Melinda Stowe: ((Wow flashbacks))

Ravyn: ((MEEEE-mories... *Ahem* Anyway. The rules, peeps. Most of you know 'em, some may not...but I'm going over them for completeness and redundnancy. So here we go.))

Ravyn: 1) These scenes have the potential to be fatal. By entering them you are accepting that. This rule is especially important today, because as noted in the Calender, today's scene has potential for combat.

Ravyn: 2) These scenes also have the potential to inflict long-lasting alterations upon your character, whether in personality (such as gaining a derangement), body (gaining physical impairments) or soul (Yummy!). Same provisio as 1. By entering the scene you're accepting that this may happen.

Ravyn: 3. If you drop out of the scene before it ends, you do not gain XP for attending. (Unless your characters involvement comes to a natural conclusion). These scenes are planned to last for four hours, and "Shit, I got to go, sorry" or sudden disappearance will render you XP-less. Exceptions will be made for certain situations, if I am notified in advance of the scene. Arlett, this of course means you. We do call it "the Arlett exception" for a reason. ;)

Ravyn: 4. Only one of your characters may be played during one of these scenes.

Arlett: =) *nodnodnod* =)

Ravyn: 5) If I find you multitasking during one of these monthly scenes, I will kick you out of the Mage scene. Multitasking slows everyone down, and we're usully on a very tight schedule.

Evan Jacobs: ((mmrr--again, i'll have to poof for a few at some point, myself.))

Ravyn: 6) Please do NOT IM ME during one of these scenes unless it is for something urgent or important, such as me neglecting one of your pertinent merits or flaws, forgetting about an NPC, or your house burning down. If you start harassing me, glomping me, prodding me, or otherwise antagonising me during the scene, I will kick you out of it, and perhaps go to your house and burn it down, too (so then your IM is justified). However, this will mean, as Spaz has pointed out, that you will get to meet me in person.

Snyde: ((and myself as well that whole eating to live thing is for the birds))

Ravyn: Now, with all those in mind, I need to ask one question. Please PM me if your PC has no access to at LEAST of the following: a Cell Phone, a Landline Phone, a Computer with an Internet connection.

Arlett: ((all three *nodnod*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)) -> Ravyn: No internet or cell phone

Ness (Arcane down): ((all three *nodnod*))

Evan Jacobs: ((the first two. working on the third, but not yet got one.))

Ravyn -> Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): But access to a landline?

Melinda Stowe: ((Just the last one, otherwise she cheets))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)) -> Ravyn: Yes barely lol she rarely pays attention to it though

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hey man just to give you a heads up i am takeing care of lilith while im playing which could cause my post to be slower than normal if this is allright ill continue with the scene but in a way it is kinda like multitaskinf))

Ravyn: ((That's fine, Snyde)) All right, so it is Sunday afternoon. All of the PC's are wherever they would home, in a restaraunt, in a twelve-way bondage orgy with 5 men, 4 women, two yaks and a robot, or wherever you are. And your cell phone rings, or your landline if you have it. If none of the above, your internet connection beeps at you, and a chat has opened up.

Evan Jacobs: *Evan blinks at the phone, looking up from building (yet another) radio.* no, Crackhead, you can't eat my phone....*picks up his cell to see who's called*

Arlett: ((b`linkblink* craaaaaaaaaaaaaap... I am JUST called to eat THIs is odd))

Arlett: *arlett answers after going out of the bathroom * (;) be back as soon as I can))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Cooking she looks back to the phone and frowns..leaving the item on the stove as she goes to anwser.*

Snyde: *Snyde answers the phone* "Hello?"

Melinda Stowe: Eyes her laptop warily, setting aside what she was working on.

Ness (Arcane down): The message pops up at the side of her vision.

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Hey im going to go grab food real fast so im going to drop the Nick could you just tell me where I am to head when I get back?))

Ravyn: There is the brief sound of static and beeping on the phones; Melinda & Ness's screens comes up that the chat room has been locked, and what is being spoken over the phone, by all parties, comes up as messages in the chat. ((for reference, the PC's come up as Guest[Number], so Guest4637 or the like)) "Good afternoon," comes the voice. "I see that most people answered...excellent. My name is Allen Dayde, and allow me to start by saying that this conversation is completely secure...there is no one on the outside listening to it...I have made sure of that."

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Okay))

Evan Jacobs: *his eyebrows arch as he listens, sitting down on the bed. absently petting the lady kittens while the boy acts like a nut*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She blinks sitting on the stool listening.*

Ness (Arcane down): "Thank you." is fully typed in and sent back.

Melinda Stowe: She frowns, moving herself in front of the computer. She tries to access her traceing program, to try and locate where this person is at. Once she has that accomplished then she types in. "What do you want?" oh yes streaight and to the point.

Ravyn: Everything typed by Melinda or Ness comes across through a robotic-like simulation of their voices. "You are welcome, Nes. To answer your question, Miss Stowe, I am a member of the Progenitors, a Convention inside of the Technocratic Union, and am based out of the Advanced Aerospace Technology and Research. I have information that will be of extreme value to you all."

Evan Jacobs: *mental note. new cell. fast. quietly rises and begins to pack*

Ravyn: ((Int+Computers, Melinda))

Ravyn -> Ravyn: d10: Int+Computers: 4,4,8,8,1,7,7,7,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She furrows a brow. What are these? Some government agency or something? It sounded like a recording so no use to speak into the phone right? She just listened.*

Ness (Arcane down): Ness whispers to herself, "Kewl." She types in one-handed, her long fingers gliding over the keyboard, "Would you be offended if I attempt to trace this conversation?"

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Computers: 6,7,7,9,6,5,7,7,

Melinda Stowe: ((*Blinks*))

Ravyn: d10: Firewall: 4,6,7,9,10,5,5,2,4,

Ravyn: d10: Int+Computers: 8,10,9,7,2,6,2,4,

Ravyn: d10: Specialty: 6,

Melinda Stowe: they found me....oh shit She looks around where she is at, this was not good at all. And she frowns at the name Nes. She knows that name form somewhere. She eyes her program, to see how well it is doing, not typing in anything else.

Ravyn: "You may try, Nes. I do not think you will succeed. I'm not sure whether you are all aware or not, but the Technocratic Union has restarted the Pogrom...the hunting down of individuals such as yourselves. Not all within the Union agree to this; and I have uncovered information that leads me to believe exactly how bad this may be. I would like to meet with you all about this, and discuss the situation."

Ravyn: Melinda finds herself getting past the powerful Firewall set up, but when she gets past that, she finds some seriously strange code that completely stops her trace.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She frowns. looking at the food and going to turn it. Great this like some spy thing? Why her? Smells like a trap.*

Evan Jacobs: *blinks, busily stuffing clothes into his duffel while the cats watch forlornly* meet. perhaps not exactly a safe choice on my part. *not knowing who else is in the convo, of course*

Melinda Stowe: She blinks at her trace, frowning even more now. She types into the chat. "If this is as secure as you say it is, then please proceed to tell us here what is up. I do not fall for traps that easily."

Ravyn: "There is risk in it, yes. I could be lying, and I acknowledge this fact. However, I can also provide information that will keep you all well as, for example, your sisters and their lovers, and other such individuals close to you all."

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness waits, agreeing with the other robotic voice.

Melinda Stowe: She has been living off the grid for almost 9 years now, that frown still evident on her face as she debates this one.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She does not make a sound. and proceeds to decide that after this she won't have a land line.*

Arlett: ((BACK!!))

Ravyn: "No, Miss Stowe. This is not a gift, this is an exchange. In return for my information, you will provide me with a safe haven, a place to hide among your people. I am not staying with people who have the plans that the AATR's leadership does...however, I will need protection. You all have that ability, or you know people who can. I will provide such information once I am safely protected."

Arlett -> Ravyn: ((Eck! Arlet's daddy is progenitor!))

Snyde: ((Back as Well))

Ravyn -> Arlett: ((Recap--

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Recap--

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Okay from what I gather the person on the phone is a tecno defect who wants protection in exchange for info then?))

Evan Jacobs: *considers that* why not give us something as a gesture of faith? i won't speak for anyone else, but, if you prove yourself in good faith, i'll do whatever i can.

Arlett -> Ravyn: thanks

Ravyn -> Arlett: ((I know. ;) ))

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Correct.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She shakes her head finnishing the cooking of her food and covering the mouth of the phone as she eats.*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness sneers and lights up the smoke hanging from her lip with her free hand, typing in, "I as well."

Arlett -> Ravyn: ((hides!))

Melinda Stowe: yes toss you into the digiweb. THAT will keep you safe She types in. "I do not know about the rest of us, but I do not have the authority for protecting one such as yourself, and who besides you can say that I know of such authorities."

Arlett: *she's been listening all this while in just silence to what the voice says, her mind working quite fast... well not quiet but there* ((Trying to figure what to say))

Snyde: *Snyde finally speaks* "Tell me where to meet and Ill be there, and I will do whatever I can to gurantee you safe passage, iff you speak the truth."

Ravyn: "I fully plan on doing so, Mr. Jacobs. Miss Nes and Miss Stowe, you should have a file coming your way very soon. It is a list of known mages within the city. As for the rest, I will begin to read it off now."

Arlett: alright *finally* you really want to meet and it to be safe for all.... we meet at the Concerto *well*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Mages? She listens her fingers shifting on the phone as she swallows the food..crazy people..she walks over to Hang up.*

Ness (Arcane 2): She almost swallows her cigarette in her shock. She waits for the file, and accepts it when prompted.

Snyde: *Snyde grabs a pen from his jacket and a piece of paper ready to write down all the names he speaks*

Melinda Stowe: She opens the file once it has been sent to her. Editing it to save it to a descrete locl on her laptop.

