Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia is dropped off in front of the Hotel that Eli mentioned in a long black strech limo wearing a beautiful reddress and all of her standard jewlry she walks up to the room Eli specified and knocks lightly on the door*

Elijah Phillips: Eli calls to the door "It's open, love.."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia opens the door and walks in slowly looking around to make sure they are alone before closing it and locking it behind her* "Its kinda funny when I think about it the last time Cynthia did somthing like this she was getting paid 500 dollars an hour" *she says with a laugh as she moves over to Eli and gives him a hug* "So what should we talk about this time lover boy?"

Elijah Phillips: And yes they are alone. The room is quite nice as per her request and there's a bottle of lavish wine chilling beside the bed. He struts over and takes a seat on the edge of the bed crossing one long leg over the other and flashing her a saucy grin "Anything you like.. How've you been keeping busy?" He tosses out a sultry pout "You never call me anymore.. I was beginning to think you'd lost interest"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Well I went on a tour of Europe hoping that me not being around would help to let some of the heat die down, but other than that I have been working on trying to discover a way to stop the lord of chains" *she says as she takes a seat next to him on the bed* "and how could I ever lose interest in you, love"

Elijah Phillips: Eli leans back on his elbows with a slight laugh "Went to Tokyo myself with this hot little mortal I picked up in the park. Had a FABulous time away." He shakes his head with a tiny amused look "To be honest, love.. I think with all the silly reconcilers flittering about.. the majority of the fallen in the city have forgotten all about the possibility that you could be doing anything wrong." He slides a feminine hand around the woman's waist.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Ill will beleive that when I see it" *she says as she slips her hand around his waist* "So where were we on our little debates?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli shrugs with another grin her way "To be honest, love.. I can't remember. So much shit has happened since then.."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Hmm well, so how about we start here do you still think that Humanity was worth giving up everything that we had known all the divinity we once enjoyed?" *she says with a laugh*

Elijah Phillips: Eli rocks his head back and forth "I think at the time it was. I'm not sure I like what they've done with the place.." He leans over and pulls the bottle of wine from the ice and starts to remove the cork.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "You see thats the point we gave up so much and then when we needed them the mortals just cast us away, actually worse than that they forgot us completly and brought everything that we have created to ruin." *she says with a sigh as she smiles at the Eli and the wine bottle* "So what I beleive should be done is that humanity should be brought under our control so they cant fuck things up any more than they already have"

Elijah Phillips: Eli bites his lip, thinking as he pours two glasses of wine, offering the first to the woman and taking the second for himself "When did we ever NEED them, love? I mean.. I agree that without humanity.. we'd have had no purpose.. but was there ever a time when we relied on them for anything?"

Elijah Phillips: ((dlp))

Elijah Phillips: Eli rocks his head back and forth trying to let her words sink in as best he can. He pours two glasses of wine, offering the first to the woman and taking the second for himself "Maybe you're right.. The more I interact with these mortals.. the more I think they NEED control." He takes a sip from his glass with a tiny smirk "You remember that one mortal I had hanging around right? Tansy?" He shakes his head "I did what I could to respect her opinion on matters.. and to see things her way.. but the way she talked to me.. to ME." He takes another sip "They really DO need our guidance.."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *She takes the wine glass and takes a sip* "You see these mortals treat us as if we should serve them, us serve them after they defiled our creations. Control is exactly what they need."

Elijah Phillips: He gives another thoughtful look, running his hand up the woman's back "Well.. They treat us as peers.. which is just as bad if you ask me.." He takes another sip and squirms a bit on the bed, grinning up at the woman "So what have you been looking into as far as the lord of chains is concerned?"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Well this one mortal, arrogant little bitch but resouceful, discovered a ritual which will allow us to bind him" *she says with a smile* "All we need now to help cement our chances of success is his true name"

Elijah Phillips: Eli quirks a brow.. impressed by her find "Where did you find this mortal? You think she's the real deal?"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "She seems to be on the level, I only hope that she dosent get herself killed before she has served her use" *she says as she takes a drink of wine* "The little bitch is so arrogant that she dosent think the Earthbound could take control of her if she became its focus"

Elijah Phillips: He lets out a condescending laugh, leaning in close to the woman "Sounds like one silly bitch if you ask me.." He pauses with a grin "Do I get to meet her?"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "At this point in time I think it is best if I keep her to myself Im thinking of trying to strike a deal with her maybe bring her under control a bit more than she is" *says Cynthia as she leans into Eli*

Elijah Phillips: He shrugs, running a hand down to the woman's leg and eyeing her lavish dress in admiration "Control is my game, love.. Maybe I could help?" He gives her a sly halfsmile "If I can put a cocky ass willworker in her place.. certainly I can do the same for this girl."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Hmmm maybe so but im no amature in the game myself, love" *she says as she leans into him a bit* "You like this dress I picked it up in Paris"

