Thomas Judge: ((Night DM! Thanks for the scene))

Thomas Judge: He grins "Hows it goin' anyroad, long lemon no see?"

David Poe: " Same as always. Just going to school and working here. Well, and I still have the webpage. "

Thomas Judge: "Oh yeah, the porn king." A wink an smile "Wats up with you an Roxy? You guys not seein' eye to eye?"

Thomas Judge: ((On Rav's word, rolling Awareness Diff 10! For the magics out back))

Thomas Judge: d10: Perc & Awareness: 9,8,4,8,5,

Thomas Judge: ((Nada! *g*))

David Poe: * He shakes his head at that. * " More like the prince and no, things are fine. We just play around with each other like that. "

David Poe: d10: per+Aware: 2,9,6,4,

Thomas Judge: A small frown, he came, they kissed, he walked away, she walked away...thats playing? a small shake of his head, the devil not quite getting it. "So yer playin' 'ard to get, dude, you need to start takin the initative, she is totally rulin' yer 'kingdom' man, grab yer pair step up, all robin."

David Poe: * He shrugs. * " No I'm not playing hard to get at all, man. We are roomates. I mean yeah we have a sort of relationship thing going on but we like teasing each other. It's cool. Dont worry about it. "

Thomas Judge: He shrugs "Fair play gov, yer call, so save for sexy Roxy an robin score on that by the way, everythign else robin, how you findin' Alyssa, she 'as a real thing for you ya know, wants to lay with ya an everything, well if you were greek, and she calls Roxy a hussy" He laughs at that.

David Poe: " Alyssa is alright. You kinda did a number on her though. As far as her wanting to lay with me she is right, I'm not greek. "

David Poe: * He starts to clean another glass, pausing halfway through it to take another sip of his coffee. *

Thomas Judge: "Hey man, I never lied, I said you wanna sleep with me, an she said yes?" He holds his hands out "She never asked if I believed in the gods till after the deed, of course I didn't realise she was a few boats short of a fleet till after as well."

David Poe: " Tried telling her that even if you did its not like its the first time a man ever did that. I dont hold it against you so dont worry about that. "

Thomas Judge: "Hey she was hot, it was consensual." A small frown "Well I 'ope you 'elped her out alright."

David Poe: * He shrugs at that. * " To tell you the truth man I have not talked to her in awhile. I should probably call her. I think I got her hooked up with the right folks though. "

Thomas Judge: He leans closer "an between you an me, she keeps wantin' to take me out in the woods an do it again, we already 'ave once, kinda wierd for a bird that makes such a big deal out of it, but she is a lil tapped I think."

Thomas Judge: He nods "Well lets 'ope she doesn't call 'em Barbarians then!" A chuckle at that

David Poe: * He shakes his head. * " You could do alot worse than her Tom. Why dont you go for it? Maybe she thought about it and thinks you might have a little Greek in the old boy? " * A wink. *

Thomas Judge: A bigger grin "Old..." He shrugs, if only he knew. "Hey, I could 'ave gone for that one, but well, it never 'appened that way, she went all sixes an two's on me, besides, I 'ave another girl lined up, I ddi 'ave a bird for a bit but that all fell apart, damn suposed friends an there big ass noses, makes you really see the bigger pic. But am lucky, there is this lass that I could really go for."

David Poe: " Well thats good to hear if that is what you want man. It is hard to belive that she is pushing that after the way that she acted the first time but if I know anything about girls its that ninty four percent of them are crazy. The rest are celibate. "

Thomas Judge: He laughs loud at that, shaking his head "You know wat Dave, we should go for a pint sum lemon, am thinkin' we could get on quite well man!"

C.R.: Out from the back he comes, yawning a little bit and rubbing at his face. The goth has the look of a man who just woke up, slightly zombie-ish, dressed in a black sleeveless tee that reads "Ain't nothin' but a Goth thing" and a pair of jeans. He grunts a little in greeting to David as he shuffles toward the espresso machine.

