Miranda Okanedo: Claire gets into LaGuardia Airport around 8:00 PM. Of course, her flight said she was supposed to get in at 7:25, but what are you gonna do...it's air port security, these days.

Claire Lewis : And then there's the bother of getting her luggage. Pain in the ass. Her suitcase almost the last one to come off the plane. Isn't that always the case. But, hey, at least she cleared customs in L.A. Right? So once she has her bags she hauls off toward the throngs of people waiting for their friends and loved ones. She has a name. That's it. She's guessing the person she's looking for is Japanese based on her last name, so she starts looking for an Asian woman who looks like she's looking for someone to be looking for her. It's the airport face, right? Big fish eyes, sweep of the head back and forth.

Miranda Okanedo: As she makes her way out of the plane into the terminal, she sees a large group of people there, waiting for their friends, loved ones, et cetera. Unfortunately, it would be too much to hope that the person has a sign reading "Lewis" on it held out. ((Roll Per+Alertnes))

Claire Lewis: 1,2,7,

Miranda Okanedo: So, looking around, she doesn't see anyone who fits the description, or would be looking for her, unfortunately. There's just too many people who are milling about, since this was one of those big planes that's used for international flights.

Claire Lewis: She stops moving. Holds her ground and keeps scanning the crowd with a hopeful, unsure sort of smile. "I'm a nice girl," the smile seems to read. "Take me home?" She muses that maybe she ought to have worn a big tag tied to her coat, like Paddington Bear.

Miranda Okanedo: Eventually, after much waiting, people clear out, and someone starts to approach her. No wonder Claire didn't see her. The woman is short, standing at about 5'2" and weighing around 125 pounds or so. Dark skin and ebony hair, braided down her back, betray an African descent, and make up a woman of about 30. She looks like she's seen her fair share of years, with signs of a hard life underneath her pleasant demeanor. Her eyes, a rich brown, have extreme wisdom to them. She's dressed in a plain, natural-fiber shirt and a red sarongm with sandals covering her feet. A warm, pleasant smile is usually on her face, indicative of her infinite patience and wisdom.

Claire Lewis: Relief washes over Claire, broadening her smile to something wide and warm. "Miranda?" She asks hopefully as she hitches her bags onto her shoulder and begins to walk toward the diminutive woman. Claire's not terribly tall, 5'6" last time she bothered to check, but she feels huge next to Miranda.

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles widely and steps up to Claire, nodding. "Claire." Her voice carries a hint of accent in it, consistant with her look. "A pleasure to meet you."

Claire Lewis: "Hi! Nice to meet you too!" Shrugging her bags firmly into place she extends a hand to shake. "So sorry I'm late. We were delayed in Houston. Thanks so much for coming to get me. I've never been to New York. I'd be usesless trying to navigate my way around." She appreciates all the different colours of skin here, all the accents, all the nationalities. But she's still got the wide-eyed look of someone re-introduced to the good ole US of A, where every available surface is an advertisment for some product or another.

Miranda Okanedo: "Of course, my dear." She nods with a warm grin. "Shall we be off?"

Claire Lewis: "Yeah," she agrees. "So you're a friend of Ashif's then?" He hadn't clarified it to her above and beyond saying a 'colleague' would collect her. Chattering aimiably as she walks, full of energy that someone as jet-lagged as her should not have.

Miranda Okanedo: "We're acquainted, yes." She nods, walking easily next to the woman. "Ashif and I knew each other fairly well, quite some time ago. I was quite happy to hear that he has been well, and that he had a promising young protege to send my way."

Claire Lewis: Claire laughs lightly. "He called me promissing? He usually calls me lots of things that aren't so complimentary." She speaks fondly of him. Warmly thinking of his pet names for her. "So... he's explained why I'm here? What I'm supposed to do?" Hopeful with that question. Hoping she doesn't have to explain it all from the start.

Miranda Okanedo: ((Gaah, comp froze)) "He has. I am most interested to see how well you will mesh with those within our....house."

Claire Lewis: "I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous about that. How many...people are there?" Warm, humid night air hits them as they step through gliding automatic doors. Stink of asphalt, oil, sweat. Urban smells.

Miranda Okanedo: She calls out to hail a taxi. "We have five within our house. Myself, two others in charge, and two more members...though one is unfortunately not available." A deep frown flits over her face. "Perhaps we can discuss further when we get back to the building."

Claire Lewis: "Mm," she agrees with a nod. Five. That's not so many. That's good. Less to deal with all at once. She helps the cab driver throw her gear in the back. Old,worn cases and bags that have been in the bellies of planes and the backs of camels.

Miranda Okanedo: She lets Claire get in before climbing in herself, shutting the door behind her. She sits comfortably, smiling to the woman. "How was your flight? And how is India? I haven't been there in some time."

