Djin: (*nods* alright) *so she'll try to come in by one of the windows. Obuscated.... well... *

Marisa: *no one is in the warehouse that she can see*

Djin: *she'll move slowly, not just relying on the obfuscate ((cause it has happeend she has been seen with it)) finding a spot to watch the whole place, and well... wait for a while...*

Marisa: *the door at the far end opens ad a tall woman walks in, ebon skinned, nondescrip face, eyes flicking about the area curiously*


Djin -> Marisa: I doo know how she looks like, right?

Marisa -> Djin: Yes.

Djin -> Marisa: It is this one? and waiting just to make sure she is alone, as it was said she will))

Djin: ((one will just in case))

Djin: 2,7,9,7,3,2,2,

Djin: ((Still obfuscated if that helsp something to her))

Marisa: *stands in her black trench and waits, turning slowly, eyes flicking about curiously*

Djin: *she'll just wait enough to make certain she is alone, but knowing waiting to much -will- ruin it, once she is at her back she'll throuw the dagger, getting readying to throw a second one* ((well for next turn))

Djin -> Marisa: Dex-melee or I wait?

Marisa: ((Okay....surprise attack. Dex + Athletics +2 dice. Roll it.))

Djin: (8eh... to make sure... this once I'll spend a will))

Djin: 3,1,10,10,4,9,9,4,6,

Marisa: 2,4,5,3,7,5,3,

Marisa: ((Damage roll.))

Djin: 5,10,1,6,

Marisa: 9,9,6,1,4,

Djin: ((damm it))

Marisa: *the knife hits, but hangs up in the trench, Marisa spins with a snarl, pulling a wodden stake out* ((Inits time.))

Marisa: 6,

Djin: 5,

Djin: (12)

Marisa: ((Order of action for this round is Marisa then Djin. Declare in reverse order and roll.))

Djin: ((*G* two actions, activate celerity for next round, and jumps, shifting places ((might do both ddoge if she comes, but at least it'll make hre move more to hit me))

Marisa: *activates Celerity for next round and charges, thrusting with the stake on the run*

Marisa: 8,5,4,4,3,5,6,

Djin: ((hun... thinks she was up... ok so I roll dex atletics?))

Marisa: ((Dodge))

Djin: 6,4,4,8,7,8,5,

Marisa: ((Marisa's action comes first hun.))

Marisa: RECAP: *Marisa lunges with the stake, but Djin dodges easily to the side* ((Next round....declare and roll puhlease))

Djin: ((I was thinking something else ;) is ok, worked the same way ))

Djin: ((celerity 2... damm three actions)) *ok first action is to dodge, then she'll try to trust second dagger in, not time to coat, so just hit, and if I may I'll divide the last celerity to hit and dodge...))((if I can't divide celerity is a dodge then))

Djin: ((first dodge, with normal action))

Djin: 7,9,3,6,9,5,2,

Marisa: ((Can't divide Cel actions.)) *Marisa draws a sword and slashes at the woman*

Djin: (celerity actions go to the end? but as is just and me I just keep rolling for them?))

Marisa: 6,3,5,3,6,2,8,3,

Marisa: ((Dodge please.))

Djin: ((that was up there *points*))

Marisa: ((D'oh! Roll her attack then.))

Djin: ((*S*hug*)

Djin: 4,2,10,8,6,5,2,

Marisa: 2,3,9,6,4,6,

Djin: ((and last one is dodge...))

Marisa: *final action, striking once more*

Marisa: 9,10,8,8,2,3,5,4,

Djin: 5,2,6,5,8,2,9,

Marisa: 8,10,9,2,2,

Marisa: ((Soakies.))

Djin: 6,3,5,

Djin: ((St do something to the die I can bet on it!))

Marisa: RECAP: *in a furious blizzard of movement, Marisa whips out a sword and misses, ducks a wicked knife attack, and finally makes contact on the third attack* ((2 lethal.))

