Mayati: The Scene: The Third Eye, an occult store that seems to cater to the New-Agey crystal-waver types, from the looks of it.

Alec Golden: *the cab pulls up and he hops out, heading for the door of the shop*

Celest Aston: She follows Alec. Hands to her sides and head up eyes darting around.

Alec Golden: *he opens the door and slips inside, glancing around curiously*

Celest Aston: 4,3,9,6,3,

Alec Golden: 2,8,7,10,4,2,3,

Mayati: Marcus was able to procure blueprints for the store, though they are a bit old. There's a front and back entrance, a back room, and a living space upstairs.

Mayati: The doorbell jingles as they walk in, and the person working the counter, a 19-year-old goth kid with a fetish toward Neil Gaiman's "Death" character, glances their way before going back to his graphic novel.

Celest Aston: Looks around the store.

Mayati: ((Per+Occult, Celest.))

Alec Golden: *wanders towards the counter* Evenin. *grins* Perhaps you could help me?

Alec Golden: *wanders towards the counter* Evenin. *grins* Perhaps you could help me?

Mayati: The kid looks up at Alec, and puts his book down with a sigh. "Yeah, what can I help you with?"

Alec Golden: ((Same here? *looks curious* Alec has some occult.))

Mayati: ((Celest is looking around, Alec went straight to the counter))

Celest Aston: 10,4,

Alec Golden: I am looking for Egyptian religious texts. Book of the Dead specifically. Or perhaps just certain spells from the book.

Alec Golden: ((Aye. *nods*))

Mayati: Celest, with her complete lack of understanding regarding the occult, is lost in this place. She stares at pewter ankhs and books about Isis.

Celest Aston: Keeps an eye on Alec andpretends to be interested in something.

Mayati: He nods to a section of the bookshelves to Celest's right that reads 'Book of the Dead.' "There you go, cheif. Take your pick."

Alec Golden: *nods* Fantastic. *heads that way* What about The Spell of Life? Ring a bell? *glances back curiously*

Mayati: He frowns a little, thinking. "That's in 'Teen Wicca' right?"

Mayati: The entire section has many different publications and translations of the Book of the Dead, many of them mass-market paperbacks.

Alec Golden: *shrugs as he browses the book* I was led to believe it was Egyptian. Perhaps I am wrong. *selects a couple of copies of the Book of the Dead, one in original Egyptian if possible* How about the Cult of Isis? A friend mentioned that this is a good place to come to learn about them.

Alec Golden: *the copies he would select would be the high end, hardback editions, preferrably published by actual college professors, or noted experts*

Mayati: ((Roll me Int+Occult as you look through the books, Alec))

Celest Aston: She picks up something in the hopes of looking at it but keeping an eye on things, she then puts the object back down and moves to another.

Alec Golden: 5,2,6,3,

Mayati: "Cult of Isis?" The kid's frown deepens in confusion. He really does look clueless about all this. "Don't know what you're talking about, man."

Alec Golden: *shrugs as he looks around* Just following a friends advice. *grins* He may have been mistaken. Perhaps you know him? Southern accent, walks with a cane?

Mayati: It doesn't take a genius to see that the books on the shelf are all new-age nonsense.

Alec Golden: *puts the books back with a mental shrug*

Alec Golden: *turns to look at the clerk*

Mayati: He thinks. "Ummm...yeah, I think I know who ya mean. He was in here a few weeks ago, asking about some, uh...'H' word." He nods. "Talked to the boss."

Alec Golden: Really? *smiles* You have been most helpful. Is your boss here right now?

Celest Aston: She moves to yet another item. Keeping in between Alec and the clerk.

Mayati: He nods. "Lemme see if she's upstairs." He picks up the phone and hits the speed-dial.

Alec Golden: *nods to the clerk and then walks over to Celest, giving her a hint of a nod*

Mayati: He talks into the phone. "Hey, boss, it's River...yeah, no, things are cool. Some guy down here wants to talk to you about something...I dunno. Something about the guy with the cane who you talked to a few weeks ago." He nods. "Okay, cool. Yeah, bye." He hangs up the phone and looks to Alec. "She'll be right down."

Celest Aston: Lowers her head as she puts the item back down then raises her head once again. Glancing at the clerk before looking abck at Alec.

Alec Golden: *turns to the clerk* Thank you River. You have been most helpful. An odd thing it seems these days. *flashes that grin*

Mayati: He grunts a little, smiling amicably enough, and sits back down, getting back to his comic book.

