Ethan Demian Augustus: He frowns slightly and peers after where Mel went.

Lucien Bourikas: (night hun, sorry about the character, ain't the player :P)

Morgane Kristanovitch: She looks to Lucien. "going to play a bit of pool I can handel." a hint of micheviousness in her eyes. "We could even bet on a game or two, although I have not played before in my life."

Olivia Boehm: ((*L* yeah, i know. same here *s*))

Hans Rienhold: "Next time, it'll probably be a fist to the face with a kick to the stomach" He says oddly as he inspects the guitarm back turned to the man.

Lucien Bourikas: He smiles to Morgane. "Pool? I haven't tried that in years, but I used to love the game. I should teach you then, it is a very good game."

Mercury: ((Bye Livvy-P!))

Mercury: Hans: Wryly, "That very well could be, but all fun and games, eh?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: Merc: "We were not introduced. Nathaniel pointed you out to me one night when we went to a pool hall. "

Lucien Bourikas: He reaches into his pocket and takes out a memo book, quickly writing down a number. He hands the slip of paper to Hans. "If ya want to ever have a duet, or just someone to show ya the town, contact me..."

Mercury: Puts a heavy arm over Ethan's shoulders and pats the opposite one. "I'm sure Mel is fine. Unless there's something I should know?"

Hans Rienhold: "Never fun and games. Fun and games are for children. My family don't play games." He looks over the guitar again

Mercury: Morgane: "Oh, okay." He nods. "Yeah, Nathaniel's a good guy, I know him."

Lucien Bourikas: He adds softly. "And more than likely a kick to the stomach as well, but what the hell, that's the breaks, huh?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: A raise of an eyebrow as she looks over to John, she looks to Lucien giving him the 'may I?' look of one who wishes to inflict some damage to another.

Hans Rienhold: He looks to the paper and tosses it in the guitar case, a bit of a smirk on his face as he shuts the case again.

Hans Rienhold: He laughs a bit. "Breaks. A good word for it" The case snaps shut

Ethan Demian Augustus: Ethan gasps and stiffens. "Please. Don't. Do. That." Each word is its own breath. Someone's in pain.

Lucien Bourikas: He looks to Morgane and gives her a "As you think proper, look"

Mercury: He steps back, looking at Ethan oddly. Then, figuring it might be the Rage thing, he just sighs and sits down.

Lucien Bourikas: He chuckles then at Hans. "Yeah, I good word. Walk carefully, may the Goddess shine on you."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She contemplates for a moment and another glance to John, maybe if she see's him in the streets one day. She looks to the new commer and raises an eyebrow, speaking softly to Lucien."I would be honored to have you teach me how to play pool."

Mercury: Nods to Hans. "Later, John. See ya around the park maybe."

Morgane Kristanovitch: "Good evening John." she says to him.

Hans Rienhold: "You'll need the shinin' friend." He takes a tooth pick and sticks it between his teeth, hefting the guitar over his shoulder. He nods to Merc. "Definately."

Lucien Bourikas: (I=a, sorry, it's late so use the universal langue of type please)

Hans Rienhold: "Maam" he says to Morgane

Ethan Demian Augustus: He sits stiffly beside Mercury. "So," he says with a smile. "Mischief?"


Lucien Bourikas: He laughs softly and sits back down next to Morgane. Hans> "Good night...friend."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She is soo going to be in trouble as she carefully watches Hans leaving, hands clasped in her lap.

Hans Rienhold: He winks and heads out the door. Lots to do here, fights to pick, songs to scene..muggers to find. What's a boy to do?

Mercury: He looks considerably surprised when Ethan sits beside him. "Yeah, we could...are you alright?" It wasn't the rage? A slight surge of hope. If someone can handle being *around* him, that's a good sign.

Morgane Kristanovitch: d10: Wits+Empathy: 8,8,9,4,5,3,

Lucien Bourikas: He slips his arm around Morgane again, comforting and calm.

Morgane Kristanovitch: Hans must not know his own strength as the door swings to close then back out into him as he leaves. Morganes calmly watches.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles. "Car accident, not so long ago. Less with the manhandling the shoulders is good. Once I catch my breath again, I'll be fine."

Hans Rienhold: ((gnight all))

Mercury: ((Night!))

Morgane Kristanovitch: Once Hans get's sdmacked by the door on his way out he returns her attention back to the rest of the table a soft smile up to Lucien.

Mercury: Ethan: Winces. "I didn't know that. I sometimes forget my own strength." Runs a hand through his hair, a side glance at Ethan.

Lucien Bourikas: (night)

Lucien Bourikas: He leans his head against Morgane's, listening to Mercury and Ethan.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "It's okay. Not like you had any warning about it."

Mercury: Lucien: "So you and Morgane up for a double date to the pool hall?" If Ethan is going to protest that, he'd best speak up right from the start.

Morgane Kristanovitch: The soft smile remains as she wispers something to Lucien and then speaks t Merc and Ethan. "Were we all going to be going to a pool hall?"

