Murphy Macguire: "Alright," Murphy says in the hotel room they've rented to plan the thing. "Here's a list o' names of the people who're goin' ta be there. The ones I could ID, anyway." He hands a photo copy of a notebook paper with a handwritten list of names.

Rocco: *leans over whoevers holding it to read over there shoulder. the hairy italian is so polite*

Murphy Macguire: Those who read the list get a bit of a shock: Some minor politicians, police officers, people like that...this is largely upstanding members of the community.

Connor Maquire: He looks over the list carefully and then the photos, nodding.

Cherry Matthews: She lounges against the wall and nods when Murphy says he has a list of names and waits for them to be read off to her.

Murphy Macguire: He sits down and takes a few things out of his gear bag, one of which is a nice flourescent green and orange super soaker. Another is what looks like a floorplan made out of popsicle sticks glued to construction paper. "I made a braille version o' th'floorplan so Cher can get an idea what we're goin' inta."

Connor Maquire: He smirks a bit. "Fook'n figures."

Rocco: holy.. what the holy fuck? *his shade get pushed up into his hair, as he looks over the list again, eyes wide*

Jarod Freeman: He leans against the wall, listening in and observing.

Cherry Matthews: She raises an eyebrow to the braille floor plane and moves over to where she hears Murphy's voice. "Neat."

Cherry Matthews: She looks over to Connor and Rocco. "What?"

Murphy Macguire: He hands the soaker to Rocco. "That's fer you Roc. Very important not ta get it on any o' them." He points out the other demons in the room. "If ye have ta fook 't oop, at least splash 't on me."

Jarod Freeman: "Great. Just beautiful." He looks at the list as it gets passed to him, reading it over.

Rocco: *a snort at the popsicle stick floorplan. he smirks as he receives the super soaker* what the fucks in this bitch? *he shakes it with a splooshy noise*

Connor Maquire: He stays away from the supersoaker and studies the floor plan before bringing it over to Cherry.

Cherry Matthews: She nods her head tothe floor plan and moves her hands over it trying to get a feel for where she is going into.

Jarod Freeman: He looks up from the list at the Soaker and raises his eyebrow. These three and their blessed shit... He smiles and shakes his head, passing the list on. "There's some decently important names on there. We're gonna make a real name here."

Murphy Macguire: "That's holy water, Roc." He hands another slip of paper out. "That's the entrance codes ta the area. I'm assumin' we just go in and...kill everyone we find."

Cherry Matthews: "So is someone going to tell me what all of the fuss is about? Or am I going to just ficking have to guess?"

Cherry Matthews: ((DLP))

Murphy Macguire: He leans down and whispers the codes to Cherry.

Cherry Matthews: She continues to feels about the map," what sorta important people?"

Jarod Freeman: "These are members of the community, Cherry. Politicians, cops, lawyers...this one's even a Appeals Court judge." Pointing out one of the names.

Rocco: Fuck yeah! *he beams toothily at "go in and kill everyone, hand not holding a super soaker turning into a gun shape as he looks to cherry* huh?

Connor Maquire: "We didn't find out the fook'ers name?"

Cherry Matthews: She nods to Murphy after hearing the codes.

Murphy Macguire: "Well, then," he beams "We'll be doin' God's work tanight."

Murphy Macguire: "I also found out that Mr. Linky whispers the rituals directly inta the minds o' his followers. So..." He shrugs. "I know his special name...but not the true one."

Cherry Matthews: She sighs hearing Rocco, and nods to Jarod. "Not to supprised are we?" that was a retorical question, she doesn't sound supprised at all.

Rocco: *he starts pacing about, soaker held at his shoulder, other hand scratching sloppily at his beard*

Jarod Freeman: "I am, Cherry, only because these weren't the followers I've dealt with in the past. The previous ones I took out where homeless. Seems Cernnunos has followers in more levels of society then I guessed." A hint of worry creases his forehead.

Cherry Matthews: She looks to Murphy either she is supprised or just dumfounded by how dangerous that could be for him.

Cherry Matthews: "Oh." she says it doesn't supprise her really Cherry has had to deal with corrupt cops before no biggie. "So we are going to be wipping them all out right?"

Murphy Macguire: "Use th' strap Roc," He moves over and shows Roc how to properly wear a super soaker like a slung machine gun. "Yeh've got a range o' 30 feet."

Connor Maquire: He pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, taps one out and lights it up. "How long till we set out?"

Murphy Macguire: "THat way if yeh need yer hands free, yeh've got 'em."

Jarod Freeman: "We're going to have to eliminate EVERYONE inside and escape without evidence of us being there, or go into hiding after this is done, guys. Otherwise, we're going to have every cop in the city hunting us down. So let's be good, okay?" He smiles a little bit. "And Rocco, you may want something extra besides the soaker. If they're not Demons, that won't do too much."

Jarod Freeman: "Demons or Thralls, I mean."

Rocco: *he does as instructed, snorting as he draws his little six shooter* "say Hallo.. to my little fren"... *he looks to the soaker* I'm like pacino except fuckin lame. ..

Murphy Macguire: "Well, we've got some firepower." He opens up the gearbag further to reaveal a few Uzis and an AK-47 or two, along with ammo.

Murphy Macguire: "And I can rig th' place ta blow if we can break the gas main and set some chemicals in the microwave fer a fuse."

Cherry Matthews: She nods to Jarod. You boys loaded on what ya need? and do you know the location of where this is? Because I can go in a different way."

Connor Maquire: Oh! Toys! He looks over the gun sack and takes an AK to go with his pistol. "I think we're gonna do good tanight."

Jarod Freeman: He blinks. "Rig it to blow? What about the homes near to it?"

Cherry Matthews: ((For clarification is this a house? Or office type building or wherehouse?))

Murphy Macguire: "Well, if there's homes next ta it, we'll have ta think o' somethin' else."

