Alice Newcomb: Picks up the Primus in her Mustang! *G*

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: The Primus seems quit amused by the possibility of Alice driving them, and slips inside. He looks over to her, eyes calm. "Do not exceed the speed limit, Practicus."

David Poe: * He arives about ten minutes before the movie is about to begin and waits out front, checking his watch and going inside to take a seat in the back row of seats just before it starts. *

David Poe: {{ Grrr. Color change. }}

Alice Newcomb: "I would never do that!" she swears, pulling into traffic and driving extra sloooow for the Primus. She heads downtown without a hitch. The kid is a good driver it would seem. Next time she'll pick him up on her motorcycle. *G*

David Poe: * After setleing in he take a bite of popcorn an thinks to himself... I really need to come up with a new gimick. *

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He sits patiently in the car, waiting for them to arrive. While one might think there's scores of bodyguards around the head of House Quaesitor, there are not. He hasn't even brought the two guys outside his penthouse door.

Alice Newcomb: She parks in front of the theatre, recklessly dogging someone out for the spot.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He frowns at the recklessness, and when the car is stopped, he gets out, waiting for her to lead the way.

Alice Newcomb: "This is it," she says with a grin, grabbing a bit of canvas from the back seat before she climbs out.

David Poe: * He watches the previews halfheartedly, having already seen them just nights before. *

Alice Newcomb: She slaps the canvas bag over the meter. It says 'out of order' in red print with the city seal under that.

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He watches her dodge the parking fee, still waiting for her to lead the way.

Alice Newcomb: And then she's leading the way... Swinging the door open wide for him to catch and gets in line, buying two tickets to see King Kong. "Theatre Four." Handing off the tickets and heading down the corridor.

David Poe: * He takes another handfull of popcorn and tries to pay attention. *

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He follows along behind, eyes flicking this way and that as they move down the corridor. The choice of meeting points is a bit odd to him, and hardly his first choice, but still, he travels along.

Alice Newcomb: She slips inside the theatre proper giving her eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting.

Alice Newcomb: d10: per + alert: 8,9,8,7,5,8,7,

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: And he's right behind, looking around.

David Poe: * He is there and alone as far as the eyes can tell. *

Alice Newcomb: It's a very short moment as spies David and glides into a seat a few down from his in the back, leaving him the option to bail if he sees anything he doesn't like.

Alice Newcomb: "I heard this was a good movie," she whispers.

David Poe: " I dont know. Have never seen it but people are saying its alright. What is this all about? "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He takes a seat next to Alice, frowning at the large mumber of people in the theatre. He looks over to David, watching him a moment.

David Poe: * He continues to watch the screen. *

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "Miss Newcombe...perhaps introductions are in order?"

Alice Newcomb: Nudges Ishaq with her elbow to let him know that's his contact.

Alice Newcomb: "David... Ishaq." Rolls her eyes. It's not a formal dinner afterall.

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David Poe: " Ah okay. What do you want? " * He takes another handfull of popcorn and looks over at the two of them, speaking quietly. *

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: He frowns at Alice, before looking to David. "A pleasure, sir. I trust we have a final location in mind for this discussion?"

Alice Newcomb: Snags a handful of David's popcorn.

David Poe: " Look... sir. I do not know what you want or who you are. We are here for my protection right now and at this moment. "

Alice Newcomb: She ignores the frown, does he want her to say meet the Primus in the theatre? Sheeesh!

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "And I will not be discussing matter relating to such sensitive information in a theatre full of people." He looks to Alice a moment, then back. "I do apologize...I had thought that Miss Newcombe had told you who I was. As to the matter at hand, it relates to a certain individual who has caused some trouble for your people and Alice's and mine."

Alice Newcomb: "We didn't really get a chance to talk," she whispers, by way of explanation.

David Poe: " That much I know. Just at a loss as to how I can be of any help with it. If you do not want to talk then that is your perogitive, sir. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "You have information regarding his actions that I would appreciate gaining access to, sir. My people wish to find out exactly what occurred. However, as crucial as this information is, I will not discuss it here in this theatre. I had thought the place an initial meeting point and nothing more."

Alice Newcomb: Her eyes flicker between the two of them and it occurs to her that the Primus may not have a whole lot of experience with the other trads.

Alice Newcomb: She really thought he'd be smoother than this.

David Poe: " He sent the list through PM to my special lady friend and apparently I am being watched. That is all that I know about it at this point. If you have any other questions name a public place where I will be at ease and I will try to answer them. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "The difficulty with a public place, sir, is that it is unsafe and unwise to speak of such things. And, as you seem to say, you do not feel safe discussing them privately." He falls silent, considering as he leans back in his seat.

David Poe: " My dealings with you people have to this point included only sociopaths and what might be a traitor... oh, and Alice... so yeah I am a little leary about meeting in private right now. Not to mention the fact that I am being hunted. I feel safer out here among the other zebra's. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: Though he's still frowning, he does give a slow nod to that. "Understandable. If I may ask one you know the location of the troublemaker at this time?"

David Poe: " I have only been informed that he is in custody and awaiting trial. What that actualy entails I have no idea. I am not an old hand at this sort of thing. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "Can you put me in contact with the individual who has them, or someone who can put me in such contact?"

David Poe: " Certainly. If they are willing to speak with you I can make the proper introductions. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: "That would be most appreciated." He pauses a moment. "Forgive me, sir. I do not mean to slight you in any of this. I understand your position...I do hope you understand mine."

David Poe: " No, to tell the truth I do not understand where you are coming from but I trust that you have a reason for being here. Like I have said I am a new hand to this and I do not know how you people do business. I do not mean any offense by that either. Its just the truth. "

Ishaq ibn-Thoth: A sigh. "Sir, I do have a reason for being here. My only difficulty is that I will not discuss this matter in a movie theatre, full of sound equipment in the booth directly behind us, dark enough so there may be recording devices, and not to mention the idea that there are people in here who may overhear the conversation. Secrecy and discretion mmust be maintained. That is my position. Miss Newcomb has my contact information. Enjoy the show, and good evening." He makes to rise from his chair and leave.

Alice Newcomb: Listens quietly, not interrupting. Her first time watching the Primus in action around others.

Alice Newcomb: "I'll be out in just a minute... Dad." Waiting for him to go so she can whisper to David.

David Poe: " Good luck finding any place that can not be eavesdroped upon. At least here it is loud. Bye. "

Alice Newcomb: She scoots over into the seat beside David and whispers in his ear.

David Poe: " I have told him what I know and I do not have any questions for him. I dont know what else to say. "

Alice Newcomb: Gives his shoulder a squeeze.

David Poe: " I already know who he wants to talk too but I am not going to start handing out information like that. Roxy would tell him exactly what I just told him. We have not dealt with the guy at all since that PM came in. Thats the extent of our involvment. "

David Poe: " If the person in question wants to talk with him then I will drop you the info. "

Alice Newcomb: She pats herself down, finds a folded up menu in her pocket and scrawls a number on it, tucking it into his hand.

David Poe: * He takes the menu and smiles. * " Be careful, and tell him its nothing personal. "

Alice Newcomb: Scratches the number, figuring he can get a pencil and make it visible. Oooh, spy stuff. She loves it.

David Poe: " Yeah you take it easy. "