Elijah Phillips: He grins, running his fingers teasingly along the woman's seam "It's FABulous, love.. You wear it well." He flashes her a glittery wink.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "So would you rather see me wearing it or see me out of it" *she says as she grabs his hand and holds it on her*

Elijah Phillips: He smirks up at the woman "Love.. Do you really think that question's really necessary?" He gives a girlish giggle and leans in to kiss the woman's neck.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *She slips the shoulder strap down and leans into him* "someone seems pretty randy tonight" *she says with a laugh*

Elijah Phillips: He gives a subtle shrug, grinning up at the woman "Well.. I ~am~ awake.."

Tansy: The door unlocks and is thrown open, and in she storms, a keycard in her hand, a dark and angry look on her face. "What the HELL is going on here?"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *She laughs and turns and kiss him pushing him down onto the bed* "So how do you think that we should try to control these mortals who now rule our creation"

Tansy: ((Pushes last post below Cynthia's))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia turns and looks at her* "Who the hell are you to be demanding anything"

Elijah Phillips: Eli turns to the door with wide eyes toward the girl, flicking his pretty eyes over the keycard "Just what it looks like, love.." He leans back on the bed with a tiny grin to the woman and nudging with his chin "Make a friend downstairs or something, love? If I wanted you here.. I would have called for you." He flashes the girl a condescending gaze.

Tansy: She looks at Cynthia, glaring right through her. "Shut the hell up, you bitch!" She throws angry eyes on Eli.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia stands and glares at the girl* "Watch your tone with me, girl"

Elijah Phillips: Eli quirks a brow at Tansy and stands, making his way over with a grin still pointed in her direction. "Tansy, love.." He walks past her and closes the door, putting his back to it "I think you'd better apologize to Cynthia.. You're being horribly rude."

Tansy: She takes the card and throws it at Eli. "Next time you want to fucking cheat on me, use a less subtle card, you bastard." She looks over at Cynthia. "And you, shut your mouth, before I shut it for you...SLUT."

Tansy: ((card=car))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia glares at the girl* "I would like to see that but girl you arnt even worth my fucking time, why dont you just turn around and leave and let the grown ups finish their conversation"

Elijah Phillips: Eli smirks, watching the angry females.. resisting the urge to yell out ~catfight!~ He glances down at the card with a confused look, then flashes a glare at Tansy "You followed me?" He gives a tiny laugh, shaking his head "I was right.. you really are fucking insane.." He takes a step out from the door toward Tansy "Why don't you calm down, love.. we're all friends here" He flashes a smile to cynthia.

Tansy: She twists her head over her shoulder, casting angry eyes on Eli. "You can't honestly tell me you prefer this bitch over me, do you? You'd rather have her?"

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Jesus christ girl, im not trying to take your man for the creators sake. We were talking" *she says with a sigh as she sits back down* "I mean if you want to there is always room for one more, especially one more as cute as you are"

Tansy: "And she..." She jabs a finger at Cynthia. " NOT my friend."

Elijah Phillips: He reaches behind him and turns the nob of the door opening it a crack, still smirking at Tansy "Either get the fuck out of here.. " He takes a step toward the girl "Or you can be a good little mortal.. and cooperate."

Tansy: "You were pushing him down on the bed, you slut!" She looks back to Cynthia, not seeming to mind that she's between them...despite this betrayal, she knows Eli would never hurt her. "And he...his hand was..." She shakes her head. "Are you that stupid to think you can pass this off as talk? Never mind, yes, you ARE that stupid." She rolls her eyes.

Tansy: "I'm not your 'good little mortal,' Eli. And I'm not going ANYWHERE."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "Im much smarter than you are love" *she says with a smile* "Just calm yourself, please before you give yourself a stroke, and we were talking before you so rudely interupted"

Tansy: "Oh, please." She laughs...yes, the dumb slut. "Your IC can't be any larger then your dress size." Angry eyes turn to Eli. "I'm sure you're familiar with both, too."

Elijah Phillips: Eli flashes tansy a mean glare.. how DARE she talk to him like that.. He advances, giving tansy a hard shove in Cynthia's direction "You might not be a good mortal, love.. but that IS what you are.. You seem to keep forgetting that simple fact." He glares down at her.

Tansy: ((IC=IQ))

Elijah Phillips: ((heh. you've got a one track mind.. and its set to IC))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: ~Enochian~ "I will tear your heart out and eat it" *says Cynthia to Tansy with a huge smile on her face*

Tansy: She blinks as Eli...shoves her? She blinks, stumbling forward, and turns to stare at Eli. Shock becomes anger. "Yeah, and you're a creature from Hell. Maybe THAT'S what I keep forgetting."

