Xu Xian: 9,7,5,6,6,7,8,

Celest Aston: She watches Xu as he enters, takimg the ocasional sip of her martini

Celest Aston: Looks totally bored as she waits for the conversation to begin.

Xu Xian: He doesn't sit, moving instead over to look over the selection of liquor, never turning his back fully on either of them.

Alec Golden: *goes and takes a seat in a leather armchair comfortably, watching the man make a drink if he so chooses*

Xu Xian: "I have it on good authority you're looking for the same item. I thought, perhaps we could pool our information."

Celest Aston: She let's Alec do the talking, she will chip in when needed, she knows why she is there.

Alec Golden: Sure. One question. How does Ammon fit into all this?

Xu Xian: "I've punked him into turning over whatever information he turns up."

Xu Xian: "So far that's been jack and shit."

Alec Golden: So, he will never come into possession of the cup?

Celest Aston: She smirks and takes another sip of the martini.

Xu Xian: He laughs. "No. Not if I have any say in it's disposition."

Alec Golden: He's pretty full of shit, so that does not surprise me.

Alec Golden: How did you hear about the cup?

Xu Xian: "I don't see how that's relevant to this conversation."

Celest Aston: She glamces from Xu to Alec. "And what prey tell would have any reason to want this item? Let alone be concerned with where it ends up?"

Xu Xian: "I could ask you two the same thing."

Alec Golden: *gives a little shrug at that* Okay, then what would you like to see done with it should you find it?

Alec Golden: I like to see things returned to their rightful place.

Celest Aston: She nods to Alec's last comment. Another sip of her Martini.

Mariana Esherer: She walks into the Seraphim's Tears. Aged at perhaps 35 years or so, she's incredibly attractive; slightly pale, with a raven hair color pulled up into a tight bun on the back of her head. Full, pouty lips are a deep red color, and her eyes are lightly kohled. She's dressed in a dark blue suit, looking professional, if a little bit low-cut in the right places, high-cut in the other right place.

Alec Golden: ((Pfft...typical man...forgot all ABOUT the LEFT places. Sheesh.))

Mariana Esheron: ((I hate mistyping my own NPC's names.))

Celest Aston: ((I think he ment in the correct places *L*))

Mariana Esheron: ((And I'm FAR from a typical man.)) She does a quick glance around as she moves to the bar, an eyebrow raised, slight smirk on her face, and gets the bartender's attention with a slight lean and a wave.

Alec Golden: ((Try playing half a scene under the wrong name entirely...then get back to me.))

Alec Golden: *Brad moves over to her* What can I get ya?

Xu Xian: "That would depend on what you consider the right place to be." He pours himself a scotch and wanders around, glancing out the window to the dance floor idly.

Xu Xian: 7,4,9,6,4,8,9,

Mariana Esheron: She smiles to Brad, speaking in a cultured English soprano. "Good evening. I was wondering if I could get a meeting with the owner...a Mr. Golden?"

Alec Golden: The place it came from. *watches the man and waits for an answer*

Xu Xian: (per+alert, -2 diff due to apt= 7 sux @ diff 6, 5 sux 2 diff 10))

Alec Golden: *Brad shrugs* He just went upstairs. Should be back in a little while. You could ask him then.

: (Scene?)

Xu Xian: "Egypt? Or the original creator of the item? Since there those serpents who have since put a claim on the thing."

Xu Xian: He frowns as he looks over what's going on down at the bar.

Alec Golden: The original group who is responsible for it's...protection.

Alec Golden: ((the Tears, Alec, Xu, and Celest are in the upstairs office.))

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian: The woman fits, mostly, the picture that Xu saw of Mariana Esheron. Well, minus the suit...Mariana, pre-Egypt, was MUCH more reserved. And had maybe a little more weight...and height, for that matter. But the face, the hair, everything. That's her.

Xu Xian [ST office]: (Seraphim's Tears office, with Mariana down below at the bar))

: (ah never mind then :) )

Celest Aston: She just continues to hold up the wall watching and listening to the conversation.