Alec Golden: *and he promptly ignores the man, waiting for the appearance of "the boss"*

Mayati: The door opens with a jingle. The sound of heels clicking on floor find the ears, and then, she comes into view, a dark-skinned woman of fairly short stature and exotic beauty. Dressed in a tight, black turtleneck and matching pants, with a leather jacket over it all, she appears to be dressed to attract attention, not that her striking facial features wouldn't do it anyway. Her hair, shoulder-length when loose and raven in color, is pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and scan the area as she walks, though they have an unconcerned air to them that almost seems foolish.

Alec Golden: *eyes flick to the exotic beauty*

Celest Aston: She glances over her shoulder at the person entering then goes back to the item in her hands before putting it down and turning to the woman.

Alec Golden: 7,9,10,8,3,3,

Alec Golden: *thank god for good memories, although the hotness factor helps* Hello again. *he watches the lady curiously*

Mayati: She smiles a little to River, then walks over to Alec, head tilted with a smile. "Well, hello. Small world, isn't it?" She smiles to Celest in greeting, and exends a hand to Alec.

Alec Golden: *shakes the hand with the hint of a grin* Yes, it truly is. I hope you can help me find what I am looking for.

Celest Aston: Inclines her head to the woman "Hello."

Mayati: She chuckles, winking at him. "Here's hoping. Welcome to the Third Eye...what can I help you with?"

Alec Golden: I am looking for a copy of The Spell of Life, and also information about the Cult of Isis.

Mayati: She raises an eyebrow, and gives an intrigued smile. "Really. Those are fairly specialized bits of information. You must be a scholar, then?"

Alec Golden: Somewhat. *warm smile as his eyes flick to River briefly before back to Mayati* I was told that there is information contained therein to help me with a problem.

Mayati: She looks back at River. "Hey, River...why don't you take off early. I can close up the shop." River nods and gets up, heading out after grabbing his coat and book.

Celest Aston: Continues to stand there eyes looking around for other people besides River althought this place looks empty.

Mayati: The place is indeed empty, besides the (now) three of them.

Alec Golden: *waits until River leaves before speaking again* I seek Hekau.

Mayati: She walks behind the counter, pulling a cigarette out and putting it between her lips, lighting it. She takes a drag and sits, leaning against the counter. "Why do you seek all of this, Mr. Golden?"

Alec Golden: Knowledge is power. And when one faces a group who believe themselves to be allied with an Egyptian deity, it helps to be prepared.

Mayati: "Ah ha." She smiles, leaning her shoulders forward, towards him, watching him with an amused look. "And what group do you oppose that believe this?"

Alec Golden: I am looking for information about the Cult of Isis. So what does that lead you to believe? *leans against the counter, watching her with a smile*

Celest Aston: Stays back but close enough to act quickly if need be.

Mayati: "That tells me many possibilities, Mr. Golden. You might oppose the Cult of Isis. Or perhaps you are seeking them out as an ally, because you share a common enemy. Who's to say?" She winks at him.

Alec Golden: Very good. *returns the wink* I have been told that I am being stalked by those who follow Set. But vague offers of potential help from some group calling themselves the Cult of Isis does not exactly fill me with confidence. So for now, I seek information.

Mayati: She considers that a long moment, a small smile playing over her lips as she takes a drag of her cigarette, looking at Alec.

Mayati: "All right, Mr. Golden. I tell you what. You ask away about the Cult of Isis, and I'll answer. In return, you answer one of my quetions for each one you ask." She leans back off the counter, sitting back as she looks at him. "Deal?"

Alec Golden: *quirks a brow at the lady and pulls his own pack of smokes out* I do hope that smile indicates you think I am charming, and not a raving lunatic. *grins and pulls out a smoke, lighting it off a flameless lighter*

Alec Golden: Interesting proposition. *takes a moment to consider it* Okay. Deal.

Celest Aston: She glances at Alec a moment before looking back to Mayati and then around the place.

Mayati: She nods. "All right. Ask your question."

Alec Golden: Are you a member of the Cult of Isis?

Mayati: She shakes her head. "Not currently. I used to be, though." She looks at him. "Why are the Followers of Sutekh after you?"

Alec Golden: I honestly wish I knew. That is one of the things I hoped to find out. *thinks for a moment* Who do you represent now if you are no longer a Follower of Isis?

Mayati: A chuckle. "I didn't say I didn't follow Isis. I'm just not a member of the Cult of Isis anymore."

