Trevor Clarke: ((You can set the scene, O Wise and Powerful ST))

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): Scene: An upscale club in the northern edge of the Upper West Side, called the Vertigo. It's trendy, it's popular, and they have a great mix of house & darker techno playing.

Trevor Clarke: *He sits at a table, watching those who are dancing and sipping a drink. Almost six months out of the Pit and he still marvels at these little is good*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): The song playing is a moody, dark mix of "Send Me an Angel" by Purr Machine. The dance floor is a throbbing mass of humanity, moving to the beat of the music.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): ((Sorry, retcon...the artist in question for this particular mix is Deadstar Assembly))

Trevor Clarke: *He smirks a little. Maybe he'll dance a little. He looks for a dance partner, preferably female, attractive and alone*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): ((Gimme a Per+Alertness))

Trevor Clarke: 2,2,8,5,

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): There's a couple good candidates that Trevor spots. A Industragoth, maybe 24 or 25, very lithe, well-built, is on the dance floor. There's a more subdued-style girl, black fishnet top over a halter-top and miniskirt, on the edge of the dance floor, watching the scene.

Trevor Clarke: *He stands and moves up behind the more subdued one, tapping her on the shoulder* Hello.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks over her shoulder at him, smiling a little as she turns in his direction. "Hello, back."

Trevor Clarke: Care to dance?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She arches an intrigued eyebrow and nods, taking him by the hands and moving him out to the dance floor.

Trevor Clarke: *He moves out onto the floor with her, matching his movements to the beat of the song*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She's a pretty good dancer, and she moves in perfect time with him, a little too close to be just friendly, but not quite close enough to be considered intimate...not yet, anyway.

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles a bit at the closeness* So what's your name?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "Ashley. You?"

Trevor Clarke: Trevor. *As the song comes to an end* Looks like that was a good song for me. *with a little wink*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She chuckles. "Seems so." She looks him over. "Want to get a drink?"

Trevor Clarke: Only if you let me buy. *offering her a gentlemanly arm*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She smiles, and takes the arm, walking with him to the bar. "Rum and coke, if you don't mind."

Trevor Clarke: Not at all. *Ordering the same for himself and leading her back to his table* I like your outfit.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "This?" She runs her hands over her torso, smiling. "Thanks. Glad to know it works." She winks at him.

Trevor Clarke: Works? *RAE* And here I thought it was the song that sent me an angel.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She chuckles. "That was corny. But it works, too." She sips her drink, grinning to him.

Trevor Clarke: It suits you. *Sipping his own* You come here often?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "Yeah. Dancing's a good way to get some tension out after the weekly grind, y'know?" She grins. "Plus, you can find some interesting people here, too."

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles* I know exactly what you mean. I don't dance much, but I can appreciate meeting people. What do you do? *Sipping his drink*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "EMT. How about you?"

Trevor Clarke: I'm a vampire. *winking* Otherwise known as a lawyer.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She gives a throaty chuckle. "Ah-hah. Then you fit in here. There's wannnabe vampires all over the place. 'Least you're the real thing." She winks at him.

Trevor Clarke: *He nods, looking her over appreciatively* Care to go for a walk in a little while, after some more dancing?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "Sure, I can deal with that. Just warnin' ya, I'm a tae kwon do student, so no funny business." It's said mostly in jest.

Trevor Clarke: *He laughs adn jokes* I'd be careful, sweetheart. I can turn it around to make it look like you attacked me unnecisarily. *Finishing his drink and standing, extending a hand*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She downs the rest of her drink in a swallow, then takes his hand, letting him lead her.

Trevor Clarke: *He leads her through a slow song, hands stroking her back, testing how low he can go*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She doesn't object to however low he tries to go, moving along with him, moving in close.

Trevor Clarke: *Finally, his hands on her gorgeous bottom, he asks* Care to come back to my place?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks at him, and smiles. "I think I'd like that."

Trevor Clarke: *He chuckles and leads her from the club as the song ends, pausing to grab their coats and putting an arm around her waist as they leave* So what's it like being an EMT? *As they walk toward his condo*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She smiles, leaning into him. "Stressful beyond belief. But rewarding, when you can save people. Depressing, when you can't."

Trevor Clarke: I'll bet your male patients appreciate having you there. *He chuckles*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She shakes her head, laughing a little. "Yeah, those gunshot victims really like a hot chick to look at as they die." It's said chidingly, but without malice behind it.

Trevor Clarke: You ever treat anyone who insists on you performing their last rites?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "Twice. Told 'em I'm not Catholic, and they weren't dying. Only one of them did."

Trevor Clarke: What religion are you?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "Episcopalian. Catholic-lite, as I heard a comic say once."

