Alec Golden: ((*blushes* Ooooops....Alec da pimp remnants...*sweeps dem under rug*))

Alec Golden: Looks to be in his mid to late 20's. A little under six foot tall and slim. Shoulder length black hair and piercing blue eyes that keenly look at the surroundings through a twinkle of surpressed mirth, like he is constantly laughing at the world. He wears blue jeans, hiking boots and a sleeveless white tee. His outside, upper right arm has a tattoo of an angel, her wings raised over her head, the tips starting at his shoulder, her feet at his elbow. She is wearing a full length gown, her hands clasped before her breast, head lowered and crying. The inside of his lower left arm is a katana with a thorny vine wrapped around the blade, a long gold chain ending in a pendant swings from his neck, the pendant is etched on the front with the King of Hearts, bearing a scepter with tiny blue stones for eyes and topping the scepter.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *the black man sits, he's brooding tonight, as he lounges near the bar, hand on his forehead. from beind reflective shades he watched the metal heads and barstars drift to and from the bar, a snake lurking in the grass of their watering hole*

Alec Golden: *watches a fracas start in the mosh pit with an amused grin, it soon reverts back to simple moshing, though how one can tell the difference, it's hard to tell* ((Anyone need the Clubs DD?))

Mayati: The sound of heels clicking on pavement echo down the street at the front of the club, and then, she comes into view, a dark-skinned woman of fairly short stature and exotic beauty. Dressed in a tight, black turtleneck and matching pants, with a brown leather jacket over it all, she appears to be dressed to attract attention, not that her striking facial features wouldn't do it anyway. Her eyes are kohled, a dark red on her lips. Her hair, shoulder-length and raven in color, is worn loose. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and scan the club as she walks in, though they have an unconcerned air to them that almost seems foolish for any situation.

Ammon Sahadset Black: ***Tall, Powerful and Sexual. He looks to be in his late twenties. The 6'4 black man has a powerful build , lankiness offset by a broad chest and square shoulders. His bald head glints blue black in the light, and his broad facial features are pleasant and alluring. Dark eyes are hidden by stylish sunglasses that hook onto his nose without legs, And his attire is a blue silk shirt tucked neatly into tailored black dress pants, black snake leather shoes polished to a blinding shine. His gait is easy and confident, and when he speaks his voice rumbles from deep in his chest, an unbeleivably deep sultry sound, commanding and sensual all the same time. It demands attention.**

Alec Golden: *wanders past the door, checking the man at the door for any problems*

Alec Golden: *nods at the guy and works his way towards the bar*

Ravyn: The doorman reports no problems, though he did notice a car cruising by earlier tonight. They didn't do anything, they were just moving fairly slow by the place, as if checking it out.

Alec Golden: *as he walks, his eyes are narrowed in thought, wondering if he is gonna need ANOTHER new jacket*

Alec Golden: 8,4,8,6,3,9,2,

Ammon Sahadset Black: *the big black is lounging, just watching things from behind his shades, looking for prospects*

Alec Golden: *wow...he sees EVERYTHING going on tonight....even with the added difficulty of the bar setting*

Ammon Sahadset Black: 2,9,9,6,8,

Mayati: She walks up to the bar, taking a seat at it and ordering a Seraphim's Tears. She looks around as the drink is made, scanning the bar.

Alec Golden: *strolls towards the large black man, once near he raises his voice to be heard* Ammon!

Alec Golden: *the tender happily mixes up the Kiss, chuckling softly to himself at the little lady ordering the most potent ass drink on the menu, when he serves it, his face is placid as usual*

Ammon Sahadset Black: *ammon is also pretty on the ball, eyes drifting over everything, soaking it in..and there would be alec. a wave and a smile*

Alec Golden: *slide up next to the man and scans the crowd* See anything interesting? Or anyone?

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmm perhaps... And you? *his eyes slide sideways to Mayati. a smile there as well*

Alec Golden: Just interesting news. *watches the door a moment before following Ammon's gaze* Ahhhh.

Mayati: She takes the drink, giving over a credit card to start a tab, and turns around, sipping it. Her eyes pass over Alec and Ammon, and she smiles a litle bit. She takes the drink and starts walking over toward them.

Alec Golden: *warm smile at the woman as she approaches*

Ammon Sahadset Black: Hows the girl? *his eyes on Mayati as she approaches*

Alec Golden: She is doing well. Classes are really kickin her ass. *smiles*

Mayati: "Mr. Black...been a while." She smiles at him. She gives Alec a greeting nod.

Alec Golden: *inclines head to the lady*

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmmmm. *he nods, then smiles to the woman and extends a hand, rumbling* too long. you left me in suspense.

Mayati: She takes the hand with a chuckle. "I like to leave 'em guessing." She winks at him. "Still got the little trinket I gave you?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: mhmm. *he flashes that lady killing grin* I'm not the type to throw away a gift.