Evan Jacobs: *listens quietly, still packing, but not paying it much attention. Whisper struggles huffily out the the bag she just got packed into*

Ravyn: "Abigail Randelle, believed Cult of Ecstacy or Order of Hermes. Dr. Adriana Carmichael, Electrodyne Engineer. Alyssa Kostapoulos, Euthanatos. Anastasia Jones, Hollow One. Arlett Dravinsky Knight, Son of Ether. Cori Elena Braun, Verbena. David Poe, Tradition Unknown, believed Virtual Adept. Elaine Cromwell, Order of Hermes. Evan Micheal Jacobs, Tradition Unknown. James Franklin, Son of Ether. Joseph Edwards, Verbena. Kelton Michaels, Order of Hermes. Melinda Stowe, Virtual Adept. Martin Starling, Euthanatos. Michelle Morgan, Cult of Ecstacy. Miranda Okanedo, Celestial Chorus. Ness, Virtual Adept. Rachelle Andrieson, Cult of Ecstacy. Snyde, Euthanatos. Tansy Sansretti, Tradition Unknown. Travis Kennedy, Order of Hermes."

Evan Jacobs: *frowns darkly. at least one name isn't on that list. thank God. repacks the kitten, to her disgust*

Ravyn: Ness and Melinda get an encoded file with all this information, as well.

Arlett: ((does Arlett get names too?))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Just to ask a question should all sons of ether read Electrodyne Engineer?))

Ravyn: ((Sorry, yes. All Sons of Ether should list as "Electrodyne Engineer" and not Sons of Ether.))

Ravyn: ((Arlett, you said you were on the phone. The text file was sent to those viewing this through the chats. And as an error...Kira Redfeather, Akashic Brotherhood, Jody Yu, Akashic Brotherhood, and Griffen Aston, Verbena are also on the list.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She stops as she barely recognizes the name...something in her voice someone she knows. Alright you have her attention boys.*

Arlett: ((*nods* yus, but you said he'll name them, thus why I asked *S* is fine*)) *waits for the guy to answer to her Concerto meeting at comment*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She blinks as her name is mentioned and listens calmly now.*

Melinda Stowe: She reads through the list,taking note of several familiar names. Sighing, "Well, how they ever figured out who I was, is a supprise to me. Shit." This is spoken aloud to herself. She leans back in her chair crossing her arms, a slight shake of her head.

Ness (Arcane 2): She saves the encrypted file to her laptop for virus scanning later. She stands up from her computer, activating voice recognition and voice synth, making the guy's voice a deepthroat tenor. She stands in front of her open bay window, looking out on the backyards and secret lives of ordinary neighbours. She taps her cigarette on the railing to get rid of the ashes.

Snyde: *Snyde writes the names out along with all info provided for each name* "Allright where do you want to meet?"

Evan Jacobs: *frowns> this is so beyond not good, there are no words*

Ravyn: "Now that I have given you a token of good faith...I would like to meet. All who wish to meet with me may do so at the Club Quarters Hotel at 52 William Street, on the corner of William and Wall Street. It is inside the Demilitarized Zone. I would not like to meet at the Concerto Club, as it will risk the Club itself, for reasons I will explain later."

Evan Jacobs: what time? *grimly*

Arlett: *hmmms..... but....* fine.....

Melinda Stowe: A raise of her eyebrow. "Meeting there could risk many innocent lives should something happen." she types into the chat.

Snyde: *Snyde pauses for a secound* "So what time and how likely are your old friends to show up to this shin dig"

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She remains silent..writing the address down and looking it up in the phone book.*

Ravyn: "And it is much lower-key then anywhere else, Miss Stowe. As to the hour from now, to allow all interested to arrive."

Ness (Arcane 2): She respond immediately. "I will come. Thank you for the information." Her voice is changed to type, and the text is sent over the lines.

Evan Jacobs: all right. be there in a bit.

Melinda Stowe: She is one unhappy camper, by the way the other guests were speaking there were going and she was going to need to go to make sure they stayed alive. With another sigh she pulls up a program to see what other buildings were nearby, and what businesses were nearby as well.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She keeps listening stuffing the rest of the food down her gullet.*

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Snyde is going to try and get there as early as he can manage on his bike to be able to watch the area for a bit before going inside))

Ravyn: "Room 17F. Any questions from anyone?"

Snyde: *Snyde moves out of the apartment with the phone still by his ear heading out the door to his bike*

Arlett: will be there *frowning, biting her lips, she starts moving for all her things, putting them in her baggie, just in case, and actually taking time to write all the name she heard (and remembers), adding to the list on the button* 'Technos know of all of this in danger, killing my phone, I am going to find out more, if don't come asume worst'. *With the intention to let it go to Michelle before atending the meeting. She is angry at them, but this is important*

Arlett: you will be alone, right?

Arlett: mean, no one else running with you

Snyde: "Lets assume your on the up and up, whats the likely hood that this party your throwing is going to turn into a blood bath" *he says as he gets on the bike*

Ness (Arcane 2): The laptop is closed and left on the desk. She carefully slides on her brown leather gloves, and slides up her rose-tinted glasses.

Ravyn: "My statistics calculator states a thirty-two percent chance, Mr. Snyde, considering the possibility that I was not as skilled securing the lines as I hoped. And no, Miss Knight, no one will be attending with me."

Arlett: alright *with a bit of a frown*

Evan Jacobs: all right. hanging up now. *sighs as he finishes stuffing most of his clothes, and Nookie, into one bag.. the cat, of course, crawls out*

Melinda Stowe -> Ravyn: ((Okay hun she is going to be trying before she leaves to locate the Hotel, the floorplan, and then find all of the escape routes she can if the odds go up that it will be a blood bath.))

Ravyn: "As there appear to be no other questions, I'm ending this call. Those attending, I will see you soon."

Snyde: *Snyde nods a bit as he starts the bike* "Lets hope your as good as you think you are" *he says as he hangs up the phone and heads to the location*

Ness (Arcane 2): She twirls on a drab green trenchcoat, and strides out the door. The flowers beside her front porch swirl around in the wind as she passes by, trenchcoat billowing behind her.

Arlett: *nods and hangs, moving onto location, dropping letter on the way there*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Wits+Computer: 9,8,2,9,2,10,10,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She hangs up the phone goes in to grab her quills and heads out of her apartment jogging down the street.*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Specialty: 4,2,

Ness (Arcane 2): She reaches the sidewalk, striding down with deliberate purpose, a definable goal. Finally, she reachs her destination! The local bus stop.

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda accesses the files she wants; now roll an Int+Security to determine escape routes.))

Evan Jacobs: *and does much the same as the others, although he does take the time to pull on a jacket to hide his gun. quickly making himself a toolkit to carry with, just a small one, small enough to be carried in a shaving case*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Intel+Security: 3,1,3,7,2,2,7,

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: There aren't many good escape routes that Melinda sees; she notes the fire escape, and a service elevator.

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((How long would it take to get to the destination from midtown?))

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Not long at all. What is Snyde looking for when he arrives?))

Evan Jacobs -> Ravyn: ((do you need a list of what's in his mini toolkit?))

Ravyn: ((All right, quick question, all. Snydes' in Midtown; Melinda's in Haven, which is Midtown. For arrival's sake, where is everyone else coming from, approximately?))

Ravyn -> Evan Jacobs: ((Would be nice, yes. *S*))

Arlett: ((Uptown.. she has been staying at Charle's aparment *G* ))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Snyde is looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary, black helicoters, sedans, suspicious looking people, and also looking for people he knows off the list seeing if they are comeing as well. Do you want me to roll Per+alert and if yes do you want me to use whats on the sheet or what it should be with the Exp that was spent?))

Evan Jacobs: (Staten. Michelle/Sam's place.) *Evan leaves a note for Michelle and Sam, breifly detailing what's happened, and splits for the hotel*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness is coming from Uptown Manhatten.

Melinda Stowe: Taking note of what she needed, she connects her PDA to the laptop transfering files, to it, so that she can have quick access to what she needs. While that is working she scrawls out a note for Michelle, as well as a printed copy of the list of names. She grabs the PDA, and her VR eye-screen. Heading out she posts what she has written on the pulitan board, then heads out. Making her way and taking the rest of the hour to get to the designated location.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((china town)

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((Per+Alert, and the new stats))

Snyde -> Ravyn: d10: per+alert: 3,5,9,8,8,2,

Ravyn -> Snyde: ((And Dex+Stealth if he's trying to be sneaky))

Ravyn -> Fangwulf: d10: Dex+Stealth: 4,3,9,3,7,7,7,

Snyde -> Ravyn: d10: Dex+stealth: 10,5,3,5,1,4,6,

Evan Jacobs -> Ravyn: (battery soldering iron. wire cutters, pliers, adjustable wrench. wire, soldering wire, duct tape, electrical tape, measuring tape. pair of thin gloves. work gloves. philip's and flat screwdriver. WD40, tightly sealed. circuit tester. he also has his usual pair of blades--the ceramic in his work boot and the Swiss Army in his back pocket. *L* and, i know from personal experience that all of the above, if you use the smaller models, WILL fit in a shaving case, because that's what i keep in mine....))

Arlett: ((so many pms going.....*S*))

Snyde -> Ravyn: ((Well he can see but that sneaking thing just isnt working out for him guess its what he gets for wearing a black trenchcoat and a cowboy hat *G*))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((I know! I'm curious!))

Ravyn -> Fangwulf: d10: Per+Alertness: 4,10,7,9,7,2,

Arlett: (yea!))

