Ravyn: ((Okay, so Elijah, let me know real quick how you're going about the pre-raid stake out.))

Elijah Phillips: Eli is going to rent a car for the night, loose the glittery and makeup, dress in long sleeves and ride around the area, looking for a good place to ovserve the area, noting entrances, gates etc.

Elijah Phillips: He'll go out at about 11, assuming that if there is to be a graveyard shiftchange... it will happen around or after that hour. He'll sit for some time and each entrance, trying to get a feel for routine guard patrol, if there is such a thing at this particular quarry.

Ravyn: ((Okay, so roll me Per+Security and Wits+Stealth))

Elijah Phillips: 4,3,

Elijah Phillips: 4,9,

Elijah Phillips: ((fair enough. all in all not a 'bad' stakeout...))

Ravyn: He does notice that there's two guards on each entrance, plus security cameras. All guards are armed with pistols and what looks to be tasers.

Elijah Phillips: ((can he tell from the outside, the best point of entry that doesn't involve an actual entrance? that would lead to a large collection of marble on the other side of the gate?))

Ravyn: ((Per+Investigation))

Elijah Phillips: 10,1,

Ravyn: Tough to tell, from the level of examination Elijah is able to take without getting noticed.

Elijah Phillips: ((Oo! Nevermind.. I do have a dot in investigation.. i didn't think i did.))

Elijah Phillips: 9,

Ravyn: Ah ha, so he is able to dicern where to find the marble. Quickest route would be the back entrance, though certainly not the safest. Elijah spies a window, though, that may suffice.

Victor Mendez: ((Who needs windows :)))

Elijah Phillips: Alright then. Once glitter boy is done pretending to be sneaky, he'll return the rent-a-car. The next day he'll rent a u-haul under a bogus name and set up a moving crew to meet them at his hotel to quickly transport the blocks to his suite. He'll dye his hair black (temp dye job), slick it back, dress in long sleeves, black and plain jeans, and skip the usual thick layer of eyemakeup. He rolls to pick up Victor.

Victor Mendez: *Victor is sitting in his alley hoping that Eli picked him up some dark clothing for this ill gotten adventure*

Victor Mendez: *Seeing the Uhaul Victor gets up and wanders over waving at Eli before getting in*

Elijah Phillips: Grins at the man and motions down to a pile of dark clothing, just as he'd requested ((of all the things.. you don't think he'd forget the clothes!? heh))

Victor Mendez: *Victor grabs the clothes and slips them over the clothes that he is already wearing*

: ((*devours everyone. burps. heads off on a torment-fuelled rampage*))

Victor Mendez: "So did you find an easy way to the marble?" *says Victor looking out the windsheild*

Elijah Phillips: While waiting for Victor to get suited up, Eli glances around in thought "You think we should lose the plates?" He looks a bit worried of being caught.

Ravyn: ((Bad Ravener! *G*))

Elijah Phillips: He sighs "I scoped out the place a bit. There are guards and camaras at all the entrances. Pistols and tasers.." He shudders, not really wanting to get shot this evening. "Our best bet will be to roll around back.. I saw a window that might work.."

Victor Mendez: "Probably not a bad idea"

Victor Mendez: *Victor shakes his head* "Just get me near a good size deposit along the paremeter and Ill do the rest"

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods and steps out of the uhaul to remove the plates. Stepping back in, he slides it under his seat.

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods with a grin toward the man "That's all I needed to know, love. Here goes.." He starts up and zips to the quarry, going around to the back in the most discreet route possible.

Elijah Phillips: He backs the truck up to the place he eyed before, a ways away from his original window idea since the artisan aparently doesn't need it. "Is there anything you need me to do?"

Victor Mendez: "Yea come with me and keep a look out" *says Victor as he gets out of the truck and looks for a deposit of Marble away from the entrances but near the side of the quarry*

Elijah Phillips: Eli peeks out the window of the truck, looking skiddish "Are.. you sure you don't want me to keep the engine running.. you know.. just in case?" A hopeful grin.

Victor Mendez: "Its your marble I told you to buy some" *says Victor stepping out of the truck*

Ravyn: ((Dexterity+Stealth, Victor.))

Ravyn: ((Actually, Per+Alert. Misread.))

Victor Mendez: 6,4,7,2,

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a frustrated sigh and mutters "I'm not dolling out cash for rock that our kind created.. I'll help.." He steps out of the truck as well and keeps a less than attentive lookout.

Victor Mendez: 2,6,9,10,4,

Ravyn: Victor quickly sees where he believes the marble to be located, which just so happens to be behind a wall, near the rear entrance.

Ravyn: The whole quarry is actually walled off, beyond the two ways in and the couple windows.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves slowly towards the wall trying not to attract any attention to himself*

Elijah Phillips: Eli sticks near the back of the truck, bright eyes peeled.