Alec Golden: *flicks a finger at the tender and soon a Grey Goose with a twist appears, he picks it up and takes a sip, scanning the crowd*

Mayati: She grins. "Good to hear." She looks over to Alec. "So are you going to introduce me?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: (*strangles ammon until he dies.. then pants*) What, and have your attention split between two handsome men? *he rumbles,grinning* this is Alec Golden, proprieter.

Alec Golden: *swaps drink to left hand and offer his right* Pleased to meet you.....

Alec Golden: ((Strangling a vamp...damn...that'll take a while....))

Mayati: She takes Alec's hand and nods to him. "Pleased to meet you, Alec. I'm Mayati." She speaks with the slightest hint of an accent...cultured. Middle Eastern, perhaps.

Alec Golden: Mayati. A lovely name, for a lovely lady. *flashes that grin to her, a twinkle of the bad boy still left in this one*

Ammon Sahadset Black: *ammon leans back against the bar, an undeniable prescence, eyes roving the crowd before he speaks* Anything new and intersting, Mayati?

Mayati: She chuckles a bit to that. "You have a charming friend, Mr. Black. And you, Alec, have an amazing place. And one that serves excellent drinks."

: ((Open to another damned))

Alec Golden: *he nods his head at the compliment* Why thank you Mayati. I shall pass along your compliments to the tender. *quick wink* And the club is only as amazing as the ones who choose to grace her each evening. And tonight, she is spectacular.

Alec Golden: ((Drag yo damned ass on in!))

Alec Golden: ((Drag yo damned ass on in!))

Mayati: ((Doubly so!)) She gives Alec a wink, enjoying the interplay, and looks over to Ammon. "New and interesting? Always. How about yourself?"

Alec Golden: *sips the vodka with a smile and watches the crowd again*

unseen: and the cloud of unwholesomeness descends on the queue outside as they start to worry over nothing, someone complains about the "damn burst pipes and they all get generally shifty.

Ammon Sahadset Black: I'm quite dull... I sit at home and read the times. *he gives her a cocky smile,leaning against the bar* You've hear bout the murder of that egyptologist mmm?

Alec Golden: *cocks head and listens, heard nothing about it*

Mayati: She nods. "Mmm, yes. Dr. Geren, right? Sad thing, that." She takes a sip of her drink, looking at Ammon. "What about it?"

Celest Aston: She walks up ti the front door and nods her head to the bouncer. He nodes his head back and opens the door for her as she walks in.

unseen: and the crowds at the door part and the security step aside as nothing enters, and suddenly theres a wierd smell in the room, like peat or turned earth, and theres that chill in your spine that somethings not quite right,

unseen: ((hee hee *points at Cel.. she must smell*))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he smiles straightening his shirt with a massive hand* Very Interesting. I've read his book. he tought that he had some sort of artifact, a bunch of eygption voodoo, I'm sure. *he grins* maybe thats why he got murdered..hmmm? *a low laugh as he shakes his head*

Alec Golden -> Mayati: ((*uses Auspex nine to locate the source of the smell* Oh wait....I'm not cryptkeeper. *L*))

Alec Golden: *frowns slightly and looks around for the source of the offending odor*

Mayati -> Alec Golden: ((Dude, that made me lapse into laughing/coughing fits! *G

Celest Aston: ((thanks))

Mayati: She raises an eyebrow. "Really? What kind of artifact?"

Celest Aston: Looks around the club and rolls her shoulders.

Alec Golden: *smiles at Celest, wondering if she slept in a dumpster today*

Celest Aston: 7,1,8,3,3,

Celest Aston: Walks towards Alec and upon reaching him she says with a raised eyebrow" what happened the bathrooms flood?"

Alec Golden: Funny, nothing untowards happened until ~you~ arrived. *grins*

unseen: and the unseen shape heads into an empty corner hidden in shadow and...

Celest Aston: Face straight" right....I didn't smell anything until I got to ~your~ club."

Alec Golden: I blame the bouncer. He had mexican tonight.

Osterwald Klaus: he is standing in the corner smoking a fat cigar and pausing no and then to note a note in his pad.

Osterwald Klaus: ((ask if you dont know the dd))

Alec Golden: *the music from the live band blares from the speakers, the moshers mosh, and the bass thumps*

Celest Aston: She smiles" that would probably be it then."

Ammon Sahadset Black: Something called the chalice of Ra... he apparently sold it on the balck market, which is.. from what little i understand.. a faux pas in the world of archeology *he grins, looking around the room. what the hell??*

Celest Aston: Warps her arm around Alec's waist" So how are you doing?" Kisses him on the cheek

Alec Golden: Yeah, beans, jalapenos, and hot sauce make for a rather...fragrant bouquet. I would fire the man, if I could get near enough to him without swooning with pure joy from his offerings.