Ravyn: ((So, the arrival goes in order of: Snyde, Melinda, Kira, Ness, Arlett, Evan.)) The Club Quarters hotel is a private, full service hotels for member organizations designed for the business traveler, subsidized for family and friends' use on weekends and holiday periods. It looks professional, high-end, as people come up. ((Everyone who is not Snyde, roll Per+Alert as you approach the hotel.))

Evan Jacobs: d10: : 7,6,6,7,2,4,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Perception: 6,3,10,7,2,

Arlett: ((she is aproaching stealthily!!! so you know!))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: per+alert: 4,4,5,4,

Melinda Stowe: d10: Per+Alert: 10,2,6,9,6,8,

Arlett: d10: percep: 2,6,4,8,

Ravyn: ((Then roll Dex+Stealth, Arlett))

Ravyn: ((And we're not doing the entrances individually, either, simply because I don't want to be here until midnight, or make players wait. Arrivals are within a few minutes of each other...traffic is good for Evan. *G*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Is doing stealth as well)

Evan Jacobs: ((*laughs and tossed adoration at the "kindly" ST. of Evyl.*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dex+stealth+arcane: 4,8,6,9,10,2,2,

Ravyn: So, besides Ness, everyone notices Snyde outside, trying to be somewhat sneaky, watching the hotel.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness gets off the bus across the street from the address. She looks around, and then J-walks towards the building.

Arlett: d10: stealth btw: 2,10,9,9,8,3,

Ravyn -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda also notices a moving van outside, with a single man the cab, just sitting there. He looks more bored then anything, like he's waiting for his delivery partner to get back.

Arlett: ((hehe)) *blinkblink at Snyde, snickers silently a bit and tries to sneak into hotel*

Snyde: ((just in case you need it)) DD Snyde is 5'10 and weighs 170 pounds. He dresses in dark clothes because he beleives that they beset his place in life. The one peice of clothing that always appears constant on Snyde is a leather trenchcoat, black boots, a wide brim hat, and dark sunglasses during the day almost giving him the appearace of a cowboy. He has long black hair and gray eyes. On the leather coat Snyde always fastens a white lily to remind him of Justina

Ravyn: The two Arcany, sneaky folks actually escape detection from all.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She eyes Snyde...great this is a spy thing, and she is walking straight into where they want her.*

Evan Jacobs: *sneak? why sneak? it makes you look suspicious. simply walks in calmly, the shaving case tucked into his hand. the thing's hooked by the strap to his belt, of course, but it bounces annoyingly. better to keep a grip on it. and heads for the stairs or elevator.*

Melinda Stowe: A roll of her eyes, not that stealthy now is he. Keeping her head bowed she moves inside, taking the Service elevator, if needed to the room. She is not a happy camper.

Ravyn: ((Changing nick for ID Purposes))

Arlett: *well she go all the way up, and actually BEFORE entering... damm if she scans she'll be senced.... fine... sighs, and waits a little bit to see who if anyone else shows*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness takes the stairs, solid footsteps with large feet. Her sneakers are old and barely holding together, but they're comfortable.

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Im assuming he didnt notice anything but before I post to move him inside of the building I just thought I should ask))

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((, nothing noticed.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She sneaks to the room and waits watching.*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((She is on the outside)

Allen Dayde: Everyone, upon entering, is able to find Room 17F easily. They're greeted, in turn, by a man opening the door for them, when they knock.

Perfectly average; that would be the best way to describe him. Standing just under 6 feet, weighing around 170 pounds, there’s very little distinct about him. Dressed in a white button-down shirt and slacks, a pair fo glasses covering his pale green eyes. His greyish-brown hair is cut short, almost buzzed. He has an ID Security badge for the Avenguard Pharmaceutical Group. While he’s unassuming enough, he’s got a bit of a smile on his narrow face, and a confident look in his eyes that belies his run of the mill appearance.

Arlett: *hmmm.. Arlett will only wait for at least two persons to show before knociking, why? cause is fooly to be the first into a liekly trap*

Evan Jacobs: *nods politely to the man, hazel eyes wary* hello, sir. *and finds a place to lean against the wall to hear what needs to be said* ((want a DD, ask.))

Snyde: *Snyde moves towards the building pulling a pair of dice from his pocket as he moves* "So far so good" *he mutters to himeslf as he moves into the building and to the designated room*

Melinda Stowe: No smiles, and she is perfectly dissapointed at seeing that she is the first on there then followed by Ness, oh yes, pissed doesn't even go to discribe it. She keeps FAR away from the people, sticking to a corner really, back to the wall.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She cracks her neck. hell it was a trap sure government couldn't be that mean right? Give a little chance? She purses her lips. What did she ever do to them anyway? Besides they knew..she closed her eyes and approached the door in plain sight knocking and smiling gently as she enters. Oh yeah ready for a fight she didn't like his smile.*

Ness (Arcane 2): She looks him over with her dark brown eyes, above the rims of her rose-tinted glasses. "Hello. Thank you for invitation." She moves over to the corner of the room behind the door and leans against the wall. "Mind if I smoke?"

Allen Dayde: "Good evening, Mr. Jacobs...thank you for coming." He nods to him, as well as Melinda, Arlett, Kirta, and Ness, as they all variously enter. "I'm hoping Mr. Snyde chose to come, as well."

Arlett: *once she knocks and is greeted, she actually kina waves and ushers* hi * to the man*

Allen Dayde: "Not at all," he shakes his head to Ness, gesturing to the half-full ashtray that he's been utilizing.

Snyde: *Snyde tips his hat to the man as he moves in keeping the dice in his hand as he moves to take a seat without saying a word*

Arlett: *and a lil look at all the others there.... humm*

Ness (Arcane 2): She produces a light from an inner pocket of her drab green cloth trenchcoat and brings the flame to her face. "Thank you."

Melinda Stowe: She purses her lips and when Snyde does show up an eyebrow is raised. She does a slight nod to Evan and Arlett, in greeting.

Snyde: *Upon seeing ths ashtray he pulls a cig out of his jacket and lights it his eyes slowly going over the other, dups besides himself in the room*

Arlett: *yeup, lik wave of hi to Snyda, Mel and Kira... then to try and keep watch of Allen*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She leans against the wall Near Arlett Listening calmly.*

Snyde: *Snyde gives a smile to Artlett as he sits the smoke curling up around the brim of his hat*

Allen Dayde: "Mr. Snyde." He nods to him, then pulls a cigarette of his own. "Thank you for coming, all. Your trust is a pleasant surprise...I had imagined one or two at the most would come."

Arlett: *lil smile to Snyde then one to Kira and settles, one hand in her pocket to listen to him* ya know... reckles.. comes with the trade... they say

Evan Jacobs: *shrugs slightly* i'd like to imagine that most of us aren't cowards. not to mention, you've rather got us by the short and curlies to a degree. *a faint, wry smile*

Melinda Stowe: "If I might say so getting comfortable only invites danger, we should all leave now, in groups of two's or three's." she eyes Allen. "Two people to go with Mr. Dayde here."

Snyde: "Look man how about we cut the pleasentries and get down to buisness here, this isnt exactly trust on my part, just survival" *he says as he flicks the ashes of his cig into the ashtray*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She crosses her arms listening.*

Ness (Arcane 2): A sneer curls onto her face as she watches the pathetic cowards whimper about survival. Whatever. She has never been bothered by the Technocracy. She wasn't afraid.

Allen Dayde: "Fair enough," he says, an answer to Snyde, Arlett, Melinda and Evan all in once. "Now, to the information. A little backstory first; at the end of March of this year, as some of you know, the Technocratic Union acquired the services of one Michael Thompson, in order to deal with an Anomaly, one able to infest hosts with alien life forms that serve the Reality Deviant who created it. This anomaly turned people into automata, accessing all their knowledge and talents and turning them to the Deviant's purpose. The Union learned of it when one of our own members was infested, and it came dangerously close to spreading throughout the AATR."

Arlett: *frowns, she DOES remember they took Michael, so just listens*

Snyde: *Snyde just sits there listening rolling the nice in his had as he smokes*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She listens and watches.*

Evan Jacobs: *nods slowly, eyes on the man*

Ness (Arcane 2): Her brown eyes watch silently from behind her rose-tinted glasses.

Melinda Stowe: Those bluse tinged brown eyes do not look happy, NOT at all, she was only here to make sure everyont survived this. She pulls her VR headset from under the collar of her loose shirt, adjusting it over her right eye. The cord it seems is running down her shirt sleeve. She pulls her PDA from her backpocket, plugging the cord in from the edge of her sleeve. She listens to what is going on. But besides that she doesn't look like she is paying all that much attention. ((Sorry guys our connection died, Rav will be with us shortly))

Arlett: ((oh.. alright))

Melinda Stowe -> Allen Dayde: ((Okay so Mel is going to do a people scan of the building, using the Building plans she has, so that she can keep an eye on things to see who will be comming their way. And oh yes, the PDA and the VR set are connected to her, through the ports on her arm.))

Evan Jacobs: (a post to keep my nick on...)

Allen Dayde: ((Apologies to all)) "The near-threat here resulted in a change of leadership within the AATR. Terrence Hardy was eliminated, and a member of Iteration X by the name of Garrett Johanneson was put in his place." He sighs. "Johanneson is a hardliner. And he immediately set to recreating the Pogrom. His first action was to capture the chantry known as the Fortress; an easy feat, as it was nearly abandoned and no one remembered it anyway. But a significant one nonetheless, which gave us access to a good deal of information."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((ditto))

Snyde: ((same here))

Arlett: Hardy is dead? *blinking at Allen*

Snyde: *Snyde looks at the man as he flicks a few more ashes from the cig before looking over to Arlett*

Evan Jacobs: *frowns. sounds like this Johanneson could use with a bullet to the back of the head. too bad he's not black ops.*

Allen Dayde: "Terrance Hardy is dead, yes." He levels a serious nod Arlett's way.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(Quint): 6,3,3,

Arlett: *frowns, biting her lips rather hard, with a tiny nod, peering once to Snyde, she'll tell them later if is needed, right now just nods... *

Ness (Arcane 2): None of these names are familiar to her, so she's the ghost in the corner.