Mariana Esheron: She frowns a little bit, in the pouty way, eyes on Brad. "Mmmm...could you maybe call him, see if he'll take a meeting, perhaps? It could be very profitable...for both of you..." ((Manip+Seduction))

Mariana Esheron: 7,8,5,9,10,8,10,

Xu Xian [ST office]: He studies the woman for a long moment, his resonant tenor going a bit distracted as he answers Alec. "I want it to go where it can best serve the greater good."

Mariana Esheron: 3,1,

Xu Xian [ST office]: ((Holy crap! What a roll))

Alec Golden: I want it's power out of the reach of anyone. The risks far outweigh the rewards.

Alec Golden: *And now Brad is sportin wood and thinkin dirty thoughts about English chicks with cleavage* I could try. What....what was your name?

Mariana Esheron: ((The roll that could turn a gay man straight...if such a thing were possible. *G*))

Xu Xian [ST office]: "That contradicts your earlier statement, where you claimed to wish it returned to the original owners."

Mariana Esheron: "Mariana Esheron." She winks at him. "Tell him...it's in regard to an antiquity I'd like to purchase."

Xu Xian [ST office]: "There is woman down at the bar who is seducing your bartender. Do you know her?"

Alec Golden: *he rises and starts for the window as his cell phone rings* Yeah? "It's Brad. A Mariana Esheron wishes to speak with you about an antiquity she would like to purchase" *Alec's eyes widen and he moves to the window* I see. Let me call you back. *he hangs up the phone*

Alec Golden: *Alec turns to Xu* She's the one who wants the cup...for all the wrong reasons.

Mariana Esheron: She grins at Brad. "Thank you, dear..."

Celest Aston: "That is why Alec you need Women tenders." she shakes her head.

Alec Golden: *Brad gives his best (Failing miserably as he is now quite horny) charming grin* Anytime. He's gonna call me right back.

Alec Golden: *shrugs* None applied.

Mariana Esheron: "Mmm. Lovely." Of course, since she's got her eyes on the bartender, it's tough to tell whether she means the impending phone call or Brad himself.

Celest Aston: "Excuse me?" She heads for the window as well. glaring.

Xu Xian [ST office]: He glances to Alec and Celest as they join him at the window, then studies the woman below. (rolling per+security to see if she's armed)

Xu Xian [ST office]: 3,3,2,4,8,8,7,

Brad the horny Tender: Can I get you anything Miss Esheron?

Xu Xian [ST office]: "What do you know about her?"

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: She is unarmed.

Celest Aston: She looks to Alec "What is her name?"

Alec Golden: No known weaknesses. She is searching for the cup to create some kind of perfect monster of pure evil that is truly imortal.

Celest Aston: A look to Xu. "Until I know her name I do not know a thing about her, hun." she smiles at Xu.

Alec Golden: Mariana Esheron.

Mariana Esheron: "Well, that depends on how quickly the...phone call...comes." She smiles at him, fluttering the eyelashes a little. "For now, how about a name?"

Xu Xian [ST office]: "Is that it?" he asks Alec.

Brad the horny Tender: *he smiles* Brad *insert generic last name that I will forget as soon as I put it in here*. A lovely name, for a lovely lady.

Alec Golden: *he mutters* Got any Tac Nukes? *a little shrug* Bane Mummy mean anything to you? Or Apepnu?

Xu Xian [ST office]: "She such a creature? Or she just serving one?"

Mariana Esheron: Her lips curve upward demurely. "Thank you. How about your phone number, Brad?"

Celest Aston: She shrugs her shoulder. "Sorry boys I don't know her."

Alec Golden: *points at her* She's the Apepnu.

Celest Aston: She moves back to her spot against the opposite wall. Better to be careful.

Cass Blackwell: ((oh, why not?)) He walks into Seraphim's with a wave to the bouncer and heads to the bar for a tray. A few minutes late, hopefully no one will notice.

Brad the horny Tender: *he rattles that off with a quickness, adding a napkin which he scribbles it on as well*

Xu Xian [ST office]: "How do you know?"

Cass Blackwell: Gets his order pad out, sets it on the tray and begins making the rounds.

Cass Blackwell: First table, of course, wants a complete list of every fruit juice available. He goes through the memorized list, blah-blah-blah.

Alec Golden: The same source who told me about the cup is quite familiar with the history and who is looking. They found out that she is the one who is looking for it.

