Silkie: *Stumbling along as Eli tries to make her run.*

Ravyn: 9,

Ravyn: ((Okay, so order is: Homeless Woman, Elijah, Victor, Eddie, Silkie, Tansy. Everyone know the Streamline Combat Rules, from the SHifter forums?))

Elijah Phillips: ((*nods*))

Silkie: (yep)

Eddie: ((nope, but i'm pulling it up in another window right now. *G*))

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Are you running assuming apoc form the same as assuming another form in shifter))

Ravyn: ((For the record, assuming Apocalyptic form for those Demons among us does NOT happen automatically, your still have to roll or spend Faith to do so.))

Elijah Phillips: ((*nods again*))

Ravyn: ((So, with that in mind...))

Ravyn: 4,9,1,8,8,8,

Ravyn: The homeless woman's body seems to ripple, and suddenly, it's a homeless woman no more. It's about eight feet tall, panther-like, covered in mangy fur, emaciated and with rows of shapr fangs and claws. A prehensile tail hangs down, and rabid foam drops from her large, fang-filled maw. Glowing yellow, cat-like eyes stare at him.

Ravyn: ((Homeless woman is charging at Tansy, arm raised to strike.))

Elijah Phillips: Glancing back, but maintining his bolt for the car, he yells to the others "Get in the fucking car!"

Ravyn: 9,2,7,8,5,4,4,

Silkie: "Nahaliel!"

Ravyn: ((Victor, action?))

Victor Mendez: *Victor concentrates on the ground trying to force a spike of cement into the panthers chest*

Victor Mendez: 2,6,8,8,4,3,5,2,

Ravyn: 6,2,4,6,1,2,

Eddie: *yelps and dives for Tansy to grab her so that she can hopefully drag her away from the scary icky thing...doesn't ~need~ to sniff to know it's Bad*

Eddie: 4,4,9,5,4,

Ravyn: ((Sorry for forgetting you, Eddie. Bad ST!))

Eddie: ((*L* is ok. but you get one cookie taken from your share! *giggles*))

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((Roll me 4 dice damage))

Ravyn: ((Silkie?))

Silkie: Is being dragged to the car by Eli.

Tansy: Screams as she is clawed from behind, she tries to run for the car.

Tansy: 8,10,4,1,7,5,4,

Victor Mendez: 2,5,5,10,

Silkie: (unless he let go of her?)

Ravyn: 6,4,10,8,3,7,7,

Elijah Phillips: ((no no.. he's gotta hold on her, unless you're tryin to worm away))

Silkie: (Nope, she's not trying to escape)

Ravyn: Recap: The thing shifts into it's monstrous shape and charges, slashing a few lines into Tansy's back. Eddie grabs Tansy, and they start running for the car, getting to Victor's side. Victor focuses, and the ground in front of the thing shapes into a spike, slamming it but not seeming to pierce it's hide. Elijah and Silkie book it for the car.

Ravyn: ((New round...order is: Thing, Elijah, Victor, Eddie, Silkie, Tansy.))

Ravyn: The thing roars with a gleeful abandon and charges after, focusing on Victor now. That mange-covered arm rises again, and comes down at him.

Ravyn: 7,2,6,8,9,9,7,

Silkie: ((Oh shit!))

Victor Mendez: *Victor jumps to the side trying to avoid its slash as he assumes his apoc form asap*

Elijah Phillips: Still running toward the car with an arm around silkie, he uses his free hand to dig out his keys so that when he's close enough he can do a keyless entry. He mutters "Shit.. shit.."

Ravyn: ((Gaah. Also, any non-demons, roll me Willpower, if you've seen the thing clearly in it's new form))

Victor Mendez: 5,8,5,1,6,6,

Eddie: 7,5,4,4,10,10,

Ravyn: 4,6,6,10,5,1,2,3,6,

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((Take 3 Agg))

Eddie: *runs with Tansy toward the car as fast as she can drag the girl* ((assuming she can after seeing that Really Icky and prolly Wyrm-filled Whatsit over there...))

Silkie: 2,4,9,8,7,

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Could I spend a point of faith to assume the form as I was being swung at))

Ravyn: Eddie is quite capable of taking action, but senses something old, very primal, and very, very Wyrm-like emanating from it. To call him impressed is an understatement.

Eddie: 6,3,2,2,4,

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((That would have happened on your turn. The dodge supersedes turns, though.))