Djin: ((nod))

Marisa: ((And now next round. Declare and roll.))

Djin: ((ble... won't do no good *G*)) *next round she'll divide her normal action, to let her own dagger drink on the bool Mairsa just drew from her ((to activate quietus and attack)) ((erh coat and attack.. is that posible or activating quietus makes it three actions, not sure on that)) ((and for keep celeritly we need to activate it again, right?it won't go for all the scene *G*))

Marisa: ((The Quietus will take one full action to activate, so no splitting dice pool. And yes, reactivate Cel.))

Marisa: ((So with no dodge, does she still activate it?))

Djin: ((*nods* perfect so attack and activate celerity for next round? if that can't be done, to all with it. defensive won't take no where to attack))

Djin: ((no.... i prefer attacking to dodge))

Marisa: *spends her blood and attacks with the sword first*((Spilt tween attack and dodge.))

Marisa: 9,3,6,6,2,

Marisa: 7,5,9,6,3,8,

Djin: ((*grumbles and pokes the Marisa*))

Marisa: ((Soakies please.))


Djin: ((yea.. you know... fish in tiny cuts ;) ))

Djin: 5,6,

Marisa: 5,

Djin: ((the die roller hates me I swear))

Marisa: ((She dodged. Next action?))

Djin: ((eh... she still has got hers too right? ok, dodge.. with less five I can't do much))

Marisa: *and trying to stake AGAIN*

Marisa: 8,2,5,3,6,5,1,4,6,

Marisa: ((Damn....okay, recap coming.))

Djin: 4,2,

Djin: ((he.. or not...? sorry for roling before time))

Marisa: RECAP: *in another flurry of activity, Marisa hits with a hard blow, staggering Djin, but both attempts to stake miss badly, the final attempt causing the stake to fly from her hand and roll across the floor*

Marisa: ((And NEW round. Declare first action please.))

Djin: ((ok... though spending on blood point to heal one lethal *croses it*)) *she has lost the weapon, so is an atempt to hop upwards, and follow the route to sacs to trhoug at this woman*

Djin: ((throw))

Marisa: ((She is in the middle of the warehouse. She is not making a 15 ft leap up to the second story. She CAN run for the stairs though.))

Djin: ((*sniffles**G* shit if only I could go first ;). )) *ok for now that is it... run to the stairs*

Marisa: *spends her blood and dives for the stake and heads after Djin* ((Roll Dex + Ath...-2 die please.))

Marisa: 8,10,9,5,5,6,4,8,

Djin: ((will?))

Djin: 3,5,8,5,9,3,

Marisa: ((You can. takes you down to 2 WP left.))

Djin: ((I know. I need to spend those two carefully now))

Marisa: *Marisa snags the stake and catches up with the woman as she reaches the stairs* (Declare next action))

Djin: (8wait no three.. I have spend three.. got three left...))

Djin: (*dodge, if i have her on top I am not just letting her hit me*

Djin: 88and if it is a new round I'll spend another to heal so I can go onto combat again))

Marisa: ((One will on her stealth roll, one will on her attack roll, one will for quietus roll, and one will on last roll. 4 will.))

Marisa: ((Celerity actions))

Djin: ((I had forgoten the quietus one I go quiet now))

Marisa: *tries to stake AGAIN*

Marisa: 10,9,5,2,4,2,10,9,3,5,

Marisa: ((Dodge. -2 die.))

Djin -> Marisa: ((I get to dodge?))

Djin: 5,8,10,4,1,

Marisa: 8,6,2,3,8,7,

Marisa: *and the stake slips through and pierces the young vamps heart, dropping her to the floor instantly* ((Good night, sweet Djin.))

Marisa: ((Faaaaaaantastic. *G*)) *once the annoying little dancer is safely staked, Marisa goes to work, binding her ankles and wrists with police grade cuffs, and then duct taping her knees together as well, taking a moment to make sure the little one cannot escape, she drags the girl over, props her up against a support pole and tapes her to that as well, she steps back and surveys her handiwork before removing the stake and crouching before the girl* Good fight Djin.