Alec Golden: *sketches a slight bow* My apologies. *grins*

Mayati: She smiles. "That's okay. I didn't get an answer for mine, and you didn't get an answer for yours. It's fair." She pauses. "Who told you about Hekau, the Spell of Life, and the Cult of Isis?"

Alec Golden: The southern gentleman who came here to speak with you about the Hekau.

Mayati: She nods, as if she expected that.

Alec Golden: So how do I obtain the information I seek?

Celest Aston: Not having a clue what they are talking about she just stands there, almost statue like.

Mayati: "You prove your intentions to me." She leans back over the bar, bringing her close to Alec, smiling. "Is our game done, or was that your question?"

Alec Golden: That was my question. *leans back in close* Perhaps if you just asked what is really burning in that head of yours, we could get to the point much faster. Or I can stand here all night.

Mayati: "Oh, I'm sure you can. But I can last all day, too. Can you?" She winks at him.

Alec Golden: *chuckles softly* I can give it a whirl.

Mayati: She shakes her head. "Not without me pulling the blinds, Mr. Golden. I don't like the thought of trying to get the smell of burning dead flesh out of the bookshelves. Not to mention the mess on the carpet."

Alec Golden: And what makes you so certain I would contaminate your store in such a way? *smiles at the lady*

Celest Aston: Crosses her arms in front of her, same impassive look on her face.

Mayati: She chuckles, taking a drag of her cigarette. "I know a vampire when I see one, Mr. Golden. You and Miss Aston over there haven't managed to hide that fact from me."

Alec Golden: *cocks his head slightly at the woman* I see. You seem quite certain of this fact.

Mayati: She grins a little, nodding languidly...then quickly brings her lighter a few inches from the bridge of his nose, flicking it to life. ((Roll me Courage vs. 4))

Alec Golden: 3,8,3,

Alec Golden: *blinks at the flame and flinches slightly* I do like my nose attached and my eyebrows unsinged thank you.

Celest Aston: "Not to mention your hair." she says quietly.

Mayati: ((Sorry, vs. 3.)) Alec is in control for the moment, though his Beast struggles to get away from the flame.

Alec Golden: Thankfully I am not a big fan of hairspray or this could have gotten ugly.

Alec Golden: *watches the flame* Do you mind?

Mayati: ((Remember, you need 5 successes to be conmpletely in control. Fewer successes allow you to not Rotschreck for a short amount of time.))

Alec Golden: *cocks his head and blows out the flame*

Mayati: ((However, Alec will definitely be uneasy, especially since it was a sudden, surprise thing.))

Alec Golden: *leans back from the woman, eyeing her suspiciously* Do you frequently attempt to ignite your visitors?

Alec Golden: *keeps his head away from that hand*

Mayati: She puts the lighter away, shrugging. "Just making a point, Mr. Golden. If you'd like, I can prove it in other ways...I thought that would be most polite." She looks at him. "It's not difficult to see the signs. You don't breath, for example. Your carotid artery doesn't beat." She shrugs. "Would you like to continue pretending you're mortal, or shall we continue?"

Alec Golden: Continue, by all means.

Mayati: She nods, smiling. "Excellent. Now, the Cult of Isis is, as you might imagine, strongly opposed to the Children of Sutekh...those you call Setites. Setites are vampires, and thus, I don't trust vampires as a general rule. So, it's incumbant upon you to prove your intentions to me before I divulge information to you about them." She shrugs a little and leans back, taking a drag from the smoke. "So, my question. Do you actually know anything about the subjects we're discussing?"

Alec Golden: *shakes head and meets her gaze* I have no intention of directing them towards you or the cult. I would like to see them driven from the city if possible.

Celest Aston: Just continues to stand there.

Mayati: She considers that, looking at him...then nods. "Then we may have common goals. My next question would be why you allow one inside your establishment, then." She gestures to him. "But before that, you have a question. So ask away."

Alec Golden: *blinks, remembering who she was speaking with* Ammon?

Mayati: She nods. "Yes, Ammon Black. He is one of Sutekh's Children."

Celest Aston: Suddenly looks interested in the conversation and pays more attention.

Alec Golden: *frowns* I see. *ponders this info* How do I go about driving them out? Note I do not automatically include you or your group.

Alec Golden: And how did you recognize him?

Celest Aston: a smile makes it's appearance on her lips. "It fits."