Elijah Phillips: Eli kicks Tansy's feet out from under her, knocking her to the ground with another condescending gaze "You say that like it's a bad thing, love.."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "remeber this little girl the only reason we ended up in hell was because we thought we saw potential in your pathetic species but after my release I have started to see that all the human race can do is destroy everything they touch" *she says as she glares at the girl*

Tansy: She falls to her ass, staring up at Eli, hands curling protectively over her abdomen. "E...Eli?"

Elijah Phillips: He grins down to Tansy "And you can revel in the fact that YOU were the one that caused me to think along the same lines, love.. Zag's right, you know. Your kind really doesn't deserve everything we've given you." Eli rears back and kicks the hands in front of her abdomen.. not enough to hurt her really.. an insulting gesture.

Tansy: She whimpers, trying to shy away from him. All that anger, the's gone, leaving a very, very frigtened little girl. "Eli, stop...our baby..."

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia smiles*

Tansy: She looks up at Cynthia, blinking back tears, eyes glistening. " did this to him...made him bad..." The voice is weak, guilt-ridden.

Elijah Phillips: Eli lets out a tiny laugh and shakes his head "Tansy, love.. I've tried time and time again to explain this to you.. As much as you'd like to believe I am.. I'm NOT Elijah. Congratulations.. You're having the child of a dead man." He leans down over the girl with a smirk

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: "I did nothing of the sort" *says Cynthia looking at her* "All I did was tell him my side of things, I have no more control over her actions then you do love, now how about you calm yourself down and we can all discuss this" *says Cynthia as she gets up and moves towards them*

Tansy: She scoots away from Eli, horrified, and gets to her feet, with effort...the girl is quite prgnent, after all. With effort, she tears her eyes away from her lover, over to Cynthia, and they go from horror to anger--it's a thin line, after all. "No, it was was all you, wasn't it? I'm going to kill you." She takes an angry step toward Cynthia, hands balling into fists, like she intends to beat the woman to death.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthia begins to back away quickly towards the bathroom* "Come on now girl please dont make me break my word"

Elijah Phillips: Eli smirks tilting his head at tansy with a sly grin. He flicks his pretty green eyes to Cynthia "So, love.. what DOES baby taste like, anyway?" He takes a step for tansy.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Cynthai just continues to back away towards the bathroom*

Tansy: She tenses, and her face loses it's color at Eli's words. Her mouth opens, Nothing comes out. Nothing at all.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *At this Cynthia moves quickly through the bathroom door* "another time Tansy"

Tansy: ((Hold up, Cynthia))

Tansy: Cynthia finds the door to the bathroom is locked.

Cherry Matthews: Cherry chooses that moment to slip into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: 10,1,8,4,6,4,1,

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: ((One sux towards open portal to open the bathroom door))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: ((that should be enough to open the bathroom door))

Tansy: The door unlocks as Cherry comes in. ((Initiative time))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: 8,

Elijah Phillips: 8,

Tansy: ((Unlocks & Opens, sorry))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: ((No it unlocks and opens))

Cherry Matthews: 7,

Tansy: ((I know. Typo.))

Tansy: 3,

Tansy: 7,

Elijah Phillips: ((14))

Cherry Matthews: ((13))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: ((13))

Cherry Matthews: ((So that I have a sence of layout, where is the bathroom door in referance to the front door?))

Tansy: ((StreamLined Combat: Declare & Roll. Initiative Order, lowest to highest is Jarod, Cynthia, Cherry, Eli, Baby Death))

Elijah Phillips: ((it's probably across the room))

Tansy: ((That was my thinking.))

Cherry Matthews: ((Thanks *S*))

Tansy: 'Tansy' smirks as Cherry comes into the room. "And the Oscar for Best Actor in the Supporting Role of a Pregnant Victim goes to...Melioth." And he takes Apocalyptic Form, High-Torment-style. ((Faith Point Spent))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: *Moves through the bathroom door and teleports out if possible*

Tansy: ((Roll it, Cynthia))

Cynthia Conners [random upscale Hotel]: 6,3,5,7,9,9,3,6,

Cherry Matthews: Taking Low torrment appoc form.

Cherry Matthews: 9,3,9,4,

Elijah Phillips: Eli is.. as the others.. taking apoc form, low torment.

Elijah Phillips: 3,7,9,

Tansy: Baby Death, who's been in Apocalyptic Form in the other room where Cherry was the entire time, is Warding the room. ((3 Faith Spent for Automatic Successes, -2 difficulty to Cha+Intution roll))

Tansy: 8,10,7,9,6,7,

Cynthia Conners: ((You mean warding the building right?))

Tansy: ((Sorry, I mean warding the floor.))