Mercury: He picks out his phone, blinks at the message. "Shit. Rain check. Lucien, trouble, alley." He slips out of the booth with an apologetic look to Ethan. Dammit, probably never see the guy again.

Lucien Bourikas: He smiles to Mercury. "I promised to teach m'lady, pool, so unless she has other plans...?" He looks to Morgane.

Lucien Bourikas: He blinks and frowns, then pushes his arm down on Morgane, his voice a near hissing whisper. "Stay here..." He moves to follow Mercury without asking any questions.

Mercury: And is racing out the door.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He blinks at that news, glancing between ther three of them and the door.

Mercury: ((Erm, what room?))

Morgane Kristanovitch: A worried look she nods to Lucien. "Of course." and watches Mercury and Lucien leave.

Lucien Bourikas: He follows Mercury, no other explanations.

txt msg: (midtown)

Ethan Demian Augustus: "So," he says to Morgane, eyes still on the door with a slight frown. "I'm Ethan."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She looks to Ethan a faint smile to him. "Please excuse them, a friend needed their assistance." she says politly. "We have not been introduced. I am Morgane, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Indeed." He smiles. "They'll be alright on their own?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: She also glances to the door, then back. "I am sure they will be fine."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She also glances to the door, then back. "I am sure they will be fine."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Right then. So we wait here while they...something...?"

Mikah Claybourne: He walks up to the cafe, with a quick glance to the two guys racing down the street. A raised brow, before he turns back to the cafe and pushes through the doors, stepping inside.

Flame-red hair and emerald eyes. That's the first thing you would notice about the man...they're both bright and striking, making the man stand out fairly easily. The next thing you'd notice is the pleasant, intellectual look in those deep green windows to his soul. He's perhaps twenty-five years of age, perhaps a little younger, perhaps a little older, with a thin-lipped smile surrounded by a light goatee, the hair there slightly darker then the hair on his scalp. A thin build is dressed in a taupe mock neck sweater and khaki slacks, with a slightly oversized brown blazer over it all. A chain hangs around his neck with a small sterling silver pendant, displaying the eight Auspicious Symbols with the Tibetan Om in the center.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "I have been asked to wait here, I do not believe that was also ment for you Ethan. But if you wished to wait for Mercury to return you are more than welcome to wait with me." she smiles leaning back and crossing her legs sipping at her coffee.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles when he sees Mikah, though he doesn't get up from where he's sitting. "Hey, you."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Well, I'm not sure I can keep up with a guy whose friends text message him for help rather than say...calling the police. I just might be out of my league there." He smiles at Morane. Oh hell yes he'll wait. This is fascinating.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She glances to the door, not entirely thinking thewy would be back so soon, but that slightest hope. She takes note of the man walking in, before returning her gaze to Ethan.

Mikah Claybourne: He glances up and smiles when he sees Ethan, striding toward him. Morgane gets a quick glance and a nods, but his attention is primarly focused on the man. "Hey, you back."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A raise of her brow as she notes they know each other. She answers Ethan. "If the police are anything liek they are in Russia it is best to deal with problems with friends, rather than calling them into a situation where more harm can be done."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "So New York is an interesting place. We might want to take a walk in a minute. This is Morgane. Morgane, Mikah."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He just looks at Morgane for a second and smiles. "Good friends to have then."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A nod of her head to Mikah. "A pleasure to meet you Mikah."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A nod of her head to Ethan. "But of course."

Mikah Claybourne: "It is, most interesting." He smiles and takes a seat next to Ethan. "A walk might be nice. Hello, Morgane." All said perfectly fluidly, moving from one subject to the next with ease.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He moves to lean against Mikah carefully, watching Morgane. There's a little less sunshine and a little more thinking over something.

Morgane Kristanovitch: A faint smile. "I would have to agrtee that New Yrok is a very interesting place. But then again I am not one to speak on such things, for besides my home, this is the only other place I have lived."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Oh, I love this city already." Back comes the smile, as Morgane distracts him.

Mikah Claybourne: An arm slips gently around Ethan's shoulders as the man leans into him. He gives Ethan a curious look. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: Another sip of her coffee, then she nods slightly. "I would have to agre, I do as well." the faint smile remains. "So what do you do for a living Ethan, if that is not too bold to ask."

Ethan Demian Augustus: His head tilts back until he's looking at Mikah upsidedown. "Just wondering about our new friends. If they're alright. Morgane is very confident though, I would imagine they'll be fine." There is a lazy, peaceful smile. "But if...I just might need a cigarette soon."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I'm not working again just yet. I've been here just about a week."

