Eris: ((So what's the settin?))

Tomi Nakamura: (*looks around*)

Tawnya: ((ACK! *color change*))

Tawnya: (This?)

Tawnya: (this?)

Tawnya: (*steals Ingvar's color*)

Ravyn: ((The scene, ladies and gentlemen, is as follows...))

Tabatha: ((This is the place right?))

Nestor Montenegro: ((waits to hear the scene))

Ravyn: The Strip CLub in New Jersey that serves as the Sabbat hangout. The place is fairly empty tonight, having been cleared out early. The girls have mostly gone home for the night, and the place is, all in all, now just a bar with a stage. It's a fairly seedy place, low lighting, strong alcohol.

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi's in a snarling brood, dark eyes glittering around her unpleasantly as her clunky white sneakers pound against the side of the bar in annoyance*

Ravyn: Earlier all three Bishops were here, having conducted some business or other in the back room that they're fond of taking over. Eventually, Marisa and Jerrick left, and once again, it's Alejandro who remains, the most public (and liked) face among the lower echelon of the Sword of Caine.

Nestor Montenegro: He comes out from the back office, speaking quietly to his bartender, ensuring the order is correct before he enters it into the books.

Nestor Montenegro: He's not the kind of guy who sticks in your mind, but good at being on the periphery of things. He's short, barely 5'4", with a dark complexion and a round moonish face, dark black eyes and longish hair that's usually in a ponytail when he's working.

Tomi Nakamura: ***The asian girl was young and hard looking. She stands just 5', spindly in her usual plaid skirt and white blouse, wearing her small black backpack.. and clunky white sneakers.. you'd never guess she was a day over 17, her real age showing through only in the bitter glint of her small dark brown almond eyes, which scour her surroundings critically. Shiney black hair cut severely at the girl's chin does little to improve harsh ethnic features in a too round face. Her voice grated unpleasantly, too high and too hateful to listen to for very long. Even her body language was tense and abrupt, like the tiny asian girl was goading for a fight, before one even began.***

Alejandro Delgado: He sits at the bar, watching the club around him. He's a Latino man, fairly attractive, dressed in a black button-down shirt with a leather jacket over it. His age could be estimated to be in his early 30ís. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail that brushes the nape of his neck, and his goatee is very well-trimmed. With his excellent posture, thin smile, and urbane manner of speaking, he carries an air of civility, barely hiding a predatory look, deep within his eyes.

Tawnya: *enters the club, looking around, holding her sister's hand, a faint smile on her face*

Tawnya: Standing at about 5'6", and looking to be in her late teens, she has an intense look to her amber eyes, that almost makes her look older. Her hair falls straight to the middle of her back, hanging loose and draped about her face. She has the perfect figure although a bit on the slender side making her clothes hug to her body with a lovers caress. Although her skin is pale in the light it has an irridecent magical quality about it. She wears skin tight jeans slung very low on her hips, a cutoff navy babydoll tee and white tennis shoes. Over her shirt she wears a white ski parka, the zipper left undone, and slung across her back is a small backpack, the straps adjusted so that it hangs low, against the small of her back.

Alejandro Delgado: He gives Tomi a smile and looks over at Nestor, nodding to him. "Did you have a good night?"

Tawnya: ((Not white ski parka....Black Fleece jacket...dammit.))

Tabatha: tanding at 5'6" tall she has a dreanlike look to her amber eyes, Her Blond hair falls straight and to the middle of her back, and she wears it loose so that it can drape about her face. She has the perfect figure although a bit on the slender side so that her clothes hugs to her body almost carresingly. Although her skin is pale in the light it has an irridecent magical quality about it. Wearing a pair of blue jean hip huggers that are molded to her legs and body like a second skin. A green cutoff t-shirt that is loose but is just draped on her upper body. A pair of prestine conditioned tennis shoes on her feet that do not look used but for tonight. A Black fleece with the zipper unzipped. Carring a teddybear lovingly in her arms as if she cherrishes it.

Nestor Montenegro: He keeps his gaze politely averted from Alejandro, going over the register tape for a moment before saying "Not so good weeth the drinks, senor. But eet ees the girls who make the money."