Ravyn: ((NOW Dex+Stealth. Elijah, Mr. Look-Out, give me a Manipulation+Stealth, and a Per+Alert))

Victor Mendez: 6,5,5,9,

Elijah Phillips: 2,7,5,

Elijah Phillips: 8,6,

Ravyn: 1,7,2,8,

Ravyn: The guards have long, boring shifts, and are too busy talking to each other to notice Victor sneak to the wall. Elijah also escapes any severe scrutiny, just looking like a guy hanging out. He's got a good view of the guards, though.

Victor Mendez: *Victor kneels near the all as he tries to form a whole in the wall with his lore*

Victor Mendez: 7,10,1,7,1,8,6,7,

Ravyn: The hole easily opens up to Victor's commands, creating a gap big enough for him to enter through.

Victor Mendez: ((How close to the marble is Victor))

Ravyn: Looking through, Victor can see a large quantity of marble, about twenty feet away.

Victor Mendez: *Victor slowly moves through the hole towards the Marble looking for a peice that looks to weigh about 800 lbs

Ravyn: ((Per+Crafts))

Victor Mendez: 4,10,3,5,3,5,

Ravyn: Victor sees one that's probably in the 700-800 pound range.

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles as he looks around to see if there are any guards around before assuming his apoc. form*

Ravyn: ((Per+Alertness))

Victor Mendez: 4,9,2,6,1,

Ravyn: No guards. Victor does see, however, a security camera, pointing right down at him, red light blinking as if to say "Gotcha!"

Victor Mendez: *Victor tries to will the camera to turn off*

Victor Mendez: 9,9,7,2,8,8,8,

Ravyn: The red light faces off slowly.

Ravyn: ((fades))

Victor Mendez: *Victor concentrates on assuming his apoc form* ((Pulling out all low torment abilities))

Victor Mendez: 9,7,7,7,

Elijah Phillips: ((fyi, marble is 165lbs per cubic foot.. so 800 lbs would be a hair shy of 5 cb ft.))

Ravyn: Victor's apocalyptic form comes easy to him, and he takes shape.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves quickly towards the Marble trying to keep quiet*

Ravyn: Which is not a problem. No one nearby, no one listening. He gets to the marble.

Victor Mendez: *Victor picks up the block and moves it to the hole in the gate*

Elijah Phillips: Eli is peeking toward the gate, a bit nervous as he leans against the back of the truck, ready to open the latch.

Elijah Phillips: ((not gate.. hole))

Ravyn: In Victor's increased size, it's easy for him to carry the block over. He gets it to the hole, and has no problem getting it through.

Victor Mendez: *Victor sets the block down outside of the hole before looking back for another block of Marble*

Ravyn: 9,1,2,2,

Ravyn: Wow, those guards SUCK. They notice nothing. Victor can find another good piece without a problem.

Victor Mendez: *Victor grabs the secound block of Marble and moves it back outside of the hole before waving to Eli to back the truck down to the hole*

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods and quickly start the uhaul up, backing it close to the hole.

Ravyn: When the U-Haul pulls up to the side of the building, though, they DO notice that...it's impossible to ignore, after all. They frown a little and start approaching.

Victor Mendez: *Victor tosses the blocks one at a time into the back of the truck*

Elijah Phillips: He looks around nervously. Two loud thuds.. waits for a third to imply Victor is in the truck. He checks his mirrors, ready to make a quick getaway.

Ravyn: When the guards hear the sounds of somthing being tossed in the truck, they pull their tasers out, approaching. "Hey, you! What are you doing?"

Victor Mendez: *After loading the two blocks victor hops into the back of the truck and closes the door*

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at them and smiles*

Elijah Phillips: And Eli promptly lead foots it

Ravyn: 7,9,6,6,

Ravyn: 3,3,9,3,

Ravyn: One of the guards is startled by Victor's unerthly form...the other gives chase. It's futile, though, of course, as the U-Haul races away.

Victor Mendez: *Once the door is closed on the U-haul Victor gets to work trying to fuse the two blocks together forming what appears to be an artist sculpting block*

Victor Mendez: 8,1,6,9,7,7,5,10,

Ravyn: And the van drives away, with the guard finally stopping as it gets away.

Elijah Phillips: Eli lets out a girlish squeal as they get a bit farther from the quarry. He zips to the hotel, which should give Victor ample time to do his thang.

Victor Mendez: *After finishing with the block victor lets his form drop and takes off the clothes Eli gave him*

Ravyn: ((And I'm leaving it there. *S*))

: ((Those whacky demons!))

Elijah Phillips: ((danke danke!))

Victor Mendez: ((Thanks for the scene))

Ravyn: ((No prob. *S*))

: ((*applauds over the getaway*))