Mayati: She shrugs. "It's a difficult thing to do...they're more rooted here then you may think, and they have powerful allies. How would you drive the Asps out of the Nile?"

Alec Golden: *nods* But "it fits" is not enough.

Mayati: "Ammon's name came to my ears through allies," she says with a mild shrug.

Alec Golden: *shakes head at Mayati's words* Apparently my methods would not be effective, that is why I was sent to you.

Celest Aston: "I was saying that as a general thing. His behavior, and the way he does things fit's them."

Alec Golden: *turns his head and ponders Celest, mulling over an idea in his head*

Celest Aston: "Yes Alec." watches him look at her.

Mayati: She sits back, silently watching them.

Alec Golden: Ammon has now annoyed me twice. Becoming a habit. One I may have to have him broken of.

Alec Golden: *turns his gaze back to Mayati, waiting*

Mayati: "Whatever you do with Ammon, do not use my name as an enemy of his. Blowing my cover would cause a fairly severe setback to my efforts."

Celest Aston: The slight smile doesn't leave her face "He has also done things to flaunt the rules."

Alec Golden: I'm sorry? We discussed Mr Black here this evening?

Celest Aston: Celest looks to Mayati "No that would not come into this matter."

Mayati: She nods, smiling to that. "Excellent."

Celest Aston: Quirks an eyebrow "Me Back, why would we want to discuss him?" Tilts her head to the side.

Mayati: ((Perception+Alertness vs. 7, folksies))

Celest Aston: 2,7,9,3,2,

Alec Golden: *warm smile* I do not reward those who help me by making them targets. I am not quite ~that~ crass.

Alec Golden: 1,9,2,3,7,7,4,

Alec Golden: ((Damn ones.))

Celest Aston: (aaaaaaw)

Mayati: 1,8,8,8,2,

Alec Golden: ((*points* See....damn ones.))

Mayati: Celest and Alec both catches a faint odor of decay emanating from under the front door, then look that way to notice a human form in a heavy brown caftan and a hood over their head push the door open. Mayati detects the odor, too, and her eyes widen in alarm as she sees the person. "Shit..."

Alec Golden: What on earth is that? *backs away, preparing to shield the mortal*

Celest Aston: Turns to the door and her hands instinctivle gor to the inside of her jacket.

Mayati: She reaches under the table, grabbing an amulet and putting it on. "It's an Asekh-Sen...a Reaper!" The thing reaches up and pulls the hood off, revealing cold, clammy flesh; dead, malevolant eyes; and a hideously twisted grin. Out from under it's caftan, it pulls a kukri blade, and it starts moving toward them. ((Initiative time, b's and g's.))

Celest Aston: 8,

Alec Golden: 8,

Celest Aston: ((14))(BP spent for cel)

Alec Golden: ((After Dex + Wits....14))

Mayati: 4,

Mayati: 3,

Mayati: ((Order is: Alec & Celest, Mayati, Reaper. Using Streamlined Combat Rules.))

Alec Golden: *holds hand out to Celest* Your spare if you would.

Celest Aston: Smooth motion the gun formher right hand is given to Alec as she holdsout the one in her left.

Alec Golden: *takes gun and points* ((Assuming that taking gun takes turn))

Mayati: 7,5,8,4,5,5,

Mayati: ((Correct)) Mayati braces herself, closing her eyes. When she opens them, she seems much, much darker, in a spiritual sense. She moves to the hideous dead thing and places her hand on it, which is now pure black. That blackness spreads to the Reaper, causing its flesh to bubble and char.

Mayati: 2,8,3,4,

Mayati: 4,7,8,7,1,5,9,

Mayati: 5,9,9,9,7,

Mayati: The Reaper hisses at Mayati, a nasty, otherworldly sound, deep and hollow, and slices across her body. Somehow, although the blade makes contact, her skin is unmarred, only her turtleneck taking damage.

Mayati: ((Sorry about the stall, there. New round.))

Alec Golden: ((How clear is the line of fire?))

Mayati: ((Clear. Mayati came around the side, since the counter was between you guys and her.))

Alec Golden: *pumps 1 BP into dex and fires*

Celest Aston: ((Another bp for cel.))Celest aims at the things head.

Alec Golden: 7,3,4,3,7,

Celest Aston: ((Splitting for dodge JIC)

Celest Aston: 6,4,7,4,9,

Alec Golden: ((Damage))

Alec Golden: 4,2,5,4,

Mayati: The Asekh-Sen doesn't attempt to dodge the bullets, intent as it is on going after the person who just hurt it. ((5 damage, both of you))

Celest Aston: 4,3,2,9,7,

Alec Golden: 4,

Alec Golden: ((Just adding one to my previous roll.))