Tomi Nakamura: *she snorts unpleasantly and jerks her chin towards Alejandro in somekind of greeting, getting a twisted smirk as she watches the little taco unti go about his buisiness*

Tabatha: *head tilted to the side she looks around the place. Holding onto her sisters hand.*

Tomi Nakamura: 4,8,5,1,4,1,

Tabatha: *Glances to her sister then back at the place*

Alejandro Delgado: He nods to Nestor, chuckling a little. "Yes, that's true enough." He glances over at Tomi once more, then looks up at the twins approach. Something within his dark eyes glitter, and he smiles in their direction. "Ahh, it appears the new meat has arrived..."

Tawnya: *looks at her sister with a smile and then back around the club*

Tomi Nakamura: *new meat..? tomi not only doesn't see the twins come in, she jumps off her seat with a thud and whirls around, smacking right into one of them and getting something in her eyes in th process*

Tabatha: *A snile plays on her lips, her head goes from tilted to straight as she looks the people over*

Nestor Montenegro: He nods, wiping his hands on a towel, stepping back from the bar and lowering his gaze nervously. He gives off the vibe of an antelope surrounded by hungry lions.

Tawnya: *she blinks and her eyes grow hard and the smile slips from her face, the look she returns towards Alejandro is almost predatory* Only if you like your meat tough and stringy.

Tomi Nakamura: Son of a FUCK *she shreiks, holding her eye and snarling at the twins, a one eyed menace*

Tawnya: *falls backwards as the girl bumps into them, hand moving to support her sister* Watch out there. *faint smirk* Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself miss.

Alejandro Delgado: He snorts in amusement as Tomi performs a classic maneuver. "A ductus one whole night, and already throwing your weight around, Tomi?"

Tabatha: *The smiles fades from herlips as someone bumps into them* We are not men...and looking before you walk would be good.

Alejandro Delgado: His gaze moves to Tawnya, and he chuckles at her comment. "You would be Tawnya, I assume. Or would you prefer the other name?" He looks at Tabatha. "And Tabatha?"

Tabatha: *looks to her sister and nods her head* staying right beside her.*

Tawnya: *cocks a head at Alejandro* Eris. Tawnya is busy at the moment. *those hard eyes flick between Tomi and Alejandro*

Tabatha: *her head tilts to the side looking at Alejandro then to her sister before returningv to him* I am.

Tomi Nakamura: Shut it. *she mutters lowly, taking her hand from her eye. fucking collar. she shakes her head, blinking* Fucking twins fan fucking tastic

Alejandro Delgado: He nods approvingly. "Eris it is, then. I am Bishop Delgado. I've been so hoping to meet the many of you..."

Tawnya: There is only one of us Tomi. You are just seeing double.

Tawnya: *inclines her head very briefly* Nice to meet you Bishop. I have been looking forward to this since Uncle told us about you.

Nestor Montenegro: A whisper of a smile crosses his face at Tawnya's comment but it quickly fades. He keeps his gaze lowered, and remains behind the bar, standing against the wall, like a servant awaiting orders.

Tabatha: *Smiles widly at her sister's comment then to the Bishop* The more the merrier.

Alejandro Delgado: He nods to Tawnya, then raises his voice. "Nestor, come here. I'd like you two meet two lovely young ladies, if you don't mind..."

Tabatha: It is good to meet you as well Bishop Delgado.*inclines her head to him as a greeting*

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi's head snaps to Tawnya, cocking in a severe cant as she watches her, sizing her up* I'd watch your moth bitch. If you like it attached. *a grin thats less than comforting, apparently that was hello*

Alejandro Delgado: "Your Uncle speaks very highly of the both of you. He is an old friend of mine, and I trust his judgment. I also know that you will not betray my trust." His voice has a silken undertone of threat to it as he regards the two young ladies.

Tawnya: I have tried Tomi, but my nose keeps getting in the way. And the name is Eris, not bitch. I can see the confusion. *the voice slips from between her lips like a smooth strip of velvet, caressing the ears of those around her gently and lovingly*

Nestor Montenegro: "Si, senor," he scurries over to Alejandro, smiling obsequiously.