Trevor Clarke: Heh. *He chuckles as they reach his condo* Come on in. You want something to drink?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She heads in with him, taking her coat off and nodding. "Surprise me."

Trevor Clarke: *He heads into the kitchen and starts mixing a drink* Do you believe in angels, Ashley?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She blinks at the question, and smiles. "Angels? You mean the real thing, or in a metaphorical sense?"

Trevor Clarke: Either way. What's your thoughts? *Turning his back slightly more to her as he shakes the drink so she can't see his lips move as he whispers a few words of Enochian* ((Using "Insinuate"))

Trevor Clarke: 2,3,4,6,8,5,

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): 3,8,7,4,3,

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She shrugs. "Well, yeah, I believe in angels in a non-winged sense. As in, people who will do amazing acts of genrosity, or save lives. But the whole white wing harp bit?" She smiles, and shakes her head. "Naah."

Trevor Clarke: So sure about that? *pouring two drinks and walking over to her, extending one*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She takes the drink from him, chuckling. "Yeah. Why, do you?"

Trevor Clarke: Not only do I believe in angels, I believe Lucifer got a bad rap because history is written by the winners, not for any legitimate reason. *He sips his drink* You could call it a hobby of mine.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She takes a sip of her drink, smiling. "Strange hobby. But at least it's interesting."

Trevor Clarke: You know the whole story about Adam and Eve and the apple in Eden, right?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "Of course."

Trevor Clarke: What would you say if I told you Lucifer gave Adam and Eve knowledge because he loved and pitied them?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "I'd say that's highly revisionist, but I'll go along with it for now." She folds her arms, looking at him. "What's your proof?"

Trevor Clarke: Think about it. He's helped create intelligent beings with incredible potential, but God wants to keep them ignorant, to know nothing but him and remain ignorant of the world around them. What would any loving father do? Lock their child in a dark room their entire life and try to keep them mental infants? Or help them try to become more?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks at him. "Okay...but I don't remember in the Bible where God was keeping man ignorant. Maybe we read different Bibles."

Trevor Clarke: Read between the lines. God says he doesn't want man to eat the Fruit of Knowledge because then man will be only one step removed from being like him. I don't know about you, but to me, from a legal standpoint, it speaks of fear.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She gives him a skeptical look, but nods. "Okay, I'll follow that line of logic, I guess."

Trevor Clarke: This next part isn't in Genesis, but it's hinted at in other parts of the Bible. You know about the Fall, right, where Lucifer and a third of the angels were cast out of Heaven for rebelling against God? *Motions to the drink* Drink up.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods, and takes another drink. "Yeah..."

Trevor Clarke: The act of rebellion was convincing Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, not an attack on God. Lucifer gave them self-awareness, and for that he and his followers were banished. The thousand-year war followed, at the end of which the fallen were cast into Hell. But not Lucifer.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "SO what happened to him?" She smiles.

Trevor Clarke: That's the big question, isn't it? According to the Bible, he still wanders the Earth, occasionally having contact with God. In the book of Job, he makes a wager that he can turn a man's faith. In the New Testament, he tests Jesus. How could he do any of those things if he were trapped in Hell?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "Maybe he could get out of Hell." She shrugs.

Trevor Clarke: Not much of a punishment if you can leave whenever you want, is it?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She shrugs. "Okay, sure. What's the point of all this, though?"

Trevor Clarke: Just making conversation. *He chuckles a little* Sorry. Not that romantic, is it? *sitting down beside her on the couch*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She grins. "It's okay. Everyone's got hobbies. Me, I studied the Kennedy assassination for years when I was young. It was my obsession."

Trevor Clarke: Got any good conspiracy theories? *Letting an arm drape across her shoulder as he sips his drink*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "Johnson did it. Lyndon Johnson. He was TOTALLY behind the whole thing."

Trevor Clarke: *He chuckles* Sounds as likely as anything else I've heard. Did you see the article the Onion did on it?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "The mock newspaper?" She shakes her head. "Nope."

Trevor Clarke: It said he was killed by the Freemasons, Communists, Johnsons, Elders of Zion and a few others, by getting shot 147 times from 62 angles. *He chuckles*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): That draws an honest laugh from her. "Nice." She finishes off her drink and sets the glass down.

Trevor Clarke: Care to stay a while? *Setting his own drink aside*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks at him, and nods, smiling a little. "Sure."

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles a little and strokes some hair back from her face, leaning in to kiss her*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She meets the kiss, gentle at first, her arm coming around his waist.

