Marty Starling: *He rubs his forehead, sitting in the main room. The girl took a long time showering. What WAS it with women?*

Janus: *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. It's loud, but polite...the appropriate level to ensure it is heard within without being threatening*

Miranda Okanedo: She comes out from the black door, a simple, small book with an unlabeled black cover cradled under one arm. She steps into the main room, smiling to Marty as she does so. "Good evening, Marty." That heavy accent, clearnenunciation as always.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He stands, and quickly. Reaching into his back pocket for the switchblade there. A careful movement, as he looks around. Ahh well. Miranda could take care of Tansy. The Gods help them all. He moves towards the red door to the main room, and pushes it open, flicking out the knife, carefully. The knock echoes down the staircase that he moves up.*

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks back to Miranda, still holding out the knife.* Hello, *he says calmly.* I heard a knock. *A small explanation for the drawn weapon.*

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little bit to him, unperturbed by the young man with the blade. "As did I. You have it handled, I'm sure?"

Janus: *he waits. They should respond shortly...hopefully. Otherwise he'll just make camp. Nothing else to do for the moment anyway.*

Briar Kennedy: She took so long enjoying the fact that she could shower, and then scavenged for some clothes, anything that would fit her, and that was clean. She feels so much better, as she makes her way one hand on the railing as she comes back down the stairs. Backpack in her free hand, keeping certain items close to her.

Miranda Okanedo: The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: Of course, *he says, with a wrinkle of his nose. He smiles faintly, and makes his way up the staircase. He presses the blade against his palm, and slowly opens the door to the outside world.* Can I help you? *The boy appears to be about fifteen.*

Janus: DD> Janus is a clean-shaven, twenty one year old young man. He is caucasion, and in exceptionally good shape, though he walks at a very leisurely pace at all times. His clothes are a bit ratty, though no more really than most other guys his age, and otherwise he's clean. His face doesn't stand out, he's neither particularly handsome nor particularly ugly, and stands at 5'9". His dark hair is cut short, being certain to never block his vision. He also almost perpetually keeps his hands in his pockets.

Briar Kennedy: One of the first things to note about her is she is more stomach, in the fact that she is pregnant, than there is of her. She has a beauty about her, her naturally thick red hair falls straight down to her mid back, framing her face. Her milky white skin is sun kissed with frekles across her cheeks and nose, pale eyebrows frame violet eyes, which seem bigger by the pale lashes that surround them. Slightly slim lips hold a poutiness that gives her a kissable look. Her tall frame(5'8"), is supple yet holds a strength in it, freckles dot her skin where the sun has touche her skin. She holds the impression of a true Scottish lass in her looks, and build. Although if you are expecting a Scottish brogue, you will be disappointed, as she has the accent of someone who has spent their lives in the United States. She is wearing right now an oversized t-shit, that barely covers her stomach, and a skirt pilfered from somewhere, and a clean paor of socks.

Janus: "Is this Madame Ling's Massage Parlour?" *he pulls his right hand from his pocket, holding a folded sheet of paper, which he opens up* "I think I have the right place..."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: Used to be. It hasn't been in use for some time now. How can I help you? *His voice is rather flat. He keeps the blade hidden behind the door, with most of his figure.*

Briar Kennedy: And orange cat, very familiar to some, uses this opertunity to sneak past the two at the top door and make his way inside, like he owns the place.

Miranda Okanedo: She turns as Briar comes down and into the main room, eyes casting over her and taking her in. Though the woman is unfamiliar to her, she offers her a smile. "Hello."

Briar Kennedy: When she reaches the bottom of the stairs from the living quarters and makes her way into the main sitting room she comes to a stop, looking at Miranda.

Janus: *he folds the paper up and puts it, and his hand, back into his pocket.* "An old teacher of mine told me that I should come here when I got to New York. Said that it would probably be a good place to start looking for people like myself." *quite calm, almost nonchalant.* "I'm hoping her advice isn't out of date."

Briar Kennedy: She licks her lips, "Hi Miranda." she nods to the Deacon, attempting a smile for her.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: It depends on the advice you're looking for, *he says simply.* And what sort of person you're looking for as well. It's a dangerous city. You can't just trust everyone.

Miranda Okanedo: "I can assume that Marty let you in?" She cocks her head slightly to the side, still smiling recognition in her expression.