Tomi Nakamura: (moth..mouth.. same thing.. one less letter *grins*)

Tabatha: *Releases her sister head and starts to pet her teddybear lovingly watching tomi in a dreamy gaze*

Tawnya: *glances at Alejandro* I don't know what you are talking about sir. I have never spoken to you in my life. I spent a lovely evening just walking with my sister.

Tomi Nakamura: *insensed, the volatile little asian looks to delgado. tongue pushing at her cheek, hands curled into little fists* I'm going to slap double dyke out now. kay?

Tawnya: *warm smile at the little Asian* Oh? Do I look like a dam to you? I'm not holding back any water or anything.

Alejandro Delgado: He looks over at Tomi, shaking his head, then looks to Nestor. "Nestor, this is Eris and Tabatha. Ladies, this is Nestor. Say hello."

Tawnya: Hello Nestor. *flashes him a warm smile*

Tabatha: *Grows highly bored with the conversation, her head still tilted she wanders around petting her bear and singing to it.*

Nestor Montenegro: "Hello, senoritas. Eet is pleasure for to meet you both." He gives a little old world bow of his head, the way a servant might greet visiting royalty.

Tabatha: *Looks to Nestor* hello....good to meet you* she is comming up beside Nestor her head tilted to the side looking him up and down*

Alejandro Delgado -> Alejandro Delgado: 9,3,

Nestor Montenegro: "Your oso, eet ees very beautifool," he tells Tabatha, nodding his head to it.

Tawnya: *returns her gaze to Alejandro*

Alejandro Delgado: He smiles. "Girls, Nestor just recently proved himself in a most excellent way to us, betraying two of our inside agents within the Sabbat who had...lapsed."

Tabatha: A small smile* thank you...* continues to pet the bear in her arms. then talks to the bear* aren't you, yes beautiful.

Alejandro Delgado: ((within the Camarilla. *Headdesk*))

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany strides in through the door of the bar. She stops and takes in the scene.

Tomi Nakamura: *Tomi wets her lips. how would she hurt this woman? she sits up on her stool trying to decide what she'd do to them.. distracted by the bear petting. she snorts. that bear was the 1st thing going*

Tawnya: *quirks a brow and turns to Nestor* Very nice. It is such a shame when people lose their focus.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Her hair rises upward into the air 3 to 5 inches from her skull in solid waves of bright red. Her tiny little nose sits between two large green eyes and a very small mouth, all placed on a pale, round face. She is wearing a black and dirty muscle shirt, revealing taut and sure arms and hands. Her painter cut jeans flow around her feet like a samurai, held up by a think black studded belt. Her feet are covered by worn out sneakers. Black leather gloves cover her fists, and written on them respectly are, "I forgive you," and "Life goes on," in dark red stains.

Tabatha: *Her amber eyes goes to Nestors face*wonderful to hear.* she moves around behind Nestor looking him up and down from behind*

Nestor Montenegro: He seems a bit nervous about Tabatha being at his back but too polite to do anything about it. He merely smiles and nods, appearing quite shy under Alejandro's scrutiny.

Tawnya: *glances at Tomi still with that warm smile* Wouldn't you agree Tomi?

Tabatha: *she wanders off, not much there to play woth, she glances to her sister before walking around the place*

Tawnya: *eyes flick to Tab before returning to Tomi*

Tomi Nakamura: Listen double dyke. I'm about to shove my size five right up your whore ass. Get your twin twat away from Taco.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany watches Tabatha walk around the place from her location at the door with a frown. She then heads over to Alejandro, whereever he is at the moment.

Alejandro Delgado: A guick look in Tiffany's direction, and then back to the girls. "Now, girls...we do seem to have a conundrum. Neither of you are in a pack right now, and of course, a pack is our most basic foundation."

Tawnya: ((Cha + Express comin...))

Tawnya: 9,7,7,4,4,

Tabatha: *wanders over to sit on the edge of the stage and sings to her bear as she pets it*Ring around the Reaper, pockets full of blades, ashes ashes we all fall down.

