Djin: ((tries her color)

Ravyn: ((All right, my fang gang. Time for...DA Rules. Y'all have heard 'em before, and you'll hear 'em again. Here they go.))

Ravyn: 1) These scenes have the potential to be fatal. By entering them you are accepting that

Ravyn: 2) These scenes also have the potential to inflict long-lasting alterations upon your character, whether in personality (such as gaining a derangement), body (gaining physical impairments) or soul (*whistles and kicks the Giovanni under the bed*). Same provisio as 1. By entering the scene you're accepting that this may happen.

Ravyn: 3. If you drop out of the scene before it ends, you do not gain XP for attending. (Unless your characters involvement comes to a natural conclusion). These scenes are planned to last for four hours, and "Shit, I got to go, sorry" or sudden disappearance will render you XP-less. Exceptions will be made for certain situations, if I am notified in advance of the scene.

Ravyn: 4. Only one of your characters may be played during one of these scenes.

Ravyn: 5. If I find you multitasking during one of these monthly scenes, I will kick you out of it. Multitasking slows everyone down, and we're usully on a very tight schedule.

Ravyn: 6. Please do NOT IM ME during one of these scenes unless it is for something urgent or important, such as me neglecting one of your pertinent merits or flaws, forgetting about an NPC, or your house burning down. If you start harassing me, glomping me, prodding me, or otherwise antagonising me during the scene, I will kick you out of it, and perhaps go to your house and burn it down, too (so then your IM is justified).

Djin: ((*rices hand* I will have to leave in about two hours for sunday souper =) ))

Anjou: ((*also raises hand* mom is hungry now. so, time for dinner. *sighs* be back soon, though.))

Ravyn: Djin, I know. You've got the permanent exception on that one. *S*

Djin: ((YAY! *snugs and dances*))

Ravyn: Any questions as to the rules, ladies and sociopaths?

Alec Golden: And does porn surfing count as multi-tasking? *snickers*

Djin: *phe...*men....))

Alec Golden: ((Yes....the Feen is feeling snarky. *WEG*))

Ravyn: No, that doesn't, Alec. *G*

Ammon Black: ((*is the suckass leaving ahead of time.. so says little*.. BAD MAN! phoe!))

Alec Golden: ((COOOL! *laughs* Let's get this shindig started.))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Ravyn: ((rav i got a slight problem that i seem to have had my disk with my characters stuff corrupted, going to have to type oster a new MoaT dd))

Ravyn -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((Isn't it on the Character SHeet? *Goes to check*))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Ravyn: ((ooh its ok i bnever realised i must have given you it at a later date as its in my character sheet))

Ravyn: A'ight, folks. If you don't know, here's the link to the description of the club...

Alec Golden: ((And Alec is in his usual place prowling behind the bar watching.))

Djin -> Ravyn: hei!! I jsut realised! I got now obfuscate 3. right?

Ravyn: The club is packed, as always...Day of the son of God's resurrection be damned, people wanna PARTY!

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((theres a wafting odd smell in the air, like wet compost or like turned peat for those of you who have experienced it,))

Ravyn -> Djin: ((Yep!))

Djin: *well the arabian beatury will do one of her not sneaking about apparitions, actually visiblly moving in*

Celest Aston: She is stilling at one of the booths, a glass of something in front of her, which she is just idily holding in one hand. She is wearing a pair of black slacks and a maroon colored blouse. She hasx her leather jacket on. A pair of half-boots on her feet in a black leather as well.(bnoots that come to her ankle and only have a slight heal). Her hair is piled atop her head in a bun.

Djin: Her skin is obsidian, dark like the land of the Desert…. Her black hair cascades past her hips, in perfect curls, she sometimes tames in a thick braid… her hazel eyes hold that mysticism of Arabia women…. Her body is slick, moving with the grace of a dancer… she wears jeans to her hips, embracing her athletic form, shirts that frame her upper body, they are picked for movement.

Djin -> Ravyn: YAY! I can to to the bathroom to disguise! *snugs*

Ammon Black: *ammons irritable.. heading back from a meeting with that greasy little columbian fuck.. he's going for dark and brooding tonight. hoping to tease something out of the woodwork*

Alec Golden: *is in his usual sleveless tee, jeans, and boots, blue eyes scanning the crowd frequently, helping the tenders sling beers*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: in a dark corner as he can find, as out of the way of the bar as he can find sits the cigar smoking germanic looking fellow. hes doing his im not really here act of staying inconspicous.

Ammon Black: **Tall, Powerful and Sexual. He looks to be in his late twenties. The 6'4 black man has a powerful build , lankiness offset by a broad chest and square shoulders. His bald head glints blue black in the light, and his broad facial features are pleasant and alluring. Dark eyes are hidden by stylish sunglasses that hook onto his nose without legs, And his attire is a purple silk shirt tucked neatly into tailored black dress pants, black snake leather shoes polished to a blinding shine. His gait is easy and confident, and when he speaks his voice rumbles from deep in his chest, an unbeleivably deep sultry sound, commanding and sensual all the same time. It demands attention.**

Djin: ((right, cloghintg))*damm it a club night, she is wearking a black corset top, that hugs to her curvers, with a large black skirt tthat dishiveles slightly to one side, letting her tunned legs to the open, and has actually cared to put slight makeup, her haird, generally braided is loose*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: The guys got an air of Dick Tracy about him, theres something about the way he wears that tan trench and black suit, the way he cocks that hat, or the well polished shoes, he looks like something out of a 20's crime novel. He's 6'2 and stocky built, this guy fits in this suit. Slightly tanned white skin, wrinkled in the corners of his mouth and eyes, a strong square jaw lightly stubbled with flecks of grey, mellow blue eyes gaze out intently and his hairs slick and laquered back beneath the old detectives hat. Hes average really, but theres something unsettling about him, something you cant quiet place but it makes you very uncomfortable being around him, and then theres that odd smell of turned peat ((eerie presence, smell of the grave))

Celest Aston: She takes a sip of her drink as she watches the dance floor, and the bright light distractadly.

Ammon Black: *he's brooding handsomely at a table, turned away from the flashing lights of the dance floor and taking his hunt to the women lingering at the bar... fucking lights. always.. always they flock to flashing lights.. what ever happened to smoke houses? *

Djin: *she'll head for the bar, dily, scanning the place*

Alec Golden: *cracks the tops of a couple of brews, passing them across to the guys and dropping the tip into the jar*

Ravyn: There's a palpable air around the club of...something. The unaware might just consider it a part of the atmosphere...the electricity in the air that surrounds the places where the night partygoers like to go. But it has everyone just a tiny bit on edge.

Celest Aston: Like the true torry that she is the moving bodies and the flashing lights seem to have captured her attention, drink forgotten in her hand, she just stares off.

Djin: *sitting, ignroing any look she gets fron anyone, she'll keep looking, atent to anything*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: he observes the room trying to identify all of the memebers of the crowd he knows, working out where everyone is.

Ammon Black: *the big black man runs a massive hand down the smoothness of his skull, frowning slightly.. he should have cancelled his appointments, just stayed in the basement with hotpants.. eyes glitter around the room, hidden by shades*

Ammon Black: 4,9,10,5,3,

Celest Aston: Shaking her head slightly she looks down at the almost empty glass and smoothly standing up she heads for the bar and Alec.

Alec Golden: *he shakes his head and pours a Grey Goose, slugging it back and scanning the room, hoping the old habit will shake this edge*

Alec Golden: 5,6,8,5,2,8,5,

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((dex stealth,))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: 5,4,5,1,5,9,7,

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((per alert))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: 9,8,7,4,3,9,9,5,

Amanda Whitney: She walks into the club through the front door. Ever met someone who, from the get-go, absolutely telegraphed the attitude “cast-iron bitch?” Well, now you have. Standing somewhere on the high side of between five-and-a-half to six feet, she has All-American looks...blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, the whole works. It’s not difficult to picture her as a cheerleader at some point in her life. She’s obviously outgrown that, though, having traded the pom-poms and school colors for a power suit, tailored to exude both power and sexuality, and an expensive-looking briefcase. A pair of glasses sit upon her face for an air of intellectuality, and her shoulder-length hair is pulled back. The faintest hint of make-up enhances her already attractive-face, marred only by the critical look on her face.