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Cool deal))

Eddie: ((*G* and Eddie's been told by her mentor to run like the wind should she ever encounter really strong Wyrminess, at this point in her young life, anyway. ))

Ravyn: ((Victor's action was to dodge...Silkie & Tansy, still being pulled?))

Tansy: 2,8,5,5,9,2,10,

Silkie: *Getting stuffed in the car.*

Silkie: (Make that pulled towards the car.)

Silkie: "What about Nahaliel?"

Silkie: *A little worried everyone is running and leaving him to face the monster alone.*

Elijah Phillips: "We'll swing back around for him if he doesn't follow us... I think he'd agree that we need to get the hell outta dodge.." ((speaking of which, how far from the car are we?))

Victor Mendez: *Victor fades and is replaced by a black metalic figure 8 feet tall, with the fires of the forge behind his eyes*

Ravyn: Recap: The thing runs at Victor, dealing a vicious wound across his chest. Eddie and Tansy get out of the alleyway, and start running for the car. Victor's form morphs away, leaving a new one that Victor is posting now. Elijah shoves Silkie in the car.

Ravyn: Rather, Elijah and Silkie get to the car.

Ravyn: ((New round...order is: Thing, Elijah, Victor, Eddie, Silkie, Tansy.))

Ravyn: The thing gives a nasty snarl as Victor becomes Iron Man, and goes to rip into him once more.

Ravyn: 5,3,1,6,9,4,2,

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Can I do a multiple action that involves dodging and causing the cement to grab the thing holding it in place))

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((Yes. -2 dice for dodge, -3 for cement, per splitting die pool rules.))

Victor Mendez: 3,6,5,2,

Elijah Phillips: Doing the keyless entry, Eli slings the passenger side door open and hurries Silkie into the tiny Hybrid, closing the door.

Ravyn: The swipe JUUUST misses Victor's neck by a hair's breadth.

Silkie: *Hops into the car.* "Hurry!"

Victor Mendez: 8,7,4,6,3,5,6,

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Yea 6 suxs))

Tansy: 4,9,8,9,5,3,

Elijah Phillips: "Fast as I can, love!" he stresses

Victor Mendez: *As Victor dodges away he waves his hand at the cement trying to capture the thing in the concrete*

Eddie: 10,8,6,6,4,

Eddie: ((oops!!)) *runs with Tansy* ((need me to reroll? i forgot to hit send..*blush*))

Ravyn: ((Everyone else is running and getting in things, right?))

Ravyn: ((Yer fine, Eddie.))

Tansy: 4,10,7,3,3,5,1,

Eddie: ((thanks. and sorry again.))

Ravyn: Recap: The Thing takes a swipe at Victor's neck and just misses, and in response, Victor waves his hand. The concrete rises over the things legs and lower torso, trapping it. Elijah and Silkie get in the car that Eddie and Tansy are running toward.

Ravyn: ((New round...order is: Thing, Elijah, Victor, Eddie, Silkie, Tansy.))

Ravyn: The thing does looks to the ground, where a small amount of foliage lies.

Ravyn: 3,3,10,2,7,9,9,1,

Ravyn: And in response, it starts growing at an exceptionally abnormal rate, reaching up to try and grapple Victor and tear him apart.

Ravyn: 2,4,7,10,8,8,10,

Victor Mendez: *Victor dodges towards the car from the foliage*

Ravyn: ((You can roll dodge if you want, Victor...))

Victor Mendez: 10,9,6,6,6,6,

Eddie: *running with Tansy. still.*

Eddie: 4,7,6,3,9,

Elijah Phillips: If he's made it into the car, he's starting the engine, loud jungle mix blaring up. He makes a quick zip toward Tansy and Eddie to meet them halfway.

Ravyn: ((*Glares at the dice roller* You've been sleeping around, haven't you???))

Silkie: ((And the demon rolls 666! *L*))

Elijah Phillips: ((dark's been cheating on me with the damned roller..))

Silkie: "Run over the monster!"

Ravyn: Victor leaps back, out of reach of the plants.

Tansy: Running towards the car.

Ravyn: ((And the roller's been cheating on me with Dark! *Looks over at Tansy* Oh, uh.....hi dear...))

Tansy: (*waves a hand* so what *S*))

Ravyn: Elijah starts the car as Eddie and Tansy reach it.