Jarod Freeman: ((This is a house in the nicer residential area of Staten Island.))

Murphy Macguire: (Afaik it's a mansion type thing in Staten Island.))

Ravyn: ((Yep, Murphy's right.))

Murphy Macguire: ((And I was picturing mansions being surrounded by high walls like in Beverly Hills so not thinking there were houses close enough to be affected by a blast. *G*))

Cherry Matthews: She remains silent thinking and listening to what ideas they have.

Rocco: *he's fiddling wiith his six shooter. he's learned listening is apropriate*

Connor Maquire: (*nods*)

Ravyn: ((Depends on the blast. If the force is strong enough, it could travel quite a ways... *G*))

Ravyn: ((But I'm not an explosives expert, so *shrug*))

Jarod Freeman: "All right, so what's the entrance plan?"

Murphy Macguire: "But right now, let's deal with the ferst stage." He hands a small spritz bottle to everyone. "If yer hit and drippin' blood spray that on 't. They won't be able ta DNA yeh. And everyone wear gloves, and balaclava." He hands them out. "So they don't see yer face or get yer prints."

Murphy Macguire: "Well, since we have rope, I was thinkin' we could come in via the skylight," he says, with a veiled jab at Connor.

Rocco: *rocco shoves the spritzer in his coat pocket, and tosses on the gloves*

Cherry Matthews: She takes the items, and runs her hands over the items trying to figurew out how they were to go oon. "I can always pop on in."

Jarod Freeman: "My plan was Apocalyptic form, but this works for a start." He nods and takes the equipment.

Murphy Macguire: "Barrin' that, I'm thinkin' we come in through here, and here, and if Cherry can come in across her way, here, we'll get a good crossfire goin' without bein' in each other's bullets."

Cherry Matthews: She grins. That she could do. "Do you know how old the place is?"

Connor Maquire: He looks over at Murphy and rolls his eyes. "Since we're killing them all I was thinking wes could jus drop in all naked the like and start tearing 'em apart."

Rocco: an what.. you want me to just soak any bastard comes within 30 feet of me?

Cherry Matthews: She looks atconnor confused. Naked?

Connor Maquire: "You know, "Wings and shit."

Murphy Macguire: "Alright, Mr. Fookin' Raar-Rar." He says to Connor "How they gonna' explain all the bits o' people around if we can't blow the place? They'll be lookin' fer a fookin' axemurderin' werewolf or soomthin'. Fookin' all over the fookin' news that."

Murphy Macguire: "Soak ~and~ shoot Roc. Soak and shoot."

Rocco: *he nods, eyeing the heavier guns enviously*

Cherry Matthews: She nods to conner in understanding. "Some of us do not have cool toys like you do Connor but yer right Murphy....butcha know burning the place wouldn't be a bad idea."

Connor Maquire: He looks to Murph with with a bit of a frown. Fun ruined and all. "Gonna be all over the news no matter what. But you're right. Aye."

Murphy Macguire: "If we need ta go all wingy, then we'll do't but what's the point in showin' yer cards if yeh don't have to?"

Jarod Freeman: He doesn't move to take a weapon himself. "All right. So bust in, off 'em all, cover it up, then get out. We should probably look for other clues to the Earthbound's location, too."

Murphy Macguire: He nods to Jarod. "Aye, that's true."

Rocco: *he's getting jittery. he wants to shoot things*

Murphy Macguire: "Personally, I'm curious as ta how they keep bringin' fookin' Titus back in th' same vessel."

Cherry Matthews: She is quiet once again. "You boys know that I am not really good in a fight without sight....and well I just suck anyways."

Jarod Freeman: "Good point, Cherry. You'll probably be wanting to abandon Cherry's body right from the, too. I'm no good with guns...probably just shoot one of us."

Rocco: *he screws up his face and looks at the blind woman* oh fuck yeah..huh.

Cherry Matthews: She frins. "Yeah wouldn't want to go after someone and realize oph shit it was rocco or one of y'all"

Connor Maquire: He nods a bit to Cherry. "Aye... you're right. So you go in all wings and feck, me n Rocco n Murph'll go in black."

Murphy Macguire: "Aye Cher, that's why I said ye coom in through yer own way. And Jarod, do what yeh need ta, just know this, and this is the line o' fire." He puts Cher's hands on the map and shows her the areas he's talking about."

Rocco: dude.. that would fucking suck. and how come you use my name? what.. I look like fodder? *he scratches at his hair, looking at her with a grin*

Murphy Macguire: "Because she likes yeh, yeh fookin' Italian Stallion." He jabs Roc with an elbow.

Cherry Matthews: She nods her head to Murphy, "got it" a grin goes Rocco's way. "Yeah it would and I wound't be wantin ya ta bite the dust on me now." she winks at him.

Jarod Freeman: A grin at the camaraderie. He leans back against the walls and watches.

Murphy Macguire: "We ready?" He looks around the room.

Jarod Freeman: He nods. "I think so, yeah. 'less anyone else has a question..."

Cherry Matthews: She nods. "Ready when you are."

Rocco: *that beam of a smile gets bigger and dumber, before he nods and grabs the balaclava* High ho silver away?

Murphy Macguire: He kneels and pulls out his rosary, kissing it and making a prayer for their safety, and for God's hand to guide and protect them, ending with: "While evil stands confounded, call me with thy saints surrounded." And then grabs the gear bag and heads out.

Cherry Matthews: ((As long as Cherry knows where the placew is she is going to depart from the Hotel, and meet you guys there. *S*))

Cherry Matthews: 9,2,3,3,5,4,7,

Rocco: *rocco follows between the boys, looking around warily, supersoaker slung over his shoulder*

Cherry Matthews: ((That was to sence the viel))

Connor Maquire: Connor likewise prays and suites up, handing Murphy a cigarette for the ride over.