Celest Aston: Makes her way through the people to the bar. Smiling at Alec she holds up her drink. "Hey sweets can I get another?" It is just a beer, not her usual style.

[OOC Information Person] -> Ravyn: I am assuming you are running a scene here, I will not say anything, though do you mind if I watch?

Alec Golden: *he raises his hand and snaps his fingers and points, directing a bouncer to break up a group of moshers who are getting a bit TOO into it*

Anjou: *black boots that lace to the knee, with deep red pants that lace up the sides, showing a swath of pale skin. topped by a black vest underneath something that looks like a deep red frock coat decorated with small stylized black roses. soft brown hair piled atop her head in a messy knot, and eyes outlined by white surrounded by jet black. lipstick such a dark red it's nearly black. wanders in, a slight smile on her face*

Alec Golden: *flashes Celest a quick grin and grabs a glass, pouring another and passing it* Slumming it tonight I see.

Anjou: *heads over to the bar quietly, looking around*

Amanda Whitney: After a quick look around, she walks to the bar, stopping in front of Alec, next to Celest. She looks the man over, nodding. "Alec."

Anjou: 8,10,7,4,10,7,

Djin -> Amanda Whitney: ((should da roll perc alert to see whom all is and who is who?

Anjou: *joyful! Alec and Celest. makes her way over to them*

Alec Golden: *an inclination of the head to the woman* Miss Whitney. Good to see you.

Ravyn -> [OOC Information Person]: Not at all...go ahead.

Celest Aston: She looks Amanda up and down a smiles gracing her lips. "Alec no introduction?" she looks from Alec to Amanda

Djin: 4,5,3,1,8,9,

Djin: ((hum... *makesmental note of rising -that-pool *G*))

Alec Golden: Celest, this is Miss Whitney. Miss Whitney. Celest Aston. *knows the name will ring a bell with Amanda*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: Hmm, he spots quite an array of kindred here this eve, a Miss Celest, Anjou, Djin, Mr Golden..

Djin: *she'll find hersef a nice place near the bar, becasue well generally you can see everything from there, her eyes simply scanning*

Amanda Whitney: She sets her briefcase down on the stool next to her. "How are you tonight?"

Anjou: *sidles up to the bar and smiles warmly. politely not speaking while Alec introduces the blonde lady to Celest*

Celest Aston: Holds a hand out to Amanda" Good to meet you Miss Whitney"

Amanda Whitney: She looks to Celest, appraising her visually. "Good evening, Miss Aston."

Ammon Black: *all the beautiful women flocking to alec tonight... a stark white smile flashes in the dark, kudos perhaps.. oh there was mystery hotness.. that smile flashed slyly to Djin*

Amanda Whitney: She takes the offered hand, giving it a firm, business-like shake.

Alec Golden: *smiles at An* Hey hun. How's things? *turns head to Amanda* Very good actually. More heathens showed up tonight than I thought. I may be going to hell, but looks like I will have plenty of company. Yourself?

[OOC Information Person] -> Ravyn: Sorry to ask, though that which killed the cat has gotten the better of me. Are you the Vampire/Kindred ST?

Djin: *well at least she is seeing the obvious like the suited lady, and the coward with company, her eyes stop on Ammon as he smiles her way, simply regarding him*

Amanda Whitney: Her eyes pass back over to Alec. "I need to go over something with you."

Anjou: they're good. *chuckles softly and settles onto the stool next to Celest, with that lady between herself and Amanda*

Alec Golden: *nods and gestures at the door* Office then. *slips out from behind the bar*

Celest Aston: She turns her head and smiles at An after niceities with Amanda." Hey there An." Hugs the woman.

Ravyn -> [OOC Information Person]: ((I am, yeah. I'm the ST, running Cam & Anarch. Alec-P is the AST...he runs the Sabbat side of things.))

Ammon Black: *some how that jut makes the handsome black mans smile slyer.. bitch... he watches her a long moment, grin out in full force, before slowly turning his eyes back towards Alec and blondie. oh. they were going?*

Amanda Whitney: She nods and picks up her briefcase, heading away from the bar with Alec, toward the office.

Anjou: *hugs Celest back* hello, dear. mmm, who was that? i didn't quite catch the name. *tilts her head cheerfully*

Djin: *her eyes remind on Ammon somewhat more before she again falls onto watching, trying to emcompace the goings*

Alec Golden: *steps out into the foyer, opening the door to the hall and slipping through after her, pulling the door closed behind*

Celest Aston: She watches Amanda and Alec wander off then answers Anjou"That was MissWhitney. I haven't heard of her before."

[OOC Information Person] -> Ravyn: Ah, Okay... Have been talking to Troo (was thinking of brining in a Mage character), though thinking of other paranormal characters I have made but never ran... One I KNOW would have a very SHORT life span, as a playable character...

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: As Alec and the blonde leave the man in the corner rises and heads around the edge of the room, sticking to the wall and stopping at the far end of the bar, observing the remaining patrons.

Djin: *eyes follwoing Alec a moment, considering something*

Anjou: *raises an eyebrow and orders a water.* hmm. that's interesting.......*looks curiously toward the door upstairs* well. have you heard any interesting news lately? i've not. * a slight stress on 'interesting'*

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She walks into the office, and sets the briefcase down. "All right, so...I've got good news and bad news." She says it with a slight quirk of her lips.

Celest Aston: Sips the beer in front of her." Nope not since that other night. Been quiet."

Ravyn -> [OOC Information Person]: ((Cool...I'll talk to ya more about it when I'm not ST'ing. *S*))

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: Just for the sake of novelty, I would love someone to say "I have good news and better news." *half grin as he leans against the desk* Fire away.

Ammon Black: *a low hiss unbidden as someone bumps his chair.. and a frown. caution sexy.. no need to get annoyed.. he rises lazily and struts to the bar, moving to lean near the arabian hotness*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Amanda Whitney: ((pertinent question here, as far as oster knows are any of his bugs still working?))

Djin -> Amanda Whitney: Do we know whose Amanda is?

Anjou: *nods* indeed it has. which is refreshing, if slightly disturbing.

Amanda Whitney -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((Nope. Thought I sent you that message. Claudius would have told him that most of the bugs were found by Primogen Whitney's security team.))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: People at the bar seems to give the man space, many turn there noses up to a smell, maybe its cigar smoke, or maybe a burst pipe. what ever it is people around him seem ill at ease,

Celest Aston: "The calm before the storm I am afraid." She leans back against the bar sitting on the stool. she looks around.

Djin: *her eyes keep follwoing Alec and co, though as the black moves closer he gets another regarding look for a moment*

Ammon Black: *he rumbles lowly, voice slipping around her like warm oil* didn't think you the type sweetness..

Amanda Whitney -> Djin: ((Roll me an Int+Alertness))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Amanda Whitney: ((all of them? and no i never ever got the message))

[OOC Information Person] -> Ravyn: You have an ICQ, AIM or other IM service?

Celest Aston: 7,10,4,10,2,

Djin: 2,1,7,10,5,3,8,

Anjou: *nods* we're thinking the same thing, then. mm. but what to do about it, i wonder? *the questin almost casual as bluegrey eyes sift slowly across the sea of people here, raising her glass to her lips delicately, to get the least amount of lipstick on it that she can manage.*

Djin: *Keeps an eye on the aristocrat coward, though darts an interrogative look to Ammon*

Celest Aston: An eyebrow raises."Interesting."She looks at An" Ammon hasn't been in here for about a week or so, and look he is here, and so is that...umm I cannot remember her name."

Alec Golden: ((The "aristocrat coward" is far out of site in the upstairs office. He entered a back hall through a door in the front entryway and has been lost to sight since.))