Djin: ((was tempted to say breaths in *pokes self*)) *she opens her eyes, frowning, firstly making sure if she has been moved before just staring at the woman croushing there* ((how far off is she?))

Marisa: ((Not in attack range)) You do realize that I could have killed you yes?

Djin: *Doesn't answer, just keeps her eyes on her, seising the distance silently*

Marisa: I know you do not speak, but I know you can nod. I don't want to kill you Djin. If I did, we would not be talking now.

Djin: *the frown reminds, still looking at her, just after a momnet nodding once*

Marisa: See. That did not hurt. Now, looking back, did this all seem...too difficult?

Djin: *frowns even more,narrowing her eyes slightly, even not moving her eyes from her*

Marisa: *slight shrug* Simple question Djin. I am not questioning your abilities. I was most impressed by them. I would expect nothing less from one of us.

Djin: *nearly scowls at that -us- comment*

Marisa: *nods at the scowl* I see. Let me ask you something. You have helped ~them~ and been there to aid them. And are you treated with the respect you deserve? The respect you earned?

Djin: *Looks off for a moment, merely frowning, moving slightly her hands* ((well if you speak with your hands ... it gotta be fustrating not using htem *G*))

Marisa: Don't do anything you may regret. *reaches into a pocket and pulls out a pencil and small notepad moving to the side to place them in her hands*

Marisa: ((Yes, and that is why she is asking yes or no questions. *L*))

Djin: ((question, how are her hands cuffed and how is she tapped to the post?)) *frowning, her eyes follwoing her, cletching her teeth somewhat*

Djin: ((*G* knew that one =) ))

Marisa: ((Cuffs are around her wrists, giving her enough play to write. Tape is wrapped just under the armpit across the chest, holding her securely. Knees taped together, ankles secured by more cuffs. She ain't goin nowhere.))

Marisa: *waits for an answer to her question*

Djin: ((no, I was just trying to picture for the writing thing *G* sitting position, standing position? hands in front or behind?))

Marisa: ((Sitting. Hands in lap.))

Djin: *she'll still frown, letting out what might be a hiss, fidgeting with notepad and pencil for a moment as she writes, the toses the notepad her way* -MY- people gives me the respect I have own, for the Glory of ((erg... hasset? damm it I forgot that name of the Assamite High Boss and I don't have my book anymore =( ))

Marisa: ((Hakim.)) They do? Then why did they send you to kill me? Your superior is quite aware of my abilities.

Djin: *she'll stare to her, notepad having been tosed, is a kind of wating for it back*

Marisa: *hands the notepad back, is near enough to read it over her shoulder*

Djin: *which might make her grind a bit, so close... frowns and writes* he trusted me

Marisa: Are you sure about that Djin?

Djin: *Frowns at her, eyes narrowing again, she nods though*

Marisa: *shrugs* If you choose to think so.

Djin: *scowls yet again, before she seems to decide is not worth explaining*

Marisa: Are you sure he was not just trying to have you eliminated?

Djin: *glares at her, lips twitching somewhat, before she writes* I was not send. I acepted the job

Marisa: Were you warned beforehand of what you would face?

Djin: *she nods once, eyes still quite ablaze*

Marisa: You were told of my age? Of my kills? Of my training?

Djin: *the frowns just increases, finally staring ahead, either that hit a nail or... she's decided she is not worth listening to*

Marisa: I thought not Djin. It's a shame. You were led into a trap, and you don't even realize it.

Djin: *resists for a moment before writing in angled letters* -you- were the one setting it

Marisa: You were the one sent to kill me. Who offered you the contract, knowing that your pride and belief in your skills would not allow you to say no, knowing you were up against a target you should not be facing?

