Ravyn: Welcome to Caffe Dante, located within the West Village. A morning stop-off for many locals since 1915. Known for good cappucino, double espressos, and cafe alfredo with ice cream, the place is often filled with NYU Students and Teachers, and even on a Sunday afternoon in summer time, this is the case.

Rene Zitas: better

Ravyn: ((Color change.))

Jeff Rogers: Which is good. Students means cheapness, and he's desperate for cheapness right now. He sits in a discreet corner, his coat sprawled on the floor beneath his table, hiding the fact that he's sitting there charging his iPAQ off the cafe's electricity.

Arlett: ((Damm will anyone is gonna need Arlett's new desc?*G*)) +the kid just goes in, why? cheap and was walking by and felt like.. wha tother reasong would a teenager have?*

Rene Zitas: The black man is tall and muscular, suggesting he's the active sort. His skin is nearly ebony. Tattoos, black on black creep out from under his collar and across his bald head like wayward shadows. Traces of old scars mark the back of large hands and dot a severe face. Midnight eyes that might very well skewer your soul are hard to meet for very long. His voice is deep and heavily accented. French maybe? Nondescript in garb, he's clean and wears clothes that are both concealing and comfortable.

Jeff Rogers: His legs are spread out, either side of his coat, just to protect the expensive, delicate kit hidden beneath it.

Joey Edwards: He's found this place mainly by accident, and he now has a tall mocha, which he is sipping at a table by the window.

Terry O'Brian: *now that he's settled in a bit, it's time to explore more of Manhattan. Terry has wandered north from his usual stomping grounds and has entered this Cafe, hoping for a cheap, halfway decent meal, as he's hungry, but not all that close to home* ((PM me if you need a DD for Terry))

Jeff Rogers: He's 6ft tall and eighteen years old. His skin is the typical paleness of the truly English, but his hair is a white-blonde that hangs straight and ragged down to his waist, uncut for at least ten years. His build is slender but athletic, his movements carefree and spontaneous. His young face is chiselled, elfin, with a touch of beauty to it that could mature into something wonderful later in life. He's wearing patchy, baggy jeans, well-worn trainers, a t-shirt that has seen better days, and a long grey servicemen's trenchcoat from world war II (but that heavy wool garment is currently on the floor with his backpack). His eyes are hidden behind dark metal-rimmed sunglasses that are probably knockoffs of some famous designer brand.

Terry O'Brian: ((never mind the PMing, I'll just toss it out there)) DD>DD>The first thing that can be noticed is the hair. Unevenly cut, and rather shaggy, it looks like it may be blonde, but it’s dirty enough that even that much is uncertain. He has a well-formed face, though. If he cleaned himself up, he could be fairly attractive. His clothing is rather ratty, there are enough holes in it that even on some spring and early summer nights, he must get no warmth from them. Rather short, and thin, he looks to be about 16 or 17, though shorter than most people that age. Though overall, he deflects the eye, there is one thing that draws it: his unfailingly friendly smile. (Arcane 2, currently suppressed)

Jeff Rogers: He's sipping on his tea like it's ultra-rare and should be savoured. A newspaper is on his table, crossword half-completed.

Joey Edwards: He watches the world beyond the window.

Arlett: *peers around, as she makes it for the counter, smiling and waving a hi to Joey, once she spots him* ((and gonna see if remembers Tery))

Arlett: 4,9,5,8,

Arlett: +so wave to Terry too*

Terry O'Brian: *digs into his pocket, pulling out a few crumpled bills, nodding his satisfaction that he can, in fact, afford to have a meal here, he looks for a place to sit down*

Rene Zitas: Looks down at the doll-like girl moving into line behind him.

Joey Edwards: 7,9,6,8,6,

Joey Edwards: 8,10,

Terry O'Brian: 7,10,

Joey Edwards: He notices Arlett immediately, and also recognizes her immediately. He breaks into a huge, sunny grin and waves at her.

Arlett: *blinks, and looks up at the guy looking down at her, smiles a bit.. uh.. damm he looks like ammon*

Terry O'Brian: *sees the wave, and brightens. A familiar face! He returns Arlett's wave, and heads over*

Rene Zitas: He steps up to the counter when the line moves and orders an espresso triple shot.

Joey Edwards: He further notices pretty much everyone in this cafe, taking in the varied group.

Rene Zitas: Spares the girl a friendly smile, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.

Ravyn: As the patrons move around the place, ordering at the counter, moving to tables, and discussing this or that inane thing, the door jingles open, and a man walks in. He's young enough, though he is approaching middle-age...maybe 30, 35 years old, and handsome enough in an academic way. His hair is a gliht brown, wavy and cut short, dressed professionally in a collarless white dress shirt and slacks, with a pair of wire-rimmed sunglasses covering his face. He takes a slow look over the cafe, then smiles a bit, moving to the counter to order.

Jeff Rogers: He ducks his head under the table, lifting the edge of his coat. About freaking time. His hands slip the device into its case, and he tugs the cable hard enough to unplug it from the wall, rolling the cable in his hands then stuffing both cable and iPAQ into his backpack.

Arlett: *titls her head at the man..... and well seeing Jeoy, smiles his way, and looks up to Terry as he comes over* hi...

Terry O'Brian: "Hey. What's new?" *he's, of course, grinning cheerfully as he speaks to Arlett*

Jeff Rogers: He zips the pack up and rises to his feet, tugging his greatcoat on, before sitting back down once more.