Murphy Macguire: "Thanks," he says gratefully, having been so focused on the task he's forgotten to smoke. He takes it from Connor and lights up.

Jarod Freeman: He puts the gloves on, and pockets the balaclava and the spray in his trenchcoat, following behind as he lights up himself.

Cherry Matthews: And when she sences the weaker parts of the viel, she takes her form.

Cherry Matthews: ((Faith))

Ravyn: ((Roll Faith, Cherry))

Cherry Matthews: 7,8,5,6,

Ravyn: ((Say hello to Apoc form *S*))

Rocco: *rocco slides into the drivers seat and boots up the car, looking around once everyones in* Lets rock and roll.

Cherry Matthews -> Ravyn: ((And she is taking her High torment form 2 abilities.))

Murphy Macguire: He nods, his expression very businesslike.

Cherry Matthews -> Ravyn: ((Dread gaze and dead recogning))

Cherry Matthews: And then she passes through the viel.((dex awareness))

Cherry Matthews: 5,8,3,8,2,4,

Jarod Freeman: He sits in the front passenger seat (unless one of the Brothers want it, but they seem to like being together in the back), quietly prepping as they head to the location.

Rocco: *away they drive, rocco lighting a smoke on the way*

Ravyn: Sotitereal slips across the veil, into the Realm of the Dead.

Cherry Matthews: And she heads to the location her way.

Ravyn: The mansion they head up to is just that, a mansion. It is in fact gated, with a high wall, as Murphy expected, though with a smaller yard then those nearby. In any other neigborhood it would be quite, it's a little small.

Murphy Macguire: He pulls out his rosary and prays for guidance for exactly the right time to attack in order to surprise the enemy and coordinate with Cher. (roll awareness if you want, rolling for lore)

Murphy Macguire: 7,5,4,3,8,5,

Rocco: ((*laughs* sounds like abbey's place.))

Rocco: 2,10,6,

Jarod Freeman: 6,8,1,3,8,

Rocco: *brown eyes slip back at the praying. he rubs the back of his neck*

Ravyn -> Murphy Macguire: He finds the best moment to surprise, approximately. Just before the ritual begins.

Murphy Macguire: He tells them all to wait until just the right moment and the signal to go in guns blazing and soaker splashing.

Connor Maquire: (back, sorry)

Murphy Macguire: While they're prepping, he puts his own balaclava on the rest of him being covered with the peacoat, black tshirt, gloves, pants, etc.

Connor Maquire: He waits for Murphy's signal. Hand on his pistol already, waiting.

Rocco: *a little holy water dribbled onto his hands, he slicks back his hair and shoves the balaclava on, hoping no one really noticed, pistol in one hand, soaker in the other over his trench, smoke haging out his maw*

Jarod Freeman: The balaclava goes on, just to conceal until he takes his Apocalyptic form.

Rocco: *gloves pulled on, he look ready to go*

Sotiterael: Since she cannot see what goes on in the landof the living while she is here she arrives and get's in place.

Ravyn: There is one guard at the outside gate, though he looks fairly bored. Seems that not too much attacks this house, or tries to break in, typically.

Connor Maquire: Gloves on, baclava down, gun out.

Murphy Macguire: ((Any cameras?))

Ravyn: ((Per+Security))

Murphy Macguire: 5,9,1,1,8,

Sotiterael: ((*Winces*))

Murphy Macguire: (wow, not my day for rolling. *sexes up the diceroller*))

Ravyn: None that Murphy can see. There isn't one posted in the usual, visible spots.

Rocco: *rocco blinks a little as a renegade bit of hair stabs him in the eye. he looks around slowly, considering.*

Murphy Macguire: Window already rolled down, he simply takes aim as Roc approaches the place and shoots the guard in the head with his silenced gun.

Murphy Macguire: (2 turns for aiming sound good?)

Ravyn: ((Sure. Murphy, roll Dex+Stealth to be sneaky...Rolling Per+Alert for guard))

Murphy Macguire: 10,9,5,4,6,

Ravyn: 5,2,5,10,9,

Ravyn: The guard doesn't notice, being more interested in the Yankees game on the radio.

Murphy Macguire: 3,5,5,6,6,1,3,9,1,

Murphy Macguire: (So that misses since an aimed shot is +2 diff))

Ravyn: The glass of the booth he's in shatters behind him, but the bullet misses the guard. Yeah, you got his attention now, and he's going for his gun as he looks around. ((Init))

Murphy Macguire: 3,

Rocco: 5,

Ravyn: 7,

Rocco: (11)

Murphy Macguire: (9)

Jarod Freeman: 2,

Connor Maquire: 1,

Connor Maquire: ((6))

Jarod Freeman: ((8))

Sotiterael: ((*winces*))

Ravyn: ((All right, so StreamLined for this one...declare & roll, low to high. Declare order: Connor, Jarod, Murphy, Rocco, Guard))

Connor Maquire: Shooting the guard

Connor Maquire: 2,6,5,6,9,10,7,

Connor Maquire: 5,

Connor Maquire: 6,10,5,9,4,2,3,9,10,

Sotiterael: ((Me thinks he is going to die.))

Connor Maquire: (That was 5 to hit and 5 dam)

Jarod Freeman: Jarod has no gun, and he is holding action for the moment, letting the cowboys have their gunfight.

Murphy Macguire: Throwing open the passenger door and leaping (lore of Fundament) for whereever the controls for the gate are, trusting in jarod and Connor to take the guard out.

Ravyn: 7,

Rocco: *the italian is going to step to the side and try to grab the guards hand up so he can't shoot, whirling him around so the brothers.. can*

Rocco: 10,9,5,2,

Murphy Macguire: (Roc, you're still driving the car!)

Ravyn: ((Umm...still in the car, Rocco...))