Cynthia Conners: ((Because baby death isnt in this room))

Ravyn: ((Apologies for delays and mistypes. My attention is split currently. Recap coming.))

Cynthia Conners: ((Cynthia could still move to another part of the floor right))

Cherry Matthews: ((Not unless she had been there before. She has to have at least visited the place more than once.))

Ravyn: ((You have to declare WHERE you are teleporting to before you teleport to it, didn't do so, but I assume her intention was not to teleport to another part of the floor? She's always teleported far away every other time she's escaped.))

Cynthia Conners: ((She has been to the elevator which has a door))

Cynthia Conners: ((No I know she cant this action))

Ravyn: RECAP: BABY DEATH'S ward goes up, sealing off the entire floor to all ways out. ELI and CHERRY take their Low-Torment Apocalyptic Forms; JAROD takes his High-Torment Apocayptic Form. CYNTHIA tries to teleport away, and finds that she cannot.

Ravyn: ((New Round: Same Initiative as before. Jarod, Cyntha, Cherry, Eli, Baby Death))

Ravyn: Jarod leaps at Cynthia with a sinister howl, claws dripping venom extended for a strike. ((Dex+Brawl))

Ravyn: 8,8,4,7,1,

Cynthia Conners: *Cynthia step back across the threshold and teleports to the elevator on the floor*

Cynthia Conners: 1,8,6,3,1,8,6,5,

Ravyn: ((Roll me Intelligence, Cynthia))

Cherry Matthews: Cherry moves over to cynthia as well a butcher knife with caked blood on it appearing in one hand.

Cynthia Conners: 9,6,3,9,

Elijah Phillips: Eli stands at a defensive stance.. feeling more than a tad guilty about breaking his promise.

Ravyn: ((The elevator shaft is a way to get exit this floor. Therefore, the ward would seal off the elevator doors.))

Cynthia Conners: ((but wouldnt keep her from moving to them onto the floor))

Elijah Phillips: 4,7,

Cynthia Conners: ((okay than change her action to outside the elevator door))

Ravyn: ((Fair enough.))

Ravyn: Baby Death bolts her way out of the other room, into the hallway, waiting to see if backup is needed.

Cherry Matthews: 4,9,8,9,

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Ravyn: RECAP: JERECH-KOR bolts her way into the hallway, as OUESTUCATI stands defensively in the room. SOTITEREAL stabs with her knife ((Str+1+2 for succ Lethal Damage)). CYNTHIA tries to teleport, but as she's only ever been in the hallway and elevator once before, 2 Successes isn't enough to do it, and she doesn't quite pull it off. MELIOTH strikes with his claws. ((Rolling Str+2+1 Agg, if any succ, then Venom kicks in))

Ravyn: 8,4,1,3,4,

Cherry Matthews: 3,9,2,6,

Ravyn: ((So Cynthia takes 2 Lethal Damage, no aggravated damage))

Cynthia Conners: ((She should have taken three))

Cynthia Conners: ((one from jarod two from cherry))

Ravyn: ((Ones still count on Damage & Soak rolls; you just can't Botch. It's something the site's always practiced.))

Ravyn: ((New Round. Same Init: Melioth, Cynthia, Sotiteral, Ouestucati, Jerech-Kor))

Cynthia Conners: ((okay thats cool))

Ravyn: "Go back to Hell where your Devourer friend waits for you, Ravener BITCH!" Melioth whips his body around, claws raking toward her body. ((Dex+Brawl))

Ravyn: 5,9,7,5,3,

Cynthia Conners: (Cynthia tries to move to the elevator door again))

Cynthia Conners: ((ignore the () and replace with **))

Cynthia Conners: 5,1,2,7,4,1,9,9,

Cherry Matthews: Feeling the bite of the blade that first time she attacks twice more.((Splitting roll))((WP to second roll))

Cherry Matthews: 3,7,

Cherry Matthews: 10,

Ouestucati: She makes a quick pace forward to place herself within Cynthia's reach in case she tries to get away though the room, minding to stay out of the way of the tossed blades and venom.

Ravyn: Baby Death waits in the hallway, ready to act if need be. She's the door locker, not the warrior.

Ravyn: ((Recap coming))

Ravyn: RECAP: JERECH-KOR holds her action, ready for CYNTHIA in case she books it; meanwhile, ELI plays linebacker in case the Ravener books it. SOTITEREAL stabs twice (2 damage rolls, both Str+1+1 succ), and CYNTHIA again tries to teleport, but it doesn't work again. MELIOTH hacks with the claws. ((Str+2+1 succ damage))

Ravyn: 6,6,3,2,7,

Cherry Matthews: 8,7,7,

Cherry Matthews: 4,8,10,

Ravyn: ((Sorry, first roll was Str+1 damage only. Reroll, please))

Cherry Matthews: 3,2,

Ravyn: ((Take 2 lethal, 3 Aggravated))

Cynthia Conners: ((yea she finally dies now lets see if she gets consumed))

Ravyn: Cynthia's body goes down, and Zagzagel's form coalesces in the room.