Osterwald Klaus: in the corner theres a man with a thick cuban, hes out of place here. The guys got an air of Dick Tracy about him, theres something about the way he wears that tan trench and black suit, the way he cocks that hat, or the well polished shoes, he looks like something out of a 20's crime novel. He's 6'2 and stocky built, this guy fits in this suit. Slightly tanned white skin, wrinkled in the corners of his mouth and eyes, a strong square jaw lightly stubbled with flecks of grey, mellow blue eyes gaze out intently and his hairs slick and laquered back beneath the old detectives hat. He’s average really, but there’s something unsettling about him, something you cant quiet place but it makes you very uncomfortable being around him, and then there’s that odd smell of turned peat ((eerie presence))

Alec Golden: *wraps an arm around Celest and returns the kiss* Better thanks. *warm smile* You?

Celest Aston: Wrinkles her nose at the previous statement "Bored. But I am glad that you are good."

Alec Golden: Yeah. I'm all done PMSing for the month so I get a few more weeks of normalcy.

Mayati: She looks around the room as Ammon does, nodding. "That it is. Could be that. Or maybe someone heard he was selling it, and wanted it without paying."

Osterwald Klaus -> Mayati: ((and oster is now taking notes on the place security and such, people, procedures and then he will wander the building a little, tell me if you want any rolls,))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he watches Alec and Celest, and shakes his head, attention turning back to Mayati* Either way, its a devilish mystery isn't it? *his shades flash as he gets a conspiretal smile, *

Celest Aston: Laughs "Well then we need to have some fun now that you are out of your funk.....Si how is An?"

Alec Golden: She is well. Busy with her work of course.

Mayati -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Yeah, gimme Perception+Security, and Wits+Stealth to look casual about it.))

Osterwald Klaus: and the guy wanders to the bar, he seems to looks at the drinks intently but doesnt ask for anything, then he stands by the fire exit and looks around again

Celest Aston: Nods her head" but of course those with a talent need to keep up with it." winks at Alec"SO now tell me who is that with Ammon?"

Osterwald Klaus: 6,7,8,3,4,10,4,5,

Mayati: "That it is." She sips her drink. "Perhaps it's something we should look into. If what I've heard about the so-called Chalice of Ra is correct, our associates may want to get ahold of it."

Osterwald Klaus: 9,2,8,9,3,1,

Alec Golden: Mayati, thie is Celest. Celest, this is Mayati.

Osterwald Klaus: 3,

Osterwald Klaus -> Mayati: ((4 suxs and 2 sux but hes gonna keep searching.))

Mayati: 5,5,7,9,4,

Celest Aston: Smiling she holds out her hand to Mayati" How do you do."

Mayati: She smiles to Celest, taking the hand. "Pleased to meet you, Celest."

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmm my thoughts as well. *he looks to Celest, smiling in amusement, then back around the club. horrible swery crown, he smoothed his pants anxiously*

Osterwald Klaus -> Mayati: ((ooh 5 sux on the first... acute sight))

Osterwald Klaus: he watches the barmen work, most of his attention on the decor, seems lost to the music.

Celest Aston: "You as well, Mayati." turns her head and smiles as she looks Ammon up and down "Well good evenining Ammon. How are you doing?"

Mayati -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Okay, so what exactly are you looking for?))

Ammon Sahadset Black: Just fine sugar, *he rumbles* and you're looking perfect. * pleasant smile, the expression in his dark eyes hidden by the reflective shades*

Osterwald Klaus -> Mayati: security features, and easy access points, hes noting the positions of all the doors, there probable use in escape, and then standing by the bar and watching the bar processes,

Celest Aston: "Why thank you, Ammon I always do try."

Mayati -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Okay. Having Alec PM you all that.))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *that brilliant smile lights up his face, as he relaxes, glancing around again, resting an arm along the bar*

Mayati: She falls silent, drinking her Seraphim's Tears and managing not to look buzzed by it, as Ammon and Celest talk.

Shiva: She walks into the club, taking a look around with the appraising glance of one who knows what a club should have. Dark red hair falls to her shoulders, and she has a skin tone that suggests mixed heritage. She's attractive enough...and her outfit, a mix of biker gear and a halter-top, does nothing to hide that attractiveness.

Celest Aston: Moves her gaze back to Mayati. "So Mayati, what do you do for a living?"

Osterwald Klaus: he walks round the outside of the room avoiding the bar and heads to the same position on the opposite side of the bar.

Alec Golden: *sips his vodka and watches the crowd*

Ammon Sahadset Black: 2,3,5,8,4,

Osterwald Klaus: 5,8,8,8,8,4,6,1,

Mayati: She smiles at Celest. "I run a small occult store in Tribeca. You?"