Sotiterael: ((Ummm yeah what Murphy said.*L*))

Murphy Macguire: 5,8,2,9,

Rocco: (*laughs* I thought we'd stopped. the car is in MOTION?! well.. rocco drives)

Ravyn: ((Car may be stopped, but you're still in the drivers seat of the car. It would be a full action for you to actually get to the guard.))

Rocco: (meh. rocco can sit in the drivers, slamming car into park.))

Ravyn: The guard is taking a shot at the guy getting out of the car. ((Dex+FA, considering the jumping to count as a Dodge as well as movement, since Murph's quite in motion.))

Ravyn: 8,5,4,9,3,9,

Ravyn: 7,4,10,4,

Ravyn: RECAP: The guard gets a shot off, clipping Murphy as he leaps high into the air (2 Lethal). Rocco slams the car into park as Murphy flies through the air, and lands next to the guard, in front of the gate controls. Jarod is stuck with little to do but watch as Connor's bullet rips through the guard's head, putting him down.

Murphy Macguire: 7,4,2,

Murphy Macguire: (that was soak if i get it if not, disregard)

Connor Maquire: "'N /that/ is how ye do it." He delares, letting himself out of the car.

Ravyn: ((As a reminder, Rocco, you may want to activate your ability to Soak Lethal Damage w/a WP roll vs. 7 about now. *S* Lasts the scene.))

Jarod Freeman: He slides out of the car, moving quickly to approach and see if Murphy's all right.

Rocco: Mother FUCKER! *as Murph gets shot. Rocco's grabbed the keys and is getting out, toughening up as he does so*

Rocco: 6,7,7,5,9,

Ravyn -> Ravyn: 8,3,2,9,8,

Murphy Macguire: He's moving to open the gate, ignoring the wound as best he can.

Ravyn: The gate opens without difficulty, letting them into the yard.

Connor Maquire: He moves to the gate and pulls out his spray can. Spraying down any blood splatter from Murphy along the way.

Murphy Macguire: "Drive, Roc!" he says, waving him through.

Jarod Freeman: He approaches Murphy, looking him over. "You all right, man?" He's already getting ready to head up to the house.

Rocco: *whoop. back in the car he goes.. for whatever purpose. murph says drive we drive, and so he does*

Jarod Freeman: Good enough for him. He doesn't bother to head back to the car...he books it for the house, prepping himself for a leap.

Murphy Macguire: He starts running after Jarod. (Sorry i had the image of a 500 foot driveway or something so driving would be quicker. *G*))

Ravyn: ((It's a long driveway, maybe 30 yards or so. But not that long. *G&))

Connor Maquire: He jogs along after the other two... though he won't be jumping.

Ravyn: There are no further guards outside as they approach the house. The lights are on inside, upstairs and down.

Jarod Freeman: "Going topside. Meet you guys downstairs?" He says it to Murphy as they run.

Murphy Macguire: He gives Jarod a thumbs up and keeps going.

Rocco: *a shrug as he roars into the into the driveway, slamming the car into park again and getting out, prepping as the boys run towards him*

Murphy Macguire: pulls his guns as he runs, a silenced 9mm in each hand.

Jarod Freeman: And a-leapin' he goes. ((Str+Athletics))

Jarod Freeman: 4,8,2,6,5,

Jarod Freeman: He makes it up top, hitting the roof and taking Apocalyptic Form...his darker Apoc Form. Then he heads in through a window. ((Faith spent))

Rocco: *water gun out in one hand, light pistol in the other, lot of good its going to do him. he knows he's got a water gun... so he's heading up the rear*

Ravyn: The rest of the group makes it to the front door unaccosted.

Connor Maquire: He's got one of his pistols out, AK strapped to his back. He looks to Murph to boot the door opened.

Murphy Macguire: Let's connor open the door and prepares to charge in guns blazing (rolling for Apoc Form)

Murphy Macguire: Let's connor open the door and prepares to charge in guns blazing (rolling for Apoc Form)

Connor Maquire: Oh he gets to do the door booting... just in case he reaches to try and open it... they might be expecting people after all.

Murphy Macguire: ((DLP) "Yer the fookin' battle tank!" he says to Connor and leaps at thedoor (lore)

Ravyn: The door, Connor finds, is unlocked, surprisingly.

Murphy Macguire: (So Connor turns the handle and Murph leaps. Classic!))

Murphy Macguire: 3,4,5,4,

Connor Maquire: He pushes it open so Murph can hop right through.

Murphy Macguire: ((LMAO...this is ~SO~ Macmanus bros...))

Ravyn: Murphy leaps all of about five feet...but hey, he's through the door.

Sotiterael: ((*LOL*))

Rocco: *a snort from behind them.. from the man holding a neon orange gun*

Murphy Macguire: He tries to leap, clips the top of the doorway and lands blocking it, guns out, somewhat surprised look in his face, if you could see it through the balaclava.

Connor Maquire: 5,4,9,

Murphy Macguire: And as soon as he ses people to shoot, he does so.

Connor Maquire: He turns into his big ass tormented, scales, claws and large size apoc form and moves through, ducking to pass through the door, wings folding against his back.

Sotiterael: And Sotiterael steps through the viel at her appointed spot. ((Dex+awareness))

Connor Maquire: And the angel of death starts shooting too if anyone's there.

Murphy Macguire: Stepping away from the door along the diagonal he'd outlined to the others in the "plan"

Ravyn: ((So, when we hit combat in just a sec, we'll be going cinematic, which means you ROLL YOUR POOL TO HIT ONLY. For every 3 sux over 6, you have killed or disabled an opponent. for every 1 in your attack you have suffered 1 HL Lethal damage))

Sotiterael: 3,5,8,7,3,3,

Rocco: *rocco's all giddyup go, looking suprisingly determined as he bursts in after the scaley tank. shutting the door. considerate boy he is, he turns looking for a clear shot*

Ravyn: The group makes it around into the largest room, and finds a virtual who's who of the minor members of higher society, in the process of of chanting around a table, upon which sits the naked, undamaged body of Xander Titus. There's a good 15 people chanting, including the man at the head, a tall man in his early 50's with short-cut brown hair and a malicious zeal in his green eyes. Five cops are standing guard, and they start to pull weapons.