Mikah Claybourne: "Ahh, I see." He looks down at Micah with a nod and a hint of a smile. "What was that all about, anyway?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: She smiles a bit more. "I trust in my intended's abilities quite thoroughly." she says to Ethan.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "I see, well when you d return to working, I wish you much success."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I don't know. I met this fascinating girl, who left but gave me a note to deliver, and I did, which is when I met Mercury, and then his friend left, and then a moment later there was a text message and the two ran out the door." It's spoken quietly, so as not to carry.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "And I am sure your faith is well placed."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She listens to his explination and smiles looking down into her coffee cup, before looking up. "Thank you Ethan."

Mikah Claybourne: "Hmmm...intriguing." He raises an eyebrow and looks between Ethan and Morgane. "I have to know how this story ends..."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She looks to Mikah. "Well I am sure that we will find out if we wait here, I know they shall be returning."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Me too. But...." He glances at Morgane.

Morgane Kristanovitch: A raise of her eyebrow. "Do not mind me I am sure that I could not be one to stop two people from going on a walk. But if violence ensues, sometimes it is best to wait for people to return."

Mikah Claybourne: He looks over at Morgane, then back to Ethan, settling in a little. "Mmm...yes, indeed. If violence is ensuing, perhaps we should wait. I wasn't suggesting we go see, mind...just waiting here for the story to unfold." He shrugs a bit and smiles.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "I appologize for stepping to conclusions. Yes I believe that I shall be interested to find out what happened as well." another sip of her coffee.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He just looks between Morgane and Mikah slowly with a growing smile. "Besides, after a nice friendly pat on the back I don't much feel like jogging. Mercury is definitely strong."

Morgane Kristanovitch: a glance to Ethan. "He did not hurt you in any way did he?"

Mikah Claybourne: He winces a little in Ethan's direction. "Are you okay?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "No. No. Just jostled me a bit."

Morgane Kristanovitch: A nod of her head. "Sometimes, I would so dislike to assume, but perhaps he doesn't quite know his own strength in things."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He tilts his head back to regard Mikah upsidedown again. "Yeah. I'm alright. Nothing more than a little love tap. I was just caught a bit off guard." He lets his head rest against Mikah this time, not moving to look back at Morgane just yet.

Mercury: ((we live!))

Mikah Claybourne: "Okay." He leans forward and presses a kiss to the top of Ethan's forehead.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She set's her coffee cup down and folds her hands in her lap watching the two of them, a glance to the door, before looking back.

Ethan Demian Augustus: His eyes close and he sighs. Content is just too mild a word. Blissful comes close.

Mercury: He walks back into the cafe with Lucien.

Mikah Claybourne: He smiles at the expression on Ethan's face, and looks to Morgane. "So, Morgane...what do you do?"

Mikah Claybourne: ((DD for those re-entering: Flame-red hair and emerald eyes. That's the first thing you would notice about the man...they're both bright and striking, making the man stand out fairly easily. The next thing you'd notice is the pleasant, intellectual look in those deep green windows to his soul. He's perhaps twenty-five years of age, perhaps a little younger, perhaps a little older, with a thin-lipped smile surrounded by a light goatee, the hair there slightly darker then the hair on his scalp. A thin build is dressed in a taupe mock neck sweater and khaki slacks, with a slightly oversized brown blazer over it all. A chain hangs around his neck with a small sterling silver pendant, displaying the eight Auspicious Symbols with the Tibetan Om in the center.))

Mercury: And stops short. Great. That sure didn't take long. He crosses his arms, quirking an unhappy brow at Mikah and Ethan.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She looks to Micha. "I am a waitress at the moment, although I have been offered a position as a personel assistant to a ballet dancer."

Mikah Claybourne: He glances up as Lucien and Mercury walks in. "They're back," he murmurs, offering the new entrants a smile, though a curious brow raises at Mercury's expression.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He looks over at the sound of the door and smiles at Mercury. "You guys okay? Your friend okay?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: He shifts, wincing a little, to whisper to Mikah.

Mercury: Oh, he gives up. Sighs, walking over to the table. "Yeah, he and that stupid chick got accosted by a punk. A GIRL, no less. Everything's cool." Holds out a hand resolutely to Mikah. "Mercury."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She raises an eyebrow at Mercury's crossed arms but doesn't comment on it. "hello Mercury." she is now looking for Lucien.

Ethan Demian Augustus -> Mikah Claybourne: "Someone was trying to pick me up. Not half bad at it, either. But I think he's getting a little confused." Gentle amusement, and a bit of real interest in Mercury.

Mikah Claybourne: He nods slightly to Ethan, smiling a bit, and then looks to Mercury. He has a pleasant look on his face as he takes the hand. "Mikah. A pleasure to meet you, Mercury."

Lucien Bourikas: He comes in behind Mercury, shoulders still a bit tense, but appearing normal enough. He moves back towards Morgane.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She seems to relax a bit more where she sits, smile softeming on her face as she see's Lucvien and he is alright. "Well I am pleased that all went well."

Lucien Bourikas: He leans in and whispers something to Morgane before he takes a seat beside her.