Mayati: 9,9,4,6,2,

Ammon Sahadset Black: *clubgoers. lots of them. the man adjusts his shates against the seizure lights,checking his watch a he listens to the women speak*

Alec Golden: 6,9,9,7,3,5,3,

Alec Golden: *clubgoers, lots of them, and a NEW hottie in the the Shiva*

Celest Aston: Smiles brightly" I am a writer, small things for the times, but I do have a book out."

Shiva: She gives a last look around, noting the dance floor and bar, and chooses the bar. She sidles up, taking a seat, and smiles at the 'tender as he approaches. "I'm fine for the moment, sweets. I'll get your attention when I'm ready."

Ravyn: A security person comes up to Alec, speaking quietly to him.

Ravyn -> Alec Golden: "Mr. Golden...the man at the bar with the cigar's been checking out our security and exits."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *his attention drifts to Alec upon the arrival of security*

Osterwald Klaus: and oster heads into a bathroom.

Mayati: "Really?" She slips Ammon a look, then smiles to Celest. "What's the topic?"

Alec Golden: *he smiles and nods at the man* Thanks. *eyes scan the area quickly*

Shiva: She glances over at the security guy speaking to someone, and leans back, casually watching.

Alec Golden: Excuse me. *he heads for the restroom as well, wanting to speak with this man*

Ravyn: The security man walks over and notifies the doorman, then heads back to watch the dance floor.

Celest Aston: "Well." looks like she might be warming to this conversation " It's on the wine industry, called 'Vineyards and Wines of the western United States'"

Alec Golden: *enters the restroom, looking around*

Osterwald Klaus -> Ravyn: ((oster goes into a loo to ob is that ok?))

Osterwald Klaus -> Ravyn: ((if it isnt ok he will change his mask of a thousand to that of a goth guy,))

Celest Aston: Nods to Alec as he walks away.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he watches alec head off... running a tongue over his teeth. that was odd... he keeps an eye out, letting the women have their conversation*

Ravyn -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Legitimately, Oster couldn't have gotten to the bathroom with Alec less then a couple steps behind him, unless he ran for it, in which case security would have stopped him before he hit the door. I'm going to say he couldn't make it in time.))

Mayati: "Mmmm...interesting. Not much of a wine connoisseur myself, I'm afraid. But I'm sure it's a fascinating subject."

Osterwald Klaus -> Ravyn: he wasnt heading away from sec. he was heading in to ob anyway to slip into alecs back room he just told me about in his pm

Alec Golden: *comes back out of the bathroom, no longer smiling, pointing at the security bouncer, two fingers to his eyes, then to the door*

Ravyn -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Roll the Mask))

Osterwald Klaus: ((delete alecs last post))

Ravyn -> Osterwald Klaus: ((Okay, that'll work, then.))

Ravyn: ((Alec's last post stands, something was not clear. S'all good.))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *now.. what was this? a cover skipping clubgoer?.. or something more interesting. Ammon watches it all lazily*

Osterwald Klaus -> Ravyn: ((no i cant he wasnt going to and has no idea that alecs following him, he was just planning to ob))

Celest Aston: Smiles" Most are not experts. Although I have been known to give instruction for those who would like to know enough to be defined at a party or engagement or some kind. But the subject is one that is near and dear to my heart."

Osterwald Klaus -> Ravyn: ((lol ignore me oster = obfuscated))

Ravyn -> Osterwald Klaus: ((That's what I meant by that'll work. The Obfuscating.))

Alec Golden: *strolls back over to the group, and his vodka, the smile returning*

Unseen : Unseen heads to the door to the back room and waits for someone to enter it.

Celest Aston: Puts her arm back around Alec.

Mayati: "Well, good for you, Celest. Everyone should have a passion." She looks at Ammon briefly, following his eyes.

Ravyn: The bouncer nods, and makes sure the exits are covered.

Alec Golden: *eventually SOMEONE comes out of the back room, the door swinging open for a moment as he brings out a couple of cases of beer to restock* *hugs Celest with the free arm*

Celest Aston: Smiles "Why thank you Mayati, I am sure that your business is a passion of yours."

Unseen : 7,8,6,7,8,

Unseen : and the thing enters when someone opens that door heading into the inner workings of the club.

Shiva: 2,3,3,8,1,2,3,

Ammon Sahadset Black: NOw..what was that about hmmm? *he croons to alec, smiling pleasantly*

Shiva: She seems amused by the whole thing, and shakes her head, looking around the bar casually.

Alec Golden: Curiosity my friend. It may have killed the cat, but it has surely piqued my interest.

Mayati: She smiles at Celest, then leans back, sipping her drink.

Ammon Sahadset Black: about what? the state of the mens room? *he keeps that grin on, even though tonight he'd dearly like to wring everyone's neck.*

Alec Golden: The source of the odor was of particular concern to me yes. *nods* Apparently it was just a major case of Montezuma's Revenge and nothing more. Although I would suggest that whoever it was, seek some SERIOUS medical treatment....because they have a problem.