David Poe: " I turn twenty one soon. You could take me out and get me pissed for my very first time. " * He chuckles at that and starts to put the glass away. * " I am kinda hoping that Roxy will have a surprise for me then, though. "

Thomas Judge: He slaps him on the shoulder. "Well after she 'as 'opefully done this suprise, I'll get you ratted, tis a crap law that you know, over the pond you can drink when yer 18!" He looks at the new guy "You fellas live out back?"

David Poe: * He nods to CR and smiles as he keeps cleaning. * " Top of the morning to you boss. "

David Poe: * He shakes his head at that. * " You know why they have the law the way it is here? "

C.R.: He looks up at Thomas, blinking away eyeliner crust from his eyes as vision comes clearer. His voice is slightly raspy as he speaks...someone had a good night. "I own the place. Hi." He looks away from the Brit, starting up a quad as he mutters to David. "Make the evil fuckin' fireball in the sky go away. I don' like it."

Thomas Judge: "Looks like sumone was on the Jazz!" He grins, pulling out another cough and lighting it.

David Poe: * He smiles at CR's responce. Just about what he expected out of him. * " How would one know when to pass out without it though? Dont worry, I will work on it. "

Thomas Judge: He smiles at Daves response. Aww look at the monkey, thinking he can take away the sun, it's kinda cute really.

C.R.: "You figure out how, I'll give you a big raise. Maybe as much as 20%." He runs his hand through the rat's nest one might call hair, waiting for the machine to deliver his caffeinated goodness.

Thomas Judge: "Hey Dave...and" He points at C.R "The boss, can one of you guys 'elp me, am wantin' anime, lots of it, books an DBD's an sum of them print stuff if you 'ave 'em, am up for orderin' but I need 'em before the 13th of November!"

Thomas Judge: ((DBD=DVD))

David Poe: " You know, I bet its possible. This is Tom, by the way. "

David Poe: " Why not go to a place that sells that sort of stuff? "

C.R.: He looks up. "Hey, Tom. Umm...anime. Well..." He takes a deep breath, trying to clear his head enough to think. "We've got some manga...not much, but a little. We don't stock DVD's, but I've got some connections...I can order them for you. What titles are you looking for?"

David Poe: * He glances up to the clock and swears to himself. * " Shit guys, I gota go. Talk to you later. "

David Poe: {{ Player just realised that the sun is rising and I have to work this afternoon. }}

Thomas Judge: He shrugs "I 'ave no idea, it's for a chick, I can imagine most of the major titles she 'as so maybe sum out of the mainstream types, Manga is wat the americans call it right?" It is obvious he only has a basic knowledge of this "An wat about prints or the like from..." He clicks his fingers "Akira, or sumthing like that." He then looks to Dave "An to answer that quesion, it is why am 'ere, tryin' to find a place that sells 'em, your not gonna get much custom turnin' folk down like that Dave" Another deep drag on his cough.

David Poe: * He tosses his cup in the trash and grabs his coat before heading out. *

C.R.: "No prob, Dave. Catch you later." He pulls out a clove and lights up as the espresso machine finishes up. He reaches over for the quad and takes a sip, getting that grimace that comes along with such a potent coffee drink

Thomas Judge: ((Night Dark!))

C.R.: ((Night, Green))

Thomas Judge: ((Night Dark *sratches head I mean Green of course!))

Thomas Judge: He looks to C.R. "So boss, tell me can you 'elp or am I fucked an gonna 'ave to wander sum more?"

C.R.: "All right, I can get you Akira prints," he says with a nod. "We've got some of the lesser-known mangas...good shit, though. For the DVD's..." He frowns, considering. A little less zombie-like with each sip of his quad. "Gimme a style. We talkin' sci-fi like Akira, Cowboy Beebop, that stuff, or fantasy like Lodoss and Berserk...or the adult anime? Nothin' like a little good tentacle sex..."