Mercury: "Yeah. You, too, Mikah." Noting glumly how attractive he is. Well, he reflects thoughtfully, maybe that isn't a BAD thing. He sits down. "What's next on the agenda after all that fun?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: He eases back down with a tiny sigh, letting Mikah support him. "So, now that we've established who protects the other children from the bullies...." He smiles.

Lucien Bourikas: He looks to the others around the table then, and sits down.

Mercury: Ethan: "Yeah. I'm big and strong and I punch like a freight train. So..." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug. "When my friends get in trouble, they call me."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He laughs as he and Mercury have the same idea about finding something to move on to.

Mikah Claybourne: A look goes over to Lucien and he nods to him with that same, pleasant smile. "Hello."

Mikah Claybourne: ((Snow's computer rebooted itself...apparently, the gremlins are misbehaving. She's on her way right back.)) "You sound like a good friend to have," he says to Mercury with a chuckle.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I noticed. Well, not the punching part. But the rest of it. It's a good thing. The world's a better place for people like that."

Lucien Bourikas: (*beats the gremlins* Bad, bad!)

Mercury: His eyes slip over Mikah and he allows a small smile to leak through, though he's watching the two of them closely. "Yeah, my friends pretty much know they're not the ones who are going to be spending time in intensive care. I'm pretty damned protective."

Lucien Bourikas: Listening to Mercury, his voice quiet as he speaks. "And I'm not likely to leave a friend in the lurch, even a new one..."

Mercury: He looks to Lucien, more of a grin now. "Yeah, yeah. I admit, it was good to have some backup."

Mikah Claybourne: He nods a little. "Admirable quality. And I redouble my last statement." A slight grin spreads across his face.

Ntwadumela: Mel opens the door, ever the gentleman, even when the person he's with seems like no lady.

Lucien Bourikas: He gives a grin to Mercury. "Action first, questions and eh... bullshit later, yes?"

Samantha Stomps: Catches Mel around the neck as they walk in together and gives him the brass knuckle noogies, the door banging open.

Mikah Claybourne: His eyes cast up to the door at Mel and Samantha as they walk in.

Lucien Bourikas: His arm around Morgane tightens somewhat, but not uncomfortably.

Samantha Stomps: "Think I can't open a god damned door?"

Mercury: "Oh good god," he groans quietly, smacking his forehead into Lucien's shoulder. "He's hooked up with her."

Ntwadumela: I wasn't sure if you would open it or tear it off the hinges.

Ntwadumela: What could he possibly say? He didn't get all those scars by being overly cautious.

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((Sorry about that all )) She looks around as she feels Luciens arm tighten around her.

Lucien Bourikas: He looks over at Mel and sighs. "And to think, we ran to his rescue... I think. I'm still not sure on that." He looks to Mercury as if to ask, "Why did we just do that?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: Lucien's reaction might have gotten by him, but Mercury's response.... He pushes up a little to see what's going on.

Mikah Claybourne: Well, that's an...interesting duo. He watches them, his arm still resting lightly around Ethan's shoulders from his spot at the table, intrigued. "That would be your friend, I take it?" he murmurs to Mercury and Lucian.

Samantha Stomps: "No shortage of doors in the world." Letting him go and bellowing at the counter girl. "Hey you! Yeah, the reindeer turd. Let's have a round for the fight club, huh?"

Mercury: He sighs and raises his head. "I don't know, Lucien, but if he cries wolf again, just like Peter in the Russian fairy tale, he might not get a response."

Morgane Kristanovitch: To something earlier said she is silent but nods her head wispering something back to Lucien as she places a kiss on his cheek.

Samantha Stomps: ((LMAO @ Merc!))

Lucien Bourikas: He looks at Samantha, then to Morgane and the others at the table. "Well, alright, I'll have a... run and coke, why the hell not. The night calls for something."

Ntwadumela: Mel shakes his head and heads into the head.

Ntwadumela: ((Which would be the men's room for those that that line confused.))

Mikah Claybourne: "Or Chicken Little," he says to Mercury. Lucien gets a smile. "Ahh, a man after my own heart. A rum and Coke does sound good, doesn't it?"

Samantha Stomps: Smirks Luciens way flips off the pretty boy (Mikah) who's looking at her and Mel. "Balloon boy wants a sissy drink. Brewskis for the rest."

Mercury: He slumps a bit, arms crossed around himself, becoming annoyed again. His prospective date has fizzled and picked up someone else, they're still sitting in this bleeping cafe, Mel has hooked up with the bully who de-pants-ed him, and to top it off, the damnable Lord is proving likable. What a night!

Lucien Bourikas: He nods to Mikah. "Yes, something to warm the body in a cold night." He extends his hand. "Lucien Bourikas."

Mikah Claybourne: The bird from Samantha gets a raised eyebrow and a chuckle.

Samantha Stomps: Stomps over the table of the challengers and plops into a chair which looks like it might shatter at the abuse.

Mercury: He feels his phone and takes it out, looking at the message. A deep frown hits his face and he sits up abruptly, staring at it.