Celest Aston: Keeps her face straight." If Alec wanted to let you know what was going on he would have said something Ammon, but obviously he has things under control."

Celest Aston: Smiling she raises her free hand and pats Alec's chest." very true."

Mayati: She glances at Celest, frowning a little at the gentle reproach she gives Ammon, but quickly shrugs it off.

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmhmmmm... *dark eyes glitter to celes.. why would anyone make immortal such an unpleasant creature? with a shake of his head he smiles still, and retreives his coat from the bench beside him with a cursory glance at his watch* Well lady and gentleman, I've got places to go and people to do. I should probably head out.

Mayati: She nods to Ammon, sighing a little as she slips a business card into his hand. "I don't think I got this to you before...give me a call, Mr. Black. I think we may have much to discuss."

Unseen : 5,5,4,9,7,2,10,7,7,

Unseen : 4,

Alec Golden: Thanks for stopping by Ammon. *offers hand* And feel free to come back anytime. I'll make sure you aren't bothered at the door.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he gives the woman a million watt smile, taking the card and offering her his own with a nod* its been a pleasure Mayati. This time I won't let you slip away so easily. *slings the coat over his forearm* I'll call you soon. *a shake and a nod to alec, and he heads for the door*

Alec Golden: ((Will be posting slow...forgive please.))

Celest Aston: Smiles and nods her head to Ammon "Have a good evening."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *a wave with the huge blueblack hand as he slips out the door, walking away from the club and leaning against the cool outside wall, releived. tonight was not a good night for crowds*

Shiva: She watches Ammon leave, raising an eyebrow at the exchange between him and Celest. Interesting.

Alec Golden: *sways with the music, head nodding, he crooks a finger at the tender, and ANOTHER Gry Goose with a twist appears*

Alec Golden: *glances over his shoulder at the hottie and flashes her his most winning smile*

Celest Aston: Finally orders a drink of vodka tonic.

Alec Golden: ((Ahem...hottie #2...Shiva that is.))

Shiva: Alec manages to catch her eye, and she smiles in his direction, a slightly playful grin on her face.

Alec Golden: *winks and a slight jerk of the head inviting her over, sipping at his vodka*

Ammon Sahadset Black: *just a few minutes of repreive. thats all the big black man needs, shutting his eyes and slipping off his shades, polishing them blindly with a hankercheif from his shirt pocket*

Celest Aston: She takes a sip of the drink after it get's delivered to her. Looking the place over absently noding her head to the beat of the musci.

Unseen -> Mayati: ((erm did you get my page to rav.. looking for a diff for a hacking roll on a very basic password.))

Shiva: She shrugs and stands up, walking over to Alec and taking a seat next to him. "Evenin'."

Alec Golden: Hey there. *sets drink down and offers hand* Alec. Nice ta meetcha.

Mayati: She sits back, looking around the club. Her interest seems to have waned, with Ammon gone.

Mayati -> Unseen: ((Sorry...diff 5, if it's pretty simple.))

Unseen: 5,3,6,3,8,9,

Celest Aston: Looks over to the new adition of their party and smiles at Shiva.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *clubgoers waiting in line chatter insecantly. and he squeezes his lids tightly together trying to block them out. he slips the shades back on, fumbling for his phone. he was foolish to have come out tonight...*

Unseen -> Mayati: ((ok he has a solid mahogany desk with a front panel, oster wishes to drill a small clean whole in the bottom of the table right at the back, like a screw hole that was never used, and insert a listening device, which he will remove at a later date. this is his speciality and hes doing the clan nos official visit here.. any issues with this action?))

Shiva: She takes Alec's hand and shakes it, grinning. "Shiva. I'm your competition...more or less, anyway."

Alec Golden: Oh really? *warm smile* Then should we step out back and settle this the old fashioned way? *laughs* What club do you run? I'll have to come steal ideas...I mean, check it out.

Shiva: She grins. "We're across town...seem to cater to the same crowd, though. The Nevermore."

Alec Golden: *he nods* Not quite. You tend to draw more of the goth crowd, I'm hitting more of the hardcore metal heads. Hopefully there is enough to go around?

Celest Aston: She listens to their converastion taking sips of her drink every now and then.

Alec Golden: ((*chuckles as the band Nevermore comes up on Launch at almost the same time as Shiva's post*))

Mayati -> Unseen: ((Nope.))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *it rings..and rings..and rings.. oh shit.. he'd sent the girl out tonight hadn't he? he hisses to himself, shoving the phone away* Fuck.

Shiva: She shrugs. "I'm hopin' so. Hate to have to crush ya like a bug." The jibe is completely playful, with no malice intended behind it.