Mayati: 4,9,5,3,9,

Mayati: Alec's bullet hits the caftan, but passes through without hitting the Reaper's flesh. Meanwhile, Celest's bullet grazes the side of it's head. Mayati attempts to pull the kukri out of its grasp.

Mayati: Damn bulky caftans.

Mayati: 6,8,7,

Mayati: 3,5,2,8,

Mayati: The sword gets ripped from the dead thing's hands, and in reponse, the Reaper opens its mouth, spitting a cloud of ash into Mayati's eyes. The ash smells musty, stale, and old, like that you may find in a tomb.

Mayati: 9,7,5,5,

Mayati: Mayati gasps as she's blinded, stumbling backwards. ((Celerity time.))

Celest Aston: 8,2,4,8,7,1,4,

Mayati: ((Roll 4 damage, Celest))

Celest Aston: 5,9,5,3,

Mayati: 7,4,1,6,9,

Mayati: The cloud of ash osbcures Celest's vision, and she flinches as she aims for the Reaper's head, her gun going wide to the right. Mayati makes a grunting sound inside the ash as she's hit.

Mayati: ((New round))

Alec Golden: ((Let me guess....nothing is clearly discernable?))

Celest Aston: ((1 bp for split this time.) she aims for the things body this time.

Mayati: ((The ash has faded enough around the Reaper to allow action without penalty.))

Celest Aston: 5,7,6,1,7,7,7,

Alec Golden: *heads for the cloud* MAYATI! TO ME! *moving to grab her and pull her back*

Alec Golden: *staying clear of the line of fire of course*

Celest Aston: 4,7,8,2,6,6,3,

Mayati: 3,6,3,2,4,

Alec Golden: ((Dex + Ath))

Alec Golden: 7,7,3,8,4,6,

Mayati: Celest's bullet connects, slamming into the Asekh-Sen's chest and sending gore flying out it's back. Mayati moves toward Alec's voice, and he pulls her away from the thing.

Mayati: In respose, the Reaper hisses again and swings at Celest, trying to punch her.

Mayati: 6,7,7,6,6,

Mayati: 2,7,2,7,1,9,8,4,2,

Celest Aston: 6,2,

Mayati: The thing connects with Celest's jaw, snapping it back. ((Celerity))

Celest Aston: Point blank to the head of the thing.

Celest Aston: 4,7,5,6,2,6,6,

Mayati: ((5 damage))

Celest Aston: 4,8,8,4,1,

Mayati: 6,5,5,10,3,

Mayati: Celest aims at the head and fires, but the Reaper's follow-through of it's punch again causes her to graze it.

Mayati: ((New Round))

Celest Aston: ((*grumbles and goes to do a ritual for the dice roller gods*))

Alec Golden: Ahhh fuck this. *with Mayati out of the way behind him, turn and fire since the goddamn thing is right there*

Alec Golden: 6,9,7,6,4,

Alec Golden: 3,10,10,6,8,5,4,3,4,

Celest Aston: ((! bp for cel, split for dodge)) still aiming for it's head

Mayati: 1,4,8,7,7,

Celest Aston: 4,5,7,3,5,

Celest Aston: 10,4,4,3,10,

Mayati: 6,9,8,3,1,

Mayati: Alec's bullet slams it's shoulder and staggers it, but it appears to still be moving to attack. Celest rips into the side neck, but it doesn't seem to affect it much.

Mayati: Mayati tries to reach through them to touch it again, her hand coal-black again.

Mayati: 5,8,7,1,3,

Mayati: 4,8,9,4,6,

Mayati: She brushes it's arm...but that's enough, as the muscles warp and shift, the decayed cords exploding after the pressure moves past the breaking point.

Mayati: The Reaper backs off, snarling at them, and grabs the register with it's ruined arm, hurling it at Alec, who seems to be Mayati's protector.

Mayati: 3,2,3,1,7,4,

Alec Golden: *watches a cash register come flying at him*

Mayati: Luckily, it flies wide left, smashing into one of the bookshelves, splntering the wood.

Mayati: ((Celerity))

Celest Aston: Since the thing has backed off she is aiming for it's body once more.