Claire Lewis: "The flights were fine. Long, but fine. They have little screens on each seat now so you can watch your own movies. Play games. That was nice. India is... India. Crowded. Dirty. Poor. Chaotic. Wild. Passionate. You know," she says with a smile. "I already miss the temple elephants." Settling back to lean against the seat, glancing out the window to watch the lights blur past. "So many lights..." she murmurs.

Miranda Okanedo: A soft smile. "Yes, I do know. India is one of those places where life goes on, regardless. I miss it."

Claire Lewis: "India is a ...special place to be born. Intense. Pretty hardcore, really. I'll miss things about it. Miss Mongolia more." The hum of tires on asphalt. NPR playing on the radio. Oblivious cab driver and crowded highways. The cab seems freakishly clean. It's not, of course. It's a New York cab. But compared to public tranportation in India? You could do surgery in it.

Miranda Okanedo: "I never got a chance to go to Mongolia. I imagine it was quite nice" The cab pulls up in Chinatown to a simple, plain black door nestled between two asian grocery stores. Miranda smiles and pays the cabbie, then opens the door, getting out.

Claire Lewis: "It still is quite nice," Claire says with a smile. She studies the black door a moment. So non-descript. Not what she was expecting. "Oh, thanks..." Quickly moving around the cab to help the driver haul her stuff out, gathering her luggage with the ease of a well-practiced traveler. "So here's home, huh?" Smiling to Miranda as she walks toward the front door. Deep breaths, girl, Deep breaths. The other people aren't gonna bite ya.

Miranda Okanedo: She smiles to Claire, a reassuring look, and pushes the door open. Past it is a narrow stairwell that leads immediately down. The stairs are carpeted with a deep crimson, the walls and ceiling painted cream. A string of red lanterns hangs down the centre of the ceiling to light the way to the red door at the bottom. There are twenty steps, the corridor itself is barely wide enough for one person at only 4ft, and if you're any taller than 6ft you'll have to duck to avoid hitting your head on the lanterns. 6ft6 and you'll be scraping the ceiling itself. All in all the experience is quite claustrophobic. She walks along, leading Claire through it.

Claire Lewis: Claire scrunches her shoulder, takes pains to not let her suitcases bump and scrape against the walls. The lanterns are pretty. The carpet thick, muffling footsteps. And so clean, the creamy walls not covered with dirt, mud, grime. "Are other people home now?" She asks as she's lead.

Miranda Okanedo: "I don't know. Tansy may be here...Rachelle and Martin are likely off at the moment. Rachelle and Martin are my fellow Deacons, and Tansy is a member of the chantry. The last member, Benny, has recently fallen into the hands of a Marauder. Marty, I believe, is working on that."

Claire Lewis: "Oh..." A frown of sympathy tinged with worry. Marauder. Say it again. Marauder. Remember what it means. And don't be afraid. "Hope he's ok." It's sort of a dumb thing to say, really... but what else can you say?

Miranda Okanedo: "So do I." She opens the door at the end, and leads her in. ((Per+Awarness roll))

Claire Lewis: 2,4,3,

Miranda Okanedo: She doesn't notice anything odd. beautiful wooden and lacquer room dividers, dark heavy wooden furniture, and large lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The room seems a typical reception area, where people may meet and greet, or sit and share a meal. From this room there are two further doors. One is white, the other black. She moves to take a seat one one of the couches, and pats the spot next to her.

Claire Lewis: Claire sits, leaving her suitcases in a pile next to the couch. Now, all of a sudden, she feels like she's at a job interview. Her hands fold in her lap. She wants a cigarette. Not that she smokes often, only when she's nervous or stressed. "Very nice in here," she murmurs. Small talk now.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods with a pleasant smile. "Indeed it is. It is funny to consider that not a year ago, this place was tainted, the node unusable. Now, it stands as one of the three chantries within the city." She looks to Claire, her warmn expression disarming. "So, my dear. Tell me about yourself."

Claire Lewis: "That's wonderful. Congratulations on getting it back." One of three? She has questions now, but ...job interview time, yep. "Ah, well...nothing much to say,really. Haven't been in the states since about five years ago. Um. Been living in Mongolia, China, India. Um." She runs her thumbnail under her index fingernail as she talks. Nervous habbit. I mean, what is she supposed to say. "Been working a lot with kids. Um. The poor. You know...that sorta stuff." A nervous smile, suddenly wanting to say all the right things but not sure what those things are.

Miranda Okanedo: She nods a little, listening. "That must be both a rewarding and very difficult experience for you, in those particular places. What did you think of it?"

Claire Lewis: "It was good training," she says with an exhale. "Hard, emotionally taxing, but good. Worthwhile. The opportunity to give someone a better life." And she means that literally. Said with a certain firmness above and beyond your usual social worker's tone. Though it does make her eyes focus sharply for a moment. Gain a certain hardness of purpose. It fades in a moment. "The other people who live here," she asks. "Chakravanti? Any of them?" Say yes, please?

Miranda Okanedo: "Yes. One of the Deacons, Martin, is a Chakravanti."