Ravyn: ((New Round. All Demons within range ((Cherry, Melioth, Ouestucati)) can make consumption rolls.))

Ouestucati -> Ravyn: ((is there anything you can spend for auto sux on that?))

Cynthia Conners: ((how is Eli within range of consumption he wouldnt be within arms reach behind two demons infront of one in a door way))

Cherry Matthews: Cherry tries to Consume Zag. She doesn't care, she needs to be taken out. ((WP))

Cherry Matthews: 2,4,4,5,

Cynthia Conners: ((Can I blow will to keep from being consumed?))

Ravyn: ((Yes, on ONE roll. You can only spend WP once per round))

Cynthia Conners: 6,5,7,6,1,3,

Ouestucati: Ouestucati (if its decided that she's in range.. if not she doesn't) lunges at the fleeing soul in attempts to draw it into herself. (wp)

Ouestucati: 3,8,5,

Cynthia Conners: 9,9,7,4,6,3,

Ravyn: ((WP))

Ravyn: 5,6,1,3,

Cynthia Conners: ((WP))

Cynthia Conners: 5,8,2,9,10,7,

Ravyn: Cynthia's torment is with her, and she manages to maintain her form. ((Roll WP, Cynthia, vs. 6))

Cynthia Conners: 1,3,5,2,1,6,

Cynthia Conners: ((and she gets pulled back to hell))

Ouestucati: ((not that we can tell that.. of course))

Cynthia Conners: ((Oh well now I can back to the scene I was in see ya))

Judas: ((Good stuff, I liked that!))

Ravyn: ((Yes, you can.)) With a howling, ear-wrenching screech, the Ravener gets pulled downward, back into Hell.

: ((Guess ill just stick around here she got off line))

Ouestucati: Giving a releived sigh, Ouestucati looks around at the others.

Cherry Matthews: Well there is some measure of satisfaction for Cherry but she is still pissed that it didn't work. "Oh well at least she is back there for now..." she sighs.

Elijah Phillips: Ouestucati drops her form, transforming back into an array of glitter and looking worriedly down at the body. "Ehhh.. guys?"

Cherry Matthews: Too damn bad she cannot as of yet place things in the spirit real or else she put place Cynthia's body in there for the time being and dispose of it later.

Ravyn: He watches Zagzagel's form get sucked away, and nods, revarting back to his Host Form. "She's gone...that's what's important. She may be around still, but I don't think she's going to be as luck in getting out the next time."

Cherry Matthews: She looks to Eli. "Yes?"

Ravyn: A look goes to Eli. "I'll take care of the body, Eli. Don't worry about it."

Elijah Phillips: "Well.. umm.." He looks down at all the gore on the floor and the peices of the high profile woman "I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have checked in under my name.." He looks up at the others "Anyone know how to work a bloodstain?" He cracks a flaky halfsmile

Cherry Matthews: "Club soda." she tilts her head. "The boys use Vinegar, but I think that is something different."

Ravyn: "I'll call Kerioth in to help. He can get shit like this covered up. Man might as well have SOME use."

Elijah Phillips: Eli scratches the back of his head, still obviously a bit worried.

Elijah Phillips: Giving a sigh, he moves away from the body, further back into the room "I just hope she stays put.. if she gets out.." He shakes his head "I think she might be a bit sore with me.."

Cherry Matthews: She walks into the bathroom further over the body. ((If it is in the bathroom maybe there isn't carpet)) and dunks the bloody butcher knife in the toilet and with some toilet paper cleans it off so that it is not dripping.

Elijah Phillips: ((she was in the doorway.. it would likely be on the carpet and the tile))

Ravyn: He looks over to Eli and walks up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "She won't get out, Eli. Few ever get a second chance. And if she does, we'll be ready for her."

Cherry Matthews: The knife dissapears and once she is back into the bedroom she drops her form. Letting Baby know everything has been taken care of, before moving back to somewhere in theroom. "So we might want to make it look like she at least left the Hotel room before she got killed to take suspision off Eli here, we do not need two of our own in jail."

Cherry Matthews: She nods her head and corsses her arms. "Yes we will, iof she manages that feat." she says

Ravyn: Baby releases the ward, and lets everyone know it was a job well-done, nice, yadda yadda. Then goes home.

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head, still quite worried "She said she was meeting up with this mortal who'd tracked down a binding ritual.. What if.." He shakes his head looking at the messy ass carpet "So much blood.." He paces around the room.