Mikah Claybourne: "Mikah Claybourne." He reaches over the table to shake Lucien's hand. "A pleasure."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He reaches out to touch Mercury's arm lightly, lower lip caught between his teeth.

Mercury: ((what's the rage difficulty for a non-Theurge on a crescent moon?))

Mikah Claybourne: ((7))

Mercury: His arm is absolutely taut, as hard as steel, and he's staring at the message, his hand beginning to grip the phone...too hard...

Samantha Stomps: Crosses her arms and calls back at the waitress. "Move it, spider legs!" Her eyes play over Morgane.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She seems to be listening to the whole conversation as it flys around her. Not missing a beat of it as she watches everyone.

Mercury: ((pray that I fail))

Samantha Stomps: The girl is a head turner, make no doubt about it. Not because she's beautiful, but because she's radical. An amazon of a woman she has the build of a weight lifter. Her mohawk is puple with flaming tips and she's pierced in places most people couldn't imagine. Her tongue is split like a serpents, rows of barbells replace her eyebrows above mud brown eyes with no lashes to speak of. Her teeth are big, her jaw square and her clothing sports almost as much chrome as her beloved motorcycle, Baby.

Mercury: d10: rage: 7,7,6,7,5,

Lucien Bourikas: His eyes slip sideways to Samantha as he shakes Mikah's hand. "Well met." He slips back in place, arm around Morgane's shoulder again, obviously possessive.

Samantha Stomps: Grins evilly at Lucien as he makes his weakness SOOOO obvious, then looks at Morgane again. "What's yer name, Princess?"

Mikah Claybourne: ((That was WAY too close. *G*)) He looks at Mercury, frowning slightly as he shifts away a little bit. The man's hostility was unnerving enough when he was being pleasant and/or that he's getting angry, it's getting to be more then a bit much. Check that...way too much.

Mercury: ((oh lord)) There's a deep growl in his throat. *CRUSH* goes the tiny phone in his hand and it's hurled across the cafe in bits and pieces. He's shifting, on his feet now and the feeling in the room goes red-hot dangerous.

Ntwadumela: Mel steps back out of the bathroom and looks around. Oh goody. Psycho biker is with the people he knows. Mel heads over to join them.

Mercury: Holding himself back by the barest whisper of self-control, he shoves away from the table violently and heads into the restroom, nearly ripping the door off its hinges. ((Way way too close ~noogies Brigitte-P~

Ntwadumela: OK, he stops midmotion to see how far Merc goes with the tantrum....

Samantha Stomps: ((He's shifting moving or shifting into a big hairy monster?))

txt msg: (*bats lashes* prove it, killer. *EG*)

Lucien Bourikas: He suddenly jumps to his feet, arm flung from Morgane as he moves to grab at Mercury and move with him to the bathroom.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Hey," he says softly to Mercury, pulling his hand back a little and shrinking back into Mikah a bit.

Samantha Stomps: Those muddy eyes suddenly lock onto Mercury.

Mercury: ((sorry, shifting moving, but boy that was close...)) Letting Lucien take him, barely able to think coherently.

Lucien Bourikas: d10: Man+Exp: 9,9,7,6,10,

Samantha Stomps: Watches Balloon Boy grab the guy and they head to the John together. Shakes her head. "Flaming fags are everywhere."

Mikah Claybourne: He freezes at the sudden growl and extreme hostility of Mercury, watching him with very close eyes. Oh, dear. Psycho about to lose it...not good. Not good at all. He tightens his arm around Ethan's shoulders slightly, watching Mercury as he storms to the bathroom. "Um?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: Her eyes move to Mercury and she moves closer to Lucien possesivness or not something in her is saying danger is afoot.

Ntwadumela: Mel gets out of the way when Merc storms through, but hangs back near the door to the bathroom.

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((DLP))

Mercury: It is by the lucky of all that watches over fools and fuzzies that Mercury is in the restroom and doesn't hear Samantha's remark, or she would be goo. He slams his hands down on either side of a porcelain sink and drops his head, fighting to keep control.

Mikah Claybourne: He might have a comment for Sam if he didn't realize that he was shaking a little, staring off to the bathroom.

Morgane Kristanovitch: She stiffens at the growl, eyes watching Mercury, as Lucien takes and walks him towards the bathroom. She clears her throat. "Does anyone wish for anything else to eat?" oh yes distraction mode.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "That...that was definitely up there on weird for the evening, yeah," he says. "And a little unnerving."

Samantha Stomps: "Oh yeah sistah, put the meat on the table!"

Morgane Kristanovitch: She glares at Sam. "Watch your mouth young lady, you do not know of which you speak of."

Mercury: His nostrils flare and he deep-breathes, focusing on Lucien, on the cold porcelain under his hands, anything but that cruel message. Tears of anger and grief run down his face, his eyes squinched tightly shut.