Ravyn: Sotitereal comes out right on the outside of the circle, ready to rock.

Connor Maquire: (ack brb phone!)

Ravyn: ((So roll Init, folksies.))

Rocco: 10,

Connor Maquire: (back)

Murphy Macguire: 9,

Ravyn: 5,

Ravyn: 5,

Murphy Macguire: (15)

Sotiterael: 6,

Rocco: (15)

Sotiterael: ((12))

Connor Maquire: 6,

Connor Maquire: (11)

Ravyn: 6,

Connor Maquire: (oh wait 13)

Ravyn: ((So initiative order is: Cops & Cultists, Connor, Sotitereal & Cult Leader, Rocco, Murphy))

Ravyn: ((Rephrase: Cops & Cultists, Sotitereal & Cult Leader, Connor, Rocco, Murphy

Sotiterael -> Ravyn: ((did you want me to roll a dex+athletics to pull the butcher knide?))

Ravyn: The cultists seem too surprised to act; three of the cops are taking shots at Sotit, Connor (Apoc Form) and Murphy (gun). The other two have to get around to not shoot the circle of cultists.

Ravyn: 8,4,5,3,10,6,

Ravyn: 9,4,2,7,1,7,

Ravyn: 3,7,2,5,3,2,

Ravyn: 7,8,2,8,4,8,

Ravyn: 9,10,6,5,

Ravyn: 3,5,10,9,

Ravyn: ((Connor's up))

Connor Maquire: The big ass scary angel/demon thing that is Connor opens fire.

Connor Maquire: 9,2,4,9,3,6,5,2,7,

Sotiterael: Butcher knife to the back of the nearest cultist.

Sotiterael: 8,7,10,7,

Rocco: *the italian stallion is taking several lengthy strides towards that table to soak the malevolant ass at the head of it, and anyone else within direct supersoaker range. he's like a kid in a water fight, grinning like its his birthday*

Rocco: 1,4,6,

Murphy Macguire: Strafing with each hand (second roll will be diff 7+ due to off hand)

Murphy Macguire: 2,9,2,9,3,6,9,5,8,5,8,8,4,5,6,1,6,

Murphy Macguire: 8,3,9,3,7,5,5,4,6,5,8,2,7,9,8,10,5,

Rocco: (or not. as its apparently needing "pumped")

Ravyn: ((Fuuuuuuck! Gimme a moment...gotta count successes here. *Blinks*))

Connor Maquire: (oi!)

Ravyn: The cult leader takes the nasty-ass-looking dagger and tries to jam it into the demon right nearby...namely, Sotitereal.

Ravyn: 5,5,9,6,5,

Murphy Macguire: ((I count 9 sux with first 8 sux w/2nd)

Ravyn: 6,5,7,5,8,

Sotiterael: ((And here I was happy with likking my one))

Ravyn: ((You count what I count. Dayum. So, recap time, folks.))

Ravyn: RECAP: Murphy goes INSANE with the guns, spraying bullety death everywhere and mowing four cultists and two cops down. Rocco ducks under the bullets, the amount of lead flying over making him nervous enough to forget to pump the damn super-soaker. Connor blows a cultist away. Sotitereal slashes a cultist down, as she gets stabbed by the Cult leader (soak 3 Lethal from that). The cops open fire. ((Sotit, soak 3 again, Connor, soak 3, Murphy, 2))

Sotiterael: 10,3,8,2,

Sotiterael: 6,5,9,8,

Sotiterael: 2,

Sotiterael: ((Ignore me guys got roll happy))

Connor Maquire: 6,6,9,7,3,4,7,9,

Connor Maquire: (gets 6 succ to soak)

Ravyn: TOTAL COUNT Remaining: 11 Cultists, 3 cops, and Cult Leader. Sotiteral takes one from the knife jabbing her shoulder, none from the bullets. Connor's just fine.

Connor Maquire: Bullets quite literally bounce off his scale clad bulk.

Ravyn: And Jarod comes out of another door on the opposite side in Apocalyptic Form, wielding an already-bloody knife of his own, as the round ends.

Ravyn: 8,

Ravyn: ((New Round: Order is Cops & Cultists, Cops & Cultists, Sotitereal & Cult Leader, Connor, Jarod, Rocco, Murphy)) The cops are taking pot-shots again. The cultists are sheep, unused to combat, and they're panicking.

Ravyn: ((One shot each to Sotit, Connor, and Murphy.))

Ravyn: 3,1,6,10,1,7,

Ravyn: 1,2,4,3,4,5,

Ravyn: 3,9,10,6,1,6,

Ravyn: 8,9,3,2,

Ravyn: 8,2,3,3,7,

Sotiterael: She stabs the cult leader, since he is now close to her.((WP point))

Sotiterael: 1,7,4,1,

Sotiterael: ((Oh my GOD!!!))

Connor Maquire: (hugs)

Ravyn: The cult leader grins malevolantly and tries to stab Sotit again.

Ravyn: 3,7,1,10,3,

Ravyn: ((Yep. Murphy stole ALL the successes.))

Ravyn: 9,6,6,2,

Sotiterael: ((Not all of them it seems))

Connor Maquire: He launches himself over, dropping his gun, intent on tearing apart the cult leader with tooth and claws.

Connor Maquire: 4,7,3,8,10,8,4,6,

Connor Maquire: (5 succ)

Ravyn: Jarod charges one of the cops, trying to jam that ritual knife he picked up right through the fucker's neck.