Elijah Phillips: Making his nervous pace, he does some quick thinking. He stops and calls "Nahaliel! How do you get a bloodstain out of carpet?"

Cherry Matthews: "Eli listen she didn't have strong followers like the earthbound does to bring her bacvk like Titus was able to be brought back." she leans against a wall. "But we do need to make it look like she did leave this hotel, we will take care of the mess." she shakes her head.

: ((Alrett knows how!! *shots up after though*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli ignores Cherry.. still quite worried. "I've got peices of Zag all over the hotel room.. come fix it." That's it.. Victor will make it all better.. he's good at.. well, stuff.

Cherry Matthews: She rolls her eyes Cherry knows her stab wounds didn't make pieces of her fly all over the room and neither did the claw rakes. It is just the blood and if this is freaking her out then damn she would have been even more at the Staten Island thing.

Elijah Phillips: Eli rattles off the location to the voice in his head "Don't start on me Nah.. I know damn well I fucked up.. just come FIX IT."

Ravyn: "What if what, Eli? You think she might be ready to possess this mortal? Or have this mortal summon her"

Cherry Matthews: She looks to Jarod. Now how do we get it to look like both the boys girl and cynthia left the hotel room. I am not that Tallented."

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods and turns to Jarod "I wouldn't put it past her to have something like either set up. If this mortal could summon her back up, then.." Eli's eyes widen slightly "Goddamnit.." He shakes his head, continuing to pace "I KNEW we should have thought this out better.."

Ravyn: "We'll find the mortal. Don't worry. What's important is that you and Tansy are safe right now, okay?"

Ravyn: "We need to find the mortal anyway, because if she's got a binding ritual, she's a potential problem."

Elijah Phillips: Eli cocks a brow at Jarod "I don't FEEL very safe.. If she DOES come back up she knows about the baby."

Cherry Matthews: "Exactally." she says to what Jarod said.

A voice in Eli's head: ((ya just tell me when you want Victor to show up))

Cherry Matthews: Cherry blinks, and remains quiet.

Ravyn: He nods. "I know. And you'll be fine. We'll find this mortal. What's important is that you were just as much of a threat before. We've dealt with her, and she won't make it back, okay?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head and continues to pace.. waiting for Victor to get there and make it all better. He seems unconvinced that all will be well.

Ravyn: ((You're fine to show now, Victor.)) "What is the problem, Eli? Honestly?"

A voice in Eli's head: *Victor walks up to the room and knocks on the door*

Elijah Phillips: Eli spins around wide eyed "What's the.. What's the fucking problem?!" He throws his hands up "I know this is what YOU guys wanted.. She isn't going to target YOU if she comes back!!"

Ravyn: "And you think I'm going to let you hang in the wind?" He looks at the man, calmly.

Victor Mendez: *Victor is carrying his guitar case over his shoulder and a tool box in his left hand*

Cherry Matthews: She walks over to the door and opens it up "common in Vic." and moves back to hert spot against the wall.

Elijah Phillips: He continues ranting at Jarod.. cause he's the one talking and all "If she takes a different host.. She'll lay low until she can fucking get to me.. She's a slimy little cunt of a.." He turns noticing Victor "Ohh.. hey Vic."

Victor Mendez: *Victor sighs* "So the bitch is finally dead?" *says Victor as he looks at the body* "Well did she go back to hell?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli collapses where he stands, letting his bum hit the ground with a loud thud. "Yeah.. she did. For now."

Victor Mendez: *Victor walks over to the body and begins looking her over* "Okay we need to do somthing about this before we mess with the carpet okay"

Cherry Matthews: "You are right" she says undaunted by the fact that Eli was including her in the ring of people that wouldn't possibly help out IF Zag came back. "She is a cunt a slimy bitch would probably go after you. But do you remember how much effort it took to come up the first time? I do not believe that she will be back, no one will miss her."

Ravyn: "And she would have gotten to you anyway, new body or not. She would have destroyed everything you love, in order to corrupt you, only she would have done it through other people." He continues, calmly. "In the meantime, uncounted mortal's lives were at risk."

Elijah Phillips: Eli motions to the body, looking at Victor with appreciative green eyes "Snag her jewelry first. It might help you get a little farther on that list of yours."

Ravyn: "I'll get plastic bags from the other room in a moment, Victor. I did plan for a body." He's watching Eli.

Victor Mendez: "They are right Eli, stop playing the poor little me game and lets clean up this mess okay" *says Victor knelling next to the body*

Victor Mendez: *Victor begins looking over the jewels on the body* "Does anyone mind if I takes those off of her?"

Ravyn: "Victor, good sentiment, bad delivery. It's not poor little me, I understand where Eli is coming from."

Ravyn: "Take them. They're all yours...I'm not gonna try pawning them." A bit of a grin, before those calm eyes look back to Eli.