Mayati: She gets up, eventually, and signs for her tab, nodding quietly to Alec as she heads out.

Alec Golden: *grins at her* But that could be so much fun. *watches her a moment before speaking again* In a gesture towards world peace, why don't we agree to not to do anything to outright attempt to harm the other's business. *chuckles* One less thing for BOTH of us to deal with.

Celest Aston: Seeing Matati leave" Good night and nice to meet you."

Mayati: She nods to Celest. "Good evening." And she's out the door.

Alec Golden: *nods to Mayati* Nice meeting you.

Shiva: She shrugs. "I think I can get the boss to agree with that. I actually manage it, rather then actually owning it. But Ravyn's a reasonable guy. He'll be down with it."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he scans the crowd of people waiting to be let in. maybe he would bring something home? he moved towards a likely prospect falshing her a dazzling grin*

Alec Golden: Good deal. If I find any bands that would fit in better there, I'll send 'em your way.

Ammon Sahadset Black: 9,4,3,10,6,

Mayati: Out the door, she sees Ammon, and frowns lightly. "Mr.'re still here? Waiting for me, are you?" She smiles.

Shiva: She smiles. "That'd be nice. I'll make sure only to firebomb the other clubs." She winks at him.

Alec Golden: I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. *winks back* You are much too kind. *ponders* Need someone to hold the lighter?

Ammon Sahadset Black: *jesus.. that was a mayati right there. Ammon moves through the crowd towards her, giving a grin* Apparently. I was just considering some take out. *he studies her carefully from behind his shades* Good thing I didn't leave mmmm? who would you have to walk you home?

Unseen: 8,9,8,2,10,2,

Unseen -> Mayati: ((ok hes gained access to the camera on the office wall and is fitting a smaller camera and transmitter inside the casing if thats ok with you? hooking it to the same power.. will i roll int sec.. or dex sec))

Mayati -> Unseen: Int+Sec

Unseen: 8,9,8,9,8,8,10,2,

Unseen: 9,

Unseen -> Mayati: ((8 sux))

Ammon Sahadset Black: (jesus ninja laspen. you sleep with the dice roller?)

Celest Aston: Laughs at Alec's comment. "you would want to do that."

Shiva: She chuckles. "No, no...explosives have caused enough problems in my life the last half a year or so." Winking at him.

Alec Golden: ((If my next fookin roll botches, I know whose ass ta kick. *G*))

Unseen: ((always))

Mayati: She smiles to Ammon, and nods. "An excellent point."

Alec Golden: Okay then. *grins* Just thought I would offer and all. And hell yeah Celest. This is business. Two clubs will be a lot more successful than twenty.

Unseen -> Mayati: ((the files for the last half hour in the office are deleted and replaced with those of another file showing no activity, the file is renamed to be as it should be and he leaves the office quietly,))

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he smiles and extends his arm, a mockery of a gentleman as he grins cockily*

Mayati: She takes the offered arm, walking along with him.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he heads along the siedwalk, gait lazy, head turned to Mayati* You said our associates might be interested in this Geren felly mmmm?

Shiva: She grins. "The man has an excellent point...and if you wanna pour the molotovs and toss 'em along, go ahead, studpuppy. Me, I'm stayin' clear of it for the time being. Maybe in a while, when people have forgotten."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana strolls nervously in the direction of the club, clinching her long coat shut with a gloved hand.

Alec Golden: *he chuckles softly* I bad bad girl. You sound like fun at parties. *winks*

Celest Aston: Smiles and offers her hand to Shive" Hi I am Celest, althought" looks to Alec" I was hoping for an introduction earlier,but someone forgot to because of the business side of the conversation took over his brain."

Mayati: She nods, lighting a cigarette as she does. "Mmmm. Indeed they would. Not Geren, mind you...a useless man. But the Cup of Set...that could be quite useful to our friends."

Shiva: She looks at Celest, and shrugs. "S'all good. I'm Shiva, Celest." She takes the hand, briefly.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Walking up, she hesitates seeing how many people are outside the club but she eventually drudges on making her way toward the entrance.

Ammon Sahadset Black: Assuming we have the same friends sweetness *his voice is a croon as he looks to her cigarette smiling*

Alec Golden: Hey...she introduced herself. I cannot help it if you were not paying attention. *grins*

Ammon Sahadset Black: (damnit! felly slipped into my blackmans vocabulary becasue of that freaking PIKEY!))

Celest Aston: Smiles "Nice to meet you Shiva."

Shiva: "You too." She gives her a small smile, then looks around. "I have to admit, you've got a good set-up here, Alec."

Mayati: ((*L*)) She looks at Ammon, eyebrow raised, as she takes a drag from the cigarette. "What makes you think we don't?"

Alec Golden: Thanks. *warm smile as he looks around* My years in Seattle paid off I guess.