Tansy: 1,5,5,3,4,1,6,

Victor Mendez: (( Yea me and the roller are getting along well now :) ))

Ravyn: ((Redo: Tansy, in her haste to make it to the car, trips and lands in the middle of the effin' street.))

Tansy: ((*groans*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli mutters at Silkie "The monster is covered in 4 feet of cement.. if I hit it we'll be stuck here.."

Silkie: "Maybe I should go lick the monster while it's stuck?" Starting to open the door.

Elijah Phillips: "Don't.. besides being a STUPID idea.. it won't work"

Ravyn: Recap: The thing causes the plants to grow, trying to grasp Victor; Victor dodges back. The plants are now between the two of them, still trying to grasp at Iron Man. Elijah starts the car, and Eddie and Tansy continue to run, but Tansy trips and falls in the middle of the road. Silkie has begun opening the car door.

Silkie: "TANSY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE STREET?!" Eli> "Why won't it work?"

Ravyn: ((New round...order is: Thing, Elijah, Victor, Eddie, Silkie, Tansy.))

Ravyn: It's very difficult to see what the thing is doing through the plants. Can't be good, though.

Ravyn: 5,4,1,10,5,8,

Ravyn: The sound of skittering can be heard, though, as rats begin to scurry out of dark places, heading for the alley. They look mean, as New York rats are, and hungry.

Elijah Phillips: Eli reaches his lengthy arms over to slam silkie's door closed, flipping the lock (just on that door, leaving the back ones unlocked for the others) "Trust me.. I'll explain everything later.. when we're safe." he waits impatiently for the others to get in so he can swing by victor

Victor Mendez: *Victor runs towards tansy and the car taking the biggest strides he can*

Silkie: "I don't think Victor's gonna fit in the car."

Elijah Phillips: "I don't think he's going to try to get ~in~ the car..."

Ravyn -> Silkie: ((Since Silkie has seen Victor, roll WP))

Eddie: *tries to help Tansy up*

Silkie: 2,5,6,4,7,

Ravyn -> Eddie: ((Since Eddie has seen Victor, roll WP))

Eddie: 3,5,1,8,1,6,

Eddie: ((*wince*))

Silkie: ((It's the two stooges out there! *L* Curly and Moe!))

Ravyn: Eddie and Silkie, both having seen Victor, are awe-struck by his appearance, powerful and glorious, like something straight from the fires of creation...or even older, perhaps. They can both still act, though.

Tansy: ((*takes a bow*))

Tansy: 7,5,1,5,1,8,6,

Ravyn: ((Eddie and Tansy, Dex+Athletics))

Eddie: *then she tries to help Tansy up. car good. thing in bushes bad. iron thing not so bad but still prolly a scary thing*

Silkie: "Wow," she breathes. "He's beautiful..." *Decides Victor will be the one to fertilize her eggs.*

Eddie: 4,4,5,6,

Eddie: ((hit the wrong number. meh. my fault so i'll stick with that roll, though.))

Ravyn: ((Victor, Dex+Athletics as well))

Elijah Phillips: Smiles at Silkie's comment "I've seen better.."

Victor Mendez: 10,4,7,3,

Silkie: "I haven't."

Ravyn: Tansy gets up, and Eddie pulls her along, to the car. Victor's long strides take him a good halfway to the car.

Ravyn: ((Unless you guys are going to try to ram the thing with the car, we can consider combat over here.))

Elijah Phillips: Grins widely at Silkie "Not yet.."

Elijah Phillips: ((nah.. no ramming..))

Silkie: *Turns around to blink at Elijah.*

Elijah Phillips: Looks around for the others "What is taking so damn long?"

Ravyn: ((Combat over, then.)) The rats move to the alley, standing just outside the writhing plants, hissing protectively at the fleeing group.

Eddie: ((*L* getting in car and ~leaving~ sounds like a very good idea to po' Eddie. and sleep for her player, since it's almost 6:30 in the morning..*shivers, for sees...~dawn~ overhere! LOL!*))

Victor Mendez: *When Victor gets to the car he waits for Eddie and Tansy to get in the car before dropping his form and getting in gripping his chest*

Eddie: ((brb--the dog needs to go down or she'll pee on my floor.))

Tansy: Get's into the car with Eddie behind her. "Where is victor, is he okay?"