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She opens the briefcase, and takes out some paperwork. "Well, the good news is, we've managed to isolate the components of the drug. The bad news is, it's mystical in nature. We can't synthesize it or make an antidote."

Djin: ((well the door =P snugs*))

Amanda Whitney -> Djin: ((Yes.))

Anjou: Ammon? *looks blank* the quiet one? no-one's told me her name. *chuckles softly* i assume Ammon's the rather large fellow over there.

Amanda Whitney -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((No, I didn't say all of them. I said most of them.))

Ravyn -> [OOC Information Person]: ((Yes, but I'm already being distracted by mass PM's as it is. My contact info is in my profile as CWSensation in the forums.))

Djin -> Amanda Whitney: thanks

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: Ahhh shit. *frowns* Mystical how? Magic? Or other?

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Amanda Whitney: ((kk))

Ammon Black: *he chuckles lowly, looking around before removing a card and crooning to the bartender for a pen, shades flashing* Much as I like looking at you, it doesn't help conversation much spook. *he passes her the card and pen*

Ammon Black: 5,3,9,2,7,

Djin: *lifets an eye brow, regarding him still more before taking both items, still keeping a watchfull eye on the door, last biggie that was around got smacked quite well*

Ammon Black: *a grin flashed to Anjou and Celest.. dazzling and vacant of anything but oooozing charm and smoldering sexuality, before he turns his head back to the muted miracle*

[OOC Information Person]: Okay, and thanks...

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She nods. "As in, some form of Thaumaturgy or Necromancy. Our people haven't been able to determine the exact nature of the mystical's definitely Kindred 'magic' in nature."

Celest Aston: "Yes the tall bald black man." Points Ammon out to her. "Yeah we should find out what the quiet one's name is." Smiles at An.

Djin: *write something and just idly passes the card back*

Anjou: *blinks and smiles back politely, then glances at Cel with a small shrug* very large male person, that

Celest Aston: "Yes the tall bald black man." Points Ammon out to her. "Yeah we should find out what the quiet one's name is." Smiles at An.

Djin: *write something and just idly passes the card back*

Anjou: *blinks and smiles back politely, then glances at Cel with a small shrug* very large male person, that.

Ammon Black: *he may or not be reading the card, hard to gauge with those shades hiding his eyes, he leans languidly on the bar*

Anjou: *nods cheerfully* that we should. mmmmm...*ponders and leans closer to murmur to Cel*

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: *nods, still frowning* Dammit. Then the Tremere will one up us on this.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((blood to dex)) he heads along the bar slowly, keeping people between the bar and himself, stopping quite close to ammon and djin, still trying to remain as unnoticed as he has been.

Djin: ((ponderw why i got a ; on my pm to Ammon))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: 8,4,7,1,4,7,2,

Celest Aston: "Yes that he is." Takes another sip of the beer, she smiled and nodded to Ammon when he looked their way.

Djin: ((*blinks* gah... fathers -just.- surpriced me with the -to eat- call *blinks, eyes them, frowns- gonna take the Djin to a place wehre she won't bug for a bit and I'll be back as soon as I can))

Amanda Whitney -> Amanda Whitney: She shakes her head. "That is the good news. The Tremere, from all reports, are just as stumped as we are."

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She shakes her head. "That is the good news. The Tremere, from all reports, are just as stumped as we are."Djin: *she though regards the door still, then the one outside, and writes yet something else on a differet paper, passing it ot Ammon*

Ammon Black: *a sly smile down at the arabian* well the silent type would be a forgone conclusion mmmmmmmm? *a low rumbling chuckle..he reads the new note*

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: *quirks a brow* The vaunted Warlocks cannot solve the mystery? *ponders this* Then are we sure it is Kindred in origin?

Djin: *smirking at him, then rising, with a gesture that says, be back, striding for the ladies bathrooms*

Djin: ((snugs sowwy!!))

Celest Aston: Listens then murmers to Anjou.

Djin -> Amanda Whitney: ((going to the bathrooms as soon as she out of sight, she'll obfuscate and go out to just keep an eye fro trouble =) be back when I can!! *snug*))

Anjou: *nods soberly to Celest* i'd like to keep tabs on that situation. care to dance while we wait for Alec to come back down? *smiles warmly, head tilted in query*

Ammon Black: I'll do that. I've the same. *he nods, giving her a move star grin, he watches her stride awa, glancing to the door as she had been*

Mikey: He walks into the bar, a guy in his early 30's, maybe? He's very clean-cut...shaven, with short dark hair, and bool blue eyes. He's dressed in a black turtleneck, leather jacket, and slacks underneath. After a quick look around, he heads to the bar.

Celest Aston: "Sure" Slids off the stool and sets her drink on the bar.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: He keeps several people between the bar and himself, though noone around him seems to be feeling quite right, he keeps watching the crowds.

Djin: ((BB!!))

Mikey -> Mikey: 6,8,4,4,3,7,3,

Anjou: *joins Celest, smiling cheerfully and proceeds to the dance floor. the edge. away from the mosh pit full of crazy wild people who will almost certainly manage to make her say ouch many times*

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: *nods* I see. So we need to find the antidote rather than make it. That ghoul from the other night seems to be the key then. Perhaps we can get some answers from him.

Celest Aston: She follows An out to the floor and stays near her. She looks around and starts to dance.

Mikey: He watches Celest and Anjou walk to the dance floor, and glances up to the full mirror on what looks to be the second floor briefly.

Ammon Black: *dark eyes scan the bar, a man walks in.. so far uninteresting.. his eyes glide across dick tracey, a chuckle as he approaches the man* I thought Only I could repel women with this sort of cruel efficiency.. *he rumbles in a voice like dark velvet*

Anjou: *joins Celest, smiling cheerfully and proceeds to the dance floor. the edge. away from the mosh pit full of crazy wild people who will almost certainly manage to make her say ouch many times*

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: *nods* I see. So we need to find the antidote rather than make it. That ghoul from the other night seems to be the key then. Perhaps we can get some answers from him.

Celest Aston: She follows An out to the floor and stays near her. She looks around and starts to dance.

Mikey: He watches Celest and Anjou walk to the dance floor, and glances up to the full mirror on what looks to be the second floor briefly.

Ammon Black: *dark eyes scan the bar, a man walks in.. so far uninteresting.. his eyes glide across dick tracey, a chuckle as he approaches the man* I thought Only I could repel women with this sort of cruel efficiency.. *he rumbles in a voice like dark velvet*

Ammon Black: *he chuckles to Oster, drawn to his full height*

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She nods. "Agreed. I think, perhaps, we should find him. As soon as possible."

Anjou: *begins to dance, the skirts of the coat whisking out from her small person, brushing the other dancers frequently*

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: "Oh, and we've also confirmed. The drug is harmless to mortals. The mystical nature of it seeks out kindred vitae and infects it."

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: "Perhaps you lack a degree of practise only age can bring kid" he doesnt give ammon much of a look, his accent plain NY, he looks mid forties.

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: He's already decided I am a target. I am willing to bet that he, or one or more of his friends will be back. We can take him then. Preferably before he puts me to sleep.

Celest Aston: She just dances, every now and then glancing to the bar.

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: That's interesting. So it will affect ghouls, but not completely?

Anjou: *keeps an eye on the crowd around them, since Celest watches the bar. her painted lips curved into a smile all the while as she moves to the beat*

Ammon Black: mmmm maybe.. I do pretty well for myself, curse of youth or not. *he croons, frowning.. a massive blue black hand snakes up to adjust his collar.. he looks towards the door again*

Mikey: His eyes pass over Ammon, stopping on him for a moment, as if there's a faint glimmer of recognition there.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: "Pretty young lady you got yourself," he comments very matter of factly looking at the door too, "you miss her already?"

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She nods. "We believe so. At best, it will knock them uncoscious for a short time."

Ammon Black: Pining... can't you tell *he rumbles, sunglasses flashing to Mikey.. a frown. he know this guy?*

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: Celest will be helpful. She is quite effective at combat. *frowns slightly* Caution seems to be in order.