Celest Aston: Nods her head and smiles" She did to you, I was listening, but I was also ordering a drink at the time."

Shiva: She nods. "Seattle...ah-ha. Thus, the metal-head motif."

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Making it to the door, she flips out the cover charge and nervously strides into the club.

Alec Golden: *chuckles* Yup. I noticed a lack of this genre club in the town so it seemed wise to try it.

Alec Golden: Plus, I am just better than they are at what I do with this type of club. *grins*

Ammon Sahadset Black: I'm a suspicious man Mayati... *he's still grinning goodnaturedly* I like to know exactly who I'm dealing with. and you.. are something of an anomally. *he watches her through his shades*

Shiva: "They?" She tilts her head. "New Yorkers...or a more specific, artsy segment of the city?"

Mayati: She smiles at him, chuckling a little as she takes a drag from her cigarette. "I trust you don't think you're aware of all of Sutekh's friends, do you?"

Alec Golden: Other owners of this particular genre. They get fixated. Don't bother looking ahead. Taking chances. Would rather stick with the tried and true than make a leap of faith on a new band.

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: She flicks her eyes over the crowd for a moment wincing slightly at the loud music. After a moment of scrying, she spots an empty table and makes a beeline. The nervous woman takes off her long coat, folding it over the chair to reveal a simple black dress before seating herself.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he gives her a nod* Lady's choice.

Shiva: She nods with a smile. "Well, I'll let you get back to things. Good luck with the club, Alec. Stop by the Nevermore sometime...return the favor."

Mayati: She nods to Ammon, heading off in a direction.

Alec Golden: Thanks Shiva. I'll be sure to get by there sometime soon. *grins* Take care.

Mayati -> Ammon Sahadset Black: ((Off to MT Residence?))

Unseen -> Mayati: ((he wants to put a listening device in behind the light fixing of the ceiling fan downstairs, pointing to the bed area. int sec?))

Dr. Adriana Carmichael: Adriana does her best to flag down a server and quickly order her long island iced tea before being seen.

Unseen: 6,5,1,1,7,10,8,9,

Unseen: 5,

Celest Aston: Moves her head back to the conversation and smiles" yeah nice to meet you Shiva."

Shiva: She nods to Alec, then Celest, before heading out.

Ammon Sashadset Black: *lets the curious woman lead him indoors*

Mayati: Indoors, it appears, is a small apartment above her shop. She unlocks it and invites him in. "Can I get you anything? Not that I've got anything you can eat, of course..."

Ammon Sashadset Black: *he shakes his head, rumbling* ho I'm perfect Mayati.

Mayati: She smiles a little at that, and takes a seat. The apartment has an eclectic look to it, America-meets-Ancient Egypt, and seems almost a little bit New Agey. She takes a drag from her cigarette and looks him over. "So how familiar are you with Apophis, Ammon?"

Ammon Sashadset Black: (sorry. coms fucking up) *ammon takes a seat, crossing his legs leisurely* I'm afraid I've a ..basic understanding. *truth be told he listened more on how ro wine and dine than his master's history lessons*

Mayati: She nods. "Apophis is...well, let's just say that he's Sutekh's partner in his plans. He's the great serpent, hon. Ra's greatest enemy."

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmhmm *he nods, smoothing his bald skull with a hand* He's the serpant set conspired with to seek revenge on Ra. *he wiggles the shades* hence the sensativity.

Mayati: She nods. "Exactly. Well, Apophis had some children of his own. Not like Set did...Apep is no vampire. But nonetheless, he's got his own brood."

Ammon Sahadset Black -> Mayati: (with 2 in occult (setite obviously) would ammon know about the bane mummies?)

Mayati -> Ammon Sahadset Black: (( rare as Bane Mummies, I'll make it vs. 8. It would be 9, but the fact that Ammon's a Setite makes it a bit easier.))

Ammon Sahadset Black: 4,4,6,6,2,

Ammon Sahadset Black: *ammon leans forward slightly, listening* ..continue..

Mayati: "Apophis granted immortality to some small number of individuals, favored of him. Blessed them with power. Gave them a mission."

Ammon Sahadset Black: And these immortals weren't made vampires? *well, this was getting interesting*

Mayati: She shakes her head. "No. They were put through a ritual known as the Spell of Life, which granted them true immortality without all the...negative side effects of Set's way."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he leans back, pursing his lips a moment before regarding her* and how is it you've come to know this?

Mayati: She chuckles a little bit. "How old are you, Ammon? All combined, I mean."

Ammon Sahadset Black: A smile* now, thats not a polite thing to ask, is it? *he grins and shakes his head.* Lets just say I remember when color tv was a big deal..hmm?

Mayati: The chuckle becomes a short laugh. "I see. Well, personally, I remember when monotheism was a big deal. And papyrus."