Celest Aston: 7,5,5,6,7,5,9,

Mayati: 6,2,4,4,9,

Celest Aston: 3,8,9,2,10,5,8,9,

Mayati: Celest's bullet hits it straight in the chest, and it flies back, gore spattering the ground as it falls and lies still.

Alec Golden: ((*snickers* Primus, "The Thing That Should Not Be" is playing.....))

Mayati: ((Perfect. *G*))

Alec Golden: ((I thought so. *chuckles and shuts back up*))

Mayati: ((Combat over.))

Celest Aston: "Finally."

Alec Golden: *stares at the thing, aiming at the things head*

Alec Golden: Are we sure it's down?

Mayati: Mayati stumbles forward, past the two, still blinded, it appears. She still holds the kukri in her hand.

Alec Golden: *reaches out to stabilize the woman* Easy there Mayati.....Easy.....

Celest Aston: "Yeah I'll check." Walks over to the thing ready to put a final bullet in it, but watches Mayati.

Mayati: She shoves Alec off, staggering forward until her foot bumps against the Reaper's body. She raises the kukri high, bringing the heavily-weighted blade down into it's chest. And again. And once more.

Alec Golden: *watches the woman vent her rage and he waves Celest back*

Celest Aston: Raises an eyebrow. Still watching Mayati.

Mayati: It doesn't appear to be fact, it's fairly tightly controlled, almost clinical. She drops the kukri and stumbles forward, leaning against the counter. "Fuck."

Celest Aston: She walks away from the monster and then woman,holds her hand out for her gun.

Alec Golden: *he steps over to the woman and places a gentle hand on her shoulder* What do we need to do Mayati? Is it dead?

Alec Golden: *offers gun with other hand*

Celest Aston: "This sorta thing happen a lot around here?" takes the gun and waits for them to cool down before holstering them once again.

Mayati: She nods, blinking as her vision clears. She seems a little bit woozy, and her hand is still dark...not black as before, but close to it. "It's...dead, yeah. But it'll probably come back, though not for a while. Depends on how many jars it has left."

Alec Golden: Like....those mummy jars? That held their organs? Shit...what were they called..... *looks at Mayati carefully* You okay?

Mayati: "And no, it doesn't happen often. means there's an Apepnu in town." She glares at the ruin around her shop, and reaches over the counter for her cigarettes.

Mayati: "Canopic jars, Mr. Golden. Yes."

Alec Golden: *reaches into pocket and pulls out his pack and lighter, offering them to her*

Alec Golden: That's it. And call me Alec. Please.

Alec Golden: *glances at the floor behind him* I figure that big nasty monster slaying together puts us on a first name basis.

Celest Aston: Calmly"A what in town?"

Mayati: She looks at him a moment, and grunts, taking the cigarette. "An Apepnu. A Child of Apophis."

Alec Golden: *lights the cigarette* And that is worse than a Follower of Set?

Celest Aston: "I am still unsure of what that exactally means, I am not familiar with things of the occult, not something in my training."

Mayati: She takes a deep inhalation, sucking the nicotine into her lungs. "Far worse. Sutekh, or Set as you call him, is a great evil upon this world. Apophis is corruption personified. His Children..." She sighs. "Imagine a creature, thousands of years old, warped by a corruption of an incredibly powerful spell. They do not die. At worst, they go to Duat, the Lands of the Dead, for a time, while their body regenerates. Then they return to spread Apophis's terror again."

Alec Golden: *shakes head slightly* Oh joy. Who was the target tonight?

Celest Aston: Her eyes narrow "Okay then those things bad, and try and keep them down as much as possible. Got it."

Mayati: "Probably me. The Children of Apophis don't tend to concern themselves with random offense."

Celest Aston: "None taken."

Alec Golden: None taken. Making sure I was not the cause of this. *looks around* What can be done to stop them?

Mayati: "The Apepnu?" She shrugs. "Not much. At best, send it to the Underworld, hope it stays there for decades, at least. More importantly, it's plans need to be thwarted. I think it's after the Cup of Ra."

Alec Golden: Cup of Ra?

Celest Aston: "You mean that thing the archeologist was killed over?"

Mayati: She sighs, hopping up onto the counter and sighing. "Exactly, Celest. The Cup of Ra is an ancient artifact, a gift from Ra to his son, Osiris. When Set killed Osiris, he took the cup and twisted it's purpose, making it into something different."

Alec Golden: *nods, listening*

Celest Aston: Crosses her arms "Okay well, from what I have heard, that cup is missing, and obviously the children of Apophis do not have their hands on it."