Celest Aston: She briefly looks down at An, beofre looking around then back to the glass fronted wondows then to the bar. Moving just a bit further into the crowd.

Anjou: *flashes Celest a nod and a quick glance up at the mirror herself, letting the taller woman put just a bit of distance between them*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: He chuckles looking ammon over for a second, then Mickey, the big black mans wearing shades indoors in a club, is he just a poser..

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She nods. "Agreed." She moves around to the desk. "If you do not mind, I have some work to do, and I was planning on using your office for it."

Mikey: He locks eyes with Ammon, his gaze slightly challenging for just a moment before it moves back to watch the dance floor.

Alec Golden -> Amanda Whitney: Feel free. Make yourself at home. Call me if you require anything. *rises and heads for the door*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary-Margaret walks into the bar, shows her ID, and strides toward the dance floor. Faded jeans, thin and small black slippers, and large studded leather belt, a form-fitting black sleeveless shirt that overlaps another white shirt of the same type. Her purple streaked black hair is pulled back into an assembly high behind her head, pierced by a long plastic pin at an angle. Some of her hair falls in bangs around her deep blue eyes. She looks to be around 21. Her big friend is carrying her leather jacket. He has a shaved head, wears a fatigued muscle shirt and baggy jeans, and seems angry. An emblem of rightous fire and white angelic wings are tattooed across his entire chest along with naked woman, devils, thorns, and skulls. He goes to make himself unobtrusive at a booth, where he can watch Mary-Margaret without worry.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She steps onto the dance floor and blends in effortlessly. She sways her shoulders to the beat of the music and becomes a part of the crowd.

Amanda Whitney -> Alec Golden: She nods and sits down, turning the monitor on and getting to work.

Ammon Black: well now.. apparently I'm infamous.. *its a hiss, anger seeping into his sultry tone as random asshat gives him a challenging look. he leaves Oster's side, heading towards Mikey with a lazy stride, irritated by the damn strobes*

Celest Aston: Now that she is about 10 feet from Anjou her back to the mass of the dancers, she can watch Anjou and the bar, a bit easier.

Alec Golden: *much to the glee of all, old blue-eyes steps back through the front door, standing there a moment to take in the new positions of all inside*

Alec Golden: 6,10,9,4,7,6,4,

Mikey: He glances over as Ammon approaches, frowning lightly. He looks away once more, to the bartender. "Gin and tonic, please."

Anjou: *keeps dancing, her eyes scanning the crowd almost constantly. flicking a glance toward the mirror from time to time*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: Osterwald observes Ammon, heading only a little after him and watching the impending confrontation by looking at the wall mirror,

Mikey -> Alec Golden: ((Gimme int+alertness))

Alec Golden: *eyes pause on the ladies dancing, and then flick to the pair at the bar, Ammon talking to some guy*

Celest Aston: A smile touches her lips and she looks to Anjou catching her eye before nodding to the direction of Alec.

Alec Golden: 1,9,5,6,6,3,

Anjou: *grins and nods back. works her way free of the dancers, chuckling and shaking her head politely as some adorable half-lit fellow tries to dance with her for a moment, leaving him with a warm smile*

Mikey -> Alec Golden: ((Okay. Nothing out of the ordinary. *G*))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Maggie scans the eyes of the other dancers. Her shoulders rock to the beat and her hips swing a little, but her attention is elsewhere.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 8,5,9,3,

Celest Aston: Draps her arm over Anjou's shoulders."Nice moves hun."

Anjou: *waits for Celest to catch up and smiles up at the taller woman* ah, you always dance so beautifully. it's a real pleasure to watch you. *chuckles and drifts toward the bar*

Ammon Black: interesting.. *he croons, getting irritated too quickly for his own liking* Care to expound on that, are are we going to play fucking guessing games all night mmmmmmmmm?

Anjou: *smiles warmly* thank you. *gives Cel's waist a litte squeeze*

Celest Aston: "Thank you. It's more my apperance, than my moves I am afraid." She smiles at the woman

Alec Golden: *turns and heads for the bar, weaving expertly through the crowd*

Mikey: He shakes his head, smirking a bit. "You're not worth my time...not tonight. Don't worry...I'm sure we'll meet up real soon. You need a good, long rest."

Anjou: *laughs softly* i disagree. you've a way of moving that reminds me of sueded silk. your looks simply enhance that.

Celest Aston: Heads to the bar and hopefully Alec, and a lighter drink.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: He moves a little to ensure there are still bodies between him and the bar, still staying close to ammons conversation, but finding another knot of crowd to blend into, the current crowd splitting slightly with unknown feelings of lingering worry

Celest Aston: She laughs at that."Why thank you Anjou, must be all of that time at dinner parties I had to attend with my parents."

Anjou: *right on Cel's heels, planning on ordering another glass of water*

Alec Golden: *slips behind the bar and moves down to the ladies* Have fun? *grins*

Ammon Black: Is that a threat peaches? *he tenses.. the words coming out as a hiss as he grasps at his control*

Celest Aston: Smiles at Alec" But of course, and you? Water for the two of us enchanting beauties." She smiles at An then back to Alec.

Celest Aston: Smiles at Alec" But of course, and you? Water for the two of us enchanting beauties." She smiles at An then back to Alec.

Ammon Black: 5,8,4,5,

Anjou: *giggles* that certainly must've helped hone natural talent! *chuckles* one of these days i'll amuse you by seeing if i can remember any of the square dancing i did as a child. a very, very young child....

Mikey: He looks over at Ammon, raising an eyebrow as he sips his drink. "You're not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?"

Alec Golden: *crouches and snags a couple of bottles, capping them and passing them across* Oh lovely. I am thinking of changing my job title to "Talks with Lovely Ladies".

Anjou: *grins to Cel and to Alec* it was fun. i like to dance. *chuckles* perhaps someday i'll actually take lessons instead of wriggling aobut like a hooked eel.

Ammon Black: *massive hands grip the bar as he raises himself to his full height*

Ammon Black: 3,4,7,2,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Dances in her spot, her eyes delighting in the way everyone seemed to be having such a great time. She smiles as she continues her little dance.

Mikey: 6,2,3,2,3,

Celest Aston: Laughs" I would like that, I could show you a few of the steps that I used to do back in Germany, all that pomp and ceramony and all that."

Alec Golden: Nah. Just wiggle. More fun that way. *grins* For the spectators anyways.

Anjou: *giggles at him* mmm, how about Club-Owning Hottie All the Chicks Yearn to Hang With? *winks merrily at him*

Alec Golden: I can...uhh...mosh? *laughs*

Mikey -> Ammon Black: ((Roll Per+Alert. Diff 8, since you're fighting frenzy))

Ammon Black: 7,7,2,4,8,

Alec Golden: Pffft. *rolls eyes* Never had women interested til I owned the place. Go figure.

Djin: ((here , what didi I miss=?!?!!!))

Celest Aston: Laughs" Oh I think that fits much better than 'club owner' Alec, don't you think so An?"

Mikey -> Ammon Black: He vaguely notices Mikey's free hand is inside his jacket now.

Celest Aston: "I like that one An, hey I liked you before this place even opened if you remember." winks at Alec.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: He shakes his head to himself as the big black guy gets all rigid and tense. still keeping attention on the pair.

Alec Golden: Can I get an Indian name too? How about Hits-on-Hotties? Or Flirts-with-Cuties?

Ammon Black: *eyes narrowed, teeth gritted together as he watches mikey*.. don't you Bother...

Anjou: *grins to Celest* i'll see if i can remember any, then. but ~not~ in here, or the crowd may lynch me for daring to profane the club with...*lowers her voice* country dancing! *and chuckles to Alec* well, the ones who prefer female companionship, anyway. although for proper effect, i am overdressed tonight. *laughs*

Ammon Black: 4,4,10,8,

Alec Golden: *waves hand* Bah...still owned the place. *grins*

Mikey: He smirks at Ammon, not wilting under the man's anger. "You wouldn't dare, dumbass. Not even you are stupid enough to lose control here, in public. Or are you?" He seems intrigued by the possibility.