Ravyn: 5,9,7,8,6,

Rocco: fucking.. *the grin falters a little as he curses at the watergun, pumping it awkwardly and moving to piss holy water all over the body on the table, and any cultists unfortunate enough to be behind it. (spending 1 wp.) he can't beleive he forgot to pump!*

Rocco: 9,6,5,

Murphy Macguire: Goes apoc (non-torment, rolling faith), turning into an indigo blue man covered with various designs, some of which tie into his tattoos, and spends faith for two extra actions to strafe again. (no wound penalties due to 3 extra Health levels from apoc form)

Murphy Macguire: 9,2,5,2,

Murphy Macguire: 2,4,6,6,6,2,2,9,4,8,8,10,4,6,3,6,3,

Murphy Macguire: 10,3,9,6,7,7,7,7,1,4,5,5,3,10,8,3,4,

Murphy Macguire: 8,

Murphy Macguire: 7,3,

Ravyn: ((I count 10 and 9.))

Rocco: (fuck ME singha! dear GOD! *laughs*)

Murphy Macguire: (10 sux first hand, 8 sux second hand))

Ravyn: ((Gaah, miscounted. You're right.))

Sotiterael: ((*Jaw drops*

Murphy Macguire: (8 sux second due to +1 diff))

Murphy Macguire: ((Just like in the movies!))

Murphy Macguire: With no wings, and since he's dressed in dark blue with a balaclava anyway, he doesn't look all that different from when he entered, especially not when he's obscured by that much gunsmoke.

Ravyn: RECAP: MURPHY takes his Apocalyptic Form, and more lead death reigns, mowing down ANOTHER COP and FIVE more CULTISTS. ROCCO soaks the body of TITUS, and it bursts into flame. JAROD takes down another COP, while CONNOR leaps at the CULT LEADER and shreds him with his claws. This leaves the cult leader and cops unable to stab and fire, except the one remaining, who did manage to shoot Sotitereal (Soak 2))

Sotiterael: 4,7,3,2,

Ravyn: ((TOTAL COUNT: 5 Cultists, 1 Cop. Damn bullets. Take 1 Lethal, Sotit.))

Ravyn: ((1 more action for Murphy))

Murphy Macguire: With his second action, he reloads.

Ravyn: ((Good move. *G* New Round: Order is Cops & Cultists, Cops & Cultists, Sotitereal, Connor, Jarod, Rocco, Murphy)) The cultists are trying to flee, going for windows, doors, and whatever. The last cop, sensing the end is near, is at least gonna try and take SOMEONE out. He shoots at Connor, who just tore his boss apart.

Ravyn: 2,3,2,6,7,10,

Ravyn: 6,2,7,3,4,8,

Sotiterael: Seeing Connor take care of the leader she goes after another cultist. (Wp)

Sotiterael: 6,8,7,

Connor Maquire: Totally trusting Murphy and his mad gun skills to take the cultists out, he goes after the cop.

Connor Maquire: 5,8,8,1,2,10,3,

Connor Maquire: 9,

Connor Maquire: (forgot a dice there that one should go with the others)

Ravyn: Jarod tries to throat a cultist running by.

Ravyn: 8,4,4,8,7,

Rocco: babtised motherfucker! *he's got that wide eyed crazy man grin going on again as the thing bursts into flame, he lets the supersoaker swing to his hip and grips the pistol, plugging the fleeing cultist closest to actual escape (wp)* no you fucking don't!

Rocco: 9,8,9,

Murphy Macguire: He plugs the fleeing cultists with strafing fire, careful not to shoot near where his guys are fighting

Murphy Macguire: 8,9,4,3,3,5,4,9,2,8,2,8,2,4,6,3,6,

Murphy Macguire: 9,6,7,3,2,9,5,3,5,3,5,4,7,6,1,10,4,

Murphy Macguire: 7,

Murphy Macguire: ((7 and 5))

Ravyn: RECAP: Murphy mows down most of the cultists, and Rocco, Jarod, and Cherry ice who aren't. Connor shreds the cop. And that's all she wrote for the bad guys. No one made it to a window or door.

Murphy Macguire: He goes human

Sotiterael: ((Damn when we are good we are good)) She turns around making sure nothing is going to try and get up and stab at her or shoot her again. Still holding the butcher knife in hand.

Jarod Freeman: He puts up the guise of his Host form, and looks around the carnage, tossing the knife away. There's a look of grim satisfaction on his face, and he nods.

Connor Maquire: He turns his attention to the burning form on the table to see if it's really 'dead'.

Murphy Macguire: His rosary already outside his shirt, he starts putting silver dimes on the eyes of the fallen.

Jarod Freeman: The burning body looks quite dead. It may never have even been 'alive' was hard to tell as everyone burst in.

Jarod Freeman: ((Roll Per+Alertness, though, guys))

Connor Maquire: He turns his attention to the burning form on the table to see if it's really 'dead'.

Murphy Macguire: His rosary already outside his shirt, he starts putting silver dimes on the eyes of the fallen.

Jarod Freeman: The burning body looks quite dead. It may never have even been 'alive' was hard to tell as everyone burst in.

Jarod Freeman: ((Roll Per+Alertness, though, guys))

Murphy Macguire: 6,5,4,2,6,10,

Rocco: *rocco looks like its his birthday as he moves to look around the floor, gaping at murphy* well who the fuck knew you were rambo? *a snort as he figures he might light a smoke off tidus, tromping over in that direction*

Connor Maquire: 4,7,3,10,5,6,

Rocco: 3,6,2,

Sotiterael: Satisfied she goes in search of and information that may be left around as to the earthbound. Let the boys do their prayers. and she seems to float away across the room.