Cass Blackwell: ((If anyone needs/wants a descrip, please ask and I'll PM it))

Xu Xian [ST office]: "How attached are you to your bartender? She's gonna make him her bitchboy if you don't move in to protect him."

Brad the horny Tender: *oh look...the new kid is here....booooooobs*

Mariana Esheron: 3,10,2,9,10,10,5,

Cass Blackwell: Weaves through the crowd to the next table, then the next, checking for bracelets, working the crowd, charming smile for tips.

Alec Golden: Want me to have her sent up?

Cass Blackwell: ((~snicker~ I didn't realize Brad was so...horny and a ladykiller. *G*))

Celest Aston: "I need to spend more time around." she mutters as she finishes off her martini.

Alec Golden: ((Five + suxx Seduction roll on her part....he's all KINDS of horny. lmfao))

Mariana Esheron: She looks at Cass as he approaches, smiling at him in the process of a little come-hiter look.

Xu Xian [ST office]: "It's your place." He shrugs. "But be advised my information is that the Apepnu in question is Qetu the Evil Doer, and she can...put on the skins of others. So Mariana may be her servant, or may be Qetu wearing Mariana's skin."

Mariana Esheron: ((Gaah. Sorry, as Cass departs the bar, she looks at him.))

Cass Blackwell: He smiles in a friendly, engaging manner back to Mariana. Sees she's at the bar, but that's okay. "Get you anything, Miss?" he asks over the music.

Alec Golden: *he frowns* Well fuck. *glances at Celest and just nods a bit, looks like it may be time to fuck up the office again, he pulls out the cell and calls Brad to escort the lady up*

Mariana Esheron -> Cass Blackwell: ((DD, FYI: Aged at perhaps 35 years or so, she's incredibly attractive; slightly pale, with a raven hair color pulled up into a tight bun on the back of her head. Full, pouty lips are a deep red color, and her eyes are lightly kohled. She's dressed in a dark blue suit, looking professional, if a little bit low-cut in the right places, high-cut in the other right place.))

Cass Blackwell: ((He's moving all around, Mariana, and now he's approaching the bar again with the orders he has.))

Celest Aston: She raises an eyebrow at the conversation, damn she needed to get out more. "Dun worry I am always prepared for trouble." she smiles

Cass Blackwell: He sets the tray on the table, handing over the order to Brad, which gets sent to the NEXT tender if Brad has to go.

Mariana Esheron: She smiles Cass's way. "Such friendly people around here...all so willing to serve."

Cass Blackwell: He grins at Mariana as the order is slowly getting filled by one of the tenders. "It's my job and my pleasure." Might get a tip out of this one if he plays the charm card right.

Alec Golden: *nods out the door* Door on the left. I'll leave the door open so you can hear.

Brad the horny Tender: *once off the phone he steps around the bar* He's ready. *gestures towards the front door* This way please.

Xu Xian [ST office]: He moves to the indicated position and prepares himself, drawing his .45. (rolling dex+stealth)

Xu Xian [ST office]: 4,2,8,8,6,4,2,

Cass Blackwell: Steps out of the way and grabs the drinks tray.

Celest Aston: She makes herself another martini then goes back to leaning against the wall. This seems to be her sweet spot for fights.

Mariana Esheron: She smiles at Cass, giving a quick wink, and then moves to follow Brad, taking his arm just above the elbow, as he leads her to the door and leaning in slightly toward him.

Brad the horny Tender: *ooooooooo....happy Brad......he is quite the gentleman, holding the door for her, and not in any big hurry to get the hotness off his arm*

Cass Blackwell: Ah, well. No tip. Maybe later. He hoists up the tray expertly and puts on the smile.

Mariana Esheron: She smiles at him, leaning in to whisper just as they pass through the door.

Xu Xian [ST office]: 7,2,7,3,3,5,9,

Xu Xian [ST office]: (that was per+alert to overhear, 3 sux @ diff 9, 4 sux @ diff 7))

Mariana Esheron: 4,1,5,7,10,10,2,

Mariana Esheron -> Brad the horny Tender: She speaks a series of words in some unknown language, and suddenly, BAM! Brad is hers to control. For the next 3 days, anything she asks, he'll do. Without question, including put himself at risk. Generally, he sees a strong desire to see to her welfare.