Unseen: ((changes nick!)) *and slides moving around to check on things, before making it back to the bar ways*

Ammon Black: 4,3,2,8,

Alec Golden: 2,7,4,2,2,2,8,

Alec Golden: *hmmm...someone annoying Ammon...may have to buy that guy a drink or three....keep it up*

Celest Aston: "I like those as well Alec." laughs and looks to An mock wispering" yeah well I don't think they would like the ridgid way that I used to dance, so I won't do any here."

Anjou: *grins at him* i liked you before, too. *chuckles*besides, you're the only person i've ever met who knew the song i was humming the first time we ever met right off the bat. *ponders* Indian about Draped-with-Honies?

Anjou: *giggles to Cel* if you were doing it, i don't think they'd care. *grins* silly people to only appreciate the surface.

Alec Golden: *snickers softly* Well, you have to give me credit. I seem to be in the minority in this city....being straight and all. *winks*

Ammon Black: ((rolling cha + intimidation))

Ammon Black: 4,1,8,2,9,3,7,

Celest Aston: Takes a sipof her water smiling and looking around.

Celest Aston: 9,7,7,6,8,

Anjou: *laughs softly* i've noticed an amazing number of homosexuals and bisexuals about. *which doesn't bother her*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Rocks her shoulders to the beat gently, sways her hips slightly, and scans the crowd again for someone she recognizes.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 6,7,2,4,

Ammon Black: you arrogant little prick ... *he croons backing away from the man.. uh no he wasn't running.. he was uh.. regaining control. a massive hand pointing to him* try that shit, And I'll snap you in two and suck out your marrow. *his voice a deep threatening vibration boiling from his chest as he backs to the door*

Alec Golden: *grins* Thought I had the wrong ticket and ended up in Frisco. *chuckles* As long as they drink, I'm happy though.

Mikey: 9,8,5,1,6,7,4,

Celest Aston: She raises a brow then looks to Alec" Am I seeing what I think I am?" She looks back to watch Mikey and Ammon." Might have to buy him a drink..."

Unseen -> Mikey: ((making sure, this guy doens't look like my La Sombra I lost, does he?... or anyone else looking like it?))

Anjou: *nods, chuckling as she glances around*

Anjou: 10,2,8,4,2,3,

Alec Golden: Oh yes. *fails to hide the smirk* And believe me, he already has a tab running, and covered by the house.

Mikey: Amazingly, Mikey doesn't look all that scared by that nasty threat, merely getting a little on edge, his smile vanishing. "Try it, and you'll be six feet under. Again. Only this time, you won't get back up."

Unseen: ((Ammon is popular....*S*))

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: Oster reaches into the coat pocket of his old mack and produces a big fat cuban cigar, and from the other pocket a cutter, he prepares the cigar watching the big black guy begin "a fighting retreat", frowning a little, eyes returning to Mickey.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She sees Ammon, but she doesn't like the guy. He treated her like a shark last time they had talked, and she hadn't liked that. But the guy he was with was interesting. Business partner? Probably.

Celest Aston: She looks between Mikey and Ammon the water bottle half way to herlips she glances at Alec, before watchingb the scene in fornt of her.

Mikey -> Unseen: Roll Int+Alertness

Anjou: *both eyebrows raise* why do i get the feeling neither of you are particularly fond of Mr. Sunglasses? *she asks rhetorically, with a soft chuckle*

Unseen: 2,8,9,3,8,3,8,

Mikey: ((Celest & Anjou can roll Int+Alertness))

Alec Golden: Hey that what is known in military terms as a "tactical advance to the rear"?

Celest Aston: Smiles at Alec" Aww no fair." Winks at him then goes back to her watching....this was better then a movie.

Anjou: 2,5,1,5,5,8,

Ammon Black: *another low hiss as he bumps into Dick Tracy, eyes on Mikey from behind the glasses.. .. he slinks towards the door, stride no longer so lazy, entire broad frame practically radiating loathing*

Anjou: *watches, oblivious to any subtle signs*

Celest Aston: 4,7,2,4,6,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Ammon seems upset. Shall I see what is the matter? I don't think so. Not tonight.

Celest Aston: Nods her head to Alec" You bet it does." glances to Anjou "Does it show that much?" refering totheir dislike of Ammon.

Mikey: ((Neither Anjou or Celest recognize Mikey.))

Alec Golden: *grins at Anjou* Whatever makes you say that dear? *winks*

Ammon Black: *once out the door ... he strides away, long legs distancing himself from the little fuck that threatened him.. he dekes down an alley.. and once sure he's out of sight of patron.. he brings out a cellphone and calls his Melly.. running as fast as he can in $3000 snake leather*

Unseen: *she is just watching, regarding,considering for a moment on two avenius*

Ammon Black: 5,8,3,

Ammon Black: (which isn't very fast. And I'm out!! thank you for the scene!!! *runs away before she's scalped and peed on by the bf* Love for all)

Alec Golden: *a tender places a fresh gin and tonic in front of Mikey, turning and walking away before he can pay*

Unseen: *she writes something on a piece of paper and discretedly, moves near Mikey, well as much as obuscated can provide descrisin *G*

Celest Aston: Shakes her head" He is not having a good timeof it is her dear?" smiles at Alec.

Anjou: *chuckles softly as she watches Ammon leave* mmm, i just made a wild guess...*wryly, bringing her water to her lips with a tiny smirk* may i ask why?

Mikey: He smirks, his smile returning as Ammon books it, returning back to his drink. He finishes it and looks around.

Alec Golden: *tsks softly* Looked somewhat like a whipped dog yes?

Unseen -> Mikey: *the intention is to either slide the tiny note under his drink if he has any on the bar, or to leave in intched from his hand. Staying to make sure no one else takes it, it simply says* -you might have frridns who wish a word with you *and she'll leave a number with* just text.

Alec Golden: *tips a freshly poured Vodka in Mikey's direction with a grin*

Anjou: almost like a skunked one. *agrees cheerfully*

Celest Aston: Nods her head at Alec then says to An" Too many reasons to count at this point."

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: Hes standing in a crowd, but they are doing there best not to associate with him, all a little cowed, he lights the cigar and looks around the crowd.

Mikey: And at the new gin and tonic, he raises an eyebrow. He dips a finger into it, touching the liguid to his tongue. When it seems alright, he picks up the drink and downs some

Anjou: *chuckles* well, sometime i'd like to hear those reasons.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary-Margaret laughs at herself, the sound of which is drown out in the music, then steps off the dance floor to make her way toward the booth with the bald angry man, who has been watching her.

: ((you all suck! you'll RUE THE DAY you mocked ammmon! Start ruring! *is really gone))

Alec Golden: Wonder if we can find out what he did and bottle it. Call it Ammon Repellant.

Celest Aston: See's Alec solute and raises her water to Mikey a smile on her lips as she takes a drink of her water.

Alec Golden: He's a snake Anjou. Simple as that. *nods and flicks his eyes at her*

Anjou: *shakes her head at the pair with a soft chuckle, dreamy bluegrey eyes exceedingly curious*

Mikey: He sees Alec, and nods with a bit of an odd smile. He looks down, and notices a slip of paper. He slides it into his pocket, finishes his drink, and heads toward the bathroom.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: (fame 1: drug and sex scene, black market, gangs and gang violence): A known criminal player of some sort, Mary-Margaret St. Michael is a name known in a certain area of the city among black market dealers and the addicted.

Anjou: *blinks and tilts her head at Alec* ah. now i understand....*nods slowly* can't trust those grass-hiding sneaks, yes?