Jarod Freeman: 5,10,10,6,9,

Murphy Macguire: ((I can just see the cop's theories on this "They had a fucking Army...ten, twenty guys miniumum, and maybe some kind of flame thrower...."))

Sotiterael: 2,7,5,8,8,5,

Jarod Freeman: ((Speaking of which...)) Jarod's ears perk up just an instant brother the brothers and Sotitereal. Rocco doesn't catch it at first. Sirens...distant, but approaching.

Murphy Macguire: "I am Rambo," he says, nodding as he continues his work. "I've got the knife."

Connor Maquire: He frowns glancing to the door. "Murph, if we are going to blast this place we have to do it now." He says in that smooth, compelling Herald's voice.

Sotiterael: "Set it up and I will detonate it....but get out of here NOW" she says

Rocco: *rocco lights the smoke and goes into hyperdrive with the ammonia spritzer* yeah.. fuck rambo, you micks need to mcguyver us a bomb before we're seeing red and blue.

Jarod Freeman: Jarod nods to them. "Tell me what to rig, and I'm on it, guys."

Murphy Macguire: "Get the car goin' Roc." He takes the cross from his rosary in hand and kisses it, closing his eyes and bowing his head, reciting the prayer "And shepherds we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee, Power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command, we shall flow a river forth to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine patrie,et fili et spiritu sancti." And then he kisses the Rosary and runs into the kitchen. "Turn all the gas on. Fireplace, stove, oven! Kill the pilot lights!"

Jarod Freeman: He nods and heads for the fireplace, hitting the putting out the pilot and hitting the gas on max.

Rocco: *out he runs, sweating under his balaclava, which is now slightly askew, the car rumbling to life, he drums on the steering wheel* c'ma c'ma c'man!

Murphy Macguire: And he gets the nice, explosive household chemicals that everyone unwittingly has in their house and mixes them up in a glass bowl, setting them in the microwave and setting the timer long enough for them to get out of the place in time.

Connor Maquire: While everyone starts rigging the bomb, Connor shrinks down to his human and starts looking around for any other ritual items that they might have missed that might be useful.

Jarod Freeman: ((Roll me Wits+Investigation to look fast, Connor))

Murphy Macguire: ((Spending WP for this, what you want to +demo roll?))

Murphy Macguire: 2,4,3,7,

Sotiterael: She lets the boys get going and waits for what she needs to do cause she can dissapear right before it goes off they cannot.

Connor Maquire: 6,3,2,10,

Jarod Freeman: ((Int+Demolitions))

Murphy Macguire: (spending another WP on this. *G*)

Murphy Macguire: 2,2,4,6,

Jarod Freeman: Besides the ritual knives, which appear to be indentical to the ones previously described, Connor does actually find an altar in a back room of the house, with several pieces of parchment containing writing in various languages, as well as several profane carvings on the altar itself.

Murphy Macguire: Tell Roc to get the car beyond the gate and close it!" He says to cherry "We'll meet him down the road, away from the cops!"

Connor Maquire: He grabs the papers and the whole alter if it's not too big and heads out to the car.

Sotiterael: She heads outside and to the car. "rocco get going, close the gate and get past the cops they will meet you. whereever you are." She turns and heads back inside.

Connor Maquire: "Ready Lil' Brother?"

Jarod Freeman: The altar is too big for Connor to carry...or rather, too heavy, as it's actually made of stone. Looks pretty old, too.

Sotiterael: ((Here is hoping connor can get in the car before rocco leaves))

Rocco: fuuuuuuuuuuck..*rocco nods, waits a sec for cherry to either get in the car or go, and pushes the tank into drive bailing out of the grounds. he stops at the door to punch the gate shut, before hauling ass out and down the street*

Sotiterael: Once back inside"Now Murphy what do I need to do?"

Connor Maquire: Well he'll just grab the scrolls then.

Sotiterael: "You guys should leave."

Jarod Freeman: Jarod heads into the kitchen, letting those gas implements to flow free, too, then looks to Murphy. "We good?"

Murphy Macguire: "One moment." He kisses the cross and bows his head, centering himself and praying to see if the arriving cops are cultists (like if he's seen them before. *G*))

Murphy Macguire: (spending WP)

Murphy Macguire: 5,3,3,6,9,8,

Jarod Freeman -> Murphy Macguire: A couple are, the rest aren't. He sees a good five or six cop cars coming

Murphy Macguire: "In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus."

Murphy Macguire -> Jarod Freeman: (Two more attempts at the lore, one to see if they find a secret passage out of the house, and the second if they do to see where it winds up))

Rocco: *rocco's headed in the opposite direction as sirens, tucking the car behind anysort of overlarge suv or manor wall, looking back and tapping the sides of the steering wheel as he makes short work of his victory smoke, muttering* come on you fucking guys.. Boom. lets go...

Murphy Macguire: 1,3,6,1,8,6,

Murphy Macguire: 9,2,7,8,6,7,

Connor Maquire: He scoops up his gun and waits by the door for Murphy. Hearing his brother in prayer he crosses himself (with his left, gun holding hand) "In nomine Petrise et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus."

Jarod Freeman -> Murphy Macguire: ((I don't get what you're asking with that first one. To see if the cops find a secret passage?))

Murphy Macguire -> Jarod Freeman: (No Murph, jarod and Connor, if they can find a secret passage out of there)

Jarod Freeman -> Murphy Macguire: ((Well, it's predicting the future, not telling you what's there or not. And since they aren't looking, then no, he doesn't see them finding one. *G*))

Murphy Macguire -> Jarod Freeman: ((Murph's going to look for one. *G* He's basically assuming there is one he's just looking for where it is that he's entering it))

Connor Maquire: (warns, I need to get going in about 15 - 20)

Jarod Freeman -> Murphy Macguire: ((He still doesn't find himself finding one, so it's either not there or warded.))

