Marcel Rolando Romer: ((The ST can't spell tonight. :P *Fixes typo is desc.*))

Alec Golden: ((Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm....all sex feet of manliness))

Cassie Raines: "yeah some are like that" she cursed.

Alec Golden: *6 foot, white sleeveless tee and jeans and boots..tatts...blah blah blah* ((Hey...did she pick up the shank that was stuck in the floor?))

Cassie Raines: Cassie glances out the door and nods to Marcel.

Alec Golden: Some what?

Cassie Raines: *perfectly smart nice white shirt all visible under a black long leather jacket*

Alec Golden: *looks less like hell in a handbasket...becoming more himself again*

Marcel Rolando Romer: He looks around, giving the look that makes a couple of the lesser harpies shake a bit. One of them points toward the side room, and he heads there, a directness in his walk and his face.

Cassie Raines: "people" she nods. "now dont talk till your spoken to kid, remember that Blueblood fucking pretentious rules shit with Marcel."

Alec Golden: *just nods and keeps his mouth shut, is not quite standing at attention...but close*

Marcel Rolando Romer: He walks into the room, shutting it behind him. He looks at Cassie, nodding, then passes his eyes over to Alec. "You Golden?"

Alec Golden: Yes Sir.

Cassie Raines: she slides onto a low sofa, not suggesting that either of the other two do,

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods, pointing to a chair by the oak table. "Have a seat." He pulls out a cigar and lights it, his eyes not straying from Alec as he does so.

Alec Golden: *stands a tad shorter than Marcel, meeting his gaze, not being agressive at it either*

Alec Golden: *nods* Okay. *takes a seat and looks at Marcel again*

Cassie Raines: and as Marcels smoking, she pulls out a pack and finds a cigarette for herself, she knew it was one of those nights,

Alec Golden: *just sits, hands folded, watching the man before him calmly*

Marcel Rolando Romer: He takes a few tokes on the cigar, making sure it's lit, and looks at him. "So Cassie tells me you're new in town. And already finding us some problem children to beat into line." The words aren't derogatory toward Alec, but something in the tone makes one wonder. Or maybe it's just the man himself.

Alec Golden: Perhaps Sir.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He looks at Alec. "So start talkin', if you don't mind."

Cassie Raines: Settles back and puffs gently.

Alec Golden: This evening I met with Cassie in a cafe. She was kind enough to point out my mistakes to me without removing my head in the process. *no humor, just fact* After my meeting with her was concluded I was returning to my haven when I was attacked by a large man waving a Rosary. There was a force eminating from the rosary that pushed me down an alley and prevented me from getting out. He was spouting some fundamentalist Christian jargon at me about corrupting the children of god and then he threw a knife at me. At this point a girl by the name of discard charged the man attacking me. *more coming of course*

Marcel Rolando Romer: He remains silent, watching Alec as he speaks. His face neutral.

Alec Golden: At this point the man says that I am to take this message to my Dark Masters, and when I tried to play dumb, he threatened to finish the job. So I just agreed with him to get him away. He turned and left. It was at this point that Discard came to me and stated that I did not have to take that attack and offered to take me to help. I said no and requested time to think. She then offered to take me for coffee, and in keeping with the Masquerade, I agreed, hoping to ally suspicion. She took me to a coffee house over by Battery Park and it was there that I met Karlos Basoalto. *more*

Alec Golden: Karlos suggested taht we go to his club office to discuss what happened in private. I was somewhat cornered so I agreed. Once there he took the knife and while holding it his eyes glazed over and then he laid it on a table and said that it belonged to a Gabriel. When asked about whom this Gabriel was, he provided very little information. He then stated that I was dead. I of course played dumb and acted like they were insane.....

Alec Golden: He then discussed a Treaty, a DMZ, Disciplines, and Camarilla. I treated them like they were insane. About this time people began showing up at the concerto. Saidah, someone that Anjou was talking to, and the man known as J. At one point a red light was flashing in the room and Karlos bloted to the front door. While he was gone, I palmed the knife to bring back here. Karlos brought J into the room and proceed to harangue him for using "powers" in his club on his staff. At this point I was allowed to make my exit, and with Discard as an escort, left the building, contacted Cassie, and came here.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He frowns at that last bit, but remains silent until Alec indicates he's done.

Alec Golden: *is done and waits for further questions*

Cassie Raines: "he left out a bit there," she looked up, "Discard... asked him if what this Gabriel said was true. and I have some other information about this discard for private."

Marcel Rolando Romer: ((That last bit being the one before the post about the treaty.))

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods to Cassie, then looks to Alec. "Okay, so first. What mistakes?"

Alec Golden: *remembers something* She also sniffed me right after she asked me that question.

Alec Golden: Not being formally introduced first. Not obtaining persmission to set up a haven. Not getting out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods. "Okay. So you recognize those are mistakes. Bully for you." He takes a toke off the cigar. "How old are you, Golden?"

Alec Golden: Twenty-eight mortal years, ten as a kindred.