Celest Aston: Laughs"Naw I have my own repellant, it's call just being me." winks at Alec. then nods to An" Of course dear"

Unseen: *moves to a discrete place, to watch still the goings*

Alec Golden: Precisely. *watches the man head for the bathroom* Breaking the seal. Not a good idea. *grins*

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: he smokes a little longer, face neutral, then heads across the room staying away from the bar, taking the long route towards the bathroom, stopping up against the wall about 2 metres away from the door,

Anjou: *smiles warmly to Celest* i'd enjoy the details. *chuckles* so if he decides to pester me, shall i play "annoying thing who giggles vapidly and screeches when she talks" to get him to go away? or simply stare at him as if wondering why this great big thing is invading my personal space? ah, choices....

Celest Aston: "So Alec who was your beautiful business appointment earlier?" She teases him.

Anjou: yes, we were both terribly jealous. *puts on a pout, eyes merry*

Alec Golden: *flicks his gaze around the area before he answers* A close associate of mine. Brought me some information I've been waiting on.

Celest Aston: Laughs at An" Naw just talk down to him....he HATES that, trust me I do it all of the time and within seconds he is getting away from me."

Mayati: The sound of heels clicking on pavement echo down the street at the front of the club, and then, she comes into view, a dark-skinned woman of fairly short stature and exotic beauty. Dressed in a tight, black turtleneck and matching pants, with a leather jacket over it all, she appears to be dressed to attract attention, not that her striking facial features wouldn't do it anyway. Her eyes are kohled, a dark red on her lips. Her hair, shoulder-length and raven in color, is worn loose. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and scan the club as she walks in, though they have an unconcerned air to them that almost seems foolish for any situation.

Celest Aston: "Something to talk about leater?" She watches Alec calmly.

Anjou: *nods* mm, i'm not sure i can talk down to him. he's very large. and could probably crush me into pulp if he sat on me,without even noticing. *grins* and yes, we do love the bad boy, bad boy. *pats his cheek playfully*

Alec Golden: 2,2,5,10,9,8,10,

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: he stubs out the cigar on the outside of a cigar tin and looks around for anyone watching him.

Anjou: 3,3,7,4,5,5,3,

Alec Golden: *nods and looks at the door, watching the entrance of Mayati* Yes. Later.

Celest Aston: She turns to see who Alec is watching.

Celest Aston: 7,9,2,8,2,

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: 10,4,6,2,6,4,7,7,

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: 4,

Mayati: She walks up to the bar, smiling in Alec and Celest's direction, as she sits down next to them. "Good evening..."

Celest Aston: Nods her head."Okay than." Smiles to Mayati then looks abck at Alec.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: he also sees everyone around and when he has a second without anyone watching he heads into the small hall into the bathroom.

Unseen: *still paying close watch of everything, just in place*

Celest Aston: "Good Evening, so nice to see you again." she says to Mayati

Anjou: *tilts her head at the pretty woman. seems friendly*

Alec Golden: *smiles warmly* Good evening. Welcome back. You just missed seeing like a whipped dog.

Mikey -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: As Oster walks in, he sees Mikey putting something back into his jacket pocket. He looks up at Oster, raising his eyebrow. "Hey." He starts to walk toward the man, or more specifically, the door.

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: he nods saying nothing and walks towards a cubicle, eyes not on the man but on for more thana second

Unseen: ((sighs* be back, sorry...))

Mayati: He chuckles a little. "Mmm...sorry I missed that." She smiles to Anjou pleasantly in greeting, and looks back at Alec and Celest. "How are you two?"

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((oops thats a droppedpm))

Anjou: *smiles warmly back to Mayati*

Mikey -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: And he slips out the door, opening it just slightly and sliding out.

Alec Golden: Very good. *looks to Mayati, meeting her gaze* Still looking for dishes though. Yourself?

Celest Aston: "It was quite interesting." She smiles" I have been good and yourself?"

Osterwald Sigmund Klaus -> Mikey: ((once osters all alone he goes to ob 4 and i will be assuming unseen nickname if thats ok))

Mikey: 7,8,6,4,10,

Mikey -> Osterwald Sigmund Klaus: ((That's cool.))

Mikey: ((Those not in the bathroom can roll Per+Alert))

Alec Golden: 6,8,2,6,9,8,9,

Anjou: 10,8,7,3,8,9,1,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 5,1,10,5,

Mayati: She shrugs. "I've been alright. Busy." The last word is said rather pointedly.

Unseen 2: ((jeez dey is all radar dishes w00t!))

Celest Aston: 5,4,9,8,6,

Anjou: *chuckles* hello. i'm Anjou. *smiles cheerfully at the woman and reaches around Cel to offer her a hand*

Alec Golden: *slight quirk of the eyebrow* Really. In a good way I hope.

Unseen 2 -> Mikey: ((as far as phoenix told me the bathroom had no intervening doors just one of those zigzag corridors.. so i dont need to open doors to leave the bathroom))

Mikey -> Alec Golden: Alec notices Mikey VERY sneakily slip into door that heads to the office. Security obviously didn't notice him, nor does anyone else.

Mikey -> Unseen 2: ((Cool.))

Celest Aston: Nods her head to Mayati" Yes in a good way I hope" She leans back so Anjou can reach around her.

Anjou: *grins to Cel*

Mayati: She takes the offered hand, squeezing it without shaking. "Mayati. Charmed

Alec Golden: *nostrils flare slighty and he slips out from behind the bar, heading for the foyer* Excuse me a moment Mayati. Celest.... *keeps walking*

Anjou: *squeezes back and releases* nice to meet you. *brings her water to her lips again*

Anjou: mm? *raises an eyebrow and watches Alec*

Unseen 2: It leaves the bathroom and scans the room for peoples positions, theres the same unsettling feeling all around, and the crowd are still edgy, the smell still in the air.

Celest Aston: Her eyes narrow " Excuse me," She smiles to Anjou and Mayati." Following Alec.

Mayati: She watches Alec and Celest leave, eyebrow raised.

Alec Golden: *enters the foyer and gives Celest a warning glance before opening the door to the hallway*

Anjou: *blinks and tilts her head*

Mikey: ((Celest & Alec, wanna take this to Open?))

Alec Golden: ((Sure. Easier that way.))

Celest Aston: She nods her head to Alec just slightly as she follows him. Her eyes looking around as the door tothe hallway is opened.

Celest Aston: ((Sure.))

Unseen 2 -> Mayati: ((osters looking for mikey?))

Mayati: She looks at Anjou. "Everything's okay, I hope..." She orders a snakebite.

Unseen 2: 3,9,2,10,2,4,1,6,

Unseen 2: 3,

Mayati -> Unseen 2: ((Roll Per+Alert to see if he noticed where he went.))

Mayati -> Unseen 2: ((Can't find him.))

Anjou: mmm, i do, too. *murmurs, still watching the others*

Unseen 2: It moves across the bar, a chill feeling affecting the kine all the way, and moves slowly and gently towards mayati and Anjou.

Mayati: She frowns a little bit, then looks back to Anjou, the forwn quickly disappearing. "So how do you know Celest & Alec?"

Mayati: Her frown returns as she feels the chill, and looks around, eyes alert.

Anjou: mmm, someone i know introduced me to Alec. and i met Celest a short while later. i'd recently come to the city after meeting them both. how about you?

Anjou: mmm? *tilts her head at Mayait, then moves to Cel's stool. easier to talk and less chance of someone planting his rump while she's talking to the other lady*

Unseen 2: He moves away again, heading to the darkest corner he can find, somewhere away from prying eyes

Mayati: She shakes her head, sighing, and looks back to Anjou. "Oh, nothing, dear. Drafty club, it is." She smiles. "Me, I met them when they came into my shop. Did me a favor."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 5,9,

Anjou: *nods* someone must've been arguing with the bouncers and left the door open a bit longer than normal. what sort of shop do you run? *smiles* i sell from a shop, but i'm not the owner.

dead: hi

Oster Klaus: He leaves the bathroom and heads bcak across the dance floor towards Anjou and Mayati, a smile to the girl if she sees him.

Anjou: 10,2,9,5,8,10,5,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: God tells her where to look, and she finds herself looking at two woman at the bar for some reason.