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: They're still quite a LONG ways away, so he manages to hear the sound of a language, not Egyptian.

Celest Aston: She takes a sop of the martini looking from Alec backto the door, getting annoyed at Brad.

Brad the horny Tender: *he leads her into the office and looks to Mariana*

Celest Aston: (Sip that is )

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: Not English, rather, or any one he knows. Wonder what it was? :P

Xu Xian [ST office]: 9,4,4,3,4,

Mariana Esheron: ((Per+Awareness))

Cass Blackwell: He fills the orders and takes the money, and a few tips. They'll get better as people get drunker.

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: There was the flare of something, yes, just as she spoke.

Alec Golden: *is leaned against the desk with his arms folded, waiting*

Mariana Esheron: And, whisper done, she heads upstairs with Brad, smiling at him.

Xu Xian [ST office] -> Mariana Esheron: ((can I roll per+occult or wyrm lore to ID the language?))

Alec Golden: Thank you Brad. You can go.

Brad the horny Tender: *he nods at Alec, but watches Mariana*

Cass Blackwell: He makes the rounds and is at his most charming, the acting talents coming in handy.

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: ((Occult))

Xu Xian [ST office]: 3,9,5,9,7,

Mariana Esheron: The slightest nod of the head, as if she's agreeing to Alec's words. "Good day, Mr. Golden."

Cass Blackwell: He heads back to the bar.

Celest Aston: She watches Brad and Mariana. Another sip of the martini.

Mariana Esheron -> Mariana Esheron: ((Ancient Egyptian))

Brad the horny Tender: *and NOW he turns and leaves the room*

Alec Golden: Good evening Miss Esheron. What can I do for you?

Mariana Esheron: She looks at Celest, smiling a little...still, a little flirtatious. Her neck rises a little to look at Celest, happening to bare her neck and pulse to the room. "And you are, my dear?"

Cass Blackwell: He hands the money over for the till, goes back to gathering orders, etc. etc.

Celest Aston: 6,2,1,

Celest Aston: ((*headdesk* and the torry screws up again))

Alec Golden: *highly doubts that miss prissy bitch is his type*

Mariana Esheron: Celest finds herself staring at the simple beauty of the woman...the simplicity of her beauty. The curve of her cheekbone...the shape of the hollow of her throat...those sparkling auburn eyes...it's all...just...perfect. She's transfixed.

Mariana Esheron: Noting the woman's enrapt attention, she looks to Alec, an eyebrow delicately arched, as if perhaps he should make introductions.

Alec Golden: Celest, miss Mariana Esheron. Miss Esheron, the is Celest Aston.

Celest Aston: She continues to stare at the woman, martini forgotten, totally transfixed.

Mariana Esheron: She smiles to Celest, something shining in her eyes. "Ahhh, of course, Miss Aston. A pleasure." She smiles dazzlingly her way, then dismisses her as she looks at Alec. "So, Mr. Golden...I assume Brad told you that I'm looking to purchase an antiquity you may have in your possession, or are about to acquire?"

Alec Golden: What sort of antiquitty you looking for?

Celest Aston: Continues to stare at Mariana, nope no9t listening what so ever,no one else is around.

Mariana Esheron: "Well..." She leans forward toward him, looking up into his eyes. "It is an item of historical significance. I was set to purchase it through...other avenues...when the owner perished in a rather inconveniantly-timed fashion. It is a chalice, from Egypt. The Cup of Osiris"

Cass Blackwell: ~continues working~

Xu Xian [ST office]: ~continues hiding and listening~

Alec Golden: So why come to me? *smiles* I'm a club owner, not a historian.

Mariana Esheron: "I have learned through...contacts that an individual may have discussed the Cup of Osiris with you, including possibly its whereabouts. A Miss...Mayati, representing the Ashukhi Corporation. Do you know of whom I speak?"

Alec Golden: Perhaps. *smiles* Why do you ask?

Celest Aston: Celest actually stars to nibble on her lower lip as she watches Mariana.