Cassie Raines: she smiles a little as he answers but doesnt say a thing.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He shakes his head. "Kids this days." He nods. "Okay, so do you have the slightest inkling what this Gabriel freak was?"

Alec Golden: No. Other than the rosary he used no powers against me that I had ever experienced before.

Alec Golden: He looked like a normal human though.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods. "He probably was. But he knew what you were, and I'd advise you to steer clear, if you wanna keep your balls where they are. I'll look into it." Another toke. "Same with this Discard chick." He looks to Cassie. "You familiar with Basoalto?"

Alec Golden: *he just nods at the words spoken to him*

Cassie Raines: "yes" she nods.

Marcel Rolando Romer: "So tell me what you know."

Cassie Raines: "I dont think what im going to tell you can be public" she looks to Alec again,

Marcel Rolando Romer: He gets that dangerous annoyance in his face, "What, is he some kind of fuckin' Antideluvian or somethin'? Some great Camarilla secret?"

Cassie Raines: "No," she smiles to herself. "Ok, I met him one night, i had been shot by a thug in the head and he had been with me before, I had been hunting him, he followed me, I told him to leave and then my will left me and I attacked him, he then, " she paused thinking "split into a mass of butterflies..." she frowned, " which isnt fucking right,"

Marcel Rolando Romer: That draws an amused raise of the eyebrow. "You sure you didn't just suck down an acidhead?"

Cassie Raines: "yes..." she nods, "Im sure enough, I fell to torpor, and woke up a week later full, I met him in cafe, the sabbat named JJ attacked with 2 friends, and i killed him"

Cassie Raines: she smiled and nodded to Marcel, "I think that should have been more private..."

Marcel Rolando Romer: He frowns. "Yeah, that ain't fuckin' right." He shrugs it off. "Well, whatever the case, I ain't concerned about no butterflies. I'll just keep a big-ass can o' Raid on me." He looks back to Alec.

Alec Golden: *looks up as the man turns back to him*

Marcel Rolando Romer: "All right, so the basics. You know the Traditions, it sounds like. Now, here's my fucking Traditions. You keep your nose clean. Stay the fuck away from the Anarchs, they're nothing but trouble in this city. Be a good boy. If you're not, then just ask around about the dumb Toreador bitch named Morgana. That'll clear it all up for you."

Alec Golden: *nods* Yes sir.

Cassie Raines: She chuckles a little, "I cant believe i missed that, dozey whore."

Marcel Rolando Romer: He steals a grin toward Cassie, then looks back to Alec. "I'm Marcel. I'm the Brujah Primogen, and the acting Sheriff. We don't have a Prince...the old Prince got himself blown up, and the Sheriff along with it. We got two Archons instead. One o' them's your clan. They're running the show at the moment."

Alec Golden: *he nods as he processes this information*

Marcel Rolando Romer: "Keep your ass out of New Jersey, unless you like being a Sabbat snack." He pauses, and looks to him. "And finally, you got problems, bring 'em to Cassie, or to me. Your Primogen is missing and presumed dead."

Marcel Rolando Romer: He puffs on the cigar. "Any questions?"

Alec Golden: I will. And thank you sir.

Alec Golden: *thinks about all that has happened and what he has learned* No sir I do not.

Cassie Raines: She gives Marcel a grin "Thanks chief." nodding.

Marcel Rolando Romer: He nods to the both of them. "Now, last but not least, tell me everything you know about this J."

Cassie Raines: "From what Alecs told me he seems 18 and is a walking breach who needs education, or better removal." she sighs,

Alec Golden: I first saw him last night. I was walking down the street and paused to speak with a Douglas Coburn. First time I had ever met him...nothing more than a hello on the sidewalk. This J saw us speaking. When another aquantence of mine named Liam started to walk towards us J moved to intercept. I was walking towards Liam when I heard J say "vampire" in reference to Douglas. Liam was talking with him and Saidah was nearby. Saidah got the man calmed down enough to get him off the street. I went back to speak with Douglas, to see what he had heard and if we had a problem. Therefore I missed finding out where Saidah took J. And then tonight, when I was cornered in the alley, J was at the mouth of the alley watching. I am fairly sure that he did not think I was kindred.

Alec Golden: *nods* Got it sir.

Cassie Raines: "Ive never seen him" she frown " but ill keep an ear out, do you want me to speak to this Mr Basoalto about him?"

Cassie Raines: she grunts "Shit the Fucking malkavian,"

Marcel Rolando Romer: He shakes his head. "No. We're not in this Treaty shit. Not yet, anyway. Don't need the fuckin' Tremere, Toreador and Ventrue getting their panties in a twist over the idea we're overstepping ourselves."

Cassie Raines: "kay" she sighs but nods "Fuckin stupid"

Marcel Rolando Romer: He shrugs. "Don't worry about Coburn. He's nutty as a fruitcake, but solid."

Cassie Raines: "Ok" she nods a small smile, "hes just too quiet."