Nestor Montenegro: His lips twitch at Tomi calling him Taco, but again he's too polite to correct her. Seems spineless is this guy's middle name.

Alejandro Delgado: "Tomi." His voice carries a sudden edge to it, one that won't brook insolence. "Go say hello to your packmate, if you don't mind."

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi hauls herself up on the bar, cruel eyes flicking to the snivelling club owner a moment. then to delagdo.*

Nestor Montenegro: He smiles and gives Tiffany a brief greeting nod, then goes back to his nervous not looking anyone in the eye.

Tomi Nakamura: *aaand back off the bar. a glare to the twins as she clumps towards Tif* Ghetto barbie, *a snort*

Tawnya: *that absolutely amazing voice rolls forth from the girl* Now Tomi, there is no need for that. We are all on the same side here, even if we did just meet. Focus is necessary. *soft laugh* Surely you would much rather get your hands on one of them than on me? After all, they are the problem. Not me. *turns back to Alejandro* Of course Bishop.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany nods hello to all of them with a single all encompassing nod.

Tawnya: *focuses on Alejandro....he is after all the one she came to see*

Tomi Nakamura: *her eyes harden, but she grabs tiffs arm and hauls her packling towards her with a jerk* Where are you living now Ghetto?

Alejandro Delgado: "Now, the problem with this is that our packs are all very well established, and wouldn't support a duo so...well-populated as the two of you. And, of course, I wouldn't dream of breaking you two up into separate packs...your Uncle simple wouldn't have it, and you two work so well together...I just need to find a packmate for you both."

Tawnya: *smiles at the man* Uncle said that you would understand.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany shrugs to Tomi. "Do you have a place for me?"

Tawnya: *glances at the mirror image and cocks her head briefly, returning her gaze to Alejandro*

Tabatha: *she nods to her sister and moves to her side head tilted to the side and a smile on her face she grabs her sisters hand* That would be good.

Tawnya: *takes her sisters hand and smiles at the man, the hazel eyes intense, but open now, the smile warm and genuine*

Nestor Montenegro: He listens quietly, simply making himself as unobtrusive as possible. If you do that often enough, people forget you're there...

Tomi Nakamura: Pff. you fucking wish. *she shakes her head* I want you fucks all in one place so I can keep an eye on you. got money?

Alejandro Delgado: "Hmmm..." He makes a show of thinking about it, looking quite contemplative. "Nestor. You see many of us in and out of here. Do you know anyone in need of a pack to belong to at the moment?"

Tawnya: *turns her gaze and smile to Nestor*

Tiffany Van Laurer: "Not a dime." She takes a seat on a nearby chair daintily.

Tabatha: *Her gaze turns to Nestor*

Alejandro Delgado: His stance is a relaxed one as he turns to regard the baretnder, a malicious curiousity sparkling in his eyes as he waits for an answer.

Nestor Montenegro: "These two senoritas," he indicates Tiff and Tomi. "Their pack maybe could get beeger senor?"

Tawnya: ((*waits for Nestor to break down crying*))

Tabatha: *Glances to her sister then back to Nestor a smileon her face as she watches him once again*

Tomi Nakamura: Well alot of fucking use you are? *she hops into the chair, leaning it back, scenario's dancing through her wicked little brain as she scowls razorblades*

Tomi Nakamura: (*waits for Tomi to have a nervous breakdown)

Tawnya: (*snerks*)

Alejandro Delgado: He shakes his head. "Their pack was consolidated with JJ's old pack, plus an import, to make one. Tomi is now their ductus. It cannot support two more, I'm afraid."

Tawnya: *cocks head at Alejandro*

Tabatha: *Looks back at Alejandro*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany crosses her legs and waits for Tomi to explode.

Tomi Nakamura: Fuck. well you stay at the fucking apartment for now. *its not a question, voice grating shreikally across the space between them. * Freakshow got his ass torched or some fucking thing

Tiffany Van Laurer: "That would be fine." She rests a hand lightly on the table and taps her index finger on the surface softly.