Ammon Sahadset Black: yeah.. that papyus was fantastic. *he shakes his head.* So are you saying you suntan?

Mayati: "I'm saying I have the option to, yes." Still smiling at him.

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmhmmm.. *he's leaning back into the couch now, watching her through his shades, a little skeptical*

Mayati: She raises an eyebrow. "I sense doubt behind that fashionable eyewear."

Ammon Sahadset Black: Damn right *he chuckles, with a winning grin* I don't buy swamp land sweetness. Why would I beleive your story hmm?

Mayati: She sighs. "You bring up a good point. I guess I haven't given you any proof. Beyond, of course, that lovely little amulet I gave you. Not that, hopefully, you've had many chances to put it to use..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: None at all. *he smiles to her, rubbing his neck.* lets stray into the hypothetical hmmm? So you are a child of the serpent, immortal, the whole bit. What now sweetness?

Mayati: "Now? Well,, we have work to do. A fairly important bit of work, as a matter of fact. We've got us a cup to procure from whoever took it from Mr. Geren."

Ammon Sahadset Black: mhmmm. what are you proposing? *he chuckles* you work the day shift I work the night shift?

Mayati: She grins. "Something like that. The problem here, Ammon, is that if it becomes too public that I'm aroung, Apep and Sutekh's enemies will start looking my way. Usually, they know an Apepnu when they see it. So I plan on being as behind-the-scenes as I can be, while still searching around as Mayati, happy little spiritualist Egyptophile. You, on the other hand, have the connections necessary to do the right kind of looking around."

Ammon Sahadset Black: I do, do I? *he's watching her, disbeleif suspended, if only for the time being* what do you propse we do, should we find this chalice?

Mayati: "Well..." She lights up another cigarette. "We then find out if the rumors are true. See, according to legend, Ra gave the cup to Osiris as a gift. Set, when he killed Osiris, took the cup and changed it. He took Ra's gift and twisted it to his own ends...into the vessel to fulfill his own goals. Those of vengeance upon his grandfather Sun."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *nods. well that sounds about right. Set was a delightfully devious bastard.* And so I assume, if the cup is found to be genuine, it would be given to a prophet, mmm?

Mayati: "It would be used by us, of course. The chance to fulfill our long-standing quest against Ra? And we would simply pass it off to another to take the glory?" She looks almost surprised. "Why give it to some meaningless so-called prophet, when we could strike Ra down?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he shrugs lazily, watching her from behind his shades* A cup originally of Ra's? whats to say fucking with it isn't going to unleash sunny hell? *he stretches languidly* I'd rather have some other poor asshole test it out 1st, unless you're volunteering?

Mayati: She shrugs, taking a drag from the cigarette. "We can figure that out later. First, we need to get it."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he grins, shaking his head in amusement* Alright, we get the cup. *a nod, light glimmering blue off his skull* Geren had ahold of it last.

Mayati: She nods. "Exactly. So the question is, who took it from him?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he considers* the man was likely intending on selling it on the black market... It could be any number of people, either he sold the thing and someone got pissed, or he tried to and someone decided Free was better. *he drums thick fingers on a pantleg*

Mayati: SHe nods. "Quite possibly. Or, someone didn't want him to sell it."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he nods* Who knows if his killers even got it. Could be stashed at his house or something fucked up. *runs a tongue over his teeth, the big man is thinking* Apparently Geren liked the girls at columbia.. hee's probably got a scewtoy floating around campus, maybe she'll know something.

Ammon Sahadset Black: ..or have a spare key.. figure the prof's place has been auctioned yet?

Mayati: She considers that. "No, I don't think Geren's place has yet. That would definitely be worth checking out..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he smiles to himself, rumbling before canting his head to her, grin cocky* Yeah.. that sounds about right.. what're you going to do?

Mayati: She smirks playfully. "I'm going to check with some contacts, see if there's any word about the Cup making rounds."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *The big black man rises, white teeth flashing in that ladykilling grin as he smooths his dresspants lazily* WEll then, We're both busy mmmm?

Mayati: She nods to him. "Sounds like." A smile lights on her lips. "We're going to make history, Mr. Black. What do you think about that?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: I'll beleive it when I see it Hotness, just like everything else. *he tilts the shades down to give her a wink*

Mayati: She chuckles, standing and walking toward him. She leans against the wall, barely a foot in front of him. "Okay...that's definitely fair. Here's to a rewarding partnership, eh?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: *extends a huge hand, rumbling pleasantly* Sounds fine.

Mayati: She takes the hand, in both hands, looking at him with one of those come-hither smiles. She chuckles. "See you later, Ammon." Giving him a wink as she moves one hand down, opening the door for him.

Ammon Sahadset Black: Later Mayati. *he grins, pushing his shades back up and heading out the door*

Mayati: She shuts the door after him.