Allen Dayde: ((Per+Awareness, all.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Awareness: 6,5,5,8,

Arlett: d10: awe: 2,2,2,6,

Evan Jacobs: d10: : 2,2,2,2,4,7,

Snyde: d10: Per+aware: 6,4,3,2,3,1,

Allen Dayde: d10: Per+Awarness: 9,7,9,5,6,

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness brushs a bit of lint from the arm of her trenchcoat, oblivious.

Allen Dayde: ((1 Successs: Someone just did Magic. 2 Succ: Someone in the room just did Magic, and if you have Corr or Life, you know they were inolved. 3 Succ: Melinda just did Magic.))

Snyde: *Snyde sits there totally oblivious to anything happening at all around him as he watches Allen*

Allen Dayde: He throws a sharp look to Melinda, but says nothing about the hair rising on the back of his neck.

Evan Jacobs: *twitches slightly and looks around*

Arlett: *she blinks and frowns, casting a lil look around.. wel lANYONE would have been but she tries to find out by expressions if they felt it too...before staring to ruckus out*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She blinks finally she moves having a semi confused look on her face it washes away in a moment.*

Melinda Stowe: A nod of her head, she continues to watch the goings on of her screne as it changes second to second, and listens to Allen. She raises an eyebrow at Dayde. "Someone has to make sure that we have a suitable warning period, since every seems to deem it more important to chit-chat."

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda does note four life forms coming up through the elevator shaft, plus another three through the service elevator. They look like they're approaching this floor.

Snyde: *Snyde just shakes his head to that and continues to listen*

Arlett: *ah... that was it* eh.. she is right.... we should finish it through and move on *to Allen*

Allen Dayde: He nods slightly, still wary, at Melinda, and continues. "Anyway, Comptroller Johanneson faced opposition from the Progenitors and the New World Order, but that opposition was quickly squashed when the AATR's security was risked again. In July, another Reality Deviant, eliminated by members of the Union, was resucitated somehow and managed to corrupt a separate member of the Union, doing a massive amount of damage to the building. It was later learned that the creature had been brought to our attention via a member of ours who was working with a member of the Hermetic Order and two other Reality Deviants. At this point, the Comptroller decided to make his move, and the Pogrom's restart began to take place."

Melinda Stowe: "Which by the way, there are 7 people approaching both by the main elevator and by the service elevator." She states calmly.

Evan Jacobs: *listens carefully*

Arlett: *frowns at that.... cause is the only bit thus far she had no clue about, but agian just nods*

Snyde: *At the warning Snyde begins rolling the dice in his hand and concentrating*

Arlett: *and then blinks staring at Melinda, then at the others* firescape? move now.. finsih later...

Evan Jacobs: then i suggest we all leave, now. *eyes Melinda* any idea if there's anyone watching the stairs yet? *pushes off the wall and calmly heads for the door*

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Extended roll WP spent for each roll. The effect is to drop the diff of firearms rolls and for it to last the scene any additional success will be spent to make it harder to detect))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness taps the wall beside her three times with three different fingers and then squeezes her hand into a fist.

Allen Dayde: He blinks at what Melinda says, and moves to a laptop he has open on the desk, typing in a quick command.

Snyde: d10: Arete wp quint: 2,5,5,

Allen Dayde: d10: Arete(Quint/WP): 5,2,6,2,

Arlett: *she moves to discretedly peer out of the window, to make sure where is the firescape stairs*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She watches confused as all heck...but watches.*

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((that should read 1 quint))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Wire-fu: she can multitask a certain number of actions determined by the successes rolled. 3 rolls. Mind 1. Diff 4. Full description in character sheet notes.))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 4,8,7,

Melinda Stowe: And she proceeds to tell them exactally where the fire escape is located on this floor. Oh yes she is full of supprises.

Snyde: d10: arete quint wp: 8,7,5,

Arlett: *and blinks as Melina saves the work* ok.... we should get moving before the get... if we get separated we can go towards Battery park.. it is neutral zone

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Awareness: 2,8,9,1,

Allen Dayde: ((Awarness again, all. Just one roll needed))

Evan Jacobs: *hand on the doorknob* any suggestions as to where we should go from here?

Ness (Arcane 2): She then pushes her glasses further up her nose, and starts looking at things that arn't there. Her right hand taps the wall a few more times.

Evan Jacobs: d10: : 8,7,6,5,4,1,

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 9,10,9,

Arlett: d10: aware: 6,4,4,7,

Snyde: d10: per+aware : 1,9,1,7,4,8,

Snyde: d10: Arete wp quint: 4,9,6,

Evan Jacobs: *nods to Arlett* Battery. all right. there's a duckpond there. i recommend it. *a faint smile* there's a few trees for cover around it, too.

Melinda Stowe: "There is a lot of people downstairs, but to determine if they are watching the stairs, is there anyone in the stairwell. Not that i can see." once again calm.

Allen Dayde: ((1 Successs: Three Magic Effects went off. 2 Succ: All within in the room; Entropy effect, Mind Effect, and Corr/Life/Prime. 3 Succ: Snyde (Entropy), Ness (Mind), Allen (Multi) just did Magic.))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Awareness: 4,5,6,7,3,

Arlett: *nods* or the old fort... bulding....*Fausto used it after all* ok. if we HAVE to separate that is the destine... try to stcik toguether, we will have more chanses to get out....

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She shakes her head and rubs her yes..looking around.*

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((I went ahead and just did the third roll that would make it a total of 10 suc diff 4 since it is coincedental sphere level 2 with i quint spent. 3 suc towards lowering the diff for firearms rolls, 1 to mkae it last for the scene and then the rest to go to upping the diff for awarness to detect it))

Arlett: *a look to Mel as the effect keep on going,... fle* well.... can you check once we are about it?

Ness (Arcane 2): She slaps the side of her trenchcoat, where her thigh would be. "Time to go."

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 9,2,9,

Allen Dayde: The fire escape is accessible from this room, though the window is fairly thin and will take some time to move everyone out. "Dammit." He glares at the computer screen and snaps the laptop shut. "This is where protection comes in, I think."

Evan Jacobs: *twitches again* ok. i've got a car. i can take four peole with me, fairly easily, more if you don't mind a crowd. i am leaving the room now. whoever's getting a ride from me, come on. *and opens the door, looking out before leaving*

Evan Jacobs: *pauses, eyeing the window, lips pursed* hmm.

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: arete: 4,8,7; arete: 9,10,9; arete: 9,2,9; which is 8 successes. How many multitasked actions may be carryed out in a turn?

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She looks confused...looking about the room pushing off the wall..and uncurling her arms.*

Allen Dayde: ((Kay, guys, just got slammed with PM's, give me a moment to answer them all.))

Arlett: Well we have to move fast to get through the scape, start moving and we can buggie trap the door while you go out *nod, moving to the door taking out her game boy, whille she gets a hold of a lamp, just starting to work on plunking out wires and knocek them to the door knob* (well is simply, charge the door with electricity for first person trying to pass it! *S*))

Snyde: (( cool cool know I was one of them *G*))

Arlett: ((pauses))

Ness (Arcane 2): "I want guns." Ness states to the room.

Evan Jacobs: *closes the door and prudently takes his hand off it!* i've got a toolkit. anything you need out of here? *unzips the thing, holding it open so that Arlett can look through what he's got*

Evan Jacobs: sorry, i only have the one. *tosses to Ness, calm and cheerful.*

Allen Dayde -> Ness (Arcane 2): ((It's going to be limited to you Dexterity rating, so three per turn))

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((Cool cool.))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness catches the weapon easily, hardly looking at it in the air. "Thank you." ((What type is it?))

Allen Dayde: d10: Per+Aware ((oops)): 8,6,8,5,3,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She breathes deeply closing her eyes and preparing herself.*

Allen Dayde: ((As a retcon, only one person noted Snyde's effect; Ness, who just felt a thrid effect, but couldn't isolate it.))

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: ((Got it. Three per turn.))

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((but in that case no one would detect it right sinse it would make the diff 10 thresh of 2. I could be wrong slap me if i am))

Arlett: *smiles to Evan, peering at his tools, taking a few ones, well she cod it.. but tools will make it faster* ((ers.. me thinks roling first intel-technocolgy))

Snyde: ((oops should have refreshed *G*))

Allen Dayde: ((Guys...when I said give me a moment, I meant pause, please.))

Arlett: d10: intel-tech: 9,9,10,2,6,4,4,

Arlett: ((oh sorry, when you posted I thought it was done *pauses again*))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((paused))

Allen Dayde -> Arlett: ((That was more to Ness & Kira. *S*))

Arlett -> Allen Dayde: *giggles* okies! =) still *now waits to keep the poor Rayn sanity sane... relatively so!=) ))

Allen Dayde: ((Okay. Sorry about that, guys. Unpause.))

Snyde: ((no prob))

Allen Dayde: ((Where is everyone at this point, in the room?))

Arlett: ((wireing the door! so at the door))

Evan Jacobs: *nods to Ness and gives her a thumb's up. supplying Arlett with tools and putting ones she's done with back up* ((and yes--the Glock's safety was indeed ON when he tossed it.))

Melinda Stowe: She nods her head to Arlett, "it is constantinly updating right now and we should move as they are about to reach the floor." She still hasn't moved as of yet, people at the door, people near the window, she was screwed.

