Melody: The ghoul moved restlessly about the place, waiting for her masters call, or return. A faint growl at something of nothing, and a sharp turn of her head as she hears someone enter. The small gift he gave to her close by as she moves to investigate.

Ammon Sahadset Black: Melody? *he rumbled from the front door, just outside. he's standing on the walkway, shades glinting*

Melody: "Master..." She murmurs in return, wondering why he hasn't just come in

Ammon Sahadset Black: You have my Keys Bitch! *he booms in exasperation. shaking his head. he sounds disgusted.. but he's beaming like its christmas who's just unwrapped naked women and a suitcase of cash*

Melody: The jingles of keys and she opens the doors to let him in, eyes watching him expectantly. She wants to ask what's going on, but she can wait for now. She sets about to making Ammon, well, comfortable frst

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he comes in and smacks her pert little rump, shutting the door with a foot and crooning..* melly.. hotlips.. turn the lights up dim mmm?

Melody: There is a slight leap as her rump is smacked, but a low laugh anyway as she manipulates the lights. "Of course..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he falls to the couch and spreads a handful of pictures on the coffee table, pulling melly seated securely in his lap once she's done. he leans her over the table and points to them* mmmm these might be our tickest to hightown mmm sweetness... *he rumbles into her neck, gesturing at the photos while licking her neck horribly, tongue setting to work on her ear* take a good look at them...

Melody: She slides into his lap, a low moan as he starts to lick her neck and ear. Eyes that are beginning to glaze over tilt down to focus on the pictures on the table,

Ammon Sahadset Black: uh uh uh.. *a sharp nip to her ear, a dribble of blood taken, without the pleasure of the kiss* Concentrate *the photos are from the waist up. a pleasant looking woman, dishevelled, with odd eyes and little claws. 20ish. A tall redhaired man. athletic, tanned, looking aloof. late 20ish.. A smaller thin man with long hair pulled back, a trenchcoat and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, looking suspicious. late 20's. , and a tall hard looking asian man in his early 20's, who seems to be staring AT the camera.*

Melody: She tries not to squirm in his lap, as she eyes the pictures. "What... what about them all?" Her voice struggles to remain level. "Who are they?"

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmmm.. well princessss... *he chuckles, humans were so easily manipulated, attention to any specific sensory spot and their chemicals fucked them riiight up.. he nibbles sharply down her neck, before leaning to tap the pictures. ita* This bitch is another vampire. some gangrel cocksucker. you know.. they pop claws and spit like housecats.

Melody: A faint groan as he nibbles, eyes fluttering shut before she forces them open. Her slitted gaze tracks his finger as they tap the picture."Yesss..." She hisses faintly.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he pinches her back, rumbling deeply* concentrate.

Melody: on." Eyes open fully, sharpening, trying to ignore the sensations. "Vampire. Gangrel."

Ammon Sahadset Black: veerry good.. she can pant ~and~ think.. *you'd have thought he'd established that already... you know.. 6 years.. his lips brush her cheek as he taps the next picture* This carrottopped fucker is a namer. you know what a namer is sweetness?

Melody: She smirks faintly, settling more comfortable against him. "Mmm... namer? A hand waver?" Her tone is vague- she doesn't know -too- uch about mages, but she knows a little bit. "Carrottop, namer...."

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmhmmmm. this one.. ~this one~.. is .. intersting.. *he taps jeremy* now.. this scrawny, whiney looking little shit.. is a fucking werewolf. a mother.. fucking.. werewolf.. mmmm?

Melody: "Scrawney fuck... werewolf." A fingers reaches out to stroke the picture once. "Vampire Gangrel. Carrottop had waver. Scrawny fuck werewolf. Silver bullets?" She casts a glance back at him

Ammon Sahadset Black: clever girl *nibbles, that gets her nibbles, a few peircing the skin long enough to give her that near orgasmic tremor for just an instant* But.. there's more.. *he taps xu, ignoring her discomfort as he hisses* ~THIS~ is the mother fucker that took my leg.

Melody: Her mouth opens, wordlessly, and the air is let out in a sigh as its merely a tiny tease. But her eyes harden slightly and she hisses at the picture of Xu. "Mother fucker. Kill it."

Ammon Sahadset Black: quite my sentiment *the hissing eases off as he practically canoodles his favorite pet, wrappping her up and swaying back and forth like a cobra as he rumbles into her ear* we watch them.. we find out where they're meeting this bitch who has ~my~ cup.. and then we ~KILL~ them.. mmmmm? *he Must be pleased.. he's so.. lovey!* or capture them.. wouldn't it be nice to have a vampire bitch under you? a little whore to lick you and bite you when ever you want.... mmmm?

Melody: "Kill them all." She almost moans it, so pleased at the thought of slaughtering the one who hutr her master. Almost a shiver as hazy eyes look back to him. "But... I only want you to bite me Ammon..." No one does it quite like him.

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmm I'm not sure how you kill this one.. mmmmm? *he taps the werewolf* I 'd rather not piss this asshole off.. wolves travel in packs mmm? so fuck the furry *he pauses.. ooh. now.. there was an idea... a slow grin spreads across his face... * now... that actually doesn't sound like that bad of an idea mmm?

Melody: "I can do that." She purrs low in he throat, eyeing the picture of the werewolf. "Iit sounds like a brillant idea."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he croons into her hair* not as gorgeous as some of your friends.. but.. I'm willing to bet he's a kink mm?