Mayati: "Ra created something that would forgive anything it's would remove any curse, including the one you both suffer from. Set..." She shakes her head. "He wanted to make something that would bind his people to him, and make Ra powerless against him."

Mayati: "Thank Ra, no, they don't. Who exactly does, though, is a mystery. I do not know who has it, only that Geren had it, and he was killed by agents of Apophis and Set."

Mayati: She looks down at her hand, casually, which is almost back to its normal hue once more, and flexes the knuckles experimentally, wincing slightly.

Celest Aston: Leans against a bookshelf. "I am sorry but I do not feel cursed, but I get your meaning. Well then the cup was already out of his hands when he was killed, althought that means that they both are working together. That makes me even more uneasy. Question of the night why would the Setites be after you Alec?"

Mayati: "Let's agree to disagree on your curse, Celest." She looks a little cold at that. "As for Apophis and Set...they usually go hand-in-hand anyway. But yes, you should be uneasy."

Celest Aston: "Very well."

Alec Golden: So now we face two different factions, both wanting the same thing, and no one knows where it is?

Mayati: "You may as well call them the same faction, Alec. I'm sure someone knows where it is, but I don't know who." She sighs.

Alec Golden: *nods* Okay then. What kinda options are we looking at? Drive them out, find the cup, or ignore it and hope it goes away.

Celest Aston: "When did this cup and the man die?" she looks at Mayati.

Celest Aston: ((Dissapear is in there)

Mayati: She nods to Alec. "That is the looks of it, yes." Her eyes turn to Celest. "Geren died a month ago. As to the cup, Geren said he had it just before he died. I was trying to buy it from him on the black market. It wasn't in his apartment when I investigated after he was eaten."

Alec Golden: Excuse me....eaten?

Mayati: She nods. "Yes, eaten. I believe he was the victim of the Amkhat...a cult of Apophis who gain power by ritual cannibalism. They also can gain the memories and knowledge of those they devour."

Celest Aston: "Well then maybe I might be wrong. Nevermond." goes back to thinking.

Alec Golden: *quirks a brow at this* Nice. *turns and leans against the bar, frowning in thought* We really only have two options. Find the cup, or drive them out. Or both.

Alec Golden: *nods at Celest* Never underestimate the power of pissed off people.

Mayati: She nods. "There are mundane ways to track magical items. I will attempt to find it through magical means. Perhaps you two can use your contacts to see if there is any word in the underworld about it."

Celest Aston: "Well that is one way of putting it Alec." She looks relaxed where she is leaning against the bookshelf and with her arms crossed.

Alec Golden: *nods at Mayati* What happens when we find the cup?

Mayati: "I send it back to the Cult of Isis, who keep it safe." She smiles a little. "And perhaps more. The stories say that Set was not able to corrupt Ra's intentions fully. Done a certain way, the cup could still have great power the way it was intended."

Celest Aston: Looks at Alec then back to Mayati"Okay then."

Alec Golden: *nods once again* Interesting. So how do we set about driving the snakes from the city?

Mayati: A bitter little chuckle. "Easier said then done. Realize, Alec, that the Children of Sutekh are excellent at insinuating themselves into your culture. They are peddlers of vice, agents of corruption. They likely have friends who will not react well to attempts to remove them."

Alec Golden: Tough shit. *arms crossed he stares at the floor* I have no doubt that this will step on a few toes, but there has to be a way. This sounds like something I am more capable of handling. *starts plotting*

Celest Aston: "They are not called snakes for nothing though, they are also good manipulators when they want to be. But Mayati is correct, many people will search and find those who try and get rid of them."

Mayati: She nods. "More power to you, then." She shakes her head, looking a little bit tired.

Alec Golden: *stands the for a long moment* So what was the deal with Hekau and The Spell of Life. Was it nothing more than a ploy for me to come here?

Mayati: "I don't know. Your friend mentioned Hekau to me, which is a very familiar term to me. The Spell of Life as well. I had nothing to do with that...those are not words I throw about freely."

Celest Aston: An eyebrow raises. "That is really interesting."

Alec Golden: He seems to believe that the two will be connected in some way to removing the snakes from the city.

Mayati: "Perhaps, in a roundabout way. If you seek the Spell of Life, though, realize, you will never find it." She looks at him without hostility. "It is a secret I cannot allow you to discover."

Alec Golden: *glances over at her* Why?