Snyde: *Snyde moves towards the door* "Mr. Dayde I said over the phone I would do what I could and I plan to keep my promise"

Evan Jacobs: (by the door, assisting Arlett.)

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness hefts the weapon in her hand loosely a few times. "Similar, but not quite the same." She's in the corner behind the door, leaning against the wall, cigarette hanging from her lips.

Arlett: GEez GET MOVING!

Melinda Stowe: ((She is in one of the corners of the room. One that has NO people in it.))

Snyde: *Snyde is drawing a pistol and standing next to the door waiting for it to open with the intent to be cover for Allen*

Allen Dayde: He nods to Snyde and moves for the window when Arlett yells to get moving. ((Kira, where are you?))

Evan Jacobs: all right people. moving is a good plan, NOW. *and he heads for the window, grabbing a pillow off the bed in case they'll have to break it. if it's stuck. padding....*

Arlett: *finish wireing.. adding the NEAT Science to her project* ((ie. the magic))

Arlett: d10: forces: 10,6,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *On the other side of the room..from Melinda not out in the open going for a sneak strike. Most likely closer to the door.*

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda notes that the two groups are on the floor and the foursome is moving in the direction to their room; the other one is waiting behind near the elevator.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness waves her hand in front of herself, wanting to be the last one out.

Melinda Stowe: She moves over to the window, not too cvlose to Dayde. "Four moving this way, the other three by the service elevator waiting."

Snyde: *As Allen begins moveing towards the window Snyde backs up slowly with the pistol trained on the door waiting for Allen to go through the window*

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: (( Corr 1, Prime 1: She wants to see everything going on the area. Magical changes (code changes) included. 2 rolls.))

Allen Dayde: ((Kira, what are you hiding behind? There's not that many places in a hotel room to hide, besides maybe courched behind the dresser or a chair/couch, in the bathroom, or in the closet.))

Ness (Arcane 2) -> Allen Dayde: d10: arete: 9,3,6,

Arlett: *finished the window, moves to get a bottle of water from the hotel room and on to follow out the window* door will keep them apart if they are waiting down got another thing to do.... but lets move

Evan Jacobs: *unless the window is already open, Evan attempts to open it, and assist the first person out*

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Just a quick question and I hate to do this but it could prove to be important does the site go with the gain a 2nd spec at a rateing of 5, if yes snydes 2nd firearms spec is pistols))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): (She is by the door looking for a surprise in case of an attack. on the side of the door opposite Melinda))

Allen Dayde: ((Guys, please post Magic rolls and the like openly. It makes it easier on me when I have to call for Awareness rolls.))

Ness (Arcane 2): She waves her hand in front of herself again, and then mimes reaching out and grabbing something from the air and twirling it.

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 7,3,9,

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((Nope))

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((cool its good to know))

Allen Dayde -> Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Kira, Melinda is as far away from the door as possible.))

Ness (Arcane 2): arete: 9,3,6; arete: 7,3,9; four successes.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)) -> Allen Dayde: ((ok sorry then on the side of the door opposite where it opens.))

Melinda Stowe: As more people crowd around the window her breathing catches in her throat and she backs away from the window.

Allen Dayde -> Ness (Arcane 2): Ness notes all magical effects that the group has done, plus a group of four people approaching the door. Primium is in play on two of the people.

Allen Dayde: Evan opens the window without difficulty, and Allen has no problem with being the first person out. He tries to squeeze through...

Evan Jacobs: *gives Melinda a small smile and nod of understanding*

Allen Dayde: d10: Dex+Athletics: 9,6,7,3,

Ness (Arcane 2): "There are Buffs on two of the four people approaching the door. Please, everyone, prepare to use force."

Allen Dayde -> Arlett: One slightly energized door. :)

Snyde: *Snyde continues to back away from the door with his gun trained on it determined to shoot the first person who passes through it, hopefully no one called room services*

Arlett: *ehcks* Snide, keep with Allen we'll catch *whiles they sneak out, she gets ready her little gun* ((ehgs.. don't think we'll be able to get all out =P))

Allen Dayde: ((Okay, calling for Initiative now, so I have it in a few minutes when combat begins. Roll away, folks.))

Evan Jacobs: *once Allen's out* Melinda, may i help you out? *quiet, and calm*

Melinda Stowe: d10: Init: 1,

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: init : 7,

Arlett: d10: iinit: 8,

Snyde: d10: : 5,

Arlett: 15

Snyde: (12)

Melinda Stowe: ((7, my character is going to die*sighs*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Init: 9,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((16))

Ness (Arcane 2): (13)

Melinda Stowe: A shake of her head to evan,"Go." the idea of being surrounded by people on a metal stairway is starting to freak her out.

Evan Jacobs: d10: : 3,

Arlett: Mel... you need to get out.... please *a glance to her*

Allen Dayde: d10: Iniatives: 7,6,6,

Evan Jacobs: ((8)) *nods to Melinda and takes a glance to see who else needs an assist. if nobody--he goes out the window*

Snyde: *Snyde listens to Melinda* "Get your ass moveing now"

Arlett: *to Evan witl a lil smile* keep going... *as Mel isn't moving* kira...

Allen Dayde: Allen gets out onto the fire escape and looks in. "Up or down?"

Ness (Arcane 2): "La... la... la..." Ness sings to herself, waiting for the hostiles.

Arlett: ehugmm.... dunno *eyes Snyde.. gee they can't leave Allen out alone! they are suposed to keep him guard*

Evan Jacobs: i'd suggest down. i'd guess the odds of being trapped on the roof are higher, even though they've got to expect us to go down.

Snyde: *Snyde backs towards the window getting closer to it but still not turning yet* "Go down, the roof will only trap us"

Allen Dayde: The sound of a woman's growl of pain is heard outside the door as the handle gets touched.

Arlett: *hmmms.. and moves to get out with Allen* guys... we need to keep moving.... *mean... *

Arlett: d10: Dex atleh : 7,10,2,2,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *No knock strike..she gets into a stance ready to strike.*

Arlett: ((to get out with Allen as Rav rolled))

Snyde: *And finally at the growl of pain snyde turns to move out the window doing his best to keep the gun in a postion where it can be brought to bare on the door*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Is everyone out? let me know when they are..please.))

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Same. Ness is planning to be the last one out, as stated before.))

Arlett: ((Arlett is out I thinks)) lets get getting down *to Allen*

Allen Dayde: ((No, at this point, only Arlett and Allen are out.))

Snyde: d10: Dex+athle: 7,1,4,2,2,

Snyde: *Snyde gets stuck on the window as he tries to keep the gun on the door*

Melinda Stowe: She quickly pulls up a program for a wall, to toss one up in front of the door. lettiong her one program down, as she runs the next one.

Evan Jacobs: *will attempt to head down the stairs at this point, nudging folks gently if he can't get past*

Allen Dayde: And the door swings open, revealing a man about the size of a football player, with a cold expression. ((And we're officially in combat. Order of delcaration: Melinda, Evan, Bad Guys, Ness, Bad Woman, Allen, Arlett, Kira.))

Arlett: ((ehhh!!))

Snyde: ((ehh shouldnt snyde be in there or do you want to assume he fell out the window?))

Allen Dayde: ((Sorry, Evan is out, too.))

Melinda Stowe: My action as stated above, is to put up a wall of force in front of the football player.

Allen Dayde: ((Sorry: Order of delcaration: Melinda, Evan, Bad Guys, Ness, Bad Woman, Snyde, Allen, Arlett, Kira. I always miss one.))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(Quint,WP): 10,5,1,

Evan Jacobs: ((*L* thanks.)) come on, we need to move NOW. *more of the attempted herding*

Allen Dayde: ((And this is, of course, Streamlined Combat per the site's FAQ. If you don't know it, look it up.))

Allen Dayde: Three of the bad guys, who look to be Mr. Football Player (We'll call him Arnie), a similarly-sized man (we'll call him Sly), and a smaller man in the infamous suit and sunglasses (we'll call him K), move into the room. K has a gun out; Arnie & Sly are moving toward Snyde and Ness, respectively.

Melinda Stowe: ((Spending WP to avoid a backlash for now, which would be Baaaaaad))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness steps up from behind the door and fires at Sly point blank, setting her two other idle threads to a callback function for dodging. ((dex + firearms (diff 4 for point blank), and then two dex + dodges whenever or if someone attacks her, willpower on the first dodge.))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: dex + firearms: 9,4,7,2,3,7,6,

Evan Jacobs: *will hurriedly keep trying to get these people to move down the stairs. without throwing them of course*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Star pming now, I can attempt to disarm K with diff 7?))

Allen Dayde: ((Sly isn't dodging, roll damage))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: damage: 4,2,3,2,9,7,2,5,

Allen Dayde: d10: Soak: 4,7,4,5,

Allen Dayde: The fourth bad guy, or bad woman, actually seems to be a female version of Allen, pretty much. She concentrates through the window, at Evan.

Allen Dayde: d10: Arete(WP): 5,1,5,5,

Snyde: *Snyde pulls the trigger on his pistol twice sending two rounds into Arnie*

Snyde: d10: Dex+firearms diff : 5,7,2,9,3,6,8,

Snyde: d10: Dex+firearms diff : 6,8,7,9,2,4,

Evan Jacobs: *still herding. the fact that he's been to boot camp shows in his choice of "encouraging" phrases*

Allen Dayde: Arnie is also not dodging.