Melody: "Isn't everyone?" She purrs low in her throat, licking her lips slightly. A challenge. She could do this. "I'll have to learn more about the scrawney fuck..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: i thiiink.. *he rumbles, biting at her collar almost painfully before kissing her* that scrawny fuck.. has been collecting on behalf of Xu already... *he's thinking, hand stroking her breast idly, he's not even aware of tormenting the woman, of the invasion of her personal space. afterall. she was his. it was his damn breast*

Melody: ((*imagines ammon with boobies*))

Melody: A very tiny squirm. She can focus on this, she can. "Collecting on the mother fucker?" She hisses. "So be careful of him?"

Melody: ((*peek?*))

Ammon Sahadset Black: (oh dear god! *laugsh* here i thought i was waiting on yoU! I'm sorry!)

Melody: ((Its okay, I do that all the time *L*))

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmmm. *he nods, rocking her sideways in pleasure* mmmhmmmm. yesss. he's no happy little border collie mmmm? give him what he likes.. make him crave you.. go "poor me" "I need a home".. beg.. if you need to. *he captures her ear in his mouth, sucking a moment before he rumbles low* I know how you love being on your knees.. let him know it too.

Melody: "Yesssss masssster...." She hisses, the sound turning into a faint moan.

Ammon Sahadset Black: good girl. you'll go to the university of columbia tommorrow and dig up everything you can on a bitch called "Genevive Teal" she has our cup mmmm?

Melody: "Yess masster...." She hisses faintly again, utter loyalty to Ammon.

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmm and if hesha calls or approaches you.. you're his mmm? thats big daddy snake.. so if he wants to bend you over and beat your ass, you whimper like a slut and fetch a bullwhip.. mmm?.. as for this one.. *he finally draws his mouth away from her, hand reaching to the photo to hand it to her before slipping between her legs.. devious setite. on second though he picks up myles too* these.. ones.. go for furry first. if not.. sidle up to the wizard, nothing overt mmm? good girl.

Melody: She arches, just a little. "Yesss master. If Hessha comes to me, I am his to do as he pleeassses with. Go after the scrawny one firssst. Be discreet, be vulnerable, beg and get on my knees for him. Ifff that faillsssss goi after the carrottop handwaver. Be subtle..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: Aaaaaaaaand go to Columbia tommorrow and dig up dirt on whooooo? *he croons and pinches her, hand on something far too sensative to be given a wrong answer. pleasure pain could very quickly become just pain*

Melody: "Genevive Teal, becase she has our cup!" She squirms faintly, words gasped out

Ammon Sahadset Black: mmhmmm. and if anyone asks.. you know nothing about the cup mmm? *he's wholly pleased with himself, and by association with her, fingers setting into a gentler sort of motion as he plays with his favorite toy. how cute.. it wiggles*

Melody: Wiggles? She all but writhes in his lap, a low moan coming from her throat. "I know nothing of the cup!" She repeats, hazy eyes closing, fingers still wrapped around those pictures

Ammon Sahadset Black: crush those pictures and i crush ~you~ slut *he warns, not letting up in the slightest with tormenting digits* have a busy day tommorrow mmmm? maybe i should just put you to bed.... *its either a sultry promise or a threat, voice like dark devilish silk*

Melody: The ghoul can only moan a little, eyes slitting open to watch him. She pushes up into his fingers, almost subconciously. Almost

Ammon Sahadset Black: its fallen mute... how unfortunate.. *in one fell motion he plucks the pictures from her hands and stands up. depositing a squirming woman on the floor*

Melody: She manages to stifle the yelp, and she looks up at him from the floor, with those large eyes, trying to stifle down the begging thats apparent. She lowers her head. "Yes Master..."

Ammon Sahadset Black: Get to bed. long day tommorrow. long night as well. *he stoops down to cup her chin, eyes flicking to hers as he removes his shades, puts them on the table, then proceeds to draw her to her knees, hand slipping between her legs again as his eyes melt from brown to metallic gold, holding her entirely motionless in a serpents predatory gaze. he rumbles, smiling slyly* You do this.. Melody.. and I will keep u whimpering for a month straight.. you'll be so exhausted you'll have orgasms in your sleep mmmm? but you fail... and you'll be back with the bitches in the cult... do i make the importance of this clear.. ? *he smiles as he lets his eyes fade after a moment*

Melody: She remains still except for the few tiny noises that slip past her lips now and then, completely held in his gaze. A soft hitch in her breathing, and she nods before she actually speaks again. "Yes Master Ammon. Perfectly and utterly clear."

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he draws her to her feet and nibbles her neck* sleep now.

Ammon Sahadset Black: *he hands her the picture of the werewolf and winks* You have scrawny and merlin to thank for that frustration.. mmm?

Melody: She glares at the pictures momentarily and then smooths it out with a little sniff. Oh, she'll deal with them. A tiny sigh at the nibbling. "Yes Ammon."

Ammon Sahadset Black: you want that tension releived.. *he rumbles over her shoulder* Look to your new best friends.. mm? *that should provide some incentive, even if the little slut was likely motivated already.. that would have her chomping at the bit for a chance to have at them, best to make the phermones real for the petting zoo*

Melody: "Yessss...." She hissed quietly, looking at those pictures

Ammon Sahadset Black: *a slap to the ass to get her going in the direction of the bedroom* Bed. *he retreives his shades and picks up the piture of xu and the pikey. a low his as he sinks back in the couch to brood on his next move. recon.. they needed recon. the shades are perched on his face as he relaxes and mutters* turn off the light slut.

Melody: A flick of the lights as she disappears into her bedroom