Mariana Esheron: "Because Miss Mayati, I know, also seeks the Cup. I aim to get it first. And I will pay you VERY handsomely for any information that gives me a...leg up." She grins a little, rubbing her throat a bit as she does to give it that rosy red color.

Alec Golden: *he considers that* I see. What are we talking about here?

Mariana Esheron: "That all depends on what you want, Mr. Golden." She crosses to the desk, sitting down on the edge of the surface, chin leaned up as she watches Alex.

Alec Golden: I think you will find that I am a very simple man Miss Esheron.

Celest Aston: Her eyes widden, head titling to the side as she watches Mariana.

Mariana Esheron: "Meaning what, exactly?" She smiles. "Spell it out for me, if you would."

Alec Golden: You speak of "very" handsome rewards, but I do not think there is much of anything I truly desire.

Mariana Esheron: "You are a man without drive?" She raises an eyebrow. "No wants, no desires, no needs...nothing at all?" The way she tilts her head is almost a little submissive, practically baring her throat to the man.

Cass Blackwell: He sits down at the bar, finally taking a short break.

Xu Xian [ST office]: ~continues hiding and listening~

Alec Golden: *he smiles at her* I never said that. But if someone gives me my goals, what is the joy in achieving them? *moves past her and looks out the window out onto the crowd* What would you give me that you think I need?

Celest Aston: Although Celest does look like she desires something, she continues to stare.

Mariana Esheron: She lowers her neck suddenly, frowning deeply at Golden, almost sneering at him. She tries to slide off the desk stealthily, behind his back. ((Dex+Stealth))

Mariana Esheron: 2,6,10,5,7,3,6,

Alec Golden: ((Per + Alert))

Alec Golden: 9,5,6,8,4,5,8,

Mariana Esheron: Sneaky as she is, Alec does note movement behind him.

Xu Xian [ST office]: 2,2,8,2,8,2,4,

Alec Golden: *turns his head to keep an eye on her*

Mariana Esheron: She looks to be marching straight toward him, hand rising up to grab him by the throat. ((Init, Alec.))

Mariana Esheron: 7,

Mariana Esheron: ((15))

Alec Golden: 2,

Cass Blackwell: Gets a lemon water, not drinking while on the job.

Alec Golden: ((8))

Celest Aston: And continues to stare at the beautiful creature.

Mariana Esheron: ((Init Order for this round goes in declaration order Alec, then Mariana.))

Alec Golden: *dives to the side with a shouted "Fuck!"* ((Dex + Dodge coming))

Alec Golden: 9,3,8,8,9,

Mariana Esheron: She, meanwhile, tries to grab him by the throat and slam him against the window.

Mariana Esheron: 6,6,10,7,9,2,9,

Xu Xian [ST office]: ((rolling init to act next turn))

Xu Xian [ST office]: 9,

Alec Golden: ((*thinks Rav needs to quit blowing the dice roller*))

Xu Xian [ST office]: (15)

Mariana Esheron: ((Soakies, Alec. She slamming you up to the wall in order to make it HURT.))

Alec Golden: 9,2,8,

Mariana Esheron: 4,2,2,4,2,2,6,

Cass Blackwell: Gets back to work. Oblivious, of course.

Mariana Esheron: Alec is rather shoved against the wall, the woman's tone taking a much less...gentle tone as she sneers at him, becomes a low, malevolant hiss, accented with an Arabic hint. "Listen up, you tampon-sucking leech. Tell me where the fucking thing is, or I shred you and your cunt over there!"

Mariana Esheron: ((Celest, she's...lost some of her luster. Roll Self-Control again.))

Celest Aston: ((Wp))

Celest Aston: 8,4,9,

Mariana Esheron: Celest shakes out of it. Maybe it's 'cause she's no longer so seductive...maybe it was being called a cunt. But she's out of her transcendance. ((Roll Init, Celest))

Celest Aston: 8,

Celest Aston: ((14))

Mariana Esheron: ((Init order is: Alec, Celest, Mariana, Xu. Go for it!))

Alec Golden: *a hint of a smirk* Kill me and you will never fucking find it. Now LEAVE! ((Dominate 1, and a WP blown, Man + Intim to follow))

Alec Golden: 8,10,7,6,10,

Mariana Esheron: ((Rolling Corruption to counter))

Xu Xian [ST office]: ((whoa, Alec's done some blowing of dice on the side...))