Alejandro Delgado: He looks at Tawyna and Tabatha, changing the conversation for a moment. "Have you become acquainted with the city, girls? I mean the one across the river, of course...the one we're loaning the Camarilla until we decide to take it back."

Tawnya: We have been exploring it yes. Met some, interesting people. *smiles at the man* I like it there.

Nestor Montenegro: He looks around the empty strip club, then back toward Alejandro. "I'm sorry, senor, I do no see no other for to be een thees pack you speak of."

Tomi Nakamura: *click.. click.. click.. she's rocking her chair back and forth, lips twitching into a sneer* No shit Trailertrash. I said so, fine or not its happening.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany shifts in her chair and crosses her legs the other way.

Alejandro Delgado: He sighs at Nestor, shaking his head sadly as if disappointed, before looking back to Tawnya. "Excellent. Been making friends, then?"

Tawnya: A couple. Is there anyone we need to meet? I like new people.

Tabatha: *Nods her head to the Bishop* Yes we have been exploring together. It is a nice place to go.* her eyes sparkle in happiness*

Alejandro Delgado: "That depends, Eris, on what your new friends think of you."

Tabatha: *Smiles at her sisters comment*New people are good to meet.

Tawnya: They like me so far. *frowns slightly* They think we are strange. They don't understand like you. Anjou seemed nice though.

Tabatha: Trust is easily won when one tries just a bit, they think we are just wierd twins, most of them at least.*Smiles at the bishop*

Tomi Nakamura: hey, stupid bitch, what you know bout makin money? *jerks her chin towards her, *CLICK as he chair falls forawrd, tomi leaning close to the girls face, black hair bangs framing hard slanted eyes**

Tawnya: *she blinks at Alejandro and leans closer, speaking softly*

Tawnya -> Alejandro Delgado: Eris wasn't here was she?

Nestor Montenegro: He reaches into the register and pulls out a few twenties, holding them out to Tomi.

Tiffany Van Laurer: "Quite a bit. I know that one needs money to make money." Tiffany lets a little smirk creep onto her face. Yeah, she could make money.

Tawnya: *glances at her sister for a moment*

Tomi Nakamura: 10,4,5,7,2,8,

Alejandro Delgado: He nods. "Well, don't worry, girls. I'll make sure you get placed with someone worthwhile, I promise. In the meantime, why don't you get comfortable with lots of new friends in New York? I'm sure they'd just love to meet you...especially the Malkavians there."

Tawnya: *smiles at the man* Okay! Thank you Bishop.

Alejandro Delgado: He smiles at Tawnya, and shakes his head. "No, I just got confused. You two look so much alike, after all."

Tawnya: *soft sigh and a smile* Oh good. She can be pretty mean.

Tabatha: *Shrugs her shoulders at her sister then looks back at Alejandro with a smile* that would be delightful.

Tomi Nakamura: *register.. aaand Money.. that Tomi notices, hopping off her seat and jumping up to skid across the bar in an instant, plaid skirt helping her slide. * Chaching Taco. *she puts out a freezing hand, eyes glittering to him as she motions for the money*

Nestor Montenegro: He hands her the money, smiling politely and nodding to her.

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany smiles politely at Nestor.

Alejandro Delgado: He nods, glancing for a moment at the interplay between Nestor and Tomi before glancing back at the T's. "Excellent, girls. Now, why don't you stick around a little, enjoy the club."

Tomi Nakamura: What you got in there border jumper? *she leans over, looking on the cash register*

Tawnya: Thank you Bishop. *cocks her head a moment* Why is Tomi so worried about money?

Nestor Montenegro: "No so much. Maybe three hondred."

Tabatha: *Smiles* thank you..* goes back to petting her teddybear and her wanderings*

Tomi Nakamura: Cause Tomi likes the kwan bitch. *she snarls to the Twin over her shoulder, motioning for more of the cash registers money with two fingers*

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany starts to think about how exactly she was going to gets a decent cash flow going with only three hundred dollars.

Tawnya: Kwan bitch? What? *looks at Tomi curiously*

Alejandro Delgado: "Tomi, please be sure not to rob poor Nestor too blind. He does need to keep the club open and operating..."

