like Lethal does for humans, without some healin' magic!)) The Guardians look down to the waking Fianna. "Mornin', starshine. Earth says hello...you got yerself an appointment with the Warder."

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan shakes his head again and says the only thing he can think of.* ~GS~ Ahhhh...fuck me.

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik's gaze shifts to the guardian gripping his shoulder, one arm kept around Jocelyn keeping her in place as he motions to the injured guardian to come over...

Jocelyn: *Wiggling again, less demanding in her attempt to get away*

Ravyn: The Guardian looks to Jaikula and makes his way over. Yeah, officials around the Sept know of the Gaian's healing talent.

Meanwhile, the uninjured one just chuckles a little at Ewan. "Two fights, two days, kid. Yer rackin' 'em up. Wanna shift on down for me? Once yer healed up as good as yer gonna, that is."

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan sits there for a moment to get as healed as possible. Then slowly shifts down to hommid, he shivers looking to the Gaurden.* Yeah, but that one I didnt blackout on. *Ewan wraps his arms around as he stands up.*

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik watches the guardian as he makes his way over, then reaches out and puts his hand over the wound, calling on his gift as he settles his hand...*

Jaikula Freedom: d10: MT +auto: 3,7,8,4,9,10,

Ravyn: "Nope." He helps Ewan up to his feet. "Didn't frenzy on that one. How'd ol' Jake taste?" He grins a bit. "Happens to the best of us. Still, better talk to Yolanda."

Jocelyn: *Sighing* Please let me go.

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik's gaze flicks over to Ewan as he moves his hand from the guardian's shoulder, the wound healed, then looks to Jocelyn for a moment before he lets her go..

Ewan O'Mailly: *Ewan gives a small grin back at him.* Too saltly, if he was a fish I would say throw him back. *He looks away.* Yeah, I do dont I. *Ewan starts slowly walking that way.*

Jocelyn: *She scrambles off his lap, going for her flashlight first and calming considerably when the dim pool of light floods her feet. Then, she moves for Ewan*

Ravyn: The Guardian who Jaik healed gives him a nod and, with the situation resolved, he and his fellow Guardian head off back to their posts. "Y'all behave, now. One fight per night, here in the Sept."

Jaikula Freedom: *Jaik watches Joc and shakes his head slightly, then gives a sigh as he looks to where his coat lays in tatters on the ground and mutters something about Aponi going to kill him. But at least his scarf is alright, that he picks up as he gathers up the bits of coat in search of cellphone, wallet and keys...

Ewan O'Mailly: *The light catches his attantion, Ewan starts moving towards it hopping it is Jocelyn. He shivers volently as he comes up to her, a smile of relief comes on his face as he sees her.* Thank god, ya are all righ'.

Frank: (there's a post in the forum for those heading to see yolanda)

Ravyn: ((And I'm outta the scene. Log will be posted and sent to Ashton so he can refer to it. Thanks, guys.))

Jocelyn: Yeah. I'm okay. Are you?

Ewan O'Mailly: *He nods shivering.* I'm okay...I sorry Jocelyn. *He looks to the ground.* I really thought I could never loose myself around ya.

Jaikula Freedom: *With the bits of his coat gathered and items found his gaze goes to Ewan and Joc for a moment, eyes watching the two debating something before he starts to move off, the bits of coat going into a trashcan before he exits the Ramble..

Jocelyn: It's your moon. It's closer. *Clutching her flashlight* You better go. I'll talk to you later?

Jocelyn: *She leans in, saying something quietly to him*

Ewan O'Mailly: *He nods to her.* Deffentally...*He pauses to look around.* I love you Jocelyn. *He gives a cold hand touch at her cheek and then runs off to see Yolanda. More to stay warm then anything else.*

Jocelyn: *She watches him run off, then turns and heads out, flashlight beam kept close*