Thomas Judge: He clicks his fingers "Cowboy Beebop that rings a bell, give me it all." He stops on the tentacle sex bit. "Tentacle sex?" He seems to consider it. "Is it popular?"

C.R.: "Yeah, if you've got a sick mind." He chuckles a little. "It's good for a laugh, not much more. Always shit about demons with lots of tentacles who want to take over the world or create demonspawn with which to rule the word. The Japanese have some scary ideas about what's erotic."

Thomas Judge: He blinks at the description. Then just stares at him like he didn't quite catch it. "Wat...really?" Another blink "That’s...Japanese folk you say." Gets that pencilled in, obviously some bad shit in Japan! maybe an earthbound has tried to re-create the Nephlim, that could explain it. “Demons really.” He shakes his head almost violently “Nah, am thinkin’ that won’t go down too well.”

C.R.: "Gotcha." He leans against the counter, ashing the clove. "So, your chick's into Cowboy Beebop. Cool...she's got some taste." He reaches under the counter and grabs an industry trade magazine, sliding it over. "Pick some shit out, I'll order it. If I place the order today, it'll get in next Friday, and you'll be good to go."

Thomas Judge: He looks at the magazine "Wat me pick 'im out." He looks back to the magazine and opens it up "How do I know which ones are this demon sex kind?" He looks back to the book like it could bite him "So many!"

C.R.: He grins a bit and flips the book open, pointing some things out. "All right...this section here is the adult stuff. Not all demon sex, some of it's actually damn can tell by the write-ups. What you're gonna be looking for, if she's into the Beebop-type, is back here." He flips back a little bit. "There you are." He hands over a pen. "Just circle what all you want. I'll place the order based on that."

Thomas Judge: He takes the pen and starts reading "Fuck me, there is alot of this. Hey how come all the birds seem to 'ave massive tits or seem to be school girls?" He looks up "Can I grab a coffe please boss..." A tilt of the head "Do you 'ave a name gov?"

C.R.: "Sure can. Just a straight house coffee, or something espresso-good? And it's C.R."

Thomas Judge: "Espresso please gov, gonna do this then take off, an C.R eh, stand for anything." He looks back dow and starts circling stuff. "Hey can I get one of those Indian no sorry Cowboy Bebop print things as well?"

C.R.: "it does stand for something." And he leaves at that, as he makes the man up an espresso. "Yeah, I can get you a Beebop lithograph."

Thomas Judge: He slides back the magazine, there are about 10 items circled. "So 'ow much for the prints, them DVD's an the brew CR?" He points to the coffee

C.R.: He looks over the magazine. "Let's see...too fuckin' early to do math, umm..." He thinks about it. "Twenty-two bucks per DVD, 25 per print, and $3.50 for the coffee, plus shipping..." He starts scribbling down some numbers. "289.43."

Thomas Judge: He pulls out his wallet "I only 'ave hundred in cash right now, that work as a deposit till I pick 'em up?"

C.R.: "Absolutely." He nods.

Thomas Judge: He does the espresso in one go. blinking a few times. "Thats the pick me up I was after!" Licking his lips

C.R.: He chuckles. "Yeah, espresso is my friend." He pulls a piece of paper and starts scribbling down order numbers to what Thomas is getting.

Thomas Judge: He hands over the cash, tentivley, it was a 100 bucks. "Cheers CR, I'll be in before next Fri am thinkin' to pay up, so if yer 'ere I'll catch you around, but I best be off, 'ave shit to prep for this afternoon." He nods and turns "Thanks bud, 'ope that fire in the sky don't do you in too much." A grin as starts to leave

C.R.: "Yeah, here's hopin'. Nice meetin' you, Tom. I'll talk to you later."

Thomas Judge: He waves back to the man as he leaves the store. ((Thanks for the scene, am laughing my ass off her about that tenticle line!))

C.R.: ((*G* Thought you might like that. Thanks for the scene.))