Anjou: *notes Oster's approach and gives him a wave and a warm smile*

Mayati: "An occult store. The Third Eye, in Chelsea."

Mayati: ((Dead, we're in the middle of a scene at the moment. If you want to talk OOC, contact me later. Thanks.))

dead: (( im new and all my ch have not been oked y???))

dead: ((k))

Anjou: *tilts her head* really? sounds interesting. *chuckles* i've bought many things for my dolls from occult shops. *nods sold a couple of them there, too. but only the more..*thinks* peace, love, and shadowless light sorts of shops, for selling my own work.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Gets up from her booth and starts to walk over to the bar. The big angry bald man watches her with his eyes, scanning the crowd as well.

Mayati: She smiles, glancing Oster's way as he approaches, then back to Anjou. "You might like my store. I cater to Egyptology, in a very positive light. You should come check it out."

Anjou: *perks up* that does sound interesting. i work days; what are your hours? *begins searching the coat's pockets for one of her cards*

Oster Klaus: the unsettling feeling returns with Klaus, despite his modest appearance, "Miss Anjou" he nods, his voice just carrying over the music, its melodic and theres that hint of his accent there

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary-Margaret sits down at the bar beside the two woman and orders something sweet and colourful.

Anjou: *flashes a smile and polite nod at the woman who just sat down*

Oster Klaus: "very well, miss," he nods to Mayati in a half bow, "Is Mr Golden around, I require to speak with him i think."

Anjou: mmm, he needed to go upstairs for a few moments, sir. *shrugs cheerfully* i have no idea why.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She wonders who the woman was who just smiled at her. She smiles back at Anjou, and concerns herself with her drink.

Oster Klaus: "Did he take a friend with him?" he asked quizzically, but theres a 'trust me, im a nice guy, smile there'

Mayati: She smiles to Oster a tiny bit, then glances over at Mary, nodding. "Hello."

Anjou: *raises an eyebrow* why do you ask? *chuckles softly*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Maggie shrugs off the sudden attention on her, giving a sarcastic smile in return.

Anjou: ah, here you are....*finds her cards finally* what's your store's exact address, please? or phone number. i'm very interested in checking it out! *grins*

Oster Klaus: "Im looking for a gentleman, but never mind," he frowns suddenly, hand going to his chest, "oww, excuse me ladies, I think I had best excuse myself, I may have overindulged, he attempts to look close to spewing, turning and slinking back to the bathroom.

Anjou: *winces slightly* oh, more careful, Mr. Oster...*a small frown creasing her forehead. galncign toward the stairs a bit and nibbling her lip*

Mayati: She looks from Mary-Margaret to Oster and Anjou. "Sorry to hear that...I hope you feel better."

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: ((once in the bathroom osters calling the warren on his cell, if theres a nos there to monitor his bugs he wants to know if theres anything going on he should know about,))

Mayati -> Oster Klaus: ((Mexican stand-off upstairs. Steven Thompson, a ghoul and member of the Unmastered, has torpored the Ventrue Primogen, and is facing off with Celest & Alec.))

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: ((oh shit... you evyl))

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: ((ok Oster will ask to be transferred to claud or failing that, phone claud himself,))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Maggie rolls her glass around in her hands.

Mayati -> Oster Klaus: Claudius gets on the phone. "Yes, Oster? It appears you have a situation."

Mayati: She looks to Anjou, removing a business card of her own and handing it to her. "We're open until 9 pm. COme stop by sometime."

Anjou: *waits for Mayati to answer her question patiently*

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: "yes sir, Seraphims tears, ((add random nos name,) is monitoring the club on the surveillance, I am on site, it appears we have the unmastered ghouls holding little miss ventrue primogen torpored, and that there is a standoff with Miss aston and Mr Golden."

Anjou: ((DLP)) *smiles warmly and takes the card* thank you. *looks it over swiftly and offers one of her own in return, with a chuckle* here's mine, although i doubt you'd be all that interested in buying a doll! *alughs softly* and beleive me, i shall. *tilts her head* so, exactly how are you trying to present Egyptology in a more clear light?

Mayati -> Oster Klaus: "Osterwald, we need Steven Thompson alive. There is much I require of him. Please ensure he survives, as well as the Kindred involved."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Listens into the conversation beside her, trying to find out what was so important here. ((per+alert))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 5,5,6,10,

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: "Yes boss," He nods to himself, "I suggest you send any of our other family to surround the exits and prepare to follow if they are adept enough, as a contingency, i will attempt to.. approach the situation"

Mayati: She smiles. "Well, actually, we cater mostly to new-age types, so most of our stuff is...well, bupkis. But for the discerning shopper, I try to keep some authentic things in the store. And I avoid anything silly like so-called 'black magic' spellbooks or the like. People interested in that can go to Barnes & Noble or some other store."

Mayati -> Oster Klaus: "I will see what I can do. Good luck, Osterwald. And do not get shot by Steven. Trust me."

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: he hangs up.

Anjou: "bupkis"? *curiously repeating the word...chuckling softly* too many occult shops either have nothing but white, pink, and gold decor with someone running the reigster who looks as if they've been indulging in far too much pot. or, everything's black, you can't see for the incense smoke, and the clerk's a surly creature who caresses a voodoo doll that looks like a child threw it together from scraps of mommy's old housecoat. the first doesn't have any of those "horrible nasty sorts of books" because "we follow the Light, dear child" *her voice changing to become vapidly sincere in the appropriate spots*. the second has virtually nothing but, purely for the scare factor. *grins* your shop's sounding more and more interesting with every word. tell me more? *sincerely interested, leanign closer to catch Mayati's words*

Oster Klaus: 2,1,4,4,2,2,5,

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: ((which fails totally))

Oster Klaus -> Mayati: ((oops wrong person that was a pm to someone else rav))

Unseen 2 : the presence leaves the bathroom and heads to the door in the hall, waiting for a person to move through.

Mayati: She smiles. "Well, honestly, I have someone running the register that indulges a bit much. There's just enough legitimate things, though, that the smart person can see through the false."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 2,5,

Anjou: *chuckles* oh, dear. i admit, i've tried the fun stuff before. someone suggested it might help me find entirely new avenues for my work. frankly? those were some of the worst things i've ever made. *shrugs lightly* to each his, or her own, though, mmm? *smiles cheerfully* i'm not going to pretend i'm an expert in Egyptology. but, i know quality when i see it. *blushes faintly* i must admit, i've been tempted into purchasing cheap junk once or twice, purely for the amusement factor. somewhere i actually still have a bobble-head Nefertari doll.

Mayati: That draws a chuckle from her. "Nice. Never got the bobble-head, myself. Got a cute wannabe replica statue, though."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: These people's conversation was really starting to bore her. Magic and bobble-heads and Egypt were boring! Come on! Do something cool! Why does God test me so? She sighed into her drink.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Makes sure she still has her knife in her pocket.

Unseen 2 -> Mayati: ((ok if the door isnt going to open in the next 5 mins, he will attempt to use mask of a thousand faces tolook like a barman then emerge from a shadowy corner and go throught the door, to "change the kegs"))

Mayati -> Unseen 2 : ((Go for it. Man+Perf))

Unseen 2 : 1,10,10,3,4,9,3,

Anjou: ((*nods* yup.))

: ((open scene?))

: ((Vamp game.*S*))

Mayati: ((Yep. Vampire-oriented, but all are welcome.))

: ((well, you can't throw a rock without hitting two or three of them... ;) ))

: ((where's this? Seraphim's Tears?))

: ((True *G*))

Anjou -> Mayati: ((*wry grin* so that you know--her gun's under her coat, on the side of her waist where it'd be hidden by the thick folds of the fabric, but she can still reach inside and pull it. if i've already told you that, i apologize.))

Mayati: ((Yep.))

Mayati: She smiles. "Oh, that one's in my personal collection, as a joke. I have good replicas, though."

Mayati -> Unseen 2 : ((Yeah, he's suitably masked.))