Snyde: d10: dam first shot: 9,8,2,4,6,6,8,9,3,8,6,4,

Snyde: d10: dam snd shot: 9,7,8,8,6,8,6,3,9,6,8,

Snyde: ((18 dam))

Allen Dayde: ((Snyde, the rolls are soaked separately. So you mean 8 and 10))

Snyde: ((actually make that 16 dam since I forgot to sub for the first suc))

Allen Dayde: ((Which is 7 and 9. *S*))

Allen Dayde: d10: Soak: 8,3,6,3,4,

Snyde: ((actually 7 and 9 respectively))

Arlett: ((*remind me never to piss Snyde ))

Allen Dayde: d10: Soak: 3,8,9,2,5,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((damn you and your fast typeing))

Allen Dayde: Allen attempts to descend the stairs, which is not as easy as one might think...especially when the gunfire begins nearby.

Allen Dayde: d10: Dex+Ath: 6,7,3,1,

Arlett: *Winces, torn a moment between go in and well.... They should keep sight of Allen...groans.. and will shoot the lady in the knee, then try and keep down* ((two actions, know i need to rest dices))

Arlett: d10: firearms: 10,6,5,3,

Arlett: d10: Damage : 3,5,7,2,6,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((arnt you forgetting the guys 2nd soak or just not becasue it wouldnt help?))

Arlett: d10: second action, atlhe: 7,3,

Allen Dayde: ((Dex+Firearms to shoot, +1 diff for aiming for the knee, +1 diff for firing through the window and the rest of the group; then Dex+Dodge to stay down and not a potential target))

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((There's two soaks up there.))

Arlett: ((ehhh ,meh... let me reroll the danage and the atheltics then Rav))

Allen Dayde: ((Athletics works, too. *S*))

Arlett: d10: damage : 9,5,6,1,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((sorry missed one becasue of all the purple))

Arlett: ((jeje Arlet possese none =P))

Allen Dayde: ((And as a total side note...Nostalgia defined: Michael Jackson's "Black or White" suddenly coming up in your ITunes radio.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dex+athletics: 9,3,10,10,7,6,

Evan Jacobs: ((i remember that song. cool video. ))

Arlett: ((has no idea who that it is *hideS*))

Allen Dayde: ((Kira...what is that Dex+Athletics for?))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): Allen Dayde: ((Dex+Firearms to shoot, +1 diff for aiming for the knee, +1 diff for firing through the window and the rest of the group; then Dex+Dodge to stay down and not a potential target))

Arlett -> Allen Dayde: ((Last day.. humm.... Jasper -p made a rukus to her, and made quite the scene for her roling after posting... said she should roll then post *rolls eyes* I tried to tell Japser off.. but seems Ryb got stick with the idea = ) ))

Allen Dayde: ((Kira, I'm failing to see what that has to do with your Dex+Athletics roll. You were attempting to disarm. That is a Dex+Brawl roll.))

Allen Dayde -> Arlett: ((...WHAT?!?!? *Grits teeth* Okay...))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Um thought you said roll that to not be a target of arlett okies is rolling for disarm hmm which is same dice.. should I roll again?))

Arlett -> Allen Dayde: ((yea... tell me... Fangful interfered *nods*))

Arlett: ((and I shot lady cause I read she was coming through to the window =) but still was good roll, not allies hurt =P))

Allen Dayde: ((Okay, I see where the confusion was. Those were both to Arlett, because she was splitting her actions. My apologies.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((okies so um should I roll again for the disarm? or can I keep the above roll for DO? it is the same amount of dices.))

Allen Dayde: ((The roll is fine, but you are disarming. There is no damage on a disarm maneuver. If you get more successes then the opponent's Strength, then they are disarmed.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((so I think four sux on that methinks was it diff five or six?))

Allen Dayde: ((And for future reference...those that have been told otherwise by players, you always declare your actions before you roll. Not that it's been done here, I just wanted to put that clarification in. Recap coming.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((err six or seven)

Allen Dayde: ((Was Diff 6, Kira.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((kk thanks *shuts up*))

Allen Dayde: RECAP: Kira successfuly disarms K as he comes through the door; Arlett fires a shot through many people and hits Allen-ette in the knee. Allen gets not far down the fire escape; Amanda throws something toward Evan, who suddenly feels like his mind is being compacted ((Soak 6 Bashing)). Ness fires at Sly, but does little; Snyde drops Arnie like a fuckin' ROCK. Sparks fly out of Arnie's chest. Melinda puts a wall of force in between Sly and the rest of the group, including Ness.

Allen Dayde: As clarification; Kira and the bad guys are on the "room side" of the Wall of Force. All other PC's are on the "Window Side".

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((*blinkies Kira is trapped?))

Snyde: ((okay for a point of further clarification are all of the bad people on room side?))

Arlett: ((blinkblink* ))

Allen Dayde: ((Yes, Snyde. And Yes, Kira. Beyond the door, at least...she can't get to the window unless she gets more 4 successes on Strength roll to breach the wall.))

Snyde: ((Cool just asking becasue the recap made it appear as if it was only Sly))

Allen Dayde: ((You had stated you were staying right near the door for the sneak disarm, which is where the bad guys were coming from.)) NEW ROUND: Order is Melinda, Evan, Bad Guys, Ness, Allen-ette, Allen, Arlett, Kira. Currently, Evan, Arlett, & Allen are outside the window; Snyde is right at the window; Melinda is near-but-not-too-near the window, Ness is about the same distance away. K & Kira are in arms reach, near the door; Allen-ette is just outside the door; Sly is in front of Ness, with the wall of force in front of him.

Evan Jacobs: d10: attempted soak: 9,8,6,5,

Snyde: (you forgot Snyde in the order again *G*))

Allen Dayde: ((Melinda, Evan, Bad Guys, Ness, Allen-ette, Allen, Snyde, Arlett, Kira. *Shoots Snyde* ;) ))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((*nod nod* Just checking positioning so can think))

Melinda Stowe: Blinking trying to get her breathing under control. She scrolls to the system crash program, going for Sly. ((Attempting to short out any eleectral system in the guy since his "twin" went sparky.))

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(WP): 6,6,8,

Evan Jacobs: *yells, grabbing at his head* go, go, go ! *staggering a bit and trying to keep upright*

Allen Dayde: d10: Primium: 2,4,

Evan Jacobs: d10: dex/ath: 2,9,3,4,7,1,

Allen Dayde: d10: Soak: 10,4,1,8,

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness points at the bad woman and says, "Pain." ((Mind attack. Two rolls.))

Allen Dayde: Sly attempts to push his way through the Wall of Force and break it. ((WP roll vs. 9 for Feat of Strength; Succ add to dice for Strength roll))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 6,1,5,

Allen Dayde: d10: WP: 9,4,3,5,2,

Allen Dayde: d10: Strength: 1,7,2,7,5,

Allen Dayde: Allen continues to climb down the poorly-designed fire escape

Allen Dayde: d10: Dex+Ath: 5,4,3,4,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((You missed allen-ette and K))

Allen Dayde: Allen-ette turns her mental assault on Snyde. (1 Quint spent))

Allen Dayde: d10: Arete (WP): 7,2,4,5,

Allen Dayde: And K tries to hit Kira in the stomach. Nothing fancy about that.

Allen Dayde: d10: Dex+Brawl: 2,5,9,3,

Snyde: *Snyde turns the gun on Allen-ette and fires 2 shots again*

Snyde: d10: Dex+fire diff : 1,9,8,3,6,7,2,

Snyde: d10: dex+fire diff : 6,3,4,3,3,4,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Not dodging but may be contested. want me to roll soak?))

Allen Dayde: ((We'll hold off on Damage there until the Recap, Kira))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): (kk))

Arlett: *frowns, to many of HER side in the middle, bites her lips* JUST GET OUT! *well not sure where is -everyone- for now tries to keep with Allen* keep a look out down *to him*

Arlett: d10: alth: 5,4,6,5,

Snyde: d10: Damage: 10,6,2,6,3,9,5,6,8,

Snyde: d10: Damage: 4,8,5,9,6,9,6,10,8,1,8,

Allen Dayde: d10: Life-Enhanced Soak: 10,5,

Snyde: ((6 and 7))

Allen Dayde: d10: Life-Enhanced Soak: : 5,5,

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda sees, through her visor, that the other three near the elevator are starting to move this way this round. It will probably take them a good 2 turns to get here, though.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She will turn and grab K turning him around in a Hold.*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dex+do: 9,5,9,8,4,5,

Allen Dayde: ((Holds are actually Strength+Brawl or Do, Kira))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Oh heh sorry cool same dice still *blush*))

Allen Dayde: ((Cool. K has to abort and resist with Strength+Brawl.))

Allen Dayde: d10: Str+Brawl: 6,1,2,9,1,

Allen Dayde: ((Recap coming))

Allen Dayde: RECAP: KIRA grabs K and puts him into a hold; SNYDE fires his gun twice, and even though they're slowed by MELINDA'S Wall of Force, they still strike ALLEN-ETTE; the damage is agonizing as opposed to deadly Lethal (4 Lethal). ALLEN-ETTE'S Mental Assault attempts to crush SNYDE'S Mind pattern like a vice (soak 6 Bashing). NESS starts to build a Mind assault of her own. SLY tries to push through the wall and fails; MELINDA shorts him out and he falls, Primium and natural toughness failing him (it?). EVAN continues to herd; ARLETTE tries to climb down. So does ALLEN; he fails to maintain his hold on the thing and falls to the pavement two stories below. ((Rolling Soak for Allen now))

Allen Dayde: d10: Soak: 2,10,

Snyde: d10: soak: 3,5,7,

Arlett: ((ouch!.. how many bad guys do we have left?))

Allen Dayde: Snyde is momentarily stunned ((i.e. Dazed)) by the attack and loses his action for next turn.

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((no WP roll to avoid?))