Nestor Montenegro: He frowns--only slightly--and looks to Alejandro to see if he should hand over the cash to Tomi.

Tabatha: Goes back to the stage and sits down on it and sings to her bear*Reaper has a bloody knife,bloody knife bloody knife, Sister has a blody knife, bright red with blood.

Tomi Nakamura: *she grunts and gives a look to Alejandro. then motions again for the money. she'll give back some of it.*

Nestor Montenegro: He splits the difference and hands her a wad of tens.

Tabatha: It goes with her where ever she goes, where ever she goes where ever she goes. It goes with her where ever she goes, as well as into you.

Alejandro Delgado: Girls singing to bears on a stage where someone dry-humped a pole? Keeping Tomi from beating the shit out of everyone and robbing them? Explaining 'Kwan' to a child? Just another day in the life for Alejandro, Bishop to the Masses. And they wonder why so many young Sabbat have vanished over the past few months...

Tabatha: *continues to pet the bear and croon to it the last verse*The dead follow her around all day, round all day, round all day, The dead follow her around All day, Cause she's the one who killed them.

Tawnya: Bishop. What happened to the two who lost focus? Do you still have them? *still digging*

Nestor Montenegro: Seemingly relieved that he's followed both directions satisfactorily, he steps back and hugs the wall again. Doing his quiet in the background disappearing act.

Alejandro Delgado: He nods to Tomi approvingly, then sighs a little bit. "Tomi, bring your packmate over here. I need to discuss something with you two..." He looks to the girls. "Ladies, I'll leave you to your own devices. Make sure you behave. Have you been informed of the treaty by your Uncle, by the way?"

Tawnya: Yes. *smiles at him*

Tabatha: ((BTW this is sung to 'mary had a little lamb')) *Since no one is stopping her she begins again*Reaper has a bloody knife,bloody knife bloody knife, Sister has a blody knife, bright red with blood.

Alejandro Delgado: "One of them has been forgiven by the Camarilla, and serves them. The other, one of your own Clan, hasn't been scene, and the Camarilla had a Blood Hunt on him for some time. It's believed they got him."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany stands up from her chair and steps up to Deldago, taking a seat near him.

Tawnya: *soft sigh* Eris wants someone to play with. Oh well.

Tomi Nakamura: Ghetto Barbie, *she jerks her head to delgado, shoving her money in her back pack and sitting squaw on the bar*

Alejandro Delgado: He nods to Tawnya. "Excellent. Perhaps you could get Tabatha to change her tune? I don't want to get that little number stuck in my head, if you don't mind."

Tabatha: *With a smile on her face she continues to pet the bear's head and sing*It goes with her where ever she goes, where ever she goes where ever she goes. It goes with her where ever she goes, as well as into you

Tawnya: *wanders over to Nestor and shows him something she has in her backpack* Do you want this?

Tomi Nakamura: Yeah shut the fuck up turbo slut. *she grumbles, giving the twins a withering glare*

Tawnya: *glances at Tab and cocks her head a moment before turning back to Nestor*

Tawnya: Turbo slut? *curiously to Tomi*

Tabatha: *Smiles at her sister then looks to Alejandro* But of course I can change my tune....* thinks on a second and starts to sing*(sung to Lonon Bridge is falling down)Watch the dead bodies falling down falling down falling down, watch the dead bodies falling down, My dear sister.

Nestor Montenegro: He glances down into the pack, smiling politely to Tawnya.

Alejandro Delgado: He looks over to Tomi and Tiffany, taking out a cigarette and lighting it, not flinching away through participation in more then a few Fire Dances. "Of course, you will both want to bring Alexandra in on this...Ricky, unfortunately, must remain overtly neurtal inside the DMZ, by virtue of his being used by the Concerto Club as security. He will be reconnaisance as best as possible...perhaps more, if he can be properly Fleshcrafted. I need your pack to do a job for me."

Tawnya: *smiles at the other nice man and waits*

Tiffany Van Laurer: *taps her finger on the table softly*

Nestor Montenegro: "Gracias, no, senorita. You have a beeg heart, but Nestor," he touches his chest. "He make more money tomorrow."