Samantha Stomps: Flickers her forked tongue at Morgane, then blinks. "What did you call me?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: ((Sorry that was to Sam's fag statement earlier))

Lucien Bourikas: He grips his shoulders, letting his mind connect with Mercury and work what little peace he could into him.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He cuddles into Mikah, taking what was already a nice cozy position a little more intimate.

Samantha Stomps: ((I figured))

Ntwadumela: Mel leans against the door frame of the bathroom. Listening as best he can, but not adding to whatever situation is inside. (at least, not yet)

Morgane Kristanovitch: Always proper and dignifyed. "Who me? I called you a young lady, one who clearly has no manners what so ever."

Lucien Bourikas: (his shoulders being Mercury's)

Mikah Claybourne: "" He clears his throat, and looks to Ethan, clearly quite shaken, as people are wont to do when someone nearly frenzies. "Anyone know what that was all about?"

Mercury: "I'd better go home," he says hoarsely to Lucien, abruptly straightening and grabbing almost blindly at a cheap paper towel, wetting it down and cleaning off his face. "I'm too dangerous here, and Ethan's hooked up with someone else. Tonight's fucked up, man."

Samantha Stomps: She has to think that one over, because somehow, it just isn't making any sense. Then she narrows her eyes at Morgane. She's got ta be a pooka.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "No." He glances anxiously at where Mercury vanished. "That was rather unexpected."

Mercury: ~whatever was on his phone that flipped him out is crushed into oblivion, a wad of metal and plastic~

Lucien Bourikas: He doesn't grab Mercury, but he stands between him and the door. "You get a good grip first, before you walk out that door. Enough has happened tonight. If it takes some time to control, then so be it. When you feel ready, walk out, not before."

Morgane Kristanovitch: She continues to stare directly at Sam, if she could turn someone into stone, that someone would be sam.

Samantha Stomps: "Watch yerself furball, I'll slap you in a bun and deep throat you like you was Oscar Meyer himself."

Mikah Claybourne: He shifts his body a little, facing Ethan a bit more and pulling him closer in a reciprocation of the other's cuddling. "Most unexpected, yes."

Mercury: He nods. "I will. Go back to MOrgane. I'll be okay."

Samantha Stomps: Hikes a thumb at Mikah and Ethan. "What's with the gnomes?"

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I hope he's okay...." He bites his lower lip again.

Morgane Kristanovitch: "I do not know of what you are speaking of. You need to learn respect and manners, and learn to open your eyes, making assumptions about people can be a dangerous folly." her voice is never above a conversational tone.

Ntwadumela: Mel is still leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door.

Lucien Bourikas: He lets out a deep breath. "I know how you feel about me, Mercury, but should you have need..." He leaves it unsaid and backs from the door. "The Mother is more important than any petty squabbles or bullshit, always remember that."

Mikah Claybourne: "Personally? I hope whoever might be in that bathroom is okay."

Samantha Stomps: Mor> "You accidentally swallow a shakespear novel there fuzzy?"

Mercury: He nods to Lucien, staring desolately at himself in a mirror.

Samantha Stomps: "YO! Reggae man!" What did he say his name was. "Maybe you otta go check on the Mirk, eh? Quit pissin' around in the door way."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He frowns at Sam then nods to Mikah. This whole night is just getting weirder.

Morgane Kristanovitch: A raise of an eyebrow. "My grammer and speah is far from that of Shakespeare, although he was a master of the written language." she folds her hands in her lap. "Perjaps you shoul leave, as you seem to have made a quite comfortable situation one of ucomfortablility."

Samantha Stomps: Mor> "Perhaps you outta pay someone to pry that rod outta yer ass."

Mikah Claybourne: Sam's getting no mind paid to her...Morgane seems to have the situation well in hand. He just stays there in the booth, attention focused on Ethan. Ahh, to be a non-Garou who was just in the presence of a Rage-filled one...

Ntwadumela: Mel does glance back at the door. Nope, not gonna go in yet.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Um...." He glances between Sam and where Merc vanished. The whole world's gone hostile.

Samantha Stomps: Eyes Ethan. "Whatchoo lookin' at, fairy queen?"

Mercury: Deep shuddering breath. "Eli..." he whispers, pressing his sweaty forehead to the cool glass of the mirror, leaving a nice mark for some employee to clean up later.

Lucien Bourikas: He waits, seemingly patient by the door, watching over the door and Mercury while the other gathers himself.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I'm just trying to figure out who is likely to start smashing things first...."

Samantha Stomps: Yep, she is here to make a bad situation worse. It's her special gift to the world.

Mikah Claybourne: Okay, NOW he's looking at Samantha. Eyes snap to her, frowning deeply, if still shaken. "Are you insulting for a reason, or just for the personal joy of it?"

Mercury: He abruptly grabs more towel and cleans his face up better, then dries it. His jaw set, he nods stiffly to Lucien. "I'm fine. I'm going home. The walk will do me good."

Lucien Bourikas: A very soft voice. "Eli....? A friend?"