Murphy Macguire: "Okay." He sets the timer and motions toward the back. "Out the back and over the wall." He grabs a garbage bag to put the stuff Connor found in and heads out with them.

Jarod Freeman: Good enough for him. He books it with Murphy and Connor, running out the back.

Connor Maquire: Tosses the scrolls in Murph's bag and out they go towards the back wall!

Sotiterael: She was waiting for themto get away and do that byt oh well.. "See you at home." she says reaching out to cross over. ((Spending faith to help cross over))

Sotiterael: 8,3,8,3,7,2,

Rocco: *Rocco gears up the car and makes to meet the boys on the corner, curving around the block*

Murphy Macguire: "Jarod, you grab one arm, I grab th' other, and we'll jump Connor over th' wall, eh?"

Jarod Freeman: ((Dex+Athletics to get over the wall, or Str+Athletics leap for those who can and do. It is a high wall... :) ))

Jarod Freeman: ((Or that.)) "Perfect."

Connor Maquire: 5,4,9,

Murphy Macguire: (Spending WP for this!))

Connor Maquire: (or that)

Murphy Macguire: 9,2,9,4,

Jarod Freeman: ((Spending Faith))

Jarod Freeman: 9,9,3,10,6,

Jarod Freeman: Sotitereal vanishes through the Veil, and the leapers get Connor over the wall and take off, and just as the BOOOM is heard.

Connor Maquire: "Thank you Father," he murmers in the wake of the Boom.

Murphy Macguire: His heart leaps at the sound of boomy firey explosiveness, hoping that they took out the evidence, as it were.

Murphy Macguire: "This way, Roc's waitin'"

Murphy Macguire: He leads them toward where he told Roc to wait for them.

Connor Maquire: Runs off with the others to the meeting place.

Jarod Freeman: Rocco sees cops approaching and hears the boom as he turns off the street. Looks like their gonna need that fire truck and that came with, too. Ambulance is kinda pointless, though.

Rocco: *indeed he is waiting, idling at the corner for the boys to get their holy asses in the car*

Jarod Freeman: He moves along with Murphy and Connor, sliding into the waiting car.

Connor Maquire: He hops into the back seat, grinning.

Murphy Macguire: He slips into the car, grinning from ear to ear and making sure they have everything Connor came up with. "Head inta Jersey, Roc, we'll circle around up inta Manhattan that way."

Rocco: Got it. *and away he goes, driving like a bat out of hell away from the site of the explosion* we need to get the car skinned.

Connor Maquire: He leans back and lights up a smoke. "I love my job..."

Murphy Macguire: He pats Roc on the back. "Take care o' that, will yeh?"

Connor Maquire: (And I should get to sleep if the life threatening danger is over)

Rocco -> Jarod Freeman: shall I roll into + streetwise to know where the hell they can get that done? or would he just know?

Jarod Freeman: He grins at Connor and lights up himself. "It is high on job satisfaction, isn't it?"

Jarod Freeman -> Rocco: ((Go ahead and roll it for fun))

Murphy Macguire: He grins and nods to Connor. "While the wicked stand confounded, call me with thy Saints surrounded." He picks up his rosary and kisses it, closing his eyes again.

Jarod Freeman: ((Life-threatening danger over, for now. *G*))

Murphy Macguire: 6,8,8,7,1,8,

Rocco: Yeah, no fuckin problem, *he's still got the balaclava on. bravo roc. butthat beams coming back as they get farther away from cops*

Murphy Macguire -> Jarod Freeman: ((looking for when Titus enters a host again))

Rocco: 3,8,2,3,5,3,

Connor Maquire: (*hugs all and fades. Fill me on the rest tomorrow? Thanks for the great scene!)

Cherry Matthews: ((WOOO HOOO! *S*))

Cherry Matthews: ((*Hugs*Nighters you sleep well))

Rocco: (bye!(

Jarod Freeman: ((Night, SG!))

Jarod Freeman -> Rocco: ((Rocco knows of a place. Spendy, but they'll do it, and be quiet about it.))

Rocco: you just buy the victory beer. *he snorts taking them through jersey... he looks around* where's Cherry?

Murphy Macguire: "She's takin' her own way home."

Jarod Freeman: "She took off her own way."

Cherry Matthews: ((It's always good to gave alternate ways of getting around *L*))

Jarod Freeman -> Murphy Macguire: ((He doesn't see it happening within the next 4 days))

Murphy Macguire: "Well," he says after he slips the rosary away. "Titus isn't coomin' back in th' next 4 days."

Rocco: *he nods, grinning and fumbling for a joint from the glovebox before lighting it up* no shit.

Murphy Macguire: "I think we should pick oop a case or two and have a fookin' celebration."

Jarod Freeman: "Sounds good to me." He grins a little bit.

Rocco: *he grins back over his shoulder. he's not arguing with that*

Murphy Macguire: ((And can we fade there? Cause I gotta boatload of work to do and only 9 days to do it))

Rocco: ((thats sounds perfect to me)

Murphy Macguire: ((thanks all for the awesome RP, it was a blast. They'll pick up Cher before they go and party, of course. *G*))

Jarod Freeman: ((Fading here is good.))

Cherry Matthews: ((*S* NP see you later and take care. *L* that or she might have made it home by then who knows *S* but cool.....))

Rocco: (rest asurred.. at sometime duringthe evening.. rocco WILL bless his penis with the holy water. it really just goes down hill from there.. as the italian gets SLOBBERINg drunk)

Murphy Macguire: ((closing window)

Cherry Matthews: ((*dies laughing* and if he things he is gonna get any after THAT he is nits *L*))

Rocco: ((he'll realize that too late.. and be quite upset. making a further ass of himself by washing it off.. etc etc.. trying to desecrate it again *laughs* but he is staggering passing out drunk. so cherry really doesn't need to worry)