Djin: *scowls lightly looking back ahead*

Marisa: We are the same Djin. Only one thing seperates us. We both bear the blood of Haqim, and we both fight for his glory. But the path I walk, is one of freedom.

Djin: *her lips twitch again as she actually writes again* I am not joining you

Marisa: *cocks her head and then actually laughs* Join me? Who said anything about joining me?

Djin: *frowns at her, her eyes staring, searchinga moment before she writes* then what do you want?

Marisa: a very difficult question. First off, I would have to say that I want you to realize that I am not your enemy.

Djin: *huffs, writing again* you are a Traitor

Marisa: Am I? Or do I walk a seperate path than yours? Do we not fight the same enemy?

Djin: +looks to her*

Marisa: Did you not save the Sherriff's ass Djin?

Djin: *narrows her eyes again, nodding once*

Marisa: And what did you get for this? You proved yourself superior to him. Are you the new Sherriff?

Djin: *nearly rolls her eyes, looking off again*

Marisa: *shrugs again* Just pointing out the fact that in my society, one is rewarded for one's actions. Not treated with disdain and disrespect. Nor sent to their deaths for it.

Djin: *smirks so faintly, keeping her eyes looking ahead*

Marisa: *shakes her head at the stubborn one* Blind loyalty unto death. An admirable trait, if misplaced. And all I wanted was your assistance in putting the weak ones in their place.

Djin: *Nearly turns to look at her again, presing her lips tight to resist the urge*

Marisa: *another shrug* Go on being the servant of a lapdog of the cowards if you wish. My offer will stand though, if you choose to teach the cowards true respect.

Djin: *her lips tiwtch again, moving slightly, like if she would to go forward finally turning her head to look at her, scowling to write* what do you want?

Marisa: For now, nothing. Information soon. Then, we will strike, and they will tremble at the mere thought of the name Assamite.

Djin: *frowns, still loking at her, before writing* if your care is our Blood, why did you not speak with the one above me?

Marisa: *reads and then looks at her* Because the one above you is not trustworthy Djin. He has forgotten the Blood, and works with the cowards. He has become a pawn and needs to be replaced by someone more.....devoted. *meaningful look at her when this is said*

Djin: *frowns still, her mind working, though makes no other gesture to her*

Marisa: Think about this. *she drawks a small knife and saws through the tape around her knees* Who would be most benefited by my death? The Camarilla. And why would he tkae a contract out against his own kind from them if he was not a loyal pawn?

Djin: *her eyes move to watch what ever she is doing, frowning still, stil witout responding to those words, though seems thoughtfull*

Marisa: *next comes the tape around her chest* I am not asking you to attack one of the Blood Djin. Just the cowards at some point soon. Until then, think of everything you can about them. Write it all down for me, and let me know. THat way, we can be prepared for the strike.

Djin: ((hits her computer)) *she'll keep watching anything she does, for now still not moving, eyes narrowed*

Marisa: *tucks the knife and pulls a small key out of her pocket* How can I get in contact with you Djin? *waits for an answer before unlocking her*

Djin: *blinks, looking to her, before moving to write* I thought you'll know

Marisa: *a faint smile* I have ways, but I was giving you the chance to give me your preferred method.

Djin: *she still seems to be considering something, eyes narrowed, before she decides, writing a cel phone number, alongside-text*

Marisa: *nods* Thank you Djin. *unlocks the cuffs around her ankles and wrists before taking the paper*

Djin: *she moves some first, before rising*

Marisa: *rises and takes a step back* It's been interesting talking to you Djin. I'll be in touch.

Djin: *she is up, still ragarding her, even nods somewaht, though makes a faintly gesture just to check her weapons are in place* ((no, not attacking))

Marisa: *nods a farewell to the woman and turns, moving swiftly towards the door, the lingering effects of the BP spent showing in her supernaturally graceful walk, soon, she hits the door, steps out, and is gone*