Allen Dayde: NEW ROUND: Order is Melinda, Evan, K, Ness, Allen-ette, Allen, Snyde (Dazed this turn) Arlett, Kira. Currently, Evan, Arlett, & Allen are outside the window, Allen on the pavement below; Snyde is right at the window; Melinda is near-but-not-too-near the window, Ness is about the same distance away. Kira is holding K immoblized; Allen-ette is just outside the door. The Wall of Force is still in effect.

Melinda Stowe: Well she tried to make it so that the wall would be bullet proof, but seeing Snydes bullets rip through the wall her eyes widden, she glances to Snyde who is still right there in front of the window. "The other three are comming." She moves to put a barrier in their way as well. Trying not to cut off ALL of Jira's possible escape routs.

Melinda Stowe: d10: Arete(WP): 9,4,7,

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((Ahh, yes, sorry, Snyde just reminded me. Evan & Snyde can both have rolled Per+Awarness to notice the mind attack coming to them, and if they wanted to abort your action for the turn, roll WP to "dodge" the mind attacks.))

Allen Dayde: ((Ahh, yes, sorry, Snyde just reminded me. Evan & Snyde can both have rolled Per+Awarness to notice the mind attack coming to them, and if they wanted to abort your action for the turn, roll WP to "dodge" the mind attacks.))

Arlett: 88eh Kira is in our side Mel..*tickle*))

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Thats cool ill just run with it I hate backing up combat, but it is good to know))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Poor girl has no idea what is going on though lost cause *pats*))

Melinda Stowe: ((No this way they will be stopped in the Hall before they get there, and she could leave through the door. and go down the stairs or elevator, she is NOT cutting off all of the escape routes for Kira.))

Evan Jacobs: ((i'll just carry on,i think. *chuckles* but i know for next time.)) *cusses and goes low to the stairs, trying to get down faster without busting his butt*

Allen Dayde: ((No, Arlett, Kira's on the other side of the Wall from you guys.))

Evan Jacobs: d10: dex/ath: 9,9,9,4,7,4,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Thanks hun *snugs*))

Arlett: (8ahh! tha... my fault *blushes goes quiet*))

Arlett: ((me meaning she is on our side of the good guys Rav *S* like our group, not our side of physically))

Allen Dayde: K makes another attempt to break free from Kira.

Allen Dayde: ((Ahh, okay...gotcha. *G*))

Allen Dayde: d10: Strength+Brawl(WP): 4,3,3,2,3,

Allen Dayde: ((K is SO fired from the MiB...must be getting too old.))

Arlett: ((*snickers* or outdated ;) ))

Allen Dayde: ((Ooh, my bad. Allen-ette goes at same time as bad guys now due to damage))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((LOL))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness opens her hand and pushes forward, loosing the virus on the targeted woman. "Enjoy! Hey, allied strangers, are we leaving or are we pressing forward? Can we take them?" P1: Inject Virus; P2: Speak; P3: Dodge All (callback #004587) ((Unleashing mind attack, talking, and saving one action for a dodge.))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 4,6,8,

Allen Dayde: Allen-ette tries to duck out of the room, using the wall as cover until reinforcements arrive.

Allen Dayde: ((And since I fucked y'all on the WP dodge, I'll to the same for Allen-ette. *S*))

Arlett: ((Ness must going nuts))

Snyde: *Snyde grips his head muttering incoherently*

Allen Dayde: Allen...isn't moving. He's all unconscious-like.

Arlett: *ehg.. for now? she'll eeh! seeing Allen fall and rush down *((since going through char she should not know all going up in the room, as she was going down))

Arlett: d10: atleh: 5,4,3,6,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Turns and throws K into Allenette.*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dex+brawl (or str)): 3,8,4,4,4,9,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Err Do rather))

Allen Dayde: d10: Allenette Dodge: 4,6,9,

Allen Dayde: d10: Allenette Soak: 5,9,

Allen Dayde: ((Recap coming; Soak for the record was for Mind attack))

Allen Dayde: ((Oh, Kira, roll Strength+1 damage for K))

Allen Dayde: d10: K Soak: 2,3,7,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dammies: 6,3,3,6,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Hey man just a quick question how much longer is this scene going to be, I have to go to my parents and drop the baby off))

Allen Dayde: RECAP: KIRA throws K toward ALLEN-ETTE, but she gets out of the way, and K hits the wall with a loud THUD. ARLETT begins the descent, with EVAN right above her. NESS throws a mind attack at ALLENETTE she she ducks out the door; a yelp and thud sounds like she did her job with the woman. SNYDE staggers; K is thrown. MELINDA blocks off the other group approaching. ALLEN lies still on the ground.

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((Should end soon.))

Allen Dayde: Oh, and the Wall of Force? Vanishes.

Ness (Arcane 2): ((Where is everyone standing, now?))

Allen Dayde: NEW ROUND: Order is Melinda, Evan, K, Ness, Snyde, Arlett, Kira. Currently, Evan, Arlett, & Allen are outside the window, Allen on the pavement below; Snyde is right at the window; Melinda is near-but-not-too-near the window, Ness is about the same distance away. Kira is near the door, K is on the ground.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((The first one?))

Allen Dayde: ((The first one, yes.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((K *claps* cool))

Melinda Stowe: Another glance to Snyde, as he is not moving from the ONE escape route they all have. She waves to Kira to come this way. ((Holding action for now))

Evan Jacobs: *keeps going down the stairs so he can check on defector-boy*

Evan Jacobs: d10: dex/ath: 8,5,4,3,8,4,

Allen Dayde: d10: Dex+Athletics (K): 2,8,7,9,

Allen Dayde: ((Gaah, broke my own rule.))

Allen Dayde: K gets back up to his feet and moves for the door.

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness will begin a download of K's memorys to her trinary computer, and keeps the last of her threads attached to the Dodge All callback function. "Please get out of the window, Snyde." ((Mind 3, Corr 2, diff 6, 3 rolls.))

Ness (Arcane 2): d10: arete: 7,5,8,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Question is K inside or outside the door?))

Allen Dayde: Still inside the door.

Snyde: *Snyde attempts to move out the window before takeing a shot at K* ((WP to ignore wound pen))

Snyde: d10: dex+ath: 5,2,5,

Snyde: d10: dex+fire: 5,5,10,8,3,3,

Arlett: *getting the hell down to check on Allen* Come on!!!

Arlett: d10: athlet: 6,3,6,8,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((is K dodgeing?))

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((No))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *No escape with Secret Agent 0 stuck in the window so she winds up for a Haymaker on the lumbering K.*

Snyde: d10: damage: 3,8,4,8,2,10,7,8,5,8,8,

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Dex+Dao: 1,6,8,5,3,7,

Allen Dayde: ((Roll them damages, Kira))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Damage: 1,6,10,4,9,8,

Allen Dayde: d10: Pointless Soak: 1,10,3,

Allen Dayde: ((Recap coming))

Allen Dayde: RECAP: KIRA decks K, knocking him down...then SNYDE'S bullets rip through K, leaving him a lifeless husk of flesh, bone, and rapidly filtering out blood. ALLEN groans a little as ARLETT reaches the ground, EVAN right behind again. NESS starts to pull K's memories, but the fact that his mind is off in the wild blue yonder prevents that. MELINDA waves KIRA toward the door. ((And unless anyone else has combat to do with each other, we're out of combat.))

Snyde: ((yea)) *Snyde rubs his head as he tries to move through the window again obviously looking hurt*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Kira shuts the door and locks it then heads towards the window.*

Ness (Arcane 2): "Snyde, get out of the window. Please move."

Snyde: d10: dex+ath wp: 9,4,8,

Arlett: ((ok! *eyes around for more baddies*)) *she hurries to Allen and kneels to check him out*

Evan Jacobs: Arlett, let me take a look at him, OK? i know a little field medicine. *and crouches over Allen for a look-see*

Arlett: d10: med: 6,9,7,7,6,5,1,

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((how many dex+ath rolls nesscary to move down the fire escape, need to get going is the only reason I ask))

Evan Jacobs: d10: int/med: 3,8,2,4,8,

Arlett: *blinkign to Evan* so do I...*softly*

Allen Dayde: He tries to sit up with a definite wince. ((Per+Med, anyone checking him out))

Evan Jacobs: (LOL! i love me some hot, fresh cross posts!! mmmm, good!))

Snyde: *Snyde continues slowly down the fire escape gripping the rail for dear life a bit feeling really light headed*

Allen Dayde: ((At this point, no rolls needed to descend the fire escape))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): You two gonna be alright? *Kira asks by the window.*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((to melinda and ness)

Allen Dayde -> Evan Jacobs: ((Several broken ribs, a lot of bruising))

Arlett: ((yea *G*))((rolled Rav *poitns up*))

Snyde: *When Snyde makes it to the ground he groans a bit* "We need to get moveing" *he says as he slowly moves away from the group*

Melinda Stowe: She shifts from foot to foot, as Snyde makes it out the window finally and well, as will stay back if other people advance on the window, if not then she will attempt to get out. Trying not to let herself panic.

Allen Dayde -> Arlett: ((Several broken ribs, a lot of bruising))

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness steps through the window as well, her eyes calmly darting between the room inside and the stairs and alley outside. She runs down the fire escape, drab green trenchcoat billowing out behind her. "Is everyone okay?"

Snyde -> Allen Dayde: ((Okay can I have Snyde drop from the scene now so I can take Lil to my parents?))

Evan Jacobs: *grins to the girl* cool. never can know too much about that....*frowns slightly* all right, Dayde. we need to get you out of here asap. if Arlett and i help you, think you can make it to my car? *to Arlett* got anything to use for bandages? i'm sure he's got a couple of cracked ribs.

Allen Dayde -> Snyde: ((Go ahead))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Heads down after them making sure to give melinda a wide birth until she gets to the ground.*

Melinda Stowe: She nods her head, "Yes thank you for asking." oh yes still polite.