Tawnya: *nods at this* Why is everyone so worried about money Nestor?

Tomi Nakamura: *tomi, ray of sunshine she is.. is looking like at any moment she's going to bail off that bar and rip out Tawnya's throat.. but she's listening instead to delgado, waiting for the punch line* What then?

Alejandro Delgado: "Last week, Sheriff Romer was incapacitated outside of the Seraphim's Tears, a nightclub downtown. He should still be in torpor...however, a pesky Assamite and a couple Toreador bumbled their way into preventing his capture. I need your pack to retreive him for me."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany smiles simply, like the Mona Lisa, but nowhere near as pretty.

Tomi Nakamura: Right. *well that got her attention, the promise of a good cat and mouse game making her lean forward, eyes lit with anticipation* Where do we bag the fucker?

Nestor Montenegro: He shrugs to Tawnya. "Because, senorita, those who we feed off of need money for to survive."

Alejandro Delgado: He chuckles. "Tomi. Tomi. Do you REALLY think, if I knew exactly where he is, that I'd need you to retreive him for me?"

Tabatha: *wanders to a darkened corner of the room off stage. still petting her bear*

Tawnya: Oh. *nods* Okay. Thanks Nestor. *smiles up at the man*

Tomi Nakamura: *she snorts and crouches on the bar* So just find the faggot and fuck him up, or are we hauling his pasty ass home for lunch with family?

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany starts to think. Slow gears begin to move inside her head.

Nestor Montenegro: ((how tall is Tawnya?)

Tawnya: *glances over at her sister briefly with a nod*

Tawnya: ((5'6"))

Alejandro Delgado: "Retrieve him, Tomi. Retrieve does NOT mean 'find the faggot and fuck him up.' Comprende?"

Tomi Nakamura: (*laughs*)

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany asks quietly, "What is his full name, and does he use that name there?"

Tomi Nakamura: retreive? Right. *meh.. phrasing... she gives a nod, watching delagado. * Where you want him?

Nestor Montenegro: ((She's taller than Nestor. He's 5'4"))

Tawnya: (*L* ooooops.) *smiles AT the man*

Alejandro Delgado: "Marcel Rolando Romer. He is quite well-known to the Licks across the river...and some others, too. I'd suggest you start by looking through the Anarchs for some answers, or perhaps try to utilize the girls, since they've made such good friends with people in the city."

Nestor Montenegro: "De Nada, senorita. Es my pleasure." He gives her a little nod again. Gracious. Well mannered.

Alejandro Delgado: "Contact me when you have him. I'll arrange a drop-off point."

Unseen -> Alejandro Delgado: ((She is just wandering around to better watch p[eople))

Tiffany Van Laurer: She ready to go. Her eyes are dancing with excitment.

Tawnya: De Nada? *smiles* That means you are welcome right?

Tomi Nakamura: *nodding, looking over to the twins, then to Alejandro. she'd kill them. no really. shakes her head and gets a bitter smile* RIght. we'll get it done.

Tiffany Van Laurer: "Will this person come willingly, or are we to subdue him?"

Nestor Montenegro: He nods to her. "Si," he smiles. "I am here for to help those who are...True Sabbat."

Tawnya: *looks at Alejandro, curiously*

Alejandro Delgado: "I know you will, Tomi." He gives her a smile, and gets up from the table. He looks to Tawnya. "I have to go...give your sister my regards. Nestor...I'll see you later."

Tawnya: *smiles at Nestor* That's nice. Not many people are willing to help anyone at all.

Tawnya: I will Bishop. Thank you for your time.

Alejandro Delgado: A quick pause, and he looks at Tiffany. "He should be in torpor for some time. If he manages to fight back in that state, by all means, ram a stool leg through him, and bring him back that way."

Nestor Montenegro: "Si, Senor." He bows deeply to him. "Muchas gracias for the honor to serve you."

Tiffany Van Laurer: Tiffany smiles and gives Delgado a slight but happy nod.

Alejandro Delgado: And with that, he turns, heading out of the club. ((That's all from me, people. This cat's gotta curl up for a few hours before work arrives.))