Mariana Esheron: 5,7,2,4,8,2,6,

Celest Aston: ((Burring BP for Celerity and pulling out her guns))

Alec Golden: ((It was a quickie....but I am DAMN good. ;P))

Mariana Esheron: As Alec makes eye contact and starts to speak, her eyes narrow, and she does what she can to get Alec away. She tries to slam him THROUGH the window to the dance floor below.

Mariana Esheron: 10,2,8,9,1,3,6,

Cass Blackwell: ((I'm assuming it's a one-way window? Or can it be seen from the floor?))

Mariana Esheron: 9,3,6,1,6,8,3,2,

Alec Golden: ((Check the descrip of the club.))

Alec Golden: ((Soakies....))

Alec Golden: 7,5,10,

Cass Blackwell: ((got it)) He brings the tray back to the bar.

Xu Xian [ST office]: He moves stealthily into position at the door of the office and takes aim at Mariana, trying to stay hidden from her.

Xu Xian [ST office]: 5,4,2,1,4,9,5,

Mariana Esheron: 4,5,2,2,1,5,8,

Xu Xian [ST office]: (doesn't look like he succeeds...))

Mariana Esheron: RECAP: Xu moves into position. Mariana detects some movement, but is busy with Alec, slamming him up against the glass, but Alec's hard head resist being hurt. Celest pulls out her guns. ((New Round))

Mariana Esheron: Oh, and Mariana looks to be readying to back away, toward the center of the room.

Alec Golden: *the blood flows to his muscles and he attempts to pull free of the grip of the cast iron bitch* ((Str ))

Alec Golden: 5,4,7,

Celest Aston: A shot to Mariana's back.

Celest Aston: 6,2,3,9,4,7,6,

Celest Aston: 6,4,8,2,10,6,3,

Mariana Esheron: 9,2,8,8,5,

Xu Xian [ST office]: ((since it's not in the club DD, are the stairs open, or enclosed? Meaning could you jump over the railing down to the bottom floor, or is the top walled from all sides, and do the walls go down to the base of the stairs?))

Mariana Esheron: She backs up a few steps, releasing Alec's grip as she glares at him, obeying his command to leave. She shouts out something in the same language Xu recognizes, concentrating as she attempts to...well...leave.

Mariana Esheron: 6,9,2,5,3,10,

Alec Golden: ((Enclosed. It's a hallway all the way around, and the stairs are as wide as the hall.))

Xu Xian [ST office]: He continues to aim, and if Mariana moves his direction he will stealthily fall back to his prior location.

Cass Blackwell: Is starting to get happy about the tips he's collecting, anyway.

Mariana Esheron: RECAP: Xu continues to aim as Mariana shouts her words. The air ripples, and a hole in the air opens up, unearthly howling, shrieking winds on the other side. As she steps through, Celest gets her shot off, clipping her shoulder.

Mariana Esheron: ((Anyone willing to follow her? The portal does stay open for a second... *S*))

Alec Golden: ((OH OH OH OH! How about...NOT ME!))

Celest Aston: ((Nope))

Mariana Esheron: ((Y'all can roll Int+Occult, diff 8, to know where that is.))

Cass Blackwell: ((LOL))

Xu Xian [ST office]: 8,6,4,9,3,

Mariana Esheron -> Xu Xian [ST office]: ((That would be the Underworld/Dark Umbra/Shadowlands/Wherever))

Alec Golden: 6,4,9,4,6,

Celest Aston: ((No occuly so meh))

Alec Golden: ((Lemme guess...."OH LOOK! A big fuckin hole in the air!" lmao))

Mariana Esheron -> Alec Golden: ((That would be the Underworld/Dark Umbra/Shadowlands/Wherever))

Cass Blackwell: He sits at the bar for another brief break.

Mariana Esheron: And, just like that, she's gone.

Mariana Esheron: ((And that's it from me, all. Thanks for the scene.))

Alec Golden: *slumps against the window again* Fuck me...I gotta get a new office.

Alec Golden: ((Thanks bro!))

Mariana Esheron: ((Later, all. I'll BB later tonight.))