Claire Lewis: The relief is evident in her smile. "Cool. So, anyway, yeah... I've just been learning as much as I can. It's been intense. I've been worked hard, really put through my paces. But I guess that's why I'm here, to keep learning while I keep doing the good work that needs to be done." Euthanatos. Cold blooded killers, right? Ruthless murderers, yeah? Claire seems about as frightening or blood thirsty as a nervous cocker spaniel.

Miranda Okanedo: "Wonderful." She nods. "Well, I'm sure you will have much to learn here, Clair. Soon, I will introduce you to the others...Martin and Rachelle, the Deacons. Rachelle is from the Cult of Ecstacy. Also, Tansy, an Orphan...and the others in the city, Rachelle can make arrangements for you to meet with."

Claire Lewis: "I'd like that very much," she says with a nod. "Is there...anything I need to do? Anything I'm supposed to do right away, or can I take a few days to sort of wander around the city. See the sights. Look for work...that sort of stuff."

Miranda Okanedo: "Oh, and how rude of me." She smiles, and bows her head. "Miranda Okanedo, bani Celestial Chorus."

Claire Lewis: Claire returns the introduction with a bow of her own head and a formal reply. Claire Lewis, Chakravanti, Knight of Radamanthys. I'm very honoured to know you." 'Radamanthys doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Not just yet. The title is still unfamiliar. Uncomfortable. Like a pair of new shoes.

Miranda Okanedo: "And you as well, Claire." She smiles. "For now, I think that all I need to do is tell you about the Chantry's defenses, as I trust Ashif told you the basics...Rule of Shade and all that."

Claire Lewis: "Yeah, he told me the basics. But, obviously he didn't tell me the specifics of this Marabout. And, I'll probably need a key and all that, right?"

Miranda Okanedo: "After a sort." She removes an item from her pocket, and hands it to her. ((Sadly, this item has not been decided on yet, I'll let you know what it is.)) "That will allow you access to that room..." She points to the white door. "Our inner sanctum. Check with a Deacon before allowing a non-member access to that area."

Claire Lewis: "Thank you," she says as she accepts the 'key' with great reverence. "I will. Do the other members of the Mara...the Chantry know about me?" It's not a Marabout, you dork. It's a Chantry. Multi-trad. Get used to it.

Miranda Okanedo: "Not yet. I'm afraid it has been a bit hectic around here. But if you are past the white door, anyone will know you as a member. I will contact the others and let them know, as well."

Claire Lewis: "That's fine," she says. "Just so long as people know I'm supposed to be here."

Miranda Okanedo: "Do not worry about that, Claire. You will be fine." A small, but no less warm, smile.

Claire Lewis: "Cool," she says with a yawn. "I really don't mean to be rude, but, d'you mind showing me where I'm gonna sleep? I don't sleep well on planes, and suddenly I'm feeling woozy. I'd also like to give Ashif a quick call? Let him know that I'm here if that's ok?"

Miranda Okanedo: "Of course, Claire." She gets up, leading Claire through the black door, and up to the second story, where her bedroom is. There is a phone in the room.

Miranda Okanedo: ((And the full description for Ling's, which I've cripped heavily from, is right here: http://www.wodnyc.net/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=29))

Claire Lewis: "You're an angel," she says to Miranda, dumping her bags next to her bed. The irony of calling one of her Tradition an Angel is not lost on her. "Thanks... don't mind me. I'll just putter around for a while, nap, get myself sorted out. OK?"

Claire Lewis -> Miranda Okanedo: ((Cool, now... say I just wanna come on and play. Where do I go? Do most people meet in the OOC room? Is there a designated Chantry room? How does it work?))

Miranda Okanedo: "That sounds good." She nods. "I will be around if you need me...I rarely leave. You can often find me on this floor, in the library, or in my bedroom one floor up."

Miranda Okanedo: ((Designated Chantry room is typically just in the Chinatown room, accessibly from the Midtown one. I'll supply you the ICQ UIN's for the Chantry members, which is myself w/Miranda, Fang w/Marty, Snow the Vamp ST w/Tansy, Phoenix w/Rachelle, and Ashby w/Benny, who's not at the chantry right now.))

Claire Lewis: ((Ok, cool. I have yours and Fang's. Just need Snow, Phoenix and Ashby. *s*))

Miranda Okanedo: ((Sent through ICQ.))

Claire Lewis: ((Brilliant. Thanks much, and thanks for running an intro scene for me. Feel well equipped to just ramble around the site now and meet folks IC. Is there anywhere I SHOULDN'T go?))

Miranda Okanedo: ((Naah, you're good pretty much anywhere.))

Claire Lewis: ((Sweet! Gonna go lurk around the OOC room then. Thanks again for that. Very much enjoyed and very much appreciated! Glad you're on the West Coast, means it'll be easier to play with you than most folks in the States. Bloody east coast people are impossible.))

Miranda Okanedo: ((No prob. *G*))