Victor Mendez: "Look Eli, whats done is done you cant change it, she probably wont be back and if she does come up we will find her and next time she wont be going back to hell" *he says as he begins takeing the jewlery off of Cynthia*

Elijah Phillips: Eli tosses a helpless look to Victor "Please.. Don't fuck with me.. I'm hardly in the mood, love.." The boy looks worn and still very worried. "I happen to think I have every reason to be worried. I PROMISED her I wouldn't try to kill her until the earthbound was taken care of.. she's been consorting with this mortal bitch that has already found a binding ritual.. She could very well have a summoning one as well. AND I think Zag was smart enough to PLAN for something like this.."

Cherry Matthews: "It's all your Victor I doubt she will be needing it." she tilts her head I wonder if she had a will and to whom all of those riches would be going to." she shrugs "Oh well" she sighs and goes back to listening.

Victor Mendez: "Neither am I, they have much much better uses than to be pawned" *he says with a smile* "as he drops the Diamond necklace and the rings into his toolbox"

Ravyn: He moves to Eli once again. "Hey. Look at me for a moment."

Elijah Phillips: Eli looks helplessly up to Jarod.

Victor Mendez: "If she was then we will stop her, but I doubt it Eli." *says Victor with a shrug* "how much truth do you honestly believe came out of her mouth"

Ravyn: "Have I ever left you out in the cold? Have I ever done anything...anything at ALL...that I thought was anything but in your best interests? Do you really think I'm not going to do anything and everything within my power to protect you and yours?" He looks at the man, with a small smile on his face. "I have a plan. I just need you to trust me on this."

Cherry Matthews: She really has nothing better to add. She was going to have to walk out of the hotel and com back to walk out as herself later she knew it. She listens and wishes they would make some progress somwhere.

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a tiny sigh, looking down to the carpet in front of him and giving the back of his head a nervous scratch. He gives a long pause then look up to Victor "What can I do to help?"

Victor Mendez: "Yea listen to Jarod, and you know ill be right there for you as well" *says Victor getting up and walking to kneel next to Eli* "Through all of our diffrences when have either of us ever left you out to dry"

Ravyn: He reaches out, drawing the man into a hug and whispering to him.

Cherry Matthews: She roll her eyes if they hug and start crying she was out of there.

Victor Mendez: "You can start acting like Eli again, the people around here are going to know somthing is up if you dont strut out of here like your old self" *says Victor smiling at the man*

Elijah Phillips: Eli eyes widen at Victor.. his comment obviously worrying him further. Oh the pressures of being a jovial type..

Victor Mendez: *When Victor sees the worried look on his face* "Just forget about what I said man lets just get this mess cleaned up okay" *he says as he pats him on the back*

Ravyn -> Elijah Phillips: "We're a team, Ouestucati. You, me, and Victor...the original Infernal Trio. I love you, and I won't let anything happen to you, Tansy, or your baby, okay? Let me handle Zagzagel the rest of the way. Don't worry about it...don't even think about it. It's not your problem anymore. Worry about those you love." ((Charisma+Expression to make the point convincingly; Spending a WP. You can resist w/Per+Subterfuge or WP))

Elijah Phillips: 6,7,4,5,

Ravyn: 3,7,8,8,3,3,

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives a tiny nod to Jarod when he whispers to him. He stands and brushes himself off, looking to Victor "So.. uhh.. What can I do?"

Ravyn: "I'll go get the plastic bags." He smiles to Eli, then moves to head off into the room next door.

Victor Mendez: "Go with Jarod to get the bags and do you have a change of clothes with you incase those get some blood on them?" *he says looking at him with a smile*

Cherry Matthews: She hangs her head, dropping her chin to her chest, shaking her head slightly. men.

Elijah Phillips: Eli shakes his head "I didn't bring any extra clothes. I could go out and get some, I guess.. Checkout isn't until ten tomorrow morning, and I doubt she'll have anyone out looking for her.." He glares down at the body "Bleeding everywhere.. Hmph. Inconsiderate bitch."

Cherry Matthews: a quirk of an eyeberrow and she looks up."What can I do to help?" she finally asks now that it sounds like they were back on track.

Victor Mendez: "Nah if you dont have any other clothes than dont worry about it, just dont get near the body let us handle it okay" *he says with a smile* "You have done enough Eli"

Ravyn: He comes back with the plastic bags and a roll of electrical tape. "I've got body detail...don't worry about it." He walks over and opens up the bags, then starts wrapping them around the body.

Victor Mendez: "Could you help Jarod move the body?" *says Victor as he scratchs her head* "atually exactly how were ya planning on moving it anyway without anyone noticing?"