Matt Savage: If anthropomorphic personifications exist, then here comes fit. At 5’10” in height this guy weighs in at around 160 pounds, but not a single one of them is fat. Every single piece of exposed skin covers hard chiselled muscles, no love handles to be seen. Still while on some this could come over as intimidating on this man it’s somewhat offset by a easy smile that seems permanently glued to his face, and a pair of expressive eyes that show that while the exterior may be hard the inside is anything but. His skin is presumably white underneath the heavy tan, his hair a dull sandy blonde. All of his movements hold explosive power, he doesn’t so much walk as take a short sharp series of bounces, almost as if his body was screaming out to move.

Arlett: fine... tad bored, ya?

Joey Edwards: He sees that Arlett has company, so continues to sip his mocha, finishing it off.

Rene Zitas: Pays for the drink which looks tiny in his large hands and moves away from the counter. He's not one for crowds really. New York has not proven to be the friendliest place he's ever lived either. He looks around for an empty table, or someone sitting alone. He needs to meet people.

Ravyn: As Jeff starts to zip the pack up, the IPAQ makes a beeping sound...like a notification of sorts.

Jeff Rogers: Downs his tea, then picks up his pen once more, pursing his lips at the crossword.

Matt Savage: *Steps in glancing about quickly as he messures up the place for seat avalibilty*

Terry O'Brian: "Still trying to figure things out. Decided that today I'd start getting to know a bigger part of Manhattan...it's a rather interesting place."

Ravyn: ((And then the ST goes blind. Matt, if you wouldn't mind...a color change, perhaps?))

Jeff Rogers: He grunts and slaps the pen down again. Lifts the thickly-padded backpack onto the seat beside him and tugs out the iPAQ, deftly pushing the stylus out and tapping the screen to see what it wants.

Joey Edwards: He scoots the paper cup aside and sits at his table, looking out the window once more.

Matt Savage: (this better?)

Joey Edwards: ooc> continues to sit at his table, I should say

Jeff Rogers: ((Argh))

Arlett: *grins, ordering chocolate milkshake once she reaches counter, and eyeing Terry* what ya gonna have? *peerin gto joey, then babout around guy with IPAQ and black guy and acamdic type and back to counter*

Matt Savage: (green?)

Ravyn -> Jeff Rogers: There is an incoming email. Someone's managed to remotely open up your mail program in order to make sure Jeff gets it.

Terry O'Brian: "Umm...just a small soda and some fries." *puts what's just barely enough money in ones onto the counter for the modest order*

Jeff Rogers -> Ravyn: He reads said email.

Rene Zitas: Feels like the old man of the mountain with all these kids around. He selects a seat with the best possible view of the room, particulary points of egress.

Ravyn: The man moves ahead and orders his drink, a double Cafe Americano. He smiles politely to the woman behind the counter as he orders, and watches Rene walk away as the drink is prepared.

Arlett: *grins and adds chips with chocolate dip to her order, putting the money, waiting for they to give it to them, then looks to terry* Lets sit with Joey, he is nice *signales*

Rene Zitas: 4,1,9,6,9,8,

Jeff Rogers: ((Green's great *G*))

Terry O'Brian: "Ok...who's Joey?" *looks around, and picking up his order once it's done*

Joey Edwards: He smiles at something or someone outside the window.

Rene Zitas: He's alert, and aware of his surroundings. Being big, black, bald and tattoo'd often gets him odd looks from the native New Yorkers though. Still, he notes anyone that looks too interested.

Matt Savage: *Blinks a little as he's all the people around, stepping in further to see if anyone's familiar*

Arlett: oh, he is a friend, he is nice kinda like ya *nods* just more naive, but ya'll like him

Arlett: *oh! and then notices Matt and too waves a hit o him*

Terry O'Brian: "Ok. Last person you told me to meet turned out to be a good idea. Let's go." *waits for her to lead the way, as she knows who this guy is*

Ravyn -> Jeff Rogers: "Mr. Rogers, welcome back to the Neighborhood. The man ordering coffee at this time is Garret Johanson, a member of the Iteration X of the Technocratic Union. He is the man who ordered the hit on the Fortress, and he is here tracking down Awakened within the city. If I were you, I'd warn Arlett Knight, the Etherite teenaged girl, and her young teen associate Terry, as well as Mr. Zitas, the black man, Joey Edwards, the younger man looking out the window, and Matt Savage, the man who just walked in. You are all targets." It's signed with a picture of a spinx.

Rene Zitas: Sips his espresso, watching people mill and interact.

Matt Savage: 8,3,8,

Jeff Rogers: He looks distinctly unhappy, and scrawls on the screen.

Johnny Shotgun: 3,2,6,2,8,

Matt Savage: *Glances over as he's waved at, his head tilting to the side as his eyes narrow for a moment, then he grins and strides over to Arlett lifting his chin a touch in greeting* Hey Arlett.

Jeff Rogers -> Ravyn: Reply: "So no pressure. Cheers :)"

Jeff Rogers: 7,2,4,10,8,4,3,

Johnny Shotgun: He walks down the street outside the cafe, glancing around.

Joey Edwards: He looks back to Arlett, a little hopefully, but she looks even *more* busy now.

Arlett: *giggles and leads Terry to Joye's table* mind if we sit *smilling, looking over to MAt* hi!

Joey Edwards: 8,5,8,3,9,

Joey Edwards: He looks back out the window and suddenly grins. He taps on the glass, trying to get Johnny's attention.

Johnny Shotgun: He's supposed to make a sale today, meet the guy at some cafe...

Rene Zitas: Eyes the little doll-like petite that was in line behind him at the counter, noting her friends.

Johnny Shotgun: 6,1,2,4,1,

Ravyn: The man pays for his coffee, and a blueberry scone on top of it, then turns and heads to a table near the foor, with a good vantage point to see everything. He does another quick look around, sipping his coffee as he withdraws a cell phone and starts punching numbers.