Janus: "Well, the people I'm looking for are fairly hard to find, so my teacher, Deme, gave me a headstart by telling me to try here." *he's tensed now, this is the critical point, could go either way...inside his jacket he grasps his knives, hoping he doesn't need to use them*

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He pauses, and arches an eyebrow. The door opens. He makes no attempt to disguise the weapon in his hand.* It's better if you can't be found. Do you drink tea?

Briar Kennedy: The Orange himilayan makes his way into the main room, hopping up on a seat to clean his front pays, they were wet, how disgusting.

She nods her head. "Yeah he did." now knowing that nothing was disgussed while she was showering. She looks down before looking back up, taking a deep breath. "I am Tansy...." and she waits for the reaction.

Janus: *doesn't even raise an eyebrow at the weapon.* "I've always felt that way. And yes, of course." *he nods slightly, and moves along as Marty indicates.*

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: I'll put a pot on. Walk down the steps. Don't touch anything. *He turns from the door, and leads the way.* Close the door after.

Miranda Okanedo: She looks over as the cat trots in, offering it a surprised sort of smile...he hasn't been seen around in some time, after all. It probably doesn't compare to the surprise that hits her face as she looks up to Briar, blinking. "Tansy?"

Janus: *He follows Marty's instructions to the letter, and then begins following him down*

Briar Kennedy: She nods her head. "Call me Briar.....I will explain tho. To both of you when Marty returns."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He pushes the red door open into the main room. And he pauses, seeing Tansy there, with Miranda.* We have a guest, *he says, almost absently.* I'm putting tea on. Anything specific?

Miranda Okanedo: "Raspberry Ginger, please, Marty." She nods to him, and looks back to Briar for a moment. An inclination of her head, and she moves to take a seat. "How are you, dear?"

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks over to Janus.* Have a seat. Anywhere is fine. Just not by the chess set. *He turns, and walks to the small area kitchen. Putting the pot on.*

Janus: "Whatever others have, please." *he lowers his head slightly. He is a guest, and knows it.* "I am Janus."

Janus: *he takes the nearest seat*

Briar Kennedy: She looks over to Marty, nodding her head to the news. "That would be wonderful." she looks to Miranda, before looking back. "Anything will be fine." She relaxes as she moves towards the couches, her new height and her pregnancy making her progress slow. The Orange cat watches them, then makes a few turns where he is at and lays down, this should be an interesting story. Briar speaks as she lowers herself onto the seat next to the cat. "I have definatly been better, but good."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks over at Janus and nods a little, smiling pleasantly to him in greeting. "Good evening, Janus. I'm Miranda."

Briar Kennedy: She looks to Janus a nod of her head. "Briar.....Kennedy."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *Then an entire pot of Raspberry Ginger. It does smell good. The matching china set is pulled out, a silver tray. It seems almost cathartic, in a way, the preparation of tea. The knife is slid back into its sheath, and he shoves the blade into his back pocket once more. Smooth, calm, even motions.*

Janus: *he nods to each in turn* "Good evening to you, as well."

Briar Kennedy: Oh she doesn't care if the cat is comfortable she hoists the cat from his sleeping position and almost smothers the cat in higs and pettings and nuzzlings she has missed him oh so much.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He raises a hand, not turning to look at them.* Marty.

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles a little to Janus, leaving Briar to torment her poor cat for the moment. "So then, Janus. Tell us a bit about yourself."

Briar Kennedy: The mixture of purrs and complaining meows and her soft laughter over something, she keeps holding the cat, although the wince after resting him on her stomach she finally releases him and let's him curl up beside her petting him, her long fingers moving over the cats coat with ease.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks over his shoulder, and just as the pot whistles, he pulls it off of the stove, and onto the tray. The cups all around. He walks back to the small gathering, tray in hand.*

Janus: ((sorry, had to go AFK briefly)) *the one...Marty...recognized Deme's he'll be a bit candid* "I am one of the Euthanatos. I've come to New York due to one of Deme's seeings, to help against the Technocracy in a time of great importance..." *he pauses, either trying to find the correct words to phrase something, or else trying to decide if he should say anything more at all*

Briar Kennedy: She smiles to Marty when he brings the tray with tea over to them. "Thank you." she says quietly not to distract from Janus' tale.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: I thought Deme was dead, *he says quietly.* Don't tell me she's seeing from the grave. *It seems almost a joke, the small smile on his face, as he sets the tray down. Kneeling by it, to pour himself a cup.*

Janus: "Though I hardly think that death would stop her for long, it hasn't become an issue for her. She moved out west, to California, and dropped off the radar."