: ((Eh, can't think of a good reason why my little social-anxiety-inflicted Jaime would find himself in a bar in the first place. I'll watch though! *watch*))

Random Seraphims tears Barman: the barman heads through the hall door mumbling something about changing keg pipes to the guys at the door and passes through.

Random Seraphims tears Barman -> Mayati: ((heading to open?))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary-Margaret St. Michael taps her fingers on the table.

Mayati -> Random Seraphims tears Barman: ((Cool.))

Anjou: *grins widely* that would be wodnerful! hmmm..*takes out the Third Eye card and looks over it, to see if they're closed any given day* well, provided nothing untoward happnes between now and then, i'll likely turn up tomorrow. *chuckles* may i ask what the general price range of anything you have with regards to Bast might be? just a range, nothing specific.

Mayati: She chuckles. "Anywhere from $19.99 all the way on up to about $450."

Anjou: *grins widely* excellent. *chuckles softly* i've wanted some good-quality things like that for some time now. serenditpity is a gift.

Mayati: She smiles. "That it is."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 3,9,

Anjou: *nods and chuckles softly* do you cater strictly to Egyptian things? *tilts her head* i'm also interested in books, by the way. although not on Egytpology per se so much as images of what people would have worn. the closer to authentic, the better.

Mayati: She considers. "I can help you with that, sure."

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She suddenly perks up, and smiles to herself.

Anjou: *smiles warmly and nods* that'd be much appreciated. i enjoy making historical dolls. but there's really no point if you haven't any idea what historical ~is~. *wrinkles her nose* Hollywood's bad about that, particularly in the older movies.

Anjou: 9,8,2,1,9,8,1,

Anjou: *notices the woman seated beside them shifting position, but doesn't pay too much mind*

Anjou: *chuckles ruefully* at least Hollywood can be interesting. i still prefer doing the research, though. *nods* if you'd care to see any of my work, i'd be happy to arrange it. *cheerful* there's a shop down town where i sell a lot of it, plus my website's on the card. or, i can show you some that haven't been photographed at some point, if you don't mind a very messy apartment and a cat who'd make Satan run from his evil temper. *laughs softly. friendly, but not in the least flirtatious*

Mayati: She chuckles. "No, I wouldn't mind at all. That would be nice."

Anjou: *chuckles* all right. *tilts her head* i'm pretty sure the only things i have planned for next week are visiting the Third Eye and working. both of which can be fluid. is there any time next week, in the evening, that you'd be free to see my work? after your place closes would be fine, if that'd be easier for you. i tend to work all day and creep outside at night to get the kinks out. *chuckles softly, nodding to the dance floor*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary hangs her head in defeat. No, don't say THAT!

Mayati: She chuckles a little. "Understood." ((Gonna be slow-er, guys...modding combat elsewhere. Just FYI.))

Anjou: *nods cheerfully* well, you've got my number. so you can just call and let me know when would be good for you, hmm? *tilts her head cheerfully* or email. but please, don't be offended if you get no answer during my working hours. i generally turn my phone off so that i can concentrate better.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Dies a little on the inside.

Mayati: She smiles at Anjou and nods. "Sounds good. If you'll excuse me, I have to go use the restroom."

Anjou: *nods cheerfully* not a problem. *smiles warmly and settles back with her bottle of water*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary slumps further in her seat, and considered banging her head against the rim of her glass. That wouldn't look right, though.

Anjou: 3,8,10,4,5,3,8,

Mayati: ((Talk amongst yaselves. *G* Killing nick for a few, while Mayati relivees herself and I kill things in the office.))

Anjou: *flashes the quiet qoman near her a swift glance, eyebrow quirking curiously. is she bipolar or merely a drama queen? maybe she's just very tired,t he way she's slumping.......*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary makes a decision, glances at Anjou, and slides into the departed woman's seat, so as to be sitting right next to her. "Listen to me. Are you listening?"

: ((*gets killed in the office* *grins*))

Anjou: *blinks, startled* um...yes.....*eyes her with a hint of wariness*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She's deadly serious. "That woman was feeling you out. She was trying to confirm what you are."

Anjou: *blinks, looking baffled* i'm sorry....?

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "I thought you said you were listening!"

Anjou: *eyes widen slightly* i am listening......i'm not quite sure what you're talking about, though....*eases just the tiniest bit away from the woman on her stool*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "I was just trying to help." Mary sighs and moves back to her old seat.

Anjou: *nibbles her lips, still watching the woman with very wide eyes* um...thank you? *eyes her closely*

Anjou: 2,7,4,6,5,3,3,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "Yeah, well, if you get burned, at least God knows I tried. Yeah, God knows I tried." She runs her finger along the top of her glass.

Anjou: *blinks slowly* um....perhaps if you were a bit more specific? *hestitantly. this woman is scary. but she looks genuinely distressed*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "Specific about what?"

Anjou: what you mean by feeling me out to see what i am? *almost humbly. eyes still rather wide*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "I mean exactly that. Then you go on to talk about how you only come out at night, because you work all day, and how you can't be called during the day because you turn your phone off while you work." She's a little angry, but mostly business-like.

Anjou: *blinks slowly* but i do.*tilts her head* i work from home. if i don't set strict rules for myself, i don't do enough work to sell to pay the bills.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "Okay." Maggie shivers, and continues to run a finger around the rim of her glass.

Anjou: um...*nibbles her lip* are you all right? *her voice careful*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "I'm fine. Why are you looking at me like that?" Maggie slides her finger down the edge of the glass, then grips the drink tightly.

Anjou: because you don't look at all well. *bluntly, pixielike face under the paint concerned. looks genuine* and i'm still not quite certain what you mean......who are you, by the way. i'm Anjou. *braces herself and offers her hand, rather nervously*

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: ((Spends a BP to be warm and human-like)) Her hands are still a little cold, but Maggie shakes her hand anyway. "Why don't I look well? I'm Mary Margaret."

Anjou: *shakes the woman's hand* well, you're very tense. i've noticed you reacting to something, some kind of stimuli i can't fathom anyway. and it doesn't look like anyone but you is reacting to it, either. also, you're speaking a bit like...well, i beg your pardon, like a conspiracy theorist. altogether, it makes me wonder if you're all right. *frowns a bit, sincerely concerned. adjust the skirt of the coat a bit*

Anjou: and it's *the tiniest hesitation* good to meet you formally....

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "I'm fine, I'm not reacting to nothing, and I'm not a comspiracy theorist. But I would appreciate it if when that woman comes back, you stop talking to me." A touch of concern touchs her voice, "Oh, and please be careful."

Anjou: *blinks several times* all right......if you're certain. *she isn't* i'll definately be careful. *gives her a small smile* may i ask why you'd like me to cease speaking with you when Matayi gets back? if she ever does. she's been gone a while.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: "Just because, okay?" Maggie gets up and walks onto the dance floor to blend into the crowd and disappear. ((stealth + manipulation))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: 8,10,2,5,8,7,

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She doesn't wait for a reply.

Ravyn: The lights in the place suddenly go out. Confusion ensues.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: She starts to head toward an exit as well, trying to follow and become part of the crowd.

Anjou: *gulps and slides off her stool, ducking down and feeling her way along the bar as best as she can with all the people rushing about*

Anjou: *trying to work her way over to the wall and from there she'll try and get upstairs*

Ravyn: Anjou finds her way, slowly, to the door leading upstairs. Mary-Margaret makes her way out with her guard.

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Once outside, she'll have the big angry bald man stand guard as she leans against the wall a few yards away from the exit. She's going to wait to see if that doll woman made it out.

Anjou: *tries to creep up the stairs. doesn't bother standing up. crawling works just fine,a nd there's less chance she'll slip!*

Ravyn: Anjou makes it up the stairs ((Off to Open with ye!)) Of course, Mary-Margaret doesn't see her leave.

Anjou: (aye, aye, cap't! *nods and heads obediently for Open*))

Mary-Margaret St. Michael: Mary will sit there, leaning against that wall, for a good while. (10 minutes, I'm going for some lunch!)