Elijah Phillips: Eli gives another sigh and begins pacing again, trying to keep his mind off things.

Ravyn: "See that window?"

Ravyn: It takes a couple bags, but he gets the thing totally covered, then takes the electrical tape and starts wrapping it around the body, making it sealed, so it doesn't leak.

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods* "Okay ill just leave that to you then, if you need any help from me just let me know"

Victor Mendez: *Victor just watches Jarod seal the bags* "okay as soon as you get the body out of here ill get to work"

Elijah Phillips: Eli quirks a brow at the window "Ummm... Don't you think people will notice someone leaping out of a *number* story window toting around a plastic bag that is quite obviously BODY shaped?"

Victor Mendez: "Where are you going to dump it at?" *he says with a curious look on his face*

Ravyn: He body is hoisted over his shoulder, and he moves to the window, opening it up. A glance back to the others. "Call me if you need anything...I've got a body that the cops will SO not worry about investigating if they find to dump."

Cherry Matthews: Well she was movuing to help but it sounds like Jarod has it under control so she gopes back to leaning. "Now I hate to bring this one up once again but how do we make it look like your gril and Zag left here? I can get back in without being seen and since the rooms are paid till tomorrow I can come back before checkout."

Elijah Phillips: Eli thinks for a moment, reguarding cherry's question "Well.. since the room is booked til the morning, they'll have to go through a shift change. If they ask about it in the morning, I'll say they left last night.. though I doubt either female drew much attention to herself while downstairs.. Place like this has gorgrous females in and out so often that I really don't know if that would be an issue." He adds "That is.. unless they find a gorey mess in the room that *I* booked."

Judas -> Ravyn: ((Hey Rav, fancy finishing that questioning, I understand if you don't want to it is obvious you have had a big scene here, just fancied to cont. it while it was fresh in my mind, and to make work probs if your not gain, busy man an all :) ))

Ravyn: "You guys are worried about too much. No one is going to investigate the disappearance of the Black Widow herself, who the cops HATE. And the body's covered." He grins to Eli. "And I'm not jumping across." He looks up. "Once it's safe, then I'll make my departure."

Ravyn -> Judas: ((I am busy...this scene is ending, but I have a couple others booked already. :P We'll get to it, I promise.))

Cherry Matthews: "Okay." she says taking Eli's word on that one. she is the hooker looking one. "So now what do we do Vic to fix the mess?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor nods* "Lets just get this mess cleaned up"

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((can lore of the forge be used to remove stains?))

Elijah Phillips: Eli looks down at the mess then back up to Victor, waiting for instruction. He's never cleaned something like this before.

Ravyn: He steps out the window, then looks up, ready to make the leap. ((Faith spent))

Ravyn: 4,8,5,3,8,

Ravyn: And AWAAAAY he flies.

Victor Mendez: *Victor moves his hand over the stained areas of the carpet*

Victor Mendez: 2,7,3,8,3,7,6,

Ravyn: ((And I'm outtie, guys. Thanks for the scene...I'll see you later.))

Elijah Phillips: ((thanks rav. *G* was fun))

Victor Mendez: ((Yea it was a fun scene even if my poor little ravener got jumped))

Elijah Phillips: Eli leans a bit closer, watching Victor work.

Judas: ((It was a good scene, the audience certain thinks so *nods head*))

Victor Mendez: *Victor smiles* "Wax on wax off. Just like new" *he says with a slight laugh before pulling a white clothe out of this tool box and walking into the bathroom to get the rest of the bllod of the tile*

Ravyn: ((*Hugs the Dark especially* Thanks, man. You're a great sport. At least it took four Demons and a beautiful plan to take 'er down.))

Cherry Matthews: ((well if nothing else is going to happen I am going to take off. Let you three talk to each other *S* have fun))

Elijah Phillips: Eli cracks a tiny smile looking up to Victor "Thanks, love.. That's a damn load off.."

Victor Mendez: ((Its no problem even though in all truth it would have only taken baby death and Eli))

Cherry Matthews: Since she cannot see she looks to Eli. "He got it up? cool. Not a bad job."

Elijah Phillips: ((eli's a lover.. not a fighter. *G* but I appreciate the vote of confidence))

Victor Mendez: ((Well I need to feed the baby))

Cherry Matthews: "Well y'all I have yet something else to do. I will see ya both lates." she says now that everything else was taken care of basically.

Elijah Phillips: ((we can probalby fade. i can't imagine too much more happening.. Eli wines.. Cherry rolls her eyes.. Victor cleans. A typical day in demon land.))

Elijah Phillips: ((thanks for tha scene, snow. *G*))

Cherry Matthews: ((Yep see ya guys*S*))

Judas: ((Good work peeps!))

Judas: ((sorry for the loss Dark, Tom never even met her *lol*))