Miranda Okanedo: She looks between Janus and Marty, letting the Euthanatoi speak and learning what she can. A smile of gratitude to Marty for the tea.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He just smiles at that, and takes his cup, back to his appointed seat. He looks so amused at something.*

Janus: *he will accept a cup of tea, and he's got a slight smile on his face. He seems to be enjoying the conversation.*

Briar Kennedy: She continues to listen quietly petting the cat, she doesn't move to get herself some tea, but remains where she is, her other hand resting on the swell of her stomach.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: I'm sure she's just resting for a bit. *He takes a sip of his own. No servitude, not any more.*

Miranda Okanedo: "So, then. This Deme saw you would be needed to help us here?" She looks to Janus calmly.

Janus: "I'm not so sure...but then again, she hardly told me everything." *he takes his first sip of the tea*

Janus: *he is a bit hesitant about Miranda's question* "She seemed to believe so."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: Wouldn't expect her to. *He inhales deeply.* We could use the help.

Miranda Okanedo: "Indeed we could." She nods to Marty, and looks to Janus. "What do you know of our situation here, Janus?"

Briar Kennedy: She closes her eyes, remaining silent.

Janus: *he inhales slowly, deeply and quite self-consciously* "Her vision only told us that New York would be reaching a critical point in the near future. And that it could begin the greatest reversal in the Ascension War, or it could be the final blow that breaks the Traditions. Of the specifics, I know nothing, except that I travelled the nation on my way here, and other magi who wish to help should be following after me."

Miranda Okanedo: She listens to Janus's words, and then shifts her gaze over to Marty, giving him a look.

Briar Kennedy: She is listening and she closes her eyes a bit tighter. What she knew about the Technocracy could fill a thimble. She opens her eyes. looking to Marty and Miranda for more of an explonation that is going on.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks back to Miranda. And he shrugs.* If I'm wrong, the worst is, we have to die to prevent capture.

Janus: *He is silent, and he seems either Marty or Miranda is in charge*

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: Do you have a place to stay... Janus? *He says, as if the name just doesn't sound right to him.* The God of beginnings and doorways. A two-faced Roman god.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little bit, and looks back to the newcomer.

Janus: *he shakes his head* "I do not. The name was given to me by Deme, and I've become accustomed to it."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks over to Miranda, as if confirming.* Then you can stay here. We have a spare room.

Miranda Okanedo: "Absolutely." She nods in agreement with Marty.

Briar Kennedy: She takes a deep breath eyes flicking over each of them as they speak. She continues to await her turn, knowing that it will come.

Janus: "Thank you." *he lowers his head respectfully in thanks*

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *And he takes another sip of his tea. A look over to 'Briar.'.* Now.

Miranda Okanedo: She drinks her tea, following Marty's gaze to woman and cat.

Briar Kennedy: She flicks her gaze to Janos before looking at Matry and nodding.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He sits back. And he looks over to the chess board. His right hand on the tea mug. The other reaches forward to push the Bishop on a left diagona. Two spaces.*

Briar Kennedy: "What would you like to know." she states, calmly and evenly, although there is a hint of unease in her voice over something.

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: I want to know why you're back. I'm sure Miranda has questions of her own.

Miranda Okanedo: "Several," she says with a nod.

Briar Kennedy: "O am back because I have no where else to go. I have information that could be of use to those that come after me, and those here now." she takes a deep breath. "I also carry two children that have the potential of magic, even dectable in the womb. And they need to be protected from the evils of the world, and taught from the begining."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: If they're demons, *he says quietly,* why should you be allowed to carry to term?

Miranda Okanedo: She raises an eyebrow slowly at that, and looks over to Marty, then back. "They have...potential for magic."

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: That doesn't always mean good, *he says, sounding frustrated.*

Miranda Okanedo: ((My post was supposed bo be before Marty's, and was a response to Briar. Sorry. :P))

Briar Kennedy: She looks Marty matching his eyes. "Because that is not how it works. I have eight months of information that supports this. They are as human and untainted as any other mundane person walking the streets." a slight shake of her head. "I do not know why they have been gifted with such potential, but they have. Mr. Kennedy I believe now was attempting to protect them when he was killed by them."