Arlett: nononono *to Evan* he gots broken ribs.. we need to keep him as straigh as we can.. and I can't heal others yet...

Allen Dayde: "" He groans. He looks over to his laptop--which amazingly, looks to be in better shape then him--and pulls it close to him. "Let's go." He tries to get to his feet.

Arlett: +and stars to pull out things of her bag, yea... a one bandage... but she gots no more* we should try something rather strogh to try and keep him as unmovile as we can then move

Allen Dayde: "Get me in the car...I can help myself in there."

Melinda Stowe: Wide eyes at the death trap called the fire escape as she decends last of all, oh yes the non-fighter the last to leave, but she obviously felt that was for tyhe best. Once her feet hit solide ground she moves away from people putting some space between them all. "We should go before they realize no oneis up there, or the police come."

Evan Jacobs: *halfgrin* i meant bandages. thing is--even though we need to keep him straight, we have to get out of here. so we have a choice. try and help him leave and maybe die. or stay here, and definately die, or worse. *calmly*

Arlett: ok...*biting her lips, nods to Evan and tries to carefull supporn Allen by the left arm, so Evan can do right* I'm not to strong *warning*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)) -> Allen Dayde: ((hmm can she release some pain and make it so he does not take more damage when he moves with life and acupunture?))

Arlett: car *t Evan*

Ness (Arcane 2): Her brown eyes dart around the alley, "Yes, may we leave?"

Snyde: *Snyde moves off from the group* "Arlett call me about this I would like to assist further but I need to go see the Doc" ((Thanks for the scene everyone gotta go drop my daughter off))

Allen Dayde -> Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((If you want to take the time to acupuncture, yes, but he won't be able to move at all with the needles in the nerve clusters...otherwise, MUCH pain. *S*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): Here I can carry him.

Evan Jacobs: *nods to the girl, then blinks at Allen* all right, sir. this is going to hurt like fuck. *and--very carefully--attempts to help him up.* Arlett, let me try to take his weight. you try to keep him steady on the way up.

Arlett: *and a nod to Snyde* keep warey you all

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Kira watches and helps if she is invited.*

Allen Dayde: "I vote for help me leave and maybe die," he says dryly. He gets to his feet, with help, and starts to move off, his laptop cradled to his chest.

Arlett: *she nods to Kira, and will keep with Evn aND Allen doing as told by JAcobs, till Kira reaches them, then sh elets Kira help them suport Allen, more strengh, better...*

Evan Jacobs: *blinks at Kira* are you sure? *she's, yeah, that. but, there is all that magic stuff.........* Ness, don't forget to get my piece back, all right?

Melinda Stowe: "Where are we headded to? Not all of us can fint in your transportation." she says to Evan.

Allen Dayde: d10: WP: 9,4,2,6,8,2,

Ness (Arcane 2): "I have it. You will get it back."

Arlett: no one dying *frowny, but she means it*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She has no problem helping Allen strong but gentle.*

Allen Dayde: The pain must be intense, from the look on his face, but he keeps moving with them. The path to the car is unimpeded.

Allen Dayde: d10: Paradox: 8,4,3,2,2,4,

Arlett: *biting her lips, once Kira takes in to help she strats to keep an eye around*

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: Melinda's body wracks with pain as all the biochemistry goes haywire, causing her limps to convulse ((1 Lethal))

Evan Jacobs: *nods to Ness and carefrully helps support the man* all right.....Melinda, if you like, you can take shotgun. i'm driving. two or three can fit in my car, in the back. and, i suggest Battery. duck pond by pref, since i'm not familiar with the fort.

Allen Dayde: Melinda's body wracks with pain as all the biochemistry suddenly goes haywire, causing her limps to convulse ((1 Lethal))

Ness (Arcane 2): "Are we still meeting at the certain place?"

Evan Jacobs: *frowns at Melinda* shit!

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: ((And you are know seeing in the Infra-Red spectrum for the next Week))

Melinda Stowe: Eyes go wide as her body convulses. Oh shit, not good.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Adjusts the seat so Allen doesn't have to sit straight and helps him in.*

Allen Dayde -> Melinda Stowe: ((now))

Arlett: no.... we didn't spread Evan, we need a place to heal Allen...*frowns, lets go to neutral zone, hit an hotel and call someone who can tell us if we can bring him to a safer place

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She looks back.* what's wrong?

Arlett: ghe! *and rushes to Melina*

Evan Jacobs: *lets Kira deal with Allen while he goes over to Melinda. not touching her right this moment* shit....if you can, tell me how i can help you the best. *keeping calm*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness watches Melinda's friends rush to her rescue. Herself, she sticks her hands in her trenchcoat's pockets and asks, "Which hotel? I'll bus it."

Melinda Stowe: Has anyone seen a person's eyes go that buggy as System error fills her head. Eyes go buggy at what she now see's around her, panick attack also hit as she is trying to comprehend everything now new to her.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *So she deals with Allen.*

Arlett: *frowns, fine lets Evan take care of Melina, keeps guard for anything, eyeing Ness* not here...*they might be heard after all* get in

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness quietly gets into the vehicle, folding herself into the back.

Allen Dayde: He sits down and flips open a side compartment on the laptop. Out comes a mini hypodermic needle, which he uncaps and flicks the needle of.

Arlett: *and goes inside too, keeping eye outside for anything*

Evan Jacobs: *does NOT touch the girl yet* um...advice, anyone? we can't leave her here. *not simply because it's just not right*

Melinda Stowe: She tries to speak. Opening and closing her mouth for a few times. "I will be okay." it is a lie, but hey a girl has to try. "Mr. Jacobs walk in front of me to the car. I will follow you." how can you explain seeing only bio paterns? you cannot.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She looks back.* turn her to the side so she doesn't choke herself? (if she is on the ground)

Allen Dayde: "Get her in the car," he says, injecting the needle into his arm. "If the Union takes her, they'll have even more information then they did before."

Allen Dayde: d10: Arete(Quint/WP): 9,9,7,8,

Allen Dayde: ((Awareness, all)) He relaxes visibly as the needle is injected, sighing with relief from the pain.

Arlett: *nods* we all go now *as Allen says so too* we cna't leave anyone behind

Arlett: d10: aw: 6,5,8,9,

Evan Jacobs: she's got a couple of medical issues that make just grabbing her a very bad idea. *murmurs* sorry, Melinda....

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): d10: Awareness: 1,2,5,9,

Melinda Stowe: d10: awareness: 9,4,6,3,6,

Evan Jacobs: all right, Melinda. *worried, he gets up and heads to the car*

Allen Dayde: ((1 Succ: Magic. 2 Succ: Magic around the car, Life. 3 Succ: Allen. 4 succ: Will PM resonance.))

Evan Jacobs: d10: : 2,3,5,5,9,5,

Melinda Stowe: She puts a hand to her head, blinking and trying to clear her vision, not working, shit. "It is not your fault Mr. Jacobs. Please let's move." and she will do exactally that moving to the car, the one with the heat waves of people comming off them.

Arlett: *Eyes aelln, ok he healed.. then Evan and Mel* oh...*and moves out again, ready to help*

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *She goes to Melinda.* Why are we leaving her again?

Evan Jacobs: *walks faster, twitching slihgtly* i'll lead you to the front seat, Melinda. you can't sit there. i'm a good driver, i promise. *and assuming all this leading and seating business gets dealt with handily, he then gets into the driver's seat and starts driving* Arlett, where to?

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Pauses and stands outside the car..looking down the street..*

Ness (Arcane 2): Ness is mashed in the back with the other people, looking quite uncomfortable.

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): *Lowers her eyes and bows heading down the street on her own.*

Melinda Stowe: She will get in the front seat, oh new information. As the car starts and the engine heats up, her head tilting to the side slightly.

Arlett: ((no leavin no one *S*)) *nods once they are in, she makes sure ALL are in before starting to give Evan directions, to a hotel INSIDE the neutral zone*

Allen Dayde: ((And at this point, I'm calling the scene to a pause at least, 'cause we're well over the time I had plotted out, and I have a couple other things to do...we can pick this up any time this week, if you guys want, or just say he's taken to a safehouse for now, and we'll get whoever I can to run the conversation.))

Arlett: Bear in mind... being in the Neutral zone won't stop them from shooting us.. just will stop them from using ... hmm. Magic

Arlett: ((okies...))

Evan Jacobs: *and drives off as per the directions. making sure he does indeed do the good driver things. keep it calm, keep it casual, and try not to attract any more attention.*

Arlett: Kira get in!

Evan Jacobs: ((*nods* sounds good to me. *G* thanks, hun. *hugs a Rav*))

Allen Dayde: ((You guys want to run a debrief? I can take over the OOC room for it...))

Ness (Arcane 2): She reaches across whoever is in the way to roll down the side window. She still has a lit cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth. It flares up briefly, and then it's tapped on the edge of the open window. "Fun, fun."

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): Hmm? *she looks back.* Your overcrowded already.

Melinda Stowe: ((The pause and grab who can attend works, we can update the other people who cannot attend. *S* And it is up to you Hun I know you have a few other things to do))

Evan Jacobs: ((debrief's cool. *G* Evan'll let Kira in, let her walk, whatever she'd like. and then drive where he's told. i'm a-gonna toddle to OOC, though.))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Can we store so we can rp?)

Arlett: ((humm))

Allen Dayde: ((I'm not getting your question, Kira...can you store?))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((Can we store Allen in a safehouse so we can play knowing this scene?)

Allen Dayde: ((Ahh, yeah, that works.))

Melinda Stowe: ((*Moves off to OOC*))

Kira Redfeather (Arcane 1)): ((zooom))