Morgane Kristanovitch: Eyebrow raised once more. "I have no such thing as such. I have a proper upbringing and ettiquest, which you are sorely lacking in. " she stands and puts on her coat. "I would rather freeze to death and continues to have a highkly pointless conversation with the likes of you." she looks to Mikah and Ethan. "It was a pleasure to meet you both."

Samantha Stomps: "Heh, I'll give ya two to one on the Mirk."

Samantha Stomps: Smirks at Morgane. "The world will hold its breath in anticipation."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Definitely. Wish it had been under slightly less stressful circumstances." Morgane gets a quick smile.

Lucien Bourikas: He nods then. If Mercury wishes to talk, he would listen, otherwise he will respect his wishes. He looks him over and figures he is under control enough. "Perhaps the night air will do you good, but if you need a ride, I have a vehicle."

Mikah Claybourne: He looks over to Morgane, nodding with a faint smile. "Good evening, Morgane."

Samantha Stomps: YAAAAWNS hugely. It doesn't look like anything's gonna get smashed right away. What a shame.

Mercury: Lucien: "A friend. Dead." He speaks in clipped, emotionless tones. "Prank message. Cruel. Walk will do me good."

Ntwadumela: Mel knocks gently on the bathroom door.

Mikah Claybourne: He doesn't seem to care that Samantha's ignored his was a rhetorical question anyway. He looks back to Ethan, smiling slightly, an attempt to cheer. "So, then. Plans?"

Lucien Bourikas: He nods slowly to Mercury, then tenses at the knock. He looks toward the door, then moves to it and opens it, nodding to Mel when he sees him. "Everything is okay, just give us a few minutes."

Mercury: A slight jump at the knock. Then raised voice, "We're coming out."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "I don't know. We were making some, but...."

Morgane Kristanovitch: "Let's just hope that you do not breed." she says as if she was discussing a recipe with a dear friend. She heads towards the door, a look to Mel. "Please when Lucien returns let him know i shall be waiting for him outside."

Mercury: "No, Lucien, I need out now. One more minute in here and I'll go claustrophobic. Just for a change." Shaky laugh.

Ntwadumela: Mel nods toward where Morgane is getting ready to leave. "I owe him an appology."

Samantha Stomps: ((Scrolls. Oh, I missed that post. Bah!)) Her eyes drift to the pretty boi. "You squeakin' over there mouse?"

Mikah Claybourne: "Yeah, I know." He sighs a little. "But then...yes."

Ntwadumela: Or makes him aware as she walks up to them....

Lucien Bourikas: He motions toward the door, nodding to Mercury. "I won't stop you, I am only here to help. You know more than I what you can deal with."

Samantha Stomps: "Sounds like a hostage situation in there. Save 'em reggae man!"

Samantha Stomps: Mor> "You lookin' ta get laid fuzzy, yer barkin up the wrong tree." Chuckles at some private joke buried in that comment.

Mikah Claybourne: He looks to Samantha, frowning. "Please just...stop talking. The world doesn't need any more pointless idiocy spewed forth tonight...I'm quite sure you're over quota for the whole of the city on your own."

Ethan Demian Augustus: "We could go home...this is rapidly becoming insane."

Mercury: "Company's usually the best thing for me." He shakes his head, opening the door. "But there'll be questions I don't want to answer." He steps out of the bathroom, a nod to Mel.

Ntwadumela: Mel wraps his one dread around his finger, knowing it'll be gone tommorrow. He's been called 'reggae man' enough tonight.

Morgane Kristanovitch: Somehow she manages to totally and compleatly ignore Sam as she heads out the door. Taking deep breaths once she is outside to control herself.

Lucien Bourikas: He nods, and follows behind Mercury, leaving the bathroom.

Samantha Stomps: Rolls her eyes at Micah and mimics his voice, poorly. "Oh please stop saying those terrible things because I haven't got the balls to say shut up bitch."

Ntwadumela: Mel falls into step with Mercury for a moment. "I'm sorry about any damage I've done tonight."

Ethan Demian Augustus: He looks up sharply when Mercury and Lucien come back out, watching them closely.

Mikah Claybourne: "Yes, going home may be an excellent idea." He glances over his shoulder, suppressing a shiver as he sees the highly angry pick-up artist coming back.

Lucien Bourikas: He frowns when he doesn't spot Morgane at the table, and he looks around the resturant quickly.

Mikah Claybourne: "Get fucked, cunt," he says under his breath toward Sam, his eyes not leaving Mercury and Lucien. Seems the pretty boy can have a foul mouth when he wants to...

Lucien Bourikas: (Sorry, playing two scenes, I missed that part Mel)

Samantha Stomps: Snorts in disgust as reggae man starts fawning and apologizing. Why does she bother trying? She gets to her feet. "Yo, Mirk. Wanna go curb stomping?"

Samantha Stomps: Mikah> "Little louder there squeeky, I almost heard that."

Lucien Bourikas: (DLP, replace with this) He looks toward the door, then moves to the table to retrieve his new coat.