Briar Kennedy: She nods her head to Miranda. "Yes they do. Both checked and confirmed by mr. Kennedy and myself."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little to Briar. "And, of course, you would not mind if we confirmed ourselves."

Briar Kennedy: She seems to tense up a bit but nods to Miranda. "Go ahead."

Janus: ((apologies, my computer rebelled against me.))

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: *He looks over to Miranda. He lets her deal with it. And he looks back to Janus.* Would you like me to show you to the rooms?

Janus: *he nods* "Yes, please."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods and stands up, moving over to Tansy and taking a seat next to her. She closes her eyes, hands resting on the other's abdomen, and she begins to chant something, in Yaruba.

Briar Kennedy: She flicks her gaze over to Janos, those violet eyes showing no empathy what-so-ever. before she looks back to Miranda.

Janus: *he follows along after Marty*

Briar Kennedy: ((Damn I cannot spell tonight*headdesk* Janus))

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: ((I think I need sleep now, so I'll just fade him out...))

Briar Kennedy: ((*Snugs* thanks for the scene))

Marty Starling [Dec 23rd]: ((Yesh.. .was good agin!))

Janus: ((Alrighty, Janus will get comfortable and such, and I'll fade from the scene as well))

Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete (Two Q, WP): 5,9,6,

Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete: 7,5,10,

Miranda Okanedo: d10: Arete: 7,4,3,

Briar Kennedy: d10: Awareness: 8,8,1,4,2,

Briar Kennedy: She remains silent the entire time. Tense, but she waits.

Miranda Okanedo: She opens her eyes and nods to Briar. "Interesting." Her lips purse, her expression vaguely troubled as she watches the other.

Briar Kennedy: She watches the other. "May I inguire what is wrong?" She asks. This is her and her children's lives at stake after all.

Miranda Okanedo: "What is wrong should be quite obvious. And it has nothing to do with the health of your children."

Briar Kennedy: If she wasn't tense before she is now. What all the Deacon saw, she has no clue. "I already know about the fact that I should be labeled and infernalist, which I assure you on my mothers grave, I am not one."

Miranda Okanedo: Her expression smooths a little, becoming quite calm. "Define an infernalist."

Briar Kennedy: "An infernalist, is one who serves, works, and associates with Demons." those eyes hard. "From my findings most of those that have worked with them have summoned the Demons to them.....These Demons walk the earth in the shell of those that have no will to live."

Miranda Okanedo: "So you are applying gualifiers to demons, now?" She tilts her head, curious eyes on the woman.

Briar Kennedy: She shakes her head. "No, I am sure there are ways of summoning them, for it has been proven before. I admit to you. ~I~ did no such summoning to bring these demons into the bodies they reside in. I have even killed one of their hosts, and they found another to reside within."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods. "None of which changes the definition of an infernalist. One who serves, works, and associates with Demons."

Briar Kennedy: "You are correct." she says. "I faild in my naietivity of things that I did not know or understand, falling prey to that, I wanted to learn more about. I have suffered because of this. I have been lied to, manipulated, and used. Above all I have had a piece of myself ripped from me, and suffered the torment of Hell, to see the truth, and to do my utmost to climb out of where I was. Do I expect you all to not punish me for my transgressions? No. I came back for my punishment, I stupidity deserves pounishment, because I could have endangered you all by my follys."

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little bit, and is quiet for a long moment, those calm, dark eyes on her...analyzing her, taking in every nuance.

Briar Kennedy: "Most everything I have learned in months past have been on my own. Magically speaking with the help of a Hpollower, a Euthanitos, and a Son opf Ether, the rest I have had to learn on my own. My training from a mentor of sorts was not done by Rachelle, she and I have not spoken or been in contact with each other for almost seven months. I did not learn much of anything from her. I do admit I still need a mentor if I am allowed to go on."

Miranda Okanedo: She sighs a little. "This will need to be discussed, Tansy, between Marty and myself. Until may stay."

Briar Kennedy: She nods her head. "I didn't think anything less." she seems to relax a bit. "Thank you. If you would not mind, I believe I am going to go and rest."

Miranda Okanedo: "By all means." She nods, letting the girl go.

Briar Kennedy: She nods her thanks and pushes herself to standing. Moving with her backpack back to the stairs leading to the living area. Dissapearing up the stairs, despite her slow going.