Trevor Clarke: *His lips part slightly, testing the waters with his tongue as a hand rubs her waist, toying with the bottom hem of her shirt*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She opens her mouth and her tongue meets his. ((Shall we fast-forward?))

Trevor Clarke: ((Certainly))

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): ((So...)) After the fact, she lies in bed (or on the couch, wherever) with him, smiling. "Mmmm." Like that was a full sentance.

Trevor Clarke: Enjoy that, did you? *stroking her body* You were good.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She chuckles, leaning against him. "You weren't half-bad yourself."

Trevor Clarke: You want to see something?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She gets a playful grin. "Something I haven't seen up-close-and-personal yet?" She winks. "Sure."

Trevor Clarke: *He chuckles, slipping out of the bed and tugging a sheet with him, draping it about his body almost like a toga* You remember what I was saying earlier about Lucifer's rebellion? You asked me what my proof was?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She furrows her brow a little, still smiling. "Yeah..."

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles a little, then concentrates, sloughing off his mortal shell for his true form* ((Rolling Faith))

Trevor Clarke: 5,9,8,

Trevor Clarke: *He rises to float a few inches above the ground, a corona of multicolored, jewel-like light surrounding his form. Massive eagle wings sprout from his shoulders and extend to a span of nearly eighteen feet, almost brushing the opposite walls. His face and form are refined to inhuman perfection, radiant. He could well be a god*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): 9,5,7,4,7,

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "Holy shit!" She leaps off the bed, backing up against the wall. Her expression is amazed, enrapt, though she's obviously not gibbering.

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles gently, his voice ringing like a bell* BE NOT AFRAID. I OFFER YOU NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I KNOW THE THINGS I DO OF THE FALL BECAUSE I WAS THERE.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks at him, eyes wide. "You're an..." She blinks.


Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She steps forward, involuntarily, but stops. " do I know that you're not..." She stops, unable to complete the sentance. Afraid to, in the face of such might.


Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She swallows hard at that, and nods. "Y..." She sighs heavily, nodding again, and reaching forward to take his hand.

Trevor Clarke: WHAT DO YOU DESIRE MORE THAN ANYTHING, ASHLEY? *Sa-Holanim asks as he prepares to reshape her soul with her nascent faith*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): "I...I..." She thinks. "I want to be able to save more people. I want to make more of a difference."


Trevor Clarke -> Ravyn (ST, not NPC): ((How much Faith does he have to work with?))

Ravyn (ST, not NPC) -> Trevor Clarke: ((She's a standard 2 Faith Mortal))

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "Y...yeah, sometimes."

Trevor Clarke: THEN YOU WILL BE GIFTED WITH INCREASED SENSES TO FIND THEM. *As he takes the advantage his own form gives him and uses her Faith to reshape her soul, gifting her with the same enhanced senses* ((Giving her "Sense the Hidden" from the apocalyptic form))

Trevor Clarke: IN RETURN, YOUR FAITH WILL HELP TO SUSTAIN ME, AND FOR THAT I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. *His free hand comes up to caress her cheek, then he leans in to kiss her on the forehead*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): The feeling of the bond of Faith forming swirls between them, and she breathes in, surprised at the feeling. And then it's done.

Trevor Clarke: *He lets the flesh overtake him once more, floating back to the floor and resuming his limited, rather plain host body. He hugs Ashley tightly* Thank you, Ashley.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She's more shocked then anything else, but she allows herself to be hugged, and even returns the gesture, squeezing tightly.

Trevor Clarke: *He whispers* I have one more thing to tell you, a way to contact me if you need my help. *He pauses* It is my name, and I have to ask that you never speak it unless you really need me. Do you understand?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "I do."

Trevor Clarke: *He nods* My name is Sa-Holanim. Whisper it when you need me, and if I am able I will be there.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods, committing it to memory. "O...okay."

Trevor Clarke: Now, why don't we go back to bed. We both need sleep. *Slipping an arm about her waist and gently guiding her back to the bed*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She allows herself to be guided, many questions in her eyes...questions, she's decided, that will wait for another day.

Trevor Clarke: One last thing. *As he curls up with her, gently stroking her hair back from her head* It hardly needs to be said, but I want to drive the point home. NEVER tell anyone about me, unless I've told you that it's all right to talk to a particular person about me.

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She nods. "O....of course not." She actually manages a small smile.

Trevor Clarke: *He smiles a little* Now...any chance I can get your phone number?

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): She looks at him a long moment, and then laughs. Like they've grown far beyond the idea of asking for a phone number. "Yeah, no problem."

Trevor Clarke: *He laughs, spooning with her and gently stroking her body, nibbling her ear as they drift off to sleep*

Ravyn (ST, not NPC): ((Aaaand FTB. *S*))