Silkie: *On her knees staring over the back seat at Victor.*

Elijah Phillips: Glancing back at Victor, he turns down the loud music "You okay, man?" he waits for everyone to be inside the car before lead footing it, first booking away from here before deciding where everyone wants to be.

Victor Mendez: *Victor just grips his chest* "Can you just turn the music off Eli"

Elijah Phillips: Nods and cuts the music completely.

Tansy: On the pretense of leaning forward to check on victor, so not to put her back to the seat."OH shit!" She see's his wound

Ravyn: 9,5,3,8,4,4,7,

Victor Mendez: *Victor looks at Tansy* "Are you okay? Im sorry I couldnt stop it from hurting you"

Silkie: "Are you alright Tansy?"

Ravyn: The rats watch hatefully as the car tires scream and they drive off.

Silkie: *She always kinda liked rats before.*

Elijah Phillips: Eli sighs, concentrating on the road "So.. Victor.. Just who the hell was that? I thought the homeless people loved you.."

Victor Mendez: "Thats the thing I was telling you about Eli" *says Victor still looking at Tansy*

Tansy: Nods her head."Yeah that was a nothing of a fall although I am going to need to get new stockings."Looks down at them and the knees are shreaded.

Elijah Phillips: Another deep sigh and a serious nod.. well.. serious as it can look coming from a boy wearing glittery pigtails.

Ravyn: ((And for the record, anyone who comes back later will find the plants gone, the rats gone, and a big mess of concrete with empty leg-and-torso holds.))

Eddie: explanations would seem to be in order. *she's proud of herself--her voice only stutters a little, and is only a bit higher than normal* also Victor and Tansy both need docs or something. guys, how bad is it?

Victor Mendez -> Ravyn: ((Is there any rolls that I can make for my action to try and lose some of my temp torment?))

Eddie -> Ravyn: ((*giggles* and now that combat's over...*pokes for forgetting early on that Eddie's a girl!* LOL!))

Silkie: "I can heal them."

Victor Mendez: *Victor shakes his head* "I will explain later but please no doctors"

Elijah Phillips: "I.. know a bit about minor medicine.. I'm no doctor but I can do a quick patch if needed. Anyone have a better idea?"

Eddie: rrrrmm? *tilts her head at Silkie, doglike and puzzled*

Elijah Phillips: Glances at Silkie "Does it have anything to do with licking.. I don't know if Vic can handle all that right now, love.."

Tansy: "I am fine. Nuthing some bed rest with Trav won't heal.....Victor needs help though."Still looking at victor her back to the window of the door.

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((I'll give you a Conscience roll))

Victor Mendez: 5,1,

Eddie: *eyes Victor a moment* i guess i can sort of guess why no actual doc would prolly be a good thing.....*tries to look at Tansy's back since she's between Eddie and Vic*

Silkie: "I'm a doctor," she explains seriously to Eddie. Yeah, she's stoned.

Victor Mendez: ((Damn it))

Ravyn -> Eddie: ((I know, I know...a mistype, ya dang androdynously named wierdo. *S*))

Elijah Phillips: "Can trav help vic?"

Eddie: *blinks at Silkie* hrm. well, you did just get drugged. that might affect your, um, doctor skills and stuff. maybe for now we'd better clean these guys up and wait for the drugs to wear off, and then you can do your medicine stuff on them.

Victor Mendez: *Victor sits in the back upset tears forming at his eyes* "Why did it attack you. It wanted me"

Tansy: "Look guys I have a safe place for us to go, just make the next left and then a coupleof blocks down head right."

Eddie -> Ravyn: ((*chortles!* well, can you blame her? i mean, come on! Edwina, what a NAME! *L*))

Elijah Phillips: Eli nods and follows the directions.

Elijah Phillips: "Where are we going?"

Tansy: She nods her head at Eddie."He can and quite well that is where we will be all safe."

Silkie -> Ravyn: Hey, thanks for the action!

Ravyn -> Victor Mendez: ((Victor's soul remains burdened, as the thought occurs to him that Tansy's going to die at some point's Eddie. Why go out of your way to save them? All it got you was a gaping chest wound...))

Tansy: Sighs"My boyfriend Travis's place. lemme call him" Yanks out her phone and calls Trav.

Eddie: *carefully reaches over Tansy to pat Vic's shoulder gently* hey, sweetie...rule one in any book of dirty dealings. hurt the people around your target in hopes of getting him upset and unfocused. so he'll be weaker and you can take him down easier. *nods seriously* if it hadn't been us there, it'd've prolly gone after whoever else was around anyway. by the way...what exactly was that?