Mayati: She purses her lips. "What I am about to tell you, I tell you only because you helped me against the Asekh-Sen, and I feel I owe you a debt. If this ever reaches another's ears, from either of you, I will silence all who it has spread to. Do you understand?"

Alec Golden: I will keep your secret as I know you will keep mine.

Celest Aston: She likes this woman even more, she nods her head"But of course."

Mayati: She nods. "I told you before that the Apepnu were created by Apophis through a corrupted version of powerful magic, yes?" She hesitates, as if still unsure whether to continue.

Alec Golden: *nods* Yes.

Celest Aston: Nods listening

Mayati: She sighs. "The magic he corrupted was the Spell of Life. Developed by Isis to revive her husband, Osiris, and later used on Horus her son, it grants true immortality. Those who the spell is used on become the Amenti, the Reborn. They do not die, merely sent to the Underworld at best, like the Apepnu. However, unlike the Children of Apophis, the Amenti are not corrupted by Apophis. They are pure, and serve a greater purpose...the protection of Ma'at. The balance. Justice."

Alec Golden: *he ponders this in silence for a long few moments before speaking* I see. Thank you.

Celest Aston: She just stands there, looking from Alec to Mayati.

Mayati: She nods. "You understand, now, why I cannot allow you to discover it. In the wrong hands, it could be corrupted again. More undying creatures like the Apepnu would roam the earth, unleashing untold horrors, unstoppable."

Alec Golden: *nods* Completely. I will not speak of this again.

Celest Aston: Glances to the thing on the floor then back to Mayati. "I understand."

Mayati: She nods, smiling tiredly. "Thank you."

Celest Aston: Nods her head then moves away from the bookshelf. "What needs to be done with this thing?" Waves a hand to the body.

Alec Golden: *nods* Final thought. Why are the Followers of Sutekh interested in me? Or my club? *looks between the ladies*

Mayati: She shakes her head. "I don't know. It could be something as benign as a new locale to peddle their vices, or something much more sinister. I will try to find out from Ammon."

Mayati: "The body, I will take care of. It should be burned...hopefully, that will delay it's return."

Alec Golden: I would appreciate it. Now, what can I do to help clean up?

Celest Aston: Nods her head "Okay then."

Mayati: She waves a hand at Alec. "This is all easily fixed, after I get some rest. The magic I used to harm the Asekh-Sen, it...takes a lot out of me. Thank you for the offer."

Alec Golden: I help make the mess, I help fix the mess. Simple rule. *smiles at her*

Mayati: She smiles and nods. "If you would put the register back on the counter, that would be fine. I can fix the bookshelf later with a spell."

Alec Golden: *he nods and walks over, hefting the register and placing it back on the counter*

Celest Aston: "Sure you can get that Alec?" Smirks.

Alec Golden: *mutters* Wiseass. *grins*

Mayati: She slides off the counter to make room for the counter, and gives Alec a grateful nod. "You are proving quite useful, Alec. I might just have to keep you around." A wink...a hint of her, pre-attack...comes out to play.

Celest Aston: "Well Alec I wouldn't want you to strain yourself you know your admirers would be very upset."

Alec Golden: *chuckles at Mayati* 'tis a pleasure to serve my lady. *looks at Celest and rolls eyes* What, they be upset because I would make too easy of a target?

Celest Aston: Shrugs "I was thinking of the lady admirers."Smiles at Mayati "Yeah I like keeping him around just to keep me in good spirits."

Alec Golden: *soft chuckle* And I keep you around to deflate my ego. Court jester. *sighs* Worse job descriptions I guess.

Celest Aston: Pats ASlec's shoulder "Naw you have enough to get it punched down every now and then by me."Smiles

Mayati: She grins a little, watching them. "Well, you'll excuse me, I am...tired, a little. I need to rest. And I need to close up shop."

Alec Golden: *another soft laugh* If there is nothing else you need, we will take our comedy routine on the road. *smiles at Mayati* If you need anything further, call me.

Celest Aston: Smiles at Mayati. "But of course, come now Alec, let's leave her in peace. " Zips up her jacket and puts her arm through Alec's. "We will see you around then." nods her head

Alec Golden: *and they head towards the door, stepping over the....thing*

Mayati: She nods to them. "I will. See you soon. Be good." She follows behind, closing the door and locking it behind them.

Alec Golden: *they hail a cab, and off they go* ((Great scene boss. Thanks. *G*))

Celest Aston: "Goodnight." She says as they are just out the door and they head down the street.

Mayati: ((You bet. *S*))