Mercury: Drained emotionally, he's almost numb by the time he approaches the table. "I need to go home. Good to have met you, Ethan. Didn't really work out." Looks at Mikah and sighs. "At least not for me. Later." He moves to the door.

Mercury: Mel: He shakes his head wearily. "It wasn't you. It was a...cruel practical joke. On my phone. Not you."

Mercury: Just fends off Sam with a shake of his head. Needing to go home.

Samantha Stomps: Narrows her eyes the numb looking Mirk. Now that's just wrong. He has the look of the undone about him. A hint of concern mars that snide mask she wears.

Ntwadumela: Mel hangs around long enough to at least open the door for Merc. If there's no reaction to the apology, he'll let it wait for later. He can figure out occasionally to not push buttons.

Mikah Claybourne: "I said, get fucked. Cunt." He still doesn't pay Sam any visual attention, eyes on Mercury.

Mercury: What he looks like, is someone who's best friend just died.

Ethan Demian Augustus: "Hey...." He blinks. "Hell." He moves like he's about to chase after Merc, but he thinks better of that. Lucien is right there. "Hey," he says, this time to Lucien as he writes his number down on a napkin. "When he calms down...."

Mercury: ooc> who's=whose

Morgane Kristanovitch: She is waiting not far from the outside door, head held high but she oterwise outwardly looks pretty calm.

Samantha Stomps: He was all fire and brimstone ten minutes ago. She eyes Lucien, moving towards him. "What did you do to him?" she says darkly.

Ntwadumela: Mel sets his hand on Merc's shoulder. "Well, I did ruin your date. I owe you for that. If I can make up for it, let me know."

Mercury: Heading out the door, letting the cold smack him in the face like a lover's fist, needing that briskness.

Lucien Bourikas: He looks at Samantha, his normally calm eyes beginning to give off a few sparks. "Do to whom? I have had about enough of you, witch, stand out of my way."

Mercury: He only nodded at Mel before he left, speech too much anymore. Pain is twisting him up inside, the red-hot fire of rage merely a glowing ember beside it.

Mercury: ((And it is very, very late *S* so I'll bid you all goodnight. *hugs*))

Mikah Claybourne: ((Night, Raven! *Hugs*))

Samantha Stomps: "Ta him!" she snarls pointing at Merc and not getting out of the way. "He goes in the john like a flaming comet and comes out with you half dead. What did ya do to him?"

Lucien Bourikas: (*Hugs* Night hun. See ya tomorrow hopefully)

Ntwadumela: Mel sighs and shakes his head, starting to walk back to his own jeep.

Samantha Stomps: ((Night Rav!))

Mercury: ((I'll be here tomorrow. *S*))

Ntwadumela: ((Goodnight, sleep tight.... if you have time to sleep still))

Lucien Bourikas: HIs voice deadly calm, but with a flat note that seemed to hold controlled violence. "Nothing except to make sure he did nothing to himself or others, which is no concern of yours, especially since you have the voice of a harpy and obviously the mind of a shark. Now.. get out of my way, and leave me be, woman, I have no further to say to you."

Samantha Stomps: ((Today is tomorrow, for me anyway.))

Mikah Claybourne: He waits for Ethan to write the number down and hand it off. The red-haired man looks about ready to go, eyes having switched focus from Mercury's now-absent form to Lucien and Samantha. No need to be present for that conflict, and he doesn't need his own anger getting them involved.

Morgane Kristanovitch: An she manages to get out of Mercurys way as he leaves, she knows not to get in the way of certain people at certain times. When he is gone down the block she continues to wait for Lucien, shaken out of her mood.

Lucien Bourikas: He nods to Ethan, taking the napkin.

Ethan Demian Augustus: He gives Lucien a grateful smile, and with a wave starts for the door. He wants away from Sam.

Samantha Stomps: "Flattery ain't gettin you squat, gas head. I'll pop yer bubble like a zit I find out you ravaged him." Jabbing a finger at Lucien.

Ntwadumela: Mel sits in his jeep, alternating between watching Merc walk away and watching Lucien and Biker Chick.

Ethan Demian Augustus: ['s seven am more RP for me before naps.... *hugs and poofs*]

Mikah Claybourne: He follows alongside Ethan, heading with him to the door and out. "The van's nearby," he murmurs to Ethan as they leave. Anger is sliding almost effortlessly into empathy, a shift almost jarring in it's suddenness. "Be home before you know it."

Samantha Stomps: ((Night Ethan.))

Ethan Demian Augustus: He smiles weakly. "Okay. That's good."

Lucien Bourikas: He swats at her hand with the attitude of one dealing with a child. "Please.. don't be ridiculous as well as ignorant." He moves past her as if she is nothing more than a piece of furniture and heads towards the door, toward Morgane.

Lucien Bourikas: (*hugs* Night hun)

Mikah Claybourne: And out the door they go, off into the night. ((Thanks for the scene, all!))