Ravyn -> Silkie: ((You bet. *G*))

Silkie: "Don't worry Eddie. I'm fine."

Elijah Phillips: He nods, remembering Travis.

Victor Mendez: "A Demon from the 6th house" *says Victor as he grips his chest seeing no reason for secrecy now*

Elijah Phillips: Sighs at Victor "Man, you know asses like that have no conscience.. they don't care who they hurt. Remember what happened last time? Same thing, man.. Just tryin to rattle you.." Another sigh "We'll get him.."

Tansy: She smiles"Hun ummm we need a safe place, some people are hurt, and all of us nmeed to talk.....we will be there in a few minutes"

Eddie: *blinks slowly* demon. um...ok. what's the sixth house? *blinks slowly at him*

Tansy: Looks at Victor "A What?!?"

Victor Mendez: *Victor raises his hand and hits the door on the car* "Ive had two chances and both times it has gotten away"

Eddie: ((meh. and i am going to have to sleep soon, i think.....*sighs* will try to stay for a while more.))

Silkie: "The sixth house? How many houses are there?"

Elijah Phillips: "Seven.. " he states, straigh lips.

Tansy: "Trav I will talk to you when I get there and there is some stuff in the cubbords."

Victor Mendez: "A demon from the 6th house designed by god before the fall to govern the growth of plants and animals" *Says Victor looking at his hand covered in his own blood*

Ravyn: ((Killing the nick, though I may be watching for fun. Ping me through ICQ if you guys have questions.))

Eddie: *pats him again* so set a trap or soemthing, maybe? *blinks slowly* with backup, preferably....*scratches her head dubiously* i don't suppose, like, holy water'd work against it? *blinks more, trying to dredge up what info she can. right out of horror movies, of course*

Elijah Phillips: Eli takes two of his scarves off, tossing them at Victor "Put some pressure on it, man"

Victor Mendez: "Whats holy in this world devoid of faith" *says Victor looking very upset*

Eddie: *gives Eli a small smile* good idea, Eli.....

Victor Mendez: *Victor takes the scarves and applies pressure to his wound*

Elijah Phillips: "Killing it.. won't necessarily help. It'll just possess someone else.. and when it does, we won't know what it looks like."

Eddie: *blinks at Vic* Gaia is. *nods slowly*

Silkie: *Seems a little disappointed. She missed a chance to eat a demon.*

Tansy: Sighs "Hun I will tell you when we get there..and I love you as well."a kissing sound before she hang up the phone.

Silkie: *Climbs over the seat into Victor's lap.*

Victor Mendez: "Gaia the earth? The ground that I help forge?" *Says Victor sadly* "Its only a fragment of its former glory"

Victor Mendez: *Victor groans a bit as Silkie climbs in his lap*

Eddie: *grins a bit at Victor* some of us are trying to maybe fix that a bit...*mildly*

Eddie: *sighs faintly and rubs her temples* guh. lost my hat...*murmurs distractedly, faintly mournful. not really upset over it*

Victor Mendez: "I wish all the best to you" *says Victor leaning back*

Silkie: *Pets Vic's hair and gently lifts his hand with the scarves away, so she can get at his wound.*

Elijah Phillips: "We need to try and devour it.." eyes on the mirror on Victor with a frown "Silkie be careful.. don't hurt him.."

Tansy: Seems totally lost "Eli it is that appartment building on the next block on the corner facing us." She sighs and leans back slightly putting the phone in her pocket.

Silkie: "I won't hurt him." *Gripping his torn shirt and tearing it apart to bare Victor's chest.*

Eddie: *blinks at Silkie, puzzled again* ew, Eli...that thing looked truly nasty. like it had every gross disease a mammal can have, including rabies and mage! who'd want to eat that? *shudders at the thought*

Victor Mendez: "Yes but who would want to take that within themselves. It belongs in the abyss" *says Victor as he groans a bit as Silkie pulls the scarves from his chest*

Elijah Phillips: Nods and turns in, zipping into a parking space.

Eddie: how does one put it back in this abyss? *blinks some more*

Tansy: Grabs her keys out of her pocket. "Silkie why don't we wait till we are safe inside...."

Silkie: "I'll help devour it," she promises, leaning in and licking the gaping wounds, tasting Victor's blood.